Where to Find Wedding Gown Rental

Find Wedding Gown Rental

Where to find Gown Rental? Poshshare is an online marketplace where you can rent and buy designer dresses from other people. You can also borrow a bridesmaids dress. Most Poshshare lenders have several hundred dollars in credit to lend, and the prices start as low as $50! You can save a great deal of money by renting a wedding gown. You can also try on the dress for four to seven days if you are unsure of its fit.

If you are looking for a Wedding Gown Rental that is in great condition, renting it may be the way to go. Wedding dresses can be expensive, so renting your gown is an affordable alternative. The good thing about renting a wedding dress is that you can return it whenever you want. You just need to plan to receive the dress two days before your big day. Since the gown is brand new, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the dress. You can easily send it back after the wedding to get a new one.

There are several websites where you can rent a wedding dress. Etsy is a great place to look for wedding dresses, but it only offers a small selection. There are also lots of maternity dresses, but the selection is small. On Etsy, you can’t try the dress on before you buy it, and you will have to pay with PayPal. You can also check out with the owner of the rental site by answering a few questions. In addition, you can ask about a delivery time so you can plan accordingly.

Where to Find Wedding Gown Rental

There are several services that offer rental of wedding gowns. Many of these services only operate in the U.S. but they are convenient for brides who want to rent a wedding dress. Once you have chosen a gown, you can plan to receive it at least two days before your event. If the dress is in a poor condition, you don’t have to worry about it. Usually, the rental gown is brand new and will last for up to five days. The cost of renting a wedding dress on Etsy is $50 to $102.

There are other services that offer wedding dress rentals. You can place an order online with Rent the Runway. They offer a wide range of dresses and clothing. If you want to rent a wedding gown for your daughter’s wedding, you can also check out StyleLend.com, but be sure to check the shipping and insurance policies of these companies. They will help you find the perfect gown for your big day. If you need to buy a wedding dress at the last minute, consider renting it from a reputable rental store.

Another service that offers wedding dress rentals is Rent the Runway.com. Rent the Runway is a website where you can select a wedding dress and get free shipping. If you are on a tight budget, Rent the Runway can provide you with hundreds of beautiful dresses under $150. You can even order a last-minute gown, which can ship the next day if you need it. So, don’t delay your wedding day!

Gangsters in America – Charlie "The bug" Workman – The Man Who Killed Dutch Schultz

Charlie “The Bug” Workman was the strong and silent type, who killed 20 people by Louie “Lepke” Buchalter’s Murder Incorporated. But Workman’s fame was being the man who shot Dutch Schultz to death.

Charles Workman was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1908, the second of six children to Samuel and Anna Workman. Workman dropped out of school in the ninth grade and began wandering the streets of the Lower East Side looking for trouble. When he was 18 years old, Workman was first arrested for stealing a $ 12 bundle of cotton yarn from a truck parked on Broadway. As it was his first offense, Workman was paroled. The following year, Workman was arrested for shooting a man behind the ear about who-owed-who $ 20. At the time, Workman’s reputation on the streets was such that the man he shot refused to testify in his against, and even said that he could not honestly identify Workman as the assailant. Annoyed, the police reviewed his file and decided that Workman had violated his probation for stealing cotton. As a result, Workman was sent to the New York State Reformatory. For the next several years, Workman was in and out of jail for parole violations such as associating with “questionable characters” and not getting a job.

In 1926, Workman got hooked as a freelance legbreaker, or idiot, for Lepke’s union strike-breaking activities. Workman did such a good job that Lepke put him on his permanent payroll of $ 125 a week, as an assassin for Lepke’s Murder Incorporated. Lepke liked Workman’s calm demeanor, and after Workman gave him some exceptional “hits”, Lepke nicknamed him “The Bug” because a person had to be insane to kill with the calm detachment that Workman displayed. when he performed his horrible duties. Workman’s other nickname, “handsome Charlie,” was given to him by members of the opposite sex.

Over the next several years, Workman was in and out of trouble with the law. In 1932, he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. In 1933, he was arrested again for misleading an off-duty police officer after a small traffic dispute. Meanwhile, his specialty was killing who Lepke said needed to be killed. After a hit was struck, Workman enjoyed the added benefit of “sweeping the pockets” of his victims. Most of the time, Workman earned an extra $ 1,000 for his efforts, and once he even found a $ 10,000 voucher in the trouser pocket of some poor idiot he had just beaten up.

In 1935, orders came from above that the maniacal gangster Dutch Schultz had to go. Lepke decided that Workman was the right man for the job. On October 23, 1935, Lepke sent Workman and Mendy Weiss, Lepke’s second in charge, to the Palace Chophouse in Newark, New Jersey, in a car driven by a man known as “Piggy.” While Weiss was near the bar, Workman went into the men’s room to make sure there were no witnesses. Standing in the men’s room was a scared Dutch Schultz. Workman hit Schultz once in the torso, piercing his stomach, large intestine, bile and liver. Workman then came out of the bathroom, and he and Weiss went into the back room of the restaurant, where three of Schultz’s henchmen, Lulu Rosencrantz, Abe Landau, and Abbadabba Berman, were enjoying their last dinner together. Weiss and Workmen kept firing until their guns were empty and their quarry died on the ground.

Weiss headed for the front door, but Workman turned and headed for the bathroom, expecting to find a large bundle of cash in Schultz’s pockets. Workman’s first surprise was when he couldn’t find a penny in Schultz’s possession. The second surprise was when he went out into the street expecting to find Weiss and Piggy in a waiting car and found nothing except the sound of police sirens rushing to the scene.

