Transactional analysis: what is your controller?

There are many reasons why people behave differently from each other. One concept of transactional analysis (developed by Dr. Eric Berne in the 1950s) is that everyone has drivers (or work styles), which are established in early childhood. They come from the environment around you and from the way other people treat you. The messages you were given when you were young can influence how you think and behave as an adult.

Drivers are characteristic ways of behaving, which are generally strengths, but can turn into weaknesses under stress.

There are five identified drivers. You may find that you identify with a partner and you may recognize some in other people.

To be perfect

If your style is Be Perfect, it means that you will be really good at making accurate and detailed reports, you will look neat in your appearance and you will value cleanliness and order. However, it can also mean that you believe that everything you do must be absolutely correct. You may not be satisfied with anything you do, because, in your eyes, it will never be good enough. Delegation can be difficult because it is difficult to trust others to do it well or because other people may find it difficult to accept your standards.

Hurry up

If Hurry is your preferred style, you will get a lot done in a short amount of time, however, you may find yourself overloaded and taking on too much. You will always be in a hurry, you will often be late for meetings, and you will always put things off until the last minute before they are done. You may find that you end up with too many appointments in one day and may appear impatient to others.

Try hard

If you have the Try Hard style, you will love new projects and new things to do, and you will work well under pressure. You likely believe that your personal worth comes from the amount of effort you put into things. You may be more committed to trying than to being successful. Others may get frustrated if you turn small jobs into big jobs to increase the amount of effort you can put in.

Be strong

If you have the Be Strong style, you are great in a crisis, but you can seem distant. You believe that your own worth comes from not revealing your feelings, from being the one who takes everything on your own shoulders instead of asking for help. In turn, other people may assume that you are not emotional and that you do not need positive touches.

Please others

If you have the style of pleasing others, you will be a great team member and enjoy pleasing other people. You will believe that you should always do what others ask of you to be valuable. You feel guilty for saying no, even when the request is unreasonable. You may find that you accept work or invitations from others rather than working on your own priorities. In turn, other people may become frustrated by your attempts to please them and interpret your actions as insincere.

Manage your drivers

The descriptions should have helped you identify what drives you. It helps to recognize them in yourself and in others, as it helps you work on your strengths rather than letting go of them.

Self-awareness helps you identify how you can change the way you think and behave to be more effective. Therefore, you can choose to change your behaviors in one of the following ways.

If your style is Be Perfect, believe that you are good enough as you are.

If yours is Hurry up, take your time.

If you try too hard, do it for a change!

If you feel like you need to be strong, take the opportunity to be open and express your needs from time to time.

For those of you who please others, please yourself for a change!

Should you, as a parent, encourage your child to play dangerous sports?

Should you encourage your child to play dangerous sports with the goal of becoming a professional athlete and making a ton of money? From the song or depends on the child, parent, talent, motive and opportunity. The answer is a resounding “no” if you ask this father of four. I will explain more of my rationality later. For starters, emptor warning: sports, like other businesses, have exploding bellies that few see or want to see. Being proactive is prudent because advice given after an injury is equivalent to medicine after death.

There are functional skills that can be acquired by practicing various sports: teamwork, perseverance, determination, winning and resilient habits. Also, playing sports can be beneficial for your overall health.

Obesity is a global health problem with known consequences. Some of these consequences are high blood pressure, type II diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, joint diseases, various cancers, to name a few. But do not tell many Nigerians (in particular and Africans in general) who believe that being fat is something glorious, a symbol of status, a proof of the good life and wealth. Performing physical activities throughout life are worthy habits that promote both quantity and quality of life, according to health experts.

However, there is a big difference between playing sports recreationally and practicing them professionally. No sport is risk-free, but some are more dangerous than others. The costs of admission to the professional athletes club can be too high; Frankly, it may not be worth it.

When I was 20 I liked to watch boxing. The fight between Sugar Ray and Thomas “Hitman” Hearns II comes to mind. Marvin Hagler, Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, Mike Tyson, George Foreman’s Second Coming were my favorites. I watched those fights every time I got the chance. At a 1987 Pay-View event in Oakland, California, he was sitting near a former boxer. As we left the venue after the exciting fight, he made statements that stuck in my mind when a spectator complained about the millions the fighters made. He said, “these fighters will pay dearly for the rest of their lives for the blows they have received today.” He went on to say, “all the millions they made today will not be enough to heal a lifetime of pain and suffering.”

