How to get him to see me more often! Naturally, he’ll want to spend more time with you from now on.

So you just started dating a guy and you really like him. The problem is that he always takes too long to ask you out, and when he does, he does it in such a casual way that you don’t even know how he really feels about you. You have feminine powers to ask you out more often. Here are the secrets for that:

Stay beautiful.

You don’t need Beyonce’s legs or JLo’s booty to be irresistible. All you need is great skin, hair, and a friendly smile. Guys don’t really go for the supermodel type. They understand that these ladies are high maintenance and often impossible to keep up with. They prefer to go for a simple girl who knows good style. Impress a guy with wise fashion choices and just the right amount of skin.

Suggest activities of common interest.

If you and your guy love the same activities, why not do them together? For example, they both love mountain hiking. He knows of an event coming up and would like an excuse to see it, so why not ask him to tag along? Eventually he will learn to do the same for you.

Make it dependent.

Better him than you. Was he recently depressed and you were the angel who graciously made him feel better? Are you always around when he needs to talk to a friend? Life is not perfect. The more challenges he finds, the more often he needs to see you, if you make him realize that you are the only person who can make him feel good.

Let him know that you are a busy person.

For some reason, the more you make yourself available to a guy, the less they ask you out. It is because, perhaps, they become complacent and know that they can have you any time they ask for it. But, if he lets her know that he has a busy schedule, he will be forced to insist on seeing you more often.

Be an engaging conversationalist.

While you may have the gift of eloquence and enjoy listening to yourself all the time, he may not have the same feelings. Talking and not letting him talk is absolutely selfish. On the other hand, if he impresses you so much that you go dumbfounded every time he speaks to you, he may also be projecting a weak personality. If he finds out that you are a great conversationalist and a good listener, he will ask you out more often.

Just ask him out.

It sounds like a desperate job, but if you really want something for yourself, you have to get it like you mean it. Call him casually and tell him you’d like to see him for coffee. If you get his machine, don’t try again. He’ll call you if he’s interested, and if he’s not, he’ll find someone else.

Inject humor into your relationship.

So you want him to see you more often, but you don’t have the guts to open this up to him. Simple: Say it as a joke. “Where have you been hiding? I’m not going to eat you, you know that.” “What’s wrong with me, you never want to see me” may sound desperate, but if you inject humor into the line, you could easily figure out a man’s intentions. If he really likes you, he might tell you that he’s sorry and would really like to see you.

High-tech home automation upgrades

Bring your home into the 21st century with some high-tech home automation upgrades.

Many people have already upgraded their property with home automation upgrades, but they may not even know they’ve done it. You may already use products like the Nest Thermostat or Amazon Echo, these products are, in fact, technologies that are part of the home automation revolution that is changing the way people live in their homes.

Today’s market offers a home automation device for each and every room in your home. Below are some of the best home automation products to improve your home.

In the kitchen

bluetooth thermometer

You’ll never mistakenly burn your food again with a handy smart meat thermometer. It works by sending the information from the thermometer to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, showing you when your pork, chicken, turkey or fish reaches the right temperature.

Slow cooking pot

You can start dinner before you leave the office with a Wi-Fi-enabled crock pot. With just a swipe of your finger across your smartphone, you can turn on the cooker, adjust the temperature, or turn it off to make sure your dinner doesn’t burn if you’re late getting home.

Wi-Fi enabled kettle

Set the kettle to boil remotely using an app on your smartphone. Whether you want to boil the kettle before you get out of bed or are ready to go when you get home from work, the Wi-Fi-enabled iKettle will boil water and even maintain its temperature for up to half an hour.

In the bathroom

Bluetooth speakers for the shower

Sing along to your favorite songs with the Aqua-tunes waterproof speaker and add some entertainment to your home automation upgrades. The speaker connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and allows you to stream music from your device that plays in the shower. Simply plug the speaker into your shower rod and press the sync button to pair with your mobile device.

heated toilet seat

LumaWarm offers the heated night light toilet seat. The seat is illuminated by a blue LED light and is equipped with multiple temperature settings that heat up the seat in a couple of minutes.

