5 interesting facts about women and designer bags

Much has been said and written about designer handbags for women. Research and studies have been conducted to solve the mystery of the relationship between a woman and her bag. Although you may think that there is not much to know in this area, you may be wrong.

Women love bags. Today the number of bag manufacturers has increased and you will see designer bags in abundance. However, what is it that makes them special for women?

Simply put, bags are not ordinary objects. They also have a controversial history. Here are some facts about designer handbags for women that are lesser known and just as interesting.

1. Measurement of sex appeal: Have you ever used the phrase ‘old bag’ and wondered how it came to be? Well, earlier women used to carry their belongings in a bag or purse kept under their dress or in an inconspicuous pocket. At the time, it was considered vulgar and ridiculous for a woman to have a visible pocket. The phrase ‘old bag’ is part of that legacy. It refers to a woman beyond her best sexual moment.

2. Made of silk: The earliest idea of ​​a handbag was a simple pocket or pouch worn next to the skin for security. Pockets were considered as intimate as underwear, worn in secret places only accessible through a slit in the skirt.

3. Relationship Insecurity: It has been found in various studies that women who own more luxurious and expensive handbags are more insecure about their relationship. They are trying to send a message to other women that their man is not available to anyone else. The feeling that a relationship is being threatened by another woman automatically makes women want to show other women Gucci, Christian Dior or Fendi. Therefore, the bags also prevent men from going astray.

4. Men vs. Women: According to a 2007 survey, men are more likely to choose a designer bag based on its brand than women. Well, this is reasonable, right? Men don’t want to get into design. For men, the theory is simpler: the more popular the brand, the better the bag.

5. General data: It is said that the average woman has 6 bags. The average woman’s handbag weighs 5.2 pounds. 22% of women said that if they could only splurge on one designer item, it would be a bag. Only 9% said they would choose shoes. Still not obsessed?

Is instant credit repair possible?

Although the idea of ​​instant credit repair seems impossible, there are still some diverse methods of instant credit repair, which can be used to quickly restore a person’s credit. Many people are often disinterested in instant credit repair through salesmen or scams, due to the inclusion of long-term factors and risks. Therefore, it is suggested that several steps be considered before making any changes to credit scores, especially for those who want instant credit repair.


It is recommended that a person seeking instant credit repair consider a collection agent. Collection agency is considered to be one of the best sources where a person can get instant credit repair. Credit scoring is usually based on the credit report, so when financial organizations such as banks and other businesses lend money, they report to a credit bureau to analyze an individual’s credit status.

After taking the necessary reports from the banks, the collection agency accumulates all the collected data in its data bank and complies with the credit report and keeps it for a period of seven years. When a person owes debts to creditors, but cannot pay them, at that point the creditors usually recover by giving the loan agreement to a credit collection agency with deep price cuts.

This is because creditors feel that their chances of recovery are less and by approaching a collection agency they would solve their debt recovery problems instantly. In many occasions, the collection agencies are usually violent to recover the loan amount, which will have a great impact on the credit rating of a person.

Credit collection agencies offer several alternatives to get instant credit repair, such as contacting them directly and coming to a decision to make a contract regarding the payment of the debt. It should be remembered that the collection agency will buy an individual debt as part of the final price so, even if you pay half or less of what you owe, they are willing to accept it.


The biggest and best possible way to achieve instant credit repair is to try to repay money owed to a creditor instead of repaying it to a collection agency. This instant credit repair technique not only makes a good impression on the creditor’s mind, but also avoids reporting to a credit collection bureau. They can even remove the notice from the credit report if the full amount is paid.

A person can get a good credit by creating good financial alternatives in his life and paying all the debts in the allotted period of time. This may sound impossible, but executing certain things can help you improve, such as formulating a budget and carrying it out correctly.

Do a personal financial assessment

To get to the top of the real estate investing mountain, you’ll want and need to use every tool available in your financial tool belt. While you can theoretically build a house with just a few tools, the quality of the house can suffer if you don’t have certain specialized tools at your disposal. The same is true when trying to finance your real estate transactions.

First, a key truth in real estate: You don’t have to have a great credit history or access to a ton of cash to make a fortune as a real estate investor. But you’ll get to the Promised Land of real estate investing much faster if you do.