Looking back, his statements were quite prescient because little was known about the effects of concussions, blows to the head, performance-enhancing drugs, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, and speech problems. Some of the sports we send our kids to play today are just as dangerous – don’t let the hype, money, fame, and medical advances fool us. Remember that beef came from a cow or, as the Igbo say, “Suya ahu si n’ahu nama”.

Seeing the huge money and fame of these sports, it was only a matter of time before Nigerian parents and / or our own children started chasing the pitfalls of these sports. Some may want to reap the obvious benefits without seeing the latent pitfalls. These parents and children should adhere to this Einstein quote: “learn the rules of the game [first]. And then you must play it better [on and off the court] than anyone else “.

I must dedicate a paragraph and pay tribute to the athletic heroes of Nigeria and indeed the world. Dick Tiger, Christian Okoye, Hakeem Olajuwon and today’s professional players have shown shining examples on and off the stage. They remain the beacon of all that is good about Nigeria and Nigerians. When was the last time you heard something negative about these heroes? Through their actions, they continue to varnish the image of our Motherland, even as corrupt politicians and members of 419 are bent on tarnishing its global image. Like grateful Nigerians everywhere, I salute these evergreen heroes.

Are these reasons compelling enough to allow your child to play dangerous sports?

I hope Nigerian parents, both at home and especially abroad, do not push their children into these sports to profit. Often times, we are people with a total tendency to make money at all costs. Some may want to dispel a myth and end up exposing themselves and their children to hidden dangers. According to a sports journalist, “People are skeptical about Nigerian players; they are soft, not tough enough and too polite.” That’s a loaded statement! Trying to “prove negative” can cost you dearly. You may remember Loyola Marymount basketball star Eric “Hank” Gathers, who died on the court in 1990 during a televised game. The youngster had a known heart condition, but continued to play without taking his medications, making him too sleepy to perform at the height of his star caliber.

All sports have inherent risks. As the Italians say, “ogni rosa ha le sue spine” or “every rose has its thorns”. I like to ride a bike. Many cyclists are injured and even die while riding a bicycle. Just 3 weeks ago here in Austin, Texas, a bicyclist pushing his damaged bicycle was killed by a distracted driver less than 10 miles from my residence. Did you know that female soccer players suffer the second highest number of concussions, after female soccer players? Go imagine that one.

However, some sports are like cigarettes: they are dangerous when practiced as prescribed. Some of the injuries are cumulative from a very young age (elementary and middle schools) and the ill effects are not fully felt until the game days are over.

The odds of reaching the pros are pretty infinitesimal. As a friend who played one of these sports professionally tells me, “People only see the few who successfully jumped to the other side of the ridge. But look down into the abyss to see the crowd that didn’t make it.” The few who make it to the professionals end up living painful lives after their injuries begin to manifest themselves and when their insurance benefits cease to exist. They quickly squander their earnings due to poor financial management skills. Like many Nigerians refuse to plan for retirement, these athletes think they will always have money. Those who help you waste your resources will not be there when you need them. Watching, if that, can only bury one after one has died, it will not sustain the living.

I am not recommending that you or your children avoid amateur or professional sports. I’m not pointing out any sports either. As I said, each rose has its thorns; no sport is risk-free. What I recommend is that you do your own research before exposing your family to any sport. If after all that you still feel that the sport is for your child and he or she has the wherewithal to become the one in a million winner, go for it. I wish the best to your family. Keep in mind that anything that glitters can be brass, not gold.

Ask yourself these questions:

How is it that very few descendants of professional players follow in the footsteps of their parents? Did the genes that propelled your parents to stardom all of a sudden “lose their way”?

Why don’t team owners, coaches, team doctors use their enormous influence to get their children to play these obviously lucrative sports? Other businesses, including preachers, train their children in the family business, why not as dangerous sportsmen? Is it because the truth or, to paraphrase Ben Franklin, society writes injuries in dust and benefits in marble?

Is Sports The Only Way To Get College Scholarships? Academic scholarships are better than most athletic scholarships. The first graduates more students than the second. Reading will not give you the aforementioned injuries.

