Four Tips for Success in Legal Marketing

Until ten years ago, I would never have given myself the title of “marketer” other than being a lawyer. I always did what it took to keep those phones ringing and email inquiries, but I didn’t label it marketing, and I certainly didn’t have a marketing plan.

Like my lawyer father before me, I always had natural sources of business. Dad and I send out our annual Christmas cards, meet our lawyer friends for lunch, and attend bar meetings and events.

Over the last decade, little by little I have gotten more and more into the world of legal marketing.

It is a very interesting world. It is a profession unto itself.

Most large law firms have marketing departments with different positions, including business development specialists, marketing directors, communications directors, and event planners.

Small and medium-sized businesses may have one or two marketers who do all of the marketing for the business and are considered generalists. Many companies hire interns to help with marketing tasks or marketing consultants to keep them focused.

Individual attorneys hire their own marketing consultants or even sales consultants to teach them how to turn a New Lead (PNC) into a real client. Some attorneys I know hire trainers to teach them how to pack themselves, including how to dress, how to develop “elevator speeches,” and how to network.

Over the years, I have learned several tips:

Stay within your comfort zone. There are many methods and opportunities to promote yourself. Unless your only job is to make rain, there is definitely limited time for legal marketing.

Be sure to use your time wisely and choose one or two methods that are most comfortable for you. For example, if you’re on the quieter side and aren’t good at networking in large groups, use your marketing time in other ways. Invite a potential referral source for lunch, join a committee at a volunteer organization, or find a smaller networking group that feels more intimate.

Brand your own brand within your company. If you work at a firm of 40 lawyers that do the same type of work as you, you must find a way to differentiate yourself.

Find your passion and try to incorporate it into the work you do.

In the world of divorce, there are lawyers who concentrate on working exclusively with men, the LGBT community, athletes, etc.

Just because he has his own brand doesn’t mean he’s not a staunch team player. In fact, by representing your company in a niche area, you are bringing additional visibility to the company.

Get online. More than ever, the Internet is an additional marketing tool. If you or your business don’t have a website, now is the time to create one.

If your business has its own website, make sure your credentials stand out by continually updating your bio and ratings. Also, make sure your website or blog is easily readable on mobile devices.

Find the time to market. Like any busy service business, customers come first. I’ll be the first to admit that a few weeks or months, my marketing takes a backseat to all the emergencies that arise with clients. Schedule your marketing time just like you would any other important appointment.

Especially on the Internet, you have to be aware of everything. It takes time to rank high in search results and little time to display them.

I have many titles and roles. I am a lawyer, husband, father, friend, uncle and marketer.

Each takes time and effort, and it’s not always easy to balance, but I do my best. My final advice is to do the best you can, don’t give up, and the results will follow.

Electric vehicles still face real-world obstacles to compete for dominance

Electric vehicles have made significant advances in the market, but still the number on the road compared to gasoline vehicles is quite small, only a small percentage at best. Sure, companies like Tesla, Nissan, and GM are making headway in the market, but it’s still in its infancy and has a long way to go. There are some barriers to that dream of everyone driving an electric car in the future. Let’s tackle some of these.

Here are five issues to consider and challenges for electric vehicles (electric vehicles) if they are to compete in the number of gasoline-powered cars each year:

1). Road tax subsidies – In many states, motor vehicle departments give registration discounts for electric vehicles, which means other car owners pay more, and some states say they can’t handle the reduction in income, so Those tax breaks will soon disappear, once again removing the incentives to buy a vehicle. EV, at a time when the electric vehicle market is starting to take off.

2). Electricity Costs to Consumers: Consumers are now being charged more for electricity due to alternative energy power grid mandates. During times of drought, hydroelectric power declines and solar farms are generally placed in areas away from major metro users, meaning more transmission lines are making their way into the desert at a cost of billions of dollars. dollars + power is lost for every mile of transmission. The cost of solar energy is not cheap, nor is the cost of wind energy. Although both are becoming much more efficient, many of the previously built wind and solar farms need a decent ROI and their costs were higher than the costs of building new ones now. Rising electricity costs change the value and costs for consumers who charge their cars at home.

