Industrial dance

Industrial dance it is a style of both music and dance. The term “Industrial Dance” is an American phrase derived from Electric Body Music (EBM). It is a subgenre of industrial music that, unlike experimental electronic rock of the 1970s and 1980s, focuses on a dance beat. The terms “Industrial” to describe music relate to music that was part of Industrial Records, a record label. An album called: Industrial Music for Industrial People was released. It was a musical movement that was a musical twist on punk, more rebellious than the traditional mainstream rebellion. There were many uses of totalitarianism in images, songs, and performances. Some of the early bands in this genre include Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten, and SPK.

As time passed, the music of this movement began to include a more danceable rhythm. An influential band in this transition was Front 242. Their music was somewhat danceable and at the same time kept the themes darker, used more electronic elements and was less experimental in terms of choice of instruments. Over time, other bands ventured into this realm of Industrial Dance and were commonly labeled Electro-Industrial. These bands include Wumpscut, Leather Strip, Skinny Puppy, and others. This movement took place in the early 1990s in Europe and somewhat in America.

Over time, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, bands such as Funker Vogt, Terrorfakt, Hocico, and Accessory emerged. They were more focused on pace and motivated. This was a change from the experimental jazz-like music of the 1970s because it was less geared towards live performances and more geared towards body rhythms. From the early 2000s to the mid-2000s, bands like Combichrist emerged. They were even considered by some as a new genre, rough-EBM.

While rave-oriented and changed styles of influences began to enter the genre and in the late 2000s and early 2010s we found bands like FGFC820, [X-RX], Aesthetic Perfection, Faderhead, T3RR0R 3RR0R and more. While not all of the songs these bands make fall into the Industrial Dance category, they have become what they primarily are these days.

As for dance style, this is a difficult topic to research. Some would point to articles that emerged in the early 2000s on how to dance like a riveter. Some people point to Los Angeles, Chicago or Germany for the dance style itself. Most notably, YouTube has popularized the dance style. In 2006, a video was uploaded to the Wumpscut song War that featured someone in a gas mask dancing at their parents’ home. From there, different videos were released that actually include a slightly different dance style, but are called Industrial Dance.

There are many popular industrial dancers today as industrial dance videos have become a form of user generated content / fan video for creative industrial music fans. Some popular dancers on YouTube include: tank9, dtoksick, Eisschrei, xxxaleeraxxx, and others.

The dance style is mainly made up of punching, kicking, martial arts movements, arm twists, jerky and quick movements, clearing and making room for oneself. It is not a dance style that you do with a partner unless it is in sync with them. In fact, there are festivals in Germany about industrial dance and there are competitions on stage like in Essen. It is an energetic, militant and sometimes hypnotic style of dance.

Industrial Dance has gained such popularity in recent times that it has been featured in Adult Swim, magazine articles, and countless parody videos that change the music to something totally alien. Be sure to see more industrial dance at Amphi fest, the Essen Original, or just on YouTube.

How to make money quickly by recovering and returning shopping carts

Looking for a way to earn money quickly? If you have a large utility vehicle, such as a pickup, you can retrieve and return the shopping carts for a cash reward.

Most large and medium-sized supermarkets, assortments, and department stores have a stock of shopping carts on hand. They are bought by the store, of course, so that customers can use them when shopping from your store.

Shopping carts are expensive. The average cost to the retailer for just one is between $ 75 and $ 100. Large ones, like those found in club and wholesale stores, can cost upwards of $ 200 or more.

Most retail stores have dozens of them; busy department stores may even have hundreds of them. Buying enough of them to meet a store’s demand and traffic levels requires a significant outlay of cash.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of the retailer to protect that investment. Most retailers go to great lengths to ensure that carts remain on store property. However, shopping buggy theft is very common. The average store loses about $ 8,000 to $ 10,000 per year due to this problem.

Because their purchase is so expensive, many store owners and retail businesses pay cash rewards for the return of their stolen (or “borrowed”) and not returned carts. Cash rewards typically range from $ 25 to $ 50 per cart.

Here’s how you can retrieve and return those buggies for cash – contact retailers in your area that have shopping carts. Find out if they pay for returned cars. Many do, but they don’t give cash rewards to just anyone. (Store owners don’t want the public to abuse the reward system by stealing the carts to get the reward.) Usually you have to sign a cash contract to recover.