Workman ran into a swamp behind the chophouse, where he threw off his bloodstained coat and started walking in the direction of Manhattan, his shoes and pants wet and smoke coming from his ears, thinking he would be left for dead later. a major success. Workman found a set of train tracks and followed them through the night. The tracks led to a tunnel under the Hudson River, and Workman emerged at dawn in midtown Manhattan. He went to a Lower East Side coffee shop, favored by thugs like himself, and was mortified when he found out that the Scultz massacre was all over the newspapers, and on the street Weiss was said to be the only shooter.

Workman went to a friend’s house in Chelsea to sleep for a few hours, and when he woke up, he called Lepke and told him that he wanted to kill Weiss, for getting rid of him after the Scultz hit. Lepke requested a meeting a few days later at Weiss’s home at 400 Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn. Workman told his story first. When it was Weiss’s turn to defend himself, he said: “I say that hitting the Dutchman was a mob business. And I stayed until the hitting the Dutchman was over. But then the bug went back to the bathroom to rob the Dutchman. I affirm that it was no longer a matter of the mafia. It was a personal matter. “

Lepke ruled in Weiss’s favor, telling Workman that if he was smart, he would drop the matter entirely and never bring it up again, with the excuse that he might hit it himself. Lepke sent Workman to Miami to cool down, and there Workman met Lucky Luciano, who was part of a nine-man national crime syndicate, along with Lepke. Workman needs to borrow some cash to keep a low profile, and when he started to mention Weiss’s actions the night of the Schultz coup, Luciano cut him off saying, “Here’s the money. Now stop talking about that other thing. “.

In 1940, Workman was arrested in Brighton Beach for a “loitering” trade. Workman’s pinch was orchestrated by Special Counsel Thomas E. Dewey, who was tasked with arresting, trying, convicting and executing every member of Murder Incorporated that he could get his hands on. By this time, Murder Incorporated killer Abe “Kid Twist” Reles had already turned into a rat and told Dewey that Workman had done Schultz’s work. This was confirmed by Allie Tannenbaum, perhaps Workman’s closest friend in the mob, who had also become a canary.

In 1941, Workman was tried for the murder of Scultz. During the trial, when Workman realized that he had little chance of being acquitted, he changed his plea to “no defense.” Judge Daniel Brennan accepted the statement and sentenced Workman to life in prison.

As Workman was led out of the courtroom, the guards let him talk to his brother Abe. Workman told Abe, “Whatever you do, live honestly. If you make 20 cents a day, have them do it for you. If you can’t earn an honest living, get the government to support you. Stay away from gangs and no “Be a wise guy. Take care of mom and dad and watch ‘Itchy’ (his little brother). He needs to be watched. “

Workman was sent to Trenton State Prison. In 1942, Workman offered his services to the United States Navy to undertake a suicide mission to attack Japan and avenge Pearl Harbor. Your request was denied. In 1952, Workman was transferred to Rahway State Prison Farm and worked there in forced labor until he was paroled in 1964, after nearly 23 years in prison. After his release, Workman went direct and got a job as a salesman at the Garment Center, which was once ruled by his boss Lepke.

Sex positions: there is more than one you know

Her 5 times a week gym ritual in the bedroom has been reduced to an awkward once a month with the lights off. Where did everything go wrong? It can be fixed? All relationships need a little injection of spice to keep the fire going. Our suggestions for sexual positions are much more modern than the Kama Sutra and you can be sure that you will not have tried them all before.

SUDOKU STYLE: Perform positions 1 to 9 of the Kama Sutra without duplicating any number in your box.

ENGLAND STYLE: Cover your face with the Union Jack and think of England.

PAINTBALL STYLE: From a distance, using the weapon of your choice, shoot random drops at her.

BLACK WIDOW STYLE: Very funny, but someone dies.

MCDONALD STYLE: Yell “I love it” while exploring your McFlurry.

GARDENERS STYLE: Plant your seed and watch its belly grow.

SAS STYLE: Hide naked in a bush and ask her off guard.

CONTRACTOR STYLE: Get as much of yourself as you can in your box.

MADONNA STYLE: Stick 2 ice cream cones on your breasts and act like a virgin.

MATRIX STYLE: Simultaneously jump in the air and try to copulate while in the air. Better to do it in slow motion.

HELICOPTER STYLE: Paint the letter H around your female parts and watch your helicopter land.

DOUBLE BAG STYLE: Put a bag on her head and a bag on your head in case hers comes off. Ideal for women who fuck while wearing beer glasses.

PUPPY STYLE: Grab her leg and rub it up and down until you reach orgasm. Better to try while you sleep.

FATTY WOMAN STYLE: Roll it in flour and look for the wet part.

SUNBURN STYLE: Only the genitals can be touched.

FABRIC STYLE: Inside, above, completely and without.

HOKEY COKEY STYLE: In, out, in, out, then shake it all up.

HEALTH AND SAFETY STYLE: Both should put on safety glasses, light jackets and gloves and try to enter without hurting themselves or getting the glasses soaked.

TRAMPOLINE STYLE: Bounces alternately. Land first in the sitting position and the woman lands on top with the aim of penetrating.

LOW TRAMPOLINE STYLE: Usually continues after previous position fails.

ARMY STYLE: Have him clean your gun using only his tongue and an electric toothbrush.

PINATA STYLE: Make them hang from a tree while you poke them.

