How to use your headphones with the new iPhone 8 mobile phone

Apple announced some of its best phones last year, such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone Plus. These devices have some of the cool features like wireless charging and high resolution display.

When Apple released their iPhone 7 phone, a headphone jack was missing and people were wondering how they would use the next iPhone 8. But the good news for Apple fans is that the new iPhone 8 allows you to plug in your usual old headphones.

The most famous updated feature within all the new iPhones is related to their potential to charge wirelessly. This is something that previous models were missing, just because of their design structure.

But now Apple offers the possibility of wireless connection with its headphones. But the point is, not everyone wants to use wireless headphones. Some people just don’t like these wireless headphones, while others don’t want to spend extra money on different headphones when they already have a pair.

In addition, Apple headphones are not designed to fit all types of ears, so you have to compare and check other designs from other manufacturers. Although this does not mean that Apple products are not comfortable despite the fact that these Air Pods simply do not fit well in some of the consumer’s ears.

So this is not a completely surprising thing to require the use of regular wired headphones with your phone, and people probably still want to do it with the iPhone 8 smartphone or other similar Apple devices.

The good news for those who have no problem with the wired headphones that come with the new iPhone 8 will be able to do so comfortably thanks to the adapters.

It is now confirmed that the new iPhone 8 mobile phone does not include a headphone port, so you will need to use wired headphones through either a “Lightning connector” or an “iPhone 8 headphone jack adapter.”

However, this option is by no means new, but users who don’t want to use Air Pods or any other wireless earbuds will probably praise that they still have their favorite listening option with the iPhone 8 phone.

This is also great news for those who might have assigned a new Apple iPhone, but don’t have much to spend more than that. This exceptional new iPhone 8 will retail for $ 699 at Apple for the 64GB model, but will be available at a relatively lower price from different mobile carriers, depending on the plans selected. This is considered a big change and some people may not want to buy wireless headphones separately. So the inclusion of Apple’s ear pods and a way to connect wired headphones to the iPhone 8 phone is a smart move, hands down.

Nettle Fishing in World of Warcraft

I know some of you may be a bit fed up with fish related topics, but don’t tell me anything. This is the third installment of my epic fish feast experiment and we move on to the final fish needed to cook it. Nettles are found in Wintergrasp, Ulduar, Dragonblight but mostly in Sholzar Basin. Many guides on this fish suggest going to the heart of the Sholzar Basin, where the ghost fish fishing hunt takes place. While it is true that this place generally has around 3 groups, they do not respawn fast enough to be classified as an efficient place to catch them.

There are two sensible options for the routes to follow. One is to start in the heart of the rivers and descend through one of its 4 tributaries. The second option is the one I used and involves starting at the northern end of the Sholzar basin at Bittertide Lake. The lake is large enough to provide enough pools for an average speed angler to constantly circle around it. If you find that the ponds are not appearing fast enough for you, then you always have the option of following the southern tributary leading to Rivers Heart as it usually contains 2-3 ponds. The main reason I decided to make my route around the lake is that my character is a miner and at the west end of the lake there are 3 mining nodes that at any moment could generate a tasty titanium ore or some rich saronite deposits.

Fishing for 200 of these beauties took 104 minutes and came with 81g of materials and pygmy suckling pig. Now, when we analyze the sale of fish and its cooked variants, we come to a somewhat disappointing conclusion. Not only does raw fish sell for less than the other two fish used in the fish feast, but once we add spices from the north, it actually loses value.

Raw fish sells for 1g31 on my server (if you can find buyers). Adding in some flavorful Northren spices makes it a Spicy Blue Nettle and it comes with a decent +40 critical rating and a + 4- stamina bonus. Unfortunately, not many people value the critical rating over other benefits and the value of cooked fish is around 1g9s. Unless you intend to use this food on yourself in forays or are leveling up your culinary skills, there is very little reason to cook this fish. Which is a bit embarrassing for those who spend a lot of time growing items like saronite ore in the Sholzar Basin and might have appreciated a break from the grind.

