Top 10 Action-Comedy Movies (Duo)

Lethal weapon

I love Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in all four movie series, which were blockbusters. Gibson’s funny way of being a mad cop complemented Glover’s fears of aging and retirement. I think it’s the addition of Jet Lee in the final sequel that made him the best among them.

rush hour

This three-movie mega-series from action superstar Jacky Chan with Chris Tucker is fun from start to finish. Chan’s comedic side of doing stunts was matched by Tucker, without “hurting” each other. With their misadventures as police detectives, I think both actors were a perfect fit for their roles.

Knights of Shanghai

This 2003 action-comedy sequel to “Shanghai Noon” proved once again that Jacky Chan is okay with a partner. Owen Wilson was at his best in his funny acts in 19th century settings. The romance between Wilson and Fann Wong, who played the role of Chan’s sister, is cute and entertaining.

Bad boys ii

This action-packed comedy film by Michael Bay has taken Martin Lawrence and Will Smith to the next level. It was released in 2003 as a sequel to the 1995 film Bad Boys. It received negative reviews for its violent sense of humor, but I think Lawrence has successfully portrayed its funny moments.

Men in Black II

Released in 2002, this second sequel to the three-film MIB series starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith can be classified as a comedy film. While some alien creatures and dialogue may not be suitable for young children, there are plenty of fun scenes. The special visual effects are good enough.

21 Jumpstreet

Based on the 1987 television series of the same name, this 2012 Hollywood comedy film revealed the comedic side of heartthrob Channing Tatum. His tandem with Jonah Hill as two strange and unlikely cops resulted in a perfect match. Its upcoming sequel “22 Jump Street” is likely to be affected as well.

The other guys

Both Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg did well to share hilarious moments in this 2010 action comedy film. No wonder the film won the “Best Comedy Film” award at that year’s First Annual Comedy Awards. . I think director Adam McKay has successfully applied his skills in his previous comedy films.

Another 48 hours

This 1990 action comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte is a sequel to the 1982 film 48 Hrs. It was more successful than the first in terms of box office and more fun. Murphy, then successful with his “Beverly Hills Police,” proved once again that his funny face really works.

Knight and day

This 2010 action movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is more fun than a romantic movie. Diaz is charming and funny to me with her innocence of Cruise’s mission. If you love Cameron in Charles Angels, you will also love his humorous role in this movie.

Starsky and hutch

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson played David Starsky and Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson, respectively. This is the 2004 American film adaptation of the 1970s television series of the same title. Born comedians, I think both actors have justified their talents by mixing action with comedy as the iconic undercover cops on the street.

Naval guns from the 16th century to the 1840s

Historically, cannons were made from wrought iron, cast iron, or bronze.

Small light basic cannons, or Culverins, had been used on ships during the Middle Ages. Usually they were fired by individuals or by two or three men from deck firing positions. Ships can only have a small number of light guns because large guns are very heavy and a heavy object placed on the deck of a ship will always make it unstable. It wasn’t until Gunports were invented around 1501 that ships could rely on full-size cannons as their primary weaponry. A gun port is a window, cut into the side of a ship’s hull, from which a cannon can be fired. They allowed the cannon to be installed in the lower part of the ship. The gun gates had hinged wooden doors on top of them so that the gun gate could be closed when the gun was not being fired. This stopped the wash of water entering the boat from the waves or when the boat was listing. This meant that a ship could have many powerful and heavy cannons, without becoming unstable, and the cannon soon became the main armament in naval warfare. An early example is the Mary Rose, built in 1512. The Mary Rose had 78 guns, but was later increased to 91.

From the mid-17th century onwards, war at sea was dominated by the tactical system known as the ‘battle line’, which involved a fleet of navy ships forming a long line, parallel to their opponents. The ships would then fire ‘volleys’ with their cannons at their opponents in an effort to sink or paralyze them. With this in mind, the British navy divided their ships into six classifications, based on the number of weapons (military term for a cannon) they could carry, only the three main classifications were known as ‘ships of the line’. A first class ship had to carry more than 90 guns and could have up to 140 guns, distributed over 3 or 4 gun decks, a second class ship had more than 80 guns and a third more than 54. To the fourth category ( not a true ship of the line) had more than 38, a fifth more than 18 and a sixth more than 6 guns.

