Why modern children are so sick

During the last 20 years, there have been numerous medical publications on various chronic diseases present in very young children. We had clinical cases of babies, 4 to 8 months old, who had severe asthma and were given cortisol. Other publications revealed that children between the ages of 2 and 4 developed cancer, malignant forms of heart disease and other chronic conditions with a very low life expectancy. Such cases were not known to medical science 30-50 years ago.

To understand the reasons for this epidemic of pediatric diseases, we must realize that all chronic conditions have one characteristic in common: low oxygenation of the body. It is always present in cancer, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and many other disorders. To measure the child’s oxygenation, you can gently touch the child’s nose and observe how long it would take for him to open his mouth to breathe. Typical breath-holding time for young children (up to 5-7 years) is around 5 seconds. These children usually breathe through their mouths and this is another definite factor of poor health.

Healthy children can easily hold their breath for up to 40-60 seconds. They can have long dives under water and this is another indicator of poor oxygenation of the body. Low oxygenation of the body occurs due to chronic over-breathing. Normally, the breathing of sick children is audible and visible.

Dr. Buteyko, a leading Soviet physiologist, trained some 200 medical professionals on how to apply respiratory retraining therapy to increase tissue oxygenation and treat chronic conditions. These doctors revealed that chronic diseases disappeared quickly when the oxygenation of the body is about 40-60 seconds. Many of his doctors were pediatricians. They found that the following factors cause health problems in modern children;

1) Women hyperventilate during pregnancy without realizing it and this is as dangerous for the health of the fetus as smoking or drinking alcohol.
2) Many hospitals no longer use diapers. If a child is not wrapped until such time as he can exercise, then this child develops excessive breathing.
3) Mouth breathing, as mentioned above, is another factor.
4) As noted by Dr. Lapa, who was practicing the Buteyko breathing method in Russia for children:

“The most serious damaging factors leading to the uncontrollable growth of the depth of respiration are children’s overfeeding, overheating and lack of physical activity. The development of children largely depends on their environment. The younger they are , the greater the dependence. That is why they often copy the character, opinions, habits of their parents, including their attitude to health. A restriction. The best encouraging motivation for children is an example from parents, a competition with them. That means rehab must be a family business.”

Lapa NA, Some characteristics of the use of DVBM [the Buteyko method] for children, published conference proceedings, The Buteyko Method. Its application in medical practice, ed. by KP Buteyko, 2nd ed., 1991, Titul, Odessa.

The benefits of recessed ceiling fans

I was always under the impression that flush mount ceiling fans, or huggers, were better because they don’t have the “wobble” problem that traditional ones with a downrod have. “They’re mounted flush with the ceiling, so how could they wobble?” I thought. This, however, is not the case.

The real issue here is the quality of the ceiling fan. Some are built with lower quality sheet materials. In addition, it is important that all the blade supports have the exact degree of pitch, that is, the same angle. Another important factor is that the sheets must be sold in carefully weighed and balanced sets. All of these issues, if not correct, can cause your ceiling fan to wobble.

The real advantage of the flush mount fan comes into play when you have ceilings that are 8 feet high or less, because it is the distance between the fan and the floor that is important. To maximize efficiency, you don’t want the fan to be less than 7 feet from the floor. So if your ceilings are 8 feet or less and you add a down bar, the fan would be too close to the floor to take full advantage of it. In this case, the built-in fan is perfect!

The downside of the flush mount fan comes into play when you have ceilings higher than 8 feet. In this case, it is best to purchase a downrod fan, depending on the height of the ceiling. The following chart, found on the Garbe Industries Inc website, shows the length of downrod you should use based on the height of your ceilings:

9′ – 6″ downpipe

10′ – 12″ downpipe

12′-24″ rod

14′-36″ rod

16′-48″ downrod

18′ – 60″ downpipe

20′ – 72″ downpipe

However, if your ceilings are 8 feet or less, feel free to enjoy the various flush mount or hugger fans available. You will find that they are quite effective if used in this way.

