Why hit songs aren’t hit or miss

Writing a song is, in many ways, like baking a cake. Almost anyone can do it. On the surface, it appears to be simply a matter of selecting the right ingredients and combining them according to some prescribed recipe. However, actually writing songs is not as simple as that. Just as two people can use the same paint and canvas, look at the same model, and yet get completely different results, so it is in the field of songwriting: the same melodic and lyrical ideas can be combined to produce a song. acceptable success. , or a tasteless concoction.

The fact is that while writing a song is comparatively simple, writing a good song is an achievement that only a few can master. Every year thousands of songs are copyrighted and thousands more are written but never sent to the copyright office. Of this wealth of creative material, only a surprisingly small percentage gets published, and an even smaller percentage becomes successful.

There are several good reasons for this. First of all, the market can absorb only a limited number of songs at a time. Because it takes several weeks of constant listening by TV and radio stations and top singers to air these songs, and because the number of available listens is limited, the publisher wisely restricts the amount of release to the number of songs that can be played comfortably. handled.

There is also the issue of expenses. A publisher has to spend a lot of money on a song before they know whether or not they’ve bet on the right horse. They are naturally cautious and as a general rule prefer to bet on those singer-songwriters who have proven that they can produce successful numbers.

The VJ and DJ only have a limited time “on the air” and must include hits they know will be well received on the broadcast. They are also not interested in taking any chances with a new songwriter unless their work shows exceptional promise.

This is not meant to discourage anyone from writing songs. Every professional songwriter was, at some point, a top amateur and had the same hurdles to overcome. The point is that the new composer must realize that the road ahead is difficult and must be traveled with great strength and patience. They face the problem of not only writing a song that in subject matter, construction and treatment will withstand the stiff competition of professional acts, but of being able to overcome the natural reluctance of publishers to accept “new” material.

To successfully overcome this competition, the new songwriter must have some natural talent for coming up with lyrical or melodic ideas, must be able to develop these ideas into a technically perfect song, must be willing to seek, accept, and apply honest criticism, and must have enough stamina and self-confidence to take rejection calmly and keep producing songs.

This seems to demand a lot from the composer, but, in analysis, it is no more than is required in any other creative field. So keep connecting. If you really think you have what it takes, we’ll see you at the top!

How your cat can train you to be a better owner

Cats and dogs are definitely different, they’re like Democrats and Republicans with fur. They can’t agree on anything, they don’t get along, they generally don’t like each other, and they have completely different philosophies about the way life should be led. For example, if you take a cat for a walk, you will never see a cat attracted to a single fire hydrant, trembling with extreme glee and excitement, not one, let alone ALL the fire hydrants that it passes on its walk. For that reason, cats should be treated very differently from dogs or any other pet.

Take teaching your pet tricks. A dog, for example, will sit down, see the cookie or treat, listen to your garbled words, and with repetition, eventually figure out that when you make a certain sound, if he gives you the paw, he’ll get the treat. The cat, under the same circumstances, will realize after a while that for some stupid reason you want to hold his paw so you can give him a bite of tuna. He recognizes that inside his paw are razor-sharp claws. After staring at you like an idiot for a while and then yawning in boredom, he’ll use the claws inside the leg you want so much to cut you into strips and remove the tuna.

Try it once, you’ll see. I still have the scar. However, she did not keep the tuna.

The fact is that you can train a dog or most pets to live your life with some continuity, you can come to expect things from a dog, things you can count on. For example, he will bark to go out to relieve himself. Or he might cutely stand on his hind legs to get his dinner. You can train them to sit, lie down and fetch. While you may have problems at bath time, which may be aggravated when you chase the wet dog around the house, you won’t be pulling a dog off the ceiling or off your back every time you turn on a faucet in the bathroom. Cats, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Giving them a bath is like going to the dentist… If the dentist were a complete psychopath with machetes for fingers. Cats need to be treated differently if you want to enjoy them… Hell, if you just want to survive them.

You don’t train cats, they train you, and once you come to accept this fact and even learn to take advantage of it, your life will be better for it.