SAFE SEX STYLE: They both lie there, not touching and just think about what they might be doing if they weren’t so safety conscious.

STAR WARS STYLE: Launches a surprise attack from behind.


PRISON STYLE: Drop the soap in the shower and put a flannel in your mouth.

STYLE 007: Choose your wife wisely, as tomorrow she will be dead.

ESSEX GIRL STYLE: Have the woman put on white stilettos and say “can you see my kebab”.

ESCORT STYLE: Kissing is not allowed, however licking and touching the private body parts of others is absolutely fine.

DIY STYLE: Usually done alone.

FRIENDS GATHERED STYLE: Do it with old friends and then don’t see them again for ten years.

DIETER STYLE: Everything looks and feels normal, but doesn’t taste so sweet.

AMERICAN STYLE: Do it while eating hamburgers.

DELIVERY DRIVER STYLE: You wait patiently all day but it still hasn’t come.

BANKING STYLE: Low interest means probable withdrawal.

DRIVER STYLE: After 10 minutes of panting and panting she says “are we there yet?”

BARBIE AND KEN STYLE: Try to have sex without bending your arms or legs.

STYLE IMPOSSIBLE MISSION: Suspend from the ceiling with a wire and try to have sex without waking her up.

FOREIGN STYLE: Use your probe.

NINJA STYLE: She will never know you were there. Useful if you don’t even touch the sides.

PBGC to administer $ 94 billion in financial assistance to multi-employer pension plans

Multi-employer pension plans are back in the news following the enactment of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021 on March 11, 2021. The Rescue Plan creates approximately $ 94 billion in funding for over 200 eligible multi-employer pension plans that are severely underfunded. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) announced a new Special Financial Assistance Program (SFA) under ARP in an interim final rule published on July 9, 2021. This article discusses the key features of the PBGC program.

The 2021 Rescue Plan follows years of legislative effort to support multi-employer plans known to be in financial distress. The Multiple Employer Pension Reform Act of 2014 (MPRA), for example, allowed plans in “critical and declining” status to be applied to the Treasury Department for a suspension of benefits.

How a Multiple Employer Plan Qualifies for Special Financial Assistance

A multi-employer plan must meet one of the following criteria to qualify for financial assistance under the American Rescue Plan.

1. Plans that are in “critical and declining” status in any plan year from 2020 through 2022. Under the Multiple Employer Pension Reform Act (MPRA), the term critical and declining status means that expects the plan to have insufficient funds from funds to pay all benefits within the next 20 years.

2. A suspension of benefits was approved for the plan under the MPRA effective March 11, 2021.

3. In a plan year beginning in 2020 through 2022, the plan is in critical condition, has a “modified funding percentage” (as defined by law) of less than 40 percent, and has an active participant ratio. and less than two to three inactive (you do not need to meet the requirements for the same plan year).

4. Bankruptcy plans that reached this condition after December 16, 2014 and that had not been terminated as of March 11, 2021.

How PBGC Will Process and Prioritize Financial Assistance Applications

PBGC will accept requests for financial assistance in prioritized groups based on its estimated ability to handle requests within a 120-day period. There are six priority groups, as described below with the plan descriptions. The deadline by which plans can apply for assistance is indicated in parentheses.

1. Already insolvent or expected to be before 3/11/2022 (expected application date of 7/9/2021).

2. Implemented MPRA benefit suspensions prior to 11/3/2021 or are expected to be insolvent within one year from the date the application was filed (1/1/2022).

3. More than 350,000 participants (4/1/2022).

4. You are expected to become insolvent before 3/11/2023 (7/1/2022).

5. You are expected to be insolvent before 03/11/2026 (02/11/2023).

6. Present value of financial assistance in excess of $ 1 billion (11/2/2023).

As noted above, the PBGC only accepts Priority 1 submissions at this time. The PBGC expects that once an application is approved, SFA payments will be made within 60 to 90 days and in any event no later than September 30, 2030.

How much special financial assistance will the PBGC pay to qualifying plans

The PBGC will pay qualifying multi-employer plans the amount required to fund all benefits owed beginning on the date of the SFA payment and ending on the last day of the 2051 plan year. The PBGC will take into account all assets, income and plan obligations when calculating payment.

Increased benefits for the participant and beneficiary will be considered as of March 11, 2021. If a plan previously suspended or reduced benefits, the plan may receive SFA to reinstate suspended benefits or provide certain compensatory payments.

SFA funds and associated earnings must be separated from other plan assets. Additionally, SFA funds must be invested in investment grade bonds or other permitted investments as authorized by PBGC.

According to the Federal Register notice, “Unlike financial assistance provided under section 4261 of ERISA, which is in the form of a loan and is provided in periodic payments, a plan that receives SFA under section 4262 is not required to repay SFA, and PBGC must pay SFA in the form of a one-time lump sum payment. “

Background to multi-employer pension plans

The “multiple employer” plan should not be confused with the “multiple employer pension plan” (MEPP). “Multi-employer plans” are 401 (k) plans, so there is no PBGC role and no potential PBGC liability.

A multi-employer pension plan is established through a collective agreement between two or more employers and a union. These plans are also known as Taft-Hartley plans. Each plan is administered by a board of trustees, which contains an equal number of employer and union trustees.

The transportation, construction, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and entertainment industries, which rely on a large base of employees who tend to move from one employer to another within the industry, account for the largest number of multi-employer plans.

