MU Online Server: Important Considerations to Decide

Today’s games are a trillion dollar industry. It’s bigger than the film, book, and garment industries combined. With the rise of this type of gaming world, the world is shifting towards Internet gaming. Play games online or on the server over the Internet sitting on your couch with the rest, located anywhere in the world. Released about a decade ago, the MU game is still very popular today because of what it has to offer. His unique play style and player base make him lovable from day one. These RPG fans are huge in number and therefore their support must be very solid.

This game is very simple to choose, but evolves into an intricate, multi-layered experience. That’s what counts. Ultimately, the players / players seek to establish a bondage with the other players and have their own party with their friends in that fantasy world. This is what private server providers are targeting. To offer a robust online server with guides and a safe haven from hackers. What makes games the server choice is the ability to transfer higher FPS without losing graphics and lag. This need should be combined with high ping, that is, connecting as far as possible, thus expanding the scale of the game experience. Although some of the professional players prefer lower pings to secure their locations, most well-played players opt for the servers that offer the lowest ping.

Now, from the multiple options that exist, it becomes tedious to be up-to-date on the quality and cost of the server (if applicable). Since server providers make money from ads, it is also important to know how well the ads serve without spoiling the gaming experience. So drop rates, experience, reviews, server orientation, server location, and durability are considered over time while gaming. A layman might not know those words or their importance in the world of video games. Therefore, one may not be aware of the changes to their current game server at times or the newer options available that the other players in the world are using. Its importance is huge for MU online games due to the ping that players receive.

In general, a regular adaptation update is needed. For newbies or new players, the source of information for the collection of the best servers, to improve your game, is difficult to search. Only the top MU online can provide such information. Therefore, when looking for a server with low latency and a good crash rate it is very important. In addition, a server that is not easy to win, also plays a very important role in MU online.

Disaster Preparedness Plan: Presence of Mind is the Key to Survival

Panic when disaster strikes is not a good thing, as this would even make the situation you are in worse. If you want to be prepared for any type of calamity that may affect your area, having your own disaster preparedness plan will really help you.

Before something unpleasant happens, make sure you equip yourself with the proper knowledge and tools that you can use once calamities strike. For example, during fires, you need to know that staying on the ground will prevent you from inhaling harmful gases while keeping you away from hot air. Since cold air is denser than warm air it tends to stay at the bottom and therefore it would be a good decision to stay on the ground when the building you are in catches fire.

It would be nice to have a disaster preparedness plan handy to guide you when tragedies strike. If you are the type of person who tends to panic in times of trouble, this type of plan will help you collect your thoughts by giving you direct instructions that you can follow. You can create one yourself today while you are not yet in panic mode.

You should always remember the basic needs that would help you survive any kind of calamity. You should store water in containers that prevent any type of contaminant from entering and mixing with the water. Apart from this, you can also save some water that you would use for washing.

Keep foods in stock, especially those that do not expire easily and last for many years. Avoid storing foods that are high in salt, as these would not be beneficial to you when you are in a situation where you cannot easily find a source of drinking water. Calculate the approximate amount of food you would need to provide for all members of your family.

Clothing would also be essential in times of calamities, especially during cold climates. Keep coats and blankets ready at all times so that you have the means to warm yourself and prevent your core body temperature from dropping to unfavorable levels. Setting aside as many heaters as possible for you and your family will ensure that you have enough protection from the cold.

By creating your own disaster preparedness plan, you can make diagrams of your home or its current location so that you can create routes when you need to move to a different location. You can create sheds that are sturdy enough to hold the things you have prepared and store them until such time as calamity strikes. Asking your neighbors to help you make this plan would also prepare them to deal with any kind of tragedy that might arise, and your community would know what to do in times of crisis.

Smurfs and Gormiti online games

Online games have become very popular these days as the number of players playing games is increasing widely. There are many companies that develop different online games using various technologies for the players. They design and develop these games with unique features. There are many websites that offer different games to the players. They help the player by providing the explanation about the games and the procedure for playing.

There are many games that are based on the famous cartoons like Tom n Jerry, Batman, Spiderman, Smurfs, Gormiti, etc. The concept of these games is different from the cartoons, but they are related. Smurfs are the famous cartoon characters and there are many series of their games. These are mainly played on the Internet. There are Smurf games like Smurfette Dress Up, Smart Smurfs, Papa Smurfs, etc. There are games that can be downloaded on the systems and the player can play them at any time. Brainy smurfs consists of the image of a smurf with a hole in its mouth.

