High School Wrestling: What Elite Wrestlers Know That You Don’t

Many fighters focus on learning new moves. We are very focused on movements in the United States when it comes to wrestling. However, wrestling is about more than just knowing moves. Some wrestlers know the seven basic wrestling skills: stance, movement, level change, penetration, step back, back arc, and lift. But, elite fighters know certain concepts that you may not be familiar with. If you’re familiar with all of these concepts, great. On the other hand, if your wrestling isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be, hopefully you can employ some of the following concepts to improve.

Posture and posture maintenance

Stance is one of the seven basic wrestling skills. It’s probably the first concept you learn in wrestling. What constitutes good posture? Proper stance allows you freedom of movement as well as the ability to protect yourself from your opponent’s offensive attempts.

You don’t want to be in too upright a posture. You don’t want to look like the plastic wrestler you see standing on top of the trophies. Your opponent shouldn’t be able to read your jersey. Usually you want to fight head to head. Your stance should be quite low. You want to be like a coiled spring or sprinter ready to explode on your shot. He usually moves back and forth in a lead leg stance and in circles with a square stance.

Olympian John Smith talks about keeping your elbows in your pockets. He just says that you usually want your elbows tight to protect yourself. Also, you should not stretch, lunge, or trip. Sometimes you can just approach your opponent in good stance and wait for him to reach up and make contact first. Or, you can circle and stalk your opponent until you’re face-to-face, then catch up with your opponent. Then, as former NCAA champion Tom Brands would say, you’ll want to get heavy hands, get into a dominant head position, and move your feet.

Olympian Dan Gable talks about turning your body into a block. Your arms are not easy to grab because they are close to you. His head is tucked into his shoulders so his head is not easy to grab.

As you move forward or backward in your stance, you should continue with your lead leg or power leg forward so that you are always ready to shoot when the opportunity presents itself. Good posture maintenance is important. Ideally, your shooting hand should be free and protecting your lead leg.

Manual fight and movement of your opponent

What is hand wrestling? Hand wrestling is a bit of a misnomer. It’s kind of a misleading term. You don’t want to go out and start grabbing hands and wrists and slapping your opponent.

Says former NCAA champion Daryl Weber, “Manual wrestling is basically knowing where you want to be, where you have the best chance to score, forcing it on your opponent, and also knowing how to unbind your opponent and get back on your feet.” where do you want”. You are comfortable.

Unfortunately, many wrestlers put on a neck and elbow tie and just dance with each other. Or, wrestlers grab with their hands but don’t move their feet. You need to move your opponent. You have to push and pull and spin and really commit to it.

Elite wrestlers like Cory Cooperman and Bill Zadick will tell you that both your hands and feet need to move. When your hands move, your feet should move.

The Purler brothers will tell you that good hand wrestling creates movement that helps you throw an opponent off balance and set up attacks.

Another benefit of proper hand wrestling can be tiring out your opponent. You can wear down your neck, back, and hamstrings. You can really take it out. A lot of wrestlers just don’t want to work that hard. If you can’t take your opponent down in the first period, you can get a takedown in the second or third period by wearing down your opponent with the right hand early in the match.

You also need to learn how to properly spread out, block down, and shoot again.


When it comes to finding angles, Daryl Weber says, “The higher the competition, the tougher the competition, the more important it becomes. You don’t want to be just shooting straight at your opponents. That works a lot of the time, but as you You compete against better competitors who know how to react, who have strong hips and good balance, knowing how to find angles will be important.”

Henry Cejudo, Damion Hahn, and several other elite fighters have stated that wrestling is all about angles. For example, it is important to learn how to execute a simple sweep and actually cut the corner.


Punching is one of the best ways to improve your wrestling skill. The rehearsal and repetition of moves and techniques is generally not as fun as live wrestling, but it is extremely important.

When you practice moves over and over again, your body remembers how to do it so you don’t even have to think about it during a match. Drilling allows you to perfect different movements and techniques. Don’t just practice a setup and finish over and over again. Practice various set-ups and finishes. Know how to handle the different positions and situations that can arise during a match.

You can also get a very good workout with hard exercises. Hard drilling can work just as well for getting fit as live wrestling. But drilling has the advantage of being able to really sharpen your skills.

Former NCAA champion Cary Kolat says that punching is the main component of elite wrestlers. He says that live wrestling was a small part of his training and that 70% to 80% of his training revolved around exercise practices. He says, “I got better training with drilling than I did with live wrestling.”

Piercing can allow you to find ways to get out of bad positions, which is extremely important.

Former NCAA All-American Jason Nase says, “Because you’re going to get stuck. You’re going to get stuck on shots. You’re going to get buried. It’s going to happen. Not everyone makes good shots all the time.” .You” are going to have problems that you have to fight. I mean, that’s the sport. What do you do when you are in a bad position? How do you go from good to bad quickly? That’s what makes the difference in games. “

chain fight

Chain fighting is just what the name suggests. It is joining movements in a chain. It is the ability to flow or move smoothly from one technique or move on to the next.

Sometimes we see wrestling in bits and pieces. We think about setups, takedowns, defending, driving and other segments of the match. We look for a takedown and get stopped and then get back on our feet and start again. Or, we get the takedown and then start thinking about another piece, like mounting. But ideally, we should flow from one wrestling piece to the next.

Musical notes and patterns don’t mean much until they come together to form a complete, seamless song. Good dancers flow smoothly from one step to the next. They have fluidity and grace. All the techniques and movements you know should not be considered as separate parts. Ideally, each part of your fight should seamlessly link to the next.