3). Electric Car Range: Proponents say it’s improving by leaps and bounds, TRUE. However, people have friends who own electric cars and have heard that their range is not as good as previously promised. That customer sentiment and perception is a public relations problem that the EV industry must overcome and it will take time to reverse, affecting sales in the short term.

4). Lack of Charging Stations – Advocates point out that Tesla is working on this EV charging station issue, and yes, they are good for them, but not everyone has a Tesla or can afford one. As prices drop, can Tesla still offer this? What about other smaller EV buyers? Because if we want full adoption, people need charging stations to be able to travel, not just drive around the area. Electric vehicles limit consumers’ travel options, and since these vehicles cost more on average than regular cars, people will continue to buy what they are used to. The electric vehicle industry will need to sell several million cars a year before full adoption will be achieved.

5). Time to charge: Proponents point out that the time to charge EVS is drastically decreasing, yes, but again the perception is not yet in the minds of consumers. And not all electric cars are made equally or have similar battery technologies that allow them to charge faster. Being out of power and having to wait to drive your car is the same as being “stuck” and consumers hate the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthat.

As we speak, engineers, scientists and industry professionals are working on these things, but there is a long way to go, that means many advantages, yes, but there is still a long way to go. Please consider this.

Above-ground pools and how to avoid spending money on kits

Above ground pools are usually made with kits that come in a large box and cost a lot of money. There is a much cheaper way to install a small above ground pool than buying an expensive steel frame model that will eventually rust, even if it is galvanized to begin with. The other problem with above ground pools that are made from kits is that the water filtration and sanitation systems are almost always poor because most of the money is allocated to the steel frame and not to the care of the pool water. . Simple above ground pools can be built in more or less any shape using 150mm wide concrete blocks from your local builder’s dealer and waterproofed with a PVC liner and fitted with a water treatment system that really works and ensures that children can use the pool without problems. ill.

Such a pool can be square, round or octagonal. If the walls are approximately 4 feet or 1.2 meters high, the water depth can be 40 inches or approximately 1.0 m. Concrete block walls will maintain this water height if they are supported externally by more concrete buttresses that are built at 2 meter intervals around the periphery of the pool. These buttresses should only be 40 inches or about 1 meter wide and should always be built at right angles (in plane) to the main pool walls.

The beauty of this structural system is that buttresses can be used to support the wooden deck around the perimeter of the pool. Pool walls and buttress walls will need adequate concrete foundations and these must be at least 16 inches or 400mm wide and must descend through the topsoil to a reasonably hard subfloor. The foundation must be at least 6 inches or 150 mm thick. They can be staggered if the pool is not being built on a level site. The pool can also be placed on the ground if necessary to reduce visual disturbance.

The inner side of the concrete block wall facing the water should face flush so the sides of the pool are smooth. Above-ground pools very quickly lose the heat received from solar gain at night and, to counteract this effect, polystyrene panels can be glued to the inside of the pool walls.

An amateur brick layer can build one of these pools fairly quickly and easily, but care must be taken to ensure the structural integrity of the walls and it may be easier and faster to involve a professional. A skimmer and three water inlets that can be purchased at your local pool store must also be installed through the pool walls. The skimmer must be installed to maintain the design water level. Two of the water inlets should be installed about 400mm below the water level and the third inlet (which actually works as a drain) should be installed just above the pool floor. All three should be on the opposite side of the skimmer.

The pool floor can be leveled and covered with sand. Skilled builders may prefer to place leveling concrete topped with a sand and cement screed.

When the pool is built, measure it (include the diagonal measurements at the top and bottom of the pool walls) and order the PVC liner and liner lock from your local pool store. Calculate the volume of your pool and ask the pool shop to provide you with a pump, sand filter and multi-port valve that will circulate the entire volume of the pool water in 4 hours and a circuit diagram. Filtration equipment and pipes can be located out of the way under the deck around the pool.

I will write another article on pool water care because it is very important to do it right in hot weather.