Because your ultimate goal is to build a thick real estate portfolio and a large residual monthly income that comes in regardless of whether you decide to get out of bed every morning or choose to sleep in late, you’ll want to make sure your finances are in good shape. maximum health status. That requires you to give your finances a thorough check-up, like your personal doctor would to make sure you’re the picture of good health.

Step one: get into the right frame of mind

The most critical step in analyzing your financial situation is realizing that the way you approach money and financial decisions plays a critical role in your ultimate success or failure. If you have a proven track record of shooting yourself in the foot with poor financial decisions, it’s imperative that you make a radical change and change your spending habits.

If you waste a ton of money on music downloads, splurge every day on expensive gourmet coffee, or go on first-name basis with the Walmart clerk, I have a news flash for you: your budget has more meat than pig than a congressional spending bill. By removing much of the waste from your personal finances, you can generate cash out of thin air that you can use for much better purposes than instant gratification. Instead, you can change your life for the better. But the choice is yours alone.

Step Two: Relentlessly Cut Expenses

When you finish paying bills at the end of the month, do you usually have cash left over, or do you tend to spend it all within a day or two of payday, then limp along until your next paycheck arrives? Most people spend most of their salary on bills, food, and other necessities. If they’re lucky, they can save a few bucks for a rainy day. The difference between those who are in control of their finances and those whose financial lives are in disarray is that being in control means taking control and staying in control. Although many people have trouble increasing their income, it is possible to reduce expenses. To do that, you need to monitor your spending and identify areas of your budget that can be cut. While this isn’t the sexiest topic of conversation, it’s absolutely vital to your ultimate success as a real estate investor. Budgeting monthly expenses and spending only what’s on your list is one of the hardest aspects of taking control of your financial life. By eliminating unnecessary expenses, you will reach your goals faster. Here are some ideas to get started:

Gut the cable pig: That’s how it is; cancel your cable. You’re constantly complaining that there’s nothing good about it anyway, right? Instead, talk to your spouse, take a walk, listen to a podcast, or read a good book on investing.

Reduce your cell phone plan to suit you: Most people load themselves up with expensive and wasteful cell phone bundle deals. Unlimited texting, mobile web, and bulk calling plans are great, but most people don’t use all of their phone’s features. Do you need mobile navigation, or is it just a toy you use to watch YouTube videos when you should be doing something else? Do you need unlimited texting, or can you give your thumbs a rest if it will save you $20 a month?

Check your credit card statement: See if you have any recurring charges each month. Are they items you need? You may even incur a few small charges each month that you forget to sign up. Delete the ones you don’t need and keep them up to date to make sure you’re not throwing money out the window.

Stay out of the drive-through—your waistline and wallet will thank you. These often daily trips to McDonald’s and other fast food outlets are killing your health and your budget, sometimes to the tune of $5-$10 per trip. This also applies to coffee. Caribou and Starbucks are tempting, but do you really need to stop in for a $5 cup of coffee every day, or would you save money by brewing it at home?

Step Three: Pay Off Excessive Debt

Another area that is probably holding you back is excessive debt. High credit card balances, store credit card balances, and computer payments are a reality for millions of us. However, if they’re holding you back financially, they should go the 8-track way and join the growing list of things that once served a useful purpose and no longer do. Make extra payments, have a garage sale, or do whatever it takes to eliminate excess debt. If you can’t find the cash to pay some of these bills, consolidate or at least make larger payments. If the thing in your wallet, credit cards, is eating up too much of your cash, it’s time to take control and protect your financial interests. No one else will.

Step Four – Check Your Credit Report and Score

How is your credit history? Do you have a long history of consistently paying your bills on time, or do you tend to pay a lot of your bills late, anyway? If you’re like most people, your history of paying bills on time falls somewhere in the middle. The first step in making that determination is to look at your credit report and find out what your credit score is. Once you know those details, you can get to work improving your credit and positioning your finances to take advantage of real estate opportunities when they come your way. The good news is that you won’t have to spend a small fortune to get your credit report. The federal government, for once, finally had a pro-consumer idea that makes sense. The three major credit reporting agencies, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, have partnered with a single website www.annualcreditreport.com that allows you to get your credit report once a year for free. Whether you get all three at the same time, or stagger them to examine a different one every four months, that’s your choice. The important thing is that you get these reports and see what information is in them. They will have most of your credit transactions on them, as well as any cancellations, late payments, etc., along with your current balances. If you find that your report contains errors, omissions, or fraudulent accounts (accounts listed in your name that were opened by someone other than you), there is a mechanism to correct these entries. Because your ability to borrow money and the interest rate you’ll pay depend on the accuracy of these reports, it’s in your best interest to make sure the story on your credit report is true. While you may not get free credit scores with your free credit reports, it’s important that you have an accurate understanding of your current credit score as part of a comprehensive review of your finances. You are much more than a number, but to a potential lender, numbers are all that matters. If your FICO score is too low, your chances of getting approved for a loan are reduced. This knowledge will allow you to act decisively to improve your credit score, and the rate and terms that you can demand in all your financial transactions.