The player is required to pass the ball through the mouth and earn the points. Dress up Smurfette is a dress-up game in which the player has to help Smurfette find the right dress for her. There is something called Gormiti games for gamers. Gormiti are nothing more than toys that mostly players play. These are the action toys that are only seen in action-oriented games.

There are many online Gormiti games available online and they are like Gormiti: fire jump, Gormiti memory game, Gormiti: burning ball, etc. These are very popular online games, as children play them a lot. There are many Gormiti characters used in different Gormiti games online. They are also seen in different and multicolored.

Science fair project ideas that win Project n. 14 – Static Electricity


You will make your own electroscope and test the ability of various materials to conduct static electricity. You will also be making a triboelectric list or series that orders materials according to their ability to conduct electrons.


When an electrical charge builds up on an object, it is called static electricity. Sometimes this static electricity can be discharged suddenly, as seen in lightning in the sky. At other times, this static electricity causes a static cling that is seen on socks fresh out of the dryer. Static adhesion occurs when two objects that have different charges, such as positive (+) and negative (-), come together. Static electricity can be produced and tested through various science fair experiments.

During science fair experiments, static electricity can be measured with an electroscope. You will build your own electroscope to test various materials and find out which ones conduct the most static electricity.


foam plate, balloon, foam cup, clay, straw, aluminum cake pan, aluminum foil, string, wooden ruler, masking tape, different materials for testing such as nylon, polyester, cotton, aluminum, plastic, copper, wool, tissue paper, saran wrap, etc.


Making your electroscope

Pierce a styrofoam cup by pushing a skewer near the base and poke holes for a straw to pass through. Put a straw through the cup by placing it in these holes and pushing it in until it pops out of the side. Now invert the mug and glue it tightly with clay into a vertical cake pan.

Tie a few knots in one end of a string and make a marble-sized ball with a piece of aluminum foil at the knotted end. Now tape the free end of the string to the straw sticking out of the cup in such a way that the ball hangs from the straw and touches the edge of the cake pan. Secure the straw with tape so it won’t move.

Testing your electroscope

One of the methods used in science fair experiments to create a static electric charge is to rub a styrofoam plate with some wool. This produces a negative charge on the surface of the polystyrene plate. Now pick up your electroscope holding the Styrofoam cup and place it on the loaded Styrofoam plate. What happens? The ball of aluminum foil moves away from the edge of the cake pan.

Why did this happened? When you placed the electroscope on the styrofoam plate, the negatively charged electrons traveled to the cake pan and then to the aluminum ball. Since the same charges repel each other, the ball moved away from the edge of the pan.

Now tap the pan and the foil ball with the tip of your finger and see what happens. The ball will return to normal as before, because the electrons were transferred to your finger and the plate and ball were discharged.


Now is the time to try different materials.

  1. Charge different materials with static electricity. You can use materials such as plastic wrap, woolen scarf, woolen sweater, aluminum foil, balloon, etc.
  2. Now test each loaded material with your electroscope.
  3. Measure how far the ball is from the pan with a ruler.
  4. Write the distance in a table.
  5. Write down which materials can carry an electrical charge and which cannot.
  6. Since data recording is an important step in science fair experiments, you should organize your data in order with the most loaded followed by the least loaded. This is called the Triboelectric Series.

Now that you are equipped with some great ideas, I would like to give you something else to ensure your success. Here’s your free copy of “Easy Steps to Award-Winning Science Fair Projects”, which you can download immediately from the link below.

Evangelism: 7 Approaches to Effective Soul Winning

Are you one of those believers who has a hard time sharing your faith with your family, friends, and co-workers? Perhaps you are in the minority according to The Barna Group, a faith-based research organization, which found that “a slight majority of born-again adults (55%) claimed to have shared their faith in Christ with a non-Christian during the 12 previous months … That number has been relatively constant over the last decade. ” Evangelism, also known as soul winning, was not designed to be a tedious spiritual discipline; rather it should be a natural overflow of a redeemed life influencing those who stray toward God. When it comes to evangelism, the duty of a Christian is simply twofold: to sow the seed of the good news (to be a witness) and, or to water the seed (again to be a witness), the latter refreshing the seed already planted by others. (1 Corinthians 3: 6 NIV). Our job is simply to bear witness to the truth, it is up to the Holy Spirit to germinate the word of truth within a person. We just play a small but important role, and He does the rest. In my experience, soul winning is much easier than it sounds. Over time, I have come to understand the seven approaches to effective soul winning.