Former world champion John Smith states, “We put two things together. That’s chain wrestling, that’s fluid wrestling. You can take this as far as you want. When you talk about chain wrestling, it can be endless until the guy is in his back and pin him and raise your hand. That sequence of moves leads you to dominate your opponent, leads you to never leave your opponent behind. That’s exactly what you want.”

Former NCAA Champion Terry Brands states, “It’s endless. That’s what we love about wrestling. We just have to have that mindset that they’re not chunks. That’s not how it works. That’s why guys they have problems. That’s why the guys fight.”

Brands says that sometimes wrestlers are so excited to get that first takedown and so unsure of their abilities that it’s a relief to get that first takedown. So, we relax a bit. Or, maybe a fighter just never learned how to chain fight. He gets a takedown, lets his opponent get to base on him, and then starts fighting again instead of going from a takedown to a walk or pin combination.

After a takedown we need to keep up the pressure and reach out for an arm or maybe we could be looking for a Turkish or Navy trip.

Or maybe our initial takedown is blocked, but we auto-transition to a new offensive move and still end up scoring. Maybe I throw a single leg and get stopped, but then I immediately peek out and still turn around to score my two points.

Chain wrestling is also important at the bottom. If my sit-out stops, maybe I can transition to a stand-up and get out of there.

Leverage and being bad

Sometimes leverage is a big key to making a move work well. Run a half nelson or arm bar straight over the top instead of the traditional way and see what happens. Grab your opponent’s chin with a half nelson so it’s really tight. Make your opponent uncomfortable and they will either move in any direction you want or just give up. Former NCAA champion Wade Schalles covered numerous opponents during his career and knows a lot about leverage and making opponents uncomfortable.

Former NCAA champion Zack Esposito describes the top position, saying, “You know what? Wrestling isn’t a tickle contest. It hurts like a mother when a guy puts both his legs on you. So why not?” Why don’t we give him a little strength in the shoulders?”

He also states, “Because that’s what the top is. It’s fucking bad. You’re bad off the top. Because if you’re not bad off the top, you won’t be able to ride. The best riders were the baddest.”

He goes on to say, “When I get a doll, I’ll try to break your shoulder. That’s the way it is.”

You can learn a lot from Wade Schalles, Gene Mills, Zack Espositio, Ben Askren and other elite fighters about leverage and using legal awkwardness to convert an opponent.


These are just a few examples of the knowledge elite fighters have that you may not have. I hope you are already doing many of these things. If not, start incorporating these concepts into your wrestling and you will see many improvements.

Celebrate anniversaries with the finesse of the big band era

Celebrating 25 years, 30 years or 50 years? Get it right with a dance band that keeps bodies moving!

If you have been married for 35 or 40 years, surely you will dance the Disco Era at your wedding… Why not relive the memory?

Sure you’ve heard all the jokes on Saturday Night Live about white suits, disco balls and those awful polyester flared pants, but have you also heard about all the fun and excitement of dancing on a well-lit dance floor?

The pre-club excitement came with the best Rock and Roll the world has ever offered, with decadent, memorable and ‘singable’ melodies whose lyrics everyone knows. You can sing along with the bands that came before Disco and dance to every tune.

With all the enthusiasm for healthy activity, one of the most exciting and fun ways to get moving is dancing. What better way could there be to celebrate the years you’ve spent together? Bring on the dance bands!

More recent years have brought an affection for flappers, music from the big band era, and dance styles from the 20s, 30s, and 40s to tunes from the era of our grandparents. Celebrating an anniversary with a theme band, selective music, and perhaps period-style costumes or dress would bring nostalgia for older members of the family and create memories for the younger generation.

Cross the lines of those generation gaps with exotic, mind-bending, and fun possibilities.

Generation of the big band era Size

Perhaps the eloquence and touch of romance of grandpa’s tails and top hat, a gardenia for grandma, and the smoky mystery of a moonlit night would invite nostalgia back into existence? After a regalia, island house parties and a day of celebration, back to the evening ball to celebrate the anniversary of a kinder era? A night of romance…

cool the champagne for enchantment

Whether you’re celebrating anniversaries at Custer’s Last Hot Dog Stand every year, or The Knob by candlelight, planning a special event for that lovely anniversary (the one with a special number) is in order. Set the stage with the elegance of champagne and a candlelit dinner. And bring the band.

dance the whole night

Nothing brings more romance than a dance under the stars. You will want this memory. You will need this time together as the years go by. Celebrate with your favorite songs. And dance until the cows come home…

We don’t celebrate big anniversaries enough! Every generation benefits from being reminded that anniversaries matter, and celebrating them with a planned event, big band, show band, or dance band, plus memorable moments throughout the day, from the years that have passed should be a requirement. Plan your event and fill it with memories and music.

2001 Maniacs; Movie review

Cast: Robert Englund, Lin Shaye, Giuseppe Andrews, Jay Gillespie, Marla Malcolm, Matthew Carey, Dylan Edrington, Mushond Lee, Bianca Smith, Brian Gross, Gina Marie Heekin, Adam Robitel, Brendan McCarthy, Christa Campbell, Wendy Kremer, Kane Hodder .

My thoughts: predictable

Review: “2001 Maniacs” is supposed to be a remake of “Two Thousand Maniacs” by Herschell Gordon Lewis. While I’ve never seen that movie, the problem with “2001 Maniacs” is that it’s too predictable. .