If you don’t know of a former professional player in the sport that your child might be interested in, search on Google or Facebook to find one to talk to. They are relatively easy to find and you will find them willing to help you. Listen with an open mind to what they tell you; do not take their comments as bitter comments from former players. That’s what I did years ago before my children came of age to play American popular sports. As a proactive step, I began to discourage my children from playing soccer. I was surprised when my high school son told me that he had been asked to audition for his school team.

My wife and our children were pleased for the first time at the news. I set out to dissuade him from playing soccer. When he refused to back down, I blessed him, but told him I would not go to any of the games. They said he was good at it. He convinced his mother to go to one of the games. I must inject here that she is in the medical field. After watching the game live and hearing the sounds of war … I mean the beating on the field that day, she came home to join me in dissuading our son from playing the sport. The sounds of the pounding were unlike anything she hears from soccer games on television. My response was that if she thought high school players hit hard, you can imagine how hard high school and college players hit, not to mention professional players. I couldn’t bear to watch my son play soccer, I just can’t. Call me chicken!

After that first year of soccer, ours announced to our delight that he was leaving the sport. I asked him why, he said that none of his team members were in his Advanced Placement classes, in fact most of them were not doing well in school, partly due to missing classes due to injuries and / or sports distractions. This is the case in Africa and elsewhere. Some excel in both sports and academia.

Thank goodness my son didn’t get hurt and his grades are still high. He spoke about the serious injuries other footballers suffered, how they were encouraged to eat and lift more weights to get bigger, stronger, hit harder and run faster. He spoke about using below-average equipment and the drive to play for college scholarships and career prospects. Academics weren’t a priority, practicing and winning games were! Ultimately, he said that he discovered that we wanted the best for him both now and in the long term. He realized that we did it with and out of love. And we can live with it!

Prime property for sale in Limassol, Cyprus

If peace and quiet is what you are looking for, you may not be looking for a property for sale in Limassol. Limassol, Cyprus is home to 135,000 full-time residents, and its population increases each spring and summer to accommodate tourists. Many tourists have decided to buy houses in Cyprus, but Limassol’s full-time residents consist mainly of native Cypriots. However, Limassol is the second largest tourist area in Cyprus, so it is advisable to buy or sell Cyprus properties for sale in Limassol. For modern tourists, Limassol is renowned for its endless parties. Limassol’s beautiful and turbulent past seems to be overshadowed by the lights and sounds of the city.

One of the last remaining markers of Limassol’s history is Berengaria Castle. Richard the Lionheart made his way to Limassol after his fiancé was shipwrecked there. Richard’s fiancé sought refuge in Limassol Castle, but was allegedly turned away. Enraged by her mistreatment, Richard stormed the throne, deposed the king, and married Berengaria inside the castle chapel. A property for sale in Limassol, Cyprus, overlooking this majestic castle, now a jail, or any other prominent historical landmark would be a wise property investment. In addition to investment potential, Limassol properties for sale also offer an attractive and well-located place to live in Cyprus.

Limassol is located on the southern coast of Cyprus and is the main industrial city of the island. Limassol’s layout is designed primarily for native Cypriots, entrepreneurs, students, and educators. Because Limassol is home to the Cyprus University of Technology, it leads the Middle East and Europe in research and development. Therefore, researchers who need to buy houses in Cyprus are mainly looking for properties for sale in Limassol.

Cyprus is a great beauty in all its regions, and no city in Cyprus is devoid of tourism. Tourists in Limassol head to Yermasogea. The Yermasogea district is a twenty-four hour party a day, which, of course, is what many vacationers are looking for. However, when you choose to buy or sell property in Cyprus, especially industrial property for sale in Limassol, you should have an idea of ​​the locations you choose.

Contrasting with Yermasogea is the Old City. Old City is a small community of entrepreneurs and artisans. Because most of Limassol is aimed at locals, not tourists, Cypriots in Limassol have been able to preserve their way of life over the years. The cuisine and crafts have remained traditional. If this lifestyle appeals to you, ask a real estate agent to show you property for sale in Limassol.

