Do you want your child to be smarter in math?

Who doesn’t want their child to be smarter in math? Who wouldn’t want to see an A on the report card, instead of that one-legged version called F?

Interestingly, it is REALLY easy to make this happen.

However, before I tell you how to make this work, before I tell you the one-step method of making your child’s math grades skyrocket to an A, let me tell you the secret: you have to make your child appreciates the math game.

They can play video games like a world class champion! And they can program their smartphone like an abacus! And the difference is that they want. And by having them play with the numbers in the form of games, they will want, they will excel, and their grades will go up.

To begin with, I taught at the school for several years. First as a teacher, then as the owner of my own private school. I used the method that I am about to tell you with great success, and I got the children to use this method during ‘playtime’. That’s how it is. Instead of them going out and playing, I had them do math and ‘think’ (hehe) they were playing.

Now the biggest lack in math education, IMHO, is the lack of basic concepts. This is the multiplication table, the addition table, the basics of how to manipulate numbers.

When I was in school (I had to walk 20 miles, uphill both ways, through the snow) we had to make a page of tables every day. Rain or shine, throughout elementary school, we did basic math.

Today they do not. They give a few pages in a book and think it is enough. It’s not. And for the simple reason that it doesn’t make math intuitive. It’s still, even in high school, something they have to think about. Think. Long, hard and laborious. Any questions why they are not doing well? The basics are TOTALLY out of the question.

So, a page from the Case family development book. Cards.

Yes. Mama Case pulled out some decks of cards and we played. We learned to play solitaire and in groups. To this day I feel deep happiness when I remember four of us, my brother, myself, my mother and even my grandmother! hitting those cards, trying to hit each other and laughing hysterically. Or cry badly when they hit us!

But the point is, we learned to look at the number symbols and understand them. The speed at which we were able to differentiate a 4 from a 6, or a 9, or whatever, allowed us to win the game. So we wanted.

And when the group wasn’t spending the night shooting cards, we learned other games. Various forms of individual solitaire. Hearts, Rummy, whatever!

And here was an interesting advantage: when we played monopoly with the neighborhood children, we became experts in reading the dice, in adding those cubes filled with one of the six digits face up!

Do you think it won’t work? SAY AH! That is like saying that your child is immune to games. But if there really is a lack of enthusiasm, take another page from Mama Case’s book.

‘Oh, don’t you want to play? Fuck, I was going to bet a cookie. But that’s okay. I’ll eat that cookie myself, and you can see those yummy crumbs dripping down the front of my shirt.

Guaranteed. Those kids of yours will make math a game, they’ll become experts at manipulating numbers, and when the time comes to learn a new math concept, they’ll be LIGHT YEARS ahead of the curve.

Toxic friendship and how to handle it

The problem with toxic friendship is that other people tend to dismiss it, but friends who are more like enemies or “friend-enemies” can be very abusive. Relationships between friends tend to be more emotional (controlling, passive-aggressive, or degrading) than physical. It is usually not as intense as domestic abuse, because it is easier for friends, in most cases, to walk away from the abuse than romantic or family relationships. Because people tend to minimize abuse from a friend; the victims keep it a secret.

How to tell if a friend is a “friend-foe” (alternative pronouns)

1. She gossips behind your back. If he says bad things about yourself to your friends, or tells other secrets that you shared in confidence, he is trying to strengthen himself by undermining you.

2. It is not reliable. If they don’t keep their promises, or they’re always late, or they likely won’t show up, they don’t care enough about you. He’s too out of control or too self-absorbed to be a good friend.

3. She is jealous or upset when something good happens to you. This is not the attitude of a friend, it is a competitor.

4. Only listen to him if he wants something from you. If he only contacts you when he wants a ride, or to take him to lunch, or help him with homework or a project, or be his “support man” when he wants to troll in a bar; so he’s just using you, and he’s not really a friend. Friendship must go both ways.

5. She lets you know that you are second best. If she suddenly breaks a date or is unavailable if she receives a “best offer” from a date or a more popular friend, she is not a true friend.

6. Criticizes you, your achievements, your family, your home, your job, or your friends. A good friend doesn’t subject you to a constant barrage of negativity and criticism. And if you are a good friend to yourself, you will not accept it. A good friend may feel the need to tell you a harsh truth, but even that can be expressed with kindness.

7. She lets you pay for things and give her things and do things for her, but she rarely or never reciprocates. Even if there is a difference in her financial situation, a good friend will try to match what she can afford: a home cooked meal or a snack in exchange for taking her to lunch; or help you with something in exchange for something you bought.