First of all, the cat’s perception is that you are there to please him. When they want you to pet them, they let you. When he doesn’t want you to pet him, he just tries to catch and hold him without needing a blood transfusion. There’s a certain logic to a cat’s thinking that you can’t deny. While they are our pets (or so we think), we chose them, found them, and brought them into our home. We owe them. We are responsible for them, and they know it. Dogs haven’t figured this out yet, they’re just happy to have a couch to sleep on and a warm place to lick each other.

So, from day one, understand that you belong to your cat. That’s the way it is. Learn from your cat, and if you obey him, your life will be fine. The cat will go to the litter box, the cat will play with your stupid ball of yarn for fun when he feels like it. The cat will allow you to pet it when it itches and will let you feed it when it meows. The cat might even purr from time to time and warm your heart.

However, ignore this first rule and you will pay with pain of biblical proportions. Newspapers and magazines will mysteriously turn into confetti. The shoes will be sprayed. The plants will be chewed to pieces. And that’s just a warm-up act if you don’t get the hint.

So now that you know you belong to the cat, how can you best serve your new master so as not to stir his temper?

Start as you do with any pet, spend time with them and let them know you love them. Don’t try to get back at him by hiding his toys because they bothered you. They’ll find the mouse and the clinking plastic ball and destroy the sock drawer you hid them in, and the pictures on top of the dresser and your pillow to boot.

Believe it or not, cats like routine behavior, so establish a routine. Feed them at the same time every day. You’ll know if you make a mistake and skip mealtime when you find hairballs in your soup. If you feed your cat at the same time every day and her tummy is full, then you can eat in peace.

Also, cats like to be groomed and petted whenever they feel like it. They are really very clean creatures, they will really train themselves to use a litter box and clean their fur constantly. If you brush, pet and groom them, and keep the litter box clean, you are likely to encounter very few problems with their hygiene. Eventually, you’ll need to bathe your cat, and that’s never easy, but if you groom her routinely, you won’t have to bathe her as often. The mist bottles they sell that give cats quick, gentle baths work, but the cat will still run away once it recognizes that the bottle sprays wet things. In fact, the cat might run away and hide whenever he sees ANY spray bottle once you shower him with one, but this can work to your advantage. The cat won’t stop meowing, he takes out the spray bottle. You won’t even have to spray the cat, you probably couldn’t if you wanted to because the little buggers are fast, the look of the bottle will do the work for you. Spray bottles can be nice, gentle training tools. You can use them to keep cats away from counters, tables, and other places you don’t want them to go. Water is your friend, and it’s your cat’s kryptonite.

Cat nip helps calm excitable cats, but you can overuse it. The cat bite from time to time and in small amounts is fine, but it intoxicates the cat, that’s why it becomes so docile and playful. You wouldn’t give your teenager whiskey to keep it in check, so keep that in mind. But cat nip is not a bad thing for cats in small doses, they enjoy it and it can give you some stress-free time with your feline.

Lastly, cat sweaters are never a good idea. I don’t care how cute you think they’ll look, they’ll hate it, and you have to put that sucker on them. If you insist on dressing up your cat for any reason, you’ll need the outfit, a tourniquet, and an ambulance on standby. It never hurts to have a bowl of ice nearby as well so that perhaps the surgeons can save any limbs your cat cuts off. Doctors can perform miracles these days. Or better yet, leave the cat alone, they’re already wearing a fur coat. Sheesh. Get a chihuahua or a Barbie doll if you have the urge to dress up something to make it look cute.

In all seriousness, treat your cat with love and respect, spend quality time with her, and remember that you were put on this Earth to provide for her every need, and you’ll be fine. So will your happy free-spirited feline friend! Good luck.

Writing: Copyrights and Trademarks Protect You

When most people think of writing a book, they don’t think

about Trademarks. However, I strongly recommend that you

leverage your writing for multiple purposes, and that’s why

Registering a Trademark for your concept is a good idea. Yew

uses his writing as a basis for workshops and other

products, it is in your best interest to protect your

Concepts with Registered Trademark.

