New Interior Design Ideas: Laser Engraved Art

Most homeowners decorate around an artistic theme: a set of images and colors.
palette. They search thoroughly, often with an interior decorator, for tiles,
hardwoods, marble, fabrics, and other materials are consistent with your theme. Goal
while they can identify the centerpiece of their design theme, locating
complementary accents to complete the motif is often a more difficult task.

The result often leaves homeowners settling for less than ideal options:
compromises that reflect what is available, rather than what is possible.

Enter LightWave Art, with its ability to give homeowners a new measure of design
flexibility and control. Although the company is located in the spectacular
Bitterroot Valley, its founding vision is global: apply laser engraving technology
to interior design, and creating an infinite number of designs that were previously unavailable

In practical terms, this means taking advantage of the laser’s ability to replicate any image
scanned into your computer and applied to ordinary building elements–floors,
doors, windows, mirrors, walls, countertops, giving them an artistic and thematic touch

For example, homeowners may choose living room furniture with a
fabric, pattern, and colors, and then use laser engraving to create your own
Decorative tiles to match the furniture. This artistic theme, once defined,
could extend to anything else maybe a custom marble wall mural that accentuates a
adjacent fireplace, or something more subtle, like laser-joined images that adorn the
corner of cabinet doors or mirrors

To give homeowners even more options for their ideal entryway, kitchen, den or bathroom,
LightWave Art developed a new technology that permanently etches images onto
color: laser bonding color pigments on wood, tile, stone or even difficult surfaces
such as marble, granite, limestone, and glass, to match the color of a particular design
scheme. This colored image, as hard as the underlying material, suitable for
outdoor, designed for foot traffic as well as fade and stain resistant, creates the
potential for the design vision to become reality, without compromise.

The essential point is this: the possibilities of an owner to find elements such as the main entrance
doors, cabinet doors, glass inserts, tile countertops, hardwood floors, marble
backsplashes and mirrored murals all with the same art theme are usually thin
to none Design compromises, once a given, may be a thing of the past
with this new capability in an owner’s design toolbox.

Homeowners considering an interior design project can contact LightWave.
Art, to view samples of his laser-engraved and color-bonded artwork. (with new
concepts, seeing is believing.) Visiting the company in person provides an
opportunity to do this and enjoy the scenic views of western Montana at the same time
weather. On the other hand, anyone who is afraid to come across bears and the mountain
the lions that roam the LightWave Art property can visit them online at

Learn how a high-quality sofa set can add more than just comfort to your home.

You already know that the decoration of your home is more than just adding a few accessories to the house. It’s all about the whole look, so you’ll want to find the highest quality, most unique home furnishings available. Instead of going to your local physical store, you should check the internet and see what you can find online. There are many different home furnishings stores available in the UK offering only the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Regardless of your tastes, you can find a great variety of home accessories for any room in your home.

For your living room, discover not only the beauty, but also the functionality of a leather power recliner. Located on wheels for easy movement, it offers a headrest that fully supports the neck and head when reclined. You have the option to fully power your tilt and recline, as well as an easy-to-use wand with a built-in storage pocket. For a larger piece, discover the variety of sofa sets available to you. With high-quality fabrics, you can select from an exemplary variety of sofa types and colors as well as sizes for any room in your home. All of these sofas are created from the highest quality hardwood frame and are situated on casters for easy movement. These sofas also offer a cold-cured foam interior, providing the ultimate in durability and support. Plus, they come with a variety of scattered cushions, which are included with your purchase.

For a complete set of home furnishings, you can opt for a reflective foam set that comes in a variety of styles and colors. There are three different sofa sizes available, plus a chair option. The chaise longue option is reversible and can be used on either side of the sofa, unlike traditional sectional sofas. With a spectacular selection of solid or patterned fabrics, this sofa set also offers light or dark colors for the feet. Once you’ve selected your sofa and recliners for your living room, you may want to brighten things up a bit, both figuratively and literally. Discover the exceptional variety of lamps available, which can be placed alone or on a nightstand. With an exemplary variety, you can choose between a lamp like a high gloss black alien thorn lamp, or something more traditional. There are also very unusual domestic floor lamps that bear a strong resemblance to traditional spotlights and theater spotlights. This would be a great addition to any family room or game room.

