Educational Christmas gifts for kids

Do you want your children to get more out of their playtime than just having fun? Obviously, fun is good, but if your kids can continue to learn while having fun, then so much the better and there are plenty of educational Christmas gifts for kids available.

Educational toys for boys and girls

Cooking is one of the most important skills children can learn and one that will allow them to feed themselves for the rest of their lives. Learning to cook at a young age means they will always love it, so why not start cooking with your kids? These sophisticated toys contain all the essentials; fridge / freezer, hob, microwave and dishwasher, as well as sink, pans and spatulas. Complement the kitchen with food from the deli set or ice cream parlor. Take the opportunity to teach kids how to clean up after cooking and you may find that you have the next great chef in your family.

Science toys for kids are great educational toys and will spark your child’s interest in science subjects from the age of five. There are several kits available, including one that allows children to learn about the human body through hands-on experiments, games, and exercises.

For older children, the Crystals, Rocks and Minerals kit can get them interested in geology. The kit contains real rock and quartz samples and children can grow three different types of crystals.

There are two grades of technology and electronics kits; the first, for children ages 10 and up, teaches how to build simple circuits and how to build and repair sensors. The second, for children 12 years and older, details the basic electronic components and provides an introduction to the more advanced components. Children will learn to follow a circuit diagram and create circuits from the provided components. Budding electrical engineers will find this an invaluable grounding.

Educational toys for toddlers and babies

The Busy Ball Popper is ideal for both babies and toddlers to learn colors and manual dexterity. Babies will love seeing the colored balls racing down the spiral track and out the top and toddlers will have even more fun chasing the balls. This toy also features fun music with 8 upbeat songs to keep the fun going.

The Endangered Species game teaches kids to recognize and learn about seven of the world’s endangered animals with a storage bag showing the continents. Children can learn where to place animals in their home contents.

For children ages three and up, the Deluxe Workshop encourages hand-eye coordination and includes a toolbox and storage jars to promote logical thinking and order. The tools are cordless drill with interchangeable bits, screws, nuts, hammer, saw, pliers, wrench and screwdriver. Instructions for 4 projects are included.

Play is an important part of a child’s development, teaching life skills, as well as motor skills and educational toys provide interesting and inventive opportunities to play.

Fun activities to do in Marbella with children

If you plan to spend a vacation in the sun, you should plan to visit the southern coast of Spain. This part has great weather all year round, delicious food, and plenty of activities to enjoy that keep everyone busy. If you are looking for fun activities for the whole family, read here to do the best activities in Marbella with children.

The best beaches for children

Marbella has a wide range of sandy beaches suitable for children. For example, Playa Fontanilla is one of those beaches where you can take your children and have fun all day. It is close to the city center, past the Marbella marina and offers a wide range of facilities such as cafes, shops and restaurants. The beach also offers access to public toilets. Nagueles Beach is another popular beach with families. There are numerous activities for visitors. You can rent a pedal boat for fun in the water and other water sports for older children.

Funny Beach Marbella amusement park

The fun beach is the place that offers fun not only for children but for the whole family. This is an amusement park where you can enjoy the fun of karting for both children and adults. Older children can go out to sea on a jet ski or fly board. Adults can enjoy a ride in a variety of inflatable boats and younger children can have fun on the pedal boats.

Nature in the Lake of the Turtles (Turtle Lake)

Turtle Lake is the most important tourist destination for the whole family. There are many trees, lush foliage, and splendid mountain views. The lake is popular for turtles. The lake is located in Nueva Andalucía in Marbella and is also home to many water birds and fun turtles. Children can also swim in the lake and it is the best place to enjoy a picnic in the shade on a hot summer day. You can stroll along the lake and cross the 20-meter high dam wall that dates back to 1890.

Bulevar San Pedro Alcantara playground

San Pedro Boulevard offers three playgrounds for children. There are paddled hills to climb, wooden horses to ride and swing. Older children can enjoy zip lining. The boulevard is also perfect for biking and skating. There is also a graceful architectural bridge that curves to match the waves and mountains of the Marbella coastline. You can enjoy beautiful and impressive views of the sea and the mountains that extend over a series of children’s pools for the children to splash around.