Shockwave’s Soccer Mom – Free 3D Game Review

Soccer Mom is a free 3D game available on Shockwave.com and is currently one of the most popular online games available on their portal. You are put in the busy role of a busy soccer mom who has to run around town doing one task after another.

The cast of characters casts the player as the mom leading the baby, boy, girl, and dog. You are placed inside a visually stunning 3D city that has a lot of style and variety, but be careful because the city has traffic that you can run into if you are not careful, which will slow you down. Scattered throughout the city are certain places you need to go to and are guided by a colored arrow similar to Crazy Taxi. The controls are simple, using the arrow keys to accelerate, brake and turn. The X key will honk, which is just for fun.

There are always three active tasks in this game and you can complete them in any order you want. Be careful though, these are all timed errands so you need to complete them within the given time. Some errands reward you with extra points for having family members in the car (like Burger Bar) and some errands need to be completed just to get maximum points (Spa, Yoga, Hair Stylist). The objective is to reach the end of the day having reached a certain amount of points and each day it gets more difficult.

I’ve found that using the map is a must to help determine where to go next. The HUD design is very simple and well thought out. Throughout the city you will find collectibles that will increase your score or increase your timer. You can also pick up fun items that change the color of your 3D car, which helps add a nice variety to the game.

One minor complaint about this game is that it seems a bit difficult, which might make it less appealing to a younger audience. Also, you must always drive on the road or you will crash into the invisible collision wall. It would have been nice to have more freedom to drive and explore the interesting city more.

If you’re looking for an entertaining free 3D game that offers frantic multitasking and fun racing, look no further than Soccer Mom.

Artists – Do you need an art agent?

Most visual artists dream of having an agent to market their work, win collectors for them, and help them with all those tedious, non-artistic things like marketing and sales.

But the reality is that it is extremely difficult to find a good agent and one that you can work well with.


The agent-artist relationship works differently in each situation. Typically, the agent will agree to represent an artist in exchange for payment, either on a percentage basis or a monthly retainer.

A % payment ranges between 30% and 50%. In this case, the agent would be paid when the artworks are sold and paid for.

A monthly retainer agreement or stipend is where the agent would be paid a specific dollar amount each month. Some agents charge $1,500 per month, others charge $2,500 per month. The downside to this arrangement is that they get paid regardless of what is sold.


The reason it’s hard to find a good agent and then make it work is that if you pay someone on a percentage basis, the agent ends up putting in a lot of unpaid hours. Over time, the agent will run out of steam and you will lose faith.

Most artists can’t afford to pay an agent a monthly retainer, so such an arrangement is very rare.


The best agents are well connected, so they spend less time connecting you with buyers and deals. But, to get one of the best agents to work with you, he will have to be a proven salesman or the next best emerging artist in your eyes.


Consultants: You can hire consultants based on your needs. I have often hired consultants to help me solve a problem with which I have little experience. They charge by the hour and are a great resource.

Representing yourself: Representing yourself is the most common way to do it. It is preferable, in my opinion. You will have more control over what happens to your art, your brand and your connections. You will also be able to keep all of your winnings. The downside is that you will have to work harder. But many artists do very well at representing themselves.

To do the best job of representing yourself, take the time to educate yourself on marketing, sales, and promotions. Read books for artists; there are many good ones out there. Take classes, online and live. Use the experience of consultants.

And remember, you are not in a race. Take your time and you will get where you want to go.

Best Cheap Blow Job Toys

Blow Job Toys

If you are on a budget, you can buy blowjob simulators. These blowjob toys can be cheap, disposable, or reusable. They vary in size depending on portability and ease of use. Some are large enough to cover the whole penis, while others are tiny enough to fit your entire penis. Full-size blowjob simulators can be ten or eleven inches long.