For the kids, or the kids at heart, there are also a plethora of huge, fun poufs in a plethora of colours. These beanbags are extremely versatile as they can be used almost anywhere from indoors to outdoors. They are very easy to clean and offer two main seating positions: upright and reclined. Regardless of your home decorating needs, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of contemporary and traditional styles at great prices online.

The cost of granite countertops

The beauty, hardness, and utility of granite make it a highly desirable material for countertops in home design. In addition to its natural strength, granite is a beautiful stone that adds color and warmth to a room. Although the cost of adding granite countertops to any new or remodeled kitchen can be quite high, they are still the first choice in many new and remodeled homes.

The price of granite countertops ranges from $60 to $120 per square foot, which may or may not include the cost of installation. Discount granite can be found for as little as $30 per foot, not including installation. The cost of the premium is not in the stone itself, but in costs related to transportation and installation.

The stone industry remains unregulated, which can make it confusing. Each entity that handles granite, from the quarry to the supplier to the manufacturer, can set its own price based on local market demand. Full-service dealers, so the homeowner doesn’t have to shop or plan, will add up to a 50% markup.

Granite suppliers typically have three or four groups (or “tiers”) of granite to choose from. The first level will consist of the premium products that are sold for the highest price. Stones are grouped based on various criteria, including country of origin, color, veining or patterns, thickness of the slab, amount of soft minerals in the stone, and current fashion trends. Some granite colors exhibit “movement” or a distinctive pattern within the color. The combination of color and movement also influences the final price of granite countertops.

The granite of the lower levels has the same beauty and utility as the slabs of the upper sets. Also, stones at a lower level can be harder than stones at a first level, so it’s worth getting out there and looking around. A lower level might also be referred to as “commercial grade.” Commercial grades typically have a large number of “holes” that have been filled. The presence of softer minerals may require additional cabinet supports or penetrating sealant, increasing the final price of granite countertops.

Cheaper, thinner cut stone may be a little less than an inch instead of the three recommended, in which case the installer would laminate it with a plywood backing for added stability. Discount granite suppliers generally deal in a thinner cut stone; Many vendors now carry stones that are intentionally cut and rolled at the quarry. It is now common for stone originating from Asia or India to be cut and manufactured prior to shipment. Prefabrication creates a lower cost product with less scrap sent to the supplier. In addition, manufacturing takes place in countries with much lower wages, saving labor costs at the final destination.

The price of granite countertops is greatly affected by the number of seams and cuts that will have to be made in the stone slabs. Discuss how the cuts will be made when the installer or fabricator takes preliminary measurements for the template. Another thing to question is the hidden costs of waste material. Depending on the length of the countertops being installed, there will be at least three square feet of waste by the time the fabricator is done. The cost of the waste material is paid by the owner.

Shopping for granite countertops doesn’t have to be frustrating. Focus on finding a reputable dealer and installer who is willing to answer all of your questions. Even though labor costs are the biggest price tag for granite countertops, this is a project that should be left to the professionals. Large sheets are extremely delicate and must be cut with precision. Failing to lay out a granite countertop correctly could create a costly mistake for a do-it-yourself homeowner.

Urban and Interior Industrial Furniture

The industrial interior design style is characterized by concrete floors, brick walls, beamed ceilings and exposed wood pipes, unfinished paint, rustic wood and earthy finishes. Mix it up with some farmhouse furniture and polished urban surfaces and you’ve got the most modern upstate look. A few industrial elements, but tempered by softer finishes such as sand gray cabinets and whitewashed cabinets with polished natural brass ornamentation. Create a careful balance of industrial style and refined elements with the aesthetic appeal of rustic furniture and colors that meld with country style.

A vintage industrial bookcase with wrought-iron doors in distressed rustic natural wood, an antique door turned into a coffee table, and a serious-looking ultra-modern kitchen add industrial flair to this Miami home.

Soothing, soothing green walls, crisp, clean white trim and beams, and natural hardwood floors, this Northern California home has the elements of industrial and farmhouse chic. Vintage screens and commercial kitchen inspiration, stainless steel appliances add an edgy touch. A distressed white cabinet with brass medallions and arched doors softens the look.

This English house features a wonderful blend of traditional, industrial and modern styles. Gorgeous antique door headboards, reclaimed wood consoles, sophisticated light fixtures, and softly layered upholstered sofas give it designer flair.