Barbecue or picnic in the Vigil de Quiñones Park

It is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic and a day out with the whole family. You can enjoy a barbecue and relax in the shade of the park’s trees. There is a small cafeteria and a children’s play area in the park, a soccer field, a petanque field and a multipurpose field. The park is located a short distance from the city center of Marbella and has free entry.

It is worth choosing the best childcare services for your child

Most parents would agree that it is not always so easy to choose the best childcare services for your children. Parents should make sure to choose a facility that ensures the safety and health of their children. At the same time, the facility should also be a fun place for the proper education and upbringing of your child.

The simple truth is that around seventy percent of parents choose to place their children in daycare. They have several options, including in-home and in-center care. They can also choose a preschool or they can entrust the care of their children to someone. Regardless of the type of daycare you choose, there are certain things to keep in mind.

The most important issue is finding a daycare that is equipped to handle your child’s temperament as well as his likes and dislikes. The center must also be equipped to look after the health and interests of the child and to encourage good behavior. If the baby is less than a year old, then you need to find a center that pays close attention to the upbringing of the baby and its special health requirements.

If the child is older than a toddler, then it makes sense for him to choose a nursery where the child can play and develop an appropriate learning style. In addition, the center should also provide an opportunity for the child to interact with other children and their intellectual curiosity should also be taken care of.

This is what to look for in daycare for your child. The first thing you have to do is find out why the center is interested in working with your children and with other children the same age as your child.

Nurseries and centers offer excellent childcare and a single adult will oversee the care of your children. Most day care centers also use multiple people to care for your child. You must also ensure that the center gives the highest priority to the health and safety of the child. Every child who arrives at the facility must be vaccinated and the same goes for staff members. The facility must also be child-proof and facility personnel must wear disposable gloves when changing a baby’s diapers.

Family entertainment centers make children’s birthdays easy

When it comes to organizing children’s birthday parties, parents can save a lot of time, trouble, and expense by hosting the party at a family entertainment center. This could mean reserving the party room at a movie theater, bowling alley, skating rink, or sports center or reserving a table at a kid-friendly place like Chuck E Cheese’s. Depending on what’s available locally, parents could even arrange to host a party at a children’s museum, aquarium, zoo, or city park.

While the sky is the limit for a given parent in terms of party location, the best locations are those that offer full service party planning and coordination. For example, family entertainment centers that run a really short birthday party business will take care of everything from decorations to dishes to food to entertainment to cleaning.

The top three reasons parents prefer to host their children’s parties outdoors are:


By far the number one reason parents love using family entertainment centers for birthday parties is convenience. Especially in families where both parents work, it can be very difficult to find time to buy all the party supplies, send invitations, reserve the entertainment, make the kids kid-friendly and decorate the house, etc. When investing in the assistance of a family entertainment center, on the other hand, parents can complete virtually every step with a simple phone call to the location. Once the date and time are set and a few questions about food and other details are answered, all parents have to do is buy the child a gift and show up on the spot.


Just think of all the party supplies needed to throw an amazing birthday party: balloons, streamers, and other decorations; cups, plates, cutlery, napkins and tablecloths; gift bags and party favors; cake and sandwiches … the list could go on! To make matters worse, all of these items need to be coordinated with the theme of the party. Buying everything separately can quickly get very expensive. However, when parents allow a family entertainment center to provide all of these supplies, significant savings are possible. This is because family entertainment centers buy their supplies in bulk at a discounted price and can pass on those savings to parents. Family entertainment centers also offer integrated entertainment, further reducing the cost of the party for parents.

Clean up

Cleaning up after a child’s birthday party can be a real pain, especially if very young children are involved. Children do not intend to make dough, but at a certain age it seems to be in their nature. If parents host the party away from home, they can avoid the hassle of potentially spending hours trying to remove the chocolate glaze from the wall or remove the pizza sauce from the carpet. Family entertainment centers offer children’s spaces that are easy for staff to clean, so parents don’t have to worry about cleaning up all spills right away. Instead, they can leave it up to the on-site staff.

