Confused with all the travel information on the internet?

There is so much information available on the internet right now regarding travel. There are online travel sites for cruises, hotels, planes, trains, and any other type of travel. But which is the right product for you? Is the location of the hotel where you want to be? Is the type of room or stateroom right for you? Is that cruise line the one I should book? Not all products are created equal or suitable for everyone. How do you say it? Contact a travel professional.

Are there travel agencies?

There have been several articles, and even the president of the United States has said that travel agencies do not exist or that they will disappear. In a way they are right. Travel agents in the past were simply someone who booked a trip for someone who called or showed up at the main office of a travel agency. Showcase travel agencies are few and far between today, as most of the “travel agents” have gone home to work. Even the term “travel agent” is going away because what they do now is different than what they did before.

Travel Professionals/Travel Advisors

Travel agents are now more advisors and advisers, which is why they are now called travel professionals or travel advisers. Even the travel industry is trying to avoid using the term “travel agent.” They no longer just book a trip for someone, they know more about what is available to the traveling customer. Travel professionals are now constantly learning, constantly traveling, getting input from other travel professionals on where they have traveled and are a resource for what it takes to travel today.

When you use an online travel agency like Expedia, Travelocity, etc. you can’t have someone to watch your back. They book the trip for you and then you’re pretty much on your own. Let’s say your flight is cancelled, who is going to book a replacement flight? it’s you, not them. If you use a travel professional, that travel professional will. If something goes wrong on your trip, if the room you booked is not what you thought it would be, who will fix it? A travel professional will also constantly check price drops before final payment and whether a new promotion offered would be more beneficial than the one that was booked with a deposit. All of these things can be addressed before final payment.

A travel professional works with you from the moment you first speak to them until you are home safe and sound and any and all issues have been resolved or addressed.

It costs more to use a travel professional

This is not always true. It’s true that some travel professionals charge fees, but not all do. This is because some providers, such as airlines and some hotels, do not pay commissions or some of the providers have reduced the amount of commissions paid to the travel professional. To make ends meet, some travel professionals charge fees. I charge $50 per person for domestic airline reservations and $100 for international airline reservations. I will also charge a fee sometimes for hotels for the same reason or if I am organizing the various sections of the trip myself. If I book a cruise or tour, I do not charge a fee as the supplier pays me a commission. Remember, whether you use a travel professional or not, the commission is still paid as it is automatically included in the provider’s price. So why not hire a travel professional and avoid hassles and save time?

The rules of travel are constantly changing and it is up to the travel professional to keep their clients up to date with them.

Examples: Passports

For example, did you know that as of January 2016 you may need a passport to travel by plane within the country? This is due to a law called the REAL ID Act. This requires all travelers to have a REAL ID-compliant ID that includes all of these fields: full legal name, signature, date of birth, gender, unique identification number, primary residence address, and a front-facing photograph of the applicant. Unfortunately, there are still a handful of states that are not in compliance. Do you know which states are compliant and which are not? Your travel professional does. By the way, the non-compliant states/territories are American Samoa, Louisiana, and New Hampshire. The states of Minnesota and New York offer optional enhanced ID at a cost, so because it’s optional, a large percentage of residents don’t have one. Some states have requested additional extensions, but it is unclear if they will be granted. Currently, only four states (Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New York) and American Samoa are not technically compliant.

Also, we still don’t know if January 1, 2016 will be the requirement date or later? Due to this law, passport processing time for everyone will be affected. All passports issued in 2006 to comply with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative that went into effect in 2007 are expiring, prompting a large number of renewals. So because of those renewals along with the possible REAL ID application, passport waits are expected to increase even more. As of October 11, the current wait has already increased from one week to four to six weeks for standard passports and three weeks for expedited ones. Expedited in person could be up to eight days depending on travel need.

Ultimately, the REAL ID Act will require all state-issued driver’s licenses to include “machine-readable technology” or chips to help keep us safe while traveling. For more information about the REAL ID Act, visit

In addition, passports are recommended for cruise ships, just as they are required to fly outside of the United States. The reason is that if you need to fly back to the United States from a foreign port, you have a passport to do so. Just because you’re on a cruise departing from a US port, you’re technically traveling internationally as soon as you step on the ship, since most ships are registered outside of the US!