That’s the end of the individual fishing parts of the Feast of Fish Epic Item Set. Below we cover Northern Spices and how they can be used to line your pockets with loads of lovely and greedy gold.

Have no idea about network marketing?

A year ago, I started reading about real estate and residual income. My desire to become an entrepreneur was born. As I read, the term network marketing and its synonym multi-level marketing (MLM) kept popping up. The authors of these buzzwords didn’t bother to explain or define them. They assumed that I, their avid reader, knew its meaning.

I asked around, but no one had a clue what network marketing was. Thus began my quest to find out what I could about MLM, as its proponents boast that anyone can start a business for as little as a few hundred dollars.

Finally, I found gold. I stared open-mouthed at my computer screen. The name of the network marketing company refreshed an old memory. In high school, he had met a young man who belonged to this company. A couple of times, he came to pick me up for a date, and before we left, he would clean my mother’s stove or refrigerator, showing her the miracles of his product. I guess his goal was to make money and dazzle me with his entrepreneurial qualities. I felt humiliated because my mother took advantage of him to clean the kitchen and because this boy embarrassed me: he wanted to go to the movies or a party, and he was cleaning my mother’s appliances.

He had the holy grail in his hand, but he was apprehensive. I told my colleague what I had discovered. He shrugged and said, “It’s a pyramid scam.”

But I found that the lure of residual income far outweighed my apprehensions. Today, I am a proud network marketer, ready to give anyone, who has no idea what network marketing was like, my fledgling experience. Here’s the scoop.

DEFINITION: Network marketing is a business that markets a product line or multiple product lines through independent vendors. An independent vendor is hired; she, in turn, recruits other people; these people recruit others, and they do. Each rep builds her own business with her recruits and her recruits under her, and earns a commission on the turnover of her team. The people who depend on the independent seller are called the downline. The potential to grow your downline and make money is exponential.

SCAM or LEGITARY BUSINESS: When I was in high school and young people in love cleaned appliances, many fawned over these companies. Let’s be honest. There were many jokes. Most people didn’t make a lot of money; They annoyed their family and friends, and horror of the horrors, they had garages full of disused products that they had to buy to meet their quotas (a certain amount of products that a salesperson or team has to buy). The time has changed. Today, major Fortune 500 corporations and companies, such as AT&T, MCI, Citigroup, and IBM, have multi-level sales forces.

The difference between network marketing and a pyramid scam is easy to explain. Network marketers sell products; they run businesses. A pyramid scam is a scam. People give money to someone in the hope that they can get other people to give them money. The claim is that anyone can get rich simply by finding other people to do the same. There is no product, there is no business. The people at the top make a lot of money. The scam falls apart. This is illegal. People are arrested.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY: Not all network marketing companies are created equal. There are some great, some good, and some really horrible and ugly. If you are looking for a network marketing company, you need to do your due diligence and make sure you find a great one. Remember that you are investing in your future.

RESIDUAL INCOME: What network marketing offers is a way to create residual income, while working part time. Network marketing is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Those who are successful work hard, but they are creating something magical: residual income.

You go to work and get paid. If you don’t go to work, you don’t get paid. This is a linear income. Residual income does not depend on you working. Think of an author who writes a book and receives a royalty check year after year. Residual income, like royalty checks, keeps pouring in, allowing people to retire, have the freedom to travel, and do other tremendously enjoyable things.


1. Don’t rush into network marketing. Look around you and find a good company that suits you and your needs. Don’t be pressured at all. Ask the network marketer you are talking to a lot of questions. Avoid people with a lot of pressure.

2. As soon as you finish reading this, run and buy Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century by Richard Poe. I don’t know Richard Poe, but I know that this book explains everything.

3. Find a company and product that you are excited about. It’s hard to sell something you don’t believe in. Ideally, you want a product that people buy over and over again, month after month, year after year, and a company with values ​​that are consistent with your values.

4. Look for a company that has been around and has proven itself. Someone who has been in network marketing and has experience could take a chance on a new company, but a newbie needs to be more careful.

