Choosing a Walkable Neighborhood: Consider the Planned Community

Walking is one of the most recommended exercises for the elderly to keep fit. It is soft, promotes socialization with other walkers/neighbors, and encourages an appreciation of the beauty of the outdoors. That’s why it’s important to choose a community that is not only affordable and has the amenities you want, but also a community that encourages you to get out and enjoy your outdoor surroundings.

There is a website on the internet called, which rates neighborhoods based on “walkability.” It’s still growing and many neighborhoods don’t look their best due to lack of data. Rates a neighborhood based on the number of amenities within a mile or so, but does not rate based on land area or the actual number of amenities available. However, it may well be a formidable internet presence for the wandering-minded in the future.

You don’t necessarily need stores within walking distance if you’re just walking for pleasure and exercise, but it’s important to choose a community where you want to walk and where it’s safe to walk. There are many beautiful areas that aren’t the safest for any walker and while you can arm yourself with pepper spray and a bullmastiff, it’s a lot more fun if you don’t have to. Also, there are many safe and respectable neighborhoods where the scenery is abysmal and the scenery is uninspiring. You may also want to keep this in mind.

One of the solutions to the hiker’s desire for security and scenery is the planned community. There are many 55+ communities that offer clean, safe neighborhood, beautifully landscaped properties and parks, as well as neighbors who are prime candidates for friends and walking partners.

Palm Gardens in Mesa, AZ is an example of this type of neighborhood. In addition to the many amenities offered to residents, such as pool access and regularly scheduled events, it offers a number of clean and inviting streets and parks to stroll through, with many features such as waterfalls and hundreds of lush palm trees. The Stewart family has owned this resort community since 1984 and has always prioritized quality residential living. Recent additions of security gates make this community safe for residents, their family and friends.

No matter what type of community you choose as your ‘base’, it’s a good idea to visit it several times and take note of the people and scenery. Ask yourself if you want to be walking through these streets for years. Do you like the look of people? Do they seem friendly and good neighbors? Are the children allowed to run wild after dark or are the mothers herding them and warning them not to disturb other people? Neighborhoods vary widely and it’s always smart to view a potential home with a critical look at its surroundings.

A neighborhood that supports walking and a sense of community is the one to look for. Consider a planned walking community; You may be pleasantly surprised at the thought and care that went into making your community experience exceptional.

The advantages of renting a boat

Summer is a season that almost everyone looks forward to. It’s time for long walks in the park, refreshing swims in the pond and long boat rides on the river. It is easy for people who have their own sailboat to do it. But what about those people who don’t have one of their own? Don’t you enjoy boat trips? They Yes. Boat rentals have made it possible.

These rentals are agencies that rent boats normally by the hour. They are a common feature found along beaches and river banks. Rentals have managed to add to the fun of spending a weekend by the river or even a day at the beach.

These rentals have become so famous all over the world that now you can even join a yacht charter club. By joining these clubs, you can take advantage of the many offers that they offer from time to time.

People have benefited in many ways from these boat rentals. Not many people can own their own boat. These rentals have made it possible for the not-so-rich to enjoy the experience of sailing as well. They have proven to be advantageous in many ways:

1. Without having your own boat, you can enjoy boating and fishing trips.

2. You don’t have to worry about big maintenance bills.

3. Thanks to these rentals you don’t have to give yourself a headache hauling that big sailboat all the way to the riverbank.

4. You have a wide variety of boats to choose from.

5. These rentals rent boats at a reasonable price so it is very economical.

Boat rentals are common and therefore difficult to choose. We must opt ​​for rentals that have a good name. It is always advisable to opt for an agency that has been recommended to us. It must be well maintained. The boats must not have any signs of wear. The staff must be experienced enough to answer any of your queries.

Swiss Army Knife: Swiss Army Knife Lover Stories Part 1

Swiss Knives Express offers a free knife if you submit a Swiss Army Knife story that is published or used on their website. Here are some of the interesting stories and uses that people have for Swiss Army Knives.