You will need to provide some forms of identification, usually a driver’s license plus another item (such as a credit or Social Security card). You may need to sign a waiver that absolves the warehouse of liability in the event of something unforeseen.

You can make arrangements with any or all of the retailers in your area. The more contracts you have, the more money you can earn.

If you’ve lived in your city for a period of time, you’ve probably seen common dumps for stolen shopping carts. Visit these areas regularly. Also, get in the habit of keeping your eyes open whenever you’re out of town. You will probably spot junked shopping carts on a regular basis. You can pick them up and return them when you find them, or keep them at home until you have several.

10 Amazing Ways To Make Money From 3D Printing!

1. Create and sell designs and printed items

There is a wide selection of free 3D modeling software that you can use to create your 3D models. Sketchup, 3DSlash, 123D Design, TinkerCAD, Sculptris, Meshmixer, and Blender are some of the most popular.

Beginners can easily find online courses, tutorials, and YouTube videos to gain skills in using modeling software, as well as gain guidance and support from the large online community.

There are many markets for you to print or sell your designs and prints:

> 3DExport: a marketplace to sell your designs

> 3Docean – – a repository of 3D models

> Azavy: upload your design files here and get paid when someone prints your file

> CGTrader: one of the largest repositories of 3D designs

> Daz 3D: a repository of 3D models

> iMaterialise: you can set up your store on this website to sell your designs

> Shapeways – Set up your shop here to sell your prints to be printed on Shapeways

> Sculpteo: you can set up your shop here to sell your 3D prints

> Turbosquid – a repository of 3D models

If you have access to 3D printers, you can sell 3D printed items on Etsy, which is a great place to sell 3D printed crafts. You can also sell 3D printed items on Amazon and eBay. Unique 3D printed items could probably sell better on eBay.

2. Buy a 3D printer and offer a 3D printing service

This option requires an investment of hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase a 3D printer, as well as some time to learn and gain experience to achieve professional-quality prints.

Then you can offer your services through a 3D printing network like 3D Hubs and Shapeways Global Partner Network. Include your printer in your network and potential customers in your local area can find it and hire your 3D printing service.

3. Establish a 3D printed food cafe or candy store.

Food Ink leads the pack by establishing the world’s first 3D printing pop-up restaurant in the Netherlands. The restaurant uses a fleet of 3D printers to create culinary dishes and desserts.

4.Create new 3D printed products or services

Polychemy specializes in 3D printed jewelry and allows customers to customize their jewelry pieces online. Protoseyewear has 3D printed glasses that adapt to you. Danit Peleg specializes in 3D printed fashion. Feetz produces bespoke 3D printed shoes. As technology develops, more and more creative entrepreneurs will start using 3D printing to produce custom products.

You can also open a 3D selfie studio where you scan your clients and print their figures. Sculptures Studio, Cokreeate, and iOYS are some examples.

5. Take 3D modeling and printing courses

Share your experience by taking courses and trainings in 3D printing. You can also create online courses on 3D printing. This can generate passive income for some time.

6. Blog and monetization of your website

Blog about a 3D printing niche and monetize your website. Participate in affiliate marketing of 3D printing products.

7. Create YouTube videos

You can create YouTube videos related to 3D printing and monetize your videos.

8. Sell 3D printers

Sells 3D printers, scanners, supplies, and software. You can also consider renting 3D printers and scanners if there is demand in your community.

9. Repair 3D printers

If you are technically inclined and like to play with machines, you can offer a service to help people repair or upgrade their 3D printers.

10. Invest in 3D printing companies or startups

Publicly traded shares of 3D printing companies Stratasys, Organovo, and 3D Systems. With sufficient financial resources and the right network, you might also find opportunities to invest in startups that are making better 3D printers or creating 3D printing related applications.

Pot CEO offers $ 10k reward to bring Lebron to its Comic-Con booth

BudTrader Exec is determined to show Lebron the BudTrader experience and ask the new Laker some pointed questions.

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 16 – BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin aims to deliver the most exaggerated party experience imaginable at San Diego Comic-Con International. The cannabis tech entrepreneur will offer $ 10,000 to anyone who can get NBA superstar Lebron James to attend the BudTrader Nerd headquarters at this weekend’s convention.

In a statement, McLaughlin set very clear rules for his reward for LeBron.