Example: Visas

A travel professional could help you determine if visas are required to travel where you want to go. If they’re not sure, they know where to send you to get that information and get confirmation that you need it or not for the type of trip you’re taking. For example, for most cruises, if you depart from a US port and return to the same US port, you probably don’t need a visa to visit the ports. This is called a “closed loop” trip. But then again, most cruise ships. Always double check to see if one is needed.

Example: travel insurance

Once again, not all travel insurance is the same. Should you buy travel insurance? Absolutely!!! I advise my clients not to purchase travel insurance, mostly from the cruise provider or product. The reason is that the coverage is not as comprehensive as third party policies. Travel insurance isn’t just purchased for trip delays, lost/damaged luggage, or cancellation protection. Some health insurance companies do not cover you when you travel outside of the United States. Medicare does not. Travel insurance will act as your primary health insurance during your trip, from the moment you leave until the moment you return home. In addition, it provides emergency evacuation for health reasons and protects you for other elements. Always read the policy and information provided by the travel insurance issuer to see what is covered. Your travel professional will know a good travel insurance issuer.

Should I buy coins that used the ANACS coin classification?

These are the raw data on the Anaks coin classification

Anacs is the oldest of all the coin sorting companies. It was started by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in 1972. The ANA recognized that something needed to be done about all the counterfeit and altered coins floating around. FYI: PCGS began serving the public in 1986 and NGC was formed in 1987.

Anaks did something that the others did not want to do

When coin grading companies were first formed, they all only graded older coins. Anacs was the first of the coin grading companies to begin grading modern issue coins. Pcgs and Ngc scoffed at this move and both declared that they would never grade modern issue coins. When the public started buying millions and millions of dollars worth of modern issue coins, to start or complete less expensive and more affordable games, Pcgs and Ngc quickly changed their tune.

Why is Anaks coin grading analyzed?

If you talk to a coin dealer, a small percentage of them will tell you that they don’t like the Anak coin grading. Why is that? Well, it all has to do with HSN, the Home shopping network.

Mike Mezack, Master Presenter and Salesperson

Mike Mezack is the number one coin dealer in the world. With career sales of over $1 billion, he has dominated the numismatic coin industry for 20 years. This created a difficult relationship with dealers, but a wonderful relationship with collectors. Coin dealers watched Mike sell at home shopping and realized that people who could shop at his stores were now shopping from the comfort of their home. This achievement did not make Mike best friends with him. Last year, in a very tough economy, Mike Mezack worked 8 hours a month at HSN and sold over $125 million in collectible coins. Most of the coins that Mike sells have gone through the Anak coin grading. This caused some dealers to associate Anacs with Mike and lost sales. Even though Anacs had a member of the ANA board of directors, distributors responded by saying that Anacs was not as good as PCGS and NGC.

Well, which of the coin grading companies is the right choice?

Actually, all three. Why? Because they call they carry exactly the same guarantee. If you receive an Anacs, Pcgs or NGC MS70 coin they come with a guarantee that it is a perfect coin and if you determine it is not and it was graded perfectly by mistake you return it and get your money back or receive a new corner. This is exactly the same policy for all three companies.

What do I buy?

I buy all three, actually I only buy gold and silver numismatic coins as I love the idea of ​​having both numismatic and metal price in my collection. I only buy from the big three coin grading companies and suggest you do the same.

Farmhouse Style Interior Design

Antique Indian chests lined with iron straps and brass medallions, chic farmhouse interiors update their style simply by using old wooden hope chests turned into functional coffee tables that have the added value of storage. Some are intricately detailed with elephants and horses telling stories from the Spice Route and others are painted with a rustic turquoise patina reminiscent of Jodhpur, the Blue City. Distressed paint feels natural on vintage rustic cabinets made from reclaimed old doors, vintage woods that are so beautifully aged and naturally stained. Dining tables made from antique doors complete with iron latches and studs are perfectly accented with wrought iron chairs.