8. Flirt with your girlfriend or someone who knows you are interested, or try to steal your best friend. This is not a friend, this is a competitor. A good friend will be happy to see you happy and to support your other relationships.

9. When there is a problem between you, she will not admit that she is wrong, apologize or talk about it. She blocks you and tries to make you feel guilty for not liking what she did. Friends can have problems, it is a natural part of relationships; But good friends can talk about it, work it out, apologize, and forgive each other.

10. He is jealous of your success or happiness. A good friend can support you and celebrate with you, even if you are doing better than him.

How to handle jealous friends sensitively and diplomatically:

• What a pain in the butt! He is late for lunch, he always complains or complains, he does not return your money. But she’s your friend, so what do you do? Work with her! It’s easy to teach, if you do it right. Let him know what you like about what he does, then he’ll listen to you when you say he doesn’t like something. Use silence: if you don’t like what you do or say, don’t respond; she will get the message, without a word.

• Set limits: if he is usually late, make sure he knows when time is important (you hate missing the first 5 minutes of the movie) and when time is not an issue (you can read a book or talk to a friend until he arrives) When time is of the essence, tell him that if he isn’t ready by xxx time, he will leave without him. It’s amazing how well it works.

• Don’t be too strict about it: if she has a good reason, or is only occasional, leave her a little relaxed. But don’t be easy prey either.

• Don’t react to unpleasant things, but just politely ignore what you are doing or saying, and maintain a pleasant demeanor. Be an adult, whether you are or not. If you have to treat him like a misbehaving child, so be it; just don’t let it drag you into your own bad behavior.

• People who react in this way often suffer a lot of emotional pain for their own lives. Be as supportive as you can, be willing to listen to your friend’s feelings to a reasonable degree, but don’t let their struggle ruin your good feelings about yourself. If you can, give the friend some alone time with you to help her feel special and important. Often publicly thanking her for the nice things she has done will help keep her at peace.

• Understand the underlying causes of misbehavior: People who have always felt competitive with you are likely to misbehave to attract attention in that way. If someone’s behavior becomes a problem, set some limits. Tell your friend directly what behavior is unacceptable (such as making nasty comments when you’re with other friends) and let them know that you can’t be their friend if their behavior doesn’t improve.

• Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends about what friendship means to you: is it okay to cancel a date with a girlfriend (or she with you) because you get a better offer from a man? Because of family problems or illnesses? How much loyalty do you expect in friendship and what does that mean?

• Be honest. Lying to your friend about whether you’ve broken an agreement does more damage than breaking the agreement. If you do something with another friend, tell the truth, don’t protect the jealous friend. It gives you a false impression.

• Handling difficult personalities requires skill and knowledge. Here’s a technique anyone can learn to use that works every time.

Dead time for adults:

If someone misbehaves in your presence, giving that adult a “break” is a powerful and subtle way to fix the problem. Modern parents use time to discipline young children. An adult variation of time out also works for any adult friend who behaves childishly or misbehaves. Just be very aloof and polite to the person who is not treating you well. No talks and personal interactions, no jokes, no emotion. Be very polite, so you can’t accuse him of being mean, mean, or rude. You do not need to explain what you are doing: the problem person will get the message of your behavior, which is much more effective.

If you’ve never tried this, you might be surprised how effective it can be to become polite and personable but aloof. Most of the time, your friend’s behavior will immediately become more subdued around you and often much more affectionate.

Over time, he may ask what is wrong with him, or why he has changed, and at that point he has a chance to tell him what the problem behavior is and why he does not like it. Learning to put unpleasant friends on timeouts right at the beginning of an unpleasant behavior can make harsher tactics unnecessary. And if the behavior of the person does not change, you can put it in “time out” and you will be protected.

Child Custody: Your Child’s Age and Sex Could Count

Among the most interesting elements that a court considers when awarding custody of children is the age and sex of the child. When children are very young, this factor is not so important. After all, a baby’s main interest is to be fed and kept reasonably clean. However, an older child’s preferences are more likely to be based on experience.

A young child’s preference may be to live with the parent who bribed him last. If Dad just bought you a new bike or computer game, he may mistake your best interests for the momentary pleasure of receiving the gift. However, an older child may have genuine reasons for preferring the home of one parent to that of another. The court’s job in this case is to decide whether the preference is based on genuine concerns or is a reflection of the child’s own agenda. For example, if your fourteen-year-old daughter wants to live with Dad, because she knows he will give her boyfriend more access, a judge will not find her thoughts on the subject as compelling as an observation such as “Dad helps me with my homework to get good grades “.