One of the best cheap blowjob simulators available is the LoveHoney head Master Double Penis Stroker, which costs less than $12. It performs amazingly well, but isn’t equivalent to an elite blowjob machine. A blowjob simulator will give you a feel for how a real blowjob machine works before you buy one. You can adjust the speed to match the level of stimulation you’d like.

If you’re not into the lubrication, you can also opt for a robotic blowjob. This option will give you the sensation of a wet, tight BJ. Some of these blowjob robots come with removable inserts, so you can customize the size of the mouth opening to suit your preferences. The best part of these blowjob robots is that they are cheap and can be recharged easily.

Best Cheap Blow Job Toys

A vibrating male suck toy costs less than $50. It features intelligent self-heating technology to simulate the sensation of a woman’s mouth and uses pump breathing technology to mimic the blowjob motion. Its vibrations are loud and surprisingly realistic, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple blowjob toy. There are many other models available, but this one is the most popular.

There are many options available for blowjob robots. Thrust Pro Ultra Morgan, for example, is a robotic blowjob robot that has five-inch soft canals. Another blowjob robot that simulates the mouth and vagina is the F1S Developer’s Kit. This blowjob robot is small enough to fit in one hand and is highly adjustable. Besides being realistic, the robot also features seven vibration patterns to enhance the blowjob experience.

For a less expensive blowjob toy, you can opt for a cheap Tenga. This cocksucking masturbator has a tapered middle, so it is easy to hold and has a realistic suction sensation. It costs only $69.00 at LoveHoney, and you can get a second one for 20% off. You can also buy a cheaper version of this cocksucking toy when you buy another Fleshlight.

If you want to treat your child to the best blowjob experience, you should buy a branded blowjob simulator. Some blowjob simulators are very expensive and have unrealistic features. You should consider getting a cheap version if your child is just starting out. The cheaper versions are usually available for around $25. A male masturbator is a popular choice amongst adults and children.

Another blowjob simulator is the AutoBlow 2. It was the product of a successful Indiegogo campaign. The AutoBlow 2 features an updated penis gripper and an inner sleeve with gentle gripping beads. It also offers 50% more pressure than the original. It uses AC power for extended play and can accept several removable sleeves for different sensations. You’ll need to use water-based lubricant when using the AutoBlow 2.

Choosing the Right Planner for Someone with ADHD

Choosing the right planner for you and your lifestyle is very important, especially if you’re busy, overwhelmed by your to-do list, and/or have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD). This is true regardless of what profession you are in and how old you are. By third grade, even elementary school students need some sort of planner or way to keep track of assignments.

ADHD is important to people when it comes to using a planner and thus managing their time.

Your list may be too overwhelming, you may forget to look at your planner, or there may be other reasons. I am frequently asked to recommend the best schedule for someone with ADHD. The bad news is that there is no best planner. The good news is that I can still help you select the best planner, especially if you have ADHD.


If you’ve determined that you need a better scheduling system (or just need to start one!), I first recommend that you prioritize which features of the scheduler are important to you. The checklist at the end of this article will help you focus on your priorities and give you a template of what should be in your next planner.

To use the checklist, place a check mark next to each feature you would like to have in a planner and indicate an A, B, or C priority next to each feature you check.

• A = planner must have this

• B = it would be nice if the scheduler had this

• C = not so important to me

After selecting which features are important, take the list with you to the store or keep it by your side while you search online. This will help narrow down your search and end up with a planner that really works for you.

• If you currently use multiple schedulers, try consolidating them into one.

• After you buy your planner, commit to using it for at least a month.

• Keep it in a place where you will review it every day.

Select your planner

After you’ve chosen your features, it’s time to go shopping. A couple of sites to look into are www.FamiliesWithPurpose.com and www.DayRunner.com. If you’re interested in electronic planners, be sure to check out the free sites (eg, Google Calendar) in addition to all the devices available. If you have a smartphone, integrate it with available online tools if it will help you remember to use it every day. Once you’ve selected your planner, work with it for at least a month before evaluating its effectiveness. If it doesn’t work for you after trying a new planner for at least a month, you might want to consider something different. However, make a commitment to USE IT before you throw it away.