Old vintage rustic arches make a statement kitchen mantel, green foliage on brass planters draws attention to hand-carved detail and natural washed patinas. The colorful textured tribal table runners will give your tables a vintage bohemian chic worldly style that works well with a multitude of colors. Take an old pot and fill it with beautiful garden plants or herbs. Add farmhouse-inspired decorations, homemade wreaths and floral arrangements for a lovely personal touch. An antique rustic chakra bookcase adds instant charm, offering a place to store books and your travel collections. Long wooden blanket dressers in distressed blues and greens used at the end of the bed or as a window console table placed in the corner, you can enjoy the sun while reading your favorite book.

Bring the farmhouse theme into the nursery by hanging an old jharokha window filled with baby photos. The windows are given a touch of country elegance with fabric blankets hand-woven by artisans in natural cotton fibers and vibrant colors. Set up old rustic boxes filled with colorful seasonal flowers on your windowsill. Sheer sari curtains are great for kitchen windows, breakfast nooks, or other spaces where natural light adds lovely style and some privacy without stopping the sunlight.

Give your bedroom an instant farmhouse update by replacing your headboard with rustic 19th century Indian doors. XVIII. Old wooden spice mortar from the Indian villages converted into umbrella stands, unusual columns and pillars add to the eclectic character. Tree of Dreams hand carved wall panels are pieces of art that are creative and full of positive energy. Neutral-toned wood-carved kamasutra panels in a whitewashed whimsical farmhouse style add to the romance of the bedroom. The rustic farmhouse style look of antique door lotus carved cabinets and vintage dresser consoles add a rustic touch to your home. High-end Suzani embroidered pillowcases can be a luxurious splurge when updating a bedroom. Use hand-woven cotton blankets to create a country chic makeover or snuggle up in a soft pashmina blanket. Farmhouse-style décor is a statement of your lifestyle, laid-back luxury and casual country elegance.

Historical development of automated sequencing using the Sanger method

Automated sequencing has been a technique used since the early 1980s. Although the technology has changed dramatically since its first use, the basic chemistry is still commonly used today. It is based on four basic steps: DNA purification, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification, electrophoresis separation and analysis.

Sanger dye terminator chemistry

Although several methods were developed during the 1970s, the dye termination method invented by Fred Sanger is the accepted method used in automated sequencing. The amplification step in PCR combines a mixture of unprocessed DNA bases (dNTPs) and bases that cause termination (ddNTPs). The advantage of using ddNTP is that a number of DNA products amplified during PCR are terminated once the ddNTP is added. This creates a series of products that differ on a single basis. The end product is a combined soup containing products ranging from around 19 bases in length to hundreds of bases, each different by a single base. In the separating media, the total number of products would appear as a ladder. Furthermore, the ddNTPs are labeled to allow their detection.

Initially, radioactivity was used in the Dye-Terminator method

Each ddNTP that represented one of the four DNA bases also contained a radioactive tag. The amplified products were separated in media by electrophoresis. The medium was then removed and photographed to view the base sequence of the sample. However, the problem with this method was that there was no way to detect a difference between the ddNTP that labeled a G versus A, C, or T base. Therefore, it was necessary to amplify the sample in four separate reactions where only one ddNTP base was present. One tube would end only when the sequence had the base G, while the other three tubes would be labeled A, C, or T.

With this in mind, four separate reactions would be loaded separately into the media. Each base would appear as an incomplete straight. The researcher performing the sequencing would need to draw a line along four separate lanes in the media to determine the sequence of the four bases.

Fluorescent labels replaced by radioactivity

The requirement to use four lanes to determine a sequence was soon replaced with fluorescent labels on ddNTPs. Each ddNTP representing one of the four bases was labeled with a different fluorophore that would be detected as a different color: green for As, blue for Cs, red for Ts, and yellow for Gs. The need for four lanes was eliminated. This expanded the ability to sequence samples four times.

In addition, a system capable of detecting bases was also developed in the early 1980s, shortly after Sanger developed the Dye-Terminator method. The samples were loaded in the same medium used initially for the radioactive method. They were then installed in a machine that would run electrophoresis. This provided a second advantage. It was no longer necessary to keep the base ladder in the gel for later photography. Instead, as each band representing a base reached the end point in the middle, the automated machine photographed the color and sent this information to a computer. Once complete, the medium was simply discarded appropriately. This allowed to determine more amplified products increasing the capacity of the radioactive method two times more.