Step five: increase your income

You have two options to increase your income: work harder at your job or find a business opportunity that can put you on the path to financial success. Investing in real estate is a proven method of building wealth, residual monthly income, and life-changing opportunities.

Pine Financial Group aims to continue to provide you with tools you can put to work in your life today to increase your income and build real, sustainable wealth. What you do with this knowledge is up to you.

Japanese “Kaizen” principles for blogs

In the world of Japanese management style, Kaizen means “change for the better” or “improvement.” Kaizen refers to the workplace strategy that requires endless efforts to improve, involving everyone in the organization, both managers and workers. In general, a Japanese management Kaizen team has two main components: maintenance and improvement. Each component has its specific functions. The maintenance function is to maintain the current technological, administrative and operational standards, while the improvement function aims to improve the current standards. These same principles can be applied to blogs. Here are ways you can apply “Kaizen” principles to blogging.

Let’s discuss Kaizen for blogs in terms of the Manage and Improve features.


For Kaizen, you typically have to focus on improving the process rather than achieving certain results. It is also a process that, when done correctly, helps to eliminate too much hard work (both mental and physical) and teaches people how to learn to detect and eliminate useless processes. A good blogger should possess the following management skills:

  • Time management
  • Time management helps you work on the most valuable tasks and get them done quickly. Time management is not an obscure notion, but rather an important blogging strategy that can be followed to gain a great deal of success. Many bloggers have failed because they are inefficient and time management can increase that efficiently. Knowing how to manage your time effectively will help you achieve the goals you want with the least effort.

  • Maximize the effectiveness of blogs
  • Every blogger puts a lot of effort into creating a blog and then posting content regularly, but it is even more important that the content is read by many people.

  • Keywords
  • Always try to build an understanding of the keywords used in your blog. You also need to understand how the unique features of your blog and how your blog can fit in with the current concerns of your audience. This understanding will help you develop content and also guide conversations.

    2. Improvement

    Under the improvement function, a blogger must continually work to review the current standards, once they have mastered them, and set higher ones. Improvement can be divided between innovation and Kaizen. Innovation implies a drastic improvement in the existing process and requires large investments. Kaizen means small improvements as a result of continuous coordinated efforts. The areas that require constant improvement for a blog are:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines through search results. A blog that ranks higher on a search engine results page will have more searchers visiting the blog. A good blogger should always pay attention to the latest SEO techniques to fully optimize their blog for search engines. A high search engine ranking is also essential for better blog income.

  • Writting skills
  • Blogging is about writing. In order for you to advertise your blog content, you should always strive to improve your writing skills. While most people think of writers as infinitely talented, living in a rarefied air denied to the rest of us, writing is a learned skill. While some people are born more talented than others with the written word, most people can become better writers simply through practice. Blogging is as good a field of practice as any.

  • internet marketing
  • Your blog doesn’t do a good job if it isn’t marketed properly. Without proper marketing, you may end up having a limited readership. You should learn some basic marketing tips for your blog. Some of the basic marketing techniques are like joining a blog network eg mybloglog, 9rules etc, submitting your blog to directories, having a contest, creating links and trackbacks and many more.

    True to the principle of Kaizen, you should always strive for small improvements for your blog. A little improvement and continual standardization produces big results in a compound productivity improvement way.

    The price of gold in different countries

    Economists assume that the price of gold, although uncertain, is estimable. They come close to estimating like any other product with rising production costs.

    Gold specialists and traders, by contrast, follow an older economic convention that emphasizes the monetary roles of existing gold stocks, which exceed the annual production of new metals by two orders of magnitude. The price of gold is believed to be largely based on expectations of changes in international macroeconomic variables and world trade.

