How to choose the best home exercise equipment for you

Before, to get access to a wide range of fitness equipment, you had to join a gym and pay expensive membership fees. However, today there is a wide range of home exercise equipment available that you can purchase and use in the privacy of your own home.

The type of equipment you choose will depend on your budget, fitness goals, available space in your home, and your personal preferences for the types of exercise you like to do and the equipment you like to use.

Here are some of the most popular forms of home exercise equipment that you can consider.

Elliptical trainers are one of the most popular types of fitness equipment available. They offer a good general non-impact aerobic exercise activity.

Stationary bikes mainly work the legs and buttocks. They offer another cardio workout without the impact.

Treadmills allow you to walk or run indoors with various levels of resistance without having to worry about the time of day, the weather, or the high impact that running on pavement can take on your joints.

Rowing machines offer a full-body aerobic workout. To row you use both your upper and lower body.

Cross-country ski machines also offer a full-body cardiovascular workout that helps build muscular endurance.

Weight resistance equipment consists of free weights, such as dumbbells and barbells, as well as home gyms or multiple weight stations. Weight lifting is a great way to build muscle, strength, and stamina.

There is also a wide range of smaller home exercise equipment such as jump ropes, balance balls, elastic bands, kick boxing equipment and a host of other fitness equipment and equipment that can be used in your home gym for exercise. Exercise videos can also be a great way to help you exercise at home.

If you’re just starting to set up your home gym or a dedicated exercise area, it might be a good idea to start with some smaller, cheaper pieces of equipment, like a set of adjustable dumbbells, before investing in larger, more expensive pieces of equipment, like a treadmill. That way, you can be sure to make full use of all the home exercise equipment you buy. Of course, if you already have extensive experience using fitness equipment in a gym, then you may be ready for some big purchases right away.

Lion, witch, wardrobe and gospel: Narnia as Christian allegory

the Chronicles of Narnia, a seven-volume saga for children by CS Lewis, reveals a world that exists parallel to our own, populated by men and women, dwarves and talking animals, giants and mermaids, centaurs and fauns, and ruled by a kind but incredibly ferocious gigantic lion named Aslan. Lewis, who died the same day as JFK, on ​​November 22, 1963, combined the three passions of his life – classical mythology, medieval lore and Christian philosophy – to create in Narnia a microcosm of the moral struggles facing our own world.

characters and plot
Along with Aslan himself, the heroes of the Narnia books are the four Pevensie children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Taken from their London home to avoid Nazi bombing raids, they are billeted with an elderly undergraduate professor in his rambling country mansion.

While playing hide-and-seek, Lucy, the youngest of 8 years old, hides in an old closet full of coat racks. Moving further back to escape detection, she pushes her way through the coats, expecting to crash into the back of the closet at any moment. Lucy, on the other hand, feels the branches of the evergreen trees, hears the crunch of the snow at her feet, and sees in the distance the glow of a street lamp like the ones she had seen many times in London.

This marks the beginning of the four brothers’ many adventures in Narnia. Each of the books, though loosely connected to the others, can also stand alone. We eventually learn where the lamppost came from and how the wardrobe became a portal. We also learn more about Aslan, what it takes to be his friend, and who are his enemies.

the deeper meaning
For those who know how to keep an eye out, Lewis has filled Narnia, not only with interesting characters, majestic scenery, and exciting action, but also with Christian allegories. Aslan himself represents Jesus Christ, “the lion of the tribe of Judah” (Revelation 7:14). The Pevensie children finally feel so at home in Narnia that they see it as their homeland and this world as the place where they are visitors. Lewis, in his books on Christian apologetics, describes the spiritual world as a parallel existence to the physical world, which has the quality of being, not gloomy and insubstantial in comparison to the physical, but more real, more colorful, and much, much more alive.

As Paul explains,

…many live as enemies of the cross of Christ. His destiny is destruction, his god is his stomach, and his glory is in his shame. His mind is on earthly things. But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await from there a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ… –Philippians 3:18-20 (see also Hebrews 11:13-16).

the disney movie
The first book of seven, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, is now the subject of a major motion picture produced by Walt Disney Pictures & Walden Media and directed by Andrew Adamson. At the climax of the story there is a beautiful sacrifice, Lewis’ images of Christ’s death.

If you go to the movie, watch the breaking of the Stone Table, which symbolizes how Christ’s death and resurrection brought about the end of the Law of Moses by fulfilling its demands for blood atonement. Also be aware of the role Susan and Lucy play in witnessing Aslan’s death and revival, which corresponds to the historical role played by women as mourners at Jesus’ death and burial and as the first witnesses to his resurrection.

The Professor helps Peter and Susan decide how to receive Lucy’s testimony about Narnia: if she is not a liar and not crazy, then logically she must be telling the truth. This corresponds to the testimony that Jesus gave about his own identity, and the testimony that his followers gave about him, what Lewis elsewhere describes as the trilemma about Jesus: Is He Lord, Liar, or Lunatic?