Story 1 – R. Reyes of Keller, TX

I grew up in a family that doesn’t use knives. The only knives in the house were kitchen knives and they were incredibly blunt. Both of my parents were raised the same way. Neither of them had a knife phobia, but they were wary of knives. So when I was 13 years old, I went to the local Target. Then I bought a Victorinox Spartan razor and loved it. My dad, on the other hand, didn’t. After a long discussion, my mother convinced my father to let me keep it. The following year, everyone in my family had a Swiss Army knife or multi-tool of some sort. I now have five Victorinox razors that are rotating to carry every day. My dad thanked me for buying him one the following week after he used it to take apart a chair in his office. I love SAK and always will.

Story 2 – Mr. Ceranski from Phoenix, AZ

When I was about 10 years old, my dad gave me a Swiss Army knife, well it was an imitation, but I didn’t know it! It’s red and has a ton of features. I’ve always had it with me, but never really used it, unless we went camping. Then there was the phase I went through when I thought I could carve a kachina doll! My dad made me practice skinning the outside of a branch to get to the wood on the inside, just in case he ever needed to know! He and my grandfather always carried a pocket knife, so it seemed normal to me. In fact, I am expanding my collection: so far I have a Victorinox and a Wenger.

As a mother of two boys, for the past few months I have had my original SAK in my pocket: a lanyard attached and clipped to my belt. I have used it so much! Dad has cancer and is on oxygen now, so when we go out on a date and he needs a new tank, I use it to cut the tape that covers the holes in the neck of the tank. That happens several times a week. I have also found it very useful around the house: open packages, letters, CDs, anything taped up… the list goes on. My older son often tells me “Mom! Just get out your knife and cut it!” I think the last time this happened was last weekend when I was out shopping for new shoes for the kids. I wanted to wear the new ones outside of the store. So, I took my Swiss Army knife out of my pocket, wondered if security would show up, cut the plastic holding the shoes together, and we walked out with the old shoes in the boxes. Nobody ever said a word.

Story 3: Chris from somewhere in the US.

I was born in 1983. Once I was old enough to figure things out, I started watching MacGyver and fell in love with not only the show, but also the knives it used. The Swiss Army Knife has become something I have wanted for years and I finally got one on my 12th birthday. I picked it out myself, at Red SwissChamp. He treasured that knife and used it constantly.

They investigate sex scandals between teachers and students: this could be your son’s school

As a grandfather of four school- and professional-age children, with thirty-three years of experience in preventing and recovering from child sexual abuse, and author of “If I Only Knew…Sexual Abuse Within or Outside the Family: A guide to prevention,” I’m angry and disappointed by news report, “Teacher-student sex scandals investigated, districts should limit off-campus contact between teachers, students, experts say,” on Channel 5 from CBS, Phoenix, AZ, May 20, 2009 reported the standard laundry list of misinformation and distortion of the modus operandi of sex offenders. Also, no concrete strategies were offered to parents and teachers to protect children from this heinous crime that is too often committed against children.

My grandchildren are some who are prepared, because they have been educated on how to protect themselves from potential sex offenders. Who better to protect yourself than the potential target of this crime, since it is perpetrated in secret? Children, as young as two years old, can be taught techniques to protect themselves from a sex offender. There are seven compelling parent-approved, kid-tested techniques that parents, teachers, and kids can learn to teach most would-be sex offenders. Teaching children sexual abuse prevention techniques does not require sex education or details about how they can be harmed.

The opening statement of this report began with a litany of misinformation: “Dozens of Arizona teachers are accused of having inappropriate or illegal relationships with students each year…” Using the quantifying term, ‘Dozens’ implies that the total count is low. , when, in fact, there have been 104 reported cases of teacher sexual abuse in the greater Phoenix area in the last four years. Not to mention, many incidents of child sexual abuse by teachers go unreported each year.