Paraphrasing the definition of a brand given in the

official website http://www.uspto.gov, a trademark is a symbol, a

word, phrase, or design (or any combination), used to

identify and distinguish the sole source of goods. Note

that a service mark has the same definition as a trademark,

except in relation to services instead of products.

You are not required to register a Trademark. Instead, you can

establish your rights to the Mark with a registration of

legitimate use of it. However, there are several

Advantages of owning a federally registered trademark.

Most notable is your top position if someone else

you should try to use your brand after your official

Registration date.

Regardless of whether you have submitted an application to the

USPTO for a Federally Registered Trademark, you may use the TM

and SM symbols whenever you claim trademark rights. However the

federal symbol for registration (circled “R”), you can only

be used after the USPTO has received your application,

processed it and officially registered its Trademark. one more

thing to note: the federal registration symbol can only be

used in connection with the goods or services that are

specifically listed in federal documents.

Of course, there is a difference between the purposes of

Trademarks, copyrights and patents. Patents protect a

inventions Copyright protects literary works or

artistic work.

Your work is copyrighted under common law when you

create it And when printing the work with the copyright

notice included, you have communicated your claim to the

to work. However, for it to be officially registered, you will need to

you want to register it with the Copyright Office. keep in mind

that the government does not enforce copyright. Yew

someone were to infringe, it would be up to you to protect

your rights through a civil lawsuit.

Contact the Copyright Office to obtain the forms. Call 202-

707-3000 and request the 109 copyright packet, or go to

website, http://www.loc.gov/copyright and complete the TX form. A

register your copyright to a book, follow these steps: 1)

Print the copyright notice on the copyright page (title

page). You can use the word copyright, but “C” in a circle

says the same and is necessary for international

protection. Also, add “All Rights Reserved.” The news

it must appear on all copies of the book to protect it. Tea

copyright must be in the name of the owner. 2) Post

the book. 3) Register your claim at the Copyright Office

within three months of the publication of the book.

The new term of copyright is for the life of the author, plus

fifty years Since your property is part of your estate,

Mention it in your will. Everything is protected by

copyright (text, graphics, etc.), except titles. Titles

may not be copyrighted. However, does the title fit the

definition of a trademark? If so, can you claim that

road. An example: “Chicken soup for the soul” is a registered trademark

because it can’t be copyrighted. Actually, no one would use

that title by his own creation, but if it weren’t

Registered trademark, anyone could legally benefit from the use of the

phrase to market other products.

Cover all your bases and use whatever means are available to

protect your creation. By registering your copyright and

your rights in a Trademark, the guarantees are prepared if

someone tried to use your work as their own.

How colors affect your heart rate

Most people love color and want to paint every room in their house. Others don’t care at all. If you are thinking of repainting, you need to keep one thing in mind. Colors can affect our mood and make us sad or happy; they affect our eating habits and even our heart rate. Most people don’t put as much thought into color and what it does to us. It is proven that various colors increase our heart rate while others can decrease it. Keep in mind what color to paint a room with what you are going to do in that room. If you’re repainting a room that you’re going to use for relaxation, you’ll want to use a color that will slow your heart rate. If you’re painting your home gym, you’ll want one that gets your heart rate up. Red and yellow can actually increase your heart rate, while blue and purple can lower it.

While yellow can increase your heart rate, it can also improve your concentration, which is why legal notepads are yellow. Yellow would be a great color choice for a home office or hobby room. The color red is a complicated color; it can get your heart rate up and evoke passion and energy or it can frustrate or anger you. This color is a popular choice in bedrooms or accent walls. If you use this as an accent wall you will be able to have a more muted reaction. If you’re looking to repaint a living room or dining room, think about the mood you want there to be. If you want an energetic and vibrant living room, go for a bolder color like yellow.

But if you want a more relaxed casual living room to relax in, think blues, greens, and purples. It is very important to think about the mood you want for a room and what you do in that room before repainting. Keep in mind that colors can really change how you feel, especially if you look at them on a daily basis. Whichever you choose, make sure you have a variety of rooms. You will want a relaxing room from time to time and you will also want a room full of energy.

