The selection interview and its objectives

What are the objectives of the selection interview?

The objective of the selection interview is to predict the likely behavior of the candidate in a particular work situation. The only way this can be done with any precision is by getting a sample of its behavior typical enough to act as a basis for forecasting what it will do in the future.

One major problem is that the behavior we observe during the brief interview period may not be characteristic. A rather heavy individual, for example, may well give the impression of being quite dynamic if he only has to maintain it for half an hour. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement behavior that can be directly observed in face-to-face contact.

Obtaining as much of the candidate’s life history as possible.

The primary goal of the selection interview should therefore be to observe the behavior of, say, twenty or thirty years old, much of which is bound to be highly characteristic of the individual in question.

It is important to remember, however, that there are two subsidiary objectives of the selection interview. So we can say that the objective of the interview is threefold:

o Assess the suitability of candidates for the position

o Give information to the candidate

o To present the company in a good light to the applicant

The importance of selection interviews

The interview is just one of a whole range of selection methods that exist.

For example, there are intelligence tasks that provide information about the mental agility of the candidates and aptitude tests can tell us about special aptitudes for manual dexterity, the ability to think spatially, creative ability, etc. .

These tasks can highlight an individual’s strengths and weaknesses; testing in group situations, on the other hand, can provide indications of people’s ability to work together.

However, despite the increasing and widespread criticism of the personal interview as a selection procedure, it remains by far the most common method. It is flexible, relatively inexpensive, and acceptable to the candidate and management. The selection interview has other advantages. It has been found that certain areas of information can be more accurately assessed by interviews than by other methods, i.e. the interpersonal behavior of candidates and the likelihood that they will adapt to the social aspects of the work situation and also the motivation of the candidates. job candidates.


The task is to choose a person who is likely to succeed in a certain job or variety of jobs: The task is not to choose a ‘good person’, however defined

The method

All methodologies involve forecasting the future, so no method can be foolproof.

– invariably, selectors rely on intuition and that often proves successful, but this method, while not foolproof, will surely ensure you make the right decisions more often.

o Past behavior

or past experience

or your intuition

o Scientific analysis

or References

o Get a second opinion

o Insist on a trial period

o Increase salary and incentives after probationary period

o Talk to people in the industry

o Consider a hands-on assessment

first considerations

Before purchasing material of any kind, consider its purpose and the tolerance it will allow. Human resources are excessively expensive and therefore it is necessary to follow five strategic steps

o Consider the position

o Consider experience and formal qualifications required

o Consider the personal qualities required to carry out the job

o Reduce the basic grades to allow perhaps no more than four or five

o Discussion with other selectors

consider the position

o Establish a clear picture of the position

o Focus on core responsibilities

o Are there special aspects that are unusual, eg health considerations?

Consider experience and formal qualifications required

o Is this a position that really requires experience in a similar field?

o Are academic qualifications relevant?

o What is the minimum standard?

Consider the personal qualities required

For example:

or very high intelligence

o Ability to get along with everyone in any circumstance

Curiously, less than 10% of the population owns the first and for some positions it is a clear disadvantage; the second is not as common, and in any case the two qualities are often mutually exclusive.

Remember that the long list of qualities that first comes to mind has two main disadvantages; few own all of them, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t apply for your job. Second, it is almost impossible for the interviewer to keep all of them in mind while interviewing and their search becomes too fuzzy for full effectiveness.

Reduce required basic qualifications


You are going to look for the key qualities that are highly required in the job for which you are recruiting. When choosing qualities, it is advisable to avoid those that are too encompassing and, in particular, those with a high emotional content. Thus, ‘leadership’ could be replaced by ‘the power to persuade others’ or ‘intelligence’ by ‘the ability to understand something quickly’.

The importance of choosing these descriptive words depends solely on the clarity with which they are understood by the selector(s). In a way, it’s better to choose your own words to describe the qualities you’re looking for than to use the ones usually provided in textbooks. Words with the most practical content possible tend to be the most useful. Looking for someone with ‘an inquiring mind’ can be easier than looking for someone ‘good at research’.