Naval weapons generally refer to the weight of the shot they fire, so a ’42 pound ‘was a cannon that fired a cannonball or a’ shot ‘that weighed 42 pounds. The 42 pound cannon, also known as a “standard” size cannon, was used on ships from around 1600 to the early 1700s. They were huge. The barrel was about ten feet long and weighed about 3.4 tons on its own. A 42-pounder would have required an 8-man team to fire. They were very powerful and had a good range, the downside was that they were cumbersome, slow to fire, and required a large gun crew. The 42 pounds would always remain on the lower cannon decks, otherwise its weight could unstable the ship.

A cannon most used in the British navy during the 1600s, 1700s and early 1800s was the ‘Demi Cannon’, or 32 pound. This was smaller and lighter than the 42 pound, requiring a 6-man gun crew and with a 9’6 “gun that weighed around 2.6 tons. The Demi Cannon was in use from the early 1600s to the early 1800s. It had a maximum range of 1.5 miles and was reputed to be able to pierce a meter of oak at close range. 12 and 24 pound guns were also very popular, being lighter and faster to reload, they could be mounted on decks. superiors of a cannon, ship without making it unstable, these constituted the bulk of HMS Victory’s armament.

The ‘Carronade’ was a barrel design that was used in a variety of sizes, from 6 to 68 pounds of shot. It was developed in the 1770s and was used until the 1850s. The Carronade was developed by a Scottish company and machined to a high standard to allow a perfect fit between the ball or shot and the muzzle. This meant that the cannonball only fit into the barrel (the hole was only slightly larger than the diameter of the shot, there was less “wind” in naval terms). The chamber for a Carronade’s powder charge was one caliber smaller than the hole where the cannonball sits and is fired, this meant it had a smaller powder charge firing a larger shot. This meant that the internal stresses in the weapon were greatly reduced, so you could have a small, light barrel that would fire a great heavy shot. The downside was short range and limited accuracy. A Carronade could be fired by a 5-man gun crew, and its light weight meant it could be used on the deck of a ship. A Carronade weighs about one-third the weight of the equivalent standard gun. A 68 pound cannon had a maximum range of about 7 miles. The Carronade was effective at close range and was referred to as “the crusher” because of the splinters it caused on impact.

Most of a ship’s cannons would fire sideways (port and starboard), however it was common practice to have some cannons aimed from the bow or stern. A so-called “long nine” pistol was used for this purpose, firing only a nine-pound shot, the longer barrel provided additional power and accuracy, and fit well into the available space.

The Paixhans weapon was introduced in the 1840s and revolutionized naval combat because it was a direct firearm that could fire an explosive-filled projectile in a time-delay fuse. This marked the end of the conventional cannon. The introduction of fluted drills and steel jacketed barrels heralded a new era of naval combat and led to the demise of the wooden-hulled warship.

The benefits of drinking artesian water

Many people simply cannot understand why it is important to choose artesian water over other premium bottled water. You can come up with a number of reasons, including taste, but the biggest reason is that it’s healthy for you.

Although premium bottled water may be real spring water, artesian water actually has things that no other bottled water has. It does not have the contaminants found in tap water or other types of bottled water. It also has a higher mineral content – minerals that your body needs to function properly.

– Some brands of bottled water are simply purified tap water. The purification process actually removes all the good minerals from the water, as well as any contaminants it may have.

– Some brands are bottled tap water, which may not taste good and lack the minerals your body needs.

– Bottled spring water tastes good, but may come from a contaminated source. Pollutants come from the soil when water passes over rock and include acid rain, soil pollutants, toxins from factories and farms, and bacteria.

What makes artesian water so different?

Artesian water comes from an artesian well, a source found deep in the earth. The water is compressed between layers or rocks. This means that bacteria, acid rain, and other toxins cannot penetrate the rock and contaminate the water, so the water contains only minerals. When the will is pierced, a pipe is installed so that when the water is pumped, it does not touch anything that could contaminate it.