5. I suggested publicly traded companies. Their financial statements are public and you can request their financial portfolio. Go to, or, or, or your favorite place and do some research. You just need the ticket number of the company and you are good to go. If you don’t feel safe doing it yourself, find a friend who knows something about stocks and financials, and ask her for help.

6. Review the compensation plan. Is the commission fair? How often do you pay? Does excess money accumulate from sales? Does your team have to meet a quota? This could be a huge inconvenience. If there are large fees, you may find yourself buying products that you don’t want. Poe’s book is priceless here; explains the different commission plans.

7. Do you have to buy, store, deliver products? Most network marketing companies don’t do this anymore. Most companies offer ordering online or by phone, and the company distributes its products. You place an order and they do the work.

8. Training is very important. What type of training program do they have? In network marketing, team members help each other build their businesses. In network marketing, if the people on your team are successful, you are successful.

9. How does your business work? Face to face with the people you know? Do we have internet? Or a bit of both? This is important. Are there hidden costs in marketing? Ask for the details.

10. See if you can find dirt in the company. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Are there complaints against the company? What kind of complaints? You can do this online. Know what you are getting into.

11. IMPORTANT: Make sure you are willing to spend time and energy building your business, 10-20 hours per week. If you have a family, make sure they agree to this.

12. Don’t quit your day job! At least not until you make more money in network marketing than in your nine or five.

What to keep in mind when looking for an iPhone repair expert

In the world of mobile devices, iPhones are ahead of the race. Many people prefer to buy these devices over others due to many reasons. One reason is durability. Apple uses strong materials like aluminum for the iPhone body and gorilla glass for the screen.

However, it is still possible for your iPhone to break and for this reason you will need the services of an iPhone repair expert. In this article, you can learn more about iPhone repair and what to expect from a trusted iPhone repair expert.

Considering that iPhones are expensive gadgets. they cannot always be replaced with new sets when damaged. So the other option is to get an iPhone repair company to repair your device. When it comes to iPhone repair, it is important to seek certified professionals.

An iPhone repair expert knows all about Apple and its products. For this reason, it is important to seek qualified professionals who understand how these devices work. Whether it is water damage, broken screen, or faulty battery, all damaged parts can be replaced by a qualified expert in no time.

Since iPhones run on the iOS platform, there are special software and diagnostic tools that experts use for these devices. An experienced professional will use the proper tools for diagnostic purposes and will be able to properly debug or analyze your device. This will make your iPhone run more smoothly due to the faster processing speed.

Nowadays, if your iPhone stops working, you don’t have to take it to the store. In fact, many iPhone repair companies send experts to desired locations. These professionals bring their tool kits with original parts that match the specifications of your device. For example, if you own an iPhone 6s, they will bring parts designed for that particular model.

Instead of buying a new iPhone, you can also save money through a complete refurbishment to improve the appearance and performance of your devices. If the dock connector of your iPhone is faulty or the toggle switch is not working, you can also order a replacement. This is because most parts of the iPhone can be easily fixed or repaired. For this reason, you can fix your iPhone screen, replace the battery, or even remove the camera.

Apart from the above, you should also consider the warranty. If any company does not offer a warranty on replaced parts, you should consider another iPhone repair company. Also, look for a two-year warranty. This way, if your iPhone encounters the same problem before the end of the warranty period, you can contact the company again.