Terms such as: ‘relationship’, ‘dating’, [a fifteen-year-old child “…was allegedly dating one of her teachers,”] ‘romance’ and ‘romantic’ imply that the student and teacher have an equal voice in negotiating the terms of a ‘relationship’. The opposite is true. Teacher sex offenders rely on their easy access to children and a trusted bond of authority to get what they want: sexual contact with children. Children are taught and rewarded for being respectful of teachers and authority. This fact alone disarms the child and gives him/her a false sense of security with a potential sex offending teacher: ‘Respect your teacher, my teacher is nice, he/she would never hurt me.’ Therefore, the child is easily cheated, tricked, tricked, seduced, coerced and threatened if he tells. “The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.” Stephen King

Even more disturbing is the statement by Superior Court Judge Paul Katz: “A teacher should never become romantically involved with a student, period… Even if it ultimately works, it’s a bullshit trial.” The philosophy that ‘…even if it finally works…’, not only minimizes the harm suffered by the child and the heinous act of the teacher, but the child’s life has been immeasurably altered. And without effective and targeted recovery from sexual abuse, the child enters adulthood severely emotionally and mentally damaged and often suffers lifelong scars. Most of the time, the dots between child sexual abuse and its emotional and physical symptoms are not connected.

As for possible strategies to prevent child sexual abuse by teachers, the only suggestion offered was put forward by State Superintendent Tom Horne: “Some school districts, such as the Paradise Valley School District, already have specific guidelines regarding contact between teachers and students outside of the classroom. This measure will undoubtedly prevent some children from being victimized. However, is this what we want for our children: protection from some of the potential sex offending teachers? What does ‘outside the classroom’ mean? How about in the hallway, the gym, or on the playground? These areas are outside of the classroom. What are the rules about these places, where children are frequently sexually abused?

It’s not uncommon for gym teachers to “hold a hand” in the gym while helping a student. ‘Touching a caress’ is as harmful as touching or caressing the genitals. If you don’t believe this statement, come sit in my office for a week and listen to the pain and anguish of those who ‘just got groped’. Also, many students are sexually abused IN the classroom or IN the utility closet IN the classroom.

Horne said that even if he had the power, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to make it difficult for teachers to develop healthy relationships with students. Mr. Horne is being short-sighted and irresponsible with children when he makes the flimsy argument that it is not a good idea to make it more difficult for teachers to develop healthy relationships with students, because many children have been helped by teachers, who have taken an interest. and become a role model for students.

There is a big difference between developing a healthy relationship with students and grooming a child for sexual purposes. There are many behaviors and statements that sex offenders make that convey their intent. The reason sex offenders make veiled statements about their intent is to gain access to the conscience of those who might ‘report’ their unacceptable intent with a child. If their statements are not acknowledged, they feel confident that their grooming actions will go undetected and never reported by anyone, including the child. Once the child has been desensitized and accepts ‘special attention’, the sex offender gradually increases the intensity and nature of the sexual activity.

Knowing the behaviors and statements makes it relatively easy to identify a potential sex offender. These behaviors are classic and consistent with sex offenders. All adults need to be educated about these behaviors and statements. And?

So it is appropriate that teachers and administrators be alerted to this fact and all, as appropriate, follow the teacher to avoid any opportunity for the teacher to target and groom a student. Surprisingly, the master may suspect or know that he is being followed and as a result, the suspicion or knowledge of him will force the master to further telegraph the intent of him and thus they are ‘caught’ before it can be done. cause the damage. Once your intentions and behavior have moved into a stage of preparation, the behavior can be reported to the authorities and prosecuted accordingly. “Power is not a blessing in itself, except when used to protect the innocent.” jonathan swift

Following the protocol for being alert to sex offender behavior and statements does NOT affect teachers, who are intent on developing a healthy student-teacher relationship.

Ultimately, all adults have a responsibility to protect our children so that they can reach their highest potential, free from adults who wish to exploit them for their own ends and thereby disrupt that divine gift potential. “We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don’t do.” -voltaire

Dr. Dorothy Neddermeyer, an expert witness, is available to comment on physical and sexual abuse.