The story follows 2 separate groups of young people heading to Daytona Beach Fl. for spring break. Unfortunately, they come across a detour sign along the way, and as any good horror fan knows, “Detour” signs always mean “danger” in a horror movie. Before they know it, both groups of teenagers have stumbled upon a little town called “Pleasant Valley” where the people, while weird as hell, seem friendly enough. Soon another bunch of youngsters arrive in town, a black guy named Malcolm and his Asian girlfriend Kat.

The citizens of Pleasant Valley make all the young men of the North their guests of honor and waste no time in showing a little southern hospitality. But soon, some of the young northern travelers begin to disappear, and it becomes clear that all may not be as it seems with the so-called good people of Pleasant Valley who, behind the backs of unsuspecting northerners, are planning a grand “feast.” … literally. “2001 Maniacs” offers a good subplot explaining the city’s sudden appearance out of nowhere. It seems that during the civil war, a group of renegade northern soldiers laid waste to the entire city of Pleasant Valley, in fact, all of 2001 of its citizens.

Now they have returned to take revenge on the North, on the very day their city was desecrated all those years ago, no less, and it was clear from the start that these northern travelers are in for a bad time. However… it takes travelers a while to figure it out and the question is, will they be able to put 2 and 2 together before it’s too late? While “2001 Maniacs” certainly delivers in the general blood, gore, and splatter department… the movie lacks an hour of mystery and telegraphs too soon. Everything happens as expected until the very end, where a bit of creativity is shown as the last two survivors find themselves embroiled in a fight for their lives. The deaths are pretty creative, but you can figure out who is going to die and in what order, which further enhances the predictable nature of this movie. The people of Pleasant Valley themselves are an annoying bunch, even the very attractive girls in town are painful to watch when they start talking.

Southern stereotypes of bestiality jokes, incest jokes, and generally Southerners being disturbingly weird jokes are all over the place in this movie. And that’s what kills most of the fun. It would have been a nice change of pace to have the people of Pleasant Valley different in personality instead of each acting the same as the other. The teenagers in the film are portrayed a little better. While we get the usual group of guys out to get laid, we also get a guy with two girlfriends who has a great twist applied to his character later in the movie. You’ll have to see for yourself, but take my word for it, it’s pretty funny, and we have the interracial couple where the black guy is a biker and likes Led Zepplin… which is pretty much the ultimate in creating an exterior. the character in the box.

Robert Englund gives a fine performance as Mayor Buckman of Pleasant Valley, rivaled only by Lin Shaye as Granny Boone. But even the two of them can’t fully make up for the rest of the actors who played the citizens of Pleasant Valley in a very inferior way. “2001 Maniacs” has its good points too, and director Tim Sullivan, who also co-wrote the film with writer Chris Kobin, really knew how to make this a “horror movie.” No annoying cuts or shortening of scenes to avoid showing too much blood on the screen. No, we’ve got the full deal here, including body crushing, mutilation, popping eyeballs, death by acid, and two other deaths that are even more twisted than the ones I just mentioned. I wish they had surrounded all this great blood, gore, and mayhem with better villains.

While I thought Englund was a great villain as Mayor Buckman, the other bad guys were either played by bad actors or were too annoying to be great villains. Now you could say that since I’m a northern guy, I don’t connect with the whole southern personality thing, so I didn’t care for most of the villainous characters. But on the other hand, I thought the Firefly clan in “House of 1000 Corpses,” which was another psycho redneck movie, were incredible villains. But they were much tougher than the people of Pleasant Valley, which I thought was a bit too goofy and not serious enough to make them good villains.

Pros: Creative kills, blood and gore abound, northern travelers were sympathetic for the most part. The final act of the film, which includes a confrontation between the two survivors and Mayor Buckman and the citizens of Pleasant Valley, was incredible. Lin Shaye gives a strong performance as Granny Boone despite limited screen time.

Cons: With the exception of Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman, the villains weren’t badass enough, and as I said in the review, everything is explained too quickly to the viewer about what will happen to these kids and how. I didn’t like the ending either and the chain of events leading up to the end of the movie left me shaking my head.

Overall: Average horror movie that has a few elements that keep it from being a complete waste of time. It’s well worth renting when it hits DVD on March 28.

John Lennon – The Misunderstood Beatle

While watching Monday night football on a quiet afternoon on December 8, 1980, I was hungover when I heard Howard Cosell interrupt the game with a breaking news story. John Lennon was assassinated in New York City? Could that be true? That was true. Later, he was declared dead. I was shocked. Then my brother, Mark, called me on the phone with the news. We were both fans of John Lennon.

The Beatles, the fabulous four of the 1960s, received character descriptions or nicknames adopted by their fans. John was the smart one, Paul the cute one, George the mysterious one, and Ringo the funny one.

I always felt that John Lennon’s character description or nickname should have been dubbed the “Misunderstood Beatle”, because he always seemed to stir up controversy about his beliefs. He was unable to make his comments clear, and the media was unhelpful.

Take, for example, the comment he made on March 4, 1966, when he said, “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus.” What he meant was that more people would go to see the Beatles than to church on Sunday. Which may have been true. He generalized a bit by blaming the United States, when he was referring to England.

Lennon was interviewed for the London Evening Standard by Maureen Cleave, who was a friend, and made an offhand comment about religion. Lennon said, “Christianity will go. It will fade and shrink. We are more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know who will go first, rock and roll or Christianity. Jesus was fine, but his disciples were very ordinary.” It’s them twisting that messes it up for me.”

On August 11, 1966, The Beatles held a press conference in Chicago, in order to address the growing furor.

Lennon: I guess if I had said that TV was more popular than Jesus, I would have gotten away with it, but I happened to be talking to a journalist friend (Maureen Cleave), and I used the word “Beatles” as something remote. , not like what I think, like the Beatles, like those other Beatles, like other people see us. I just said that they are having more influence on children and things than anything else, including Jesus. But I said it that way, which is the wrong way.”