Best Lineage 2 Bots: L2Walker and L2Superman

Botting is something that many people have already discovered and do in many popular games, including Lineage 2. If you are familiar with the Lineage 2 game, you will know that Lineage 2 adena can be hard to come by. That becomes a lot easier when you use a Lineage 2 bot. There are two popular bots for the Lineage 2 MMORPG. One is L2Walker. It’s a simpler to use program and great for someone just starting out. Another bot that is more complex but offers much more control over your character is L2Superman. You can use any of these bots with your Lineage 2 account to get a lot of levels for your character and a lot of adena so you can buy just about anything in the game you want. If you’ve ever tried using a macro for Lineage 2, L2Walker and L2Superman are much better. They are easier to configure because you don’t have to type them if you don’t want to and they bypass the protection software trying to catch you cheating on Lineage 2. With L2Walker and L2Superman, you can spend a few minutes configuring the bots and then sit back and relax, without having You have to mess with macros, Lineage 2 cheats, or scripting, unless you want to. You can buy Lineage 2 accounts and run many of them from the same computer with either of the two Lineage 2 bots. L2Walker is usually better for smaller groups of two or three characters, while L2Superman is better for use with larger groups. . With the ability to put up to nine characters in the same group in Lineage 2, having all those characters running around alone while you eat, work, sleep, or play something else, all from a computer, is wonderful. Personally, I love running a full group of nine Lineage 2 accounts, earning adena and levels, all while playing World of Warcraft on the same computer. I can play two games that I love and only spend time on one. Since Lineage 2 can be boring when you’re lower level, having a Lineage 2 bot like L2Walker or L2Superman can be a great thing. They are professionals who do this for a living, so you know that L2Superman and L2Walker must be the best programs to automate your Lineage 2 accounts and the characters on them. I even met a person at who runs three computers with twenty-seven Lineage 2 accounts, all on L2Superman. He makes a living letting the bots do the work for him, selling the extra Lineage 2 adena, and even selling the accounts for hundreds of dollars more than he paid for them. The last time I spoke to him a few weeks ago, he had just bought a fourth computer, a new Alienware. I wanted to see how it compared to the Dell XPS that he bought with the money from selling his additional Lineage 2 adena earlier. I can’t wait until I’m good enough running L2Superman so I can have enough adena to sell and buy a new computer with the money I get from selling it. I could go out and buy a computer at my job anyway, but that’s not as much fun as letting a Lineage 2 bot do the work and earn the money for me. Lineage 2 website. You have people paying you hundreds of dollars to level your Lineage 2 characters on their accounts and you don’t have to do it yourself. You just set up L2Walker because it’s so quick and easy to set up and then let the L2Walker bot do the work for you, leveling out the characters on your Lineage 2 account. Earn hundreds of dollars per account and run up to fifteen at a time from the same computer . He is the richest person I know who sits at home and plays all day. You always seem to have the best new computer and you never have to complain about your day at work, because all you do is spend a little time setting up a bot and then just wait until you finish leveling the character so you can spend your time. . money. If you want to know more about Lineage 2, L2Superman, L2Walker, Lineage 2 botting and how you can make your Lineage 2 accounts more level and more adena, be sure to visit the site I joined, They sell the activation codes you need for L2Superman and L2Walker, plus they have a forum with lots of information and interesting people who are fun to talk about bots on Lineage 2. There are even some really good guides posted as stickers on the forum that they do. For some New to Lineage 2 botting it’s easy to start leveling up for your Lineage 2 characters and making more adena than they could before. It is risky, but there are even some people who discuss strategies to bounce all day and all night to get the maximum level and gains from adena. I hope you visit and like it as much as I do. It completely changed the way I played the game, or rather, I don’t play it, because the bots do it for me. Don’t forget to search the forum for the excellent Lineage 2 botting guides on They are some of the best Lineage 2 bot guides I have come across, even better than sites that try to charge you money for information on bots. To earn money while playing other games, be sure to visit www.gogygo. com and read more about Lineage 2 bots and how to use them to earn money or just have more fun with the game.

What’s the big problem behind in-app purchases?

I can’t say that I like titles as question sentences, but then again, I do a lot of other things that I don’t like, like spending money on “In-App Purchases.” This is only a dollar, so what is the problem anyway, right? Well, I’m getting right into it.

Let’s start with a rough definition of in-app purchases for those of you unfamiliar with this term (I’m not sure if anyone is living in a cave). An in-app purchase refers to items, services, points, coins, anything of value in the game that a player can purchase. I myself see this “anything of value” in 2 categories.

The first is anything that affects your gameplay, or anything that gives you different kinds of advantages over all other players or monsters. Let’s say there are 2 types of coins in the game and one of these coins is extremely difficult to obtain, or you just get it once a day or in some limited way. The game offers you this “extremely hard to get currency” in its “app store”. As a dedicated and impatient gamer, you don’t want to collect enough of these coins for a year to get your dream weapon and instead purchase this coin using the notorious “app store.”