Now you link it, then, you won’t

I’ve been reading long, gas-filled recorded documents like Declarations of Easements and Restrictive Agreements for so long that my eyes instinctively roll back in disgust as I recognize the familiar stack of paper. These instruments are particularly prevalent in shopping centers and industrial and office parks, and in mixed-use projects that incorporate a variety of commercial product types. They oblige the owner to maintain and repair, clean up after a fire or other accident, insure the common area of ​​each lot and other various obligations related to their respective parcels. The statements they routinely make, courtesy of the Declarant, say threats for breach of this and that obligation, including a property owner’s failure to reimburse the Declarant or another intervening property owner (here called an “intervener”) if they should step in and do the work. maintenance, repair, cleaning, payment of delinquent taxes or special contributions, granting of civil liability insurance, etc. The instrument generally provides that the failure to reimburse the intervener for fixing the mess neglected by the uncooperative or uncompromising landowner will constitute grounds for placing a lien for reimbursement against the wrongdoer’s parcel that “may be attached to the way of a mechanic’s lien”. Here is an illustration:

The sums that remain unpaid in accordance with article [number] golden section [number]together with interest calculated at three percent (3%) above the prime rate charged by Wells Fargo Bank, NA, or any successor thereof, or the highest annual interest rate permitted by law (whichever is less). ), may be secured by a lien on the delinquent owner’s parcel and may be perfected in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona, such lien shall retain the priority of title to this Agreement and may be enforced within one (1) year of the date the bond is perfected.

It sounds terribly impressive, although that text does not describe the type of link contemplated. I am thinking, however, that this is utterly inapplicable nonsense, lofty statement of remedial purpose notwithstanding. First point: the way to link perfection is not expressed, perhaps for a good reason. There are only two means in Arizona to perfect a lien on commercial real property (excluding fixture filings and a certificate of purchase creating a lien for the payment of taxes and assessments on “financed” real property) validly held by a non-governmental entity : Through Mechanic’s Lien Statutes and Mortgage/Trust Deed Statutes. I can dispose of the last avenue for a wannabe link in a nutshell. A consensual lien against real property must be signed by its owner or by someone authorized by law to do so on behalf of that owner. The mere fact of participating in a larger CC&R-governed property development, however assertive these may be, does not constitute a grant of authority by the landowner sufficient to constitute an intervenor in his proxy to legitimize the registration of a dignified foreclosure, mortgage type bond.

Second Point: It is assumed, since there is no “deed of trust by proxy” available to a co-owner in a “restricted” commercial development, that someone contemplated such a lien perfectible and enforceable under our State’s mechanic’s lien regime which is found in Chapter 7 of Title 33 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. On the surface, one further assumes that the aggrieved party first files a Notice and Claim of Lien, followed by a lawsuit to be commenced within the period set forth in the Declaration after the date of filing of that Notice. Oh! Apollo 13 to Houston: We have a problem.

Number One: The Mechanic’s Bond Bylaws [A.R.S. §33-992.01(B)] require, “as a necessary prerequisite to the validity of any lien claim,” that a 20-day preliminary notice be given to the owner, any general contractor, or any construction lender. See also ARS §33-981(D). There is one small and very limited exception to this requirement: the subcontractor who is physically on the parcel where the work is being performed. So says the statement requires, in the event of a loss, that the affected owner of that damaged lot has to make repairs or “scrape up the improvements” to remove an eyesore. If the negligent owner fails to do so, and the intervener takes over, unless the obliging owner was physically performing the work on the lot himself, there are no enforcement rights to the mechanic’s lien, no matter what the statement says . Take a look at Performance Funding, LLC v. Arizona Pipeline Trade Trust Funds, 203 Ariz. 21, 49 P.3d 293, a 2002 Arizona Court of Appeals decision, for the final word (currently) on that limited exception to satisfy the state’s 20-day notice service statute.

Number two involves the timing aspect of the challenger bonus execution described in the statement; While CC&R writers can choose any deadline they like by which the intervener can seek reimbursement against the wrongful owner, Arizona courts will not accommodate the claimant unless they meet the mechanic’s lien’s execution deadline, assuming the comptroller even goes that far, which I doubt he will. In Arizona Department of Water Resources v. Rail N Ranch Corporation, 156 Arizona. 363, 752 P.2d 16 (1987), our Court of Appeals filed DWR when it tried to foreclose, after two years, on an alleged lien under a state statute that provides that “the [department’s] lien shall have the force and effect of a mechanic’s lien” and “may be enforced in the same manner.” may not substitute its own period of limitations on enforcement, inconsistent with the “incorporated” legal scheme ( Note, however, that the appellate court did not declare the DWR lien void from its inception; it simply dismissed the department’s untimely application of its alleged lien.)