Automated sequencing equipment has evolved

The separation of the radioactive products of DNA amplification was done by a procedure called electrophoresis. Essentially, a reagent called acrylamide was poured between two glass plates where it would polymerize into a gel-like matrix called polyacrylamide. The samples would be loaded on top of the array and the electrical current would cause the DNA to migrate through the gel. Small products migrate faster than large products when an electrical current is applied because they incur less resistance.

The same process was used when the first automatic sequencers were developed. Over time, this technology continued to improve so that researchers could determine longer pieces of DNA and upload more samples. In general, the technology changed very little until the invention of capillary sequencers. Thin glass capillaries replaced bulky glass plates. No longer needed for gels. Instead, a new polymer was automatically injected each time samples were loaded. Even better was the amount of time to run an average sample. Glass plate gel electrophoresis could take more than 12 hours to determine a sequence of 400 or 500 bases. Glass capillaries could do the same job in just over 2 hours.

Like slab (glass plate) gel electrophoresis, capillary sequencing has continued to develop faster methods to sequence more samples. The overall result is tremendous compared to the original auto sequencers.

Today, science has continued to develop better methods for DNA sequencing. Next-generation sequencing has the ability to sequence an entire two-megabase genome in a few days. This same job would require months of preparation and processing for even the most high-tech Sanger sequencers. This does not mean that auto sequencers will be replaced. There is still a great need to sequence shorter pieces of DNA at a substantially lower total cost.

Advantages of explanatory animation videos and the importance of hiring experts

A new age technique for educating people is to make good use of videos. It is also the easiest and most interesting way to deliver education. The idea of ​​using animated videos is becoming more and more popular. These videos come with a precise explanation and wonderfully serve the purpose of educating children and adults alike. These are so much fun that you will never get bored while watching these videos. The best part about them is that they finely encapsulate the details in a few minutes presentation.

These videos typically exemplify excellent video and audio quality and make a simple presentation of the more difficult pieces.

Creating explanatory animation videos: not an easy job

A good animation video maker is in high demand in both educational institutes and corporate houses. It is not child’s play to create this type of video. If the presentation is long and there is no sharp content, the purpose of making a video will never succeed. It is surely not an easy goal to achieve and therefore experience is highly valued in this regard. Many professionals divulge too many details but do not explain the most important information. That leaves the audience bored and frustrated.

Quality of good animation professionals

Skilled professionals have both creative fireworks and technical skills. The combination of these two qualities helps experts create compelling and informative videos. They use relevant images and easy-to-understand content to develop videos. Professionals also make sure that the videos are not long, as no one likes to watch a video for hours. Netizens prefer short and captivating videos to save energy and time as patience has become the rarest quality these days.

Wider application of animation videos

Explanatory videos are widely used both in the educational sector and in the corporate circuit. In this era where technology is the supreme power, this type of video has become an excellent model to educate people. These are interesting to watch and easily grab the attention of the audience. It is an innovative and effective way of articulating ideas, strategies and business plans. Marketing experts also use these videos to promote the products. It is audiovisual advertising in a different package and it has been immensely successful.

Such videos are widely used in the educational field. Funny images in animated videos interest children and facilitate the learning process. An image is more interesting than thousands of words. Most people are not interested in reading written content, but love to watch videos.


The success of these videos to fulfill the purposes depends a lot on how fun they are. Funny videos with superlative audiovisual quality become a big hit with the target audience. It is important to remember that explainer animation videos will help you attract the crowd only if they look professional. To that end, the importance of hiring an expert cannot be overemphasized. Only seasoned experts can make thought-provoking videos exploring their creativity. If you give them the task of making explainer videos, a perfectly finished project is a guarantee.

Spumoni – Part 3 – A delicious easy recipe

Well, I’m sure you’ve already decided that while spumoni could very well be a delicious Italian dessert, it’s a LOT of work. I wanted to provide a reasonably authentic recipe for this delicious dessert for those who wanted to hone their cooking skills. However, the tedious and time-consuming recipe listed in the previous post is not one that everyone is interested in trying.