1. Pre-evangelization
Pre-evangelism is basically the work you do before presenting the gospel. In short, pre-evangelization is when you live an authentic Christian life around others, forcing them to ask about your faith. This is accomplished by being a genuine example of a Christian loving and serving others, allowing them to see their redeemed life as it is. For example, some people evangelize by feeding and clothing the poor and visiting the sick and prisoners (Matthew 25). This form of witnessing accumulates at a specific time when the “door” to witnessing opens for you to share your faith. Pre-evangelization is simply the work you do to break down the barriers of prejudice and skepticism that many have towards people of faith, making you more accessible for others to ask about the hope that is in you.

2. Personal evangelism
You have heard stories of people coming to the same fishing pond over and over again to catch the “unique” fish that they miss over and over again. Over time you learn their habits; the type of bait it responds to and the places it inhibits at certain times so you can have the advantage of catching it. People look a lot like that elusive fish; some people take longer to come to Christ. A soul winner must possess great patience and use certain skills to conquer it. In this approach, you address a specific person you want to reach by praying for, loving, and showing kindness over time. In other words, you must be consistent with your faith for a specific period of time while building a strong relationship based on trust. At one point in your relationship, you might ask, “Why are you different from everyone else in the office?” or “Why are you so nice to me?” When these questions arise, then you know that the door to witness is open for you to share your faith. It is important to note that in this method of evangelism you first win a friend before you win a convert. Many people make the mistake of pressing Christ on people first before building the relationship.

3. Proclamation of evangelization
This type of evangelism is one of the most common approaches found in the Bible. Jesus drew large crowds in open spaces. Once he gained their attention, he proclaimed the good news of salvation to them. In Acts chapter two, we see Peter preaching to a crowd of curious seekers. On this day, 3,000 believed Peter’s message and were baptized on the same day. That’s a good trick! A few chapters later, in Acts 8, Phillip is found preaching the good news in a city known as Samaria. It is clearly noted in Acts 8:12 (NIV), “… when they believed Philip as he preached the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women.” Proclamation evangelism doesn’t just happen among large crowds; it can be a small group of people in a house.

4. Prophetic evangelism
The best example of prophetic evangelism is found in the story of the Samaritan woman drawing water from a well (John 4). Jesus then asks for a drink. Through this encounter, Jesus reveals his true identity, which is why, in return, she asks for the living water that he was offering her. However, Jesus knew that the skeptical woman needed something else to confirm her words, thus revealing her past, most notably that she had five husbands and the one she was currently with was not her husband. Immediately, he realizes that Jesus is a prophet and leaves his presence. How would he have known his past if they had never met before? The woman then rushes into town to tell everyone that she has met the Messiah. A large crowd followed her to the well where Jesus refreshed himself. Prophetic evangelism is when you receive a specific word of knowledge about someone of whom you had no prior knowledge. The person who receives the “word” realizes that you are a man or woman of God and is more open to what you have to say.

5. Power evangelism
Power Evangelism is demonstrating signs, miracles and wonders that capture the attention of curious onlookers. The signs, wonders and miracles are undeniable in the eyes of the onlookers who captivate their full attention upon hearing the resulting message. This is evident in Acts 8: 6, “When the crowd heard Philip and saw the miraculous signs he did, they all paid close attention to what he said.” Power evangelism is a strong anointing to heal the sick, raise the dead, and take authority over demonic influences. In another encounter of power found in Acts 19:12 and 13, “God performed extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even the handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were brought to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and evil spirits abandoned them. “This type of evangelism is not limited to a few, but every believer can walk in signs and wonders (Mark 16: 17,18).

6. Presence evangelism
Presence evangelism is when God’s overflowing power and grace flows through your life and affects those around you. In other words, the people around you feel God’s presence more than yours; you become a bearer of fire. A story is told about a holy man known for his revival. He once walked through a factory without saying a word, and many workers began to fall to their knees repenting of their sins. This event was the overflowing presence of God in his life, affecting others. We also see the overflow of God on the apostle Peter when he was simply walking down the street. The Acts 5:15 (NIV) passage states: “As a result, the people took the sick out into the streets and put them on beds and mats so that at least Peter’s shadow would fall on some of them as he passed.” Peter’s shadow is another way of explaining the strong presence of God that overflows in his life.