All about the drop fish

Not many people see a drop fish. That’s because they live in very deep water, almost at the bottom of the ocean. To put it bluntly, puffer fish are not very attractive. But the only people who actually get to see them are the fishermen who accidentally catch them in their nets as they sweep across the ocean floor.

The blob fish, or Blob Sculpin, originated in the ocean off the coast of Australia and Tasmania. Where they live, about half a mile away, the pressure is eighty times higher than it is at sea level. That means most fish’s gas bladders won’t work for them. But this fish is really just a big lump of gel, kind of like looking at Jello(TM) but bigger and with eyes, a nose and a mouth. The fish averages around two feet in length.

Because it is all gel, this fish has a lower density than water. This allows it to float on the bottom of the sea without the need to swim. That’s good, because a drop fish has no muscles at all. He looks like a large piece of jelly, but he has a triangular face with an expression that is like a frown or frown. The dropfish feeds by simply sitting in the water and waiting for something edible to arrive. It feeds mainly on sea urchins, molluscs and crustaceans.

Blob fish were first described in 1978, very recently in terms of fish identification. The first breeding blobfish were discovered in 2000 on the Gorda Escarpment off the coast of California. The fish were in an area where other species of fish and octopus were also breeding. These fish were observed at several different locations and levels by a remotely operated vehicle and have been studied every year since they were found.

When first seen, the blobfish was overseeing nests containing between 9,000 and 108,000 pink eggs. All nests had incubating fish sitting on their eggs or touching them. Other nesting sites in more rugged territory appeared to be neglected, but the eggs were completely clean, which was thought to mean that the brooding fish sat on the eggs or cleaned them frequently.

The dozens of puffer fish and their nests were quite close to each other. The eggs would be on neighboring rocks, sometimes with only a meter between families. None of the fish, with or without their eggs, showed any fear of the remote vehicle. Scientists are still trying to determine why such reproductive hot spots exist. Today it is believed to have to do with cold seeps, which heat the water in these regions and provide a constant flow of food.

How to use Twitter as part of your internet marketing strategy

Social media marketing has become an almost essential part of any internet marketing strategy. It’s free and can have very good results if done correctly.

If you are marketing on the internet then you should use Twitter as one of your free marketing methods. Here is a brief description of how to do it.

First of all, you must have a Twitter account. When you create your Twitter account, do so using its name and a photo, not a caricature or icon. It’s not just about building relationships here, but about branding yourself and building your presence. Your Twitter page will appear in a Google search for your name. Mine appears on the first page of Google search for my name.

Once you have an account, you need to get some followers. When people follow you, your tweets (mini posts) will appear on their wall when they are viewing their Twitter page.

To get followers you must first follow others. Start by doing a search within Twitter. Find someone related to the topic you are involved in. For example, if you’re involved in a business that uses attraction marketing, you might want to look up Mike Dillard. Once you get to your page, click on the word ‘Following’. It will be on the right side of your page. A list of people who follow Mike Dillard on Twitter will appear. Then go through this list and choose Some of those people will follow you automatically. You will also have people start following you simply because you are active on Twitter.

There are also free to use tools like Twollo.com and Twollo.com that also make creating a following pretty simple (the latter allows you to set up automatic keyword-based following).

Do not follow more than 100 to 150 people per day. Twitter considers this too aggressive. They can close your account. Also, you should keep your follower ratio within 10%.

If you’re new to Twitter, remember that, as with any social network, it’s all about relationships. If you are too aggressive in promoting your business, people will simply stop following you.

twitter tips

cheep (post) at least once or twice a day. As you build a large following, you’ll want to increase this, as it’s likely only a small portion will see your Tweet at the time you Tweet it.

provide value (content) mainly, no spam! Give them something to tweet about! Your Tweets must be enjoyable, consistent, uplifting, entertaining, and/or educational. Adding tweets directly related to your product or subscription page is fine, after all, that’s why you’re doing this, right? You should keep this at a ratio of about 1/3. One promotional tweet for every 3 content tweets.

retweet (RT) Happy that you like it! If you’re getting a lot of RTs on your content, then you know you’re on the right track! You can use Twitter’s ‘Retweet’ link, or to add a short comment, simply click the ‘Reply’ link (you have to move your mouse over the right side of the post to see the ‘Retweet’ and ‘Reply’ links appear). Reply’) and type ‘RT’ before the @username.

thanks to your followers who RT your Tweets. This is very important, especially for content you have written or even RTs to your products or subscription tweets! And, MAKE SURE you are following them! This is done by @Reply. This is a great way to build relationships.