In the bedroom

smart bedroom lighting

Smart lighting can help you wind down at the end of the day and even fall asleep, with lighting personalized for you, with variable dimming and color temperatures. There are several types of smart lighting products available for home automation upgrades, with some set by timers that can be easily accessed and changed via your smartphone, while others use motion sensors to tailor lighting to your needs. night routine.

smart windows

Outfit your windows with smart window film or motor-driven adjustable shades, accessible from your smartphone. Smart shades and shades can adapt and respond to the lighting level outside and are a must have for your home automation upgrades. Smart Window Film offers the ability to transition your window from clear to opaque at the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Home automation for any room

Smart plugs/sockets

Smart plugs are a simple and easy way to start improving your home. The smart plug device plugs into your existing electrical outlet and allows you to remotely monitor power usage and monitor your power consumption. There are several manufacturers of smart plugs, iHome, TP-LINK, Belkin, and D-Link to name a few, and the devices are an inexpensive way to start upgrading your home with prices starting at $30.

humidity sensor

Leviton’s humidity sensor and fan control can identify the level of humidity in your home and automatically react by turning on a fan. The smart device can be used in the bathroom and any other area in your home to reduce humidity in the air.

Room-by-room upgrades

If you still don’t know where to start with your home automation upgrades, there are several home automation upgrades and smart home upgrade kits on the market.

The main objective of home automation updates is to facilitate the daily tasks of the user. You don’t need to rush and try to update everything in your home at once. Identify the exact areas of your home or tasks you’d appreciate tech help with, then research what home automation options are available to meet your needs.

Why Real Estate Title Agents Need Errors and Omissions Insurance

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for a long time or if you’re new to the real estate industry, the risks you face on a daily basis, from errors in closing costs and payment amounts to not meeting customer expectations. client, make him a prime target of lawsuits. Even if you are cleared of all claims, the fees spent on defense, the time you spend away from your business, and the added stress of dealing with the situation can be costly. Without the proper coverages, real estate agents can put their professional and financial futures at risk.

In addition, it is the role of the title industry to safeguard the client’s escrow and other funds by providing a means for the safe transfer of their real estate in the industry. If an error or breach occurs during this transaction, the agent is responsible for any damages incurred as a result of the error or breach.

Title Agent Errors and Omissions Insurance protects title agencies, including escrow agent, closing cost agent, title finder and more, from the impact of a lawsuit incurred as a result of omissions and title agent errors and fraudulent transfer activities.

This insurance covers all costs incurred as a result of an emerging lawsuit claiming alleged errors in the title documentation process, including title searches and escrow. Under this coverage, the insured is compensated in the event of final settlement up to the limit of the policy, as well as compensation for defense expenses.

Title agent errors and omissions insurance under the Fidelity-Pak program

Title Agent Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage under the Fidelity-Pak program provides a wide range of comprehensive errors and omissions coverage for real estate title agents, including:

Claims related to coverage of defects or deficiencies

Sometimes the real estate process can be damaged due to a defective or non-marketable title, also known as a title defect, which means that there is an omission, error, or other complication related to the ownership of the property that makes it unsuitable for sale to a valid buyer.

Typically, as part of the settlement process under a title contract, the buyer will pay the title company or attorney to search for title to the property and ensure that the seller has valid, marketable title to transfer without title defects to protect the buyer’s right. to the property. However, sometimes important details related to the property are not recorded in state and county records, preventing certain information from being known, putting the agent at risk.

Defect or Deficiency Claims Insurance covers claims related to defect or deficiency claims that result from a non-publicly recorded deficiency or deficiency.

Coverage of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFB) Affairs

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau protects consumers from abrasive, unfair, or deceptive practices and takes action against businesses that break the law, such as predatory lending.

If a consumer files a complaint against your business with the CFPB, and after an investigation, the CFPB decides that your business has in fact violated federal consumer financial laws, it could result in legal action.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Affairs Coverage helps with costs incurred as a result of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau affairs. Under this coverage, Insureds receive sublimit coverage of up to $150,000 for relevant attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses, including civil investigation, hearing, summons, or civil action conducted or received by the CFPB.

Claims Caused by Independent Contractors

Independent contractor loss insurance covers the Insured against a loss caused by independent contractors.

Occasionally, you may need to hire an independent contractor to help you with your real estate business. During these times, it is important to verify that the contractor is covered by insurance, which will cover damages if the contractor’s mistakes or accidents cause damage.

