Music Crowdfunding: The Next Level of Fan/Band Interaction

Music crowdfunding, also known as fan-funded music, is an emerging trend that is helping bands and artists around the world finance their dreams. Musicians aren’t the only ones benefiting from this new kind of fundraising. Fans can get a front row seat by pledging funds and helping artists first hand. Imagine if you could say you helped finance U2’s first major tour after seeing them play in a Dublin church hall in 1978 (or insert your favorite band and a picture that can tell the story of how you helped get them started). .

Crowdfunding is a financing method in which a group of people make many small contributions to fund something of greater value. Most people have heard of the most popular crowdfunding sites, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which focus on fundraising for a wide range of topics. Niche platforms that specialize in very specific topics are also starting to appear. Sellaband and PledgeMusic are specifically focused on raising funds for musicians.

Musicians can participate in Sellaband or PledgeMusic and raise funds to promote anything related to their future success. Many artists start out on the sites by raising money for the costs of recording a new album. Artists also use money from fundraising campaigns to support tours, cover marketing costs, or fix their broken-down truck to prepare for many miles on the open road.

Musicians create a page on the sites where they perform to get funds. Artists can include music tracks where potential donors can listen to songs to discover a new band or experience new music from their favorite bands. Both sites offer a search page where people can browse through their favorite music genres to discover new artists. Both sites also offer musician discounts to preferred vendors who provide other services like mastering, promotion, or digital marketing.

The artist pages on Sellaband seem to have a better layout and seem to have a few more options. Both the PledgeMusic and Sellaband artist pages contain a profile, fundraising statistics, a list of rewards for contributions, a blog/update section where fans can add comments, a list of donors, and links to artist websites. bands and other social media pages. The Sellaband artist pages appear to have a cleaner look resembling a well built web page. The PledgeMusic Artist Page is more like a blog page with most of the content and sections crammed onto the landing page.

Sellaband and PledgeMusic give fans access to exclusive merchandise from musicians only offered on these sites. Artists often offer rewards that become more attractive as the contribution amount increases. The most common rewards offered are track downloads, CDs, T-shirts, concert tickets, and signed memorabilia. Artists also post very creative rewards that offer unique experiences. Some examples of these unique rewards include a lunch with the artist, a personal guitar lesson from the band, original handwritten lyrics, the ability to sing on a track, or an executive producer credit on an album. To get these types of rewards 10 years ago, a fan would have to win a contest with a 1 in 100,000 chance of winning. Sellaband also offers an option for additional capital in exchange for a contribution. Fans can get a percentage of the proceeds from future album sales or upcoming tours.

Sellaband and PledgeMusic are also benefiting from expanding usage of their sites. Both platforms charge a 15% fee on all successful campaigns. It’s free for fans to make promises. Pledges are forfeited by artists and returned to donors if a campaign does not reach its fundraising goal. These sites offer a new option to promote music and art in the world. Artists, fans and the sites themselves benefit from the rise of music-based crowdfunding. Everyone should explore these sites if they want to experience a new level of fan and artist engagement.

Hidden benefits of nested tables

Whether you have a big house in the suburbs or your first small apartment, most of us are happy to find a little more space. Usually when we have friends and family in our homes, we need to look for that little extra space on the floor, seats or table.

One way to maximize your space is to buy furniture that does double duty. You can also use furniture that contains built-in storage. But if you find you can use more table space, nesting tables are a good option.

Nested tables are a set of tables, usually two, three, or four. They are all different sizes, but the same proportions, and have bases that allow you to slide the smallest one under the next largest table, and that set of tables under the next largest. Place the larger table where you need an accent or side table, and then pull out the smaller tables when you need extra table space—for parties, holidays, or movie night.

When it comes to selecting nesting tables, there are a few factors to consider. How “big” do you want a nest? Are you looking for a couple of tables, or do you want as many as a game can give you? Nesting tables come in different shapes; round and square are typical, but you can find small triangles, just the right size to hold a drink, and larger rectangles that can act as a couple of console tables. What kind of space are you trying to fill? How do you want these tables to work for you?

Accent tables aren’t the only nesting tables you can find. If you want a little more seating space around your living room, you can find coffee tables that nest, but with ottomans or stools that you can pull out when you need a free seat. Just slip under when guests go home.