The third issue is whether it is fantastic to believe that a receiver can use Title 33 Chapter 7 liens. You do not have to be a licensed contractor to take advantage of the lien under Sections 33-983(A) or ARS -987 (subject to compliance with 20-day notice, etc.) for this essential reason: Both statutes provide that “a person working” on the lot of another person may print a bond. The words “contractor” and “subcontractor” and persons licensed as “architect” appear throughout Chapter 7; so the legislature understood the distinction between licensed and unlicensed individuals and businesses. That is what the Court of Appeals held in Performance Funding, LLC v. Arizona Pipeline Trade Trust Funds; union funds did not have to be authorized to impose the lien, although they could not enforce what they filed.

So can you do something about this CC&R mess and bring to life what looks like an unenforceable provision in your return? Well, do you need to do anything else in Arizona, if, as a filer or other owner subject to CC&Rs, the receiver can get a money judgment on a non-reimbursement claim, and can record that lien against the offending owner, lien your title until the intervener is paid? It is not enough to simply leave a “statement lien” (assuming the respondent records an item listed in the lien notice that is based on ARS Sections 33-983(A) or -987, and that the notice of lien service 20 days was properly done, along with the text of the statement) ride like a cloud over the title deed to the other owner’s property. Under common law, once the lien expires (after six months without filing a lawsuit), it is deemed unenforceable and becomes an “unfounded lien” under the provisions of ARS Section 33-420.

An interview on home inspections with Shawn Foster of Bluewater Inspections

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Shawn Foster of Bluewater Inspections that took place on the evening of October 12, 2009 in Hermosa Beach, CA:

Tony: Shawn, thanks for agreeing to sit down with me to talk about home inspections. How long have you lived in the South Bay?

Shawn: I moved here in 2001. I am originally from Kansas City, but have lived in the Taos, NM area as well as Scottsdale, AZ.

Tony: When did you first get involved with housing?

Shawn: When I was 14 years old, I was working with masons doing some wheelbarrow and mixing work. I have been quite involved with housing ever since. I have done framing, wiring, painting and all kinds of work on houses.

Tony: When did you start doing home inspections?

Shawn: I’ve been doing home inspections since 2002. So far, I’ve done at least 2,500 of them.

Tony: I’m assuming your turnover is related to the number of homes being sold. Last year, just under half the number of homes sold in 2002 were sold in Manhattan Beach. Have you experienced similar downturns in your business?

Shawn: Absolutely! The market has dropped significantly in the years that I’ve been doing this. In fact, many of the real estate agents I used to work with have moved on to other professions. However, I enjoy it and only make up for free time by doing related work.

Tony: What other changes have you experienced during this time?

Shawn: I used to take a big reference book with me when I went to the field. He was cumbersome and time consuming. In recent years, I’ve started using a handheld for this. I can get around in an hour or so and capture all my notes on my handheld. I can download my notes when I get back to my office and sync the photos I’ve taken. This not only makes life so much easier, but I think the results are even better for my clients. They get a comprehensive report complete with key photos, as well as a to-do list of everything they would need to do to improve the house.

Another change is that it seems to be more of a buyer’s market at the moment. This can affect the motivating factors behind inspections and possibly the home negotiation process.

Tony: What is the biggest challenge in homes these days? It is common?

Shawn: The answer would be mold, of which there are many types. It is not only a physical problem for the structure, but it can present risks to the health of the occupants. Fortunately, it’s not very common in the South Bay.

Tony: Do you have any interesting history from the field?

Shawn: I remember a house behind the gates in Palos Verdes that a buyer was considering. It was amazing how infested with mold it was. The potential buyer and his agent waited outside while I checked out the interior. I got out after a while and walked to my car to get a respirator and gloves after seeing how damaged this house was. I later found out that the buyer passed on this particular house. He shared with me that it was the look on my face when I went to my car that told him the extent of the challenges inside. I will never forget that place.