7. Post-martyrdom evangelism
The eternal axiom first reported by church historian Tertullian, “The blood of the saints is the seed of the church,” came true during times of great persecution. In other words, when the church is persecuted it grows exponentially. This last form of evangelism is what I call Post-Martyrdom Evangelism. This type of evangelism is evident in the story of Stephen’s martyrdom in Acts 7:54 – 8: 1-5, under the watchful eye and approval of a young man known as Saul of Tarsus. After approving and witnessing the first martyrdom, Saul was enraged by persecuting the northern church, to Damascus, with court orders to arrest the Christians who lived in that city. As he approached the city, a great light, brighter than the sun, shone in front of him. Saul fell to the ground and called out to a person whom he referred to as “Lord.” This brief encounter is known as Saul’s conversion experience. Many scholars believe that the remnants of Stephen’s death remained in Saul’s mind, constantly prodding his conscience. Saul could not escape from Stephen’s last words before his death: “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” Saul couldn’t understand why someone would die with such love without fighting for his life. Stephen’s martyrdom was the gospel seed firmly planted in the soil of Saul’s soul.

Saul, who later became known as the great Apostle Paul, also died as a martyr thirty years later.

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Additional features of the next PS4

Sony’s new PlayStation 4 has been in the news for quite some time. The console will launch in November and speculation, rumors, and facts from the company itself are making headlines every day. Today, at “New Age Coming: Gentlemen, Let’s Make Games!” An event that took place at CEDEC 2013, Sony Asia’s Kensei Akiyama outlined the additional features and user interface of the upcoming PS4.

The event began with Akiyama showing off the new console, its specifications, conceptual design, and architecture. Some of the console’s features, which were also highlighted earlier in the summer, include large memory space and solid specs overall. The console has also been praised for being extremely developer-friendly.

At the CEDEC conference, Akiyama also showcased the new Dualshock 4 controller in the box. The new controller will be better and much more advanced than the Dualshock 3 controller. It will have all the functions and buttons that the previous controller had, but other than that it also has a multi-touch panel that will allow users to pinch, move, rotate and press while playing games. In addition, the controller will also have a Share button that will allow users to take snapshots of the games they are playing, as well as game activity to share with their friends on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

On the menu side, the new console will have a dynamic menu called the “PlayStation Dynamic Menu” which Akiyama says will provide real-time information to each player. In addition, the on-board camera will support high definition videos and photos. Also, it will have an enlarged angle. The camera is said to enhance the experience for users while gaming, as long as they are playing the games that are meant to give an enhanced look.

Players will also be able to log in with multiple accounts at any given time on the new PlayStation 4. Another feature of the new console includes the companion apps feature that will support iOS and Android devices. This particular feature will allow players to share information about the game with their friends. However, that is not the case, as if multiple players were connecting their device on the same network, they could share the second screen with them. However, they will need to link them first.

However, that’s not all, as the best feature, in my personal opinion, is the ability to play games before they have been fully downloaded; users will be able to play the parts of the game that have been downloaded.

PlayStation 4 will arrive in North America on November 15 of this year. The retail price of the console will be $ 399. On the other hand, it will make a somewhat late entry in Europe on November 29 and will be available for € 399. The same is true for the UK, as the device will hit UK stores on November 29 and will be priced at £ 349.

Do Flying Wind Turbines Power the Planet?

There has been a lot of talk about the energy of our wind turbines in recent years. Initially thought of as the answer to the global energy crisis, we soon realized how many turbines and how much space it would actually take to power the world.

People are already on the warpath because wind turbines are ruining scenic landscapes, and environmentalists are concerned that birds will get caught in the blades. But what if there was a solution? Such a revolutionary idea that it is hard to imagine …

It seems there is. Time magazine even named it one of the best inventions of 2008. It’s called “Flying Electric Generator.”

So what is it?

The FEG is a type of “helicopter” that hovers over the ground and generates power from strong winds at high altitude. But the surprising thing is that the wind picks it up. To prevent it from flying off, it is tied to the ground, from where the electrical current is sent back to the ground.

As the FEG rises, it reaches stronger winds, allowing it to produce more energy. In fact, these high-altitude winds or jet streams have been said to be so strong that using just 1% of them could power the entire planet.

And when will it be operational?

So far, the only demonstration of an operational FEG has been in Australia, where they used electricity to take off. The experiment was very successful and showed that even with light winds close to the ground, the FEG floated there perfectly.