Coverage of previous acts

Title agents’ errors and omissions insurance covers prior acts. Coverage is a feature of liability policies that extends coverage for insurable events to dates prior to the purchase of the policy. In other words, it covers the time between the provision of the services and the filing of claims as a result of those services. Under this coverage, all claims caused by wrongful acts after the retroactive date and before the end of the policy period are covered.

Fraudulent Email Wire Transfer Coverage (Third Party)

Under Fraudulent Email Wire Transfer Coverage, compensation is paid on behalf of the Insured, those insured sums are legally obligated to pay up to $1 million for a covered loss as a result of an employee transferring escrow funds from an Insured’s account in reliance on fraudulent email instructions released from a criminal claiming to be a legal party to the transaction.

The pros and cons of buying unfinished furniture

Unfinished furniture can be a great option for those who want to express their creativity and individuality with their home furnishings; Although several people may have bought the same basic piece of furniture, no one else in the world will have the exact same piece of furniture. with exactly the same style and finishing technique in your home. It’s the perfect fusion of mass production and unique home decor.

In addition to personal expression, there are other benefits to buying unfinished furniture, too: They’re often much less expensive than finished furniture, so those who enjoy spending their time painting or finishing themselves can score great deals. And when buying finished furniture, it’s common practice for pieces to have been painted or finished in such a way as to hide damage, blemishes, and shoddy construction. Unfinished furniture allows you to thoroughly evaluate the quality of the materials and construction of the piece before you buy it.

Full disclosure: The process of sanding, sealing, staining, and finishing a piece is a laborious ordeal that will take at least a couple of days. It’s a smelly, detail-oriented job that requires good ventilation and probably a few pairs of gloves. Even just painting a piece will require a couple of rounds of sanding and sealing before the paint is applied. So if that sounds like your worst nightmare, it may be worth the increased cost to only buy a piece of furniture that has already been professionally finished. But if you’re the kind of person who hopes to spend a weekend finishing up your own unique furniture creation, then this is a good option for you!

There are several options: if you want to preserve the original color of the wood, you can simply sand the piece, seal it, and apply a clear finish. If you wanted to apply a darker stain to the wood, you would still sand and seal the piece, but add a wood stain application before finishing. This adds time because the stain must dry before the finish is applied. If you’re looking to paint your piece, perhaps a basic black or white, or perhaps a modern color to add some whimsy and personality? – you will sand the piece, you will seal it and then you will paint.

Regardless of what you choose, finishing your own unfinished piece of furniture can be a fun and creatively satisfying way to add unique décor to your home. If you’re willing to put in the effort, it pays to know that no one else has the same thing.

Use of flannel boards in early childhood education

What is a flannel board or storyboard? It is an invaluable and versatile educational tool for preschool teachers and children. The storyboard has become an integral part of the preschool curriculum. It’s basically a flannel- or felt-covered storytelling board that teachers can use with preschoolers to tell visual stories with pictures, storyboard shapes, and a variety of other manipulatives that are made from flannel or cutouts. felt (flannel sticks to flannel). Flannel boards can come in a variety of sizes and can be wall-mounted or a smaller tabletop style with an easel that folds up easily for storage.

The tabletop style is ideal for small groups of children and encourages more participation and interaction and can be easily stored away. The larger wall-mounted style is more permanent and better for large groups, such as in a classroom. Flannel boards or storyboards can be purchased commercially, but it’s very easy to make your own. Some of the commercial whiteboards have a magnetic side on the back for use with magnetic manipulators and some may have whiteboards on the back.

Story retelling is an important skill in language and memory development with preschoolers. Pre-literacy is important and even young children will benefit from listening and watching while older children play. Young children always learn by observing and modeling older children. Most preschool settings have a multi-age population, and age overlaps for various groups, as do most families.

Encouraging a child to retell a story or number sequence or identify colors and shapes is a great independent activity as well as fun with a partner. Retelling reinforces learning and abstract concepts. Preschoolers will gravitate toward this anyway if the materials are left on the board for their use. They will also make up their own creative stories using the flannel board shapes in a free play environment. Children enjoy touching and feeling the smooth manipulable shapes.