In 2021 alone, the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration reports the receipt of 28 new “critical and declining status” notices, 40 “critical status” notices, and 19 “compromised status” notices received to Starting July for multi-employer plans in distressed finance.

Prior to the enactment of the American Rescue Plan, the PBGC’s 2020 Annual Report indicated that its Multiple Employer Insurance Program was severely underfunded with a net negative position of $ 63.7 billion and will likely become insolvent in 2026.

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The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the most overrated album of all time

The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album has been universally hailed by critics and fans as one of the best albums ever made, if not the best album ever made. Rolling Stone magazine gave him top honors on their list of the greatest albums of all time. Clearly, the album was a breakthrough at the time of its release, due to the Beatles’ use of significant advancements in recording technology. But was it really the best album of all time?

The main problem with Sgt Pepper is that it is overproduced and underwritten, and contains several other flaws that do not exist on other Beatles records. Yes, I did. Something’s wrong with Sgt Pepper, and it is by far the most overrated album in the Beatles catalog, and possibly the most overrated album of all time. Here are the arguments:

1) Overproduced: The stereo effects are too exaggerated, with voices or other sounds shifted to the left or right, indicating an overuse of the Beatles’ new opportunity to mix a record in multitrack stereo. Albums since then, even those of the Beatles produced later, do not use this deceptive stereo panning effect unless the effect is designed to be extreme. In the case of some of Sgt Pepper’s tunes, the extreme panning serves as a distraction rather than an enhancement.

2) Signed: Since Sergeant Pepper has some of the Beatles’ best work, in the form of “With a little help from my friends”, “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” and the magical wonder of “Being in benefit Mr. Kite “, it is often overlooked that these remarkable melodies are found alongside some of the most mediocre Beatles compositions. Compare Sgt Pepper’s songs to other Beatles records earlier (Revolver, Rubber Soul) or later (the White Album, Abbey Road) and you will notice that there are several tracks that don’t appear as polished as the Beatles. ‘best job.

Take “She’s Leaving Home,” for example, which paints a brooding portrait of a girl’s turbulent life, using a section of string in the background to emphasize the drama. It’s reasonably effective, but compare it to “Eleanor Rigby,” Revolver’s standout track, which achieved a very similar theme with far superior results, both melodically and lyrically, and in the memorable quality of the string arrangements. If a recording of that caliber had been on Sgt Pepper instead of “She’s Leaving Home,” it would have greatly improved the album.

Below, take a look at “Lovely Rita,” “Getting Better,” and “Good Morning, Good Morning,” the latter of which John Lennon himself even dismissed as a forgettable filler years later by distancing himself from the idea that the Sergeant Pepper was a “concept album.” These tunes are rarely cited by fans as favorites, they are not considered hits or classic Beatles songs, and quite frankly, they are a bit silly and lacking in prestige compared to the best Beatles work. There’s nothing wrong with having them on a Beatles album, but their presence detracts from the idea that Sgt Pepper is a musical masterpiece.

3) Paul Ruined “A Day in the Life”: This dream album ending, whose main structure was composed by John Lennon, has an unfortunate middle section written seemingly too fast by Paul McCartney. An honest listener will cringe a bit when Paul stumbles upon the awkward wording of the line “went upstairs and smoked, then someone spoke and I went into a dream”, which has too many syllables for the melody and lacks the usual careful semantics of the typical composition of Paul. Clearly the idea was to present a “day in the life” that contrasts with the vague meandering of John’s verses, but it just doesn’t hold up, and it sits like a wart on the register – a decent idea poorly executed.

4) They left out the two best songs: As many fans know, the recording sessions that led to Sgt Pepper actually began with the recording of two of the undeniably better Beatles tracks, “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields. Forever “, which were released months before Sgt Pepper as a double-sided single. Sir George Martin has since said that one of his biggest regrets was not sticking to those songs for inclusion on Sgt Pepper, where they almost certainly would have displaced weaker material like “Lovely Rita” or “She’s Leaving Home.” Had they been included, both tunes would also have reinforced the album’s theme “concept”, which is supposed to include childhood memories, explored within a circus atmosphere, performed by a fictional band. As it stands, this theme is not served at all with the weaker melodies, and the album does not hold up in hindsight as any kind of concept album, especially when compared to later rock masterpieces like The Who’s Tommy, which maintains, expands, and nurtures your theme from start to finish.

As a die-hard Beatles fan, I love Sgt Pepper, as I love all Beatles albums, but I think it is an accurate statement to say that the album is overrated when it is hailed as the best work of the Beatles. Another record like Revolver, Abbey Road or even Rubber Soul holds up much better song by song, and deserves that honor.

The new remastered albums came out this year and have received rave reviews, so Beatles fans can now appreciate music in an improved format compared to anything previously released. In fact, the Beatles recently released the stereo box in the shape of a Beatles USB apple, and reviews of that product include the fact that it has an audio format called 24-bit FLAC which is superior to CDs, so Than the fans and the real ones. audiophiles can revisit all albums in higher quality audio format and have the entire Beatles collection on a USB drive.

Prosperity or tragedy in human society

A school ‘prince’ shoots to kill

1. A school ‘Prince’ shoots in a school cafeteria in the United States and kills / injures his friends. There is the usual noise of human rights activists to restrict the sale of weapons. It will be forgotten by the media and the public, after a while. The (Industrial) firearms mafia cites high ideals: democracy and freedom of choice, to maintain the status quo and to cover up the real goal of increasing business profits. Invariably, the victims belong to the commoners of society. God forbid, if a similar tragedy occurs in a Gun-mafia family, it will shift Gun-mafia’s perspective towards social obligations. There is prosperity for the gun mafia and an avoidable human tragedy for the commoners.