Put off: Some teenagers have repeated their statements: “I like the Beatles better than Jesus Christ.” What do you think about that?

Lennon: Well, I originally pointed out that fact in reference to England. that we mean more to children than Jesus, or religion at the time. He wasn’t hitting him or putting him down. I was just stating that as a fact, and it is truer for England than it is here. I am not saying that we are better or greater, or comparing ourselves to Jesus Christ as a person or God as a thing, or whatever. I just said what I said and it was wrong. Or it was taken badly. And now it’s all this.

Put off: But are you ready to apologize?

Lennon: I wasn’t saying whatever they’re saying I was saying. I’m sorry, I really meant it. I never wanted it to be a lousy anti-religious thing. I apologize if that will make you happy. I still don’t really know what I’ve done. I tried to tell you what I did, but if you want me to apologize, if it will make you happy, then that’s fine, I’m sorry.

John Lennon returned to the subject later that year, when he told Look magazine that, “I think Jesus was right, Buddha was right, and all those people like that are right. They all say the same thing, and I believe what Jesus said.” he really said the basic things he laid out about love and kindness and not what people say he said if Jesus is more popular it means more control I don’t want that before they would all follow us even if it’s just to dance and sing for the rest of their lives.

Although there was little reaction to his statement in England, Christians elsewhere embarked on a massive campaign to destroy Beatles albums and other paraphernalia. The Archbishop of Boston admitted that he was probably right, but many still refused to forgive him.

I can relate to his controversial statement, because I have made similar statements, like when I walked past a gambling casino on a Sunday and said, “Look at all those cars, try to pack them into a church.” parking lot.” Of course, what I meant was that gambling is more popular than Jesus. I hope that’s not the truth, here in America. Am I in trouble for saying that?

All this did not bother Lennon, he continued to use religious comments in his songs, an era Godreleased in 1971. The lyrics are as follows:

God (words and music by John Lennon)

God is a concept

by which we measure

our bread

i will say it again

God is a concept

by which we measure

our pain

I don’t believe in magic

I don’t believe in i-ching

I don’t believe in the bible

I don’t believe in tarot

I don’t believe in hitler

I don’t believe in Jesus

I don’t believe in Kennedy

I don’t believe in buddha

I don’t believe in mantras

I don’t believe in gita

I don’t believe in yoga

I don’t believe in kings

i don’t believe in elvis

i don’t believe in zimmerman

I don’t believe in the beatles

I only belive in me

Yoko and I

And that is the reality

the dream is over

What can I say?

the dream is over


I was a weaver of dreams

But now I’m reborn

I was the walrus

But now I’m John

And so dear friends

you just have to carry on

the dream is over


Once again, Lennon was misunderstood. Many Christians discouraged him. I always understood Lennon’s style. I felt that he was approaching to question things that we did not dare to ask. He was a buffer between reality and fantasy. Some considered it threatening. I considered it harmless. Although he said “I don’t believe in Jesus”. And he said, “I don’t believe the Bible.” Maybe he should have left them out of the song, at least to avoid controversy and save his career, but Lennon was Lennon and he didn’t care. He was saying that he has the freedom to say what he wants to say or sing what he wants to sing. I’m sure he hurt his career. Paul McCartney’s career only flourished. No intention of leaving out George and Ringo. His careers remained stable.

I always thought a more suitable song for John Lennon would have been…don’t let them misunderstand me, written and performed by fellow musician and friend, Eric Burdon. He also wrote a book with the same title.

In 1973, Lennon wrote and sang the song, conceived, a very critical but popular song. He questioned the existence of heaven and hell and also non-religion. This also angered the Christians. His message was clear to me. He was simply stating that if there were none of these things that he is imagining, the world would live in peace, as one. Why should you fight? There would be no wars. Many wars have to do with religion. The song is all about imagination. He is not a terrorist who wants to blow up the world. The letter is as follows:


(words and music by John Lennon)

Imagine there is no heaven

It’s easy if you try

no hell below us

Above us only the sky

imagine all the people

living for today

Imagine there are no countries

it is not hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And without religion too

imagine all the people

living life in peace

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope that one day you will join us

And the world will be as one

Imagine our possessions

i wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger

A fraternity of men

imagine all the people

sharing all over the world

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope that one day you will join us

And the world will live as one


Lennon was always the open one. Some say that he was a hypocrite when he preached about love and peace, not war. In 1969, he demonstrated his beliefs in the song he wrote about him, Give peace a chanceafter his departure from The Beatles, during his solo career.

He defended many rights and causes. He was an anti-war activist. His beliefs were misunderstood and he was often taken as a socialist or a communist. President Nixon wanted him deported. Lennon stood up and fought for his right to stay where he loved to be: in New York City, USA. Sadly, it was also the place where he was murdered by a disturbed fan.

During his solo career, Lennon wrote and sang songs of rebellion with his political views. He socialized with anti-war leaders like Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and others. Lennon and his friends organized a concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in December 1971, called the “Free John Sinclair” concert. Sinclair was a local peace activist serving ten years in state prison for selling two joints of marijuana to an undercover police officer. Lennon appeared on stage along with Phil Ochs, Stevie Wonder and other musicians, as well as anti-war radical Jerry Rubin and Bobby Seale of the Black Panthers. 20,000 attended; two days after the concert, the state of Michigan released John Sinclair from prison. During this time, a song written and sung by Lennon was released, titled John Sinclair.