Other factors in a child’s emotional makeup can influence where he should live most of the time. If a boy is closer to dad and shares his interests, he better have the masculine guidance that only a man can offer. A daughter may feel more secure having another woman to help her navigate as a child approaching womanhood. On the contrary, if the child is closer to the father of the opposite sex, he might have a better chance of achieving a well-balanced adult life with that father.

The maturity level of the child is also important to a judge exploring this factor. A 10-year-old who has seen the lives of his parents and can make legitimate observations about their qualities and actions will be much more credible to a divorce judge than a 15-year-old who is failing in school and prefers to spend his time Playing. computer games and hanging out with friends.

Ultimately, the issue of a child’s sex and age is not the only, or even the most important, issue for a judge deciding custody of children to consider. There are other aspects of a parent’s life that also indicate that the child would be better off in that parent’s custody. However, the older a child is, the more likely it is that his preferences and ability to better relate to a parent with whom he will establish his primary home can influence his final custodial location. Thus, in the case of a particular child, his age and sex could be very relevant to where he ends up establishing his home.

Preschool Easter crafts for kids are a great way to keep them active this Easter.

Working with preschoolers is great as they are generally very enthusiastic when it comes to getting things done and creating lots of arts and crafts projects within the classroom. They are usually around 3 or 4 years old, which means they are fed up with the harsh world around them and still have great optimism. They generally want to please and receive praise from adults and teachers, so they go to great lengths in everything they do.

This enthusiasm also extends to preschool Easter crafts for kids in the classroom. No matter what activity you put in front of them, you can generally bet they’ll try well. Anyone who works with children will practically tell you the same thing.

That’s why Easter is a popular time in the classroom when it comes to getting creative with arts and crafts. The great thing about Easter is that there are tons of things to do, from Easter baskets to decorating Easter eggs.

Some Great Easter Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

You are really only limited by your imagination and the tools you have in your classroom when it comes to designing preschool Easter crafts for kids this year. Of course, you have to make sure that these little ones are supervised if they use scissors and that they have the appropriate safety sheets.

You can start your preschoolers with a simple Easter arts and crafts idea that is always popular this time of year. Take a card of different colors, reds, pinks, blues, etc. and cut them into long strips. Then, using security glue tape, have your class weave the card together to create a simple Easter basket shape. You can also bring some tissue paper to line the bottom of your baskets. Another piece of cardstock of different colors can be folded to form an ad hoc handle as well.

If your preschoolers have access to computers, they can go online (with a little help) and print out some Easter-themed images like Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter chicks, etc. that can be printed and used as decoration for your Easter baskets.

An excuse to talk about Easter

While your little ones are busy making their Easter baskets, you can tell them all about Easter and what it means to you so they can get a little background on why they are making their baskets.

Who would have thought that Easter crafts for preschoolers were such a great way to get your students actively involved in a great activity that promotes group work and good communication skills.

Lice Removal and Why Duct Tape Is Important

If removing lice is at the top of your to-do list, trust me when I tell you that I can feel empathy. I have had more lice removal episodes than my share, but experience has given me a bit of an advantage when it comes to tackling this issue thoroughly. If you have seen your children complain of itchy heads, it is very likely that they have contracted lice at school, church, or other social settings with children. The main goal, after making sure they are lice, is to find the best method of removing lice.

While a number of “bugs” can end up in your hair, few things actually choose to stay there like lice do. If you notice that the head is populated with tiny critters that are about the size of a sesame seed and appear to be light tan in color, then it is likely lice. Nits can be more difficult to detect or identify, as they do not move like lice. The eggshells of hatched lice are usually white in color and can be mistaken for other objects.

So, here are some tips to tell nits apart from anything else, which is the first important step in removing lice. From what you know, you could be looking at dandruff. It turns out that dandruff will separate from the hair quite easily. Therefore, if the brush is easily removed, it is likely dandruff. If the objects do not separate easily from the hair, it is probably a nit. This is especially true if you look closely and notice that the color is light tan.

Here are some general lice removal tips that can ensure better eradication of these creatures. One of the first things most people will do is use a medicated shampoo. After the shampoo, which is designed to kill the lice, the actual removal of the lice begins. You can work through small sections of wet hair with a fine tooth lice comb to remove the now dead lice from the hair. My personal advice is to clean the comb after each stroke. It will take longer and seem like the proverbial never-ending task, but otherwise it may re-deposit the lice you just removed on some sections of your hair. Another thing to keep in mind is that shampoo doesn’t always kill nits. So be prepared that these can hatch later if they are not removed.