The second category is cosmetics, which means only visual changes or visual add-ons. For example, a pet that goes everywhere with you doing nothing. For example, a beautiful hat that offers you nothing but a beautiful image.

Although I hate the first category, I always support the last. Buying something, knowing that it won’t do your character or game any good, means that you are supporting the people who spend their time introducing you to the game you are playing. Or it just means that you like to use images that not many people use! Either way, this, in my opinion, means you’re doing it right.

We have a perfect example that includes both categories; World of Warcraft. You already pay for the game, you pay the subscription to be able to play, and Blizzard is still trying to sell you something like pets and mounts or some services like character change or gender change, right? Well I support this.

However, WoW is also trying to sell you some important services, like server switching, which I don’t support. I don’t want to be misunderstood here, so let me tell you, I don’t want all players to switch servers whenever they want. But Blizzard should definitely work on this, maybe one free server change per year is a good idea. Or maybe they should at least lower the price. This is tricky, I know, but if you’ve been playing WoW for years, you probably have characters scattered all over the place and you’re not willing to pay huge amounts to collect all your characters on the same server. After all, you cannot know what will change in the future. Maybe you have to move your main character to another server leaving some other characters …

That was our well-known Blizzard example. As many of you may know, we have much worse examples, especially mobile games and Facebook games. From what I remember, I can tell that this started with Farm Town. Tell me if I’m wrong, but Knight Online or Silkroad or any other game before Farm Town couldn’t do what Farm Town did! It’s like these guys just poisoned the gaming industry and left like nothing. Now, all developers and all companies think that it is quite normal to sell people important things in the game, things that affect the game. No, this is not normal, I tell you. Knowing this, I still spent some money on games until I understood that even spending money is very difficult to get what you want, you just have to spend more!

Yes, this is what these developers want. They want you to buy more and more diamonds, for example, let’s call this extremely hard-to-get coin “diamond.” You buy some diamonds and use these diamonds to open some chests and you get shit, and then you buy some more diamonds to open some more chests and you’re lucky once! So you decide to buy more diamonds!

A strange example is that you can buy a level 60 skill when you are at level 1. Oh my gosh … Another example is that you have to wait a month to upgrade your weapon / skill or you have to pay for it. Fair enough, right?

Yeah, these guys changed the video game world a lot, to the point where people even buy skills for their characters. I used to spend money on games, but I can tell I’m trying not to do it again, and you know what my solution is? Ignoring games that offer in-app purchases when I see them, or (99% of mobile games offer in-app purchases), I just download them in the hope that they only sell cosmetics, and then uninstall them when I see that ugly picture.

Let’s forget about mobile gaming for a second and take a look at the Diablo example. When it was published, people could buy and sell things at the auction house, and Blizzard received a commission for each transaction. What was the game like back then? ****! The drop rates were terrible, literally terrible for such a game that was almost only crash oriented, even when you got an epic item, there was no reason to get excited because it would probably turn into an intelligence item when you were playing a barbarian … I can’t even find words to describe how terrible Diablo 3 was at the time. So Blizzard changed it completely. They removed AH and fixed the drop rates and now D3 is a perfect game for the Blizzard brand. By the way, I spent (wasted) more than 100 euros on items in the hope that I could kill faster and get more items to sell in return. How stupid …

And for those who do not know, I will already talk about the example of Path of Exile. A perfect example for our second category. They sell only cosmetics and they also sell storage spaces, but let’s ignore that for a while. They generally sell cosmetic stuff. You could personally pay to play such a great game, but the game is free in itself. If you like Diablo games, try Path of Exile and you will understand better what I am saying.

Well this topic never ends with short articles like this as the list goes on. I didn’t even say anything about kids making purchases with their parents’ credit cards. That would make this article much longer. There are many other related topics that could make this article much longer, but for now I’m putting an end to it.