    Neither of these approaches has yielded good price predictions. The basic problem is that investment demands cannot be treated simply as changes in producers’ inventories for speculative or precautionary purposes. as with other merchandise. Thus, if we assert that manufactured demands should increase proportionally with world gross national product (GNP), with Leontief et al., we get forecasts of annual world gold consumption in the year 2000 that are ridiculously high. namely, two or three times the outputs of 1980. If we were to provide such increases in new gold production, it would require increases in real gold prices to $600 or $1,000 per ounce in constant dollar terms.

    Clearly, these estimates are inconsistent with past patterns of change in supply and demand for manufactured gold, giving evidence of considerable sensitivity to changes in price (price elasticity). This prompts market pundits to re-examine gold’s role as a major store of value whose price responds less to movements in manufactured products and new gold production costs than to changes in previously mined gold stocks. Such asset holdings respond largely to changes in asset prices, ie interest rates, inflation and the exchange rate. Because prices are influenced by changes in macroeconomic variables, this second approach attempts to correlate gold prices directly with monetary variables, but has been no more successful than the commodity approach.

    One of the reasons for the failure is that changes in gold stocks complicate international capital movements. Capital movements are driven by expectations of changes in asset prices, and these are sensitive to uncertainty about monetary policies. These complications discourage and confuse attempts to use statistical analysis directly to explain gold price movements.

    We suggest treating gold like the share price of foreign assets in the portfolios of international investors averse to currency risks. The gold price itself, the exchange rate, the price level, and the interest rate are shown as proxy asset prices that enter with other exogenous variables and wealth in the demands of private and public investors here and abroad. These investors maximize utility subject to the constraints of monetary policy and balance of payments disequilibrium. As investors seek to maintain desired holding levels of different assets, foreign and domestic, markets for bullion or gold producing stocks respond according to conditional expectations of changes in key rates and uncertainties affecting value. of the currency of the country of origin. The challenge with this hypothesis is to find a way to test it empirically.

    Mining stock exchanges provide a way around the difficulty. Since bullion and shares of gold mining companies are gross substitutes, the use of capital asset pricing theory allows us a simple test of this alternative model as applied to North American gold producers. North whose shares are listed on the stock exchange.

    Our results show that trends in new gold production and price movements are not simple functions of commodity forecasts using conventional gold market analysis. Gold is best forecast as a stock price determined by the stock market. This implies a much more volatile market whenever monetary expectations become dominant. This is shown by the size of the prevailing premium for gold above its period production price. This can be two to three times higher than normal, enough to significantly discourage the growth of manufactured ones. Above this premium level, irregular price cycles arise from movements in stock positions among investors during periods of adjustment to the global monetary imbalance. The variation in the price is related to the sensitivity of the invented demands to the price. We show that investors who monitor macroeconomic variables in a fully identified model can successfully hedge against currency devaluations and player capital gains periodically through a strategy that includes gold securities in their investment portfolios.

    Credit card transfers: Find out the cost of balance transfer offers

    Are you in the market for credit card transfers? Without a doubt, balance transfer offers have the potential for cardholders to realize substantial savings. Note that I used the word potential here. When contemplating the possibility of transferring a balance from one card to the next, there are several factors to consider.

    First, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the terms of the offer. You can do this by reading the disclosure statement, which is sometimes also called the terms and conditions. You’ll find all the important details there, including information about interest rates, fees and payment periods, credit limits, and more.

    Credit card transfers will often be advertised with a 0% or low introductory APR. These will usually be offered for 6 months and sometimes up to 12 months. They can be a great deal if you currently carry a balance on a card with a high interest rate. But you also have to look beyond that.

    When I say look further, I mean you need to know what the interest rate will be when the introductory rate expires. If you’re going to aggressively pay off your current balance, then finding 0% APR or low-interest rate credit card transfers is a fantastic way to pay down principal while being charged little to no interest.

    However, many people make the mistake of forgetting or not realizing that the default interest rates in the offer will take effect when the introductory period ends. Make sure you know exactly what those rates will be before you transfer your balance.

    Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you’ll be able to pay off your balance in full before the introductory period expires. If you don’t think you’ll be able to afford it, you need to make sure the interest rates are affordable and not excessively high.