“You can’t kidnap him,” McLaughlin stipulates. “No, I mean you literally can’t. He’s 6’8”, 300 pounds, has a 40-inch vertical and is the best athlete of our generation. So we will have to appeal to Lebron in ways other than brute force. “

The second rule proposed by McLaughlin is that LeBron has to hang out at the BudTrader Nerd headquarters for at least 23 minutes. “Do not walk!” Says McLaughlin, “We want to meet you and see what he’s all about. Are you that interested in us? Are you here to win titles? Or are you here to go to Magic Johnson on becoming a billionaire and having an NBA What we really want to know is: “Are you waiting for time to run out, ticking a clock, stuck in this messy LA traffic like the rest of us, until you can pull back and browse? 22-year-old models at the sky bar like everyone else? other retirees from Los Angeles? “

Third, McLaughlin says he will allow Lebron to ‘give himself up’ by showing up to the BudTrader Comic-Con experience on his own. In this case, BudTrader will donate the $ 10,000 reward to a worthy cause. McLaughlin suggests that LeBron consider investing the money in what he considers to be ‘the noblest cause’, hiring an In-N-Out burger truck to attend the BudTrader experience at San Diego Comic-Con and feed attendees of SoCal – Lebron’s new fans. The NBA megastar just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in an incredibly publicized decision. “If Lebron is an LA Laker now, and a LA guy, he needs to know about the In-N-Out Burger, damn it! We’re trying to win an NBA Championship here folks!”

McLaughlin then lays out the fourth rule for his LeBron James reward: No Smoking LeBron! “It’s not the first time we’ve met him, at least!” he adds, continuing with sound reasoning, “Magic Johnson, the Lakers and their management team will not let him come near us if they think we are going to smoke him. All we need is for Lebron to test positive for THC.” and being suspended by the NBA due to BudTrader. I have enough problems right now, so … No smoking King James people! Wait until we win a Championship and then we’ll smoke with Lebron, Magic, Shaq, Kobe, Phil Jackson, Jack Nicholson, and Rick Fox (I feel like since Rick Fox is a handsome guy, he would be a good guy to have in the championship after the party. Hot girls will probably follow him and we don’t want the championship after the party. to be a sausage party.) “

The BudTrader Nerd venue is slated to be one of the most talked about events at Comic-Con, and is touted as a live streaming experience to rival even big-budget studios and shows. “Our audience is going to be larger than broadcasters like the entire audience for TBS,” McLaughlin said. The brand will host daily events such as exclusive movie and TV show trailers, video game tournaments (including a showdown between professional female players), celebrity interviews and live performances by a mystery hip-hop star. The entire experience will be streamed live on TV, radio, Twitch, and livestream in collaboration with local and national channels to broadcast the BudTrader Experience to millions of people. McLaughlin says the events that have been publicly announced so far only represent a fraction of the tricks BudTrader has up its sleeve to wow attendees at Comic-Con International 2018.

This won’t be the first year BudTrader has made a scene at Comic-Con. The infamous BudTraders superyacht party of 2017 resulted in his controversial expulsion after just two days. The Budtrader yacht was unceremoniously pulled out of the harbor in the middle of the night. This caused BudTrader to lose its planned extravaganza for Saturday, along with tens of thousands of dollars in losses due to the cancellation. Last year, BudTrader’s presence at Comic-Con was covered by publications such as the High Times, Times of San Diego, The San Diego Union Tribune, and more than 400 other media outlets.

BudTrader is the largest online cannabis marketplace, with platforms available in all 28 states where cannabis use is legal, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. With over a million people registered to its platform, BudTrader’s user base rivals that of industry giants Weedmaps and Leafly.

Amazon, king of disruptors


When it comes to disruptive technology, there is one company that reigns supreme. Amazon ($ AMZN). Amazon and its pioneering founder and CEO Jeff Bezos are responsible for disrupting more industries than I can count on my hands, and they keep going. In this article, I’m going to explain what makes Amazon such an efficient machine and the many industries that have been affected.