Netflix: The Pros and Cons of Online Movie Rental Service

Do you have any idea what parents went through in the past just to rent a movie? They had to walk eight miles through eight feet of snow to the local video store in freezing sub-zero weather. And when they finally got there, they only had a selection of about twenty movies to choose from, none of which were new releases. After renting a video, they had to rush back home and watch it quickly because if it didn’t come back by 5:00 the next day, they had to pay a late fee that was double the original rental. And you know what, they liked it and appreciated the opportunity to be entertained.

Fortunately, times have changed and it has become much easier for people to enjoy film arts in the comfort of their own living rooms. In particular, video rental giant Netflix, now a household name across America, has revolutionized the nature in which a person can rent a movie; Providing an online service that offers unlimited rentals for a fixed monthly fee and no late fees. With delivery and returns provided by the US Postal Service via pre-sealed envelopes, Netflix has become an inexpensive and obvious choice for voracious movie viewers across the country.

Now, as a huge movie buff, Netflix is ​​pretty much the best thing that has happened to me since canned cheese. But when I chat with certain friends and family who are also big movie lovers and tell them why they should join Netflix, they seem hesitant and ask a lot of questions. Many seem like the deal seems too good to be true, while others see no problem with the traditional method of visiting a video store to rent a movie. Whatever the reason, I personally found myself having the conversation of why or why not join Netflix enough times to recite from memory and write an article.

So here we are, and as much as I love Netflix, I’m also fair in my debate and admit that there are some downsides to the online service that people who are about to sign up should be aware of. So without further ado, here are my top three pros and cons of using Netflix.

Pro: price – Netflix cost is by far the cheapest way to rent movies, especially if you watch more than three movies a week. In my first month as a member, I did the math just to make sure that giving Netflix my credit card number was a smart move. I divided the number of movies I watched that first month by the flat rate of $ 16.99 (three movies at a time) and it came out at 87 cents per movie, which if you notice, is also cheaper than the $ 1 price of the popular and competitor Redbox. Now if I had seen the same number of movies renting them from a video store at the average price of $ 4 per rental, it would have cost me around $ 80. Sorry, my friends it’s a steal and by far the biggest Netflix professional.

Pro: Selection – A lot has happened to me in the past and I’m sure it has happened to you at one point or another. You hear about a winner of a low-budget independent festival or critically acclaimed foreign thriller that you must see. So you go to your local video store to rent it only to have the 16-year-old employee behind the counter tell you they’ve never heard of it. Now in the past, your only solution to this problem would be to buy a DVD copy online. But, if you were a member of Netflix, you will almost certainly be able to rent that movie. With a movie library offering over 100,000 different titles, Netflix has by far the largest variety of movies to choose from. I have been a member for almost two years and there have been three occasions when the movie I was looking for was not offered. And in all three cases, the film was issued as “out of print” by the film company that owns the rights, which by law means that Netflix cannot offer it for rent.

Pro: convenience – “No late fees,” Netflix knows that this statement is by far its biggest selling point, and obviously that’s why it’s peppered in all of its ads and commercials. But that doesn’t take away from how nice this customer benefit really is. I could probably pay for graduate school with the money I’ve spent on late payments in my life. And as everyone knows, a video store never forgets a late payment fee. It will stay on your computer for years, haunting you until you pay. But the convenience of Netflix doesn’t stop with the absence of late fees. Scrolling to and from the video store is also eliminated. And their website, where all the rental selections are made, is so incredibly easy to use that I seriously know a 5 year old who navigates it with ease.

Featuring: New Releases – I started with Netflix’s biggest pro and this is by far the biggest drawback. Getting a new release when it first comes out is incredibly difficult. That means those movies that you wanted to go see in theaters but kept putting off until you finally lost your chance and now can’t wait to see them on DVD, Netflix will most likely make you wait even longer to see them. It’s a popular complaint from users that Netflix has found quite difficult to address. The most popular rental period for a movie is during the first 30 days after it is released on DVD, and while Netflix has increased the supply of the most popular titles that are released each week, it is not financially smart for the company to meet the demand due to it. to the fact that interest in the title will slowly fade. So, as a Netflix member, there’s a good chance that the new release you’ve been wanting to see will receive the dreaded “Very long wait” as an availability status. And believe me, the state lives up to its name.

