Relaxed vintage luxury

Relaxed Vintage Luxury, a stunning oceanfront home designed with open spaces to make everyone feel accessible and connected. Large cusp-shaped windows accented with ancient Indian arches show off the spectacular views of the ocean. Relaxed and informal interiors, perfect for entertaining or just a quiet, secluded afternoon reading your favorite book to the music of nature.

A cozy atmosphere combined with ancient woods and architectural pieces that tell stories of their previous owners. Haveli’s antique doors and arches have soft textures and patina that lend a warm elegance to the décor.

An open living room and kitchen area with extra wide carved sliding barn doors leading to the patio. The barn doors are created from carved Indian panels of Buddha, Krishna, Ganesha in subtle colors, when closed they are beautiful works of art. When opened, the doors almost double the living space. Relaxed, slower-paced energies fill the room.

Casual oceanfront entertainment with close friends is the main thought of laid-back vintage interiors. The living room features a long triple arched gallery showcasing the ocean views, a custom-made old door coffee table with iron nails where the family plays cards and watches movies. The old reclaimed and sun-bleached doors on the wall act as masterpieces of architectural art giving it an old world vibe.

The top floor has two master suites, each with balconies and incredible ocean views. Each of the five rooms is inspired by various cultures, so that each guest feels they have their own personal refuge.

Textured old woods bursting with colors and carvings, from the credenza under the TV in the living room to the “manjoosh” in the kitchen. A beautiful old Haveli door bleached with natural sand blown texture is the king size headboard that catches your eye as you walk through the arched doorway. The gentle breeze stirs the drapes of the saree bringing the romance of a bohemian rhapsody.

When designing the laundry space, Indian-inspired whitewashed laundry cabinets complete the vintage look. Old reclaimed wood is used everywhere from the study table to the library bookshelves. Made from antique door frames, they even have the house number inscribed.

A huge antique door frame wall mirror in the bathroom makes a great statement. A lush rustic carved sideboard has been converted to a double vanity with copper sinks. Enjoy the warm woods and soft earthy sensations of vintage reclaimed woods. The aged and grounded timbers give beautiful energies to the living space and the house becomes a home.

Kitchen Countertop Comparison – Traditional Products vs. Stone Cladding

There is a new option available to countertop buyers. It is a stone product manufactured to be installed on existing laminate or tile countertops. The question is; How does it compare in value and performance to traditional countertop offerings?

What exactly?

The “granite” overlay product is an artificial mixture of granite, quartz, and other stone particles mixed with resins to form a ¼ “thick slab. It is not granite in its natural state. It is essentially the same as granite products. Traditional quartz like Silestone, Caesarstone, and Cambria except it’s not that thick.

Does thickness matter?

It certainly does when it comes to the appearance of the finished product. Traditional stone products are 1-1 / 2 “thick. Since most people opt for a bottom mount sink, the thickness of the material is very apparent. Reviews of ¼” siding products have indicated that thin material looks cheap. Other quartz tile products are offered ¼ “thick slabs, but are only recommended for tile or vertical surfaces.

How do these products compare for design versatility?

The most versatile product by far is Solid Surface (ie Corian, LG HiMacs, etc.). Solid Surface is a mix of acrylic and polyester. It can be molded into organic shapes (thermoformed) and polished to a variety of gloss levels. Edge profiles are limited only by your imagination. It is also the only product that offers “built in” sinks by removing the silicone around the sink making them more hygienic and easy to clean.

Traditional stone products like granite and quartz also offer an amazing range of colors, edge options, and even a few different surface finishes. The most common finish is glossy; however, “leather” (matte) finishes are becoming more popular. Some stone countertop manufacturers may also apply a variety of other finishes to the surface of the stone.

The stone cladding product offers fewer color and texture options. Edge options are also limited due to the thickness of the material. These products are only available with a glossy finish type.

What about the cost of removing old countertops?

Removing old countertops is generally a quick and painless process. A reputable countertop company will clean up any mess created by a move. Removals typically take about 30 minutes for laminate and about 2 hours for tile. The cost of moving in varies depending on the type of countertops you have. Some companies can even remove your old countertops for free.

How do they compare in cost?