2. The responsibility rests with American society to resolve the paradox. There is a division in American society on this issue. Commoners want strict laws for the sale of weapons, to control such incidents. The gun mafia is opposed because it would affect the business. Economic muscles play a vital role in society. The old axiom – Might is right – holds true, even today. The United States is a model society for developing countries, worthy of emulation. God bless American society to live up to the expectations of the third world: America is capable of controlling the world and is equally effective in controlling itself.

Traffickers Mafia Sends SOS For Illegal Immigrants

3. Human trafficking between the nations of North Africa and the countries of southern Europe continues unabated. It is big business. 200,000 illegal immigrants triumphed last year, having paid smugglers $ 2,000 per head. 3,200 potential illegal immigrants drowned at sea. Traffickers drop off illegal immigrants near the Italian coast in small boats and send SOS to the coast guard. European nations are not interested in rescuing drowning immigrants. They are concerned about the increase in the number of successful immigrants. They expect more drownings in the coming years. The media and human rights activists will make the usual noise and humanity will continue to suffer the tragedy. The smugglers’ business will grow.

4. The commoners will continue to suffer. The mob will continue to prosper. The poor illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia can spend any amount and take any risk, traveling in closed containers or small boats, to achieve their goal. Developed countries are concerned with reducing the number of illegal immigrants. They couldn’t be neglected if there are more illegal immigrant drownings.

5. A civilized society must be humane. With new technology, GPS and protocols for the identification of vessels and ships in international waters, we can solve the problem, if there is a will. Let us find a dignified solution to the problem faced by the poor, who want to migrate to greener pastures, but suffer due to the mafia of unscrupulous traffickers.

Using your digital photo frame as a motivational tool

Advances in photography have reached a point where it is much easier for many more people to capture, share and store fantastic snapshots of all their precious moments in life. You can easily manipulate any image you take before printing, and you don’t have to pay for poor quality photos, as was the case not so long ago.

And now, with the advent of the digital photo frame, displaying your digital photos in their best effect has never been easier, nor have the results ever looked better. It’s all very well taking thousands of digital images, some of which may remain in your camera for eternity, while the rest languish on your desktop’s hard drive, rarely, if ever, to be viewed again. . And for those who are truly brought to life and printed, whether at home or at work with the trusted Canon digital printer or by ordering online from Kodak or one of its many competitors, these are scrutinized when received by the first time, but what happens next? Left in a drawer with everyone else?

However, everything is changing now with the digital photo frame. Your photos can now be uploaded directly from your camera, from your computer, or from some other form of electronic storage device. And it’s easy too – no time to configure, no fiddling with many settings. The whole thing is more of a plug-and-play setup, so you don’t need to have a college education to figure out what to do just to get your photos from one place to another.

However, how can you use the digital photo frame as a motivational tool?

First, where could you use it to inspire? At home, of course. Imagine getting out of bed in the morning and feeling the need to get inspired, just to let the creative juices flow. How about the idea of ​​having a digital photo frame in your room that has a slideshow of some of the most inspiring photos that you either took or found on the internet and downloaded onto your photo frame? You can also add some of your favorite music; many digital photo frames have this function.

Now, how about in the office? You need some motivation to start in the morning, so it makes sense to have your own digital frame filled with highly motivating images and captions. You can insert pictures and words and make a slide show with them. A great booster to add to your productive capabilities.

Or, you just might want to make a few New Years resolutions or a one-time resolution and you need a constant reminder about it too. Make a slideshow of images and captions to stay motivated to stay on the right track. This will serve as motivation to push you in the right direction whenever you feel the urge to revert to old ways.

There are many other ways that a digital photo frame can be used as an inspiration tool, be it on a personal or professional level; actually, it’s a matter of using your imagination; use vivid color pictures and / or words that really sink in at home. to make you think deeply every time you read them. In this way, you will get the best use of your digital photo frame as a motivational tool.

Suicidal Tendency Interview

TIS = The Independent Spiritualist

DP = Dean Pleasants

EM = Eric Moore

TIS: This is a really nostalgic tour that you have organized here. You have the Cro-Mags, DRI, Underdog … all of them, along with you, are hardcore legends! How has the tour experience been for you so far?

DP: It was really cool. Kind of a blur, as tours tend to be, but a lot of fun. We called the bus that we are in “the submarine”, we submerged ourselves and we went out to the concerts. Every day there is a different crowd of people, but it is always fun. We’re playing things from the No Mercy record, as well as Suicidal Army and other older stuff, so the crowd really enjoys it, and so do we. We’re really getting into our niche right now, which is what usually happens, and then the tour ends. We are all bonding and it has been a lot of fun.

TIS: Is it me, or do you tend to stay away from touring with a lot of the new “punk / hardcore” bands?

DP: Not really, we just do what works for us. We recently did some shows with Deftones.

EM: Yes, and we did a tour with Lamb of God a while ago. We tour with a lot of the new bands, and then we smash them, haha.

DP: We did some festivals in Europe and it was a very diverse lineup. We did a show with Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Kiss. It was crazy.

EM: Yes, believe me, it is diverse. Suicide is very diverse.

TIS: Have you ever skated yourselves?

DP: Oh yeah, absolutely.

EM: Dean still skates. Your dashboard is right there. I used to skate too when I was skinny. Like all the time. I fell and broke my lip and shit, but I always got back up.