Tony: Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me.

Shawn: You got it. Thank you.

Imagine Having a Family Like That – The Weird Sisters Review

Our book club chose “The Weird Sisters” by Eleanor Brown as the book to read last month. Personally, I thought it might have been condensed into a short story a bit, but it was a good read considering the family dynamic of the three sisters each playing a role in the psychological “birth order theory” and I guess that a psychologist would have done. he preferred the book more for its nuances than a regular reader who had no siblings to grow up with. Let’s talk.

In the book, the father of the three sisters was a literary master, he named his children after Shakespearean characters, more or less, variations on character names, if you will. When he talked to his daughters, he used quotes from Shakespeare, which made it hard to read what he was saying, and that made growing up a little different from a normal family: what’s normal, right? Yes, imagine growing up in such a family.

Interestingly, the author of the book wanted to call it “Trinidad” at first, 3 daughters, and use biblical quotes as if the man had been a preacher, she decided against it because that could limit the book’s marketing and audience. She had asked me while reading the book; What if the father was a general quoting Sun Tzu, Karl Von Clausewitz, Machiavelli, Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, Schwatzkoff and Rommel? Or, what if the father was a physicist who quoted all manner of equations, mathematics, and quotes from Einstein, Hawking, Sagan, Arthur C Clarke, Feynman, and other notables in science?

That would have made a good book too, or a short story, maybe a series would be good, something like Sue Grafton with her AZ strategy books? Or like Ben Bova, the science fiction writer who writes about every planet in his stories?

This book generated a lot of thought in our book club as everyone related to their lives, their siblings, and how they and their brothers and sisters had grown up, perhaps fitting birth order stereotypes or not. Would you recommend this book to other book clubs? Yes yes I would but beware not everyone is going to like it and it will bring out your own growing up baggage family dynamic after all like I said “what is normal” and they are really normal families thankfully . It’s not how I see it. I hope you too will enjoy this book and think about it afterwards.

Is it difficult to apply for VA loans?

Since its inception, more than 20 million people have used the VA Guaranteed Home Loan Program to help them pay off a home loan at favorable rates. If you’re wondering how to get a VA loan, and if these loans are hard to come by, read more about this helpful program for veterans:

VA does not provide home loans

The Veterans Administration does not provide funds for home loans. Rather, the loan money is provided by many types of lenders, who participate in the program and know its requirements. If you’re looking for a mortgage for a new home, always ask the lender if they participate in the VA-guaranteed home loan program. Many institutions have special departments or specially trained staff to help apply for these loans. They can make sure you understand the steps involved in acquiring the loan.

A certificate of eligibility is required

VA loans require a Certificate of Eligibility documenting your past or current military service. Lenders with trained staff who work with the VA Home Loan Program can easily purchase this document. However, in some cases, the applicant must complete a DD 26-1880 or other form online or by mail to receive the document.

Must have a reasonably good credit history

Lenders generally require applicants for the VA-guaranteed home loan program to have a credit score of 620 or higher. This requirement is to ensure that you can repay the loan and have a history of paying off your debts.

Certain income requirements apply

You will need to provide documentation of your income to assure the lender that you can repay the loan. This information can be in the form of W-2 forms from your workplace, income tax forms from two years prior if you are self-employed, as well as receipts from your military pension or other sources of income.

You will pay a one-time financing fee

A one-time financing fee is required to help pay for the VA home loan program. Currently, the financing fee is 2.15 percent if you have a zero down payment. This fee is reduced to 1.25 percent if you make a 10 percent down payment on the house. These rates may vary, depending on the type of military service and how often you use your entitlement benefit.

A down payment is not always required

Your military service gives you some right to the loan amount. That is, the government will guarantee payment of the loan calculated using the amount of your basic entitlement, which is currently set at $36,000. However, bonus entitlements may also apply that may allow you to obtain a home loan of up to $417,000 or more, depending on the area. You can usually get a loan with no down payment up to this amount.

The house must be appraised

An appraiser must physically visit the property and determine its market value, based on the structure itself, as well as other homes in the area. The VA provides a list of minimum property requirements that must be included in the appraisal report. These requirements include adequate housing; if it is a residential and non-commercial property; Electrical and water installations in good working order and other details. If the property is not appraised at the sales price, the buyer may have to renegotiate the sale.