Reply to your @Replies – Your @Replies view (found in your @Replies view found on your ‘Home’ page just above the ‘Direct Messages’ entry in the right sidebar, where you will see @YourUserId) shows messages that they are also personally addressed to you as recommendations to you. Answer as many as you can! You can combine multiple responses with a short ‘Thnx 4 RTs & Shouts’ or similar if you get a lot of them.

watch your DMs for any personal message. This can mean filtering out a lot of spam. Do NOT follow the links here, this is where many Twitter viruses have been and still are spreading.

There’s a service called SocialOoomph.com that does a lot of things for free, allowing you to automatically track and schedule tweets in advance. This is a great tool as it allows you to make the most of your time by scheduling Tweets for the entire day.

Now that you have the basic idea, go ahead and tweet!

Use Dumbbell Cardio instead of an aerobic workout

Most athletes wouldn’t even consider using dumbbells for cardio. In fact, most athletes don’t even use weights to a fraction of their full potential. Well, that’s about to change… if you decided to take my advice.

Training programs are traditionally divided into resistance training (such as weight lifting) and cardio (such as jogging, rowing, or cycling). Or these two types of workouts are done on separate days. And without a doubt, most athletes choose aerobic exercises such as jogging, cycling and rowing for the cardio part. I don’t see people lifting weights when it comes time for cardio.

Over the past year, most trainers (myself included) have moved away from aerobic exercise in favor of anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is high-intensity exercise for short periods of time, repeated. Think in sprint intervals.

Evidence shows that anaerobic activity is better than aerobic activity for improving endurance, strengthening your heart and lungs, and even burning fat. Not to mention, it helps you become more athletic and preserves your hard-earned muscles. Unfortunately, not many athletes have made the switch because they’ve been programmed to do aerobic training in their “target heart rate zone.”

So it’s no surprise that the jump into dumbbell cardio hasn’t caught on. A dumbbell cardio workout is when you do a series of dumbbell exercises in a circuit with as little rest as possible between exercises. I also call them “dumbbell intervals” because you do an exercise interval, followed by a rest, and then more intervals.

Dumbbell cardio is a better choice for a great cardio (and full-body) workout for many reasons. First, and the simplest reason, is that you don’t need expensive equipment like exercise bikes, rowing machines, or treadmills. All you need is a set of dumbbells and you’re ready to go. This is also great if you’re working out in a crowded gym (yuck!), where the cardio machines are in constant use.

Second, dumbbell cardio gets your heart and breath going by using your WHOLE body, not just one body part like your legs. Your heart has to pump blood to the muscles in your legs, core, and upper body. This prepares the heart for more real-world activities than just jogging.

Third, aerobic exercise works against building your physique. Yes, it burns fat while you do it… but it also tells the body to do whatever it takes to lose weight. This means that your body also sacrifices muscle to reduce weight. On the other hand, the use of dumbbell cardio sends the signal to get rid of fat, but in a way that preserves the muscles of the entire body because they are necessary to complete the workouts.

So, the next time you’re looking for a great cardio workout that will really help you build a lean, high-performance athletic body, skip the cardio machines and grab a pair of dumbbells instead. Also, you may realize how effective dumbbells are as a complete training tool. Try dumbbell cardio instead of boring aerobic exercise.

An admission and a green card

One Easter weekend a couple of years ago a news story broke that could be of importance to those interested in Immigration Law as well as those interested in Evidence Law. The story came out of New York state and may have object lessons for federal immigration officials and immigrants seeking to obtain their green cards. The story involved an immigration officer who was recorded demanding sex from a young foreign woman in exchange for her granting him a green card.