The clean lines of the antique door sideboard console and multi-patina wood, soft lighting, and flashes of rusted iron punctuate this New York dining space. The simple and structured solid teak wood, perfectly aged and naturally aged, has a unique presence and complements the ivory tones of the walls. Simple iron chairs, industrial style mixes with rustic farmhouse. A fruit bowl made from old bread pans used by tribal farmers brings the conscious connection.

Glass mirrors in huge arches, a design concept that magnifies the space, softened by elegant mid-century architectural artifacts, some carved with horses and others with floral designs that contrast with the tufted sofa, patterned rug and soft curtains in sheer sari fabric Incorporate farmhouse flavor with a refined urban love of modern aesthetics in this downtown Atlanta sunroom with an oxcart bench.

The restored architectural salvage aspect of the 19th century barn door and columns. XVIII, a mantle created from remains of arches, old wood softened by curtains made from vintage saris, layered bedding and natural light lamps give the industrial space stillness. Distressed ocher coffee table with matching patina vintage cabinet placed in the living room and full black light fixtures complete the look

Watercolor Technique WC04 TOOLS

You need a main painter’s toolbox plus a series of smaller boxes for all your tools to be able to find them quickly. Also, it’s important to know if any of them are missing so you can find them before they’re needed for a specific paint job later on.

We have said that the above watercolors require constant attention and if an instant reaction is needed to achieve success, having to search for a missing tool will jeopardize the quality of the final work.

For your main toolbox, use a worker’s toolbox which is now usually made of black and garishly colored plastic. These tool boxes are cheap but will last a long time for a painter because the weight they will carry won’t be much.

These tool boxes have one large main compartment and many smaller ones in a tray under the lid and another series of smaller compartments in the lid. The main part of the toolbox is clear for larger items.

These tool boxes are lightweight yet strong enough for your needs and come in various sizes. The one I have is 9 inches square in section and about 1 foot 3 inches long. Also buy smaller ones for related tool sub-collections.

Many boxes for specific use are also needed. A flat box is best for Rotring type technical pens and stencils. A backup box is needed for the pigment tubes. A box of matches tied with plastic tape is best for old razor blades. Another separate box is needed for thumb pins (drawing pins) and pins only. Boxes for crayons, calligraphy pen holders and lettering brushes are also needed. Keep erasers, putty ink, and pencil erasers of all kinds in their own box. Keep wide, flat tins for pencils and crayons.

Other tools are a collection of odd objects useful for painting watercolors. Normal painting implements are well known from childhood, but some are not so obvious. Others are unknown and some are used in unknown ways.

For example, branches: they are ideal for painting tree branches. Larger twigs cut to a point and with sharp, flat edges are used to paint fallen branches or tree trunks. For larger twigs and logs, use a bamboo end cut as needed. Keep a stock of hard, dry twigs: use them individually dipped in pigment. The technique for using them cannot be described here, but branches are very effective tools.

Toothbrushes are useful for indicating surface textures and reliefs. They were often used in architectural drawings and in models for simulated lawn areas. A little watercolor on the toothbrush is shaken off with the index finger.

Also, a two-part articulated tube liquid atomizer is cheap, fast, and useful for spot spraying. This is used by blowing through the open center hinged part with one end directed towards the paper and the other submerged in a small bottle reservoir. The ultimate atomizer is the graphic artist’s fantastic airbrush. This is now often overtaken by computer program software.

Gauzes and nets used for geometric textures, grids, and patterns like those on checkered breakfast tablecloths seem to offer some advantages, but I haven’t found them successful.

Sponges are especially good for the novice painter to get cloud effects. The best sponges are the ones that look like cheese with holes in them, not loofah sponges or foam pads.

Use kitchen towels or harder paper towels to clean and dry. Use them for cleaning only, never on the paint surface.

Use large rolls of kitchen paper for inexpensive drawing paper. These are slightly transparent, usually biscuit in color, and act as a quick and inexpensive substitute for tracing.

Use templates circles squares triangles french curves. Get Le Corbusier cardboard box metal alphabet templates. Also railway curves are a fantastic aid for almost any type of drawing. Keep this to yourself, don’t finish. A plastic ruler that stays where it bends for irregular curves is worth its weight in gold.

Compasses – 6 and 12 inch scales – metric – 50 m topographic tape. Large and small adjustable plastic sets are a must. A square t-shirt of the right size is a must. Buy precise 360 ​​degree split carrier with lift knob. maps Two inexpensive compasses from North Point are very useful. It is useful to have a good magnifying glass. Nylon fishing line is strong and invisible for hanging pictures in exhibitions. Keep a small hair dryer – talcum powder. A Stanley knife, compasses and dividers, a beam compass, a surgeon’s knife, chrome clipboards, a watch, a calculator and a journal. Purchase, obtain, or collect each of these as needed to reflect your own work.