Another significant parallel is this: Aslan’s loyal followers play an important role in the battle against the White Witch. Like our own spiritual warfare, Christ ensures final victory, but calls his followers to participate personally in the fight. For passages relevant to that conflict, see Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Corinthians 10:3-5; 1 Timothy 1:18-20; 1 Timothy 6:12; and 2 Timothy 4:7).

Plans are for six more movies to follow this first one, in which the rest of the Narnia story unfolds. If they are as faithful to the books and well conceived and produced as this one was, all of us die-hard Lewis fans greet them as a Narnia introduction to a jaded world. We hope viewers will grasp and appreciate the allegorical features as well as the superficial story. The goal is not just to learn about Aslan and Narnia, but to become his friend and subject to him and live in his kingdom forever.

Do you want to go deeper?
You can search for documents that go into more detail about the Narnia allegory, including these three: “The Lion, the Witch, and the Allegory,” “The Wardrobe as a Christian Metaphor,” and “Myth Made True: The Origins of the Chronicles of Narnia.”

If you would like to purchase and read your own copy of the Chronicles of Narnia, are available in a variety of editions, from the one-volume softcover edition to the seven-volume hardcover or softcover box set. Also available is the Official Companion to Illustrated Films for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobefeaturing stills from the film and interviews with the director and cast members, as well as EJ Kirk Beyond the Closet: The Official Guide to Narnia. (My blog provides links to all of these, giving you access to substantial discounts, from 24% to 33% off retail prices.)

Real estate agent job description

Real estate agents serve as the liaison between homeowners and buyers to carry out the sale, purchase or rental of properties. They work for brokers and play an important role in helping people buy or sell residential, commercial, or industrial property. They maintain and maintain an up-to-date property listing account and other relevant housing information to keep abreast of available properties on the real estate market. They subscribe to various listing services to advertise and market properties for sale. They also contact properties and market properties for sale. They also contact owners for information about a property.

As part of their responsibilities, real estate agents present purchase and sale offers to clients for their consideration. They advise them on property rates, legal requirements and general market trends. They also interview clients to determine their preference or property specification. They usually prepare a list of properties that best suit the needs and requirements of the clients. They visit and inspect properties to establish the precise value of the property. They also offer recommendations to clients on the properties that best suit their budget and preference.

Most real estate agents oversee the preparation of closing statements, purchase agreements, agency contracts, and other documents necessary for the real estate business. They conduct negotiations between sellers and buyers of properties to establish the price and other terms of sale. They also liaise with pest control operators, home inspectors, etc. to ensure that the terms and conditions set forth in a purchase agreement are established prior to the close of sales.

In the course of their role, real estate agents oversee the closing of property sales, ensure that payment is complete, and that appropriate documents are signed. They maintain contact with clients to offer them real estate services/products and assist them in resolving problems. They also provide consulting services to clients to recommend strategies for quick property sales. They often run junior sales agent/trainee training programs to improve their sales skills. This job position requires at least a high school diploma, state license to practice, and sales aptitude. Qualities needed for the job include persuasiveness, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills.

Sample Real Estate Agent Job Description

Below is a sample of the job description most employers typically give real estate agents:

  • Act as a liaison for real estate transactions between buyers and sellers of properties.

  • Present sales offers to clients, as well as bid on available properties

  • Conduct investigations to determine customer credit status and ability to complete payment

  • Inspect properties to appraise their value and estimate the value in the real estate market

  • Interact with clients to identify their requirements and offer recommendations on the properties that best suit their budgets.

  • Help home sellers promote their buildings on property listing services to attract customers to purchase.

  • Prepare and deliver sales pitches to clients to secure the real estate contract.

  • Provide clients with a list of properties available for sale to help them choose

  • Conduct price negotiations between property buyers and sellers to ensure fair treatment for both parties.

  • Provide clients with a tour of residential, industrial or commercial properties to show and explain the features of the property.

  • Conduct investigations to confirm that clients have clear title deeds

  • Provide an adequate response to customer inquiries about property appraisals, financing, maintenance, etc.

  • Examine property facilities to recommend maintenance measures needed to improve face value

  • Help clients evaluate mortgage options for the best rate and terms

  • Attend conventions, conferences, and seminars to enhance existing job knowledge and expand your personal network.

If you are a recruiter who needs to hire the best real estate agent, you can use the sample job description above to make one for your company, to use for recruiting and tasking selected candidates.

Reason why you should rekey your locks

It goes without saying that the locks on your property are the front line keeping unwanted guests out. You can’t deny the fact that security starts at home, which you can’t ignore anyway. It is one of the cheapest and most effective insurance policies that enabled you to live a life without fear. No matter, it is about the security of your home or office, you should always consult a professional locksmith. The reason can be:

You moved to a new house: One of the first things you should do after moving into a new home or office is to rekey all your locks because you don’t know who has the keys to your old locks and how they can be used against you. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry after a disaster strikes and you have nothing to regret.