Those who know a little about immigration law understand that one of the fastest ways for a foreigner to obtain Lawful Permanent Resident status in the US, that is, to obtain a “green card”, is to marry a US citizen. Under this procedure, the foreigner becomes what is known as an “immediate relative” and does not have to wait for an immigrant visa to become available, a process that can sometimes take several years. Those who know a little about evidentiary law understand that in a criminal or civil proceeding a statement is not hearsay if it is a statement offered against another party and it is that party’s own statement. This is known as an “admission.” Since it is not hearsay, such an “admission” would be admissible in court against the person who made it.

I understand? Of course yes. Now consider this.

One Good Friday in March last year, an adjudication officer from the US Immigration Service office in New York state was arrested on corruption charges. He had threatened to delay an unknown woman’s green card application and even threatened to deport his relatives if she did not have sex with him.

The woman, who was married to a US citizen, admitted that she had given in to the officer’s initial demand for sex because she was afraid of his threats. But she was smart! She used her cell phone, hidden in her bag, to record the sexual encounter and the conversation that preceded it. She was even smarter then. Days after the meeting, she went to the New York Times with the recording of her cell phone to tell her story. She then notified the New York District Attorney about the matter. The officer was arrested and suspended from his job. Most likely, the case was turned over to the feds for prosecution of him. A trial in this type of case would be unlikely. The case would be ripe for a quick plea deal and a quicker plea, in light of the recorded sexual encounter and his threats that could be used against him at trial as admissions.

We don’t really know the outcome of this particular case, but experience with the criminal justice system provides insight into the usual course of these types of cases. The officer likely would have been allowed to plead guilty to attempted racketeering and abuse of office and at sentencing receive a 14-month sentence in a minimum-security federal correctional facility. Of course, he would also lose his job as an immigration officer. The woman married to an American would likely have received a green card from her and become a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

In real life, these kinds of cases only happen once in a while. In this case, the immigration officer was not very smart. As they say on the street, he literally “stumbled” on his own manhood! During his likely sentence of a 14-month trip to a minimum-security federal correctional facility, the officer would not be locked in a single cell, but instead would be in a dormitory or “capsule” that would have a large gathering space for inmates. known as the “day room”. Each day that he would be incarcerated he could, perhaps, “travel” to the prison day room and do penance for that “trip” that sent him there. Many would have done it before him.

The unconditional love of an animal

There is nothing on this planet like the unconditional love of an animal. The positive effects that animals have on most people are beyond words. They offer us moral support and pleasant comfort when life becomes difficult or uncomfortable. Always by our side, his affection transcends any border.

How can such a powerful love affect us? Why do some of them show such boundless affection? Are all animals capable of love? And what makes it so unique to us human beings?

Well, first hand, an animal can provide unconditional love, hugs and kisses to many people who have never received affection in their entire lives. Animals even help you live longer. His life can heal yours. And there is proof of this claim all over the world. I am not surprised that a scientific study has shown what many have always known: animals are capable of great acts of love.

And all of us had the experience of the emotional, sentimental and almost gravitational attraction of the touch of an animal. It’s an amazing feeling to play with a dog, snuggle with a cat, ride a horse or interact with a bird. Even seeing a video of a wild animal pulling its young out of a sticky situation moves us. Thus, animals have an extraordinary healing power that goes beyond what we can imagine.

Let’s take care of ourselves more

Most of you know the love that an animal can have. You know the feeling. It’s the touch of a wet nose rubbing your face or the sound of a concerned moan when you’re sad. Or it is also the jump on your legs or the absolute happiness when they see you. But it’s even deeper when you look into his big, compassionate eyes. So they seem to understand you at the deepest level.

So if you’re an animal lover, you already know it’s true. Animals are capable of deep and unconditional love that goes far beyond what you and I can feel. However, there is a cliché related to animals waiting to be adopted in shelters around the world. For many of you, it seems that you believe that an animal in a shelter is only there because it is undesirable or broken in some way.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a fact that only five out of ten animals in shelters ever make it out alive. In my life, I have seen animals that were so hungry, so skinny, so mistreated, so neglected. Those are the ones who have seen the worst of humanity. And yet, somehow, they find the strength to live; not only live but forgive, trust and give unconditional love once again.