The right planner can make a world of difference in getting more things done and, more importantly, getting things done with the highest priority. Share your comments to let us know how the checklist works for you. Good luck with your planner search!

Planner Features Checklist

• _____ At-a-glance view of the month

• _____ Week view at a glance

• _____ The ability to see each day separately from all the others

• _____ Spiral bound so you don’t lose any pages and have the whole year in one product

• _____ Folder format so you can add and remove pages as needed

• _____ Zippered binder so you don’t lose any pages

• Electronic _____ without the need to print

• Electronic _____ with the ability to print a to-do list

• _____ Electronic with the ability to print an appointment schedule

• _____ Paper to write on when needed

• _____ List of tasks available for each day

• _____ To-do list for the entire month

• _____ To-do list for each week

• _____ Space to plan for multiple roles (ie employee, parent, spouse, business owner)

• _____ Calendar and To Do List integrated into a planner

• _____ Separate Calendar and To Do List

• _____ Small size for easy portability

• _____ Large size for easy writing and room for more items

• _____ Medium size as a compromise between small and large

• _____ Times for meetings and appointments all day

• _____ specific time slots included in the Calendar section

• _____ Pockets for other items like cell phone or wallet

• _____ wall calendar format

• _____ Notebook Size

• _____ Attached strap so it can be carried like a purse or briefcase

• _____ Price is not a problem

• _____ Budget = $______

• _____ Add your own features here: __________________________

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Nexus such an attractive phone?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is arguably Samsung’s most advanced smartphone, and that includes the popular Galaxy S2. Key features of this phone range from a 5-megapixel camera with HD video capture, a higher touchscreen resolution than the iPhone 4S, and the latest version of the Android operating system.

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at these features, so you can decide if this is the right smartphone for you.

As mentioned, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus works at 5 megapixels (2592x 1936 resolution), and although this may sound low for a new generation smartphone, it is worth mentioning that the quality of the results does not depend entirely on the pixel tell. This is further demonstrated by the fact that despite being only 5 megapixels, the camera can still capture 1080p (Full HD) video footage. The fact that there are only 5 megapixels simply means that battery life improves drastically compared to phones with higher pixel cameras.

The display is arguably the main feature of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This measures 4.65 inches and boasts a pixel resolution that amounts to a whopping 720x 1280 (316 pixels per inch). This makes it the ideal phone for multimedia use, such as gaming, web browsing, as well as viewing photos and watching videos. The screen’s resolution means that it’s much higher than the well-advertised “retina” display of Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which previously held the title for the highest screen resolution of any smartphone. Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen technology means the phone has high brightness and lower battery consumption than an LCD screen found on many other smartphones.

Operating system
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the official showcase phone for the latest version of the Android operating system, called Ice Cream Sandwich, which is version 4 of the popular platform owned by Google. This is the main rival, in terms of numbers, to the iOS platform that powers Apple devices. Android is the operating system of choice for many notable manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and LG among many others. It allows users to customize the phone to a high degree and also download applications from the Android Market.

In addition to the features described above, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus also boasts a large amount of internal storage (16 and 32 GB versions available), the fastest Internet connection available over a 3G connection, and a powerful 1.2GHz dual-core processor. .2 GHz, among other key features. features.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is already available from a number of UK networks, most of which currently offer the phone for free at selected rates.

Development of mobile applications and their impact on the educational sector

A 2014 study by Baylor University researchers found that college students spent an average of eight to 10 hours a day on their cell phones. Teenagers are no better, with 75 percent of them owning smartphones and 50 percent of them expressing an “addiction” to their phones. A 2012 study found that teens ages 14 to 17 send almost 100 text messages a day.