For parents, flannel board play is a great stand-alone activity for quiet times like waiting at the doctor’s office, long car rides, or just before bed or nap time. Flannel boards are also fun for rainy days. indoor activities for kids. Teachers love using them for everything from storytelling; abc games for kidsthemed lesson plans to teach songs, rhymes, and finger plays.

Flannel board sets are soft, colorful felt cutouts of shapes, alphabets (upper and lower case), colors, numbers, or storybook characters and accessories. Commercial sets can be found for fairy tales, nursery rhymes, popular literature, safety lessons, maps, the seasons, calendars, animals (zoo, jungle, farm, pets, etc.), special holidays, dinosaurs, multicultural ideas, Bible characters, games, transportation and many more early childhood themes. They can be purchased pre-cut, or teachers and caregivers on a budget can make their own designs with felt.

Flannel board activities are fun for families, preschools, Head Start centers, home day care providers, homeschooling families, early childhood education settings, teachers of Sunday school, special education classrooms, librarians, and school teachers in the early grades. Even teachers in higher grades can find flannel boards a good use for teaching the States or other geography, maps, or math lessons. The utility is practically infinite.

The old and the new

During a “generation gap” fight with his parents, young Michael cried, “I want excitement, adventure, money, and beautiful women. I’ll never find it here at home, so I’m leaving. Don’t try to stop me.” !”
With that he headed for the door. His father got up and followed close behind. “Didn’t you hear what I said? I don’t want you trying to stop me.”
“Who is trying to stop you?” replied his father. “If you wait a minute, I’ll come with you.”

This is a joke going around about how the new generation gap has formed!

The friction between the young and the old has been around for a long time. The joint family concept made the elders put out the flame from time to time. The younger generation of those days had to meekly submit to the advice of the elders and worked their way up to success. But lately, the nuclear family consists of the parents and a maximum of two children these days: office goers, career-oriented fathers, and mothers rarely have little time to spend with their children. Children are forced to make independent right or wrong decisions.

This type of generation gap occurs more when the children grow up and the son marries. Nowadays the concept of upbringing accepts only the parents and not the grandparents. The competitive world makes parents focus more on their children, who have to shape their career and settle in life, instead of spending time with their elderly parents, who become more and more dependent on their children as they grow up .

Older parents who are alive are considered a burden. The son is more enthusiastic about giving his children the best and wants them to compete with his peers. He doesn’t want to lose control over them and he certainly feels that there should be a set pattern in raising his children.

The grandparents now feel that their son who had been so obedient and submissive now ignores him and does not allow the grandchildren to play with them. The son, in turn, feels that his parents do not know anything about technological advances and his son, in turn, must adapt to the latest technologies and not waste time playing with the grandparents. They prefer that their children play on computers instead of grandparents.

Has the new generation gap, which is emerging now, taken a turn to ignore the older ones? Or should older people give up and adapt to new developments?

Autism: children in their own world, parents in the dark

About two years ago, our oldest son was diagnosed with autism. Not knowing for sure but suspecting, my husband tried for about a year to prepare me for the possibility that our son was autistic. He read and researched a lot about autism spectrum disorder. As a teacher, I rejected the diagnosis because I was afraid to label it. Since I was late too, I thought I just needed a little more time to learn to walk and talk, but as time went on, I started to have my own worries.

During the summer of 2003, I have noticed some negative comments about my son’s behavior from people at the park or pool. One mother even approached me about the possibility of autism. At first, I rejected this possibility but since then, the idea of ​​Autism began to eat me alive. After all, I knew very little about autism, but just thinking about it sounded like a prison sentence.

Was it possible that my son’s lack of speech was not related to shyness but to Autism? What kind of future would my baby have? What did I do for him to possibly be affected by this disorder? Did I do something wrong during my pregnancy? As time passed, the questions drowned my mind to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

For my son’s sake, I needed the help of specialist doctors to find out why my son has never said the word “Mommy” to me yet. Either way, I needed to know what was going on and how to help him and make him happy, no matter what the diagnosis was. I owed my son a lot.

As he had his yearly check-up with our GP, I shared my husband’s and my concerns with him. Within a few weeks we received an extensive and detailed questionnaire about behavior, weaknesses, habits, etc. of our son. Then, a month later, we got the appointment. From that moment on, both my husband Kevin and I were on an eternal roller coaster ride until that day, not knowing what to expect, how to deal with it, and most importantly, how it would affect our son’s life.