With: Stuck out of films – Depending on the package you sign up for with Netflix (1-8 movies at a time), there are most likely cases where you don’t have a movie at home the night you stay, making some butter. Popcorn and watching a movie is all you want to do. The speed at which movies are received and returned is as quick and convenient as possible (one business day), but occasionally due to poor planning on your part or a movie not arriving when it is supposed to, it will stick around. stuck without a movie and thinking of driving to the video store and renting one anyway.

Featuring: Video Store Blues Any avid moviegoer or moviegoer will tell you that visiting a video store has an inexplicable, almost regal quality. You enjoy strolling the aisles of new releases, comedies or horror movies and reading the back of the covers and making your selection. Before joining Netflix, I frequented video stores very regularly and I must say that there is a very nostalgic, if not organic, experience visiting a video store that is missing with Netflix.

I have personally fixed many of these downsides by designating Netflix as my main source for movie rentals, but when I find myself in a situation like the second downside explained above or when there’s a new release, I really want to watch and Netflix sealed it. With a “very long wait,” I hope to go to the video store and rent a movie or two each month. So I still get all the benefits of using Netflix but at the same time I don’t give up on the video store entirely. Something like the best of both worlds.

There you have it, the top three pros and cons of using Netflix. Now, I don’t know how many times my argument has actually persuaded someone to leave the video stores and jump on the Netflix bandwagon, but I’ll tell you this, if you’re like me and watching movies takes up a significant chunk of your past time, Netflix It is by far your best option and what you should use to rent movies. The choice and convenience are unmatched, and the money you’ll save by using Netflix will break even with all the late fees you’ve been forced to pay over the years.

Is the history of Pokémon simple or complex?

Welcome to another installment of Pokémon Cafe, where Java and Pokémon themes are evolving alongside Pokémon roaming the floors and occasionally engaging in battle. The latest news in the world of Pokémon, as you’ve no doubt heard, is the release of Pokémon Black and White. The game itself is a must-have along with, of course, all the exciting spin-offs. There are new Pokemon Black and White plush toys, new cards for the Pokemon card game, including Shiney Eutei and Raikon. You can get everything from great new stuffed animals to stationery.

Children’s minds are fantastic. We adults are constantly trying to teach them to think when in reality the child’s brain, like the Pokémon, has special powers and is growing on its own. As an adult, the history of Pokémon, I admit, leaves me hanging. But I don’t think like a child.

I always felt that The Wizard of Oz was the best movie ever made for children. Actually, I still feel that way: it’s a complex tapestry of life’s horrors and miracles, rich textures and symbolism, love and sin, and most importantly, the fact that life will always throw things at you. that you can never prepare. no matter how much you learn and that only bravery and virtue will win the day. As a story, The Wizard of Oz leaves the Pokémon series crawling in the dust. And that is a fact.

But the purposes of the two stories are completely different. As Oz launches us into a tumultuous world, Pokémon encourages, no, forces the young mind to use its imagination, create worlds, and fill in the gaps. Pokémon as a story fails in too many ways to tell. It is incomplete, it is not credible or logical, its premise is unexplained and it does not make sense. Your world is not in any sense of the word a complete world. It has no message and, when it comes to life lessons, nothing to teach. It is not a story that adults can enjoy together with children. At best, it’s like a pretty silly spin-off on Jurassic Park with all the power and no horror or plot. And the kids love it.

I maintain that the history of Pokémon is excellent for the minds of children. Because all the inexplicable elements that leave us adults dissatisfied are gaps that stimulate children’s minds to fill, represent and complete. In other words, each child’s vision of the Pokémon story is unique as each child is unique. The trainer / Pokémon relationship gives the kids something to personify that Dorothy never can. This is how a child’s mind works. Adults cannot be disturbed.

Playing bingo online: a new way to play

Bingo is possibly the most popular game in the world, played in many countries in different languages ​​around the world. However, the move to online bingo is a leap of faith for some. The main obstacle for players is trust in the system. How do we know that the numbers are random and not forged by the computer?

