Basketball: the power of symbolism in free throws

As a coach and teacher for about 40 years, I have learned a few things. Learning is a fascinating thing, and yet I think some of us take it for granted. “Life” itself is a tremendous journey filled with constant learning, to help us improve our station in life, hopefully have a good respectable life, and survive to the end in all aspects of life. Learning helps us make the decisions we take responsibility for, whether they are right or wrong.

The power of ‘thing’ is probably the greatest power we have in life. Every thing we do goes back to a thought and then a choice that ultimately leads to a destination. I don’t want to philosophize too much here, but ultimately this article is about leaving an impact through visual symbols that will possibly last a lifetime.

Charles Garfield once said, “A key to self-management is the ability to self-monitor. It is important to realize that self-monitoring is not the same as excessive criticism, judgment, or paralysis by analysis. It is more like constant monitoring.” “. of the performance itself.

Another reason I write about symbolism is that the greatest teacher of all, Jesus Christ, taught in parables and symbols, and if these parables and symbols left lasting impressions on my mind, I hope they have some effect on you, the reader.

Over the many years of teaching, I have found that I have used more and more images or symbols to help students see what I see. Another teaching tool such as an overhead projector that projects an image onto a screen. There is an image right there. We seem to get on the same page faster.

Here are 4 reasons why I use symbols in my training methods.

  1. Symbols create images that help remember important concepts.
  2. Symbols can represent and create feelings that we can control.
  3. Symbols can teach various principles depending on one’s readiness to learn or improve.
  4. Symbols can possibly speed up learning by clarifying images or imaginary images.

As I’ve said before, when it comes to taking excellently consistent and efficient free kicks, it takes more than just ‘being human.’ You must become a ‘human doing’. Shooters are not born. They are done. So the first key is to find your peak ability as a free throw shooter by learning what your best top-of-the-line average is. If the best in the world, namely NBA players, average around 72%, you can measure yourself against those numbers which are really very mediocre for a skill that is so simple and repetitive.

William James wrote this comment which is perfect for my message. He stated, “A mind once expanded by a great idea or new understanding will never fully return to its original dimensions.” That’s why once you hit 90% from the line, you won’t go back to 70% anymore. You will respect the changes you have made to raise your numbers through cognitive learning.

Since there are about 25 scientific principles that must be followed when shooting a free throw or 3-pointer, I have found that almost every principle carries some symbolism. Don’t forget that every principle has some scientific link and there are few or no shortcuts. Try to defy gravity. Try to drink unleaded gasoline. These are scientific principles that we all abide by, whether out of fear or knowledge is irrelevant. The result is the same and that is what we want, positive reinforcement and instant gratification.

Firing mechanism symbolism:

one. The ‘life’ of a free kick that it’s only about a second is symbolic for ‘life’ itself. The free throw takes a second and the average lifespan is about 75 years, depending on whether you are male or female. Females are injured more and average a few more years according to scientific studies. To shoot a perfect free kick you need a goal. IS the goal. It takes motivation, desire, dedication, knowledge and endless practice of perfect principles to achieve the desired result which is perfection.

Leading a nearly perfect “life” requires the same process. The goal is Heaven or eternal life. (Apologies to atheists and non-believers. I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.) Diligent search and acquisition of adequate knowledge, application of learned principles, desire to follow a certain intended path (which may be good or bad), personal motivation, dedication, practice and application of principles and values ​​that provide the desired result. Tell me if it is harder to master the second to shoot a free throw in the game of basketball or the 75 years to master yourself in the game of life?

two.handball ratio. Don’t just position your hand with your index finger at 90 degrees to the seams (the seams aren’t crucial here, but your index finger in the middle of the ball is). The hand should be as wide as possible to get the palm off the ball and it will be easier to maintain a level of consistency with the wide hand.

The symbolism here is that of writing with a pen or pencil. Don’t you place your fingers the same way each time on the writing utensil and don’t you write with your fingers and not with your arm and the larger muscles of your body? The fingers do the walking. The yellow pages ad can ring a bell.

3. the guiding hand. This is the support hand that stabilizes the ball during the pick up or catch.

The symbolism here is the image of the space shuttle ready to take off into space. Moments after the rockets fired, spewing megatons of fire and smoke into the ground and atmosphere, the supporting metal scaffolding is seen slowly peeling away to allow liftoff.