In 1972, Lennon released a song against sexism, titled, The woman is the black of the world, which implies that just as black people were discriminated against in some countries, so were women throughout the world. The letter is as follows:

The woman is the black of the world

(words and music by John Lennon)

The woman is the black of the world

Yes, it is… think about it.

The woman is the black of the world

Think about it… do something about it.

We make her paint her face and dance

If she’s not going to be a slave, we say she doesn’t love us

If she’s real, we say she’s trying to be a man

As we put her down, we pretend that she is above us.

The woman is the black of the world… yes she is

If you don’t believe me, look who you’re with

The woman is the slave of the slaves

Oh yeah…better yell about it.

We make her give birth and raise our children.

And then we left her flat for being a fat old chicken

We tell him that home is the only place he should be

Then we complain that she is too unworldly to be our friend.

The woman is the black of the world… yes she is

If you don’t believe me, look who you’re with

The woman is the slave of the slaves.

Yeah…okay…hit him!

We insult her every day on TV.

And I wonder why he has no guts or confidence

When he’s young we kill his will to be free

While we tell her not to be so smart, we belittle her for being so dumb.

The woman is the black of the world

Yes, it is… if you don’t believe me, look who you’re with.

The woman is the slave of the slaves.

Yes, it is… if you don’t believe me, you’d better scream about it.

We make her paint her face and dance

We make her paint her face and dance

We make her paint her face and dance

We make her paint her face and dance

We make her paint her face and dance

We make her paint her face and dance


On a happy note, in 1971, Lennon also wrote and sang the song, titled, Merry Christmas. This has become a vacation favorite. It is questionable why he was left out. Christ In Christmas. But “X” is the Greek symbol for Christ.

This year marks the 26th anniversary of John Lennon’s death. His killer is still in jail, as it should be. The world of music was stripped of this musical genius. I miss his works and his imagination. If it weren’t for his outspoken beliefs, he might still be with us today. It may have been what killed him. But imagine (I wonder if you can), then there would never have been a John Lennon.

10 Ways to Improve Family Law Courts

The current model responsible for governing family law courts is extremely outdated and archaic. It abides by a 1950s chauvinistic view of marriage and parenthood. Men are expected to be robotic and emotional, while women are expected to take care of the home and children. The women now work. The economy is in shambles, while even those without the burden of child support or alimony are forced to work two jobs to stay afloat. Below, I have proposed 10 ways to dramatically improve fairness in family law courts that better reflect our modern culture and the realities of our economy.

1. Eliminate the assumptions: When a man and a woman walk into a courtroom, the assumption is that the women are already the custodial parents who deserve child support. The courts must assume that both parents share their rights equally. There should be a presumption of 50/50 joint custody with no mandate for child support payments.

2. Repeal Title IV-D of the Social Security Act: This law establishes that the Federal Government will deliver $2 to the State government for every $1 it collects in Child Support payments. This creates an automatic incentive for the courts to set high child support measures. The additional money given to states does not benefit children either, but goes into “kickback” funds. There is no basis for the state to receive profit in these cases. Creates a conflict of interest.

3. Limit the power of the Child Support Enforcement Agency: CSEA administrators should NOT act as judges. They should NOT issue or calculate child support orders. They have no authority to listen to special circumstances, forgive debts, or deviate from normal guidelines. It’s costing taxpayers more than $3 billion a year to staff and maintain these agencies that probably shouldn’t exist in the first place or at least be drastically reduced.

4. Provide equal representation: Under the constitution, in criminal law, defendants have a right to representation even if they cannot afford an attorney. In child support cases, the state is a for-profit party with vested interests. Petitioners are supported by the Child Support Enforcement Agency with incentives that are paid to the state through Title IV, Section D award payments. While child support cases are technically considered “civil cases,” the repercussions and the complexity of family law are very serious; not to mention that a child is involved. If the courts truly believe in the best interests of the child, they will seek to adequately represent and protect both parents. Parents who feel protected and considerate are much more likely to accept their duties if they don’t feel so scared and alienated from the process. That’s why I think both parents should have court-appointed attorneys to give everyone the best deal. Happy parents = happy children.

5. Develop Non-Custodial Parenting – Based on my research, parents who earn less than the national average ($42K) per year, are considered to be at “high risk” for delinquent payments. Parents or (NCP) earning less than $42,000 per year should have the option to complete work programs in lieu of sanctions. If the courts can offer programs that will help the paying parent reach that $42K per year benchmark, they will become “low risk” of defaulting.

6. Eliminate Crippling Penalties: Courts can garnish your wages, garnish your bank accounts, liquidate your property, do whatever they want to recover owed child support payments. However, do not suspend a person’s driver’s license or put them in jail. By doing either, you severely limit that person’s ability to earn an income. They get trapped in a cycle of jail, debt accumulation and a destroyed resume. No one wants to hire someone who has a record. And if you live in a city that has poor public transportation, getting to and from work can become extremely onerous, limiting job opportunities. Debtors’ prisons were banned for a reason. Turning someone’s child into a source of someone’s imprisonment is a crime in itself. The government leaves alone a married man who does not support his child; however, a single man is subject to discrimination. Find out why the parent cannot comply with the order and, in the “best interest of the child,” make it easier for the parent to comply with the order!