This just goes to show how tech-savvy the current generation of students is. They have an almost instinctive understanding of everything related to mobile devices, be it games or applications. So it makes sense that kids learn faster when taught digitally through apps rather than more traditional methods like print books and whiteboards. In fact, Open Colleges says that 81% of US teachers believe tablets improve classroom learning, while 86% believe tablets make learning more efficient. All this has given a new impetus to the development of mobile applications in the main technological centers, such as Florida and California. But the big question is, to what extent can mobile application development help the education sector? Take a look below.

Efficient learning made possible by mobile app development

New mobile apps that facilitate and enhance learning have made teaching fun. The use of mobile applications allows students to improve efficiency and accuracy due to the following factors:

Independent Learning: Thanks to mobile app development, the learning process is no longer limited to the confines of the classroom. Students can now gain knowledge and resolve their queries from the comfort of their home.

More options: The sheer variety of apps available to students on their tablets or smartphones is staggering.

Easy Access to Administrative Resources and Knowledge: Educational courses become visually enduring thanks to e-learning applications.

Increased Student Engagement: Some applications allow students to learn from an audiovisual medium, thus helping them to retain information for longer periods. When a person watches videos or listens to audio files, he begins to understand and retain a concept better than textbooks.

What does the creation of mobile applications for education involve?

Much more goes into app development than just technical knowledge. Money is at the top of the list. While development tools are usually free, things like licenses and associated servers incur significant charges. This is why some educational institutions prefer to do the work in-house; they hire mobile designers and developers to keep their apps up to date. Some institutions even outsource their work. There are apps that provide access to private information, such as grades. These applications need secure encryption. In fact, some institutions have started using single sign-on to ensure both privacy and data security.

One can prevent any mobile app development issues through proactive communication between the network security team and the developers. Some security teams even check the codes before launching applications. Once the app goes live, the biggest challenge for developers is keeping up with the rapidly evolving mobile market.

development mode

Some institutions have resorted to using an open source middleware framework to create applications for students and teachers. Architecturally, this framework seeks to create a kind of mobile web page template and then make it available to various models of smartphones. So it all comes down to cross-platform compatibility. This makes sense as most mobile apps take a browser-based approach to promoting their app.

It was only a matter of time before the education sector went digital and mobile apps served to speed up the process. It’s no surprise that mobile app development is in demand in Florida and other forward-thinking places. Using mobile apps makes teaching fun and learning easier for students.

The Spice Must Flow – Northern Spices in World of Warcraft

Northern spices are an interesting and strange topic. Adding them to your recipes can make items worth a fortune or worthless. Personally I think the most interesting thing is its supply and demand and how its value has changed since its introduction.

All the northern spices are a reward for cooking daily in Northrend and I think Blizzard was very clever in making it. Imagine if the only thing you could buy with daily cooking tokens were recipes. What would happen is that the first weeks the expansion came out, all the cooks in Northrend would have happily earned all their recipes and cooked some dishes. But then what? Cooks would only have been able to make a handful of dishes with their daily rations of spices (the spice from the reward bag and the spice bought with cooking tokens after that). This measly amount of daily spice would have resulted in all good enhancement foods being so rare that most people wouldn’t have bothered to consume them. Suppose you are expected to pay 50g for a +40 haste rating upgrade.

The smart thing for Blizzard to do was introduce the chef’s hat with the accompanying achievement and meta-achievement title, as well as a good amount of gold and reputation with the Kirin Tor for doing this on a daily basis. All of these added benefits mean it’s not just chefs doing it. Boring people do it for gold. People who want a discount on Kirin Tor items do so because of its reputation. People looking for achievement points do so for some of the cooking achievements. But best of all, who doesn’t want an awesome new hat? All these non-cooks doing this every day means that there is usually a very healthy supply of Northren spices at the auction house for enterprising people to turn a profit on.

To put a price on spices, I took the first 10 recipes on my cooking list that consist of a raw ingredient and northern spices, then found out what value we added by cooking them.