Discussion with other selectors

It is almost certain that someone else cares about the selection. Agree with them on the top four or five qualities required and write them down on a piece of paper. Agreeing in advance saves time because discussion about each candidate after the interview can be more easily limited to what is relevant. Also, if selectors clearly know what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to spot it when it’s there and notice its absence when it’s not.

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Protect your basement from recession with a wine cellar

In a bad economy, what sells? According to the Nielson Company, people buy much more practical items such as canned goods, food storage products, and spend much less money on entertainment and outings. Less time away from home has translated into a huge increase in wine and spirits sales! People don’t go out for alcohol, but still want to drink at home. Americans are already spending more on wine than any other nation. In 2007, the United States spent almost $22 billion on wine purchases, according to the report by the London-based wine market research firm. What does this mean? Wine enthusiasts’ love for grape infusion has not abated.

A natural progression in the passion for wine is the idea of ​​creating a home cellar. Wine cellars have become elegant and sought after elements in homes. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry has documented that adding a wine cellar to your home will add value to your home and provide a positive return on your investment.

Homeowners are finding underutilized spaces in their homes to turn into cozy drinking spots. These spaces can be closets, nooks, or most popularly, basements! The size of the cellar can vary, but usually does not cover the entire basement. The vibration protection that a base offers makes it a popular choice. Many basement wine cellars include tables for tasting, plumbing lines to sinks for rinsing, cabinets and drawers for storing accessories, and even music for entertainment. How you want to use your wine cellar, aside from obvious wine storage, is an important factor to consider before beginning your renovation.

However, bottles of wine are not always easy house companions. To keep them happy and full of flavor, they can be a bit finicky and difficult to care for. For these reasons, it may be beneficial to consult with a professional remodeler familiar with cellar renovations to build the best cellar for your bottles. Here are just a few specs I recommend for residential wine cellars:

o Temperature: Often called one of the biggest concerns in wine storage! The ideal temperature is 50ºF to 55ºF, but several degrees to either side of this temperature is quite safe. Temperature fluctuation is another big concern. Ask your renovation professional about installing specific temperature controls for your cellar.

o Steam: Wine is very sensitive to humidity; all walls must have a vapor barrier and insulation. The vapor barrier is a 6 mil polyethylene plastic sheet and should be on the “warm side”. The warm side means that the vapor barrier is protected from the cellar (cold side) by insulation. Vapor barrier placed on the wine cellar side will cause moisture to condense on the barrier and could damage the walls.

o Walls: Interior walls must have a minimum of R-11 insulation and exterior walls must have a minimum of R-19. Much of the wall space will be covered by a mix of cabinets, individual bottle bins, and diamond bins. Consider the size and number of bottles you want to store before you or your contractor begin designing your space.

o Floors: Concrete ground floors, such as in a basement, need a vapor barrier only which means they must be sealed with concrete sealer. Any above ground flooring must be R-19 with a vapor barrier. Stone or tile floors are a very popular and traditional option for laying over barriers.

o Door: The door must be an exterior grade door with a weather seal to keep your home’s cellar temperature regulated at all times.

o Lighting: The light in your cellar should emanate as little heat as possible, while adequately illuminating the space. If you choose to use any lighting that emits UV, such as halogen, be sure to put down a UV filter film to protect the wine.

o Tables and Seats – If your space is large enough, you will surely want a table and seats to entertain friends or simply enjoy your wine in complete privacy. Many basement table options include additional storage under the table; the bar height is a popular choice for basement tables and countertops.

Zero Stress Network Marketing

Why do people think network marketing is stressful, difficult, and painful? I think the reason is that people are convinced that they should be serious about their business. They expect objections, so they create the objections. They prepare for every conversation to be stressful, so they experience stressful conversations.

What business network are you promoting? I want you to ask yourself that question again. What business network are you promoting? What went through your mind when I asked you that question? If your mind instantly named the company and then started going through all the reasons why it’s great, you’ve got a problem. When someone asks me that question, I answer: “The funny one.” Then she stopped talking. You just asked. I know you did. You want to know which one is funny. He is the one with influential leaders. The one with leaders who make you laugh and challenge you to excel. Do you know that one? I am involved with the company that has products that help you improve and offers the most dynamic payment system ever. I’m sure you know which one.