Newly launched Nissan Evalia XV-S: a sneak peek

The recently introduced upgraded version of the Nissan Evalia MPV, Evalia XV-S, which is priced at Rs. 10.55 lakhs at the ex-Delhi showroom, is ready to rock the Indian roads. The quietly launched top-end variant has been updated with some new features like 15-inch alloy wheels and captain’s seats.

In advance

The new improved MUV launched by the Japanese manufacturer is an improved version of the high-end XV model. This version comes with a rear windshield wiper, sliding windows, and captain’s seats for the middle row. However, the design philosophy has not been touched. Except for the rear windshield washer, wiper, and 15-inch alloy wheels, all the features of the rest remain unchanged.

The seven-seater is certainly a good ride and also features rear air conditioning vents to comfort the rear seat passengers. The tilting steering option on the MUV further enhances the overall driving experience, depending on different city conditions. The cushion set, seat belt pad, neck pillow set, steering wheel cover, and carpet are some additional features provided by the company.

A 1.5 liter dCi K9K diesel engine powers the MUV which produces a maximum output of 88hp, 200NM of torque along with an impressive 19.3kmpl fuel economy. The five-speed manual transmission transmits power to the front wheels, which is unbelievably good. Overall, the Nissan Evalia XV-S has a hugely spacious cabin and is an ideal minivan. However, people will end up paying Rs 30,000 extra for the new version and there are not many changes to the design and mechanics.

Thumbs down !!!

However, there are no major updates, but the additions have been made only on the new XV-S variant, which means that customers who are not very satisfied with this new model will not be able to enjoy the new features in other versions of Nissan. . In addition, customers will have to pay an additional Rs 30,000 for the XV-S, compared to the high-end XV model.

On the contrary, where Innova has managed to maintain its virtue and superelence in the market, the Nissan Evalia XV-S has turned out to be more of a utility vehicle. Its van-like design and ergonomics have given it the go-ahead for personal use.

If you are not really impressed with the new XV-S and are ready to invest your hard-earned money on any of the 2012 Nissan models, then you can buy any of the models and enjoy a huge discount of almost Rs. 2 Lakhs. .

Hydrogen Cars – No Gas, No Diesel!

What’s the first thing you think you want when hitting the road, especially if you’re stuck in traffic? Blame it on the world’s love affair with fuel-starved SUVs. The use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies is a key part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change. Fuel cell systems offer promising technology for the future with benefits including zero emissions, high efficiency and minimal noise.

–No global warming … no depletion of the ozone layer … no acid rain … and a 100% pollution-free environment – is the utmost necessity to save our environment. I believe that God has been kind enough to accept the endless prayers of all of us. Don’t joke man! You’ve already answered that through the scientific genius that Hydrogen Car has developed … It’s a lightweight hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle with enough style and room to compete with luxury sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

These cars generally use hydrogen in one of two methods: combustion or fuel cell conversion. In combustion, hydrogen is “burned” in engines in much the same way as traditional gasoline cars. In fuel cell conversion, hydrogen is converted into electricity through fuel cells that then power electric motors.

What’s more, you want to ask about hydrogen cars … These hydrogen cars come in the clean, “green” future envisioned by energy experts, the cars not only get 99 miles per gallon emission-free, but which can also play a key role in providing electricity to an energy-starved world.

The vehicle developed would be three to four times more expensive than the conventional two or three-wheeler and the operating cost would also be higher. But as the technology develops, the cost is expected to drop substantially.

Governments around the world are helping fund hydrogen development research using renewable sources instead of the current reliance on coal or natural gas. It is also produced as a by-product in the chemical and fertilizer industries.

The new 5KW hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will usher in a new generation in fuel cell technology. The hydrogen needed to power these vehicles can be produced by means that would reduce dependence on oil supplies and thus provide energy security. By emitting only heat and water as by-products of this process, fuel cell systems are environmentally friendly and can run continuously as long as fuel is supplied. Each recharge currently gives around 70 km of mileage. Attempts are also being made to increase the mileage of the hydrogen vehicle to 100-150 km per recharge.

Hydrogen cars use hydrogen derived from water as the main source of energy for locomotion. British Columbia’s leadership in the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies is based on a commitment to develop the world’s first hydrogen highway in time for the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics, “said Richard Neufeld, Minister of British Columbia Energy and Mines.