Lost your keys: If you lost the keys completely or maybe misplaced them somewhere, you should definitely put the keys back in your locks, even if you get them back. This is because in a very short period of time, anyone can take your fingerprints and use them to burglarize your home when you are away from home or the office. In such a situation, changing the lock code is the best option to ensure the safety of your home or office.

Your partner moves: If you are sharing the room with someone else and they are now moving out of the house, then you need to put the locks back on after they have left. It’s because you don’t know if your belongings are taken away even after you change the room, so it’s better to take precautions than regret.

You are using unstable locks: In most cases, people use low-quality padlocks that can be easily opened with multiple keys, which can put you in very serious trouble. If you are also taking your home or office security lightly and using such unreliable locks, it is time to be vigilant and re-enter them as quickly as possible. That’s because you can’t leave anything to chance and changing your password is the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

All of the points above make it clear why you need to rekey your locks, right? So, the next time you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above, instead of avoiding it, re-engage your locks as quickly as you can.

K-1 Visa Interview Issues

The climax of the US visa process is the K1 visa interview. This phase of the process may be the most anticipated, second only to the approval phase. In many ways, a US visa lawyer can be helpful in helping a Thai person through the fiancé visa interview.

Many Thai fiancées approach an impending visa interview with a sense of foreboding and fear. Many are afraid of doing or saying something that would cause them to be denied a visa. Some are confused about what they need to bring to the interview. In a few cases, visa applicants are concerned about a sensitive issue from their past and hope to avoid discussing it or try to hide it.

For those contemplating lying to consular officers at the US Embassy, ​​please note: consular officers are trained to be on the lookout for those who wish to use deceptive techniques to obtain a visa. If one is caught lying to a consular officer, it could result not only in the rejection of the present application, but also in a ban from entering the United States for years. It is always a good decision to give truthful answers to any of the consular officer’s questions.

For those who are simply nervous about the K1 visa interview itself, it may be reassuring to note that consular officers are not in the habit of using the visa interview as a method to intimidate a Thai fiancée. Instead, the visa interview is a means of conducting due diligence in an effort to determine whether a couple’s relationship is bona fide and whether the Thai fiancée is not legally inadmissible to the US.

Often, K1 visas will be denied under 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The word “denial” is somewhat misleading in the context of a 221g in that it is not so much a denial as a request for more information. When a 221 g application is made to the Thai fiancée, it usually means that the application was deficient in some way, usually some document is missing. The consular officer will send a form to the Thai fiancée that stipulates what is missing and what needs to be submitted for the consular section to process the K1 visa.

If a fiancée receives a full denial because the consular officer made a decision that the relationship was not in good faith, then that decision is unlikely to be subject to appeal. However, if the consular officer finds the K1 visa applicant legally inadmissible to the US, then a waiver may be available for that ground of inadmissibility.

(Please note that the content of this document is to be used for informational purposes only and should not be inferred to create an attorney-client relationship between the author and any subsequent reader. Legal advice should always be obtained from a competent licensed attorney.)

9 reasons to remodel your home

Are you bored with the existing look of our house? Do you want to increase the value of your home? If so, we suggest you opt for a home remodeling project. This will renew your house as well as make your rooms much more functional. Below are 9 reasons to do a home renovation project.

sales potential

For increased sales potential and value, the exterior of your home matters a lot. To enhance curb appeal, we suggest you consider clean landscaping, a new roof, clean blinds, and fresh paint.

Prepare for retirement

If you plan to stay in your home after you retire, we suggest that you include some old features in the place, such as showers, special toilets, etc.

go green

Are you paying a lot for utilities? If so, you can replace your windows with windows that are energy efficient. This will save you a lot on monthly bills.

The kitchen

The kitchen is the center of every home. This is the place where family and friends usually gather and spend time. Most women fall in love with their kitchen. Therefore, we suggest that you consider getting a new stone. Other than this, you can replace your refrigerator or get a new cabinet to make your kitchen a bit more functional.

do the right thing

While your bathroom may be doing just fine, it’s a good idea to get some new plumbing and remove that plain old mirror. In other words, you should get a framed mirror. Apart from this, you should also do something with the lighting.


You don’t have to waste time looking at avocado countertops. If you can’t invite your friends just because your house has outdated colors, you should know that it’s the right time to remodel your house. Installing new countertops is not a difficult job. It won’t cost a lot of money either. So, you need to go ahead and perform this task.

minor cosmetic surgery

Even if your home is perfect, it can do with a little facelift. What you can do is paint the baseboards and walls to make them feel clean and fresh. If you have a limited budget, this will be a good alternative.


If you’re sick of using that old hose basement as a storage unit, we suggest turning it into a nice living room. It could also serve as a media room. In fact, this will increase the overall value of your home.

Avoid buying a new house

It can take you a long time to search for a new home. So instead of looking for a new one, we suggest updating your kitchen or bathrooms. Alternatively, you can remove the wall that has been bothering you for years.