7. Let Both Parents Opt Out: Women can legally murder their children through abortion, and thanks to “Safe Haven Laws,” they can also leave their children at fire stations or police departments without asking questions. A woman who makes the decision that she is not emotionally or financially ready to be a mother has the option of choosing parenthood. Men are told to suck it up or face jail. The parameters found in states that allow abortion should also apply to men. To a certain extent, determined by law, a man should be able to dissolve his desire to be a father just like a woman. Many will argue that it will create more welfare dependent mothers, however there are many things we need to consider. The federal government can spend $1 trillion on unconstitutional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but complain about welfare spending that takes up less than 5% of the federal budget? Also, who says the government has to distribute food stamps in the first place? If the federal government can afford to give states $2 for every $1 they collect in child support, then they can afford to feed and house poor people. The Federal Reserve printed billions to bail out corporations, why not bail out people?

8. Maximum Amounts and Expenses – It is outrageous that a custodial parent can claim $10,000 per month just for getting pregnant FROM a rich person, maybe even getting YOUR house too! With the magic of “no-fault divorces,” someone can literally get pregnant by a rich man, divorce him for no reason, and keep half of his estate for the next 18 years. The limits should be developed based on the cost of living in the state, so that divorces are not incentives for those looking for a quick lottery ticket. In addition, the paying parent needs to have tools available to hold the custodial parent accountable for how their money is spent. Custodial parents should be given prepaid cards that are traceable. Housing, food, child care, school supplies, medical expenses, clothing,… these things would be acceptable charges. However, if the custodial parent used the card to purchase alcohol, vacations, televisions and other non-essential items, those charges would be disputed. This card system could create an argument that the custodial parent needs more and/or less money. Another option might be to use the money left over at the end of each month and have it automatically go into a trust fund for the child and/or be applied to arrears.

9. Create a child visitation enforcement agency: Parental alienation is a HUGE epidemic. Parents have to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to get basic access to their children without help from the state. If there is going to be a child support enforcement agency, there should be an agency or hotline for non-custodial parents to call if they are actively denied access. In many cases, parents go years without being able to see their children due to expensive legal fees, bogus restraining orders, and cooperative mothers.

10. Mediation First – Court Second: Before a mother and father see a judge, both parties must first attend mediation. Have a worker use the child support model as a starting point, then allow each parent to discuss and negotiate with each other and come up with an acceptable plan. If the parents cannot communicate properly or if the order is deemed insufficient, then the judge can step in and make their own calculated orders. My point is, give parents one last chance to figure things out without government intrusion!

These are just a few ideas I have. This idea that we should punish and send people to jail only works on those rare people who CAN pay child support but choose to hide their assets or use deception. However, most of these laws, while well-intentioned, end up turning the middle class and the poor into criminalized debt slaves.

Paul McCartney and Wings: Band On The Run (1973)

Band On The Run, a triumph of musicianship, showmanship and artistry, raucous crescendoes opening the album, simmering brass closing the album. If Dark Side of The Moon intellectualized and hissed its audience, ‘Run’ assured them of having a good time in their living room like any stadium rock band of the seventies guaranteed their live audiences. While ‘All Things Must Pass’ and ‘Plastic Ono Band’ had their strong qualities and moments of excellent songwriting, it was ‘Run’ that proved to be the first (and perhaps only) post-Beatles zeitgeist record. , McCartney mindful of listeners’ needs, hungry for melodic hooks, upbeat choruses, embellished writing, tabloid pop, glamor enough for rockers, majestic enough for intellects, and quality enough to stand alongside The Beatles’ musical triumph. Abbey Road’.

And yet, despite the optimism so evident on the record, ‘Run’ turned out to be a tough album to record. Lead guitarist Henry McCullough and drummer Denny Seiwell left the band just before recording began, forcing McCartney to split the guitar and piano parts between himself and Denny Laine (McCartney recorded the drums himself) in Lagos, Nigeria. “At the time it was one of those, ‘I’ll show you. I’ll make the best album I’ve ever made right now. I’ll put a lot of effort into it because I just want to show that we don’t need you, McCartney,’ they later admitted of their ambition. A near robbery left Paul and his wife/keyboard player Linda in shock, undeterred, ventured forward on the record.

And bang, the record begins, kicking off with a hook that Jimmy Page could have copied for ‘Ten Years Gone’, charming his listeners in a way they haven’t since ‘Something’. A fervent vocal line begins the song, before the tempo changes from a glitzy glam ballad to a feverish rocker (with Linda’s synth work and Ringo-like fills) as a wall of brass instruments turns the song completely. into a chorus-based rocker that had listeners swaying and listening. humming for the final three minutes of the song. A mix of styles, it was McCartney at his peak, tight without falling into petty indulgence.

‘Bluebird’, cut from the same pattern as ‘Blackbird’, proved to be a more seductive number than its 1960s political cousin Dusty Springfield in its entrance, harmonious in its coda. A disgusting bluesy, Lennonist in its interpretation (John Lennon loved the album as a whole), ‘Let Me Roll It’ grew with age, McCartney in his autumn years giving a blistering version while guesting on Jools Holland in 2008 ‘Jet’ simmers as a quintessential stadium pop song, the standout from ‘Wings Over America’, one of the best live albums of the ’70s. ‘No Words’ (a Laine-McCartney collaboration) was closer to a Beatles record, subtly orchestrated and driven in its guitar riffs, a love song as worthy as Rubber Soul’s ‘Michelle’ or ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ by Revolver. ‘Mrs. Vandelbilt’, low and loaded, proved the undeniable fact that McCartney was the best English bassist of his generation (McCartney later said that he thought ‘Sgt. epper’s Lonely Hearts Club band’ was his zenith playing bass. It wasn’t’ .Run’ has lines of more character, depth, style and attack. This was his handiwork!) A throwaway song of the best order, it was enhanced by ‘Mamunia’, a jovial reggae-based tongue to sing, McCartney’s upbeat about growing life a little more contagious, Linda’s close harmonies give her that extra joie de vivre.