Yes, I am leading you. Yes, I’m trying to arouse your curiosity. No, I’m not avoiding the question. Every good network marketing company has good products. Every successful company has influential leadership that challenges its people to excel. Your program fits my description, maybe not as well as the system I’m involved with, but it fits.

The problem is that you take your business too seriously and forget about the important part of network marketing. I didn’t get into this business because of the payment plan. I did not join the company I promote because of their product line. I joined because I had a vision of where I want my life to be in six months, one year and five years. I joined because I want to have fun and enjoy life.

That is the vision I want to share with other people. I want you to feed on the energy of your own personal goals and dreams. I want them to embrace the joy of owning a business and the freedom of being their own boss. The system is a tool to achieve your dreams. I am not stressed about promoting my network marketing business because I am not focused on the business. I focus on the person. What do they dream of achieving? What are your hopes and wishes? What are your challenges?

When you turn off your own needs and focus on theirs, something magical happens. You get more leads. You get more sales. Your business grows fast. The illusion that you generate is contagious and spreads to your team. They start making more sales and their teams grow.

Tell me again, where is the stress in listening to people tell you about their hopes, dreams and desires? Why would it be stressful to help them succeed in life? You are on a mission to change people’s lives, not to promote a company. If you want your network marketing business to grow quickly, get lost in helping others succeed. It is stress free.

Boredom and pent up energy: two main causes of your dog’s behavior problems

Throwing your dog alone in a fenced-in backyard, or even with another dog, does not stimulate the mind or exercise your dog. Actually, it could even be causing behavior problems to multiply. Dogs with behavior problems are not happy dogs! Your inappropriate behavior is your cry for attention and help.

It is a fact; Most excessive barking, chewing, jumping, digging, and running away behavior problems are caused by boredom and pent-up energy. It’s like living with a ticking time bomb! You never know when it will go off…or how much damage it will do.

Dogs need stimulation, both physical and mental. Left unexercised and unchallenged, they will resort to finding creative and often destructive and/or dangerous ways to get into trouble. Worse still, they can develop behavioral problems, which can be quite expensive to modify.

In order to successfully achieve your goal of changing your dog’s inappropriate behavior and having a happy dog, the first thing you must do is commit to it. You must promise to provide your pet with enough structured exercise and mental stimulation daily to relieve boredom and pent-up energy.

Depending on your dog’s energy level, he may require at least 2 hours of vigorous exercise daily. That can include a long walk/run and maybe some time at the dog park for more exercise and socialization. Dog parks are a great place for not only your dog to make new friends, but you too!

Simply walking your dog on a daily basis can stimulate him mentally. New smells, sounds, sights, people and other dogs help break the mundane monotony of your life. Keep them guessing. Try walking in new places from time to time. Explore together.

How about an agility or rally class? If you want your dog to get plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization in an interesting and challenging way, these are two great options.

Is your dog home alone all day? Try doggy daycare, even if it’s just one or two days a week. You will most likely bring home a very tired dog on those nights. A tired dog is a good dog!

Training! The dogs are a work in progress. The best trained dogs on the planet are the ones that are continually trained and retrained to keep them in shape. If you think that because you took a Kindergarten Puppy or Basic Obedience course years ago you will keep your dog on the mark… guess again. Dogs need to be worked every day! Spend 10 minutes at least two or three times a day exercising your dog on obedience commands. There is no question; you will see a change in their behavior. Make it a game… make it fun. They will love the interaction with you.

If you don’t have the self-discipline to set your own schedule, sign up with a local trainer who uses non-punishment, positive reinforcement training methods. Again, great exercise for you and your dog. Lots of mental stimulation, challenges and socializing all wrapped up in an hour! Most give enough homework to keep you and your dog busy until the next class. Group classes are an incredibly inexpensive way to achieve your goal.

Bottom line: Before you give up, commit to two weeks. Walk your dog for at least 30-45 minutes twice a day. Properly exercise your dog by interacting with him. Socialize your pet at a dog park or doggy daycare. Spend time with your dog working on obedience skills. The positive sides of all this are: you will not only see a change in his behavior; you will also be reinforcing the bond between you. The results will blow your mind!