So, these are some of the reasons why you should remodel your home. Hopefully, you will be able to renovate your home without any problems.

The 7 Golden Rules for Sending Flirty Texts

Is there anything more stressful What to think of a creative text message for someone you care about? You try and you try, but it all seems like a version of “nice to meet you.”

You have texter blocking. You’re nervous like Paris Hilton on Jeopardy. You’re shaking like a martini. What do you do for a living? Chill out. Remember the seven golden rules of flirty texting and you’ll blow up their phones with witty and funny text messages that will make them want to get to know you better.

1) Do not send open text messages.

This is the worst you can send: “Hi how are things?” You may have also sent a text: “Would you mind thinking of something interesting to say because I’m so fucking boring that the plaster comes off the wall when I talk to him?”

2) Create value with your texts. Interest, smiles, laughter, these are all the values ​​that you can give to the other person on the line. You can’t create value with a line like “how are you?” In fact, you are putting the burden of providing value on them. Here are some “Value Texts” that prove the point (taken from The Flirty Text Message Helper: Witty Texts For Clever People):

Let’s say you have the phone number of someone you’re interested in, but you’re not sure they feel the same level of intensity as you do. You can’t flirt openly, so you have to create value in other ways. By compromising your creativity, for example. You could send a text like:

“My neighbor just bought two dogs and wants to name them after an 80s pop duo. What do you think of Milli Vanilli?”

If you know that the person you’re interested in is just as interested, try sending a text that says: “”Arrest.” When they answer, “Stop what?” you send a text message, “Stop thinking about me. See? You’re doing it right now.”

3) Strengthen the memory of your interaction.

If you both complained about your boss when you spoke, extend the conversation through funny texts. Example:

“”My boss is doing the work of three men: Larry, Moe and Curly. I hope your day is going better.”

Gold, “My boss has my hair on fire. You?”

The point is to make each flirt text vibrate with a witty sparkle that makes the other person want to get to know you better.

4) Be brief

Length isn’t just the enemy of humor; It’s also a flirt killer because it communicates need. As in, you’re so lonely and bored that you just spent 15 minutes writing a text and expect them to do the same.

5) Use Proper Grammar.

One time, a girlfriend showed me a text from a guy she was interested in. He asked her to “brekfiss” And that was the end of that. I took a look at all of his texts and couldn’t tell if he was using abbreviations or if he was an illiterate who couldn’t spell.

6) Make them smile.

One time, I received a text message that said: “”Last night I changed the name of my iPod to Titanic. Now when I plug it into my computer it says, “Titanic is syncing.” How can you not want to get to know that person better?

7) Don’t send too many text messages

Never, EVER send a second or third text if they haven’t responded to the first one. Wait a day. Otherwise, you’re going to look desperate. The truth is, if he doesn’t respond right away, he just doesn’t like you that much. Sending additional text messages will only reinforce the lingering feeling that you are not for them. That doesn’t mean you should give up; it just means you need to exercise patience. In 24-36 hours send them a text message that piques their interest. Something to do with them. As, “I just put your twin.”

Whether you’re learning to text a girl or a guy, the rules are the same: create value in the form of engagement, creativity, or laughter. Even transgressions can become an opportunity to laugh. One time, I dated someone who screwed up. Here’s what they texted: “On a scale of 1 to Chris Brown, how angry are you?”

Funny texts don’t just buy you forgiveness; they buy you the next quote.

the little frida

I have often spoken of death.

Sometimes it comes as a loud scream, a big deliberate bang, but sometimes it’s eerily quiet, like royalty in their element. And then there is the earth in which we physically fold our bodies, throw dust on it and pay our respects or the ash that we hold in our hands. And then when the family gets together to eat, to dine together, to break the bread, there are many things that I suppose they deliver, that they release or not. My head underwater is the only place where I can drop all these things. Here there is no echo, nothing to distract me, I evaporate like smoke. And it’s the only place where I find God. It is not the falling rain, the serotonin threads, the dopamine, the electrolytes that grow in my head, the nightmares that come to me in the middle of the night that worry me so much and the disease.

His skin was red, orange and green, it tasted like butter. A mango is delicious from the first time she tastes it. I tasted my first mango in Swaziland (all that goodness came with its warmth, that sweetness on my breath, juice on my clothes, sticky fingers, but shadows must meet somewhere and all I wanted to see was London). I remember the mangoes you kept for me until I came home from school (you put them in the fridge until they cool, the orange flesh strips). We had avocado on toast, or French toast with fresh coriander leaves fried in creamy butter or hot dogs and fries the way only you could make them where Swaziland was my home for a year. You died before your time, my second mother. Your pale hands, your dark hair and as you got sicker with more weight you lost but you were still beautiful to me. The leaves tremble and rot in autumn, they go round and round. You were my shining star among all souls. I miss you epic every day. There is a loss that comes with the breath. But the stranger in the ghost house has no voice. It does not speak of self-help, of useful life. A double life, red dust, dead parakeets, sweat running down his wife’s back, Liberace’s madness and despair. Something is not anchored but it still works wonderfully, it is productive. It’s called family and the awareness of coming home, a flag was planted here in the southern wasteland where a genocide occurred, there’s whiskey in a glass, an afternoon cocktail. Books that are a sanctuary. An Eric Clapton record is playing. The red dust in this county doesn’t talk about self-help. There is a suicide. A death in a river. And the police have come. This is August: Osage County.