This will vary depending on many factors. In general, stone cladding products are comparable in price to common granite, quartz, and solid surface products. Exotic granites and quartz and solid surface “designer” colors will be more expensive.

And the durability?

Thickness also plays an important role in durability. Since stone cladding products are relatively new, it is too early to say how well they will hold up over time. Some buyers have indicated on the HGTV forums that the product has not held up well over time. Other overlay products have been available in the past; none of them still exist today. Traditional products like granite, quartz, and solid surface have been proven to really last a lifetime.

Curio Cabinet Lighting

The variety of curio cabinets is almost as diverse as the many types of curio themselves. However, in basic terms of construction and operation, all cabinet styles can be grouped into two broad categories: those mirrors again with wood paneling and back paneling. Both require different techniques and curio cabinet lighting to optimize content display. Choosing the right light for a curio cabinet that may have been imported or custom made can be very difficult, if not impossible, especially when shopping online.

Generally speaking, the hardest hurdle to overcome when custom-lit glass curio cabinets are reflected reflections. Any light source above the eye is a potential bomb glare. Curio cabinets for solid wood lighting, the problem is the shadow of your pockets as a result of the uneven distribution of the lighting and the specific size and shape of the collection. Anything that casts a shadow, as they say, to try to get rid of all the shadows requires multiple accessories, which often causes an eyesore when more than two devices are installed.

Many cabinet lighting manufacturers try to find a compromise between brightness, shadows, lighting, and distribution by installing one to three lights above large curio cabinets. These lights shine through a series of glass shelves, lighting stored in the harvesting process. The reasoning behind this is simple. Multi-platform lights to eliminate most of the shadows, and if it is reflected off a rear part it becomes present, the reflection instead of scattering the lighting.

Frankly, this is not a bad approach to lighting a curio cabinet, as long as it is a medium-sized permanent wall cabinet and where the shelves are made of glass. Recessed light passes through the lower shelves and reflects off the mirror, enveloping the collection process. However, those who visit the safe side of an angle or a seated position make too much glare that blocks the details of the subjects presented.

This is almost an unavoidable disadvantage when lighting a screen in front of a mirror of any kind.

In a curio cabinet wall made of dark wood, Glass General will shine light onto the cabinet floor without the annoyance of reflections. However, each object casts a shadow under itself, so without a secondary accent lighting LED source of some sort, there will be more pockets of darkness as the eye moves up and down.

If the shelves are made of wood, which of course blocks the lights, something completely different and has to be implemented instead.

To generate a lighting display source for your curio cabinet, you may want to go further and consider any of the traditional curio cabinet lights and invest in low-voltage Phantom linear strips instead. These unique, patented lighting strips offer two things that no other lighting fixture offers precise horizontal, vertical and radius adjustment, including dimensions and a low-profile design that is hidden from normal viewing angles.

Of the six exclusive Linear Stripe designs, three offer an optimally lit curio cabinet with specific features that work to overcome obstacles sooner. The key is the cable’s innovative technology and the ability to hide and shield the light source itself so that the viewer sees the light, not the media.

Phantom strips can be outfitted with incandescent, xenon, or LED, each of which offers unique advantages for the particular type of curio cabinet that light and nature of the collection on display. Curio cabinets with wood interior mirrors do not need the brightest possible light, so we generally recommend that incandescent bulbs be known to produce white light. You can set the slider to switch to a higher setting when they are active clients throughout the house, then turn off the light to lower them after most people have gone to bed.

Xenon lamps are low-voltage lighting for the best choice of a curio cabinet displaying glass, porcelain, or silver items. In the world of lighting design, xenon is considered the most sophisticated light source and generates a slightly golden aura that works to enhance the details of the most expensive ones.

Considering extreme cost awareness, phantom LED lamps now have the ability to provide color at levels roughly equivalent to xenon. Only a lighting expert can truly tell the difference, so you may want to consider using LED bulbs if your cabinet is on display in an office, library, or special room at home for more than 20 hours straight.