What minerals are in artesian water?

The minerals and electrolytes in artesian water are very good for the body. The electrolytes are potassium and sodium, which keep the body’s chemistry balanced. Other minerals and electrolytes include:

– Bicarbonate: Bicarbonate is an electrolyte that balances the pH of the blood. Without the proper level of bicarbonate in the body, the blood will turn acidic and make the person feel constantly tired. Energy levels are also low in people with acidic blood.

– Calcium: Calcium is a mineral that maintains strong bones, the nerve functioning properly and helps with muscle growth and tone.

– Fluoride: Fluoride is a mineral that protects tooth enamel and prevents cavities and tooth decay. This is one of the minerals that is added to other waters, but it is found naturally in artesian water.

– Silica: Silica is another mineral that the body needs. Without enough silica, joints can become problematic and bones can become deformed. The naturally occurring silica in artesian water is what gives it flavor and body.

There are other health benefits you can get from artesian water, including making you less hungry so you eat healthier. If you drink the right amount of water every day and it’s good artesian water, you won’t have to worry about getting those important minerals and electrolytes your body needs.

White Women Who Prefer Black Men: How To Attract Black Men Who Love White Women?

White women who prefer black men, do you want to know how to attract black men who love white women? Listen carefully because here are some critical tips that can help you get what you want.

I’m going to explain to you what black people are looking for, how to get them to love you. Finally I will explain how to please them and make them love you for a long term relationship.

What are black men looking for who love white women?

The most important thing to remember is this: to attract black men who love white women, you need to understand what they are looking for.

Like most men, they want a lady they can trust and who is caring. In a way, you must be a secondary mother figure. However, before you can express these characteristics, you must first get hot black men to notice you and love you.

No matter how much people try to deny it, if you don’t make an immediate impact on a person, the chances of you getting somewhere with them are very low.

How to make black men date white women love you

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to get black men dating white women, you must first get their attention to have a chance. If the guy you want is sexy, he will have a lot of attention and options.

So you should let his jaw drop to the ground when he first sees you. It’s basically a little shallow, but you need to take advantage of your sex appeal.

Make sure you are well dressed and expose some meat so that he wants to see you naked. Try not to overdo it or it may feel like you look cheap.

If this happens, you will never get their respect and will take your relationship to the next level.

How to make black men who love white women stay with you

The next step, once you know how to attract black men who love white women, is to get them to stick around and build a relationship.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to show your maternal qualities so that he can imagine living with you. Invite him and cook him a delicious meal. Make him feel comfortable and let him see that you know how to treat a man.

Then to top it all off, give him pleasure to see that you offer him the complete package, everything a guy wants.

Weird things romantic couples do

Love is a wonderful thing and it allows you to do foolish things. And nothing is crazier than doing weird things with your partner. These things are perfectly normal that even other couples are doing them too.

So these are some of the weird things couples do, whether in public or in the comfort of their beds.

Have sweet pet names

From baby to baby and honey cakes, give it a name and you will have a list of treats to call your baby. Yes, those people in a relationship have a knack with pet names. This comes up especially when they need something from each other or when they want some sexy action. However, couples often have endearing nicknames for their partner, which may seem corny to others. What adult called another “sweet boo”? Well, those people who are so in love that they see hearts in their eyes.

Have fart parties

A friend once told me that when you can, when you can both fart in front of each other, you’ve reached a certain level of comfort. This will show how close you have become that gross bodily functions don’t scare you. That said, there may be a fart party every now and then, where you’ll have a competition from the loudest and stinkiest fart you can produce. Disgusting, right? But ladies and gentlemen who are the smell of love sweet love.

Have inside jokes

Everyone in a close-knit relationship has their own version of inside jokes, including couples. You often look at your partner from across the table and convey a secret message that she incredibly understands. Other people outside of him find it strange that they smile at each other with a knowing smile. They may think you’re crazy, but you’re trying your best not to laugh so much.