For this reason, and others, some people choose to use tweezers as their preferred method of removing lice. To do this thoroughly, you really want to take the same approach as when using a lice comb. Take smaller sections of hair and gradually work through them. Consider how things will be different, depending on whether or not you’ve used a lice shampoo. If the lice are dead, that’s one thing. However, if you are going to remove lice that are still alive, you need to make sure you have an effective way to remove them once you remove them from your hair. Some people will just have a small alcohol dish that they can put them in. Others have used a piece of masking tape to stick them together. If you go this route, it’s best to be safe by putting the tape in an airtight bag when you’re done, just in case.

A little sugar, wood pulp and sand, lowers the vitamins

I drive home from work early one morning. I am tired and need to stay awake. So I turn on the radio on my favorite Chicago radio station. It is around 4:30 am in the morning and the station is airing an infomercial.

This doctor is launching a new and improved vitamin that he had created. All I needed was a little noise to help me stay awake. Then I listen to your infomercial. What really caught my eye was towards the end of the show.

I was comparing your vitamin product to other brand name vitamin products. To do this, I was reading the ingredients on the package. First he started making fun of all the sugar in brand name vitamins. But then the following ingredients that were listed really caught my eye.

The first was “microcrystalline cellulose”, which he referred to as “ground newsprint.” The next ingredient was “silicon dioxide”, which he called “sand.” Wait a minute. Time here. Did you just say that there is sand and ground newspaper in the brand name vitamins? How could this be?

Several days later, I decided to do some research on the ingredients of the vitamins. It didn’t take long for me to discover that the doctor was telling the truth. One of the first websites I visited was the US Food and Drug Administration, they have an online database of food ingredients called “GRAS”, which stands for “Generally Recognized As Safe”. This is what I found out.

Cellulose comes from the cell walls of plants. It is found in the plants we eat. But it is also found in plants that we would not normally eat, such as the wood pulp of trees. All forms of cellulose contain the same biological properties. So if it is safe to eat one form, then it should be safe to eat another form such as microcrystalline cellulose.

When we eat cellulose, the human body does not absorb it, but rather leaves the body as part of a bowel movement. In small amounts, there is no evidence of harmful effects of cellulose. In large quantities it acts as a laxative. In the end I found out that cellulose has a GRAS rating, while microcrystalline cellulose does not. But according to the evidence, the FDA has not banned its use.

So why do some vitamin tablets contain cellulose (wood pulp) and silicone (sand)? The actual amount of vitamins found in one tablet is a small amount. Without some kind of padding, it would be too small to manipulate. Next you need a strong substance to help maintain the shape of the tablet. And strength to prevent the tablet from falling apart. That is why they use cellulose (wood), because wood is strong. The sand acts as a filler and as a “time-release” agent in the way the tablet dissolves.

Wood and sand are also used as inactive ingredients in other food products. This is how wood is used as an anti-caking agent. Microcrystalline cellulose (powdered cellulose) is used in Parmesan cheese so it doesn’t cake (form chunks) in the can. Silicon dioxide (sand) is an antifoam agent. So it is used in beer, to prevent the beer from foaming.

Plus, there are zero calories in sand and wood. It is also filling up. So sand and wood have become very popular in diet products. Sand is also touted as good for strong hair, nails, and bones. And the companies promoting these products were frank, about sand as an ingredient in their products.

But is it safe to eat wood pulp and sand? The GRAS reports from the US Food and Drug Administration are quite extensive. Here are a few lines from each report. Microcrystalline cellulose: “… There is no evidence in the available information on pure and regenerated cellulose, including microcrystalline cellulose, that demonstrates, or suggests reasonable grounds to suspect, a hazard to the public when used at levels that are now, or that could reasonably be expected in the future. “

Silicon dioxide: “… The question of whether or not silicon is an essential human nutrient remains unresolved. Silicon compounds consumed as added food ingredients contribute only a small proportion of the total silicon intake in the diet”.

Why good girls like bad boys

Almost every woman at some point in her love life will fall in love with a bad boy. From gangsters to thugs, from OG to Mac in training, they all have one thing in common: they play the game of love with their own set of rules and if you break the rules you will end up with a broken heart. What is a bad boy? He’s a bully, a bully, and a rebel without a cause. Or it could be the nice guy next door who’s silky smooth but is a cold-hearted scoundrel at heart. Bad boys are the kind of boys your mom warns you about, but because they have a bully appeal, you throw common sense out the window and caution to the wind.