A curio cabinet lighting made entirely of wood offers greater flexibility in lighting a curio cabinet that mirrors a backplane. You can use up to three different types of Phantom linear strips, all of which remain hidden at any viewing angle. Our Majesty (horizontal) series mounts to the back of the horizontal frame or the front bottom of a shelf or top of a cabinet. The VM series (vertical mount) mounts to any vertical surface indoors. A variety of combinations of the two sets can be used to create a sourceless “field” of shelf life that appears to come from multiple directions. This is shadow-free and tends to create an effect that increases the refinement of the mortise and looks for more sophisticated less expensive ornamental curiosities.

In some wall mirrored curio cabinets, the HM series linear light strips are some of the best curio cabinet lights to use. Depth by the forces of light through the mirror surface and then outward around the collection. While mirrored panels have the greatest potential for displaying reflections from the cabinet’s linear strip to seated guests, wall-mounted cabinets closer to the bottom surface actually help create the optical illusion that lights they are actually built on top of the box. .

A significant source of lighting effect can be achieved in curio cabinets with our Mounted Cove (CM Series) to fit any circular or semi-circular cabinet countertop. These strips are specifically designed to fit any radius, and can literally move a circle of light down through a series of glass shelves, with no shadows or drop in lighting levels. Inside it is reflected off the mirrors, the field of light they generate is truly radiant and seems to come from within and around the exhibits.

The easiest way to paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: An Easy Guide for Weekend Warriors and DIYers

We always suggest that you hire a professional to do the job for you for multiple reasons including experience and insurance of quality work. But for those who want to know how to paint kitchen cabinets without a professional sprayer, here’s how they can get professional-looking results for under $ 200.

How to achieve professional results when painting your kitchen cabinets

I’ve been getting a ton of questions lately about one of our Facebook posts where I painted our kitchen walls and cabinets. Most people are curious and want to know how to paint kitchen cabinets and how much it costs to make our cabinets look like new.

Our house is very old, as are our closets. At first it didn’t bother us, but eventually we got tired of seeing that ugly look so we decided it was time for a makeover.

It’s not very difficult to paint over veneer, you just need the proper prep work. If you hire a professional, I suggest you try to do as much as you can yourself, like removing the doors and hardware and maybe sanding them lightly with a 220-grit sanding block. A light rubbing will suffice (imagine you’re cleaning a window). That will save you a few bucks. But if you decide to do it on your own, here are some tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets for amazing, long-lasting results.

Preparation when painting kitchen cabinets

After removing the doors (or just masking the hinges), lightly sand / scratch the surfaces to be painted with a 220-grit sanding block. Use a type of degreaser such as Windex or Zep Citrus Degreaser.

You then have 2 options: You can either use a 220-grit sandpaper and lightly scrape the surfaces or use Krud Kutter-Gloss Off, which you can wipe clean and let it sit for 10 minutes. Your surfaces will remove the shine without having to sand them.

The next step is to apply the proper primer to the surfaces. I used a coat of “INSL-X Stix”, which is a urethane acrylic. You can find it online or at your local Benjamin Moore dealer. Check with your local hardware store.

Using a good quality paint will help you get the best possible finish. I suggest using Benjamin Moore Advance Alkyd. It is very easy to work with and dries to a hard, long-lasting finish.

Using a 2-inch nylon brush, begin cutting around the hardware (if you did not remove the doors) and where the Whiz ™ roller will not reach. Next, use your Whiz ™ roller to apply your ALKYD polish. Try to paint in the same direction as your grain (if your cabinet has a faux wood pattern). Let it dry overnight and repeat. You can hang your doors now, but keep in mind that even though the polish will dry overnight, it will still take 30 days to fully cure, so be careful to avoid scrubbing before those 30 days.

A kitchen rooster brings you luck

Throughout different cultures the rooster has been a symbol of many things, one of the most predominant is luck. It is said that having some type of rooster in your kitchen brings you luck and could make you feel good. Here’s a little more information about roosters and rooster folklore.

First a little about real roosters. They do not lay eggs and are not necessary for egg production, but they are necessary if you want chicks. They protect the herd and will defend the family from predators. They can be tamed and become devoted pets if they are handled and worked frequently.

They can sing at any time, including at night. The song marks the territory, so the fewer roosters crow the less. One rooster per flock is all that is needed. In fact, a hen house with more than one rooster is only looking for trouble. You can keep a subordinate rooster if it is smaller than the larger hen. Which means that she runs the show.