With this in mind, I searched for a simpler, more user-friendly recipe that would allow more people to try spumoni without the heavy investment of time, energy, and skill. The recipe I bring you today will be easier and faster to prepare and offers the opportunity to be selective in the ingredients for those who are conscious of fats, calories and carbohydrates.

easy foam

  • Divide a half gallon of vanilla ice cream into 2 parts, 1 quart each.
  • I need 1 liter of chocolate ice cream
  • 1 bottle of maraschino cherries
  • rum flavoring
  • 1 packet instant pistachio pudding
  • almond flavoring
  • sliced ​​almonds

for the first layer:

  • Cut the maraschino cherries into thin slices and line the bottom of a square pan with them.
  • Add rum flavoring to your personal taste to a serving of softened vanilla ice cream.
  • Spread this mixture over the thinly sliced ​​cherries in the square pan.
  • Freeze this mixture.

For the second layer:

  • After the first layer has frozen for several hours, take the remaining portion of the vanilla ice cream and allow it to soften.
  • Mix half of the package of pistachio pudding with the softened ice cream.
  • Spread this mixture over the cherry-vanilla mixture and freeze for several hours.

For the third layer:

  • Add almond aroma to taste of softened chocolate ice cream.
  • Spread this chocolate mixture over the two vanilla mixtures.
  • Place the sliced ​​almonds on top of the chocolate ice cream.
  • Let the entire mixture freeze for several hours.
  • Serve as you would regular ice cream.

Enjoy this easiest recipe for this delicious Italian Dessert. Feel free to substitute reduced-fat or no sugar added ice cream if you wish to meet the dietary needs of your friends and family…or if you’re feeling brave…if you’re feeling REALLY brave…try the REAL recipe. …either way, your guests will be amazed when you serve this beautiful and tasty Italian Dessert. Have fun with this recipe and create your own variations and add your own twist. The fun of cooking lies largely in your ability to use your imagination to make it “yours.” I’ve found that once you start “winging it,” you’ll be hooked for life!

One note: Spumoni usually has claret sauce drizzled on top. I found the following recipe:

Boil 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of water for 8 minutes; cool slightly and add 1/3 cup claret or light red wine.

Bon Appetite!

The healing power of dew: beliefs and practices from ancient times to today

The magical creation of dew on vegetation has long been the subject of research and special consideration. In some areas of water scarcity, the use of spray to heal, nourish and sanitize can be a lifesaver.

Paracelsus believed that the dew on vegetation possessed the healing energy of plants and the various planets in the sky. Others believe that the dew on the grass can act as a conductor to help transmit the healing energies of our magnetic earth and the universe. The famous Bach flower remedies, for example, are based on the principle that dew captures the essence of various flowers. Of course, the flowers themselves are believed to contain considerable amounts of energy, as it is the flower that provides the wellspring for fertilization and creation.

If we were to perceive the presence of dew as tiny sparkling drops of liquid crystals, our minds could understand how each drop captures the energy of the universe and the energies of our living world. If one thinks about it, a dew drop can be seen as a hologram of our universe.

A common technique for healing the body with dew is to kneel and rub the open fingers and palms of the hands on the dew-laden vegetation. Once this is done, the cool virgin moisture is gently applied over and over again to whatever part of our body needs healing: a scar from an injury or operation, a swollen or injured joint or bone, our physically or emotionally injured heart, our face etc.

Using mist to moisturize the face is believed to help maintain a youthful appearance while energizing and refreshing the body’s five senses. The sense of sight, for example, can be stimulated by repeatedly applying mist to closed eyelids.

Another method of touching our bodies with dew is to lie partially or completely naked on soft, dewy grass and roll around. This is especially cosmic when done under one’s celestial birth sign or when the Moonlight is smiling or in full bloom. Rolling in the grass or moisturizing your face, you can feel the essence of the scent of the vegetation being carried into your nostrils as the dew is transformed into water vapor by your body heat. In this way, we can enjoy a form of cosmic aromatherapy, since we are also inhaling the essence that was captured by the dew that formed on the vegetation.