Next, they plan to test a larger 240 kW helicopter moored at up to 15,000 feet. And then they will scale even further to FEG with four rotors, capable of producing ten to forty megawatts of power, which is far more than the current highest wind turbine capacity of five megawatts.

People have had questions about how lightning or turbulence at high altitudes might affect the FEG. For lightning, there is a warning system in place where the FEG is simply lowered to the ground. Turbulence is not a problem as the helicopter acts like a kite and will simply go back to the way it was after a big gust of wind. And a combination of GPS and gyroscope will be used to control your pitch and roll.

So how much energy production is possible?

According to the San Diego-based company, Sky WindPower Corporation, a 600 FEG array with a nominal power of 20MW and operating in a land space of 200 square miles could produce more than three times more megawatt hours per year than 28,572. 902MWh produced by Palos. Verde Arizona nuclear plant in 2003.

And only 43 of these FEG arrays operating at 85% capacity could produce up to 3,883,185,000MWh of power – that’s the total US power consumption in 2003.

And how much will this power cost us?

According to a careful study by Sky WindPower Corp, in the long run, the cost of a ten megawatt capacity FEG would be less than 2 cents per kilowatt hour (including land use costs). This is less than the energy costs of fossil fuels. But obviously site selection and proximity to existing power lines are very important factors.

Whats Next?

Since the FEGs are still in the testing phase, we’re not quite sure how long it will be before we see something floating in the distance. But one thing is for sure is that if everything goes according to plan, we may see energy from wind generators the planet.

Definitive guide to playing Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon is an underrated card in Clash Royale. Here in this article, we discuss the basic information of the card and also the best tips and strategies to handle this.

Inferno Dragon is a new legendary card that has been introduced in Clash Royale. You can unlock and get access to this in PEKKA’s playhouse, namely Arena 4. Basically, it can be concluded that like Inferno Tower, it also works in a similar way. The attack mechanics of both cards are similar to each other.

It would be unwise to ignore this card under any circumstances. This card has the power to destroy your Tower in a few seconds in case you don’t use Ice Spirit, Illumination or Zap to reset the objective.

• The attack range of this card is found to be twice as short as that of Inferno Tower. Also, the movement speed of this card is very slow.

• Another important feature of this card is that the moment you set your sights on the target, you won’t be able to pursue it. The moment the target goes out of range, its Inferno Charge is interrupted. After your interruption, in the next phase, you must participate again.

Basic rules that you should know when playing Inferno Dragon

• It should never be used to defend. It can work well defending at times, but based on game trends, it’s clear that Mega Minion and Lightning Spell have the power to stop your Inferno Dragon.

• If you don’t have a reliable high DPS or splash card, never use this card. The DPS or the splash card have the ability to kill air and ground units by means of Arrows or Zap, fire spirits that are more powerful than Mega Minion.

• Your opponent’s movement can be observed and then the hard counters have to be memorized. The most popular opponents are Ice Spirit, Lightning, Zap, and Ice Wizard.

Some more useful tips

It is very important to thoroughly understand the strengths, weaknesses, abilities and tricks of this card.

First of all, the two rules must be known. It is necessary to avoid leaving the Inferno Dragon alone. It would be wise to protect this card of yours with a couple of troops and spells at all times. This should also be noted that you should not let the card face fire from the opponent and enemies. This card may not always be able to kill 1 / 2HP Giant instantly in two seconds. It is also very necessary to keep a correct record of the opponent’s cards. It is true that a sung Zap has the ability to do a lot of damage to your tower.

You should never expect to get to the Tower on the offensive. In case you are using this card while on the offensive, then there are maximum chances that your opponent will start to panic and then throw a lot of troops around him. In such situation, you can take advantage. The most preferred move in this condition is to use the fireball / predicted arrows.

Order of attack

The moves that are best recommended in circumstances where Inferno Dragon is on the offensive are listed below:

1. The first thing to do on offense is to drop the tank back. This is necessary to avoid coupling between Golem and Inferno Dragon, as Golem’s slowness would cause the Dragon to fly overhead and eventually die. Or else, this can put you low on Elixir to play Lava Hound.

2. Also, it is recommended to play support troops when behind the Giant. Aerial supports have been found to be the best strategy as they have the ability to force opponents to use their aerial strike troops, which are believed to be valuable in this game. It is mandatory to support the troops and always be safe behind the tank.