Laser Focus – Mental techniques to develop lean muscle mass

Getting the laser-focused mind to easily develop a good exercise routine isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You see those who can go to the weight room and just lift weights all day every day without even looking away. Let me tell you an interesting story about me and how I was able to overcome that “freak” type syndrome where you look up to everyone else working in the weight room when it should be you.

So I was a 20-year-old college student in the weight room, very short and scrawny. I watch these guys walk into the weight room with laser mental focus. I’m not talking about the ones who are obviously on steroids and just want everyone to see how good their muscles are. I’m talking about the real hard workers. They would go in, have a small snack and start working without looking at another person or in the mirror doing nothing (I’m guilty of that).

These guys were absolutely amazing when it came to this, they would just go in, start with upper body, do some incline bench, flat bench press, move on to dumbbells, do some triceps, some dumbbell flyes, dumbbell press . The next day, they’d do leg presses, squats and all, then fill their bodies with nutrients and protein, usually whey protein shakes.

I constantly ask them how they did this consistently and regularly. The man, who was about 35 years old, told me, I just did it. When she first started going, first making sure she was eating properly, she said, “When you eat right, you don’t want to waste all those good nutrients and just sit around. Plus, when you eat tons of complex carbohydrates, you have tons of energy stored and You don’t want it to go to waste.” At each meal he put complex carbohydrates, which included potatoes, oatmeal, pasta, whole grain breads, etc.

“The hardest thing is to start”, he also said, you just want to go in, don’t think about it, just make a plan beforehand, so that when you go in you know exactly what to do. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Things to see on your holiday in Benin

Benin constitutes a long stretch of land perpendicular to the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. It is the old Dahomey, the so-called road most traveled by Europeans from any Africa. Benin’s history may be rooted in the chain of kingdoms.

Benin is a conservative country and you should dress well and behave to respect their culture and not offend. I would suggest the best time to visit this place, regarding its climate, the idea is to visit the southern area from December to March and July/August, while the visiting time for the northern part of the country is from December to April.

If you are interested in exploring the history of Benin, an extraordinary and amazing museum is Abomey, known as the Royal City, the capital of Dan-Home, and known as the Old Kingdom. It has one of the most remarkable museums in Africa. Artists and craftsmen, weavers, jewelers, wood carvers, iron and brass workers are famous far beyond the borders of the Republic of Benin.

Tourists can also try to visit another museum, the Quidah, known as Whydah in English, the Museum City. Quidah shows the European invasion with the first Portuguese, English, Danish and French trading posts or fortresses. It is great to see and discover the remains of the old port from which the slaves were boarded and shipped to America. The upscale Porto Novo offers a good experience. This is the City of Three Names (Porto Novo, Hogbonou, Adjatche). It is the administrative capital of Benin, right in the middle of Yoruba land.

There are also important museums in this particular area, but the difference here is the Adjogan music that is prevalent in Porto-Novo. The style of music is played on an alounloun, a stick with attached metal rings that jingle to the beat of the stick. They say that the alounloun is descended from the staff of King Te-Agdanlin’s office. The music is played as a tribute and respect to the King and his ministers. It is also being used in the city’s Roman Catholic churches.

If you are a nature lover, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Benin is located in Natitiogou. This area has castle-type Tata-Sombas. There are also traditional huts of the Tanekas and other tribes in the north, home to the rich and varied fauna of the Pendjari and W National Parks. This is one of the highlights of visiting Benin and indeed all of West Africa. . You will discover numerous different species of birds, as well as different species of mammals, including baboons, lions, elephants, and water buffalo.

The Tanougou Falls, a natural waterfall, is also a famous attraction in Benin. If you want you can relax and swim a bit, the natural pools located at the base of the waterfall are refreshing and can be used free of charge. It is a natural treasure to enjoy. Kota Falls is also another attraction where you can get experience and get to know the natural beauty of Benin.

Ganvie is the only floating village in Africa built on stilts. It is the fishing village. There you can also see the lake market. Try to experience the motorboats or pirogues that are available for trips across the lake to Ganvie. During the journey there are Akadjas made of stakes and bushes in the shape of open circles or triangles stuck into the unplanted Lake bed. By seeking shelter among the foliage, fish can be easily caught or kept for breeding.