The thing to keep in mind when dealing with a bad boy is that most see women as conquests, something to be captured and conquered. And when the emotion ends, so does the relationship. Although many of you know this, some of you go after thug love in hopes of being the one to change it. In the end, you feel hurt and betrayed. And you know when you have a guy who isn’t acting right because you probably quickly tell your girlfriends what to do the moment their boyfriends start misbehaving. But sometimes it’s easier to tell others what to do than to do what you know is right.

I know firsthand what it’s like to be wowed by a bad boy, because until I learned how to make healthier choices in relationships, I was addicted to bad boys. I wouldn’t even look at a boy unless he was a bully with a bad attitude.

But years of emotional roller coasters, baby mama drama, and being cheated on made me wake up and smell the dysfunction. As a result, I developed some common sense strategies that helped me break my bad boy habit. I share them in a spirit of brotherhood, in the hope that they will help you as well.

Why do girls like bad boys?

If you ask most women why they like bad boys, they will say the challenge, the thrill, or the thrill of living vicariously. But often what starts out as a thrilling high-speed adventure ends up turning into emotionally draining melodrama. Bad boys offer a double dose of pain and pleasure. When they are bad, they are very bad, but when they are good they make you feel like you just won the lottery. These are the most common reasons why women like bad guys.

Secret fear of intimacy

If you are attracted to guys you really can’t have, because they don’t want a real relationship or because they are involved with someone else, you may have a secret fear of intimacy. The reason you can find such an attractive bad boy is because you can be with him without letting him get too close. As long as he’s unavailable, he can never get close enough to hurt you.

A subconscious desire to bring dad home

As you already know, the relationship you had with your father shapes the relationships you will have with other men. If you grew up without a father or if he was emotionally unavailable, you may be involved with men who act like your father. You run the risk of getting hurt by being with a bad boy though. You may be hoping that if you stay long enough, he will eventually give you the love you didn’t get at home.

Low self-esteem

When you feel good about yourself, you set high standards in every area of ​​your life, including your romantic relationships. If you are in a relationship with a guy who lies, cheats on you, talks badly to you, or mistreats you in any way, then regardless of what you want others to believe, you don’t feel good about yourself. When you value who you are, you treat yourself with great respect and demand that others do the same. Know that you are worthy of being treated with kindness and respect.

Media brainwash

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Jerry Springer or the latest music videos, you can see how the media portrays the bad boy image as every girl’s dream. Popular TV and music videos try to make you believe that it is acceptable for men to disrespect women and then reduce themselves to sexual objects. Think of Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin” video or Lox’s “Need a Ride or Die Chick” and you can see how the media touts the bad boy image as the ideal. You don’t have to buy everything the media feeds you. You can make your own decision as to what is attractive and acceptable. There is no good reason to be in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t appreciate or respect you.

Copyright © 2000 by Cassandra Mack

How to keep a baby shower a secret from mom-to-be

Your best friend, your sister, your aunt, or heck, I suppose it could even be your mother, she’s pregnant and you want to throw a secret baby shower for her, but you have no idea how to keep it a secret? I have you covered. This article will give you tips on how to host a surprise baby shower.

Rule number one when planning any type of surprise is very important and its importance should not be underestimated. That rule is this: BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TELL. I write this in capital letters because it is so important. It is extremely difficult to keep secrets for some people, and in many cases some secrets are simply accidentally disclosed.

Of course, to organize a secret shower, you need to tell each and every guest about the event. You cannot decide not to tell them and you cannot choose who you tell them to … however, you can make it very clear to them that it is a surprise and that the expectant mother has no idea of ​​its existence.

It’s also a good idea to include dad in the plans, so he can make sure the mother-to-be is available on shower day. It can also give you an idea of ​​what days and times would be good (you don’t have to be the dad to be … it can be anyone close to you in your life who knows your basic schedule). This person can also provide additional guest information if they do not have it. For example, your side of the family, or the members of your family that you don’t know.

You can make paper invitations or phone calls. If you are making paper invitations, repeat that the shower is a surprise and please direct all questions and RSVPs to yourself. Be sure to include your phone number on the invitation so guests can contact you if they have any questions.

There are many ways to get mom to be at her baby shower without knowing where she is going. You will first have to decide when you want the secret to spill. Will he be happy to have a surprise until that day, or would he rather have it stay as a complete surprise until she arrives? A complete surprise until she arrives is a little more difficult to achieve, but it certainly can be achieved. You will have to come up with a good excuse or reason why she needs to go to the place where you are organizing the shower.