Have singing and dancing sessions

Your regular hangout includes bad dances and even worse songs. You do all of these things while stuck in traffic or doing housework. You and your partner find it fun and cute that they try to do things that are terrible at. But others see it as horrible.

Do not be embarrased

If farts don’t bother you, so do other normal smells like morning breath. It is important to emphasize that hygiene is important and makeup is part of the expression. But, being in a relationship, couples are not ashamed of their flaws. Other people may find this unsettling, but we are human after all and the baby gets it.

You are having fun, while the people around you are glancing at you and looking questioningly. Don’t let that stop you from expressing your love. Keep the vibe alive and love more!

America to Trump: “You’re Fired!”

“You are fired!” America cried long before Donald Trump became president, when he was a mere candidate for the job. The cry grew louder when Trump trampled on the Constitution, defied the rule of law, and broke the rules sacred to America during its 250-year history. It took a global pandemic to show just how disastrous the Trump administration he had installed for three years was.

The brash renegade Trump attracted a following as does any outrageous daredevil. Once in office on a technicality assisted by as-yet unknown foreign powers, Trump used the vast powers of his office to bind conservatives in his orbit and keep them spinning with honed skills throughout his life. Those skills came to a complete halt when the Coronavirus pandemic hit and Trump’s slow response set the pace for the dissolution of Trump’s facade.

Trump’s top bragging and fabrication skills failed to spin the reality that people were dying and the economy was paralyzed. So was Trump himself, as the evidence showed that his methods were counterproductive in handling a crisis.

Trump’s toolbox of coping mechanisms doesn’t have a Swiss army knife to unlock empathy. As a lifelong real estate con artist, Trump may be adept at reading possible gullible targets, but he proved to be grossly flawed when the stakes were in the serious way of American life and livelihoods. If Trump were a reasonably rational human being, the pandemic, the ensuing economic crisis, and the racial assassination of George Floyd would have been key points in uniting human sentiment to jointly address the crisis. Trump chose his own ancient path of divide and conquer to win support. The tactic seriously failed, and Trump’s response was to duplicate the message.

By July 4, 2020, Trump had survived an embarrassing defeat at #Tulsa Oklahoma when supporters refused to attend his rally due to the reality of the Covid threats. In South Dakota, Trump moved his wan to sacred Native American lands to host fans at a rally without Covid safeguards, with results yet to be determined. In the room itself, Trump renewed his allegiance to the memories of dead Confederate losers while glossing over the topic of a raging pandemic. The rank and file can applaud Trump’s delivery, especially if he is a witness in the middle of a rally, as risky as it is to attend and the riskier the better for some. But beyond the noise and hype, most Americans are willing to tell Trump “You’re fired.”

Donald Trump is a product of a young America in transition to a global world. Trump won the support of his rank and file by vowing to give America back some of its past glory. That non-existent past glory is as dead as Trump’s facade after Covid wreaked havoc in America with the help of Donald Trump. In the age of social media, the country is divided in two, the conservatives who support Trump and the liberals are divided in their own camps. However, the truth is that these two groups seem to be misidentified.

The two groups that have formed since the election of Donald Trump can be reduced to their most basic components. Trump is loud, boastful, and full of boastful claims with no evidence in reality. Those are the jingle-jangle gew-gaws that attract teens who avoid the military. The other group is the adult segment of the American population, which is able to see the discord between word and deed. It’s your vote that will count when the United States finally tells Trump with a yank on the media plug that “You’re fired.”

Lucky bets?

Do you feel that if it weren’t for bad luck you wouldn’t have some lucky? We all have days like this at the dog track, but if you have too many, maybe it’s time to do something about them. There ARE things you can do to improve your luck.

First of all, attitude has a lot to do with how often Lady Luck smiles at you. If you are convinced that you will never win, you probably won’t win very often. On the other hand, if you are arrogant and overconfident, you probably won’t win very often either.

Somewhere in the middle is the right balance to put you in a winning frame of mind, which is when people seem to have the most “luck.” Whether you believe in fate or think it’s all a bunch of bullshit, it seems that some people are luckier than others.