Walking barefoot in the cool dew is also highly recommended as it is easy to do and offers many health benefits. The special properties of the dew are believed to be absorbed transdermally through our skin. Developing the concept of walking through dew is the Swiss Dr. Alfred Vogel, who is known worldwide as “the Doctor of Nature”. Dr. Vogel has been researching, writing, and practicing herbal medicine for over sixty-five years. His 1952 book The Nature Doctor has been translated into more than fifteen languages ​​and has sold more than 2 million copies. In the revised edition published in 1991, Dr. Vogel gives this advice on the healing values ​​of dew:

If you go for a walk early in the morning on the dewy grass, you will soon notice that walking barefoot makes you feel really good, generating new strength when you have been feeling tired and exhausted. It’s like recharging the batteries, so to speak, recharging spent nerves with energy. It seems as if Mother Earth is emitting energy that enhances glandular functions. That is why it seems a bit strange to me that, although we are tired and exhausted, we do not take full advantage of this simple regenerative treatment, which is capable of stimulating our endocrine glands so that they increase their activity… Be careful, however, walking only for natural terrain, because the more virgin the terrain, the greater the benefit derived from its magnetic field. Never think that walking barefoot on asphalt, concrete, or any other artificial surface will do the same good. No, it is better to wear your shoes on this type of surface, because you will not stand to win anything with it, quite the opposite.

The Nature Doctor is a wonderful book, and the world is very fortunate to have Dr. Vogel as a resource for alternative healing.

Beyond the use of dew for healing, there is also the joy of running and jumping completely naked through thick fog or during rain, sleet, or snow. As we do so, we may be inspired to use our hands to massage virgin water into our skin and hair, or beat our chest like a gorilla in the wild.

Along with the playful joy of experiencing various waters of the sky and our Earth, we may also have the urge to make sounds by singing, shouting, whistling, or humming. Perhaps this need to make sounds while playing with water helps us to remember our childhood, or how closely related we are to other forms of life.

As a final thought on dew, I offer these lines from Thoughts to the Discouraged Farmer by James Whitcomb Riley:

Because the world is full of roses, and roses full of dew,

And the dew is full of heavenly love that drips iron for me and you.

Lose lower belly fat by eating like Tarzan all day

Everyone who has it wants to lose lower abdominal fat. Its unsightly presence haunts those who live with it. One of the things that puts our most desperate desire to fight against the bulge without ceasing. There have been many so called fat burners that claim to teach you how to burn lower abdominal fat or abdominal fat in general. None is as effective as what nature intended us to be able to do if we want to burn belly fat fast.

Everyone remembers how fit Tarzan was. Whichever way you choose to look at this fictional story, you’ll find that Tarzan was always in great physical shape. Imagine a man in the jungle who had to move on foot (or swinging from vine to vine, of course) and only ate what the jungle gave him. That means things that grew naturally around him. No Slurpees, no pizza, no high fructose corn syrup, and no cheeseburgers. Tarzan was muscular, lean, and ready for anything.

She didn’t have an ounce of fat in her lower belly. You will be eating to devour it. Your body naturally has the power to do this, but with our own eating habits you would never have known it. Give your body the proper fuel and you can get it down to an ideal Tarzan weight.

Tarzan only overeat when he was deprived. You will want to eat every two to three hours from morning to night. You won’t have to kill your meat if you don’t choose to. Have a non-fat protein at each of these meals. You can also eat bananas together with the monkeys. Grab fruit with nuts to make a great protein-packed snack for your in-between meals. In snacks that don’t have fruit, include a light carbohydrate like yams or instant rice. All Tarzan had was water, and you, too, must get in the habit of drinking more water to support this program to the fullest.

Lose belly fat at home within your drive. Imagine a layer of fat over your smaller intestines. Weight loss methods make you do a lot of crazy things to deprive yourself, when you do, your body retains fat and much of it is stored here. To really attack this section, you’ll need to have your metabolism turned on enough to slow it down.

The point is to eat healthy, natural mini meals throughout the day to supercharge your natural fat burning furnace. These things will burn fat very quickly. For the sake of looking good, you’ll also want to work on the area. Look for exercises that shape the area that you think is convenient. Although these techniques can burn all the abdominal fat you need, they do not tone the muscles for you, it is your responsibility. Eating cannot carve muscles.

Survive when the fire ax falls

The Philadelphia Inquirer is probably like many newspapers around the world: short-staffed, losing money, trying to stay afloat.

And while he’s at it, he features a series of articles on how to get fired. Well, that’s not what THEY call it; his title is Lost jobs: turmoil in the region’s labor market but trust me, those PEOPLE listed as statistics know what it is: they’ve been fired.

The Owner is:

The ax falls, and then what?

