Should I buy coins that used the ANACS coin classification?

These are the raw data on the Anaks coin classification

Anacs is the oldest of all the coin sorting companies. It was started by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in 1972. The ANA recognized that something needed to be done about all the counterfeit and altered coins floating around. FYI: PCGS began serving the public in 1986 and NGC was formed in 1987.

Anaks did something that the others did not want to do

When coin grading companies were first formed, they all only graded older coins. Anacs was the first of the coin grading companies to begin grading modern issue coins. Pcgs and Ngc scoffed at this move and both declared that they would never grade modern issue coins. When the public started buying millions and millions of dollars worth of modern issue coins, to start or complete less expensive and more affordable games, Pcgs and Ngc quickly changed their tune.

Why is Anaks coin grading analyzed?

If you talk to a coin dealer, a small percentage of them will tell you that they don’t like the Anak coin grading. Why is that? Well, it all has to do with HSN, the Home shopping network.

Mike Mezack, Master Presenter and Salesperson

Mike Mezack is the number one coin dealer in the world. With career sales of over $1 billion, he has dominated the numismatic coin industry for 20 years. This created a difficult relationship with dealers, but a wonderful relationship with collectors. Coin dealers watched Mike sell at home shopping and realized that people who could shop at his stores were now shopping from the comfort of their home. This achievement did not make Mike best friends with him. Last year, in a very tough economy, Mike Mezack worked 8 hours a month at HSN and sold over $125 million in collectible coins. Most of the coins that Mike sells have gone through the Anak coin grading. This caused some dealers to associate Anacs with Mike and lost sales. Even though Anacs had a member of the ANA board of directors, distributors responded by saying that Anacs was not as good as PCGS and NGC.

Well, which of the coin grading companies is the right choice?

Actually, all three. Why? Because they call they carry exactly the same guarantee. If you receive an Anacs, Pcgs or NGC MS70 coin they come with a guarantee that it is a perfect coin and if you determine it is not and it was graded perfectly by mistake you return it and get your money back or receive a new corner. This is exactly the same policy for all three companies.

What do I buy?

I buy all three, actually I only buy gold and silver numismatic coins as I love the idea of ​​having both numismatic and metal price in my collection. I only buy from the big three coin grading companies and suggest you do the same.

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