Same as the left guide hand which, after stabilizing the ball in the “shot pocket”, stands back a couple of inches to allow the shot to fire unhindered just before the right hand trigger is pulled. (Opposite for left-handed shooters).

Four.The ‘shot pocket’ it is the area of ​​the body near where the ball stops briefly after picking up the ball just before it is released. Depending on the size and strength of the shooter, this is where the shooting pocket may be. It can be near the belly, chest, or right side of the face, or even behind the top of the head.

The symbolism here is the trigger being cocked, before the trigger is pulled.

If there is no pause before the trigger is pulled, then the shot can be called a “chuck” or thrust. A shot is disciplined and a chuck or lunge is undisciplined. This pause usually separates the males from the females simply due to lack of strength.

5. the shooting arm includes the part of the anatomy from the shoulder joint to the wrist joint. When he straightens or ‘locks’ the elbow during the shot to give the entire arm a straight appearance, he is actually symbolizing the barrel of a rifle with the bullet in the chamber just before the shot.

6. monitoring which is the final stage of the shot and is simply the open hand starting palms up facing the ceiling (holding the ball) ending with the open hand palm down facing the ground.

The symbolism here is like closing the (hinged) lid on a cookie jar rather than sticking your whole hand into the cookie jar. The hand remains somewhat curved with no bending at the joints except the wrist.

7. Finger wide extended before and after the shot. It ensures consistency in throwing the ball by limiting any excess movement by keeping all finger joints in locked mode. The only joint that bends in the hand during a shot is the wrist.

The symbolism here is like the webbed feet of ducks that are always kept wide for maximum traction while paddling. Imagine rowing a boat with a broom handle instead of an oar. Same principle. No steering or power with thin tracking.

8. The shooting bow is usually the same as the launch angle which is also equal to the angle of entry of the ball into the basket.

The symbolism here for the bow is to imagine shooting from the top of an old red British telephone box. You definitely don’t want your tracking to be at the level of your forehead or near your ear.

9. The ‘complete follow-up’ it’s the holding pattern during the shot at least until the ball hits the rim. This is full arm extended with the wrist bent and the hand parallel to the ground and no bent joints.

The symbolism here is the Statue of Liberty holding the lit torch proudly and high and for quite some time. (Hold follow through for the life of the shot or until it hits the rim.)

10. The inner edge of the shooting wrist. If you have the perfect shot pocket just a couple of inches above your forehead and the inside edge of your shot wrist will be in line with the front center of the rim.

The symbolism here is the inside edge of the shooting wrist compared to the peephole on the nose of a rifle or shotgun. So when you have the perfect line, you will have the front center of the rim, the inside edge of your shooting wrist, and your eyes forming a perfectly straight line like the barrel of a long rifle.

Frank Andrews gave a good closing statement to all of the above symbolism when he said, “Mindfulness is the practice of directing your attention, moment by moment, in the direction of your purpose. It’s called mindfulness because you have to keep your purpose in focus.” mind”. mind while observing your attention. Then, whenever you notice your target has drifted, you calmly realign it.” Absolutely perfect.

Copyright 2009, Ed Palubinskas. All rights reserved.

Latest trends in home renovation

Whether you’re looking to do a minor kitchen/bathroom remodel or even an extensive home renovation, here’s what you need to know about the latest home renovation trends.

Transitional Kitchen

Combining a functional kitchen area with a dining room or living room is something that is in fashion right now. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal, an open link between the kitchen and the living room will make the cooking process more fun as you will never feel isolated from your family. While it’s a good idea to tear down kitchen walls, make sure you don’t ignore the importance of adding smart storage options and attractive flooring and backsplashes.

Mash-ups of Finishes and Colors

This primarily indicates a mix and match of functional and artistic materials for cabinets, countertops, and flooring. The same applies to colors as well. For example, neutral colors are now combined with bright patterns to create eye-pleasing décor and design. Although classic white is an all-time favorite, shades of gray and brown are also becoming favorite color choices for many home remodeling projects.

spa-like bathrooms

A contemporary bathroom feels more like a spa, with separate or frameless tubs, upgraded stand-alone showers with multiple heads, and safety grab handles. The use of eye-catching metal fixtures with amazing finishes, heated flooring, LED lighting and high-quality faucets will complete the look.