Inquirer writer Alfred Lubrano’s article is packed with statistics and anecdotes. And it’s filled with one more thing: bread.

human bread.

Human suffering when 13.2 million people in the US are unemployed (that only counts those still looking for work; it seems those who have given up don’t count) and 210,000 in our immediate 8 county area.

“But while the Philadelphia region is plastered with pink ballots, a design can still strike with the potent surprise of an unforeseen meteorite.”

Psychologists have long known that being fired is as hard on the individual as death in the family, divorce, or other traumatic stress-producing event.

And what is deeper is what happens to the individual, and its repercussions are lasting.

“Shame, fear and panic can erupt in a person’s head after the initial trauma.”

People have pointed out that in this Great Recession, people who thought they were recession-proof are now in the unemployment lines: in Philadelphia, for example, a major law firm collapsed and went out of business. (And when I was selling investment real estate in the ’80s and ’90s, this was THE real estate law firm.)

Where did the dream go?

I have often written and created a video about The Dream: Where Did the Dream Go? It is gone for many people.

They told us to grow up, to do well in school, to choose a major carefully, to major, to earn a good living, to get married, to raise two and a half children, to help them grow up well, to get married and let the circle continue.

We did, but things have fallen apart for a lot of people.

Savings, never well done by most Americans, evaporate

401(K) accounts are half what they were just 8 months ago. A friend says he now has a 201(K) and my good friend Neil Radisch (with whom I wrote “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” as a major musical) wrote me on Facebook that he now has a 4.01(K).

I know the pain there, with my own IRA dropping 50%.

The Dream may still persist, but the funds to make it a reality are gone. (For now at least.)

Personal memories never die

The reason I started this website (and the business to support it) was because of the terrible pain so many people feel when they are laid off. I want to help.

Having faced it twice, I know the deep, lasting pain that lingers.

I still have images of my youngest daughter, while she was in high school, crying with blankets over her head when I got home from being fired and saying, “Your dream was stolen, Dad.”

That was the last time I worked for someone else.

Oh sure…being a stay at home dad has its hard parts too, but never again will my family suffer like this.

Shame, pain, and the lasting discomfort of being fired

This part of The Inquirer article really grabbed me…a big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I read it because I’ve been there and I understand the pain of both the child and the parent.

“On a recent day, he [Dan Perry, the subject of much of the article] he stalked the rooms of his modest house decorated with family photos, without children or a wife. “It’s creepy, weird,” she said. I’m used to the noise. It’s just a house, not a home, when I’m here alone during the day.

That will change… at least it has for me. In fact, I like being here alone most of the day.

“One night not long ago, Perry says her daughter, Rebekah, 16, was typing up lesson plans for her AP history teacher.

“‘What is this?’ she asked her.

“I’m writing your notes for $80,” Rebekah said.

“That was the price of a school trip to Washington. Rebekah knew her father had lost his job and didn’t want to ask for money. So she asked her teacher for a job.”

“Later that night, Perry lay awake in bed at 4 a.m., the desperate little hour when many unemployed report they are alert and distraught. He looked at Rebekah and the $80.

“‘My heart was filled with sadness at how my daughter was about this,’ Perry said. Children’s reactions are often profound.”

And believe me, they never forget the pain of seeing their hero, their leader, their rock and support suffer.

“Perry can’t not care. ‘At night, I go to this secret place in my soul, and it’s like I’m standing in front of a mirror alone. I have no one to answer to but myself. And I look at myself and ask: ‘What am I going to do?’ There’s a mortgage and cars and other things to pay, and no one is hiring. How am I going to help my family?'”

Men often see themselves as their jobs

Men and women see this situation very differently, and we men base much of our self-image on our jobs.

I remember in the early 1990s I had a nightmare that woke me up in a cold sweat. I dreamed that I would no longer be Vice President of the Jackson-Cross Company (then a huge commercial real estate brokerage firm in Philadelphia, where I sold $247,368,657.97 of Investment Real Estate and traded over $1 billion for others in the former as the business of the company). VP of Marketing and Planning). I was there for 13 years, did very well, was respected throughout the industry as one of the best salesmen, but my mind was already playing tricks on me when the economy faltered at the time, although not as much as it is now.

