The healing power of dew: beliefs and practices from ancient times to today

The magical creation of dew on vegetation has long been the subject of research and special consideration. In some areas of water scarcity, the use of spray to heal, nourish and sanitize can be a lifesaver.

Paracelsus believed that the dew on vegetation possessed the healing energy of plants and the various planets in the sky. Others believe that the dew on the grass can act as a conductor to help transmit the healing energies of our magnetic earth and the universe. The famous Bach flower remedies, for example, are based on the principle that dew captures the essence of various flowers. Of course, the flowers themselves are believed to contain considerable amounts of energy, as it is the flower that provides the wellspring for fertilization and creation.

If we were to perceive the presence of dew as tiny sparkling drops of liquid crystals, our minds could understand how each drop captures the energy of the universe and the energies of our living world. If one thinks about it, a dew drop can be seen as a hologram of our universe.

A common technique for healing the body with dew is to kneel and rub the open fingers and palms of the hands on the dew-laden vegetation. Once this is done, the cool virgin moisture is gently applied over and over again to whatever part of our body needs healing: a scar from an injury or operation, a swollen or injured joint or bone, our physically or emotionally injured heart, our face etc.

Using mist to moisturize the face is believed to help maintain a youthful appearance while energizing and refreshing the body’s five senses. The sense of sight, for example, can be stimulated by repeatedly applying mist to closed eyelids.

Another method of touching our bodies with dew is to lie partially or completely naked on soft, dewy grass and roll around. This is especially cosmic when done under one’s celestial birth sign or when the Moonlight is smiling or in full bloom. Rolling in the grass or moisturizing your face, you can feel the essence of the scent of the vegetation being carried into your nostrils as the dew is transformed into water vapor by your body heat. In this way, we can enjoy a form of cosmic aromatherapy, since we are also inhaling the essence that was captured by the dew that formed on the vegetation.

Walking barefoot in the cool dew is also highly recommended as it is easy to do and offers many health benefits. The special properties of the dew are believed to be absorbed transdermally through our skin. Developing the concept of walking through dew is the Swiss Dr. Alfred Vogel, who is known worldwide as “the Doctor of Nature”. Dr. Vogel has been researching, writing, and practicing herbal medicine for over sixty-five years. His 1952 book The Nature Doctor has been translated into more than fifteen languages ​​and has sold more than 2 million copies. In the revised edition published in 1991, Dr. Vogel gives this advice on the healing values ​​of dew:

If you go for a walk early in the morning on the dewy grass, you will soon notice that walking barefoot makes you feel really good, generating new strength when you have been feeling tired and exhausted. It’s like recharging the batteries, so to speak, recharging spent nerves with energy. It seems as if Mother Earth is emitting energy that enhances glandular functions. That is why it seems a bit strange to me that, although we are tired and exhausted, we do not take full advantage of this simple regenerative treatment, which is capable of stimulating our endocrine glands so that they increase their activity… Be careful, however, walking only for natural terrain, because the more virgin the terrain, the greater the benefit derived from its magnetic field. Never think that walking barefoot on asphalt, concrete, or any other artificial surface will do the same good. No, it is better to wear your shoes on this type of surface, because you will not stand to win anything with it, quite the opposite.

The Nature Doctor is a wonderful book, and the world is very fortunate to have Dr. Vogel as a resource for alternative healing.

Beyond the use of dew for healing, there is also the joy of running and jumping completely naked through thick fog or during rain, sleet, or snow. As we do so, we may be inspired to use our hands to massage virgin water into our skin and hair, or beat our chest like a gorilla in the wild.

Along with the playful joy of experiencing various waters of the sky and our Earth, we may also have the urge to make sounds by singing, shouting, whistling, or humming. Perhaps this need to make sounds while playing with water helps us to remember our childhood, or how closely related we are to other forms of life.

As a final thought on dew, I offer these lines from Thoughts to the Discouraged Farmer by James Whitcomb Riley:

Because the world is full of roses, and roses full of dew,

And the dew is full of heavenly love that drips iron for me and you.

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