TIS: Haha, great. So what boards did you grow up on?

DP: Well when I was a kid my first board was this little polyurethane plastic thing when it first came out. That was before they were skating bowling and stuff. Now I’m skating on a Pep board with monster wheels and Indy trucks. I can show you.

TIS: Yes, it would be great if you don’t mind.

DP: No, not at all!

EM: I always had the man from the Wal-Mart meetings. He had the vital advice of Wal-Mart. I was telling my mom that I wanted the one that picked up on both sides and she was like, “No! You’re going to get this $ 10 board and you’re going to like it,” and I was like, okay, I’ll just ride some bikes. BMX. Because when you’re a bully growing up, you’d just be stealing whatever you want.

DP: So here is my dashboard. He definitely has a job on this tour and it is definitely a cruise. The guys from Rip City (Santa Monica, CA) fixed it for me. I told them I was playing in a band with Jim’s brother and they hooked him up right away.

EM: Yes, the only reason you are skating on Pep’s board is because Pep is our friend.

DP: Yeah. I really like sailing, so on this thing, it’s like two kicks and you can go forever, and it’s fast. Before this board, I was skating Dogtown’s and I also owned a Jesse from Santa Monica Airlines.

TIS: Rad. So Sucidal, particularly Mike Muir, has been noted for having trouble with Rage Against The Machine. In fact, he wrote a song called Do What I Tell You, which is a parody of the lyrics to the Rage song Killing In The Name. Is this still ongoing?

EM: Hahahaha.

DP: Honestly, I don’t know much about it. In fact, we come from South America where we played with Rage.

EM: Yes, we play with them. We were just three bands, us The Mars Volta & Rage.

DP: Yeah, and that was pretty cool, so I don’t want to say anything bad about them.

EM: But we really don’t have anything bad to say anyway.

DP: They put on an amazing show. It was crazy. There were 50,000 people going crazy. I mean, we all did a good show, but Rage DID A GOOD SHOW.

EM: Yes, Rage was killing him.

TIS: Great. So is it safe to say that you don’t play that song anymore, or at least you didn’t then?

DP: We definitely don’t play it there.

EM: It was really a fight between people, not between gangs. It wasn’t like we had to yell at them or they had to come at us.

DP: It was a war of words, in which Mike was involved. What happened was that the bands were touring together, and someone was talking on the phone, and someone pushed someone, and it really was all Tom Foolery. Then they said something about Mike in an interview and that the band was old or something funny. Mike asked us if we would mind if he wrote a song about them. He really didn’t want to get us involved. He wasn’t mad at those guys. So he wrote Do What You Tell Me, I was like, okay, he’s really mad at them.

So we were going to South America, where they had offered us two festivals, one in Chile and the other in São Paulo. Rage’s manager said, well, I don’t know if they want you guys to come, but he asked you and it was long ago forgotten. And the Brazilian people said they wanted Suicidal to come, so we went. We got there and saw Tom and Zack, we said hello and everything was fine.

TIS: Right. What’s the word on the new album? Is there an attempted release date?

DP: Well, we wanted to release the No Mercy / Suicidal Army record for the tour because Mike had a vision to make the records again and show people the harder side of Suicidal. We usually play three or four of the songs on our set. As for the new album, it really is based on the current moment because of the way it is the industry and the distribution. We really want to go out right now and rename the people who were with us before, as well as show the new generation of kids who we are before we put out a record. We do not want to publish something that is not going to be heard. That is really important to all of us. When you put your heart and soul into something, you want it to be heard. And we are going on this tour of the United States to Europe and South America, etc.

TIS: Yes, my friend Randy was saying on the way how much he liked the new No Mercy recordings and what you guys did with them.

EM: Yeah man that’s the new, hard and fast.

DP: It’s a throwback to the way they recorded a long time ago. It was originally on Infectious Grooves, before Suicidal, and we were used to doing things a certain way, a lot of improvisation and writing, but there was a formula for Suicidal that made it sound the way it did. And we went back to that formula. Mike was doing the hard beats and I was doing the solos, and the drummer and bassist were doing their thing. It really makes for a different kind of recording. And that’s what we did with No Mercy. When you listen to it, you can hear everyone doing what they do best.

TIS: You mentioned Infectious Grooves. You will be playing your first show in the United States in 10 years on November 23rd. Can you talk a bit about that?

EM: Yeah man, it’s going to be a great show. We will play The House of Blues in Hollywood.

DP: Infectious was able to play in Chile with RATM and The Mars Volta, and we had never played there before. However, we have done some tours in France, Europe and Australia. Infectious’ first tour was Ozzy’s opening.

TIS: Yes, I remember. Would I go out singing Therapy with you?

DP: Yes, and in fact, when he recorded the video with us, he had a broken leg. We were in Chicago and I will never forget it. Anyone can say what they want about Ozzy, but he’s the nicest guy, he really is.

TIS: So is there any truth to the Suicidal / LA Sureno Venice 13 gang rumors? You can nod once for yes and twice for no if you wish.

EM: Hahaha, oh man.

DP: Haha well, there are a lot of gangs that claim Suicidal, but I’m not a gang member myself.

EM: I wear red so … (laughs).

DP: We have a lot of people who are in the band who are also into other things that may not be tasty. When we play Ventura, we have Hell’s Angels at our shows all the time. We have a lot of 1% motorcycle gangs that are in Suicidal. They never really cause problems at shows, but they are there. When we play Ventura, the whole street is lined with Hells Angels.