However, one piece of advice. Meet your guest of honor. Not all people enjoy surprises. Make sure that if you are doing a secret shower you will not end up embarrassing or angering a pregnant woman. Ultimately, a baby shower is for her, so make sure it makes her happy.

The Wiggles Party Menu Ideas

A Wiggles party menu for toddlers and preschoolers calls for a simpler meal, but one that is fun for kids and highly edible. Don’t forget to serve up your delicious sandwiches, whatever they turn out to be, on Wiggles-themed paper plates, in glasses, with napkins and other helpful supplies. There are also Wiggles themed party decorations to make your child’s Wiggles party even more memorable, even if he is still too young to remember it anyway. The party never stops with fun music and songs from Wiggles for the kids to sing and dance to during the event too!

When planning your buffet-style Wiggles party menu, with plenty of easy-to-pick foods that you and the kids will enjoy nibbling during the course of the party. Fun foods like cubed cheeses, meat rolls, individual fruit chunks cut into fun shapes, and even little breadsticks for dipping in cheese sauce, ranch dressing, or marinara sauce. Later, you can announce something like a casual call to eat at the Wiggles party by pulling out some hot chicken fingers and fries with a variety of special Wiggles sauces. Dessert can be colored cubes of twisted jelly, representing all the colors of the shirts worn by members of the Wiggles singing group.

Create your fun Wiggles sauces in a very simple way. The colors of your different sauces will be yellow, red, blue, and purple. You can easily use mustard for the yellow sauce and ketchup for the red sauce. Take some of the ranch sauce you already have on hand and add some blue food coloring to make the blue sauce. Then make a purple sauce out of BBQ sauce by adding some blue food coloring. Depending on how red the BBQ sauce is, you may need to add a little red food coloring to balance the purple.

The color of your fun Wiggles sauces does not affect their flavor and kids will have a blast figuring out which sauces are which at the Wiggles party.

Dinosaur Teaching Resource Downloads – Not that Helpful for Homeschooling

Downloadable Dinosaur Resources A Cautionary Tale

For parents and guardians interested in homeschooling their children, there are many downloadable instructional resources available to assist with post-lesson plans and work plans. Making dinosaurs and prehistoric animals in general a teaching subject can bring many rewards, helping to motivate and excite students in math and science, as well as creative writing. However, homeschoolers need to be careful when downloading dinosaur-themed resources to use for lessons, some of the materials have a lot of mistakes and errors.

When is Triceratops a Triceratops?

It is important to use accurate and correct teaching materials. Defeat the object of the exercise if the teaching resources are misleading and inaccurate. For example, our team members, during one of their many school visits to teach about dinosaurs and fossils, came across some fact sheets that had been downloaded, but these downloads had several errors. The Triceratops fact sheet, for example, explained what the name Triceratops means “three-horned face,” provides details on when this animal lived and how large it may have been, but the image of the dinosaur used to illustrate the sheet of data was not that great. of a Triceratops. The dinosaur represented was a horned dinosaur, but it did not have two long horns on its forehead, it had a spiked steering wheel. The image looked more like a Centrosaurine like a Styracosaurus.

Spelling errors in teaching resources

Also, when the data sheets were examined closely, it was noted that there were a number of spelling errors, the term Theropod used to classify part of Dinosauria was not spelled correctly. In the data sheets that had been downloaded, this word was spelled “Therapod”, which is not useful when working with enthusiastic and eager students who are also young budding paleontologists. Unfortunately, these errors may not be detected by the teacher, but it may be the children with their inherent knowledge of dinosaurs who point out the errors in the teaching resources.

Helping Parents and Guardians

It is essential that homeschoolers have confidence in homeschooling teaching resources. Libraries can provide an extremely useful source of information and there are a number of support groups and other organizations that help the thousands of homeschoolers create and prepare lesson plans that can spark the imagination and really help children to develop a love for lifelong learning. . With dinosaurs, children as young as three seem to act like sponges when it comes to capturing and absorbing facts and figures about prehistoric animals. Students can detect any errors in the teaching materials and this would undermine the lesson being taught.

It is essential that teachers have confidence in their teaching resources, but with the lack of knowledge about Dinosauria, the problem is how does a homeschooler determine the validity of any download? User testimonials and recommendations are a good place to start, as is choosing to download materials from a long-established website that demonstrates knowledge in this specialized subject area.