R. John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources of Canada. “By working together, we can ensure that Canada continues to be known as a world leader in the deployment of these technologies.” The Government of Canada has invested $ 4.5 million in this project. No global warming or ozone depletion, renewable, no acid rain, 100% pollution free.

In India, the Ministry of Unconventional Energy Sources (MNES) is hoping to have hydrogen-powered vehicles on Indian roads by 2007, and International Tractors Ltd (ITL) has agreed to go into commercial production. “With ITL, which manufactures Sonalika-brand tractors, having agreed to undertake the commercial manufacture of two- and three-wheeled hydrogen vehicles developed by Banaras Hindu University (BHU), we hope to have them available by 2007,” said SK Chopra. Senior Advisor at MNES. BHU has been using 50 demonstration vehicles on its campus for the past few years. While the development of affordable hydrogen fuel cell vehicles using renewable energy sources remains a goal for a large number of countries, including India, the vehicle developed by BHU uses metal hydrite or solid rods to store hydrogen, a environmentally friendly fuel. The ministry has finalized the hydrogen roadmap which forecasts India to generate 1,000 MW of power and one million hydrogen-powered vehicles on the roads by 2020 with an estimated investment of Rs 2.5 billion. The roadmap will be part of the integrated energy policy being finalized Reva Electric Car Company Pvt Ltd (RECC) and Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) will develop two hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV) for a pilot project initiated by IOC , to develop hydrogen economy in India. Under the agreement, RECC will use its expertise to build these hydrogen vehicles with fuel cell power modules and associated components to be sourced overseas and the IOC will provide the necessary infrastructure to supply and store hydrogen and test the vehicles at its Center. Research and Development. (R&D) in Faridabad.

Simple Guide to Implement Cost of Work Calculation for Payroll Expenses in QuickBooks 2018

SMBs and other midsize businesses have taken a breather after the moment when QuickBooks designer Intuit declared cloud implementation on the QuickBooks suite of software. For the business industry, time is nothing short of a period of revolution in which most SMBs had the opportunity to eliminate unwanted IT expenses. Intuit, the leader of the wisest decisions and strategies, chose third parties for the server needs and soon succeeded in naming the cloud network management platforms as QuickBooks server. Presumably the main vision of handing over hosting-related tasks to third parties is to drive your future projects and focus on goals with precision.

Many companies today are unable to discover the real aspects of profitability, which in turn makes it quite difficult for companies to earn well. However, Job Costing is the accurate way to know the exact pay for each job and is therefore very popular with task-based businesses. SMEs and even large companies consider the cost of labor to be one of the most intact ways of reducing unnecessary wages that a company asks its employees to pay in exchange for the work they have done. Construction companies, professional service provider companies, and other non-profit organizations are the main industries that can have the pure benefit of labor costing.

Steps to configure QuickBooks Job Costing and Item Track Check Expenses !!

To reap the full benefits of the job costing function within your business facilities, you must first find all the difficult work that is needed based on your business requirements, but does not necessarily require a full-time worker. Then, identifying jobs that are not as profitable for your company could also help determine where all the profits really go.

However, these are the quick steps with which you can also start making a smart labor cost strategy within your business.

  1. Choose “Edit” from the top menu bar and then click “Preferences.”
  2. Select “Accounting” in the panel that opens on the left.
  3. Then click on the “Company Preferences” tab.
  4. Make sure the Use class tracking box is marked with a check mark and click “OK”.

By mistake, if the checkbox remains unchecked, the options to assign a class by full paycheck or earnings item will not be available.

  1. Similarly, review Step 1 and select “Payroll and Employees”.
  2. Then place the check mark in the Job costing box and click “OK”.
  3. Also, check the class and item check for paycheck expenses and decide how you want to track through the full paycheck or earnings item.

It is equally important to note that every time you create or edit payroll items in QuickBooks software, a “Expense Tracking” check box is displayed on the desktop. When you select this check box, the QuickBooks desktop changes all items on employee paychecks in the same way that it does on company-paid taxes.