Tennis and diving are popular sports in Limassol. Other forms of entertainment are carnivals and regional fairs. And of course, both locals and tourists alike enjoy the couture leather and jewelry found in Limassol’s commercial district.

Limassol properties for sale are just a short drive from some of the most famous beaches in Cyprus. Whether you’re interested in being close to the university or have other businesses in town, Limassol properties for sale are conveniently located to suit your work and vacation lifestyle.

Things to consider when booking a hotel in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, the most densely populated district in New York City (NYC) is a favorite tourist destination for many people around the world. The district is hesitant to be overshadowed by neighboring Manhattan, and boasts a lively culture and uniqueness. Brooklyn features a perfect blend of world cultures and world famous attractions. From a walk across the famous Brooklyn Bridge, a trip to landscaped Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, Green-Wood Cemetery, etc. Brooklyn awaits you with many more attractions.

To ensure a comfortable trip to Brooklyn, you must select and book a Brooklyn hotel that meets your needs and tastes. This can be a bewildering task as the township is packed with a variety of luxury, boutique and budget hotels to suit your travel needs, be it a leisure trio or a business trip. Even if you are on vacation in Manhattan, you can easily choose to be in Brooklyn, as Brooklyn hotels will be priced less than their Manhattan counterparts. Two of the key factors to consider before booking a Brooklyn hotel are: the hotel’s proximity to major locations and the rates.

Hotel in an easy to explore location

This factor is especially important if you are on a leisure or family trip with the primary intention of exploring the beauty and landmarks of Brooklyn. If the Brooklyn hotel you select is close to the places you want to explore, it will save you a lot of travel time. There are hotels near Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park and they are located in downtown Brooklyn. There are nice boutique and luxury hotels located in the vicinity of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

If you’re planning to explore Manhattan, hotels near the Long Island City section of Queens can be a great option. Although these hotels lack a vibrant location, you’ll be only a few blocks from several subway stations to make your trip to Manhattan easier. There are a multiplicity of hotels that are within walking distance of various restaurants, lounges, shopping venues, government and corporate offices. Corporate travel can be more comfortable if you opt for a hotel that is close to corporate offices.

Hotel that fits your bill

Brooklyn is home to a number of expensive and opulent hotels that lavish luxury and less expensive boutique hotels for budget conscious travelers. High-end luxury hotels in Brooklyn will be less expensive than comparable hotel rooms in Manhattan. The municipality boasts a variety of accommodation facilities ranging from well-known hotel chains, boutique hotels, and bed and breakfasts. Most of the high-end hotels are also conveniently located.

With a variety of room options, luxury hotels offer the perfect combination of a comfortable stay with great amenities. The rooms will be designed with touches of class and elegance to evoke a sense of pride in guests. On-site facilities such as restaurants, spa, massage parlors, gym, etc. will also be featured. Most high-end hotels have a 24-hour business center so business travelers can manage their work outside of the office.

If you’re a budget-conscious customer, you can save a lot on accommodation by dropping a star or two while selecting a Brooklyn hotel. If you think you can avoid a flat-screen TV or hot tub, opt for less expensive boutique hotels that combine sleek, clean, and fresh design with expert service. The Brooklyn hotel you choose, whether it’s an ultra-luxury hotel or a mid-size boutique hotel, Brooklyn will never fail to make your trip a pleasant experience.

Stay in a holiday cottage in Scotland

As long as you and your children like to visit wonderful locations by renting self-catering holiday homes at a wonderful price, you can visit Edinburgh and you and your wife will not be disappointed. If you and your wife select this charming destination for a relaxing family holiday in Scotland, you can stay in holiday homes that are excellent value for money. You will soon discover that this is a very interesting and relaxing way to enjoy the sensational landscapes of the province. This is even better when visiting your wife. The amazing thing about staying in luxury vacation rentals is that you can have the independence to visit whatever touristy thing you want.

To see some of the most amazing and magnificent landscapes, you and your friends must make time to go to the Scottish Highlands. You and your friends will be sure to exchange when you drive because they may be well placed to enjoy the exceptional scenery. Whenever you rent a holiday home in the countryside, you can see the mountain tops that make the Scottish Highlands so extraordinary. You and your family can go on relaxing hikes and experience the wonderful views as you climb to the top of this beautiful and impressive place.