The unconditional love of an animal

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress is judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Some scientific studies show that animals feel love in the same way as people; through a chemical process. When you hold an animal, like your pet, your cat, dog, horse, and many other creatures of the animal kingdom, something magical happens. It releases the same hormones that you release when you’re in love.

As a result, there really is no love like the unconditional love of an animal. An innocent creature, who is not of the same species, decides to cuddle with you when you feel sad or play with you when you are in a bad mood. And sometimes they even give their own life to protect you. They don’t have to, but they still do. Animals know that you are unique to them and, very often, you are their whole world. So always be kind!

The magic of loving an animal

I love all animals. They are beautiful creatures who deserve their place in this world. And I realized that loving an animal changes a person’s life as much as mine. Whether it’s an army, service, therapy, farm, wild animal, or just your pet, the love you have for them is unique. But the extraordinary love you receive back is one of the purest feelings on this planet.

As a child, I was one of those children who brought in abandoned, injured or lost street animals. He would go home with them. My mother’s answer was often no. So, being a rebellious child, she would take them to our horse stable anyway. And then take care of them there until they recover. However, the older I got, the more I began to realize the cruelty and abuse that animals endured, and it hurt.

Of course, I wanted to do my part to help these poor innocent souls. So I started working with them before and after school, and also during the summer. But throughout my life, I drifted from one place to another. I worked as a keeper for the big cat zoo in Colorado. And then I got a job as an assistant surgeon for a vet. But it wasn’t for me. Now, his unconditional love has taken over again, and I’m back.

The reasons for unconditional love

Surely, you heard a wolf howl longing for the moon, but do you know why? Wolves cry out in sorrow when they miss an absent member of their pack. Some dogs will not leave their owner’s side of the grave. Have you ever seen your pet yawn too when you do? Well, it is meant to be a sign of adoration for you, its owner.

And what happens when your cat lazily relaxes in a sunny spot in the house, makes eye contact with you across the room, and then blinks softly? In cat body language, a slow, deliberate blink signifies an expression of complete trust, vulnerability, and friendliness. Otters hold hands while sleeping and resting, to prevent clans from being lost. Rats have been known to release other rats from their cages.

Elephants also possess unconditional love. They are emotional creatures and show convincing acts of affection when, for example, they are grieving the loss of a loved one. Some even die of broken hearts after the death of another. These gentle souls stand over the wreckage, crying from several minutes to several days. They will also get to bury the bodies under the leaves. And those are not the only animals that show incredible feelings and cunning.

The human and animal worlds

The separation between the human and animal worlds is not as wide as one might think. Animals have so much wisdom and power. And when we interact with them, they often ease our pain and problems that we feel are too overwhelming.

Therefore, the most magical aspect of your human-animal connection is this unspoken language that you share with them. It fosters trust and affection that never wavers or fades. Studies show that petting and spending time with an animal inevitably lowers the stress levels running through their body.

So the more affection, care and attention you give to an animal or pet, the more devotion you receive in return. As a result, there is nothing that equals the unconditional love of an animal. And I think we have a lot to learn from them.

it’s unconditional love

Now seriously, who else would accept you as you are? Who else will welcome you, no matter what your circumstances? Where will you be so eagerly greeted, the moment you walk through the door?

You and I can always do our best to give that kind of love to our partners, friends, and family, but with little success. In this world, no one else can drop everything on the spot and shower you with worship and adoration like an animal does. They are truly special angels that we must appreciate.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of his soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Since they give us unconditional love until the day they die and even after, think about adoringly petting, talking to, and pampering animals as much as you can. Tell them how much you love them. Remember that their unreserved affection for you is a special bond of nature, even if they are soul mates of a different kind!

Case Study: Do I Pay My Mortgage or Invest My Cash?

If you have cash on hand, the question of paying your mortgage versus investing the money will depend on many factors. This article will look at the factors to consider and what assumptions are implicit in the process.