Nesting tables come in as many styles as any other piece of furniture you can buy. Do your tastes go traditional? You can find nesting tables in antique cherry and golden oak, with turned legs and inlaid marble tops. Contemporary styles abound. Do you like molded glass, glass and metal, acrylic and geometric shapes? Do you prefer natural materials? You can find nesting tables with leather, slate, stone, tile and animal prints tops.

Nesting tables aren’t the only form of furniture that can do a lot of work in a little space. You can find many different types of multipurpose furniture that can help you when you’re looking to make the most of limited space. If you are looking for seats, you can look for storage benches. They combine a bench with a hinged top; They provide deep space for storing bulky items or come with cubby storage baskets that allow you to categorize the things you want to keep close by.

Entryway trees are another versatile form of furniture that combines a storage bench with a high-back panel that is typically installed with hooks for jackets and bags, and a mirror for a quick glance at yourself before you leave the house. They can also incorporate some less conventional features such as an umbrella stand, a desk for a home management center, outlets to charge your cell phone or laptop, cubbies for shoes, and upper cabinets or shelves for some centrally located but out. of the form of storage.

Consider these adaptable types of furniture nesting tables, storage benches, and hallway trees, whenever you shop for home furnishings. It never hurts to make your choices work better for you.

The Rich Man and the Palm Wine Tapper

Throughout the night and into the early morning, the plump rich man dreamed of fresh palm wine. While he slept, he heard the peculiar screeching sound (nails mixed with aluminum in a toolbox) made as the palm wine drinker rode his bicycle to the palm trees.

Deep asleep, he dreamed that, as he intercepted the vintner on his way to the palm tree, he was signaling for him to deliver a fresh pot of palm wine, which the vintner was guaranteed to have when he returned.

Soon after, a flash of realism interrupted his optimism. What if the rubber tapper had entrusted the fresh morning palm wine to another drinker?

A scornful smile rose over his closed eyes to greet a witty thought: how society tends to favor the words of the rich over those of the poor, a phenomenon that, to his suspicious mind, makes the poor less vocal but more thoughtful. .

Ferdinand was the winemaker’s name, but everyone in the village, both adults and children, called him Otenkwu, ‘the man who touches the palm tree’.

With a premonition of impending loss, the possibility of fresh palm wine vanishing—a loss known only to lovers of palm wine—the rich man got out of bed. Since the town air hadn’t arrived that night, he had been sleeping shirtless. He tied a double-folded robe around his waist, over his boxers, fumbled with his toes for his slippers, then headed out the door, into the front yard.

The last rooster was crowing when he reached the double iron gates that guarded the compound. He opened the right side and walked another step, stopping at the side of the dirt road. First, his eyes turned to the road in search of the upholsterer. If the collector had passed his house, he must have turned the corner, protected by other town buildings erected everywhere around the narrow, winding drive.

Although the rich man was chubby, he believed that he could run if the need arose. He could run up the road, up to a reasonable distance, to find the upholsterer. On the other hand, he could wait, hoping that the winemaker would be late and still not arrive at his house. The chubby rich man thought while he waited.

What if Ferdinand took another path, or walked through the bushes, not only to harvest other palm trees, but to avoid men like him who want to order palm wine before the harvesters reach the ground safely? “Many of them,” the plump man muttered, “some of the best vintners have dropped dead, distracted while they thought of how to appease the town’s rich drunks. Is the love of palm wine the root of all evil?

Devoid of immediate action, the rich man untied his robe and tied it back, now only a little tighter, in a knot at the right side of his waist. After that, he found his belly and gave the fat fool a squeeze.

The pain of the squeeze caused more soul-searching. If the beater had driven past the house, he would have heard, even in his sleep, the sound of his bicycle.

There is a chance, the plump rich man thought, that a bicycle making that sound was sick and likely to break down at any moment, and Ferdinand might not have saved enough to pay for a repair. So maybe he had taken shortcuts, through the bush road.

Self-absorbed and on the verge of despair, the fatty didn’t notice when the collector approached him and put both feet on the ground. He was a wiry man with a narrow chest, a pair of long sticks for legs, and a large head in which two deep-set eyes were sunken.

Taken back upon arrival, the rich man found his belly and squeezed back into a wall of solid, goofy fat.