TIS: It sounds crazy.

EM: It’s strange.

DP: Yes, it is crazy. So many people like our music and for us it is an honor. There are a lot of people in prison who like our music and they say it helps them during the day, so that’s great. For us, the most important thing is to touch someone. If you can help someone through their day when they are having a hard time, that means something. As for gangs, I don’t know. It’s crazy and people are definitely doing their thing.

TIS: Cool guys. Thanks for your time.

Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Children tend to get bored easily, so the clues and puzzles for your party should be easy. Look around your home and examine your most common household items or belongings. Think about how you can make funny jokes or jokes about these ordinary things in your home. Here’s an example of a line: “What did one potato chip say to another potato chip? Answer: Let’s take a dip. Or can giraffes have babies? Answer: no, they only have giraffes.” These funny jokes may seem corny to older children, but for young children this will certainly make everyone laugh. A question and answer hint is also easier to do than the usual riddle. This style is also easy for inexperienced clue makers or newbies who are about to organize their first scavenger hunt. If you are still having a hard time doing a question and answer type of puzzle, try doing it the other way around. Think of an article and make a funny joke about it or just say something about it. Example: “I am soft, sweet and fun to put in your cocoa drink” Answer: Marshmallows. It is important to note that your clues and puzzles should be appropriate for your child’s age group. As children get older, more difficult and cunning clues may be needed to stimulate players and make the game more exciting.

Another good idea might be to organize a photo scavenger hunt for kids. But unlike most photo scavenger hunts, make the game more challenging by taking a close-up photo of the items to make the hunt more complicated and entertaining. You can add clues or a general location of a certain thing in the photo and watch them search to match the pattern of your photos. For preschoolers who cannot read yet, pictures or pictures of toys and other knickknacks would be suitable for them.

Most scavenger hunts end with having to award a prize to the winner who found the most items. So it might also be a good idea to make some of the clues harder to solve to make sure the kids don’t end up with the same number of items.

Making clues and puzzles for the scavenger hunt parties will get easier as time goes by. It may seem overwhelming at first, but with practice and experience, the task will not seem as overwhelming as it once did. Imagination and patience will always help. And practice may not always make perfect, but it will get you as close to it as possible!

Why is Roger Maris not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Roger Maris played Major League Ball (MLB) for 12 seasons, from 1957 to 1968. He played for four different teams (Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, and St. Louis Cardinals). He appeared in seven World Series, winning three of them. He was a two-time (consecutive) American League MVP, seven-time All Star (1959-1962 2 all-star games a year), and a Gold Glove outfielder.

Maris won the Hickok Belt for Best Professional Athlete of the Year and was voted Man of the Year by Sport magazine, Sporting News Player of the Year, Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year and Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year. Roger’s No. 9 uniform was retired by the New York Yankees. During the 1961 season, Maris hit 61 home runs for the New York Yankees, breaking Babe Ruth’s one-season record of 60 home runs (set in 1927), a record that stood for 37 years. His achievement, which was much debated in its own time, returned to the forefront in 1998 when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa broke his record. In 1999, the United States Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp honoring Roger Maris.

During the 1961 baseball season, I was 17 years old and was enjoying my summer vacation before entering my senior year of high school. Mickey Mantle was my hero. It was a great time to be a baseball fan. By 1956, Mickey had hit 52 home runs for the Yankees and there were many, including me, who saw him as the man who broke Babe Ruth’s season record of 60. Mantle was the favorite; Maris, who had come to the Yankees in a trade with Kansas City, was the outsider.

Maris’ first year in pinstripes, in 1960, earned her the first of two consecutive MVP awards. The 6-foot, 197-pound outfielder hit 39 home runs (one behind Mantle’s league-leading 40), led the American League with 112 RBIs and a 581 slugging percentage, hit a career-high 283 and won his sole Golden Glove. While the Yankees lost the World Series in seven games to the Pirates, Maris hit two home runs. However, his 1960 performance was quickly overshadowed by the circus atmosphere surrounding his 1961 campaign. In 1961, Maris did not hit home runs in his first ten games, but by the end of May he had hit 12. By the end of June he had hit 27. By the end of July, Maris had hit 40 home runs. The excitement was building because Roger was six ahead of Ruth’s overall record. He became the first player in history to reach 50 at the end of August.

The media continually published stories comparing Mantle and Maris, Maris and Ruth, Ruth and Mantle. I remember the newspapers and sports magazines trying to create an adversarial relationship between Roger and Mickey. However, the stories were not true. Mantle refuted these attempts to divide the two. Mickey was quoted as saying “Roger was one of my best friends. They shared an apartment with Bob Cerv. Mickey and Roger became friends and continued that friendship even after they both retired after the ’68 season. Mickey was instrumental in convincing him. Roger to return to Yankee Stadium to be honored by the club in the early 1980s. And Mickey went to North Dakota for Roger’s funeral in 1985.

On August 26, in her 128th game, Maris reached number 51. She was now eight games ahead of Ruth’s pace and the anticipation of what could happen grew by the day.

Around the same time, Commissioner Ford Frick ruled that an asterisk would be placed next to Maris’s name in the record books if she broke Babe’s record after game 154 of the season.

After 134 games, Maris stayed at 51 home runs and Mantle at 48. Meanwhile, in 1927, Babe Ruth hit his 48 and 49 home runs in his 134 game. Ruth was on fire, hitting five HRs in his last three games and nine. in his last 11. However, Roger was still five games ahead of the record pace for Ruth, whose 51st HR didn’t come until her 139th game.