Functional outdoor spaces

Most homeowners now realize the potential of having a well-maintained outdoor living room complemented by a beautiful garden and great features like stone fire pits. In addition to increasing the resale value and improving the appearance of the house, it can also become an amazing gathering space with your family and friends.

Concept Reinforcement: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

People now largely prefer to build or renovate their homes using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances, thanks to increased awareness of the importance of sustainable living. There are companies that sell reclaimed wood and other building materials that they claim are attractive and durable. Alternatively, you can also choose to recycle materials to use them in a more creative way than to remove or replace them entirely.

What you need to know about rat infestations

Rat infestations are more common than you think. While many of us associate rat problems with big cities like New York, rats can be found almost anywhere, even in the countryside and suburbs. In addition to being an unwanted presence, rats can damage your home and spread diseases such as rat bite fever, salmonellosis, fleas, and other pathogens or parasites. And, if you’re not well versed in the common signs and prevention methods, it can seem like the infestation appears out of nowhere and escalates almost overnight.

Scared yet? don’t be Our experienced pest control team at Black Diamond can handle any type of infestation. Read on to find out everything you need to know about dealing with rats effectively.

Are all rats the same type?

Most of the rats that exist in the wild in the US are of two types: the roof rat or the Norway rat. Interestingly, these two species do not get along and have been known to fight to the death. Norway rats tend to be larger than roof rats and often dig burrows. If they are in buildings, they are usually found in foundations and first floor areas. Roof rats are most often found nesting in higher places, including dense thickets, trees and bushes, or attics and spaces along the roof of a house. Roof rats have dark fur and lighter bellies, while Norway rats are more of a brown/gray color. Both types of rats are found in people’s homes, and both can be very destructive.

Typical rat behavior

All rats are nocturnal; they tend to sleep during the day and come out at night. Although their vision is poor, they have excellent hearing and smell. Although rats do make sounds, their noises usually have a pitch that humans cannot detect. If you’re going to hear a rat, it’s more likely to be the sound of gnawing, chewing, or scrambling for food and nest building. While rats are often fearful of people, they are known to be much more aggressive than mice. They tend to be very fast when moving and are great at jumping, climbing walls, and swimming.

What about the rats?

In warmer months, rats and other rodents often live outdoors in woodpiles, brush, garbage cans, and tall grass. When it starts to get cold, they seek shelter in warm, dry spaces, like your home. In fact, the insulation between walls or the dusty cardboard boxes in your basement are a haven for rats.

What turns a rat situation into a full-blown infestation is the presence of food. Just finding crumbs, spilled oils, or loose cereals can be more than enough to jump-start generations of a rat family. Female rats can have more than 7 litters in a year, each producing 6 to 20 pups. In addition, the rats reach maturity in a month, which allows them to continue and form their own families. In short: rat populations can grow very quickly.

signs of infestation

One of the main indicators of a rat infestation is the presence of a nest. Rats chew through almost anything to build a nest, including newspaper, clothing, drywall, even electrical wiring, and soft concrete. If you notice bite marks, holes, and other subtle damage to items in your home that might suggest rats, pay attention.

Other signs of rat presence are droppings, dark, oily stains on surfaces, and urine. Look for droppings in food containers, cabinets, and behind appliances. Rat droppings are typically about 0.75 inches long or three times as large as mouse droppings. Urine may be more difficult to see, but you can often smell a strange, unpleasant odor.

Prevention of infestation

The best way to reduce the chance of a rat infestation is to prepare both your home and backyard.

Outside, you should clean up potential food and water sources such as bird seed, overgrown fruit/berry bushes, compost bins, birdbaths, and standing water. Also consider removing potential nesting spaces, such as leaf piles, hay, and mulch. The more you maintain your garden, the better. There are also rodent-proof construction measures you can take, such as sealing gaps and holes as well as windows, doors, fireplaces, basements, crawlspaces, etc.

Inside, you can take action by plugging any poorly ventilated spaces between walls and floors with steel wool. Also, proper cleaning of your kitchen is key. Seal food in thick plastic or metal containers, clean up crumbs, store pet food, and properly seal the dumpster.