Bring your kids and see Ben Nevis which is one of the UK’s most prominent landmarks and highest mountain. Be sure to bring your hiking shoes because you and your girlfriend can spend a few hours on the beautiful mountainside and maybe hire an expert guide and learn how to go to the summit. Perhaps if you are looking for something less energetic, you can try climbing one of the easier hills here so you can see the superb majesty first hand while visiting friends and family.

However, if walking is too energetic, you will find many other sports worth trying. If you and your family want to experience the Scottish countryside more, you may like to take a romantic walk to experience nature. There are many trails that you can take your kids and go mountain biking. Your biggest choice will be whether you and your children want to explore on foot or by bike, with the splendid mountains as a backdrop.

If you and your children want to go horseback riding, you will soon discover that the trails in the Leanachan Forest could be a challenging route to try. Later, return to your vacation property with your wife and relax near the warm wood burning fireplace of your modern vacation cabin and then you can go to a local family restaurant where you can enjoy excellent cuisine and wine. In the morning, you may want to take your wife out to one of the stunning lakes and teach her how to fly trout. You could also show your kids how to sail in the warm summer sun which helps make this stunning spot for self-catering holiday homes in Scotland so sought after by families across the UK.

An unforgettable experience – Grass Roots

Wayanad, the mystical land of rice paddies, where the musty fragrance of tea fills the air, where the scent of the flowers of coffee with milk mixes with the fresh dew, where the frogs croak by the dozen before a rain, where adivasi beats , the sandalwood fragrance of the temples, the incense of the churches and the calls of the mosques, float together with the mist, creating a magical fabric in this magical land.

Grassroots sits on a coffee plantation, with the Vythiri Ranges and the majestic Chembra Peak looming large on the right and the Banasura Range on the left. An ideal destination for the traveler who enjoys hiking, fishing, bird watching, wildlife viewing, cycling, off-road driving, or just relaxing. It overlooks the tea plantations, which have been there since the British appeared.

Five luxurious and luxurious Swiss tents welcome you. They are spacious, airy, and feature warm, clean furnishings that fit the bill perfectly. All tents are air-conditioned and have all the amenities a discerning traveler could ask for. The tents come with satellite television; Hot water is available throughout the day. Wifi is available. In the library you can find a select collection of movie CDs, a variety of books on the surrounding regions and wildlife.

The restaurant caters to the world’s taste buds. The cuisine is primarily continental with a few select Indian dishes. There are special menus for the little ones. Parents are encouraged to participate in the informal sessions and spend time with the in-house chefs. The dining room opens to an outside space that has a commanding view of the magical surrounding mountains.


Visit to the Gurukulam

Visit the Gurukulam Botanical Sanctuary, home to some 2,000 endangered plant species. Meet the founders Wolfgang Theuerkauf and Suprabha Seshan. Distance from the property is 65 Kms

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has rated Gurukulam as one of the 25 centers of Bio diversity in the world.

There are no fees, but voluntary donations to the organization are welcomed and gratefully accepted.

Half of the day

Cycling trips

Half-day to full-day bike trips can be arranged.

They have adapted bikes on the property and there are very scenic bike paths. Traffic density is low.

Hiring of extra charges

Nature Drive

28 km Jeep ride through spectacular forests of spectacular flora. The chance of seeing wildlife is high. This can also include long walks at the end of the 28 km trail.

The return trip by speedboat is also possible.

Visits to Arlem Wildlife Sanctuary and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.


Walking is amazing at Wayanad shrine. Possible in three ranges from Chethalayam (kuruva / kabini forest), Muthanga forest and Tholepatti. Better to do it after a few rains as the forests are quite dry now.

Arlem is a bird watcher’s paradise and can also be done on foot. Again, this is a full day program.

Hike to Pico Chembra. There is a passable path to the base camp. Half of the day.

Hike to the Banasura peak. A full day program.

Trikepetta Bamboo Village

Walk through the village and have lunch at the home of a local villager.

Duration: 4 hours

This will be through the village of Trikepetta, also called the bamboo village.

There will be a guided tour of the area with a walk through the rice fields / plantations. Visit to Uravu (an NGO involved in the field of bamboo and bamboo related products). One could buy their products and for those who attend a course in any of the bamboo making skills, which can be arranged at a cost and prior notice.