So upbeat was the record, that the only disappointment came in the whimsical disappointment ‘Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)’, a country ballad that would be a fixture in pubs. Inspired by a challenge put forth by actor Dustin Hoffman to write a song based on the first thing he read, it also introduced McCartney’s foot in the world of pop culture, that old-time Blue Coast quality that becomes the inner year. , that je ne sais quoi of a comedy record, intact French accordion and Jet choir, postmodernity before postmodernity became modern. Where his three Beatles comrades had been songwriters and musicians, none of them were Pop Expressionists. McCartney was, and ‘Picasso’ put him in the same league as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Tony Curtis, Roger Moore, Adam West, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, wisecracking pranksters with a wink at their audience, contradicting brilliant art. . The celebrity-studded album cover (look for James Coburn, Michael Parkinson and Christopher Lee) gave ‘Run’ that extra pop seriousness. While others chanted mantras and slogans, McCartney and Wings knew well that it was the frivolity of the times that drew listeners. No wonder it remains the most successful of the post-Beatles records.

An indelible portrait of 1970s rock, ‘Run’ proved to be the greatest of McCartney’s solo works, ending with the Orwellian pastiche ‘1985’ that even McCartney thumper Noel Gallagher approved of (undoubtedly provided). Arcade Fire a template for playing the keyboard and singing). ), giving 1973 that push towards the end of the decade, a push that brought Queen, 10CC, Sparks and Roxy Music the seriousness to release their eccentric pieces to ever-hungry audiences.

Big Data Training and Certification

Industries require the analysis of the enormous amount of data they generate on a daily basis. This can be illustrated as follows: A drug has been launched with some modifications. It should be compared with the same type of drug without the modifications and with other drugs of the same type. The drug’s effect, viability, and sales need to be monitored and captured. We can also consider the example of the stock market in places like Mumbai or New York. This need for data analysis is found all over the world.

Big Data refers to these huge sets of structured and unstructured data collected about business activity on a daily basis. It cannot be analyzed using the usual methods and software. Specific tools and techniques have been developed to manipulate this data. Big Data has specific characteristics that are not seen in typical data sets. The data sets are massive. They contain a wide variety of data. The format can vary as in fixed-length records or free-form data from the Web.

Big Data is valuable to businesses because with the right tools, an experienced professional can analyze this data, identify trends, and make predictions about the best decisions for the business. This can lead to better customer service, better operational efficiency, and the ability to identify the risks and benefits of new products early in the development process. Data-driven decision making is the goal behind maintaining all this data and what top management in many companies in many different fields hopes to achieve.

Specific tools had to be developed to manipulate these huge data sets, as nothing on the market was up to the task. They are of two types: storage and query/analysis. Here is a short list of some of these new software packages:

Apache Hadoop – Free Java-based software used to store data in large arrays. It’s not exactly a programming language.

Microsoft HDInsight

not SQL




Goal Seeking in Excel


Big data analytics refers to the methods by which data scientists analyze this data to identify trends and make recommendations. These are new technologies and are slower and less accurate compared to the methods used to measure typical business statistics with normal sized data sets. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of Big Data analytics professionals. This has made the salary quite high and now people clamor for this type of training.

A fair amount of training is required to successfully manipulate these data sets with these tools and extrapolate useful information. Big Data analytics training is offered at numerous institutions across the country. You will need some type of certification to show that you are trained in this field. Now is the perfect time to enroll in a Big Data analytics training course. If you want to boost your resume, sign up for the course and get certified in Big Data Analytics.

Making him rise to the occasion: how to make a guy hard without touching him! follow this

A guy’s arousal isn’t just about the penis. Okay, it’s mainly about the penis, but there are also many other factors that make the big guy and his little friend anxious in advance. The male sex drive is a very complex thing that has many different trigger points, the right kind of stimulation to his eyes, ears or mind can create a situation that leaves him “hard pressed” not to act in the moment. Let’s look at some of these triggers and how they can be used to create an experience that will satisfy both of you.

If you think you have to physically touch a man to arouse him sexually, you are very wrong; there are many other effective ways to accomplish this. Just seductively purr his name to let him know that the pumpkin pie you’ve been baking for him in a wet white t-shirt is ready for him after he’s done with his donut swamp.

hands off

One of the best ways to start the process of developing a man’s desire is to tell him he can look but not touch for a set amount of time. Just like when we were young and told not to touch the cookie jar, we want most of the things we can’t have. Tell your man that he must not touch her for a whole day and he will be overwhelmed with frustration that he cannot. For a man, frustration is most often expressed below the belt.

put on a show

OK, this one is more controversial than anything else and requires the help of a VERY close friend. Men are very fantasy-based creatures. If you’re out and about and want a guy to get all fired up and ready to go, lean in towards your girlfriend and give her a little peck on the cheek, acting alluring and “playful” with another woman will get the guy hard in no time. instant. Even if the idea of ​​”group fun” doesn’t work for either of you, it does things in his mind that will definitely do things in his pants.