How to deal with infestations

Oh rats! You have an infestation! Fortunately, our pest control professionals at Black Diamond can safely and effectively eliminate any rat problem. As one of the largest pest control companies in the Kentuckiana region, we pride ourselves on providing responsive, personalized, and efficient service. Don’t wait, call us at 877-DEAD-BUG for help today!

Website Targeted Traffic: How You Can Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Website

The lifeblood of your website (or marketing efforts) is targeted traffic to your product. When you write blog posts, articles for publication in electronic magazines and electronic reports, you can also place them on your website and in other places on the web, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. In this way, you are putting breadcrumbs on the Internet, a path to your site/product.

By locating online publications that are already targeting your target customers and putting up your guest posts, articles or free reports with them, you are mining a well of prospects who are already leaning in your direction.

That way, you’ll find your prospect market stream and tap into a stream of prospects who are already there, rather than using a scattershot approach to find those who are already interested in what you have to offer.

When using article writing for targeted traffic, you’ll want to try to write a minimum of 2 articles per week, at least 300-600 words in length, but if you could squeeze in 4 or 5 articles per week consistently, you’d end up with 208+ to 260 articles of fresh information in just one year.

And if you put those articles on, say, just 3 three sites like e-zine sites, a Facebook page, or LinkedIn, in a year you’ll have your presence in over 700 locations on the Internet.

By writing consistently every week and keeping your articles going, you can generate up to 100 targeted readers for your site in a day. Perhaps more so if you provide information that is really valuable to your potential customer.

Other sources of targeted traffic you’d like to include in your marketing arsenal:

interest (where you create ‘pins’ that link to your site or affiliate product),

search engine optimization (that you will make part of any written articles, web pages, blog posts, etc. so that people looking for your content will find it),

Facebook (putting “like” and “share” buttons on your site, linking posts on your Facebook page to your site, Facebook ads, etc.)

Twitter (a micro blog platform that allows 140 characters, you can put a twitter button on your site to get twitter traffic)

your own blog (having your blog is one of the best ways to get consistent web traffic, plus you can put your articles on your blog as posts as well as on your facebook page and ezine sites)

marketing forums (get involved in forums related to your niche, google “your niche” forum – “weight loss forum” or “golf forum” for example and get involved by answering questions, there are other considerations like making sure they allow your link in your profile for them, but we’ll get into more at a later time.

These are just a few of the many sources of traffic for your website/affiliate marketing that are also covered at

Keep in mind that statistically you should expect only 1 in 100 people to buy your product or service. If with your email sequences and writing guest blog posts and articles, Pinterest and Facebook efforts, etc., you can generate, say, 1,000 targeted visitors to your website per day, you could expect to make more than 10 sales per day. And all with traffic that costs you just a few hours a week.

Importance of website in schools

The Internet has become one of the largest communication platforms. It is the most effective technology available today. Creating a school website can be extremely beneficial if done the right way. It can be time consuming and include a lot of effort to develop a website for the school, but it is very advantageous for the school community. The school website gives information about the school and also a clear idea of ​​what they are good at. School websites will provide up-to-date information and help you connect between schools, your communities, and the world as a whole.

Opportunities provided by a school website:

  • Parents become more aware of how schools work and feel involved as well. Through the websites, the parents can easily get informed about the upcoming events like activities, exams and also tips that could help the kids. Therefore, the websites play a vital role in removing the barrier between the parents and the school.
  • With the help of websites, teachers can share their views and ideas with the rest of the faculty and with parents.
  • The website makes it easier for parents to give the school and teachers valuable feedback.
  • Parents have the opportunity to become familiar with the educational system of their children.
  • The website provides a platform for the school to network and connect with businesses, families, and other schools. Especially for families who move very often, these websites become excellent sources for them.

Some elements needed for a school website:

  • School background and other information such as history and personnel.
  • Basic contact details should always be mentioned on the website, such as address, phone number, etc.
  • The website should contain all day-to-day information or announcements such as upcoming inter- and intra-school events, parent-teacher conferences on vacation, etc.
  • School websites should also take advantage of blogs and forums to provide an opportunity for interaction.
  • Teaching materials, teaching aids, journals, lesson plan, and other necessary educational resources must be provided.
  • Photographs and reports about the school, the classroom, school excursions, etc. Must be put. Also suggestions to give to parents, helping them to help their children at home.