You may notice little things that help you make better dog choices. Maybe they are just naturally better at handicap. Whatever the reason, it is true that some people do better than others on the track with the same information that everyone has.

If you know someone who seems to be making a lot of lucky bets, ask him how he chooses the dogs. It could be that what looks like luck is actually a good handicap. If that’s the case, maybe, if YOU’RE lucky, they’ll tell you how they do it.

Remember, many times, what seems like sheer luck to a stranger is actually the result of a lot of time and effort behind the scenes. Lucky people are sometimes just people who don’t give up until they discover something and learn how to profit from it.

6 reasons to become a Pinterest fan right away!

Crow’s feet, muffins and cellulite

In true late-game fashion, I recently fell in love with Pinterest! It lives up to the tastes of meeting Johnny Depp, the best dessert you’ve ever eaten, and your husband doing laundry and cooking for a whole month. What is Pinterest, you ask? Think of it as a virtual “bulletin board” that lets you organize and share the things you love on the Internet. While browsing the web, if you happen upon a pair of shoes you’d like to add to your wish list, a makeup trend you’re dying to try, or a recipe you’re thinking of making, just click on its “pin.” . button (that lives in your browser’s toolbar) and voila! That image and web link are added to your designated Pinterest board and your “pin” will be at your fingertips in a nice, neat and organized way forever. (Insert cheers here!)

I fondly refer to my Pinterest addiction as a totally productive waste of time. Once you start “pinning”, you will know why. You can spend hours and hours browsing (and clicking) and by the end of your Pinteresting session, you will have clicked three new products that you can’t live with, made four new friends online, and learned how to crochet butterfly ornaments. (I mean really … how could I live without Pinterest?)

Would you like to become a killer baker? How about a top-notch party planner? Ever thought about starting Cross Fit? Perhaps you would like to try your luck gardening. The sky’s the limit with Pinterest. From hair and beauty to sports: this virtual corkboard will allow you to access any topic you want. Oh, and did I mention that you can connect with other pinning enthusiasts by following or being followed? Anyone who loves skin care products is definitely a friend of mine. (It’s like a social media version of Field of dreams… if you put it, they will come.) And there is nothing more rewarding than when one of your pins is “repainted” by cans full of Pinners. Total Pinterest Nirvana. Do you still need to convince yourself? Here are six reasons to jump on the nail train:

  1. It’s like having your own personal fashion consultancy (bring the leopard booties)
  2. You will automatically become smart (for example, when your guests oooh and ahhh about the lemon lime ice cube idea you got from Pinterest)
  3. You’ll become a butt-kicking cook (the next time your mother-in-law hits your kitchen, you can make her eat her words when you remove the chocolate cream she caramelized with a mini blowtorch)
  4. It’s like Xbox for women (hubby playing video games: eat their hearts)
  5. You will take advantage of the creativity that you did not have NO IDEA that you had (that DIY braided scarf you made via Pinterest’s DIY section is shaking up your fashion world)
  6. It is visual “attractive to the eye” (Who would say that one could find a picture of bacteria as visually entertaining as bacon-wrapped pretzels?)

If you are already an expert in Pinner, then this is all old for you and you are already in the knowledge of pinning. Oh how we love you, Pinterest. I am convinced that the phrase “are you fixing?” It will become as commonplace as “Tweet”. (Good thing I’m not a rookie anymore!)

There. You are now familiar with Pinterest and ready to try your hand at bulletin board art. And if you’re already on Pinterest, follow me and let’s swap pins! Happy fixing.

4 Freelance Writing Niches to Supplement Your Income

With the emergence of the corona virus reaching pandemic proportions during the first quarter of 2020, thousands of freelance writers around the world found themselves in a quandary.

Aside from the fact that dozens of print magazines have reduced their frequency or stopped being published altogether, travel writing and event coverage were once potentially lucrative niches that were badly affected by the pandemic.

But don’t worry, because with a little creativity and a willingness to adapt and adapt, freelance writers can take advantage of other avenues to which they can redirect their talents and abilities.