Worg Leg – Blackened Worg Steak / 0.59 – 0.72 / +0.13G
Moonglow Cuttlefish – Cuttlefish / 0.17 – 6.38 / +6.21G
Dragonfin Angelfish – Angelfish Fillet / 3.64 – 3.77 / 0.13G
Rhino Meat – Hearty Rhino / 1.72 – 3.43 / +1.71G
Imperial Manta Ray – Manta Steak / 1.56 – 2.96 / +1.40G
Mammoth Chunk(2) – Mega Mammoth Food / 4.37 – 4.03 / – +0.34G
Rhino meat(2) – Mighty Rhino dogs / 3.43 – 3.72 / +0.29G
Bonescale Snapper(3) – Extreme Snapper / 1.69 – 1.77 / +0.08G
Chunk O’ Mammoth – Spiced Mammoth Treats / 2.18G – 3.60 / +1.42G
Worm Meat(2) – Spiced Worm Burger / 0.57 – 1.02 / +0.45G

As you can see, there is a wide range of reactions to adding northern spices to things. Since we’re all shrewd players making gold, we’re going to ignore all the recipes that lose value and focus on the ones that generate decent returns:

Cuttlefish Fillet = 6.21G
Abundant Rhino = 1.71G
Imperial Manta Steak = 1.40G
Spiced Mammoth Treats = 1.42G

This averages out the spices adding 2.68G to each recipe. Obviously these prices will vary from server to server, however the recipes that make profits and those that don’t should remain fairly constant.

So how do we make gold with this information? The simple answer is to simply put northern spices on your waiting list. It’s on my list for 35 silver, however I’m sure you can make a profit at 1G+ prices as long as you have a very busy server with lots of invaders and hobby food demand. Once your snatch list comes up with plenty of cheap spices, buy them and take a look at the raw materials needed to make the above recipes. There are all 4 recipes listed above, however that was just looking at 10 originally, I’m sure there are many more to be found if you sit for an hour and go through them all. Cook all your ingredients and put them back in AH. Benefit easily without having to leave your city!

Internet Security Software Guide: How Can You Choose The Right Cyber ​​Protection For Your Needs?

One cannot be complacent about security these days. There are always hackers and thieves who try their best to steal the money, personal information, photos, identities, etc. of people. Much of today’s cyberthreats involve fraud at some level. If you don’t already have reliable internet security software, it’s time to get it. If you have one, make sure it’s up to date or choose another one. There should always be a security suite running on your computer and mobile devices at all times.

A normal antivirus program is not enough these days as cybercriminals are continually looking for new ways to bypass security. The good thing about many security packages is that their price usually includes protection for multiple devices, as well as parental control tools. This means that you can protect not only yourself but also your children from cybercriminals and predators.

On the other hand, you may not need all the tools and features that Internet security software offers. Too many processes could cause your computer or device to clog up. Carefully review a list of the features that are included in each subscription plan and decide which plan will be enough for you. Do you really need everything? For example, not everyone needs additional webcam protection. You can simply cover yours when not in use. If you don’t visit social networking sites as much, you may not need additional protection. A Wi-Fi Security Advisor is good for businesses, but do you need one for your home network?

Why not opt ​​for free internet security software?

Freeware is not the best option because it tends to come with strings attached, like ads all over the interface. You will often get pop-up notifications trying to get you to pay for the full version. The interface of a premium security software suite is usually cleaner and easier to use.

If you want to protect multiple devices and PCs, it’s important to select a company that simplifies the process by offering some form of remote control and scanning. Will you be able to log in to the company website and access your account and take control of the network? It’s also very useful when the security program updates automatically so you don’t have to stay on top of everything on all your devices.

While there are great internet security software to choose from, Bitdefender Internet Security is the most worth mentioning. Bitdefender products are easy to use and come with a variety of subscription options. AV-Comparatives named it “Product of the Year” in February. 2018.

Whether you want Antivirus Plus, Family Plus, or internet security software, Bitdefender 2019 coupon codes are available and can be applied to save you money. Bitdefender is a trusted and trusted provider of IT security products, and has won awards for years.