With so many benefits of hosting children’s birthday parties away from home, it’s amazing that more companies aren’t jumping on the train and offering kid-friendly spaces!

Parenting Skills Today

There are currently no courses that teach parenting skills. Parenting requires a great deal of skills. No parent is gifted with all parenting skills all the time. Instead, parenting skills are learned as time goes on. Depending on the behavior and age of your child, there will be times when some skills are easily applied. There are certain parenting skills that are important in promoting effective discipline and raising children better.

Set a positive example

Modeling appropriate behaviors is a very important parenting skill. Children learn from what they see and hear. Parents who are used to “doing what I say, not what you do”, for the most part, find this way very ineffective. Parents with the habit of yelling when they are hungry raise their children who yell when they are angry. However, a parent who models themselves on how to handle anger by taking a break will raise their children with good anger management mechanisms.

Manage stress effectively

Stressed parents are likely to be inconsistent with discipline or yell. They are more likely to use punishment rather than discipline. Parents must learn to manage stress through self-care and the support of family and friends.

Recognize security issues

Parents must be able to smell danger from a mile away. They must recognize a predatory child when they see one. They should allow natural consequences only if it is safe to do so and should teach children healthy decision-making skills.

Set appropriate limits

Parents should set appropriate limits for their children, even if the children protest. Setting appropriate limits means that parents use developmental discipline strategies and ensure that their children have clear rules. Effective parents can tolerate their children getting angry with them and focus on what is best for their children.

Praise the children for their efforts

Praise the children for the amount of energy they put out. This teaches them to be persistent and they learn that improvement is possible. If a child’s perseverance is based on rewards like praise, when it stops, the effort stops.

Enforce consequences consistently

Consistency in parenting is a crucial parenting skill. If a child receives negative consequences only half the time, the behavior will most likely not stop. Parents should not only threaten consequences, but continue to impose them throughout the process.

Choose your battles wisely

Parents need to be able to recognize whether a battle is worth fighting. Sometimes some behaviors are not worth fighting if they can lead to a power struggle.

Provide positive care

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the energy and time to consider each child individually, especially when raising many children. Finding time each day to pay positive attention makes all other discipline strategies more effective.

Set a clear expectation

Make children understand what is expected of them. Parents should tell their children what is expected of them in a way that they can understand. An effective parent doesn’t just tell his 10-year-old son to make his bed. Instead, it describes it and shows what a made bed looks like.

Talk to your spouse or partner

When raising children with your husband, wife, or committed partners, learn to be on the same page. Discuss your desire to improve your parenting skills with people close to you. They offer you support if they know your goals.

Frequency filters and choose 3 lotteries and choose 4 lottery games

If you are a Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery player, have you noticed how helpful the official local state lottery websites have become in offering free information to help players find winning numbers? Some official state lottery sites offer software capabilities that allow players to find lucky lottery numbers to play with. A recent web browsing adventure led me to the official website of the Delaware Lottery. This lottery website provides lottery players with a frequently updated list of Pick 3 digits and Pick 4 digits that have been drawn. This frequency list is automatically updated after each drawing. The frequency filter based on the history of all numbers drawn in each lottery game tells players which of the ten digits (0 to 9) has been drawn the most and least times, and ranks the ten digits from the most drawn up to the minimum drawn by the actual number of pictures and the related percentages.

This frequency filter is used by Pick 3 systems and Pick 4 systems, particularly in software programs, to help lottery players produce the most effective list of potential numbers to play and win. Knowing that certain digits are drawn more than others leads to the belief that these more powerful digits will increase the chances of winning by playing these better performing digits. Mathematicians using typical bell curve analysis suggest that all numbers, except for a technical skew created with a particular drawing system, should be drawn the same number of times over time. Generally, the total number distributed in random draws is very small in the overall picture of total draws. What is the actual meaning of the percentage of .003663 between the most drawn digit and the least drawn digit as in the case of the Delaware Play 3 game based on 186 / 50,778 draws? It is similar to an 80-year-old man saying to a 35-year-old man, “In human history, we are roughly the same age.” The actual percentage per count is 10.1816% for the most extracted digit and 9.8153% for the least extracted digit.