Unfortunately for Maris, he was not the people’s choice to break the 34-year-old record. Most Yankees fans supported his teammate, Mickey Mantle. But an infection forced Mick out of the race in September and he finished with 54 home runs. I admit I wanted Mickey to break the record, but after he was out of the race, I turned to Roger. At least he was a Yankee.

Maris hit 58 home runs on Sept. 18 when the Yankees arrived in Baltimore for a four-game series. Maris had three games to “officially” break Ruth’s record. It was games 152, 153 and 154. Achievements after that date, Frick’s ruling said, would be designated with an asterisk.

Maris was eliminated during a two-night doubleheader (games 152 and 153). On September 20, a night game, the 154th game of the season, the Yankees claim the American League pennant with a 4-2 win over the Orioles in Baltimore. Roger Maris goes deep in the third inning off Milt Pappas, a nearly 400-foot blast into the stands in right field that gives him 59 roundtrip crew for the season, passing Jimmie Foxx and Hank Greenberg, but two to break Babe Ruth’s single-season home run. Registration. Maris had three more chances that night to tie Babe Ruth’s record. But he struck out, flipped, and missed.

Reporters from around the country had gathered at Yankee Stadium. There were almost as many reporters as there were fans. Only 21,032 attended the game. As an insult to Roger and what he was about to accomplish, the Yankees never promoted the game the way they should.

Number 60 arrived at Yankee Stadium against Baltimore’s Bill Fisher on September 26. Only 19,401 attended the game to see the second man in baseball history to hit 60 home runs in one season.

It came down to the last three games of the 1961 season. It was the Yankees against the Red Sox. It was Maris against Ruth. Boston pitchers shut out Maris in the first two games. It is now October 1, 1961, the last game of the season. Roger Maris, who had to be drained both physically and emotionally, faced 24-year-old Red Sox right-hander Tracy Stallard. Stallard got Maris out in his first at-bat. The 23,154 roaring fans at Yankee Stadium fell silent. In the fourth inning, Maris hit again.

“They’re on their feet, waiting to see if Maris makes it to number sixty-one.” Phil Rizzuto’s voice carried the moment. “We only have a handful of people sitting in left field,” Rizzuto continued, “but in right field, man, it’s stuck out there. And they’re standing. Here’s the rope, the pitch for Roger. I walk.” Out, ball one … And the fans are starting to boo. Low, ball two. That was on the ground. And the boos get louder … Two balls, no strikes on Roger Maris. Here is the rope. Fastball, hit deep to the right! This could be! Back there! Good grief, he did! Sixty-one for Maris!

The ball traveled only 360 feet and crashed into section 33’s l63D box on the sixth row of the bottom deck in right field. And a riot broke out as fans fought and battled for the ball and the $ 5,000 bounty. When trucker Sal Durante sought to give Maris the ball he had caught in the stands, the star declined, insisting that During should receive the reward. He would later say that Durante’s generosity meant more to him than media pressure and boos from pro-Ruth and pro-Mantle fans.

Roger Maris jogged the historic home run. A boy grabbed his hand when he passed first: Maris shook his hand and then did the same with third base coach Frank Crosetti as he passed third base and headed home. His fellow Yankees formed a human wall in front of the dugout, refusing to let him in. Four times he tried to no avail. Finally, Maris waved his cap to the crowd of 23,154 fans who cheered and applauded him standing up. His teammates finally let him into the dugout.

“He threw a pitch at me outside and I followed him,” Maris would later say. “If I never hit another home run, this is the one they can never take from me.”

“I hated seeing the record broken,” Phil Rizzuto said. “But it was another Yankee who did it. When he hit the 61st homer, I screamed so loud I had a headache for a week.” Yankees fans and baseball fans should be yelling loud now, maybe the guys on the Veterans Committee will hear it.

Roger Maris remains one of the most famous names in baseball; held the record for most revered games for 37 years and won consecutive MVPs. Maris was a family man who played directly on and off the field and treated the game with respect. He held the home run crown for so many years and his contribution to baseball probably should have given him what he needed; the call to Cooperstown.

During his career, Roger Maris never received the credit he deserved. Apparently no one wanted him to break Babe Ruth’s record. The commissioner, Ford Frick, refused to attend any of the games during his historic chase, and even decided to put the ridiculous asterisk in the record book. Even the Yankees fans didn’t hug him; instead, they saw him as a threat to their hero, Mickey Mantle, as well as Ruth’s legacy. Rather than being his greatest achievement, the race to ’61 was a miserable experience filled with stress and mockery.

Now, nearly 26 years after his death, it’s time to make amends and put Roger Maris where he belongs: in the Hall of Fame.

The Veterans Committee elected former Pirates second baseman Bill Mazeroski in the Hall. Mazeroski, like Maris, was a 260 career hitter but hit just 138 home runs in 17 seasons and never finished higher than eighth in the MVP voting. “Maz” was included primarily because of his eight Golden Gloves and the World Series hitting a home run in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series.

There have been others selected from the Veterans Committee who compare favorably to Maris. Players like Hack Wilson, Cardinal Red Schoendienst, Yankees shortstop Phil Rizzuto and Philly Richie Ashburn. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame, but in my opinion Roger Maris’s contribution to baseball far exceeds all of his combined. If Kirby Puckett is a Hall of Famer for the first time, Maris deserves the nod from the Veterans Committee.