Visit a bamboo plantation and visit the 100-year-old Trikepetta Shiva temple for those who are interested.

Plant a bamboo sapling, which the villagers will grow in your honor (only the cost of the sapling will be paid to Uravu)

Walk into the woods, not strenuous

Lunch at the villager’s house (traditional vegetarian food) Rs 150 / head

To this would be added the cost of a local guide which is Rs 300 /, which will apply if the group is 1 or 20 people. The larger the size, the lower the cost / head

Boat ride and river ride.

Walk along the river, the rice fields and the tea plantations; approximate time 3 hours. This is right next to the property. You can also swim in the river.

Sail along the river in a village boat, seeing the entire country road, time could be three hours. It could also include lunch in a town house.

The cost of the boat trip would be Rs 350 / trip.

Bird watching

Bird watching tours can be arranged around the property with a naturalist to explain; Duration 3 hours

Lake Banasurasagar

This has become a very poulatr activity. There are no crowds. Cruise the backwaters of the Banasurasagar Reservoir on a rural ferry known as Changadam. You can travel for hours and stop at will in the islands and forests and lunch or breakfast or tea can be arranged. You can also organize a night in a mud hut near the water.

Ayurvedic spa

The complex has a link to an Ayurvedic hospital. There are various medications and treatments available.

Get there


The closest domestic airport is Kozhikode (Calicut), about 100 km away (about two hours by car).

Kochi International Airport is 140 km away. The drive from Kochi takes between three and four hours.

Bangalore International Airport is also approximately 282 km away. The journey will take you approximately five and a half hours.


The nearest station is Kozhikode (Calicut), 100 km from the resort. The station is well served by trains from major cities in India, including Mumbai and Chennai.


Take the NH – 209 and take the Mysore – Kollengal route to the complex.. The drive from Bangalore to Wayanad (282 kms) takes about 5 hours. The drive from Mysore (192 kms) takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes. The hotel can arrange pick-ups in Mysore and Calicut.

Tips to lose weight

We live in a nation of increasing obesity. Statistics indicate that obesity has doubled since 1980. A 2008 report showed that 1.5 billion adults were clinically obese and more than 45 million children were obese. There are complications related to obesity. Approximately 3 million people die annually from diseases caused or aggravated by obesity. These diseases include diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Practice prevention – There are many things you can do to control your weight and prevent obesity. It is fundamentally a change in your way of thinking. You must realize that you have great power over your own health. Consider the fact that you can, in part, control how you age and how you can maintain good health throughout your life. Of course, the disease can happen to any of us. However, you can greatly reduce your risks with a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Activity – Exercise is a very important part of any healthy lifestyle. Exercise will strengthen your body and begin to build muscle. Your metabolism will increase because muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat. So add some strength training routines to your exercise program. You can incorporate 2-3 strength training routines per week. Just 15-20 sessions can have a huge impact on your physical strength and health. You will start to burn fat and therefore lose weight.

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats: There are healthy fats to add to your diet. These include omega fatty acids like those found in fresh fish. Salmon has one of the highest levels of good omega fatty acids. 2-3 servings a week can be very healthy and helpful for weight loss. Research has shown that monounsaturated fats are very effective for weight loss. A good food to add to your diet is avocados. Although they are not the lowest in calories, avocados are extremely nutritious and high in monounsaturated fats. Try adding some avocado to a salad or make a guacamole dip to eat with vegetable sticks like celery and carrots. Other healthy food options for good fats include grass-fed beef and extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil has numerous health benefits. It has been shown to increase the fat burning response in the body and reduce inflammation levels.

Sugar – Sugar is something you definitely want to cut out of your diet, especially if you are trying to lose weight. When you consume too much sugar, this signals your body to use insulin to start burning it. As a result, your insulin will increase. Anything that is not used will be converted by your body into fat. Try to limit your sugar intake to no more than 10 percent of your daily calorie intake. So, for example, if you eat 1,500 calories a day, sugar should include only 150 of those calories. Always be on the lookout for hidden sources of sugar, such as those found in soda and juices.