The police arrive in the middle of the night. Like the plainclothes detectives who came to my house in the middle of the night when my brother took a knife and stabbed my father. Nothing romantic about it. About the attack of death, about it reaching you like a thief in the night, a cat thief, a cat drowning in a bag with its kittens, that’s how I felt like a drowning visitor. I saw weapons that night I led a double life. I pretended that I didn’t see or hear anything and inside I was numb. When I saw my father’s blood. He had an oppressive quality like everything in my life so far. The drugs refused to work. So I took more and more of them and slept all day and all night.

The double life of romantic jasmine. Live, die and live and die like people. I can talk and talk and no one will be listening in on my conversations, eavesdropping. On the winter road I met men staring at the goats. Men who were good dancers or American soldiers who took German lovers during the war. Men who were good actors, some were heavy drinkers in my mind and philanthropists. The knife was sharp. It hit the air over and over and over again. And then it was anchored in the skin. I didn’t scream. I was a Scout knot. I ran in my sandals to the neighbor’s house as fast as my feet would carry me. Outside, the air felt cool as rain. How I wish it had rained? But it didn’t rain that night and they called the police.

There is no romance in death. Hair and meat are released. And yet Dad stayed on his feet, unafraid. My brother was prancing around all of us, grinning, grinning slyly, tall, he was eating his cake and eating it too. He pinned daddy to the bed with his arms like shark teeth. My mother had run away in the dark. I was left with grievance notes, a stem, and a route to follow. A blossoming bleeding heart making waves, beating fast. It was Christmas. But there were no presents, just a wintry path to follow.

To hell with that if I never fall in love. It’s a case of much ado about nothing. I have lost my mind and have recovered in hospitals. Once again anchoring to reality in recovery. I don’t have a brother and I don’t have a sister. I have no mother and I have no father. They live their own lives, so they have fun, selfish people all over the world. While they keep me safe in Pandora’s Box. It’s a box full of romantic villagers of my own creation. What a comfort they are to me. I am an orphan on the family path of Okri. I am Nabokov and Kubrick’s Lolita. And soon I’ll be forgotten like the breath. The furniture a party of sex, romance and death. Damaged, damaged, damaged but I mustn’t talk about it.

It will be death for me and I must live without the disease, the stain of trauma a while longer, sit on my throne, pick up bones like arrows falling from the sky. Curiosity has killed me. Men have killed me extraordinarily. But I have nine extraordinary lives and I am left smiling like the Cheshire cat.

This is the brother I’m supposed to love. I no longer admire him. I feel nothing for him when I remember that night from hell. Hunger House. House of hell, madness and despair. If I had a gun, we’d all be dead. I cut the onion, seduced by its layers. And I cry for the lost, gems each. There are diamonds in my eyes and I blink back. My youth, my youth, my youth and there is no ring. No ring on my finger, all those wasted chronic years. Now he is Lucifer handling the gate to the wards of hell. My beautiful and dear child, what has become of you?

The secrets we keep are committed to memory. They are lessons about the needs of the people around us, a lesson in obedience, sometimes even wisdom. And it takes some bold work for us to realize that the future is bright when we are sometimes challenged, when we have to brag. And make it a ceremony. There are deep ingredients that go into making a spaghetti bolognese. Family is of course the first priority. Then the butcher, mint from the garden and limes for the cocktails. Footsteps on the stairs and laughter scribbling in the air.

Perhaps avocados were the first fruits (food for thought) in the Garden of Eden even before Eve was made from Adam’s rib through the maturation of a human soul and a flowing vortex. Sun and moon. They are miraculous angelic beginners every day. Daughters nicknamed after Jasmine and yesterday, today and tomorrow. And then, as if waking up from a dream, the day begins.

Head underwater. Pushing himself silently from the pool wall, turning around after turning. This is where I find my sanctuary, my second home, and solace from the outside world. I’m not like the other girls. They’re all younger, slimmer, and confident even though they’re still flat-chested and flirting from where I’m standing. Head underwater again. I pray that tonight won’t be the house of hell again. I’m watching movies, reading books, wiping my father’s ass (there are no secrets between us). We talk about our past lives, our nine lives, love and its measure, how the devil made work for idle hands during apartheid, during the Group Areas Act, Nazi warlords, the Rwanda Hotel. We talk about the women in his life, past and present, the first woman he loved and lost, and the extent of it. I get distracted. He gets distracted and I get up to make cups of coffee, lukewarm coffee. We are talking about Valkenburg (the mental institution in Cape Town where he lived for a few months).