3. Also, it is recommended to drop the card.

This particular strategy is very successful in x2 Elixir time as it requires at least 12-13 Elixir to work successfully.

In case the nudge you have made turns off completely, you need to keep an eye on what is happening. You need to keep track of which defensive factor is responsible for stopping the push.

Infernal Dragon in defensive mode

It is not advisable to place this card too soon. It is suggested to wait until the tank gets very close. Also, feel free to make any Elixir sacrifice to defend yourself and then pedal towards your Inferno Dragon. Also, it’s a great place for your card to get close to the King’s Tower. In such a circumstance, the opponent’s supports will make it difficult to reach.

Also, it is advisable to support this card with some Mega Minions, Bomber, Wizards or whatever is with you. Also, it is suggested to protect the Inferno Dragon from Mega Minion or Musketeers. They have the power to take down the Inferno Dragon with just a few hits.

Once the Inferno Dragon can take out the main tank, it is suggested to use the spells or the troops in case an opponent has some troops left.

The best decks to use

In case you have the Inferno Dragon and you want to build the decks together with it, you can use the following pattern:

1. Main tank (Lava Hound, Giant, Golem …)

2. Main support (Baby Dragon, Mega Minion …)

3. Secondary support (Mega Minion, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Minions …)

4. Distraction and group support (Tombstone, Skeleton Army, Guards …)

5. Building (Cannon, Tombstone, Tesla)

6. Spell support (rocket, lightning)

7. Spell support (Arrows, Zap, Fireball)

Along with Inferno Dragon, you need to make sure you keep two more air target groups. Also, it is suggested to keep a Mega Minion.

10 secrets about the hidden power of the number 11 in numerology

The numbers symbolize the quantity. Numbers also symbolize qualities, as through numerical symbolism, better known as numerology. The number 11 is one of the most popular subjects in basic numerology due to the unique energy it represents.

Below are ten things you need to know about angel number 11.

1. The number 11 is likely to have been emblematically related to unusual experiences you have had. For example, seeing apparitions, hearing strange voices when no one is around, having visions of future events, and prophetic dreams are all related to the number 11 and numerology (and other spiritual numbers). The connection is through your natal and time numerology charts or universal time charts.

2. It is not mundane at all, it is a symbol of a very unusual energy. 11 is one of the most spiritual numbers, it is very from another dimension. 11 is the link to the invisible realms. If you were to list the numbers most associated with the energy of Spirit (or the Divine, God, etc.), the number 11 would be on that list for sure, as would the numbers 7, 9, 22 and others.

3. 11 is not easy in relation to health. Promotes a hypersensitive nervous system and physical body. Those who have it in abundance often have to moderate their diets and lifestyles to cope with the heightened sensitivity. Keeping your feet on the ground is imperative for those over 11 because there is a tendency to be out of body most of the time, and that tends to energetically separate the native from the physical self, causing bodily stress and even health problems. Being somewhere else but here at the same time makes earthly existence more challenging. Regular meditation and healthy habits help to deal with this problem.

4. Everyone has a different collection of hundreds of natal time and numerology indicators on their complete numerology lists. If 11 dominates your charts, it is very important to you. Unfortunately, the more you have, in general, the more challenges you will have in life (but opportunities for growth and spiritual advancement). It is an unpredictable, inexplicable and mysterious number from another dimension and often clashes with the ideal of everyday affairs running smoothly. He is a wild card and while those by far have higher than average burdens, they may also have more than average experience as an embodied soul and have enough wisdom to deal constructively with their destiny.

It is a “Master Number,” and so are all two-digit numbers, including 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99. “Master” relates to the need to overcome steeper challenges than those symbolized With other numbers, however, they are also more promising for achievement, relative to the collective energy on your personal charts. They could also be called “dangerous numbers”. A reliable numerology software program like the Numerology Decoder Software will correctly calculate your Master Numbers and tell you where you have them on your basic table.

5. It is common for those with a heavy 11 on their lists to have a greater amount of charisma and recognition in their life. Alternatively, infamy, if the charts support it, is typical with the number 11.

6. Unfortunately, on the low side, the number 11 can be related to duplicity and betrayal, as well as crime and insanity. It is not an easy vibration to handle in this mundane world.

7. It is also characteristic that people with many birth years or time 11 have greater financial challenges in life. High speculative risk under a strong 11 should be avoided at all costs.