‘What are you doing in the middle of the road at this hour? Don’t those eyes of yours ever sleep?

‘What are you doing riding a bicycle before the last rooster crows; Don’t you ever stay

The collector raised his foot from the ground to the pedal, and the rich man quickly reached out an arm to hold onto the bicycle’s left handlebar.

What troubles your soul so early in the morning? asked the tapper.

‘A palm wine gourd, just as it is, fresh from the palm tree.’

‘You don’t have room to pour the palm wine,’ said the vintner, looking down at a pregnant belly. You store all your riches in your belly, don’t you?

It wasn’t the first time that the chubby boy had heard comments about his corpulence and was ready for an answer.

‘Poor squirrel, when are you going to enjoy the sweat of your work? Stop bothering the neighborhood with that squeaky bike of yours. Look at you, haggard and wiry!

Fighting before climbing a palm tree is always a bad omen, and Ferdinand was quick to stop a climb. He prayed that the handle of the bicycle would slip out of the rich man’s grasp and he really began to pedal, to escape.

‘Don’t forget it,’ exclaimed the rich man. My fresh palm wine gourd!

‘Vultures circle overhead,’ replied the palm-wine drinker, ‘waiting for you to vomit or expel the contents of your belly.’

‘May you fall headfirst from the palm tree!’ the fat man yelled as he walked back to his house.

Later that morning, just before the sun began to reach the village, at a makeshift breakfast table in a backyard, six roasted yams were placed on a flat plate. In addition to the yams, there was a worn white metal container containing a mixture of pepper, palm oil, and salt.

In a low wooden chair by the breakfast table, the rich man squatted over roasted yams. He was still wearing his robe folded. When he moved his trunk to the side, the meat screeched like a falling dead tree.

A meter away, the servant who prepared breakfast stood like a statue ready for further orders.

Palm wine… Ferdinand? The rich man remembered, not knowing if the words were coming from his lips. Has the palm wine arrived yet? Has Ferdinand returned? he started smoking the servant.

‘Sir…’ the servant said, and then hesitated for a few seconds as he listened to the various sounds of the village.

Stretching his right ear like a rubber band, he declared, ‘I hear the man’s bicycle hitting the palm tree.’

Turn Your Talents Into Cash: 3 Proven Strategies For Success In The Arts

To be successful in the arts, you must treat your talents as your treasure.


Do you feel uncomfortable reading that? It’s time for an attitude adjustment, my friend. Your attitude about your value as an Artist and what you create has a lot to do with how much BANK you make.

The myth of the starving artist…

Too many artists believe the hackneyed myth that art is most legitimate when it’s created by the poor. FYI: This crazy idea was popularized in the mid-19th century by the French poet Henri Murger, who made some extra cash with his novel Scènes de la vie bohème about a group of poor artists in Paris. The book was very popular; suddenly, starving artists were all the rage.

But that was almost two centuries ago!!! Before running water, sliced ​​bread and the Internet! Perversely, we’ve been dragging that tired old myth behind us like a gigantic ball and chain for over 150 years.

To make matters worse, too many artists still believe that poverty and suffering contribute to high art.

That’s just BULL FEATHERS!

Artists, we MUST let the myth of the starving artist DIE. Financial bankruptcy does NOT make us artistically superior. Access to deep emotions combined with strong talents make for great art. Poverty and suffering distract us from creating. Financial solvency provides a solid foundation from which to do more of what we love and the peace to do it spectacularly.

Dispel that myth with three strategies I’ve tried to create success in the arts:

1: Learn to believe in your Artist self.

This first step is critical. You MUST believe in your talent to make a living from it! To get your big break and succeed, your first step in ending Hungry Artist Syndrome is to OWN your talents! All business owners must believe in what they are selling and you are no exception.

Start calling yourself an artist, whether you are a composer, designer, sculptor, choreographer, actor, or other creative professional, say I AM! Own your own artist and you’ll be on your way.

Fear, doubt, and worry are like the Bermuda Triangle of life. They profoundly affect your bottom line. To escape the trap, realize that fear is just a word and let it go. Banish doubt from your mind. Be ruthless with worry; show him your hand

Forget Plan B. Go for the gold! Without a compelling belief in yourself and your work, you will spin your wheels forever. Fear, doubt and worry kill dreams, let them go and watch yourself fly.