When was the last time you walked into a Barnes & Noble ($ BKS)? Or any other bookstore for that matter? How about the last time you visited the Amazon website? I’m willing to bet that almost everyone reading this has been to the Amazon website in the last few days, and I’m equally willing to bet that hardly anyone has walked into a physical bookstore in quite some time. The bookstore industry, symbolized by former giant Barnes & Noble, was the first victim of Amazon’s disruptive trends. Amazon’s roots go back to 1994 when the company founded an online bookstore. By designing itself as an online bookstore, Amazon was able to offer a much broader selection than any physical bookstore, as well as being able to offer the same selection at a lower cost to the consumer. As the free market normally behaves, consumers choose the cheapest option when offered an identical product or service. By 2007, Amazon had surpassed Barnes & Noble in book sales revenue, the same year they launched the first version of the Kindle e-book reader. In 2010, digital book sales exceeded physical book sales through Amazon. Amazon also runs the Audible company and website, one of the biggest players in the audiobook game. In 2011, Borders Group, which was only a few years earlier the second-largest bookstore chain in the United States, went bankrupt and ceased to exist a few months later. As of this writing, Barnes & Noble has a market capitalization of approximately $ 454 million. Amazon has a market capitalization of approximately $ 832 billion. Based on the market capitalization valuation, Amazon is worth nearly 2,000 times more than Barnes & Noble. Amazon’s entry into the bookstore industry and its replacement of previously established companies is simply the first of many industries that the Amazon bull has disrupted.


After benefiting from direct retail sales and fees charged to third-party vendors on Amazon’s website, Amazon derives the largest percentage of its revenue from its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division. AWS has a history dating back to 2006. Throughout 2006, Amazon successively launched Simple Storage Service (S3), a file storage service as the name implies. Simple Queue Service (SQS), a service designed to automate message queues. And to end the year, they launched Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2), a service that allowed users to pay for server time to run programs and simulations. Today, around 100 different services are offered under the Amazon Web Services umbrella that can satisfy almost all digital needs. Today, almost half of all digital cloud computing is operated by Amazon. Similar to what happened with the bookstore industry, Amazon has taken over. By 2020, cloud computing is projected to be a more than $ 400 billion industry. And Amazon is poised to dominate this market for the foreseeable future.


The grocery and retail industry is a perfect example of an industry that Amazon permanently changed and what they are best known for. To begin with, though, Walmart ($ WMT) has nearly three times Amazon’s annual revenue, so it’s not that Bezos and co have come to dominate the retail industry, but they certainly have made a dent. You could say that they have revolutionized the industry. Although they were founded in 1994, for the first four years they were just an online bookstore, but in 1998, the company expanded its catalog and began selling more than just books. Since then, the company’s online sales have grown exponentially year after year, and they have even been accused of bankrupting many traditional retailers. Amazon gets roughly 85% of its revenue from its retail business, so it’s clearly most of Amazon. By pioneering online retail, Amazon was able to establish itself as one of the biggest players in retail despite being entirely online, in part because of the convenience and lower prices. Most recently, in 2017, Amazon acquired Whole Foods, a luxury grocery store, to increase its market share in the grocery and retail scene. Through its online retail arm and physical grocery arm, Amazon is able to grab a sizable market share and keep the agency over the space. Oh, and just to put Amazon’s reach into perspective, more than two-thirds of all households have an Amazon Prime subscription.


Above I have talked about which are the biggest divisions of Amazon and why they are better known. But here I am going to talk about the lesser known parts. Amazon operates its Amazon Video service and is available to all Prime customers. This service acts as competition for television and traditional media and is popular with cable cutters, rivals other streaming services like Netflix ($ NFLX) and Hulu (soon to be owned by Disney, ($ DIS)) and offers thousands of movies and TV shows. show. There’s Amazon Drive, which offers unlimited file storage for just $ 59.99 a year. They recently also acquired streaming website twitch, the largest video game live streaming site out there for Amazon in the streaming and e-sports industries. One of the first subsidiaries is A9, a highly advanced search engine and marketing company that operates on machine learning. Amazon also goes after autonomous vehicle companies like Tesla ($ TSLA) and Google’s Waymo ($ GOOG, $ GOOGL). Although, Tesla is not as advanced as many believe, nor as good an investment. Back to normal, they also have Amazon Music, Amazon Tickets, Amazon Home Services, Amazon Inspire, Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Amazon Go, Fire TV, Goodreads, Zappos, and many more. Go ahead and look for Amazon subsidiaries or services offered by Amazon that I haven’t talked about, you can probably find at least a few dozen more. A couple of days ago, Amazon even announced that they were acquiring an online pharmacy to offer an online pharmacy and pharmaceutical delivery service that will revolutionize traditional pharmacies.