Here are some specialties that freelance writers can consider:

Resume writing and editing

With the huge number of COVID-19 cases posing a great threat to the global economy, many safe and stable employees have lost their jobs. They could turn to telecommuting, settle for underemployment or part-time (at least for the moment), or choose to become self-employed.

As a result, the demand for competent resume writers has never been higher. You should show your ability to write or edit resumes by having a few samples. If you are an absolute newbie, here are profitable ways to build a portfolio:

  • Contact college or university students who may need a resume to enter an internship or volunteer program.

  • Recent graduates are ideal clients; they are often eager to land entry-level positions right away.

  • Skills-based resumes are essential for graduates of vocational, business, or technical courses.

  • Get old copies of your friends’ resumes and turn a chronological resume into a skills-based one, and vice versa.

  • Talk to IT professionals as they constantly update their credentials.

  • Introduce yourself to people who might be in the process of a career change / change.

  • Accept “high risk” job applicants – “special cases” such as the failed employer or stay-at-home parent seeking re-entry into the workplace, people with disabilities, or people with significant gaps in their work history.


If you have an eye for detail (misspellings, awkward sentence structures, misplaced punctuation marks, etc.), try proofreading. There are a good number of documents that need clarity to achieve the desired results, not just a good command of English: book reports, theses, dissertations, college admissions essays, business plans, scholarships, etc. Proofreaders typically charge per page, and a standard page is 220 words long.

Writing about fashion niches

While certain niches have declined in 2020 due to pandemic-related restrictions, there is a whole new range of topics that can serve as a goldmine for article ideas. Consider the following:

  • Plants and plant care

  • Coping with work-from-home arrangements

  • Helping children with online classes

  • Simple craft projects to keep worried kids at home

  • Health and fitness concerns

  • Popular pastimes during quarantine.

  • Online sale

Writing online dating profiles

This may be a bit surprising, but there are many singles who are serious about finding a suitable partner for marriage, or at least a long-term relationship.

I’ve also noticed a growing trend: Divorced and single parents, or those who have sobered up from an addiction, are finally getting to that healthy place where they can date again. There are also specialized sites for big and beautiful women (BBW) and people with disabilities.

You don’t need to lie or embellish existing attributes just to make your customers appear more attractive. If they have not yet earned a college degree, briefly mention the online or adult education classes they are taking.

Big, beautiful women who like yoga or cycling can be fun and exciting for men outdoors. Even introverted singles can present themselves as “someone who enjoys moonlit walks on the beach, adult board games on the weekends, dates at specialty bookstores or souvenir shops, or conversations with a coffee”.

Movies – Importance of "Dilemmas" in Movie Stories and Scripts

A dilemma is a major conflict driver in a script. Find a good dilemma for your main character and you’ll practically have a good movie right there.

A dilemma is a situation in which you have two options and both are WORSE than the other. It is the ultimate mental torture for anyone.

A second condition for a good dilemma is that we must also TAKE CARE OF IT. A dilemma can be a TECHNICALLY dilemma. But when it comes down to it, it could be silly. Example, a millionaire executive’s “dilemma” about whether to vacation at a luxury resort in the Bahamas or have a one-on-one fundraiser with a Swiss banker. Who cares?

Here are some good dilemmas. that are guaranteed to push your story relentlessly:

General dilemma of HISTORY to lead a CHARACTER through a movie:

A man cannot confess that his mother has killed a man because then his mother would go to jail for life. But if he doesn’t, he can go to jail himself because he is one of the main suspects. And if you go to jail, you may die because you need close medical care for the X-condition.

SITUATIONAL Dilemma to drive a SEQUENCE:

A woman trapped in a burning elevator can put out the flames by going out and reaching for the extinguisher. But if you do, there is a chance that it is too late and your blind child will be killed in the fire. And if she allows her son to go out, the boy may not find the extinguisher at all, as he is blind and BOTH can die.

A book that does an EXCELLENT job of exposing the importance of dilemmas for screenwriters is “Writing a Great Movie: Four Advanced Tools for the Playwright” by Jeff Kitchen. Highly recommended

To your full color widescreen dreams!