The first social worker she met. This is all for the book I’m writing. Walking in her footsteps. Night after night I make a casserole and we both sit down to eat at the kitchen table. Walk, drag, walk and drag. Sometimes he sits outside with Misty the dog in the sun. He’s forgetful, he stutters, he has a short attention span, but I guess memory loss comes with age. Last night he wet the bed. Some people would scoff at this but when you’re knee deep in someone you love, intimacy is nothing, acknowledging that they’re getting older is everything. I have become an old woman overnight. Suddenly I have gray hair, the wisdom of a lake, a slight tremor in my hands, I suffer from anxiety and I can’t sleep at night. She calls me in the middle of the night. He needs me and that teaches me that I’m not cruel. I am a woman now. Something has replaced the darkness in my life. I have discovered the stem of meditation.

His face, his journey, the journey of my life in this house full of people and tears. My mother does the laundry. She’s not such a terrible woman after all. I wish all women could be like her. Difficult. Made of sacred entrails, an insatiable instinct, almost a clairvoyant instinct. She lives like a nun and she eats like one these days. She eats like a bird making soup after soup after soup that only the three of us eat. As an adult, I fell in love with the excellent goodness of barley and the healthy protein of lentils. Split peas remind me of eating a home-cooked meal at my paternal grandmother’s house in the evenings. My paternal grandmother’s hands were beautiful. She withered because she suffered from arthritis, dark brown. Warm with the texture of the sun and with freckles. She was my moon, my moonlight and graceful. She offered us bowls of soup with home-baked bread that tasted more nutritious and filling than the expensive ones she bought from the store. My mother promises us all a long life if we drink herbal mixtures.

Dried rosemary, tinctures, tonics, homemade green smoothies with parsley, spinach from our garden and coconut milk. With my head under water I reflect, meditate, breathe easy. I swim with the fish, schools of them in this pool. Light a candle in my heart when I drink water. My brother makes stews with his homegrown carrots and corn. All I can do is spaghetti. Frieda’s spaghetti. It’s so cold now. The world feels so cold. I feel as if Iraq has descended into my thoughts again. Sarajevo. Rwanda and the children of northern Uganda. I am a young woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I must be strong to carry on, stay brave, act brave. Sometimes I can listen to Tchaikovsky. My father has taken to his bed. He has depression again (à la William Styron). I wonder if John Updike ever suffered from depression. I know that Hemingway certainly did. What about JM Coetzee, Radclyffe Hall, Vladimir Nabokov, Kubrick? And the filmmakers, the writers, the poets who were heavy drinkers?

But I leave that in the hands of God for your comment, all those signs. I am old before my time. I am an old soul. Complicated, empty vessel, envious of beauty like any woman, of youth, of the girl, of children in childhood. My babies are my books.

And sometimes I feel dead inside (not numb or cold). As if he had a subconscious mind crossed. Like he’s lame, pathetic, stupid, and has one blue eye. Blue like the sky of a wild Saturday and the other green. As green as a mocking sea, a mocking school of fish going on, surfing, swimming on their own survival skills with their world occurring in horrible dead blue silence.

With the fingers of heaven so far from them.

Pregnancy and low back pain, what every pregnant woman should know

Back pain and pregnancy, tips on what you can do to make your pregnancy and back pain a little easier to manage.

Normal weight gain during pregnancy is about 35 pounds, but many women I have known during my twenty-year midwifery career have gained 35 to 70 pounds during pregnancy. The stress of sudden weight gain during the short cycle of pregnancy can cause back pain and suffering during pregnancy.

Posture changes during pregnancy:

Pregnancy and lower back pain occur due to weight gain during pregnancy and the automatic adjustments your body makes in posture to accommodate the growing uterus. This change in posture is called lordosis of pregnancy. Upper and lower back pain and pregnancy lordosis go hand in hand because your spine becomes super curved, elongated, and your breasts and buttocks bulge out pulling and stretching your back muscles.

Pregnant hormones:

On top of this, back pain and pregnancy go hand in hand due to the higher levels of pregnancy hormones it produces. Pregnancy hormones have a relaxing effect on many of the muscles in your body to accommodate the muscle stretching that is required during pregnancy. Relaxed muscles are not as supportive of the spine and abdominal muscles, therefore many women complain of back pain and shoulder stress during pregnancy.

Pelvic changes during pregnancy:

The female pelvis is made up of many different bones. By the time she reaches the end of her pregnancy, a baby cannot fit into the pelvis of a normal-sized woman without the pelvis opening and expanding. The pelvis has two main joints; one to the right and one to the left of the lower back along with a hinge joint at the tail end of the spine.

Back pain and the pulling and stretching of the ligaments of pregnancy are the direct result of the opening of the pelvis, which will allow your baby’s head to fit into or enter the socket of the pelvis. Pregnancy and lower back pain is also caused by excess pressure felt deep in the pelvis as the baby sits up and waits for labor to begin.