A healthy breakfast: When you sleep, your metabolism goes into a more resting state. This is known as “catabolism.” To turn it on as efficiently as possible, you need to have a good breakfast. Having a protein with breakfast is useful along with whole grains. A good option for breakfast can be a vegetable omelette with whole wheat bread. Or oatmeal topped with fresh fruit and a protein bar. And remember to start the day by drinking some fresh, pure water to hydrate your body.

Eating styles: Eating smaller “mini-meals” is a very effective way to help you lose weight. It helps to eat your meals at consistent times. Eating every three hours during the day is a good way to keep your body constantly fueled with energy. This will also prevent you from overeating. Many people overeat because they starve all day and then binge on a big dinner. The key to maintaining weight is to keep your metabolic rate as high as possible. Skipping meals actually lowers your metabolism.

Reward System: Everyone from time to time needs to reward themselves. If you are overly regulated in your eating habits and never allow yourself a little indulgence now and then, one of two things will happen. Either you will binge or you will quit smoking and begin to revert to your old habits. It is well known that when you are too restrictive in your diet, you usually binge within a month and potentially gain even more weight.

Supportive relationships: Being with like-minded people who take care of themselves will really help you. If you are with peers who are overweight and have no motivation to get in shape, you will probably do the same. We tend to mirror those with whom we associate. So if this is your situation, why not look to broaden your horizons and meet new and interesting people? You could join a local gym or gathering group that does hikes, hikes, swimming, dancing, etc. This will change your perspective of yourself. Before you know it, you will be incorporating new and healthy habits into your own life and you will be on your way to successful weight loss.

Eliminate Junk Food – Go through your kitchen and eliminate all junk food and unhealthy processed foods. By doing so, you and your family will benefit. If you have easy access to junk food, you will most likely eat it. Anytime you feel rushed or upset about something, you will reach out to these types of foods. Instead, focus on filling your pantry with healthy and wholesome foods. Keep snacks like fresh fruits and unsweetened yogurts in your home.

Water – Water is very important to your good health. You need to stay hydrated. If you find it difficult to drink water, add fresh lemon or lime. Try to drink 4 to 6 glasses of water a day. Drinking water is helpful for weight loss because it keeps you feeling full. An easy way to get your water intake is to bring a few bottles to work to keep on hand. This will lessen the temptation to drink high-calorie, sugar-filled sodas or fruit juices. Remember, whenever you begin any diet or lifestyle changes, always consult with a medical professional, especially if you are taking prescription medications or suffering from any illness or disease.

What to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the largest and most prominent city in the Netherlands, is one of the best places for a fun holiday. The wonderful beaches, the exclusive shopping markets, the historical monuments, the clubs and the casinos are the main attractions of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is rapidly increasing the strength of its tourists every year. Amsterdam has many exciting and exciting things to do, from seeing historical architecture to elegant nightlife.

The great historical aspect of Amsterdam is reflected in the famous and finely built monuments and churches. The most popular is the Von Gogh Museum built in Amsterdam Square and has a great treasure trove of beautiful Vincent Van paintings. The Anne Frank House is the next architecture worth knowing, it is made up of all the ancient documents and sculptures from the distant past. Millions of visitors come each year to see these great architectural attributes. Amsterdam boat cruises offer tours of the Amsterdam canals, where you can see picturesque Amsterdam. Amsterdam has very beautiful beaches to enjoy and have fun. This is also an important aspect of Amsterdam. The beaches of Noordwijk, Strand West, Amsterdam Plage are the most famous beaches offering all the diversions of life. You can swim, bathe, play, dance and sunbathe on the beach. They offer first-class wines, delicious foods, etc.

Many kinds of cultural events are also organized and held to let tourists know about the cultural events that used to be held in the past. At Christmas and New Year’s Eve there are parties and people enjoy it to the fullest. They drink, dance, sing and have a great time. Amsterdam is famous for its Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Amsterdam has a natural flora and fauna comprising beautiful plants in the Vondelpark and the big animals in the Artis zoo like zebras, lions, tigers and chimpanzees etc. Children are really crazy about watching animals. The Dam Square and Magna Plaza shopping markets offer a good collection of clothing, accessories, eating items, etc.