Quick Points to Remember When Implementing Job Cost in QuickBooks

  • Commitment to understand the benefits that job costing will bring to your business.
  • Enabling estimates in your QuickBooks software and also selecting Yes under “Create estimates?” and “Do you use progressive billing?”
  • Expense account allocation to subcontractor items to make recovery of labor hours easy and hassle-free.
  • Create jobs for your business by realizing each and every expense you have to pay while serving customers.
  • Use estimates and progress billing to change orders correctly and consistently right after learning of problems.

Without requesting additional expense and effort and being integrated into your ongoing accounting software, job costing gives you the reward of enabling cost tracking for manufacturing jobs and saves you the lengthy calculation process.

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid review: the pros and cons

What comes to mind when you think of the Cadillac Escalade? Good looks? Safe. Rap stars with a lot of ‘bling’? Possibly. Fuel economy over 20 miles per gallon? Doubtful, but that’s exactly what GM’s luxury division hopes to change with the introduction of the Escalade Hybrid.

While shooting over 20 MPG doesn’t seem very impressive at first, you should realize that it represents greater economy of over 50% according to Cadillac. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that the Escalade Hybrid hasn’t sacrificed one iota of the luxury and size that make it popular with sports stars over 6 feet tall and their entourage. The Escalade Hybrid hasn’t avoided much of its legendary utility either; 2WD models can still tow 6,000 pounds, while 4WD models can tow an impressive 5,700 pounds.

That’s not the abundant 8000/7900 pound towing capacity offered by the 6.2L Vortec-powered 2WD / AWD models, but both models cost just 12 MPG in the city.

The Escalade Hybrid combines an advanced electric powertrain with a modern “high-performance” V8 capable of running on eight or four cylinders, whatever the situation. This gives the Escalade Hybrid excellent power when required and reasonable economy when it comes to city driving. The net result is that Escalade Hybrid owners won’t be embarrassed every time they see a gas station.

Lots of power, good looks, and reasonable economy in an iconic American luxury SUV? The Escalade Hybrid does it all while sacrificing only part of its ample towing capacity.

Little Tikes Country Cottage Playhouse

Playhouses have been around long before toy manufacturers thought of making them out of plastic. Moms and dads used to build wooden playhouses or whatever was available to them. Young children then had enjoyed playing with their own homemade version of the playhouse that existed long before the first plastic playhouse was introduced.

But due to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, parents can’t afford the time to build one from scratch. That is why plastic playhouses have found their way into an increasing number of homes. The latest from Little Tikes Company brings a country living feel to it with its Country Cottage Playhouse model. This great playhouse is easy to assemble and will only take a few minutes to build from the box. It requires minimal handling and tools like a screwdriver and hammer.

The playhouse is very helpful in stimulating a child’s imagination with various built-in features and toys that come with the package. Girls and boys alike will have a blast playing with the simulation sink with spinning faucet. The push button payphone helps your child improve manual motor skills. The stove also comes with click knobs to help the child feel like real cooking.

They will really enjoy pretending to live in the country with these great built-in features designed to ignite your child’s imagination. The playhouse is also designed as a miniature house that comes with a full-height door and four windows that open and close easily. Ideal for playing outside, children can even make a garden or porch in front of it. It is also good for indoor activities but recommended for large game rooms to maximize its size. The interior of the playhouse is sufficient for two small chairs and two or three standing children. Nursery kids will love having this as the centerpiece of their indoor or outdoor play area.

The Little Tikes Lodge is available in primary colors for a more neutral selection, pink which is more appealing to girls and green for young boys. It is suitable for young children from two to six years old. Comments from parents share that their children enjoy the playhouse beyond these years. It is also resistant to the sun, so you do not have to worry about the risk of color fading, which is very common with other brands of playhouses.

This playhouse is ideal for parents with more than one child, as its rugged design is made to last longer than the years of your first child. This will surely be one of the best purchases for your children. A playhouse is one of the most beautiful toys your child can receive. Not only does it stimulate your child’s imagination, but it also helps improve their motor skills by learning to control body movements.

If you are looking for a great gift for your toddler or an addition to your child’s play area, the Little Tikes Country Cottage Playhouse is a great choice for thoughtful parents like you.