    Compare those rates to what you’re paying now, and that will help you determine if doing a balance transfer is actually in your best interest. You also need to be aware of any and all fees that are charged, such as annual fees, late payment fees, etc. All of these factors determine how much your credit is going to cost you.

    And finally, and this is very, very important, you need to know what the balance transfer fee will be. Most major issuers now charge a fee to transfer balances from one credit card to another. In general, it ranges around 3% of the total to be transferred, but it can be higher or lower depending on the offer.

    Office furniture

    The global recession has affected all forms and functions of business. In the current era, it has become mandatory for businesses to save costs and reduce expenses in order to survive. Therefore, the main objective of every business is to reduce its expenses.

    When starting a business, it is necessary to make investments in office furniture which includes office desks, office chairs, cubicles and others. You will need these things in bulk for your office. So, if you are going to start your own business or upgrading your existing business, you should go for used furniture as it is more affordable.

    There is an increase in the number of people who prefer used office furniture over new furniture. It’s because buying used furniture can contribute to lowering the start-up cost of your business. For existing businesses, purchasing used office furniture can help reduce expenses and increase profits.

    There are also other reasons why people prefer used furniture to new ones. Used furniture is less expensive, environmentally friendly and durable. Used furniture includes used office chairs, used desks, and used cubicles. This equipment is necessary to furnish an office therefore by purchasing used cubicles and used office chairs; you will be able to furnish your office in the most profitable way.

    If you prefer brand-name furniture, you can search for various furniture stores that can provide you with used or second-hand brand-name furniture. Second-hand brand-name furniture is more affordable, so you’ll be able to lower your costs.

    Used furniture dealers are found almost everywhere, however, not all of them can provide you with high-quality and comfortable furniture. There are some furniture suppliers that provide reliable restoration services for your office.

    You can also buy used office furniture online through various websites. Used office furniture websites will offer you used office desks, used office chairs, and used cubicles. By buying used office furniture online, you will also be able to save your transportation costs. Since it is the era of buying and selling products over the Internet, you will surely find some interesting offers online as well. If you look hard enough, you can cash in on some quirky furniture deals.

    There are many people who believe that used office furniture is not in very good condition. On the contrary, you can find good quality office furniture without wear and tear if you do a little research. You will find used cubicles and used office chairs from different discount stores or used furniture dealers.

    So, if the high start-up cost prevents you from starting your own business, then you should buy used furniture from any discount store or used furniture store. There are several benefits of using used office furniture. You will find used furniture from various discount stores and used furniture

    Should I buy coins that used the ANACS coin classification?

    These are the raw data on the Anaks coin classification

    Anacs is the oldest of all the coin sorting companies. It was started by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in 1972. The ANA recognized that something needed to be done about all the counterfeit and altered coins floating around. FYI: PCGS began serving the public in 1986 and NGC was formed in 1987.

    Anaks did something that the others did not want to do

    When coin grading companies were first formed, they all only graded older coins. Anacs was the first of the coin grading companies to begin grading modern issue coins. Pcgs and Ngc scoffed at this move and both declared that they would never grade modern issue coins. When the public started buying millions and millions of dollars worth of modern issue coins, to start or complete less expensive and more affordable games, Pcgs and Ngc quickly changed their tune.

    Why is Anaks coin grading analyzed?

    If you talk to a coin dealer, a small percentage of them will tell you that they don’t like the Anak coin grading. Why is that? Well, it all has to do with HSN, the Home shopping network.

    Mike Mezack, Master Presenter and Salesperson

    Mike Mezack is the number one coin dealer in the world. With career sales of over $1 billion, he has dominated the numismatic coin industry for 20 years. This created a difficult relationship with dealers, but a wonderful relationship with collectors. Coin dealers watched Mike sell at home shopping and realized that people who could shop at his stores were now shopping from the comfort of their home. This achievement did not make Mike best friends with him. Last year, in a very tough economy, Mike Mezack worked 8 hours a month at HSN and sold over $125 million in collectible coins. Most of the coins that Mike sells have gone through the Anak coin grading. This caused some dealers to associate Anacs with Mike and lost sales. Even though Anacs had a member of the ANA board of directors, distributors responded by saying that Anacs was not as good as PCGS and NGC.

    Well, which of the coin grading companies is the right choice?