For this variety of tools it is prudent to keep them properly stored. When it’s necessary to work outdoors, take everything with you. You never know what you’ll need to solve a problem on the spot. This way, time and effort won’t be wasted, and the partially finished job won’t be spoiled for lack of a little more paint.

Please note that the tools above are a general list of items that can be added to the basic list of materials mentioned in previous articles.

bestselling interior design books

Holly Becker writes Decora: 1,000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in Your House. In this book, top designers come together to share over 1,000 tips on how you can change your room and do it on your budget. You can draw inspiration from the book’s beautiful color examples, photos of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, as well as checklists, shortcuts, and cost-cutting methods, so you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. as well as an explanation of how to make it possible in your own home.

Christine Lemieux writes Undecorate, a book that heralds a new kind of style that seeks to cast aside today’s stuffy professional styles and bring its own personality into your home. The book describes a score of houses across the country and shows how it came to be the way it was by relating it to the particular personality of the owner. Following the interests of car fanatics who turn their master bedroom into a draft trailer, to a couple who turn their house into a log house, to someone who creates an English mansion, to a variety of other types of weird creations that reveal the builder’s personality, this book will show you how to accomplish the same feat.

Domino: The Book of Decorating, written by Deborah Needleman is a book that offers step-by-step guides to decorating your rooms. Whatever styles you prefer, the book will have something to that effect, as well as tips on how to mix and match styles. The Domino team contributes their own personal design efforts so you can see how they transformed their own rooms and what kinds of styles they decided to work on. This is a great book if you are interested in remodeling a room in your house.

My Passion for Design by Barbara Streisand is a beautifully illustrated personal tour of the superstar’s homes and collections. From stardom on the Broadway, television and film stages, to her work as a director and her work in the recording studio, Barbara has been an iconic figure with an extraordinary voice and immense talent. Now, in her first book, Barbara gives readers a glimpse of the taste that has inspired her beautiful home. This book focuses on the architecture and construction of her house and contains many photographs of rooms that she decorated herself. Other illustrations include the gardens she planted on her California coastal land. She gives us a look into the world of one of the most beloved stars.

Charlotte Moss Decora: Charlotte Moss’ art of creating elegant and inspired rooms offers singular insight through a beautiful collection of her acclaimed rooms. Moss has had a celebrated career in the world of interior design. Her book offers readers a glimpse into the methods behind her magic. For each room she presents, Moss breaks down the many stages of the design process, revealing storyboards and sketches developed for each project. Each chapter offers a dose of decorating tips and includes recommendations for her favorite flowers and fragrances.

Chrome Vs High Polish: Pros and Cons

Decorative chrome plating (as opposed to hard chrome plating used in industrial applications) is the technique of electroplating a very thin layer (millionths of an inch) of chrome onto a metal object. Because the chrome layer is incredibly thin, chrome parts are always plated with nickel first, and then the chrome is plated over the nickel. The nickel plating provides the smoothness, much of the corrosion resistance, and most of the reflectivity, while the thin layer of chrome adds a bluish hue, protects the underlying nickel from tarnishing, and minimizes scratches. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of chrome plating.


Looks great! Chrome parts have a true mirror finish with a slight blue tint. For many, this look is quintessentially cool.

Being a hard metal, chrome is resistant to scratches and swirl marks, so it should look great for years to come.

Because it is a hard metal, it is also easy to care for. You can wash and polish it without worrying about scratching it. Also, as the chrome layer provides a protective barrier for the underlying nickel, rust and corrosion should not be a problem.


Chrome is expensive as hell. Relining a 21″ motorcycle tire can cost up to $500.

If the chrome is scratched or damaged, it is not possible to treat the problem; the entire piece must be stripped of its coating (about $100, usually) and then replated. So if a knucklehead hits your bike and scratches your pipes or a pebble out of nowhere hits your chrome bumper, you have to live with it or shed a good sum.

Worse yet, if your chrome plating takes enough damage to get through the nickel, you will have serious problems with corrosion, as the electrochemical reactions of the plating process can force the underlying metal to corrode more quickly.