Right now, Amazon is the second most valuable company in the world by market capitalization. The only company that surpasses them is the tech giant Apple ($ APPL). Based on Amazon’s enormous growth potential and lack of equivalent competition, I believe its value will continue to skyrocket. They are in a unique position to disrupt almost every industry imaginable and succeed at the same time. Amazon is a remarkable company that will continue to expand indefinitely, and I would recommend anyone to invest in the company, even though some people believe they are overvalued.

Mason Twist exercise has been shown to offer faster results in Six Pack

General description:

The Mason Twist can be one of the most powerful if you do it correctly and with consistent exercises without giving up. With this exercise there are two fundamental principles that you should know and keep in mind.

First of all, when performing the mason twist, it doesn’t matter how many times your fist hits the floor on either side of your hip, because the amount doesn’t matter here.

The real principle here is how you do this exercise and how long you can maintain the upright position using the strength of your abdominal core.

This exercise focuses on the principle of “quality over quantity” because the longer you stay in an upright position (legs up and knees bent), the more results your upper and lower abs will get.

The second principle you want to know is that this exercise requires you to hold the required position for as long as you can, until your abs can’t really take another second.

So if you want to get the maximum results from your upper abs, do this exercise slowly in good shape and do it for as long as you can until you really can’t take any more.

Getting the maximum results from this exercise requires you to have a strong will and a desire not to give up no matter how much you want it during the Mason Twist.

During this exercise, you use your butt as a pivot point, while your upper body and legs stay off the ground.

Once in that position, simply put your hands together and bring your fist to the ground next to your hips.

What you are doing here is performing this exercise at a very fast speed, going from side to side, but if you want maximum results, slowly hit your fists on either side of your hips at a slow pace.

Each rep is when you hit the ground on either side.


1. Begin this exercise on your butt, sitting with your back as straight as possible. It is important to emphasize a straight back.

2. Next, you should slightly bend both knees and bring them together.

3. Now begin to lift your feet off the floor and keep them a couple inches off the ground, while making sure they are folded and attached.

4. One of the most important tips to keep in mind is to keep your feet off the ground throughout the exercise.

5. Maintaining the exact same position, putting your hands together in a fist and keeping them that way throughout the exercise.

6. Now with your fist clenched, touch the ground on each side of your hips at a relatively medium pace.

7. One repetition. It counts when you hit the ground next to both hips, not just one.

8. I recommend that you do about 50 repetitions to get the maximum results.

Evolution of the locksmith trade: from the conventional lock to the digital lock

Locksmith and his traditional role

When you are locked out of your home, you would generally look for a locksmith because it is never easy for an untrained person to open the lock. Even a newly trained locksmith may take longer to open a lock than an experienced locksmith. Both experience and skill are important when it comes to picking locks.

In the past, locksmiths not only open locks, they also repair locks and duplicate keys. However, key duplication is frequently done in neighborhood stores today and lock repair is often not financially viable because it is inexpensive to replace a lock. As such, the locksmith’s task has come down to picking the lock in recent years.

Lately, more people are ditching their mechanical locks and replacing them with digital locks. Why are more people replacing their locks with digital locks? What is the replacement rate for such locks? Would this have an effect on locksmiths for years to come? Could you continue your trade?

From conventional lock to digital lock: locksmith to fit or retreat

With the introduction of a digital lock and its popularity, the locksmith has to learn a new set of skills (i.e. opening a digital lock for the home and office, as well as the safe).

As for the high adoption rate of a digital lock, a locksmith service is likely to shift towards opening such locks in the coming years. In the article “Growing Adoption of Biometric Systems in Enterprises” dated May 23, 2017 provided by Transparency Market Research, there is strong adoption of a digital door lock system across all end-user industries, including residential sectors, industrial, government and trade with Asia- The Pacific market is expected to lead in terms of growth rate. The research estimated that the global market for digital door locks was valued at $ 1,161.7 million in 2016 and would continue to grow at a tremendous rate.

In Asia and around the world, we see more and more households installing digital locks due to their convenience and ease of use. Locksmiths who refuse to evolve with the digital age and acquire the new ability to open such electronic locks may be forced to retire in the next 10 to 20 years. It is a choice that must be made, that is, adapt or perish in this changing world where digital adoption is accelerating at such a tremendous rate.