All of these factors taken together, it is not unusual for pregnant women to have back pain. So if your back hurts right away, start doing things to prevent your back pain from getting worse or out of control.

How to help minimize symptoms associated with pregnancy and low back pain:

I definitely recommend having warm baths, putting warm compresses on your back, or better yet, back massages to help with pregnancy and lower back pain.

I highly recommend that all pregnant women see a chiropractor during their pregnancy. Many OB/GYNs and traditional midwives are a bit afraid to send women to a chiropractor because they are simply not informed about what chiropractors really do. A chiropractor can help your spine more easily adapt to all the changes in posture that occur during pregnancy and relieve pain associated with stretched and stressed muscles associated with pregnancy and lower back pain.

Other than that, let’s take a look at what you can do with your own body to help minimize back pain and pregnancy. Wearing a supportive bra during pregnancy will support the increased weight of the breasts and lift them so they don’t feel as heavy. This will relieve much of the upper back stress associated with pregnancy and back pain.

There are also many pregnancy stomach binders that have been created to help support the weight of your growing womb, which can help alleviate back pain and ligament discomfort from pregnancy.

Many women focus on fashionable shoes and wear ridiculous shoes during pregnancy that do not support their posture and feet. I can’t believe how many pregnant women are wearing ridiculously high or low shoes. Remember, as you get more and more pregnant, all the bones and muscles in your feet are stressed.

Take a good look at the shoes you wear during your pregnancy and ask yourself these questions to assess the importance of your feet:

Do your shoes have good arch support?

Are your shoes comfortable and wide to accommodate the increased growth and widening of my foot associated with the extra blood volume and swelling that occurs during pregnancy?

Can your foot easily slip out of your shoe? If so, she could trip and fall and insult herself or her baby.

The more informed you are about the pregnancy, the better choices you will make. Better choices mean a happy, healthy mom and baby. Pregnancy can be an extraordinary experience for a woman. It is much more than growing a baby and understanding pregnancy and low back pain.

Pregnancy has a huge emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic side. The more you understand these aspects, the easier and less symptomatic your pregnancy will be. Learning to connect with your unborn child’s emotions will allow you to enhance your pregnancy experience and surrender to your normal physiological process of pregnancy and low back pain.

Why Cyprus to study abroad?

I would like to discuss the potential for US college students to study abroad in Cyprus and discuss the relevance of study abroad students and advisors exploring Cyprus as a relevant and meaningful study abroad destination.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the perceived obstacles to studying abroad in Cyprus.

1. Few Americans know much about Cyprus.

– so what? Let’s learn!

– most who know Cyprus love it

– Cyprus is a modern and prosperous EU (European Union) country and Americans should know about it

2. Because the first language in Cyprus is Greek, many American students and study abroad advisors may incorrectly assume that unless students are proficient in Modern Greek, they will not be able to study at a Cypriot institution of higher learning.

– yes, the official language of Cyprus is Greek, but the majority of the population is multilingual and English is commonly spoken as a second language

– the University of Nicosia uses English as the official language (except in the School of Education) of instruction and administration

– Non-Greek speaking students can easily navigate the university, community and travel around Cyprus in English only

3. There are very few colleges and universities in Cyprus

– until 2008, there was only one (1) university in Cyprus

– in 2008, the Ministry of Education granted university level status to four private schools

– The University of Nicosia was established more than 25 years ago in the US higher education structure and operates academically and administratively in parallel with most US universities.

4. Cypriot institutions have not promoted themselves in the US study abroad market.

– until 2004, when the University of Nicosia (formerly Intercollege) developed Global Learning Semesters as an organization to serve as international marketing and support to US students for Intercollege, there was very little promotion of Cypriot higher education to the US college student market.

– Global Learning Semesters now supports hundreds of US college students studying at the University of Nicosia annually.

5. Because Cyprus is a bicommunal society divided by a United Nations demilitarized zone, some people may think that Cyprus is a dangerous place.

– Cyprus is a democratically stable nation, a prosperous member of the European Union, and has not experienced any violence related to the bicommunity state since 1974.

– An ideal learning laboratory for students, the bi-communal state of Cyprus is an excellent place for students to learn about international relations, active UN negotiations, and ethnic/national divisions in a stable, non-violent society.

6. Because Cyprus is so close to the “Middle East”, some people may think that it is an Arab nation and/or may have security issues related to “Middle Eastern” countries.

– Located in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is a close ally, neighbor and friend of Greece.

– Cyprus considers itself a “Christian” nation and most Cypriots observe Orthodox Christianity.

– in geographical proximity, Cyprus is closer to Israel, Egypt and Turkey than to its Western European counterparts

– politically, economically and internationally… Cyprus is a member of the European Union and therefore functions as a prosperous European society

– Culturally, Cyprus has a long and diverse history of living at the crossroads of European, Middle Eastern and North African civilizations and thus benefits from a culturally diverse perspective and exposes the average American student to a Mediterranean crossroads not seen in many of the common destinations Americans flock to.