Creating your own websites is the same as being a publisher, but a website is always convenient for both students and educators. Here you make your own website without being criticized and it also saves you time. Students should be encouraged to create the school website as they are more tech savvy than adults. Thus it becomes a learning experience for them, making them more versatile in what they do and create.

Often times, people tend to view the school’s website as a substitute for all face-to-face interactions. It is a very mistaken notion that they have. The website should be perceived as an additional resource that schools provide to the world.

The benefits of using a car phone charger

Everyone constantly talks on their cell phones every day and they consume a lot of battery, sometimes they run out of power before the day is over. There are so many devices and things that we need to worry about these days that we can sometimes forget to charge our phones, possibly our most important device that we carry with us on a regular basis. A great way to ensure your phone is always charged is to have multiple chargers, including one in your car, possibly one at the office, and especially one at home.

People who drive regularly spend a lot of time in their car going to and from work. This is the perfect time to be able to charge your phone and make sure the battery doesn’t run out over the course of the day. Even if you tend to talk on the phone while driving, you can still charge your phone with a car charger.

A car charger is usually compact, doesn’t take up too much space, and will save you a lot of headaches from forgetting to charge your phone at home or at work. Once you start using it regularly, it will become a habit for you to plug in your phone every time you are in your car.

There are different types of car chargers to choose from depending on the type of phone you have. If you have an iPhone or Blackberry, you may want to invest in a USB car charger or compatible charger. There are even more sophisticated ones that will provide you with a speaker phone system while charging your device. Find the capabilities that are right for you and you can’t go wrong. You will never have to worry about your phone turning off again.

Effective Strategies for Your Muscle-Building Diet and Training

What muscle building diet helps in the bodybuilding machine that is your body? Yes, your body is like a machine that constantly reinvents itself. Every minute that passes during your daily activity, your body breaks down your tissues and then replaces them with new tissues. This mechanism is fueled by the combination of the foods you eat. What happens when you’re building muscle? Your muscle building workouts actually result in muscle breakdown and muscle build up. His exercises make this process faster than it would be under normal circumstances. When you’re building muscle, a protein absorption mechanism takes place. What makes it more effective for building muscle is when you end up with more muscle than you started with. How do you make your muscle building training and diet effective?

For starters, you need to consider your muscle building diet. Eat more protein than you normally do. Protein, as an anabolic component, would like to be stored in your muscles. Combine your muscle-building diet with a complementary exercise routine to build muscle. Your exercises should be able to stress your muscles so that they get stronger and bigger. Therefore, the powerful combination of effective muscle building is a high quality protein super diet coupled with a massive strength training exercise routine. This process is what you are looking for when looking for the oldest and best non-pharmaceutical technique for building muscle.

How much protein should you eat to build muscle?

During the first 20 days of strength training, muscle size increases by 0.2% each day. This figure is above the normal rate of growth of muscle mass. If you’re just starting out on your program, you’re basically going to need a higher amount of protein in your diet than a muscle builder who’s been training for years. As a beginner, you need to be more concerned with getting more protein in your muscle building diet.

How much protein do you need exactly? That’s 0.73 grams per pound of your body weight in a day. So if you weigh 180 pounds, your protein needs amount to 130 grams per day.

How often do you need to eat protein?

Protein synthesis, the process of taking protein from food and turning it into muscle, takes place when your body has consumed 20 to 25 grams of high-quality protein. The more protein you eat, the better protein synthesis works. You need to supply more protein in your muscle building diet. Four hours after your workout, protein synthesis peaks. In this case, you should eat protein immediately before and after your strength training.

Protein supplements also make a difference. Taking protein supplements makes you gain an additional 2 pounds of muscle in a 12-week period. In fact, experienced muscle builders take protein supplements before and after training to achieve maximum results from strength training. Eat a high-protein meal 2-3 hours before training and another of the same meal 1-2 hours after you exercise.

Build stronger, bigger muscles faster by combining effective techniques in strength training and your muscle building diet.