2: Stop talking bad about yourself and your money.

Get rid of your negative story about money. Negativity affects your ability to earn money in profound ways. Give yourself permission to earn money. The release of negative money blocks creates essential changes in how the bank does, and how much.

To remove the starving artist from your psyche, close the door on negativity. Positivity and high self-esteem are KEY to unlocking your desires.

Stop the negative talk in your mind. Negative self-talk is incredibly damaging to your self-esteem, and therefore your bank account. When you continually tell yourself that you’re no good, you eventually believe it! This is exactly how the myth is perpetuated.

Ever heard the story of how Jim Carrey carried a check in his wallet for $1 million that he wrote to himself while struggling for years to get his big acting break? Legend has it that he looked at it regularly and believed in the reality of it. Guess what? It worked.

3: Take action and create your plan for success.

Take daily steps to get yourself and your work noticed. Otherwise, you’ll never get your big break. Every achievement builds your confidence, your reputation and your sales!

Get organized to run your business. If you keep treating it like a hobby, everyone else will too.

Promoting yourself and your work is essential to success. Always do marketing!

Protect your vision, also known as your BRAND. Even if you think other artists have already done what you do, keep going! No one else can do your thing like you do. Remember, your talent is your treasure!

Get help. It is almost impossible to succeed in any business without help. Work with someone with more experience than you to achieve your goals and turn your talents into cash!

Tremendous joy comes from making a living doing something you would happily do for free. Not many become celebrity movie stars or best-selling authors. However, if you follow your passions and talents, you will have the best chance of becoming the most successful artist you can be. Championing your inner Artist also allows you to spend more days doing what you love and earn more money doing it.

Penis Enlargement Exercises: 4 Kegel Exercises That Can Enhance Your Penis As Soon As Possible

When it comes to doing penis enlargement exercises, Kegel exercises would be your best bet. These exercises will not only improve the size and power of your penis, but will also help you to have better control over the pleasure you experience in your sexual life, in general. Other than that, he doesn’t even need to be a professional to get what he wants this way. Also, there is no risk involved in doing these penis enlargement exercises, so you can ensure that your penis remains safe at all times.

1. Tempered Anal

The best way to structure this workout would be to imagine stopping yourself from releasing gas from your butt and then holding that muscle for as long as possible. Instead, you can hold the contraction for about 5 seconds and then release the contraction for 5 seconds until you’ve completed 10 repetitions. Doing these penis enlargement exercises 3 times a day should yield some significant results if done on a regular basis.

2. Resistance training

For these penis enlargement exercises, you will first need to achieve an erection. Once you have one, keep squeezing and releasing your anal muscles repeatedly until you feel a bit of a burn in that particular area. Once you have reached your limit, you can stop doing the exercise.

The best thing about resistance training is that you can do it pretty much anywhere, anytime. In fact, since it won’t be obvious that you’re exercising the penile tissues and anal tissues during this exercise, there won’t be any problem doing these exercises on the go either.

3. The ‘I have to go’ technique

Another of the highly recommended penis enlargement exercises would be the “I have to go” technique, which can be done while urinating. Basically, all you have to do is wait until you urinate with the highest possible pressure. Then suddenly try to hold the urine without the help of your hands. Hold the contraction for about 5 seconds and then release it. If you can do this exercise regularly, you should be able to make your urinary tract much stronger over time and also keep incontinence at bay.

4. The washcloth technique

Without a doubt, this is the easiest of the penis enlargement exercises that exist. All you need to do is get an erection, preferably while at home, and place a washcloth over it. When you do this, you should feel some weight pushing down on your penis. Once you feel this way, contract your muscles and try to move the washcloth up and down while it is on your penis. As time goes on you should be able to do this in succession much faster.

If this exercise starts to get boring because your penis has gotten used to the weight being placed on it, try placing a wet washcloth instead. A wet wipe will weigh more than a regular one, so you can continue the challenge as needed. This would be highly recommended once your muscles have strengthened and will help you produce stronger erections in the long run.

As mentioned above, Kegel exercises are great for keeping impotence and incontinence at bay. If you already have one of these conditions, doing these exercises can also help you get rid of your symptoms completely. In fact, no matter what problems you may be experiencing due to weak pelvic muscles, Kegel exercises would be the secret to eliminating them for good.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII protects individuals from discrimination by employers based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. While Title VII only applies to businesses with 15 or more employees, it was crucial equal employment opportunity legislation. Unfortunately, Title VII has been enacted for almost 50 years, and its provisions are still not followed by all employers.