Coffee Meets Bagel – Top 1 Dating Site and App for Professional Singles

If you like the idea of ​​online dating, you are on the right page. With Coffee Meets Bagel, you can meet your partner effectively, efficiently, and painlessly. This site was launched in 2012. The creators of the platform are three sisters, Soo Kang, Dawoon Kang, and Arum Kang from New York City. Its purpose was to attract the attention of young professionals who are too busy to find a partner. Also, they wanted to create a safer space for women to date. So far, Coffee Meets Bagel has been quite successful, with the owners turning down a $ 30 million offer from Mark Cuban. Let’s find out more about this app.

Special Features of Coffee Meets Bagel

There are three guiding principles behind Coffee Meets Bagel. The first principle is that the application will keep your privacy unless you want to disclose it to someone. The second principle is that your friends are the most suitable option to become your partner. The third principle is that meeting the right people should be easy and straightforward.

CBD makes use of its social circle to suggest matches. Females get 5 matches a day. Men can watch 21 games a day. Users are notified at 12:00 PM. M. About his suggested matches. So you don’t have to swipe and scan hundreds of profiles for hours to find a good match.

CMB encourages users to register with their Facebook profiles. The platform uses its algorithms to scan users’ social circles to find compatible matches. They are usually friends of friends on Facebook. If you sign up with your phone number, the app will use your location and partner preferences to suggest a good match.

Once you get your suggested Bagels (possible matches), you can comment, approve, or like. You can make the decision until the next day. If you choose to like, they will be able to see your profile. In case of a mutual like, they will connect you through a private chat and the conversation will start from there. The comment option gives you the freedom to message the potential match and you don’t even have to like their profile.

If you don’t like a Bagel, you can use the Discover tab to view the profiles of users who don’t meet your criteria. This action allows you to keep the profile or let it go. This allows you to recommend this Bagel to some of your friends.

You can earn or buy coffee beans. If you want to earn them, you have to perform different types of tasks. For example, you can invite your friends to register, follow the company’s social media page, and more. With Beans, you can unlock the special features of the app. But the good thing is that the application is completely free.

Advantages of Coffee Meets Bagel

  • Coffee Meets Bagel is suitable for women
  • Better matches due to linked Facebook account
  • Access to the full functionality of the application for free
  • Active members

The bottom line

So this was a short coffee and bagel review. If you are looking for an appointment, we suggest that you register on this platform today.

How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts for Better Results

The first thing to realize when using Instagram for business and being able to schedule Instagram posts is that you need to upgrade your account to a business account.

When you have a business Instagram account, you unlock many features that are not on the personal platform. So do it right away, then follow the rest of the steps.

Tools you can use

There are numerous tools that you can use to schedule Instagram posts.,, and are great platforms to use. You can upload the information using your laptop or PC, or you can hire a virtual assistant to do it for you. You no longer have to send individual posts through your phone. If you have a business account, you can use scheduling software to schedule each post. But you will still need to use your phone to finish the process if you are posting photo or video albums.

Interact with your followers

Although you can now use tools to schedule Instagram posts without your phone, you still have to push yourself to engage with your followers. You don’t want to forget to watch Instagram and comment on people who tell you things and comment on other people’s posts, although you can schedule it using your PC. Remember, social media is all about participation. Commits.

Instagram automation

There are some services that will say they will automate getting more followers and shares for you. But the truth is that this is a bad idea. While it may seem fun to automatically follow and like people who comment or use a hashtag that you set up, the best way to do it is personally. If you really want active and legitimate follow-up, do it yourself or ask your VA to do it for you. Otherwise, you could even end up with a locked account.

Don’t spam your audience

Instagram is very adept at getting rid of spammers. Therefore, you must be careful about the appearance of spam. If you have a lot of images from the same event, post them as a photo album. Also, try to offer free content more than you promote. They say you should promote only once after three posts. So, post helpful content three times and then promote the fourth time. It is a good rule of thumb.

Avoid scheduling content too far

If you schedule your posts too far, you may end up accidentally offending people. But, if you pay attention to the news and can stop your schedule, you might be saved if something happens. Be very wary of any type of scheduled post that can be taken badly on a bad day.