8. Bisexuality and homosexuality are very common in association with the number 11. If you were to equate the number 11 with an astrological sign, the sign of Aquarius is the most appropriate, although it is not a mutable sign, and the 11 is certainly a mutable number (that is, variable, inconsistent, volatile).

9. Distorted idealism is common with excessive energy. An example is extreme religious and spiritual beliefs. The “true believer” adjusts to the energies associated with the number 11.

10. To their credit, those with the heavy number 11 in their birth and / or chronological chart have the potential for unmatched spiritual awareness and insight, being prophetic messengers of the divine spirit. But it is important to realize that the 11 energy has to be supported by other spiritual vibrations in order to manifest positively.

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Kingdom Hearts II Cheat Codes

Sora’s Ultimate Weapon

Sora’s Ultima Weapon is obtained through the synthesis of elements. Once you have obtained seven Orichalcum + s and the other ingredients, you can synthesize it if you have an Energy Crystal. Note: You must be at least Level 2 Moogle to use Energy Items (for example, Shards, Stones, Gems, and Crystals). The necessary elements are the following:

Definitive recipe

Go to the mansion in Twilight Town. This is towards the end of the game when you go with Sora. Once the machine is up and running to go to Roxas’s Twilight Town, do not enter it. Instead, go through the other room where you went to fight Axel with Roxas at the beginning of the game. Then, go to the next room with the hallway with the capsules where Goofy and Donald were found. There are some chests there; the final recipe is in the chest next to Donald and Goofy’s pod.

Seven Orichalcum +

1. Complete Atlantica.

2. Clean 100-acre lumber.

3. Find the chest in The World That Was Never Brink of Despair just before entering the castle. There will be a large chest next to the save point. This is not the Orichalcum +. Turn around at this location and follow the short path through the save point with the Orichalcum + chest.

4. Complete the Goddess of Destiny Cup in the Underworld Coliseum.

5. Chest in Twilight Town, on Sunset Terrace, where you went earlier in the game for the Seven Wonders. Jump on the train and you will see a chest on the roof of the large building (the one closest to the sunset station).

6. Chest in Space Paranoids during the second visit there, just before fighting Commander Sark and the MCP.

7. Collect all the game material and hand it over to Synthesis Moogle. It will give you an Orichalcum +. You need all the materials (shards, stones, gems, and crystals, including a normal orichalcum).

Other ingredients

Energy Crystal – Required to halve the amount of Orichalcum + s you need. Dropped off by Bookmasters at Radiant Gardens (Hollow Bastion) near Merlin’s house. These are the floating characters with green hats and books.

Twilight and thick glass: no one on the Naught Skyway. Go to the skyway out of nowhere just past the Hall of Empty Tunes. Fight the Nobodies there and they will drop Twilight and Dense elements.

Serenity Crystals – You can get these from the Moogles by giving them complete sets of materials.

Mythril Crystals – Found in Random Item Chests.

Gummi Ship bonuses

Berserk Mode: Reach Level 30 Metal.

Gummi Ship Level 2: Successfully complete Level 1 with ranks “S”, “A” or “B”.

Gummi Ship Level 3: Successfully complete levels 1 and 2 with ranks “S”, “A” or “B”.

Special Models: Earn an “S” rank on Gummi Ship missions.

Synthesis Moogle Bonus Items

Submit the following items to Synthesis Moogle to get the corresponding bonus item:

AP Boost: Give away all Mythril materials

AP Boost: five 25 types of material

Defense Boost: Give away all shiny materials

Elixer: five a kind of material

Free development: give away 5 types of material

Free development 2: give away 20 types of material

High disk recovery: provide 10 kinds of material

Megalizer: Gives 15 types of material

Shard of Serenity: Gift a total amount of 50 or more materials

Fragment of Serenity 2: Give a total amount of 100 or more materials

Donald’s enemy items

Nobody Lance: Kill the flying Nobodies that carry spears until you get the Nobody Lance. This is best done in the Castle of the Beast.

Shaman’s Relic: Go to the Pride Lands, then go to the Valley of the Wildebeest. Equip Lucky Lucky for everyone in your party, then kill the shamans until you get the shaman’s relic.

Goofy’s enemy items

Akashic Record: Kill the Book-wielding Heartless in Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion) until you obtain the Akashic Record.

Heartless Shield: Go to Port Royal and kill all enemies until you get the Heartless Shield.

Nobody Guard: Find and kill the Gambling Nobodies until you get the Nobody Guard. Note: this may take some time.