Ford Excursion: King of SUVs

People who are looking for a sport utility vehicle that has a truly spacious interior and space will find the Ford Excursion their best and ideal option. This vehicle has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of nine people inside its cabin. Its closest rivals include the Chevrolet Suburban and the GMC Yukon XL, but the Ford Excursion towers six inches above them. It is also 7 inches longer and 2000 pounds heavier. It is equipped with a rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive configuration. The Ford Excursion is available in three trim levels including the XLT, the Eddie Bauer and the Limited trim.

This vehicle keeps traditional Ford styles intact. This includes the four side doors along with the wider rear doors. These help and facilitate access to the rear and center doors. The Ford Excursion also has adjustable electric pedals and the entire vehicle is powered by a diesel engine. This Ford Excursion engine also features a Tow-Haul mode that has a maximum of 11,000 pounds of towing power. The engine also has cleaner emissions and has improved gas mileage.

The Ford Excursion is considered to be beastly size. It is the king of the great sports utility vehicles. It has off-road tires that give the vehicle the ability to handle rough, hilly, and steep roads, as well as snowy and slippery roads. This vehicle is capable of going places that would seem inaccessible to other heavy duty trucks. Despite the weight and size of the Ford Excursion, the vehicle is still easy to maneuver.

Driving the Ford Excursion would give you the feeling of safety and security. The vehicle is also very functional, as it can carry cargo and people. You can also tow a large trailer and other things like boats. The design of this vehicle is based on Ford’s F-series Super Duty pickup trucks. The rear cargo on the Ford Excursion is divided into three ways. This arrangement offers greater and better visibility when driving backwards.

Standard and optional features and equipment for the Ford Excursion include four-wheel antilock disc brakes (ABS), a tilt steering wheel, cruise control, a 40/20/40 split front bench seat, a front seat 60/40 split folding second row seat, one folding / removable third row seat, power heated mirrors, power windows, power door locks, a remote keyless entry system, an AM / FM stereo / cassette / CD, 16-inch chrome steel wheels, a floor console, automatic headlights, audio controls in the rear seats, power rear windows, a reverse sensing system, automatic climate control, a trip computer, foot pedals electrically adjustable, two-tone leather seating surfaces, cherry wood interior accents, illuminated running boards, an in-dash six-disc CD changer, heated front seats n, memory seats and pedals, steering wheel-mounted climate and audio controls, a HomeLink transmitter and a roof console.

Affordable Car Insurance – A Very Possible Reality

Even though car insurance is invaluable, people seem to think long and hard before taking out a car insurance policy. The reason behind this is the prohibitive cost. However, there are affordable car insurance plans – you just have to do the right thing to get lower premiums! You may think it’s easier said than done, but no, that’s not really the case. Here’s a list of things you can do to get a great insurance deal!

1) Get started online: Get quotes from all the insurance companies in your town and city. Compare all the quotes you have received. You will get a lot of clarity once you have done this. You will be able to stereotype different insurance companies and assess the type of clients they deal with.

2) Look for packages that allow the company to cover the minimum requirement, if you buy car insurance simply for legal reasons. If not, look for specific auto insurance packages that are specially designed for certain cars. These packages will give you value for your money.

3) Consider long-term insurance. When you opt for a long-term policy, your premium rates drop dramatically. This is the case with all insurance companies.

4) There are also loyalty benefits: if you stay with the same insurance company long enough, you will be rewarded with special rates.

5) Get your insurance through an agent you know on a personal level, if possible. Friendship ties are enough to earn “special” premium rates.

6) Enroll in an insurance plan together with some friends or family. Sharing an insurance plan is profitable for both you and those on the plan with you.

7) Find out about all the possible payment schemes offered by the company. Some companies allow you to divide your premium into small amounts that can be paid over several weeks or months. This will ensure that you don’t get a hole in your wallet.

If you stick to these points, you are sure to get an incredible insurance offer, and soon everyone will be begging you to tell them your secret! Remember, it is definitely possible and it can be done. Do a lot of research and groundwork first, so no one can take you for a ride … After all, we are talking about car insurance!