On December 17, 2003 I went to the appointment with my son as Kevin was taking care of our little daughter at home. Both my mind and my emotions were a mess. What would this autism specialist tell me? How would he test it? When would I know the results of the tests and observations of him? Little did I know that on this day, both my son’s life and that of my family would change forever. After a series of tests and observations, conducted through play while being watched by other medical staff and counselors, the doctor shared the results: “Mrs. Leochko, your child has autism.”

My first reaction was to burst into tears. What had I done to cause my son to be affected by this disorder? The only thing he knew about autism was that children live in their own world, losing touch with reality, and also, like most people, he had seen the movie. Was my son a little “Rain Man”?

Realizing that I needed to know more about this disorder, my next question was, “What is autism?” This question was followed by: “What can we do to help my son?” and “What are the services that can be put in place for him and how do we proceed?” Like any parent recently struck by this diagnosis, several questions followed, as well as a barrage of answers that were not as assimilated as desired, as my mind raced.

The next step was to inform my husband. He wasn’t surprised and he was much calmer than me. He comforted me and asked me to watch our son as he played, he had fun and laughed out loud. He made me realize that we could help our son and that our main goal was to ensure his happiness. On December 22, 2003, two ladies came to meet us to kick things off and get services up and running for Dasan as soon as possible. As they explained to us, early intervention is crucial as it gives our son better chances in life.

Over time, services slowly but surely established themselves. Little did we know that our one-year-old daughter would also be referred and a year later, also diagnosed with autism. Kaylee is further up the spectrum due to her milder level of autism, while our son Dasan ranges from moderate to severe. She made us realize the difference in the spectrum. In a way, Dasan’s diagnosis helps us identify our daughter’s Autism at an earlier age: two years. In this way, the services have been implemented even earlier, giving you better chances of progression and a better quality of life.

Since our son’s diagnosis, I must say that both my husband and I have learned a lot about Autism Spectrum Disorder also known as ASD. As parents of autistic children, we not only learned, but decided to share this valuable information with other parents, family members, teachers, or others involved with individuals affected by autistic disorder. How did we do that? By researching information, ideas and also by using our own experience, ups and downs and tips on blogs and websites.

We’re not experts and we certainly don’t have any medical degrees, but as parents who have lived with autism 24/7, we thought that at the beginning of this “adventure” all we knew and felt was: ” Children in their own world, parents in the dark…” and now we see the light as there is one for everyone.

Autism is a disorder and it affects our dealings with people with a different perception of life, but let me tell you that this does not change the fact that our children are special in more than one way and that we not only love them as they are, but also We wouldn’t trade them for the world. The best gifts we can give them are: love, patience, understanding, support and all the resources and services that can make a difference in their lives.

Are High Carb Diets Really Bad?

Based on the current collection of popular diets, one might think that high-carb diets are bad. Some of the most popular diets, like the Keto diet, seek to minimize carbohydrates as much as possible. Other diets, like the Paleo diet, allow fruits and vegetables but eliminate all grain products.

Diets like Paleo don’t target carbs per se. Rather, a diet like Paleo seeks to model what our ancestors ate. Those dieters think that the caveman probably didn’t harvest wheat or make bread or harvest rice, of any color. Cavemen (and women) were hunter-gatherers.

However, while the Paleo diet allows for simple carbohydrates in the form of fruits, vegetables, and nuts; eliminates a tremendous source of complex carbohydrates. And to be fair, Paleo is less of a weight loss diet than a lifestyle diet. Perhaps the best comparison would be with a lifestyle diet such as the Mediterranean diet.

But Keto is a weight loss diet. The general essence of this diet seeks to eliminate all carbohydrates from consumption. The reasoning is that with the absence of carbohydrates, the body will begin to use fat for energy. It’s a reasonable assumption.

After all, even though carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy, the body can’t use what it doesn’t have. Therefore, the body enters a state where it begins to use fat stores. The body does not like to use protein for energy. Protein is for muscle maintenance. Fat is the option.

The Keto diet works. A large group of dedicated followers and practitioners can attest to this. But if low-carb, high-fat, high-protein is the key to weight loss, how come countries like Korea and Japan produce some of the “leanest” and healthiest people in the world?