Can a barely perceptible signal on the positive number radar screen really have any real meaning to the lottery player when choosing to play one digit over another? The Delaware Play 4 frequency table was not much different. It produced a difference of 0.003246 between the most drawn digit and the least drawn digit of a total number of 61,300 drawings. Based on this presented data found on the official Delaware State Lottery website, are the resulting percentage differences from the digits significant enough to create a real choice for lottery players? Can the frequency charts in general make any difference when using the total number of draws from the first day of the particular lottery game, either Pick 3 lottery or Pick 4 lottery, when the difference is reduced to three thousandths of a percent of total drawings?

Like looking for a needle in a haystack, splitting hairs as thin as these numbers suggest, picking one digit over another, particularly in the mid-range of the bell curve, makes it an even more impossible task for even the most dedicated lottery and engaged. Players who are willing to spend time doing their research to find the next winning Pick 3 number or Pick 4 number to play.

Dear lord jesus

There are times when I just can’t forget a song, especially a song with a real message. This song will make anyone cry, I guarantee it.

It was around Christmas vacation in 1989, I recorded this song from the radio. This was before I discovered CDs. I did a lot of radio recordings back then.

The song I’m referring to is titled, Dear lord jesus. Written by Richard klender and sung by a nine-year-old girl, back then, called Sharon batts.

Before showing the lyrics of this heartwarming song of immense emotion, I will give you the facts about the song. It is a true story about child abuse.

On New YorkOn May 14, 1981, a girl was born with the name of Elizabeth Lisa Laundries. In November 1987, the whole world came to know her as “Lisa Steinberg.”

On November 1, 1987, Lisa steinberg was beaten to death by a New York attorney, appointed, Joel steinberg. This brutal and inhuman crime occurred in 14 West 10th Street, on Greenwich village. It would later be a wake-up call to child welfare authorities and the law on how they would handle such unimaginable crimes.

First, he savagely beat his inner lover, Hedda Nussbaum. Then he dealt several blows at Lisa’s head. Her baby brother was found in a back room, lying on the floor, tied to his crib with a short rope, dressed in dirty clothes.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they both waited over 12 hours for help. Lisa He did not die that day, he died three days later from severe brain injuries.

When Hedda later found Lisa I was no longer breathing Joel He still didn’t want to ask for help, but he finally did. Lisa he was in a coma for three days.

This low life child killer doesn’t deserve a name, just shame and a ticket to hell. And her resident lover deserves more than she received. It came easy in the eyes of the law. In 1989, he was convicted of manslaughter in the first degree and was later released after serving just 15 years.

Many others should share the responsibility for this crime. Child welfare workers, police officers, and even a teacher who had seen the evidence of abuse in Lisa’s body, did not report this or do anything about it. So we have another case of a girl who could have been saved if someone had been willing to help her.

Hedda Nussbaum, was abused by her boyfriend, Joel steinberg, for years and was beaten by him just before delivering the blows that killed Lisatherefore she couldn’t help Lisa. She was not prosecuted as she was unable to help Lisa and he was not involved in her abuse other than not reporting it.

Next Lisa’s birth, his biological mother, paid Joel steinberg, a lawyer, $ 500 to find him a foster home. A home was never found and although he never adopted Lisa, she lived with Joel throughout its short life.

Lisa’s biological mother, received $ 15 million in damages in September 2003 from a civil lawsuit she originally filed against Steinberg, Nussbaum and various city agencies. The city of New York, settled without admitting any wrongdoing in 1999 and paid $ 985,000.

To learn more about this heinous crime, please log in to Lisa steinberg in your search. Also, when logging into the song title, Dear lord jesus, the song can be downloaded.

Lisa he deserved to live a long and happy life. She also deserves the recognition and attention of child abuse awareness. I leave you with the lyrics of this special song that is definitely a moving story of Lisa’s short life of gross neglect and deadly abuse.