I was not fired, I went to work on my own. And I had already been doing most of the work from home (since 1983 when Liz was born). But the image I had of myself was shaken and my whole body knew it.

The only way to get through this is together

Those who survive times like this find help in others. Others who have been through it. Others who can point them in the right direction for new job skills. Others who are supportive, optimistic, have the energy of two people… since the laid-off has lost much of the energy necessary to prosper.

Groups of masterminds. Small business support groups. And yes, even a group like the one here at where we support dads who are now working at home (or looking to work from home).

They were here. We hope you will tell us how we can help.

And while we can’t erase the recorded images and pain caused by your layoff, we’re here to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible and make the transition to working from home a smooth one.

8 Simple Steps on How to Choose Friends Wisely

We all need friends with whom we can talk, someone with whom we can vent our difficulties in life. Or maybe we want a friend we can have fun with. Finding the right friend who can meet your expectations can be a challenge. You want a friend with whom you share the same values, a friend who can encourage you, congratulate you after you achieve something, who respects you and also a friend who does not take advantage of you.

By choosing the right friends, you will avoid disappointment, stress, or even depression.

You should find a friend who has your best interest at heart. There may be people who seem to care about your life, but in reality they are only interested in getting something from you for their own selfish benefit and will do anything without caring about you, even if you are friendly with them.

Before knowing how to choose your friends, you must “study everyone”, know their weaknesses and strengths, try to understand them. This will give you an understanding to choose your friends and also to become a leader.

The following are the steps I use to help me select the right friends.

1. Choose a friend with the same values ​​as you.

Everyone has their own values ​​and it is imperative that a person who is your friend does not go against these values.

Let’s say you are very respectful of your possessions and would hate someone who would treat your possessions with disrespect. So you should look for a friend who has your best interest at heart and not a friend who is willing to please people regardless of your boundaries. This is a person who can easily betray you, especially if he is a person who tries to be cool so he can fit in with another social group.

2. Choose a Friend who encourages you.

A Friend who encourages you is almost the best friend. This is a person who is interested in your life, your goals and what you want to achieve without manipulating you for her own selfish benefit. A friend who encourages you will not put you in a place where you are envious. A person who makes you envious and pretends to be your friend doesn’t really care about you.

Such a person will talk almost all the time about their greatest achievements or their next big projects that will make them successful. Avoid these people because their actions will make you jealous which will lead to stress and then depression, they can easily destroy your life and they won’t even care what happened to you.

3. Choose a Friend who shares similar interests.

These are the fun friends and they are the best friends to be with when you are feeling down. You could share interests like music, sports, the arts, or adventure.

4. Choose a friend who can celebrate your Success.

It is very rare to find a friend who can celebrate your success. If you find one, be sure to keep it close by. This is a true friend because that person is interested in you, he will push you to achieve your goals and celebrate each milestone.

5. Avoid manipulative people.

People who are manipulative are smart. They can easily trick you into becoming their friend. This is how those people trick you into becoming their friend;

  • They will tell you some truth about their life so that they can build trust with you (in turn, you will think that this is a person who sees you as a good friend and you do not want to disappoint them).

  • They will start helping you when you need assistance, even when you haven’t asked for it.

  • Then they will realize your interests and they will come up with something that will make you envious.

  • They will ask you about your goals and achievements in life for their own selfish benefit and will not encourage you to reach them.

If you suspect that someone is manipulating you for their own selfish gain, be sure to end the friendship.

6. Avoid people who love to gossip.

Gossiping is childish; you should find a friend who likes to mind his own business. Do not rush to choose the friends of him. People who love to gossip and are your friends can easily destroy your reputation, even if it means saving their own skin.

If you have a friend and you suspect that they are gossiping, make sure you confront them carefully, because if you don’t, the friendship will turn awkward and eventually you will become enemies.

7. Choose a friend with common goals.

If you have a life goal of owning a certain business and you meet a person with the same dream, you should make sure that you become friends. When selecting those friends (this is not the case in all situations, as it depends on the people working together), make sure that they do not have the same skills, as this can lead to competition and instead of working together, They will be rivals.

8. Choose friends who always want to learn more.

Knowledge is the key in life, having friends who can help you learn something new from them is great. They can give you information that will help you in your life.

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