Enjoying the nightlife in Amsterdam is the next important thing to do in Amsterdam. There are several clubs, casinos and bars where you can have all the charms of the nightlife. Expensive wines, rock music and dancing are the hallmarks of an exciting nightlife in Amsterdam. Reading about things to do in Amsterdam will probably have you planning your next vacation in the wonderful capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

Difference between Halloween and Day of the Dead

The images of skulls, death, and spirits all point to the same holidays, but these images do not evoke the same feelings for these two very different looks at death. Although the two, Halloween and the Day of the Dead, are observed during the same season, there are some key differences between the two:


Held on November 1 (children) and November 2 (adults)

Represented by the skull and skeletons.

Known for his harmless communication with the souls of the dead.

Welcoming the return of the friendly spirits of the deceased

It means honoring the life and death of ancestors, family, and friends.

It dates back to the Aztec festival of the Lady of the Dead.

Connected to All Souls’ Day of Catholicism on November 2


Celebrated on October 31

Represented by the jack-o-lantern (carved pumpkin)

Associated with evil, magic, monsters and the occult.

Drive away evil spirits with gruesome costumes and masks

It means the end of summer and the beginning of winter.

It arose from the Celtic, Gaelic “Samhain” (end of summer)

Connected to All Saints’ Day of Christianity on November 1

Known for its colorful culture and traditions, the Day of the Dead is closed to Mexico with people from all over the country celebrating these festivities. Due to its uniqueness, it has been adopted by other Latin American countries and even some cities in the United States with a large Hispanic population.

Here are some ideas to celebrate the Day of the Dead when you travel to Mexico or even abroad.

1. Enjoy “Pan de Muertos”: prepared exclusively for these dates, this sweet bread has a distinctive orange flavor. It is sold only in late October and early November.

2. Visit local markets: Trinkets and souvenirs that have emerged due to the holiday present travelers with the opportunity to purchase unique gifts for family or friends.

3. Visit cemeteries: To get a closer look at what traditional families do during these days, visit local cemeteries. It is also a fantastic opportunity for photographers to capture unique moments.

4. Find festivals: Although most Mexican families do not traditionally build traditional alters in their homes, many cities and towns in Mexico (and some cities in the United States) will host extraordinary and colorful parades, festivals and events to honor the dead.

5. Take Photos !: For art lovers and photographers, visiting Mexico at this time is a unique opportunity to capture unique moments and return home with thousands of incredible photographs.

Redwood National Park: 3 Tips for Efficient Travel to Redwood by Amtrak Train and Bus

Redwood National Park was created in 1968 to protect the land adjacent to the California state redwood parks that formed in the 1920s. Currently, the combined state and federal lands are managed under a joint agreement between the Park Service. Nationals and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. The parks combined cover more than 110,000 acres, including 37 miles of the pristine California coastline.

Since Delta is the only commercial airline that arrives at the local airport, it is expensive to fly into the area. Although it is not close to an Amtrak train line, there is a bus service from Amtrak stations to the Redwood area, which may be the cheapest way to travel to the park. Here are three tips / suggestions for effective travel to / from Redwood by land:

One: Martinez, California is your Amtrak connection to Redwood National Park. The San Joaquin line from Bakersfield (with connection service from San Diego and Los Angeles) and Oakland (with connection service from San Francisco) stops there. Martinez is also on the Capitol Corridor line from San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento (with connecting service from Reno). From Martinez, there are two Amtrak Thruway buses that leave at 10:25 am and 3:25 pm for the six- to seven-hour trip. to the Redwood area.

Two: Since there is no shuttle service in Redwood National Park, you must rent a car to see the entire park. Therefore, the McKinleyville stop at Arcata Airport is the destination of your bus trip. If you arrive before the car rental counters close in the early afternoon, you can choose from the rental companies. If you arrive when the car rental counters are closed, you can take a complimentary shuttle bus to your hotel for the night and return to the airport in the morning to rent your car. There are several hotels in the area that will provide this service. Buses back to Martinez leave McKinleyville at 6:15 am and 10:30 am.

Three: The need to make reservations for the train portion of your trip depends on the service you take. Although Capitol Corridor trains are not reserved, the San Joaquins are reserved trains. Although you do not need reservations for Thruway Motorcoach Connection service, you may be able to receive discounted advance purchase rates or special rates for students and seniors by purchasing your train and bus ticket in advance.