Dear lord jesus

(words and music by Richard klender and sung by Sharon batts)

Dear lord jesus

I just had to write to you

Something really scared me

When i saw it on the news

A story about a girl

Beaten black and blue

Jesus thought he would bring this straight to you

Dear lord jesus

I do not understand

Why did they take his mom and dad

I know that they do not intend to hit

With wild and angry hands

Tell them how big they are, I pray

Please don’t let them hurt your children.

We need love and shelter from the storm

Please don’t let them hurt your children.

Won’t you keep us safe and warm?

Dear lord jesus

They say you can die

Oh I hope the doctors stop the pain

I know you could save her

And take her to heaven

So she would never have to hurt again

Please don’t let them hurt your children.

We need love and shelter from the storm

Please don’t let them hurt your children.

Won’t you keep us safe and warm?

Dear lord jesus

Please tell me what to do

And please don’t tell my daddy

But my mommy hits me too

Please don’t let them hurt your children.

We need love and shelter from the storm

Please don’t let them hurt your children.

Won’t you keep us safe and warm?

Please don’t let them hurt your children.

They need love and shelter from the storm.

Please don’t let them hurt your children.

Won’t you keep us safe and warm?


Folk and classic remedies for a sore throat

A sore throat is usually caused by an inflammation of the tonsils, larynx or pharynx and can be painful and uncomfortable and is one of the most common medical complaints and some of the most common causes of a sore throat are:

Sinus drainage: If you have a sinus infection, you may develop a sore throat, especially in the morning.

Tonsillitis – This is a common throat infection when the tonsils become infected.

Strep – Symptoms are fever, red or white spots on the tonsils.

It is wise to nip a sore throat in the bud before it becomes more serious. Here are some popular and classic sore throat remedies you can try:

1. At the first sign of infection, gargle with hydrogen peroxide and water.

2. Take dietary supplements and many doctors recommend papaya enzymes as a natural remedy, since papaya is rich in vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant. They help in stuffy sinuses, swollen throat, and if your inflamed tonsil doesn’t clear up even with antibiotics, the papaya tablet can shrink the tonsil. You can also have a drink of papaya juice and keep it in your mouth for about 10 minutes.

3. Drink lots of water: hot drinks to help the throat heal and also ice cold drinks to relieve pain. In fact, it is better to drink both. Regardless of what sore throat remedies you are using, this is a must have remedy.

4. Make yourself an anise and mint tea. as it is an extremely good remedy. Take 1 teaspoon of dried anise and mint for each cup of boiling water, let it steep for 10 minutes, strain and sweeten. You can drink it warm as many times as you like.

5. If you have swollen tonsils, put a handful of sage in 2 cups of water. Cook over low heat for 15 minutes. Use a flannel cloth and dip in the liquid and place the sage leaves on the flannel and wrap them around your throat. Use another flannel cloth and dip it in the liquid and wrap it around your throat, this is to keep the warmth of the first flannel cloth, and repeat this second step when cool. While you’re at it, relax and brew yourself a sage tea infusion.

6. Suck on throat lozenges to relieve pain and keep your throat moist.

7. A popular and classic remedy for a sore throat is getting enough rest and sleep and is definitely recommended by your doctor.

8. You can also select a handful of selected herbs in a bowl of hot water. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the aroma of the herbs for 5 to 10 minutes. The herbs you can try are eucalyptus, basil, hyssop, lavender, cayenne pepper, cinnamon sticks, thyme, sage, rosemary. All of these herbs have a detoxifying effect.

9. Gargle with an infusion of sage and thyme, as using these two herbs together forms a powerful combination for treating a sore throat and ticklish cough.

It’s always too tempting to look for over-the-counter medications to relieve our sore throat, but give your body a break by trying some of the safe and natural sore throat remedies listed above and avoid the unwanted side effects of pharmaceutical medications.

How to get up early in the morning in less than 1 minute

From today

The topic is “How to get up early in the morning in less than 1 minute. This article is short but you can do this task easily. So I don’t want to talk much. I am starting this topic. Tell you some unique reason for this problem.

Why it happens?

So much stress

Waking up long at night

For not putting the mind

If you don’t exercise

For not drinking a lot of water during the day

If you wear a stiff dress and go to sleep

I don’t have the right goal

Vitamin Lake (C)

For not finishing all your bodies working in the morning. You know it well.