Title VII

Before the Civil Rights Act, employers could discriminate against prospective employees for any reason. The segregation of the labor force was not only divided between “white jobs” and “black jobs”, women were excluded in many sectors. The highest-paying jobs were held almost exclusively by white men, and the blue-collar jobs were held exclusively by racial minorities.

Following legislation that prohibited discrimination by employers, many labor standards were removed. For example, there were height standards for being a police officer that excluded almost all women. In an effort to comply with the Civil Rights Act, law enforcement officials removed the height requirement. Similar accommodations were made across all sectors of the workforce.


Title VII allows employers to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in certain circumstances when such characteristics are considered a “bona fide occupational requirement” or a BFOQ. The circumstances surrounding BFOQs require that the characteristic be necessary for an employee to perform the job satisfactorily. For example, when a director casts an actor for the role of a Cuban general, he may discriminate based on a person’s nation of origin.

Situations where BFOQs are applied are rare and the requirements around their legality are very strict.

file a complaint

If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace, there are several options for a course of action. Under Title VII, you can file a complaint with your state’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Fair Employment Practices Agency (FEPA). You must file a complaint with one of these agencies within 180 days of the suspicion of discrimination in order for it to be valid. These agencies will file a lawsuit against the employer on your behalf if you do not wish to hire a personal attorney.

The best sunglasses for people with long eyelashes

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with long eyelashes, you’ll likely have a hard time finding a pair of sunglasses that are comfortable enough to wear. Many styles of sunglasses don’t suit people with ultra-long eyelashes. The result is often a lot of discomfort as the eyelashes hit the sunglasses lenses with each blink. This is not only annoying, but could also cause the tabs to break. However, all hope is not lost because there are actually some types of sunglasses that will work perfectly for people with long eyelashes.

How to buy sunglasses if you have long eyelashes

If you really want the best assistance, you should visit your local sunglass retailer so they can help you choose a perfect-fitting pair. However, it can be much easier to find great deals online that can help you save a lot of money. If this is the case, pay attention to the size of the sunglasses. Some websites will actually list the measurements to help you identify a best size for your face. If a retailer doesn’t list that information, you can try calling their customer service department for help.

Sunglasses to look for if you have long eyelashes

To start your quest for sunglasses that won’t break your lashes or bother you, you have to think big. Big, oversized sunglasses are a great option for those with long eyelashes. The lenses are big enough and sit far back enough to the point where they don’t normally interfere with the eyelashes. Some designer brands to consider include Versace, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Another popular style that you may be interested in is the aviator style. The lenses of these glasses are not completely round and are a bit elongated compared to traditional sunglasses. This usually means there is more space between the eyelashes and the lens of the sunglasses.

One last option to consider

If you don’t like aviator sunglasses and don’t have the money to spend on a great pair of designer sunglasses, there’s still something you can do to help. Curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler will cause the tips of your eyelashes to curl upwards. This will create more space between your lashes and the lenses of your sunglasses because your lashes won’t stick out. Curling them can shorten them enough that you can wear almost any pair of sunglasses you want. It’s just a quick and easy option to consider if you’re having trouble finding a pair of sunglasses to suit your long eyelashes.

Owner Lessee Closing statement to reconcile security deposit

The Landlord-Tenant Closing Statement to Reconcile Security Deposit is a landlord record used to document deposits, credits, and deductions from credits or the security deposit to be given to the tenant and for the benefit of both parties, as it tracks the money held by the landlord and the amount owed to the landlord.

The landlord requires the tenant to pay the security deposit to cover expenses that may be incurred for any repair of damage to the leased premises, excessive wear and tear after the tenant moves out of the residential premises. Normal wear and tear is the result of daily use of the facilities, but excessive damage can be the result of careless use. A security deposit is different from a rent. It is a certain amount held by the landlord, but actually belongs to the tenant and is allocated for any damage to the leased property during the tenant’s use of the premises and sometimes for unpaid rent, if applicable. Without permission, a security deposit cannot legally be used to cover past due rent.