Divorce in Rhode Island – “Do’s and Don’ts After Divorce” – Family Law and Child Support by a Rhode Island Attorney

(For your convenience, I have prepared this list of “Do’s and Don’ts after Divorce” that apply to Rhode Island divorces. Some may apply to you and many will not. Please please take a few minutes to read this. If you have any questions about this article or need legal help, contact a Rhode Island divorce attorney) Artilce by David Slepkow 401-437-1100


Keep accurate records of child support, alimony, or other estate settlement payments. In the event there is a dispute as to whether or not you have made payments, accurate records are important as proof of payment.

If you have an estate settlement agreement in your case, any changes to the estate settlement agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

In the event that you do not have an estate settlement agreement and there is only one final judgment in your case, changes can only be made by applying to the court for a modification of the final judgment based on a material change in circumstances.

If your children’s visitation is in dispute, keep accurate records of your visits that document dates, times, activities, and/or confrontations with your ex-spouse.

If your ex-spouse receives welfare (afdc benefits), then don’t make direct payments to them! You must make payment to the State of Rhode Island. In the event that your ex-spouse receives welfare and you make payments directly to him/her, these payments will be considered a gift. The State of Rhode Island (RI) will continue to pursue you for child support payments, even though you made the payments directly to your ex-spouse. This means that you will have to make double child support payments.

Do not modify the property liquidation contract by verbal agreement. ALL changes to a property settlement agreement must be in writing, signed by both parties.

Do not make cash payments of alimony or child support without a receipt signed by your former spouse.

If you make payments directly to your child or buy something for your child, these payments will be considered gifts to your child and will not be credited toward child support. Therefore, if you want these types of payments to be considered child support, they must be given directly to your spouse as child support.

If there is a restraining order or no contact order in your case, do not contact your ex-spouse without having the restraining order dismissed. Even if your ex-spouse initiates communication or invites you, he could still be arrested for violating the restraining order. Any type of communication is a violation of the restraining order, including emails, letters, faxes, or voicemail messages. Do not trust your ex-spouse’s insistence that a restraining order has been dismissed. You must verify with the Clerk of the Rhode Island Family Court that the restraining order has been dismissed.

Important information

If your circumstances change, consider filing a motion to modify child support right away. This only applies if the alimony is modifiable. If there is an estate settlement agreement that is incorporated into the final judgment that states that child support is non-modifiable, then child support is non-modifiable. If there is no property agreement in your case and alimony, then alimony is probably modifiable upon a substantial change in circumstances. A substantial change in circumstances could be a loss of income, loss of a job or disability, etc.

A. Child Support

Child support does not automatically end when your child turns eighteen (18) years of age. Child support will automatically accrue unless a Motion to Terminate Child Support is filed.

If you are the physically placing parent of your child or children and your income significantly decreases or your former spouse’s income significantly increases, then you should contact an attorney to file a Motion to Increase Child Support Payments.

If you are the non-physically-placed parent of your child and your income significantly decreases or your former spouse’s income significantly increases, then you should contact an attorney to file a Motion to Reduce your child support obligation. If you are unable to pay child support due to a change in circumstances, you must file a motion to modify child support immediately; otherwise, you may be subject to contempt proceedings for failure to pay child support.

Introduction to hot stone massage therapy

Hot stone massage with the use of water-heated stones to warm and massage your body has become increasingly popular in recent years. This use of hot water to treat the body, called thermal hydrotherapy, deeply relaxes muscles and relieves stress.

Most massage therapists use basalt stones because they are non-porous, smooth, and retain heat longer than other types of stones. These beautiful stones come in various sizes. The massage therapist places larger placement stones on one location on the body for an extended time, while using smaller tool stones to perform specific massage movements.

Stroking is generally slow and gentle, in a way that many people find soothing, comforting, and reassuring. Some massage therapists use hot stones for energy work by placing them along the body’s meridians (energy lines) or at the chakras (energy points). Placing the stones on these key points can stimulate the movement of energy known as qi or chi and help release the effects of stress and facilitate healing.

Other potential benefits of hot stone massage include the release of toxins, pain relief, and improved circulation. The combined healing properties of massage and heat attract many clients who have a hot stone massage once again.

using the stones

To heat the stones, the masseur uses a professionally designed heater with a thermometer to check the temperature of the water. The water temperature is generally between 110 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Because each person has a different sensitivity to heat, it is important for the therapist to ensure that the temperature of the stones is suitable for you. Always let your therapist know if the stones feel too hot.