    Actually, all three. Why? Because they call they carry exactly the same guarantee. If you receive an Anacs, Pcgs or NGC MS70 coin they come with a guarantee that it is a perfect coin and if you determine it is not and it was graded perfectly by mistake you return it and get your money back or receive a new corner. This is exactly the same policy for all three companies.

    What do I buy?

    I buy all three, actually I only buy gold and silver numismatic coins as I love the idea of ​​having both numismatic and metal price in my collection. I only buy from the big three coin grading companies and suggest you do the same.

    The cons of a 50/50 equity business partnership

    This article could have been titled “The Pros and Cons of a 50/50 Partnership,” but the cons far outweigh the pros. When partnerships are formed, obvious concerns are addressed. How do each partner’s skill set and experience complement each other? How much will each partner contribute to start the business? How long will they grow the business before they consider selling it? Is it so? … hardly.

    Once the business gets off the ground, the economic and industry variables that affect the business undoubtedly change. Each partner’s perception of the direction the business should take also changes. There are constant decisions regarding the mix of product and service offerings… the decision to enter another line of business or exit one. Should you focus on a higher volume, lower profit margin business model or vice versa? How about a switch to a more capital intensive model? If the business becomes a success, potential investors often jump in, whether it’s an angel investor or a venture capitalist. Both partners must agree on the investment proposal.

    What if one of the partners acquires an asset for the business, be it a piece of land, a building, a small data center, a thousand servers, or to complicate things further, contributes an intellectual asset of some sort? When the company is going to be sold, what is the value of the asset contributed by the partner? Who is supposed to assess it? This can become an insurmountable obstacle. Most buyers know not to value any piece near its own value.

    When it comes time to sell the business, each partner’s financial situation has undoubtedly changed since the business was founded. The consideration for the business could be all cash, all stock, or a combination of cash and stock. The tax implications of each of the three scenarios are different for each partner. I’ve seen the process of selling a company fizzle out too many times because the partners didn’t agree with the proposed deal. They’ve spent years growing the business and then disagree on when to sell, who to sell to, and/or how much to sell it for.

    Business is about return of equity, not “all for one and one for all”. My suggestion… one ship, one captain.

    Stock market investment: reliable or bet

    There is an old metaphor that says, “Money makes money.” This can literally be applied today to the generation of capital through investment in the stock market. Generally, people have savings in the form of cash or jewelry. But it won’t do any good if the economy suffers from inflation or if the value of the currency falls. So what can be a safe investment that is reliable and productive? Well, the answer is investing in the stock market. The stock market is part of a system in which companies or shares of listed companies are bought, issued and sold. But for some people it’s no better than a dark abyss and a hazy casino of gambling savings. Contrary to common thinking, the stock market is a much better investment option than classic investment areas such as time deposits and gold bonds.

    Basic concepts that one must learn before starting the investments in the stock market

    It is such a pain to lose money and that is why no one wants to lose their savings accumulated through hard work. Also, some people have a higher investment threshold than others. If a person is considering diverting their savings as a stock investment and is upset about the loss that could occur, they should not have invested in the first place. However, before investing one must have a clear mind on a few things.

    Here an investor sells any particular value of his property as well, another who is interested in buying it. Since both investors cannot be absolutely correct, it can be called an adversarial system. For a better understanding, we can assume that one investor will make a profit and the other will definitely suffer a loss.

    The opinion of the main investors, natural calamities, political and social instability, supply and demand, risk and the abundance or lack of alternatives. These factors are compiled with the relevant published information, which creates an overall sentiment (ie bearish and bullish) thus influencing the corresponding buyers and sellers.

    The real profit is found in the gradient of buying and selling prices of a stock. The best time to buy is when other investors are bearish. At the same time, the best time to sell is when other investors are bullish.

    Pros and cons of investing in the stock market

    Just like any other investment option, the stock market also has its advantages and disadvantages.


    1. Great opportunity for extremely good returns in a short period of time.

    2. Minority ownership. It may seem like an exaggeration, but putting money into the shares of a reputable company also makes the person part owner of the company. It doesn’t matter if the investment was big or small.


    1. Brokerage of commissions. Every time a person trades his stock, he becomes responsible for paying a certain amount to the broker’s commission and kills the profit margin.

    2. It is very time consuming. Investing in the market is not the same as putting money to win a lottery. Here one has to comply with multiple paperwork, so it becomes slow.