Chrome keeps the heat. Not a big deal for a wheel, but take the chrome off your alternator and you’re asking it to fail.

Plating adds metal. If tight tolerances have to be adhered to, then chrome plating can be a problem as it adds metal on metal. With an exhaust this may not be a problem, but if you want to plate your gun, those extra millimeters of metal in the slide can inhibit its ability to move freely along the rails, which can lead to jamming and even a possible explosion.

Because plating adds metal, it also adds weight. This can be a problem depending on the amount of chrome done and the type of parts involved.

Is high polish a viable alternative to chrome plating?

High polishing is the technique of using abrasive wheels and compounds to achieve a mirror finish on metal surfaces.

By polishing the metal until it is microscopically smooth, light is reflected back to the eye instead of being refracted by the microscopic incongruity on the metal surface. It’s like the difference between looking into a still pool of water and looking into rippling water. What the high polish does is soften the waves so that the light reflects back towards you, thus showing off your reflection.


It looks great too! High polish can also produce a true mirror shine, but unlike chrome plating, there is no bluish tint, but a pure white shine.

High polish is economical. The 21″ wheel that may cost $500 to plated will only cost about $100 to polish.
Unlike veneered parts, a scratch or dent in a polished part can be repaired for minimal cost and made to look like new again.

Everything that is silvered is polished first. To achieve a perfectly smooth finish with a plated part, the metal must be perfectly smooth (no scratches or dents) before plating; otherwise all of these imperfections will show through the veneer. So you have the option to polish your pieces and then take a look. If you like the results, then perhaps the minor maintenance required with polished parts will make it worth saving the hundreds or thousands you’d pay for plating. Otherwise, your pieces are already polished, so it should be less expensive to silver them, if you so choose.


Unlike chrome parts, highly polished parts tend to scratch. You need to be very careful when washing and polishing your highly polished parts, as a single grain of sand or dirt on your towel can leave your part covered in swirl marks. However, there is the option of applying a clear coat of powder paint, which will seal and protect the finish.

Because highly polished parts do not have a protective layer of chrome, they require maintenance to keep their finish looking like new. The porosity of aluminum, for example, opens it up to oxidation, so you should always wax polished aluminum after washing it. This will help prolong its shine. Once again, powder coating your parts after polishing will protect them from corrosion.

As you can see, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to both chrome and high polish. I hope this information helps you make a more informed decision when choosing between them. If you choose to have your pieces polished, please take a moment to visit our site at and view some samples of our work.

Farmhouse Style Interior Design

Antique Indian chests lined with iron straps and brass medallions, chic farmhouse interiors update their style simply by using old wooden hope chests turned into functional coffee tables that have the added value of storage. Some are intricately detailed with elephants and horses telling stories from the Spice Route and others are painted with a rustic turquoise patina reminiscent of Jodhpur, the Blue City. Distressed paint feels natural on vintage rustic cabinets made from reclaimed old doors, vintage woods that are so beautifully aged and naturally stained. Dining tables made from antique doors complete with iron latches and studs are perfectly accented with wrought iron chairs.

Old vintage rustic arches make a statement kitchen mantel, green foliage on brass planters draws attention to hand-carved detail and natural washed patinas. The colorful textured tribal table runners will give your tables a vintage bohemian chic worldly style that works well with a multitude of colors. Take an old pot and fill it with beautiful garden plants or herbs. Add farmhouse-inspired decorations, homemade wreaths and floral arrangements for a lovely personal touch. An antique rustic chakra bookcase adds instant charm, offering a place to store books and your travel collections. Long wooden blanket dressers in distressed blues and greens used at the end of the bed or as a window console table placed in the corner, you can enjoy the sun while reading your favorite book.

Bring the farmhouse theme into the nursery by hanging an old jharokha window filled with baby photos. The windows are given a touch of country elegance with fabric blankets hand-woven by artisans in natural cotton fibers and vibrant colors. Set up old rustic boxes filled with colorful seasonal flowers on your windowsill. Sheer sari curtains are great for kitchen windows, breakfast nooks, or other spaces where natural light adds lovely style and some privacy without stopping the sunlight.