Gala bingo says that the order in which the bingo balls are drawn is determined by their random number generator (RNG for short). The RNG Gala bingo uses have been developed by market leader Sun Microsystems. Sun says its Virtue Fusion software ensures that the outcome of each game is absolutely random.

The Virtue Fusion network is used by several other bingo sites. The advantage of this for players is that each game will have a depth of players and a large enough prize that is worth playing for.

Players can mingle in online chat rooms before playing, but when the game starts, the chat ends and the serious stuff begins. The numbers are dialed by the host and the numbers are automatically struck off your bingo card for you. So you don’t have to be quick with your clicks to tap your numbers. The chat panel constantly sends you updates on who has only two or one number so you can know where you are in the game.

Bingo games vary and some may already be familiar with the variations of traditional 90 ball bingo. Variations like 75-ball bingo and 80-ball bingo are self-describing. The games with the most spin are like The Money Ladder Deal or No Deal, where the winner of the house has to choose to accept an offer from the ‘banker’ or take a prize in a chosen box at the beginning of the game.

There have never been so many online bingo sites to choose from. Most are based overseas and many players would not have heard of them except from some of the big names. Paddypower and William Hill have a presence in online bingo, as well as a few other big brands. However, smaller bingo houses are proving popular, such as 32Red and Gala Bingo. Competition in this industry means that players can get sign-up deals that are so good that they would be enough to tempt anyone. Free money to play being the most desirable. 32Red, for example, gives away £ 10 to each new player, no deposit required.

Welcome offers for new players are like:

– Registration bonuses without deposit

– Welcome bonuses of 100%, 200% or even 300%

– Loyalty bonuses

– Monthly bingo offers

You can even play bingo on your mobile. William Hill Bingo has an app that can be downloaded to any device and you can play on the go, or even at the beach. William Hill will even give you £ 2.50 to play just for trying his new games.

Bingo will never be the same again, but that is progress. The variety of games and easy-to-use systems mean that anyone can play. Automatic card erasure means you don’t need to be quick with the pen to play. Play as many cards as you can and increase your chances of winning.

How to get the best accessories for mobile phones

Cell phones have become very reliable and essential devices that life would come to a standstill without the devices. Today, millions of people rely on phones to communicate and even to run their businesses. They are simply devices that have made communication, sharing, and enjoyment better and more convenient. However, a cell phone may not be all you need to make your user experience the best. Sometimes a number of factors can lead to situations where you need accessories to update your phone.

For example, if you live or work in an area where there is weak signal reception, you may need booster kits consisting of an antenna and amplifier to improve signal reception at home, in your car, or in buildings to that there are no losses. Internet connection or call interruptions when using your phone. You will also find it important to replace the battery when the old one is out of power to maintain more talk time and phone functionality. Whatever accessory you may need, you need to find the best one you can find to make improvements. Here’s how you can get the best accessories for your phone.

1. Choose a supplier with a wide variety of accessories you need. In addition to having all kinds of accessories you might need, from booster kits to batteries, headsets and phone cases, Bluetooth and chargers, the provider you choose should have them available from different brands. Such a supplier will allow you to easily get all the accessories you need in one place and the opportunity to choose high-quality brands or the brands you prefer. Variety is very important in getting the best accessories, so check what the vendor has before considering a purchase.

2. Consider high-quality accessories when shopping. Sometimes buying cheap cell phone accessories is not always the best solution. This is because some cheap products are not of high quality and therefore will solve your problems or serve your needs for a short period of time and you will return to the starting point facing the same problems that you had before. It is very important that you consider the quality of the accessory before considering the price. However, you can still find high-quality accessories at very reasonable prices, so do your research and make a good selection for your needs and financial capacity.

3. Consider the ordering process when choosing a vendor. Suppliers have different ordering processes and sources and you need to make sure you can meet the terms. For example, some place a minimum number of items that can be ordered, while others can process any type of order, regardless of the number of accessories required. Also learn about shipping terms when looking for your preferred supplier miles from where you are. The process and services offered must match your needs and remain reasonable in all respects.

When looking for the best accessories, choose reputable suppliers known for their high-quality products and exceptional customer service.