A cup of cooked rice contains about 44 grams of carbohydrates, 0.44 grams of fat, and 4.2 grams of protein. I can tell you from personal experience that Koreans eat more than 1 cup of white rice in one sitting, let alone throughout the day. However, as a society, Koreans are a skinny bunch. The same is true for Japan, maybe more so.

Besides white rice, Koreans love sweet potatoes. Street vendors roast sweet potatoes in converted 55-gallon drums with wood fires burning below. Picking one up on a cold, wintry day is one of life’s true pleasures. 1 cup of sweet potatoes has 30 grams of carbohydrates, just 0.2 grams of fat and 2.5 grams of protein.

The question to ask is why. Why are people whose main staple foods are high in carbohydrates and low in fat with moderate levels of protein not overweight? Because if cutting carbs is the answer to weight loss, then it stands to reason that carbs caused or contributed to weight gain in the first place.

And it’s not a question of good carbs versus bad carbs. These low-carb diets seek to eliminate them all. And lifestyle diets like Paleo seek to eliminate all complex starchy carbohydrates, possibly the best form of long-term energy carbohydrates.

And looking at lifestyle diets, pasta is a key component of the famous Mediterranean diet. Although the term pasta is quite broad, one cup of “regular” pasta yields about 43 grams of carbohydrates, 1.3 grams of fat, and 8 grams of protein. Again, another wildly successful and healthy lifestyle diet that features high carb and low fat with moderate protein.

The answer to this dichotomy is that carbohydrates are not appreciably stored or converted to fat. Generally speaking, the body burns carbohydrates until there are no more carbohydrates to burn or the body no longer needs to burn carbohydrates for energy.

Excess carbohydrates are stored as glycogen. It is not initially converted (or stored as fat). The average person has the ability to store up to 1,500-2,000 calories of stored glycogen. Once full, carbohydrates are stored as fat. But glycogen is constantly being converted to glucose and therefore is constantly being depleted. And yes, “constantly” in need of replenishment.

What is stored as fat is the fat that a person eats. It’s dietary fat. It’s not the carbs or protein that magically sticks to your belly or hips, it’s the fat.

The total fat intake recommended by the FDA is 65 grams per day. The consensus is that any diet that gets less than 30% of its calories from fat is considered a low-fat diet. 30% is huge. A cup of cooked white rice produces less than half a gram of fat. 65 grams of fat a day translates to a lot of rice and potentially a lot of happy Koreans!

The body uses protein to build or maintain muscle. The body burns carbohydrates as an immediate energy source. The body stores fat for the long winter hibernation (well, if we were bears).

Not getting fat means not eating fat. Not getting fat means eating enough protein to maintain muscle mass. Not getting fat means eating enough carbohydrates to fuel the body and glycogen stores. Proteins and carbohydrates don’t turn into fat (maybe a little), it’s fat that turns into fat.

And the holy truth about weight loss is simple. Eat less than your body uses, and your weight will drop. And stop eating fat.

hair removal products

Hair removal products are the products that effectively remove hair from the human body. Hair removal products are divided into two basic types.

Types of hair removal products based on hair removal coverage

o Hair removal products
o Hair removal products

hair removal products
Hair removal products remove hair from the surface of the skin. Shaving is the most common form of hair removal. Depilatory creams and lotions are also used as hair removal products.

hair removal products
Hair removal products remove all hair, from its roots below the skin. Hair removal products have longer lasting effects than hair removal products. These products include hair removal devices with wax, sugar, lasers, threads, intense pulsed light or electrology. Tweezers are also used to pull out hair.