The law prescribes the limit on the amount of a security deposit that a landlord must collect from the tenant. The law varies from state to state. There are states that also regulate that security deposits for residential property must be kept and when interest income on security deposits must be released to the tenant, and state law also prescribes the time frame within which the deposit must be returned to the tenant after to leave the premises.

If the tenant fails to pay the rent when it is due, the landlord must send or deliver a written notice to the tenant demanding payment of the rent due and the landlord’s intent to terminate the lease if not resolved within 5 days. from the receipt of the notification. If the tenant paid all arrears plus the late fee agreed to in the rental agreement, the rental agreement will not be terminated. But if the tenant fails to comply within the 5-day grace period, the landlord can terminate the rental agreement by filing a special withholding action. After a special withholding action has been filed and a judgment entered in favor of the landlord and the tenant has paid all back rent, the late payment penalty as agreed to in the lease, attorney’s fees, and the cost of the trial, and reinstatement of the rental agreement is solely at the discretion of the landlord.

The landlord may recover all reasonable damages resulting from the tenant’s breach of the rental agreement from the security deposit and return what is left after making all necessary deductions.

Rabbi Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Review

Thirteen years after creating box office history, Aditya Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan are back. To tell a new story about love. To set new rules about romance. To give birth to a new hero. And maybe to kill the hero they created in DDLJ!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Aditya Chopra’s third directorial venture, is a well-planned antithesis to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Not only does it try to deconstruct Raj, who SRK and Adi created with so much love and affection, but it reverses the plot. There you learned that Raj and Simran were in love and you wondered if they will get together in the end. Here you know that Surinder and Taani are together and you wonder if they will fall in love in the end.

Well, doesn’t that sound like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam? Of course you do, only the third angle here is Surinder himself! His alter ego-Raj! The Raj Surinder creates from all the masala movies that Taani loves to watch in the cinema in the Amritsar neighborhood. The Raj we have seen for the last 13 years, from DDLJ to KKHH, from K3G to Veer-Zaara.

Compared to the spiky-haired, skintight-shirt, ripped-jeans, and pink-hued Raj, Surinder is bland. Even if there were no Raj, it would have been hard to sympathize with the man who must be the only government employee in the country who brings work home every night. White sneakers, side-parted hair, thick-rimmed glasses and that bushy moochhi: Suri-I-work-for-Punjab-Power is truly straight out of an RK Laxman comic strip.

So how did Taani get to Suri’s house? Yash Raj Formula No. 364: Zindagi mein kuch rishtein hum chunte hain… Kuch rabji chunte hain… Suri was Taani’s father’s favorite student. When her fiancee is killed in a traffic accident along with the rest of the Baraati on Taani’s wedding day, Papaji’s heart attack ensures the most unlikely marriage.

After a period of silence, Taani makes it abundantly clear that she is ready to play the perfect bahu, but that she can never love Suri. Suri makes it clear to us: “Use dekhte hi mujhe labh ho gaya tha!” Then enter Raj – “naam toh suna hoga?” – as Taani’s dance partner in a dance workshop-contest in the city. Suri in the morning, Raj during the day and Suri again at night, Rab Ne is almost a romantic version of Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde. Or even a Superman, only Clark Kent was born here and not the other way around.

There are three human characters in the film: Suri, Taani, and Suri’s stylist friend Bobby (the very good Vinay Pathak), who is not only responsible for her physical transformation, but also for her moral support. The other two very important characters in the film are Rab and the city of Amritsar. Rab, of course, rub it in all the right spots. And despite the fact that much of the film was shot at the Mumbai studios, there is enough of Amritsar to give the film its own visual life.

Indeed, the way Rab Ne takes off, the opening credits show a beautifully shot Amritsar travelogue (by Ravi K. Chandran), and the way the opening reels unfold with Suri’s mundane life illuminated from time to time. from time to time by Taani’s wide smile. , you wonder how the Chopra descendant could trade champagne and chiffon for such delicious vulgarity.

Then, in his attempt to add that extraordinary touch, Aditya Chopra loses the thread. Every time the quaint little fairy tale tries to become a grandiose epic, Rab Ne struggles. As if he could have done without the loud and irritating Raj. As if the Punjab-powered Suri had enough steam to pull it off on its own.

