Fun Activities for Couples: What to Do When It’s Snowing

Right now I am trapped in my house. Yes, I am literally stuck. You see, I live in Georgia and about once a year a little snow falls. Last night we got about three inches and today it froze good and hard. The only driveway I have to the highway is about a quarter of a mile long and thick ice uphill. I’m stuck! So I started thinking about romantic things a couple could do when you have limited resources or are “stuck” somewhere. This doesn’t have to be just during a snow storm. You can use these ideas anytime you are stuck or want to be stuck somewhere alone with your lover.

As adults, we rarely have time to do the fun things we used to do when we were kids. Board games or cards are a fun way to spend time alone with your lover if you are stuck in the house. As adults, you can even put a little spin on the game by offering bets to your partner. These adult bets could make the game that much more interesting.

I’m a pretty busy person, so most of the time I have to eat on the run. If you are going to be alone with your lover, why not prepare an elaborate meal together? Now, I don’t mean the guy who sits and watches football while the woman cooks like Gordon Ramsey. Make this a partnership project that you do together. The end result will be a great meal and lots of fun preparing it together.

Take an afternoon and do a movie marathon. Choose three of your favorite movies. Make sure both of you agree that these are really favorites for both of you, otherwise one of the partners will quickly get bored. Make a large bowl of popcorn and sit back and enjoy movies and each other’s company like you used to when you first met.

Taking advantage of the moments when you are trapped will go a long way toward growing your relationship to new levels. Having these times is a huge change from the daily routine that our lives so often turn into. Have fun with this and enjoy the activities that I have listed above. If you can think of other ideas, use them too, as long as both people enjoy them.

The Pros and Cons of Pet Mice

There are a few distinct benefits and also some definite downsides to keeping mice as pets. They are easy to care for, do not last long, and are easily stored in a small space. However, they are also nervous, do not last long, and in many cases, they are not very interactive.

Mice can live quite content in a 10-gallon aquarium with a mesh lid or a cage of similar size. They need a plate of food, a bottle of water, a place to hide, and maybe a wheel to run and / or a block to chew on. Some kind of sand should be placed in the bottom of the cage to absorb urine and usually only needs to be changed once a week.

The urine of mice is quite itchy, especially that of mature males. This can be mitigated a bit by keeping only the females or by cleaning the stains from the cage daily or every other day. But mice generally smell something, so if you hate the smell, maybe another pet or no pets would be better for you.

The lifespan of a mouse is not very long, usually only between a year and a year and a half. This can be difficult if they become beloved pets, but it also means they have less commitment. This makes them good pets for children who are old enough to be responsible but may lose interest in a year or so.

Food and sand for a mouse or two are not very expensive. They are small and don’t eat much, and they don’t need a lot of sand for their cages either. However, veterinary care for your mouse will not be much less expensive than for a cat or small dog, especially since you would need to seek out an exotics specialist.

A lonely mouse is not likely to be happy, because they are deeply social creatures. However, they are shy enough that it is difficult to get a mouse with a companion to bond with you. In general, the best are two babies or adults who are already friends, because they will bond with you and yet appreciate each other’s company. Always choose two of the same sex.

Interaction with a mouse is limited. People can hold them and sometimes let them run around desks or other secure areas, but care must be taken that they do not leak. And older mice that are not yet domesticated can be difficult to handle. However, people who primarily enjoy watching their pets run and play will greatly enjoy having a mouse or two.