The situation is that the mortgage is for $300,000, with an interest rate of 3%, which is due in 3 years. Current monthly payments are $1500 per month. There is an amount of $200,000 USD that is available to pay down debt or invest. There is no other debt to speak of, and the mortgage is held against a home valued at $700,000 that generates rental income of $20,000 per year. The income of the person who had the mortgage was $80,000 per year and is now down to $40,000 and the income used to come from a full time job and is now self-employment income. It is assumed that there are no other sources of income.

Criteria #1

Is there an aversion to borrowing? If the number one priority is debt reduction or elimination, cash should be managed conservatively and debt should be paid in lump sum payments when possible or as one large payment at the end of the 3-year period when the mortgage This expired. renewal.

Criteria #2

What is your comfort level with taking risks? Another way of saying this is: if I lose a large percentage of the money I’ve invested, will I panic and lose sleep? Another version of this question is: if I lose a large percentage of my investment, am I willing and able to wait for the investments to recover? How much is a “large percentage”? The typical number I use is 1/3 or 33%. Instead, you can insert the worst case figure. Where does this worst case figure come from? The number comes from a typical stock market crash scenario or the worst decline in investment value you can imagine happening. How long do investments take to recover? The typical figure is at least 5 years old. If you want a lot of certainty in your income, 10 years is more realistic if the downturn is long-lasting. The assumptions here use an equity correction. A real estate correction or decline in another market can also be used, but the equity market is the most common exposure.

Criteria #3

How competent am I as an investor? A related way of expressing this is: Do I have an alternative way to use my money to generate higher returns? If you are a new or novice investor, it would be preferable to pay down debt because it is likely to be the best outcome. If you want to learn more about investing or gain conviction on how to make money, you may want to consider alternatives to paying down debt.

Criteria #4

Income generation from cash can be compared using an allocation of equity/fixed income investments versus interest costs on debt. after fees and taxes. Why? Debt interest costs are paid after taxes, while investment income is typically generated before fees and taxes. Regarding criteria #2 and #3, what is the best return I would get on my investments? If you think you can generate some return, use the equation: Profitability Profitability generated less investment expenses and taxes compared to interest rate on the debt you are currently paying.

Let’s say you plan to invest 50% in equities and 50% in fixed income. The dividend yield on stocks is 4% and the interest yield on fixed income is 2%. The average rate of return is 3%. For taxes, there are some additional questions. What is my tax rate right now on my income? Do I have any registered accounts where I can deposit money that could change my tax rate? Assumptions so far ignore capital gains because they are unpredictable in the short term. Let’s say your tax rate is 20% and you have no registered accounts available. The 3% earned on investments less management fees of 0.25% per annum less taxes of 20% * 2.75% = 0.55%. The net return on your investments after taxes is 3% – 0.25% – 0.55% = 2.2%. The interest rate on the debt is 3%. If you think the capital gains on your investments will make this worthwhile, you can assume a return for the capital gains portion of the investment and add it to the return. The capital gains tax is usually half of your tax rate, in this case, 10%.

Within the rate of return on investment in this case is the currency exchange rate from US dollars (USD) to Canadian dollars (CAD). This would be another factor to consider as well.

Criteria #5

Will the future interest rate change by the time I renew my mortgage? If the return on investment exceeds the return on the mortgage but the future rate in 3 years will increase to 6%, is the investment still viable? If not, debt settlement looks more promising. If the interest rate drops when the mortgage is renewed, the return on investment looks more promising. This decision involves predicting the future, which is not easy to do. If it is obvious which way the interest rate will go, the decision will be clearer.

Other criteria

Other criteria could be whether the prospects for the investment’s rate of return improve, for example, after a market correction. You may have better conviction in a specific market compared to the average, which would make investments more attractive. Your income may increase to the point that paying your mortgage is easier and faster, or vice versa. The equity in your home can go up or down, which can also change the decision.

This article is intended to examine the thought process of making a decision with many unknowns. As you go through the process, the answer to your situation becomes clearer and more applicable to where you are at any given time.