When using placement stones, the therapist will place a barrier, such as a flannel sheet or terry cloth towel, between them and your skin to prevent the risk of a burn.

To maintain and clean the stones, therapists use different techniques. Some wash the stones and change the water after each client. Others use a spa oxidizer that breaks down bacteria in the hot water, keeping the stones sanitized all day. Then, at the end of the day, the therapist empties the heating unit and washes and sanitizes all the equipment.

Cold Stone Massage and Contrast Therapy

In addition to hot stones, some massage therapists use cold stones. These marble stones are cut by hand for use in cold stone therapy, which is especially helpful for injuries and inflammation. Cold stones can also invigorate the body or have a cooling effect on hot days or for hot flashes.

Another option is the alternation of hot and cold stones, a technique called contrast therapy. Contrast therapy harnesses the benefits of both heat and cold. The contrasting temperatures expand and contract the blood vessels, stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Precautions and contraindications

To ensure that hot stone massage is safe for you, always tell your massage therapist about all your medical conditions and anything else that affects your body. If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or are under the care of a health care provider for a serious medical condition, consult your provider before receiving a hot stone massage.

Heat can make some skin conditions worse, including eczema, rashes, and psoriasis. Avoid heat if you are taking medications that cause skin hypersensitivity (such as antibiotics or Accutane for acne). Watch out for any areas that are numb. Avoid heat on varicose veins, open wounds, infected skin conditions, or inflammation.

In general, avoid cold stones if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, circulatory problems, reduced sensation, or nerve damage. Also, avoid cold stones in the abdomen if you have abdominal discomfort (discomfort, pain, bloating, gas, cramps, constipation, or diarrhea). However, hot stones moved in a clockwise circular motion can help relieve these symptoms.

Enjoy your massage!

Now that you know the benefits of hot stone massage and understand when it’s safe to get one, call your local masseuse and enjoy the relaxing and healing effects of the penetrating heat of a hot stone massage.

Cleaning Cat Urine Off Your Floor: The 3 Best Cat Urine Removers

Our cats may be the most adorable creatures in the world, but cat urine cleaning soil remains an important task. Not only do you need to remove the cat’s urine, you also need to remove the odor. Otherwise, your cats will smell the remains of the urine and will urinate there again. To effectively remove cat urine odor, you need to remove bacteria, which are the main cause of the odor.

One of the best cat urine removers is Natures Miracle. This is an enzyme cleaner; you can buy it at places like Target, WalMart, or Petsmart. It is a concentrated liquid and comes in a white bottle with a red cap. The instructions on the bottle are pretty easy to follow. It not only cleans cat urine from your floors, but can even remove it from carpets and fabrics. This stuff can be a bit expensive, so you may want to get a black light to use with it. Shine the black light in the dark and it will make cat urine stains glow yellow or green. You can then use Natures Miracle in those places, without washing the entire floor or carpet.

Any commercial enzyme cleaner will probably work as a cat urine remover, it doesn’t have to be Natures Miracle. The only thing is that enzyme cleaners can be a bit finicky. Not all work on all types of stains. You want to make sure you get a brand that works for cat urine disposal. So the best place to buy some is probably your local pet store. Look where they sell cat litter. Better yet, ask the sales staff where they keep the enzyme cleaners to clean up cat urine.

Another good way to clean up cat urine and its odor is to use a steam cleaner. Friends have had good results with the Polti Vaporetto which uses steam to disinfect and remove dirt. This steam is also very effective at killing bacteria in cat urine and works on both floors and carpets. However, the Polti is expensive. Something cheaper like the Light and Easy Steam Mop works almost as well, for a fraction of the price.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can soak the spot where your cat peed with strong disinfectants like Dettol or Listerine. You may need to repeat this a few times to remove all of the odor. Pouring boiling water over the spot can also work, just be careful. Some types of bleach can kill bacteria and should work too. But you want to check the ingredients list before you use it. Make sure it doesn’t contain ammonia, otherwise it will entice your cats to urinate there again.

So, here are the three best ways to clean cat urine off your floor:

1) enzymatic cleaners like Natures Miracle;

2) Steam cleaners;

3) Any strong disinfectant (like the one used in hospitals).