Summer Masturbation Tips: Beat the Heat

Masturbation is clearly an all-season activity, but summer brings with it some opportunities for some season-specific solo fun. A man who has been following good penis care guidelines will be well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities and add a little more spice to his solo sex sessions.

Some of the suggestions below involve masturbation outdoors. It’s important, of course, to remember that public masturbation can get you in trouble with the police, so men are advised to limit their outdoor fondling to private places.

cool it down

As every man knows, masturbation relies heavily on friction. Penile rubbing, whether vigorous or more practiced, creates friction of varying degrees, which in turn stimulates the sensitive nerves in the penis and produces the sensation that makes masturbation so irresistible. But friction also produces heat, and on a hot summer night, a little extra warmth is the last thing a man needs.

If you are involved in a long pleasure session, remember to stay calm. Spread your legs apart (especially if you are lying down or standing up). If you’re sitting, get up from time to time to let some of the heat escape from your midsection. If you’re masturbating outdoors, spreading your legs can allow a nice breeze to add a ticklish sensation that also adds to the pleasure.

Cool it – again.

A more fun way to keep cool is to aim a small fan directly at your crotch while you masturbate. This will not only cool down the balls but can also add a bit more stimulation which can be quite exciting.

Calm down, one more time.

Many men know that the masturbatory experience can be enhanced by a sudden change in temperature, usually by applying very cold water or ice wrapped in a towel to the balls as ejaculation approaches. This feels even better and is even more appreciated during the dog days of summer.

Non-lubricating lotion.

Summer is the perfect time to walk outdoors in the buff. Guys considering this should make sure to apply sunscreen to protect the sensitive skin on the penis. If you are alone while you are out, a man may be tempted to use that lotion for lubrication. Keep in mind, however, that sunscreen is not made for this purpose and if it gets into the urethra it is likely to cause a burning sensation.

Be hoarse.

Corn on the cob is a summer treat, but don’t throw away the husks after shucking the ears of corn. Wrapping the shells around the penis provides a very different masturbatory sensation that some men find intensely pleasurable. For an even more unusual experience, keep the corn silk and use it during solo fun as well.

Enjoy a melon.

Watermelons are also at their peak in the summer and can provide a bit of juicy fun for a man. Just make a hole of the right size and depth in a melon, insert your penis and simulate intercourse. It’s a bit messy, but it definitely provides a kick.

Take the decisive step.

Masturbating in the shower is one thing; masturbating in a lake or in the ocean is quite another. The sensation that occurs when masturbating with the penis completely submerged in the water is truly unique. (Again, make sure you only enjoy this activity when you are alone, not while others are around.)

Of course, masturbation in summer can still be practiced in the same way as in any other season of the year. Whatever the season and whatever the method, it pays to use a top-notch penis health cream regularly. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to keep masculinity in top form. Those who masturbate frequently and/or roughly should definitely choose a cream with acetyl L carnitine, which helps protect the penis from desensitization due to excessive rubbing. An L-arginine cream is also a good idea. L-arginine is an enzyme that helps create the conditions in which the blood vessels in the penis can relax, opening them up for the flow of blood that is key to a strong erection. Taking steps to maintain penile health will only improve sexual encounters with oneself.

inflatable party games for teens

Planning a teen party is a very difficult task most of the time. Teens are in an awkward stage in their life where they want to hang out with their friends, but may not want their parents or adults around them and watching over them. It’s also really hard to think of things you can do to keep them entertained beyond texting or instant messaging.

The perfect solution for this is inflatable party games. These forms of party games are great because you can challenge your friends in physical activities like jousting, boxing, or bungee jumping.

There are many different forms of inflatable games. Inflatables manufacturers make many inflatable pads for jousting, bungee racing, and obstacle courses. The group’s favorite inflatable game is usually jousting.

Inflatable jousting is a game in which two opponents stand on inflated platforms on either side of each other and face each other with padded sticks. This is just like the one you’ve seen on TV. The only difference is that there is no great gladiator jousting your son on the other pedestal!