The Ultimate Homeowners Insurance Guide: Important things to consider when shopping for a good policy

Homeowners should purchase insurance to protect themselves against a variety of disasters, from flooding to theft. The best homeowners insurance can also protect you from lawsuits if someone is injured on your property. The problem some people have when choosing the right type of insurance is that there are so many considerations and variables. It’s important that you understand exactly what a policy covers and what it covers before you decide if it’s right for you.

The trick to finding the best coverage is to look for the one that will give you the greatest advantage in a claim. In addition to the basics, you’ll also want to consider add-ons, such as value-added features (for jewelry, electronics, antiques, furs, etc.) and special limits.

An important factor in the insurance industry is that each company has developed its own vision for its target customers. This means that you need to find the company that offers the most appropriate insurance for your needs. Make sure you understand how the claim process works. Different companies may have different ways of paying claims. The best homeowners insurance for you might not be the same for a relative or even someone who lives across the street.

Split the best home insurance

Decide whether or not it would be worth lowering the deductible to save money on the premium each month. Some people are willing to take the risk, others are not. Is it really worth risking homelessness one day to lower insurance costs? Depending on where you live, you may need a separate deductible for a certain type of damage anyway, especially if it’s in a disaster-prone area, like coastal Florida or the MidWestern Plains.

Do you have working smoke detectors? If so, be sure to mention it when you’re trying to get affordable home insurance. Most insurers offer discounts for security features. Other security features that might be worth investing in include a deadbolt lock and a burglar alarm. The more secure your home is from any kind of threat, from burglars to fire, the bigger cut you could get on your premium.

Another way to ensure you get affordable home insurance is to maintain good credit. If your credit score isn’t the best, then it’s time to start making improvements and make sure you make all your monthly payments on time. Consider a debt management program or credit repair service if your debts are out of control. The more you can show that you are working to improve your financial situation, the better.

The best home insurance, according to some people, is Lemonade Insurance. There is a set fee for everything and claims are paid very quickly. Check and see if Lemonade discounts are available in your state.

Heart Health – Emotional and Spiritual Sustenance

Your heart needs emotional and spiritual sustenance just as much as your body needs food. Recently, a sixty-year-old man came to see me because he was told that the fluid around his heart, which made his heart work harder, would cause him to have a heart attack.

After many prescriptions to reduce the fluid to no avail, the doctor said, the only other alternative was surgery. The surgery consisted of opening his chest cavity and installing a catheter to drain the sac of fluid surrounding his heart. He was conflicted because he knew that all illness has a mental cause and that if he had surgery and did not remove the mental cause, the fluid would return.

As a last resort, he searched the internet to find a metaphysical healer. He found my website and was delighted to know that not only was I the person he wanted to work with, but I was only a few miles from his home in Scottsdale, AZ.

The mental cause of the fluid around her heart was a remedy for an extreme betrayal five years earlier by several people she had known for over twenty years. He literally experienced a broken heart. Not knowing how to ‘mend’ his broken heart, his mind created a remedy by encasing his heart in liquid to protect it from the chilling feelings of betrayal.

Our work focused on processing feelings of betrayal and forgiving their betrayers through the subconscious mind. After several sessions, his heart repaired itself and the fluid disappeared. His heart no longer needed ‘protection’. She left my office for the final session with a smile on her face and a light step.

How is this related to other problems? Not everyone will have a major betrayal in their life, nor will they create fluid around their heart as a remedy.

There are two key aspects to creating a healthy life: emotional/spiritual sustenance and strong relationships. See my article, “Emotional and Spiritual Sustenance – The Forgotten Food” at ezinearticles (this website).

Cultivating strong relationships will ensure that you are accompanied by a network of loving people on your journey through life. Creating time to develop and nurture the bonds you share with others is critical to building a support system that lifts your spirits through good and challenging experiences. Even when you are alone, you will not feel lonely or isolated. The attention you pay to your relationships will help you create a magnificent network of loving support.