Types of hair removal products according to permanence

There are three main types of hair removal products available on the market.

o Temporary hair removal products
o Permanent hair removal products
o Hair growth inhibitors

temporary hair removal products
Temporary hair removal products remove some of the hair that protrudes from the skin. They leave the skin soft for several hours and some of them for days. Temporary hair removal products also include hair removal products that remove hair from the root and last for several days to several weeks. Temporary hair removal products include both hair removal and hair removal products. Some examples of these products are:

o Shaving and trimming products (includes disposable razors and shaving kits)
o Depilatories (including depilatory creams and lotions)
o Friction (include glove used as sandpaper to remove hair)
o Tweezers (include all three types of tweezers square, slanted, pointed)
o Waxing (Includes hot wax and cold wax to remove hair).
o Sugaring (include the use of sticky paste (instead of wax) followed by the use of a cotton cloth or paper to remove hair)
o Threading (includes the use of twisted thread to remove facial hair and eyebrow reshaping).
o Rotary Epilators (Includes the use of electric tweezers in rows to shave arms and legs).

permanent hair removal products
A permanent hair removal product removes hair for a considerably longer period of time, approximately 1 year or more. The use of such products greatly reduces hair growth and also makes the hair finer and lighter. All permanent hair removal products are not completely useful for everyone. These products are based on the use of energy and chemicals to remove hair. These products are the following

o Electrolysis (The electrolysis kit consists of a metallic probe that is used to pass low voltage current to each hair follicle; this will damage the hair bulb.
o Home electrolysis (Home electrolysis units are also available in the market. But not all units have such a fine probe that it can enter the hair follicle. It is a less effective product.
o Laser hair removal products (Includes the use of specific wavelength (laser) to remove hair from larger areas.
o Flash Lamp (Includes the use of a handpiece that transfers pulsed light to cover a larger area of ​​skin. This product is effective for darker hair)

hair growth inhibitors
Hair growth inhibitors produce long-lasting results, but you need to use these products for a longer time. These products are available in two forms:

* Oral products (many prescription drugs are available that have the ability to inhibit hair growth. But results vary from person to person).
* Tropical creams (A tropical cream is also available to inhibit hair growth.)

Both products are clinically tested and doctor approved.
These are some frequently used hair removal methods. You can select any of the products to remove unwanted hair according to your hair type and the area where you want to remove it.

Understanding Men: Treat Your Man Like A Dog And Earn Eternal Devotion

Have you ever had a new puppy? It is a difficult matter to get the best out of your dog for both of you to enjoy and love each other. Building that bond of trust and honesty takes work! Understanding puppies is very similar to understanding men.

If you let your new dog run free without thought of discipline or training, there will be poop and puddles all over the house. You’ll find him fucking anything available without a care in the world and he’ll sneak off without looking over his shoulder. Most likely, he will happily fine you begging for food and attention in the nearest comfortable and cozy abode,

If you train your dog properly, he will learn where he can relieve himself and where he can’t. He will know that he cannot run where and with whom he pleases. He will learn not to bite the hand that feeds him.

If you do the training the right way, firmly but with plenty of rewards for good behavior, your dog will become obedient, loving, loyal and your best friend.

The bond between the owner and the dog is one of trust. How can you cultivate this same trust between you and your man? What do you need to do to inspire mutual trust?

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts:

Don’t be a doormat

Don’t be an easy prey. Let him know where you stand on issues like slavery, infidelity, lies, and being taken for granted. Make it clear, be firm, but don’t dwell on it endlessly. Just like you would with a dog, let your man know where your limits are.

Be tender and compassionate and sometimes show tough love

Be loving, but never be afraid to be tough when necessary. Never let your emotions interfere with your training. No matter how cute and cuddly he is… he’s still a dog.

Never, ever, tell anyone a secret that your man has told you.

If your man finds out that you have told him a secret, that he has shared with you, he will never fully trust you again. In fact, the relationship may well be doomed because it won’t turn into an open relationship where he tells you everything. Do not succumb to this act of betrayal.

Never contradict or embarrass him in public.

He may be acting like an idiot, but he’s your idiot and loyalty dictates that you don’t vent your criticism in public. If you put him down, especially in front of his friends, he will resent and mistrust you.

Never use the things he tells you against him.

He will never trust you if he thinks he will eventually become ammunition. do not do it

Kidney in erratic emotions

Men just don’t understand wild emotional swings. Neither do the dogs. Keep a check on yelling, hysteria, and general emotional outrageous behavior. Get yourself some evening primrose oil or something for those PMT times.

sexual confidence

Consider indulging in some of his sexual requests, unless they are too exaggerated or painful. You’ll probably enjoy it anyway, but sexual confidence is a great bond builder. sex slave? No. Sexual confidence? Yes.

Okay, keep the above rules in mind, get yourself a men’s collar, leash and goodie pocket and go out and train like a man.