Be yourself, with yourself

A demonstrative sexual act in front of a guy is one of the 100% guaranteed ways to get him hard and fast. The touch of your breasts or crotch as you watch him will suggest in his mind that you’re ready for the fun to begin. For a guy, that’s all he needs to know and he’ll soon follow.

you saw the part

Wear outfits that are seductive but at the same time not too revealing, this leads him to want to see what is not shown. Men are creatures of fantasy and imagination. The idea of ​​what he doesn’t see will drive him crazy. In another take on this, wearing outfits that almost suggest a fantasy will accomplish the same thing, i.e. for a French Maid fantasy, wear a short simple black dress with white trim, with your hair pulled back and a feathered clutch bag. You’ll get the intent, I promise.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Men are very visual creatures. Men appreciate the beauty of a woman’s body, whether the image is explicit in nature or not. For most men, the idea of ​​what is not seen is more exciting than what is seen. If your guy is having a bad day at work, sending him an almost X picture can make his arrival home more enjoyable for both of you.

The way to a man’s heart…

It is often thought that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It turns out that there has been scientific research that may actually back up this saying. Scientists studying men’s sensations of taste and smell found that the smell of pumpkin pie dramatically increased blood flow to the male sexual organs. Donuts came with the second-largest increase in blood flow, while, surprisingly, feminine perfumes and simulated vaginal scents only caused a 3 percent increase in blood flow.

Tell him what you want, what you really, really want!

A raunchy description of your favorite sexual fantasy will have her doing her best Washington Monument impersonation in no time. Can’t see your man in person? No problem. Pick up the phone and you can do the same. An additional excitement is the anticipation of having to wait for you.

Do you really know tango music and tango dance?

Tango music is very different from what we hear today in popular culture. In fact, it has all the necessary flavors to make one happy because the music is alive, rhythmic and at the same time moving. Hard tango starts from soft tango and also those where the dance becomes extremely sensual, even more so because of the songs. Therefore, both the music and the dance form have become extremely popular all over the world, no matter what country is considered.

As we all know, tango originated in Argentina, it was the local dance of that place. However, as time passed, more and more people were attracted to this way of dancing and singing. Actually, it is a form of culture where the excitement and fun of tango dancing are very prominent. Therefore, it is not surprising that tango is called the happy dance because it makes you feel happy and full of energy. Tango music was not as well known and people often associate it with tango dancing. However, nowadays tango can be danced to almost any song, as long as you can follow the rhythm and dance perfectly. However, tango music was the original music for this dance. It was the soulful, high-speed swirls that this music allowed that gave the tango dance its popularity. Today, most people would love to believe that the songs to which the tango is danced are all tango songs. However, that is not true.

When you think of the word tango music, what is the first image that comes to mind? Surely you must be thinking of the varied colorful beauty of Argentina. A country that is full of natural treasures and a culture that is so colorful and lively that the general impression is that people are rather happy and content with their lives. The country, one could say, is moved by a passion, the passion of tango, the passion that is required to dance tango, the passion with which you can possibly turn your whole life into a beautiful moment. If you want to feel some of the passion of the Argentine culture, if you really have a knack for tango, listen to the most beautiful and fastest tango songs available on the planet while surfing the web.

But how are you going to dance to tango music?

Well, it’s very easy and two steps is all you need to remember. First, make sure you’re holding your partner properly. To dance properly, embracing the rule is very essential. Your hug will determine how graceful your dance is. Second, you need to know the beats and on which beat to take control of your partner. Tango is a dance where there is an equal division of power between the man and the woman of the couple. In one moment the male carries the woman whole in the other. Basically, it is from the fifth step that you have to be careful to change. Dance and enjoy tango now!

Awesome Free Baby Shower Games: Crosswords, Word Search and Word Search

Have you been racking your brain for a fun baby shower game that you can find or make for free? You can easily create and customize the best free baby shower games! By following the ideas and tips below, you can easily create three fantastic baby shower games in under an hour. These include doing a baby shower crossword puzzle, a word search, and a word game.

One of the reasons games are so useful at a baby shower is that they’re great for filling the time. For example, you want a filler for that awkward moment between the arrival of the first guest and the arrival of the rest of the guests. Often one or two of the guests who arrive early have to sit down and twiddle their thumbs and if they don’t already know each other it can be really painful to watch and ruin your party before it even starts. Elementary school teachers know that to keep people paying attention it takes some quick activity to attract and engage them. You also want some games at your disposal that have a few bonus minute game types just in case. You don’t want to spend a ton of effort or money on these extra games, but they come in handy if food is late or there’s some other catastrophe that needs to be taken care of. Simply hand guests one of these pre-made activities and then you can be free to take care of whatever comes up.

Well, the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to get extra fun free baby shower games is to search online. However, we do not advise you to search for free baby shower games. Instead, take some time and find a puzzle maker. Teachers use them all the time in the classroom to generate a crossword puzzle or word search with the new vocabulary for the lesson they just taught. It does a great job and a good time filler too. So look online for a crossword puzzle maker or word search puzzle maker. Discover Channel has a great free puzzle maker for teachers that can also be used to make baby shower games.

Once you’ve found the puzzle generator, it’s quite easy to just enter the word that matches the baby shower. Part of the fun of these is customizing the words and making them relevant to the baby shower. So things like the name of the mother and father. The baby’s due date or possible name of her. Then you can also use some generic baby stuff like bottle, rattle, formula, crib, etc. The more specific and personalized you can be, the better. This can also serve as an icebreaker activity. As guests complete the crossword puzzle or word search, they learn more about the parents-to-be.

Now that you have generated a crossword puzzle and it has words in it, you can easily log in and create other activities using the crossword puzzle maker. Next, you’ll want to add some finishing touches and spice things up a bit. You can do this by copying the crossword puzzle or word search and then pasting it into your text editor as word etc. Then add some clip art to really add a finishing touch.

Then you’ll want to print a copy for each guest or have it copied at a local copy shop or office supply store. You can store them in a folder ready to go and then just pull them out when you need them.