Also, Rab Ne is too long. At almost three hours, it tests your patience even if the goings-on are funny and the lines are fresh. But the wait is worth it because the climax has Aditya Chopra magic written all over it and will bring a smile back to your face.

After Rab Ne, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for Shah Rukh Khan to play Raj/Rahul again, who throws up his hands and shakes his head and narrows his eyes. Call it deliberately played up or just playing age, SRK’s Raj doesn’t look that great at 43 years old. Especially when Imrans and Farhans spell out the new awesomeness.

And Shah Rukh plays Suri’s boredom with such gusto that you can’t help but fall in love with his silliness. Sorry, Mr. Palekar, but the common man has never looked so adorable. Punctuated with plenty of physical comedy and that occasional mischievous smile, Shah Rukh’s Suri is the soul of Rab Ne.

But as Shah Rukh himself says, Rab Ne’s credibility is due to newcomer Anushka Sharma. Playing I-live-for-love heroine Chopra with a touch of realism, the former model turns in a very well-nuanced performance, remaining impressively cool in the face of SRK’s fireworks.

Salim-Sulaiman’s songs look much better on screen than they do on CD. But how the melody of Jatin-Lalit is missed. Haule haule, the theme song for the first half, is the pick of the lot, while the title track softens the second half. Phir milenge chalte chalte is unnecessary, but the five guest faces won’t let you slip away.

If you don’t have DDLJ in mind, you won’t care about Rab Ne. But the fact is that it is little more than an ordinary movie with extraordinary intentions.

Arsenal chief executive calls for salary cap

While Dr Al Fahim haggles with Sacha Gaydamak over price (nothing to worry about; you see a house and then haggle over price, right?), Portsmouth remain in limbo with the clock ticking down to pre-season. It is not worth thinking about the collapse of the deal at this stage! So while we bite our nails and wait, let’s talk about football.

That’s right, I want to talk about football. Although you will see that this is really about football (!) football. I went through a phase in the mid 80’s of watching football every week. It was easy to do as an eight-year-old because it was shown on a weekly Sunday night highlights show on Channel 4. The host was Mick Luckhurst, a British boy who had made it big in the NFL as a kicker. with the Atlanta Falcons. I think there was also a bearded guy named Nicky Horne who may have preceded Luckhurst, and then there was Gary Imlach. I was taken with the drama, but of course the gameplay (brief bursts of action separated by long interludes where the clock stops, meaning a game with a play time of one hour can last three) lends itself to this type. of featured packages. Even now, live games (apart from perhaps the Superbowl) would be too much. I’ll never buy a Sky subscription either, so the only way I’ll really see it again is if the featured format makes its way to Freeview. By the way, the Chicago Bears were my team. They had William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry and Walter Payton. I think they beat the New England Patriots to win the Superbowl for the first time in a long time, and they’ve done practically nothing in the twenty-five years since!

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis recently called for a salary cap in an article in The Guardian. You can read it here. In it he refers to the cap operated in American football. The thing about football is that the team with the worst record in a particular year could turn around the next to become the best. Because? A combination of the college selection system and the salary cap, probably. The draft system means that the worst teams get the first pick of the best college players and the best have to wait until the end. Now of course we don’t have the same college (or university) sports system, but we still used to have the situation where a promoted team could go on and challenge for the league title the following season. Nottingham Forest achieved that with Brian Clough some thirty years ago. Not only that, they immediately won the European Cup twice in a row. Just like the NFL today, they were only able to do that because our league was really competitive. Today it is not, and that is because money and greed are out of control.

The NFL is rich, players are paid more than most people could dream of, and yet the competition is even. Product integrity is maintained. I don’t have a problem with players earning big salaries, but now things are getting nasty. How much do they need? Manchester City have reportedly recently offered Samuel Eto’o £180,000 a week. £180,000 a year would be more than enough to pay for some financial advice and be safe for the rest of his life. We’re not even talking about endorsement deals or image rights here!

For now, it seems that we are stuck in the model that considers television money to provide the main income for football clubs in this country. In turn, wealthy investors are attracted. But more of this money needs to go towards improving the club’s infrastructure and facilities and nurturing young talent. Not in the pockets of established stars. The level of salaries looks especially unpalatable in the current economic climate, and while fans no longer pay player salaries, TV companies still pay to show games in packed, lively stadiums. Without the fans there would be no football.