Below, let’s look at some of the important factors that any student should consider when choosing a relevant study abroad program.

1. What are the academic options available?

2. Can I earn academic credits that will be added to my study plan?

3. Do I meet the program’s eligibility requirements?

4. Will the cultural experience be relevant to my academic, personal, and professional goals?

5. Are student support services meeting my needs?

6. Can I afford it?

Academic options in Cyprus

About UNic: The University of Nicosia is an independent, co-educational and equal opportunity tertiary institution that combines the best elements of Western education, quality standards and an international philosophy.

Located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, an island that sits at the crossroads of three continents, the University has quickly become a center of global education. International in philosophy, the University welcomes students from all over the world, in a multicultural learning environment, promoting friendship, cooperation and understanding.

The University pursues excellence in education through high teaching standards, in a constantly improving academic environment. In addition to classroom instruction, the University offers students opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities, including student clubs, sports, public lectures, and seminars.

The University actively participates in European and local research projects as a partner and as a coordinating institution. In addition, the University of Nicosia received the approval of an Erasmus University Charter and is an official participant in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The University of Nicosia is also active in the community with campaigns for various causes, including environmental protection. In recognition of this work, the institution received the prestigious “Global 500” award from the United Nations. Other examples of community service include campaigns to fight world hunger and raise funds for worthy causes. In an ongoing project, teachers help inmates gain knowledge and skills in Computer Science, Art and Psychology.

Academic tradition encourages most of the world’s universities to adopt the name of the city that hosts them. In fact, this happens almost as a rule when the city in question happens to be the capital. The University of Nicosia prides itself on the ties and status that its name conveys. To this end, the University is committed to maintaining its position at the forefront of education, research, and social service; in line with the enduring motto of the institution: “Excellence in Education”.

US Study Abroad students can take courses in almost all academic departments (except Education, as it is taught in Greek).

*Business School


Business Administration




hospitality management

Hotel and Tourism Management

sports director

* Faculty of Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences

applied multimedia



Language and literature

Graphic Communications

Interior design

International relations



public relations and advertising

*School of Sciences

Informatics Engineering

computer’s science

Electronic Engineering


academic credit

Study abroad programs at the University of Nicosia are credit programs that are consistent with US college-level academic work standards.

Study Abroad is a great investment of time and money for most of you. Be sure to follow the correct steps to earn academic credit at your home institution for your study abroad experience.

All of our instructional work is carried out by qualified teachers and the University of Nicosia is fully accredited. Upon successful completion of your study abroad program, you will receive an official transcript directly from the University of Nicosia.

Although our programs are distinguished by their combination of travel and academic activities, we do not grant credit for academic or co-curricular travel. He will continue to be enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Nicosia.

It is important that you understand the credit transfer process at your home college/university to ensure that you can take the correct steps to obtain transfer credit.

Courses at the University of Nicosia work on standard semesters, contact hours, academic rigor, grading, and assessment methods found in most US colleges and universities. The transcript is issued in English, so there are no translation issues for students’ home schools.

Eligibility Requirements

Because the University of Nicosia conducts all classroom and business instruction (except in the School of Education) in English, students do not need proficiency in a foreign language to study abroad in Cyprus. Similarly, because much of the population of Cyprus is fluent in English, it is easy to navigate Cyprus in English only.

Will the cultural experience be relevant to my academic, personal and professional goals?

Nicosia (sounds like nik-oh-see ya), the capital of Cyprus is a modern European city. Those who have traveled to Europe previously will find Nicosia and most of Cyprus very familiar. Those who have not traveled to Europe will get a “small” perspective of Europe as a very historical region of the world and also as a modern and dynamically growing society.

American students participating in a study abroad program at the University of Nicosia through Global Learning Semesters will attend classes with approximately 4,000 local Cypriot students and 1,000 international students. Students will live in apartments in the residential neighborhood surrounding the University’s Nicosia campus.

Again, Cyprus is a small nation, not too overwhelming for American students, even from non-metropolitan communities, so students don’t need to be travel experts to get the most out of community immersion.

Cyprus is a historically fascinating country and offers meaningful practical experiences for those interested in international relations, international business, history, management, economics, and other humanities and social sciences.

Student Support Services

American students participating in a study abroad program at the University of Nicosia will enjoy world-class student support services, tailored to the characteristics of American students studying abroad and strategically providing the level of support necessary to make even the first-time international traveler and multi-country-savvy student feel comfortable, yet challenged to develop intercultural competencies.

Global Learning Semesters provides comprehensive student support services, including pre-departure and on-site orientation, 24/7 local staff support, emergency response, field trips and strategic co-curricular activities, housing, academic and personal support. A member of NAFSA and the Forum on Education Abroad, Global Learning Semesters has become one of the leading providers of study abroad programs for US college students.

Yes, Cyprus is an academically and culturally relevant place for American college students to study abroad for the summer, semester, or full year.