Always check your post before scheduling or posting. Check for typos and make sure there aren’t any issues with your image that may be taken incorrectly or something you don’t want. Post regularly, use appropriate hashtags, and follow your fans.

Where to find the best price on Primera LX500 color label printers

The Primera LX500 color label printer comes in two versions: the LX500 and the LX500c, with the main difference being that the LX500c includes a built-in guillotine label cutter. The Primera LX500 retails for $ 1,295 while its sibling LX500c retails for $ 1,395. As you probably know, discounts are periodically offered on the list price.

These compact full-color label printers are manufactured by Primera Technology, who sells the LX500 directly to consumers and authorizes other technology and commercial vendors and distributors to resell or distribute them through the Primera Partner Program. So you have multiple options to find the best price on an LX500 Color Label Printer.

When looking for the best deals on Primera LX500 and LX500c, you will notice that many resellers follow Primera Technology’s lead when it comes to pricing. When Primera Technology discounts the LX500, resellers often match their prices. Therefore, the offers are plentiful. However, there is more to consider besides price, including the cost of shipping in the continental United States of America. DuraFast Label Company offers the best price on Primera LX500 and LX500c, free ground shipping to the Continental US, and several other benefits that no one else offers. Here’s why DuraFast Label Company is the best place to buy the Primera LX500.

Price First LX500

DuraFast Label Company currently lists the LX500 retail price $ 1225 + free shipping and the LX500c retail price $ 1325 + free shipping. These prices are approximately $ 70 off the list price.

Additional savings

In addition to offering the LX500 and LX500c at the same discounted price as Primera Technology, DuraFast Label Company accepts PayPal, Amazon Pay, PayPal Credit, American Express, Visa, or Mastercard.

With the special promotional discount code, LX500, DuraFast Label Company offers the following:

• Free ground shipping in the Continental US

$ 250 in free labels ($ 150 at time of printer purchase and $ 100 per printer check-up after purchase)

• 30 days of premium technical support

• Free setup, installation support

• Free 1 hour Bartender label design tutorial so you can design and print your labels

Knowledge and accessibility

Many resellers sell the LX500 and LX500c color label printers in markets like Amazon and eBay, where prices and shipping vary by seller. The best LX500 deals are not necessarily on these sites. Even when the price is the same, you cannot speak to the sellers to answer any questions you may have about the Primera LX500 / LX500c Color Label Printer and how it works. Also, many of the resellers do not offer returns or product support. Once you buy the printer, you will be on your own.

The benefit of purchasing the Primera LX500 from DuraFast Label Company is that DuraFast sales consultants use the Primera LX500 every day so they can answer your questions and address your needs. Plus, after you buy your Primera LX500, they’ll even help you set up over the phone, guide you to connect, install the printer driver, and use Bartender Lite label design software to design and print your labels.

In summary, the best place to buy the Primera LX500 or LX500c label printer is DuraFast Label Company, which has the best price along with these additional benefits:

• 15-day return policy. Once you receive the printer and find that it is not for you, you can return the printer for a refund, less shipping costs. You will only be responsible for the shipping costs both ways and the cost of the consumables (ink and labels) that you have used.

• $ 250 in free labels. Get started by using our special discount code (LX500 or LX500c) at checkout to receive your first $ 150 worth of free labels. Approximately two weeks after we ship your LX500 printer, we will send you an email asking you to submit a product review on the printer you purchased from us and any other accessories such as labels. If you submit a rating on the LX500 and leave feedback, we’ll give you another $ 100 in free tag credit. You can select from our extensive section of LX500 labels. We have matt and high gloss paper labels, as well as highly durable synthetic labels such as polypropylene (matte and glossy) and polyester (white, transparent, gold and silver) labels. We also have ID cards and labels.

• 30 days of free premium support. Once your printer arrives, we’ll help you set up and start printing your product labels.

Many resellers offer a discount from the list price along with free shipping, but none come close to the added value offered by DuraFast Label Company, which goes even further by offering the best price on the Primera LX500, free shipping, up to $ 250 per value. of free labels with your purchase, a generous return policy, free setup and installation, and 30 days of premium support. DuraFast Label Company is also competitively priced on Primera LX500 ink cartridges. Spend less and get more when you buy Primera LX500 Color Label Printers from DuraFast Label Company.