Give your bedroom an instant farmhouse update by replacing your headboard with rustic 19th century Indian doors. XVIII. Old wooden spice mortar from the Indian villages converted into umbrella stands, unusual columns and pillars add to the eclectic character. Tree of Dreams hand carved wall panels are pieces of art that are creative and full of positive energy. Neutral-toned wood-carved kamasutra panels in a whitewashed whimsical farmhouse style add to the romance of the bedroom. The rustic farmhouse style look of antique door lotus carved cabinets and vintage dresser consoles add a rustic touch to your home. High-end Suzani embroidered pillowcases can be a luxurious splurge when updating a bedroom. Use hand-woven cotton blankets to create a country chic makeover or snuggle up in a soft pashmina blanket. Farmhouse-style décor is a statement of your lifestyle, laid-back luxury and casual country elegance.

How to choose kitchen sink faucets

Choosing the right faucets for your kitchen sink is just as important as choosing the bowl shape and size. Faucets come in all shapes and sizes. Avoid a small faucet in a big, bold sink, and vice versa. Make sure that the faucet you have chosen directs the water towards the center of the container. Also, make sure your new faucet matches the correct holes in your sink.

Faucets come with one or two handles. With a handle, you have the convenience of controlling the temperature and volume of the water with one hand. Two-handle faucets offer more styles and spout designs. Look for a durable, low-maintenance finish to complement your décor.

The most important aspect to look for in a faucet is its durability: how long will it last without leaking? Faucets must work for a long time and be drip-free for life.

A faucet should have anti-scald features such as heat limit safety stops, pressure balance valves to protect users from drastic temperature changes, and thermostatic valves that allow users to select a favorite temperature on an easy-to-use dial. read.

You can buy a faucet that requires one hole (single handle) or three holes (separate hot and cold handle). However, if you also plan to purchase an accessory, such as a vegetable sprayer, soap dispenser, or hot water dispenser, each requires a separate hole.

The faucets come with various features like pull out faucets, extended faucets, bar faucets and wall mounted faucets. You can choose faucets based on functionality, size, finish, spigot, or handles.

When deciding between different types of kitchen faucets, consider the design’s compatibility with other hardware in the room, as well as how you use your sink.

An easy way to identify the different types of kitchen faucets is by the material they are made of. Stainless steel and chrome are popular choices as they can be polished to a high shine, giving them a sleek, contemporary look. For a more traditional style, there are nickel, brass, and copper faucets.

Tips to make bathroom cabinets last longer


Selecting a material that is capable of handling the humidity in this room is vital to making sure they last a long time. If a material is chosen that is not made to withstand moisture, it can expand and warp, resulting in a room that looks less than new. Bamboo is one of the few materials that can withstand a bit of moisture for a long period of time without changing size.


Making sure cabinets are made of a durable material is also key to long-lasting good looks, especially in homes with younger children. Softer woods, like pine, make a beautiful cabinet, but they also tend to dent and scratch easily. Younger children tend to be a bit rougher about everything, and can leave a new bathroom cabinet looking less than new in a matter of weeks.

Harder woods, like oak, are less likely to dent as easily and are more likely to leave a lasting impression on guests. Bamboo is another great choice for cabinets in homes with young children.


Ensuring that bamboo cabinets, as well as cabinets made from other materials, stay clean will help them last. The cleaning process will often vary depending on the type of material used. For example, a bamboo cabinet can be cleaned with just a cloth and water. Sometimes stronger chemicals can be used on other materials. It’s important to know what cleaning solutions to use and to clean bamboo cabinets as often as necessary for long-lasting good looks.

preventive check

From time to time, homeowners are advised to simply check bamboo cabinets to ensure all hinges are still working properly, all screws are tight, etc. This can make them durable. For example, if the screws in a hinge are loose and the owners don’t know it, they will never be tightened. The hinge can then fall off, causing the door to crash to the ground and damaging the wood. A quick look at the screws and hinges can easily prevent this problem.

Clean up spills immediately

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common places for spills. Allowing any liquid to sit in a pool on a cabinet can and will eventually damage the wood. If this happens more than once, it will result in various spots on the wood being worn and damaged, and the cabinets will look awful. They will last if homeowners clean up spills as soon as they happen instead of letting them sit until the room is cleaned later in the day.

check weight

Drawers and shelves often have a weight limit. Homeowners should always check the weight limit and make sure they’re not packing too much on shelves or in drawers. This will cause the shelves to break or the bottom of the drawer to fall off.

Cabinets have the power to make a home look beautiful and brand new, or the potential to make it look like it’s slowly falling apart and in desperate need of a makeover. These simple tips will help all homeowners help keep their home looking great and new for years to come.