The Bungee Run is probably the second most popular inflatable game available. This game is also quite simple and allows your teenagers to compete against each other in a race. All they do is strap on bungee vests, grab a Velcro marker, and race towards a goal at the end of the bungee run to get further than their opponent. This is a great inflatable game for kids of all ages.

Inflatable games are timeless. Consider them for your next teen party.

Extreme Landlord Insurance Risks

Landlord Insurance Risks

I am on my third property at the moment. I’ve been a landlord for a while and have managed to stay out of sticky situations, just by being more aware of what I have a right to be, maybe it’s wasted youth, I don’t know?

The last near miss I had, I couldn’t accommodate it. He was a boy from Uganda who wanted a house in South West London for himself and his big family. He said that he had the full deposit, in cash ready to go. Unfortunately, he’d just rented the house less than an hour earlier, and he’d discounted it for six months from a stuck-up couple who worked here. I’m now known for my extremely short hands and deep pockets, so as I held the phone away from my ear, I thought I’d call the smug couple and tell them I didn’t like the refs they just (didn’t) call. . Although it hurt, I didn’t, and I looked the gift horse in the mouth and sent him off to a fellow named Clive.

Much later, about a year and a half later, I found out the full story. For now, let me tell you, Clive had a vacant house that needed work, but was still livable. He called me to say thank you very much. The guy had paid a huge deposit and six months’ rent in advance.

I hung up the phone and got that feeling of dread every time I make a weird mistake.

Turned out he was right, the following week Clive handed over the keys and to his surprise the guy said he was moving out next weekend and then headed back to Nigeria for business and might be away for a while. Clive said he would drop by the house and Mr Balogun said her student cousin would stay there and look after her. He asked Clive to drop him off at the airport and, in exchange, he could use Mr. Baloguns’ Mercedes Coupe for the foreseeable future until his return. Clive said he was fine so quickly he apparently came off as ‘okay’, he bragged about it in the pub later and I felt like I could kick myself.

What happens is this, as an officer from the organized serious crime squad later said. They find a landlord who can be forced into an agreement, ideally he is the perfect tenant, far above anything the landlord has ever dreamed of. Full terms of the agreement are paid in a day, some even expressing a need for complete privacy, intimacy, a sick family member needing treatment at a nearby hospital, possibly even a mistress who happens to be there. They are then moved to a hydroponics lab, so they can grow marijuana fast and strong, high powered lights, watering trays, tables, compost, etc. Apparently it grows faster and has better and stronger potency grown this way. The police said that the Mercedes they lent Clive had a tracker installed so that anyone in Mr Baloguns’ gang would know where it was at any time, however they need not worry as Clive was not interested in monitoring the house while he had asked for privacy and, as he was driving a car worth £50,000, he was not concerned about the damage. In short, he trusted the man.

It took police almost six weeks to clear the site, as it was apparently evidence. I personally would have charged them rent for the time there, or thrown it all away after seven days. I mean, they tell you it’s important evidence, then they don’t bother to catalog it… that’s very important! Meanwhile it’s hard for you. Clive didn’t have the nerve to tell anyone else, and I don’t think his landlord’s insurance would have covered it for that use either!

How to maintain an overhead projector

An overhead projector is a product that is commonly used for giving presentations or lectures. In this case, you will see that the presence of this unit is really important to help you do your job very well. Therefore, it is important that you maintain it very well so that you can maintain the durability to help you use it as the right investment for you. To help you know more about the maintenance process, you’d better refer to this article for your needs.

1. The first step you should consider is to keep your lens clean. By keeping it clean, you will be able to make it reusable for your needs and thus be able to take advantage of it. To clean, you’d better use compressed air to remove dust from the lens. Also, you should hold the air can between 6 and 8 inches from the lens.

2. The second step to know when maintaining this unit is not to leave the light on when this unit is not in use. Lamp life ranges from 90 to 300 hours. In this case, it is important that you save the use of the lamp so that it does not cost you more. You should know that the black white lamp is the longest and the shortest is the color and high-definition lamp. If you let it turn on for a long time, it means that you spend more energy.

3. The next step is to cover the unit after use. By doing this activity, it will help keep dust from getting into the cooling system and settling on the lens so you can keep it very well.