(again) If you are not laborious or not working or just exercising, work during the day.

How will this problem be solved?

Mindset and pray to God

To refresh your mind This (mindset and praying to God) is very important for everything and this is totally up to you. Before going to sleep, you need to think about what you will do after getting up early in the morning. It will hide your brain to get up.

2. Drink lots of water during the day, but not at night.

You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day (from morning to afternoon). It will remove all kinds of waste substances like (creatine, urea, nitrogen, etc. causing the trash substance). You also know that it will refresh your face and be very helpful for protoplasm. It also helps you sleep and get up early in the morning. Please don’t forget to drink water early in the morning without having breakfast.

3. Eat mint leaves

You have to eat mint leaves at night. This is very important in solving many types of problems in your body. I will try to discuss this later in another article. Please stay with us. This method is very, very important to get up early in the morning.

4. You exercise regularly and walk for some time at night.

You know this is very important to everything. This is the king of all. It helps us to adapt our body, to refresh our mind, to have a healthy mind, to eliminate wrinkles, to eliminate stress, etc. So you feel tested and this tiredness is important to sleep and if you do this work early it will be better. Because you will feel good until (from morning to night). Don’t forget to walk at night before sleeping. At last, it will help you to complete this task easily.

5. Take a deep breath

I will recommend that you take deep breaths at night before sleeping. You just have to take 10 or more deep breaths. This method is really important for getting up early in the morning.

6.Set alarm with sound box (fun purpose but will work)

You have to set the alarm and import the sound box line to your mobile. It will help you get up early in the morning.

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This is how to get up early in the morning

Hot Milf Sex Clips To Make Your Night In Bed A Great One

Hot Milf Sex Clips

If you are looking for some hot and sexy milf sex then there are some great places online to watch. It is important for women to explore their sexuality so it makes sense that they will look to see what turns them on. If you are new to the world of adult entertainment, you may be surprised at how many sites are available for adult movies, live shows, and even hot milf sex clips. You do not need to pay to watch these things as they can be found for free or for a small fee. These types of sites also have a number of hot women looking for men to fulfill their needs.

Hot Milf Sex

You can see hot women in the local mall that are getting turned on by a cute guy, you can see them at the grocery store having a conversation, or you can see them dancing at a club. Men will love watching hot milf sex clips online because these women are usually quite accomplished in their sexual activities. Most women prefer to masturbate with vibrators and oral sex before heading out to have a real physical affair. Some women just have too good a body that they need someone to perform on them.

Even if you have never had intercourse, you can watch hot milf sex clips. These women usually know how to turn on a man and they know what turns them on. They can tell you what is hot and what is not and you can use this information to make your own choices. You can look for women who have websites so you can get an idea of what type of women you want to have sex with, and what type of men you might want to date.

Hot Milf Sex Clips To Make Your Night In Bed A Great One

Most of these women have had many past sexual encounters. Most men like it when women have multiple partners, especially because they are able to please them as much as possible. Hot women are usually more adventurous when it comes to sex and they like to experiment with different positions and different toys. Some women prefer sex to be carried out in public while others prefer to do it in the privacy of their bedroom. Whatever the choice is, there are hot milf sex videos for any woman’s personal enjoyment. There is nothing taboo or vulgar about having sex with these women.

The most common scene is that of a young man lying on the bed holding the woman who is in the red lace thong. This is probably the most classic setting and is the traditional scene for hot milf sex movies. It is also a very interesting setting for people to have sex in public. You can see the women’s legs and thighs being highlighted by the sheer fabric of the thong. When you are watching a movie, you can hear the woman moaning and groaning with pleasure as her man penetrates her.

Other popular scenes from hot milf sex movies include women getting oral sex from their boyfriends and men penetrating their girlfriends. These are usually filmed in hotels or in private locations. The women are usually nude, although the man may have on only his boxers. When a girl is on her period, she may not wear anything, but just stockings and a bra. Sometimes she may also have a fetish for different sex toys, so be sure to show them to your partner when you decide to make a movie.