On my favorite island of Oahu, wild roosters have reigned for over a thousand years. I found it a bit strange when I was at an outdoor barbecue eating chicken and a rooster came up and was standing by my table. But wild roosters and chickens have been roaming freely on this beautiful island for centuries. In fact, on Oahu, if you ask “Why did the chicken cross the street?” the answer would probably be “get to the beach”.

In Portugal there is the Galo de Barcelos, the national symbol of Portugal. What is a rooster that symbolizes honesty, integrity, trust and honor. The town of Barcelos is known for its earthenware and the most popular symbol is the Rooster. There are tons of stories and folklore from different cultures about roosters. The Rooster symbolizes many different things.

I remember seeing a story on the news last year about a wild rooster that lived in Manhattan. It was wreaking havoc on nearby neighbors’ sleepwear. A rescue group from a farm in the north of the state swooped in and tried to catch the rooster. First trying to lure him with food, a female rooster, and even a red blanket. The cunning rooster was not fooled by any of these tricks.

Finally, a resourceful rescuer was able to capture him with a net. Now, instead of disturbing the urban sleepers, the cunning rooster retreats to the upstate. With many girlfriends, fresh air and unlimited snacks. Not bad considering, whatever fate he must have escaped from, to be wandering the streets and neighborhoods of Manhattan.

In Chinese astrology, people who are born in certain years have a rooster sign. These people are practical and quick thinkers who do not like to take unnecessary risks. They enjoy a keen sense of detail and always seem to know what is going on. Roosters are straightforward and love honesty. The rooster has a trusting demeanor and yet it is not easily fooled.

Roosters can be perfectionists and expect to be in control, especially when it comes to their appearance. They have high standards of dress, conduct, and neatness, and they expect the same from others. Roosters need a partner who understands their conservative nature but is not overly laid-back. The rooster should probably focus on valuing the heart and soul over good looks. Appealing to the logic of live-and-let-live roosters can be a good way to deal with ideals that control roosters too much.

The rooster is a symbol of many things for many cultures. What I like the most about the rooster symbol is that having one in the kitchen is supposed to be a symbol of luck, health and prosperity. Whether it’s a rooster clock, cookie jar, wallpaper, tea towels, trivet, or just a ceramic rooster sitting on the back of the stove taking care of the kitchen. Seeing a rooster in the kitchen not only makes me feel at home, it makes the whole kitchen warm, comfortable and inviting. I think I like it better because it gives me that nostalgic feeling, like when I was young eating cookies in my grandmother’s kitchen.

Modernize your bathroom with a professional remodel

The bathroom is one of the main rooms of the house that significantly influences the quality and value of your property. Outdated bathrooms can be an eyesore and make it difficult to get comfortable in the space. If you’re ready to update your bathrooms, it’s time to find a qualified new construction contractor for your home.

Below are some ideas to consider when remodeling your home’s interior or exterior bathroom.

Use metallic tile accents

Metal tile accents in brushed stainless steel and copper can brighten the space by allowing it to look elegant with a unique look. Use the tiles in a decorative backsplash that can draw more attention to the sink. These tiles can be used to enhance the design of your shower or floors. Subway tiles have a timeless look and will continue to look stylish in space for the neutral shape.

Create a shower without a door

Doorless showers look stylish and provide easy access for children and the elderly. Be sure to check out the new multi-showerhead trend and embrace it by building an open shower that showcases this feature. Doorless showers are especially functional for an outdoor bathroom remodel project near a pool.

Add dramatic lighting

When starting your new bathroom remodel project, consider updating the light fixtures to make the room look modern. Install sconces on each side of the mirror above the sink or hang a spectacular chandelier to serve as the centerpiece of the bathroom. Bronze or copper light fixtures will also look decorative and can transform the room.

Use marble or quartz countertops

Marble is a popular material to use for countertops, which will allow the setting to appear luxurious and stately with its clean design. White countertops make the room appear spacious while creating a light and airy atmosphere. If you are on a budget, consider adding quartz countertops, which are similar in design and just as beautiful. The high level of durability will allow the material to last for many years without chipping or cracking with frequent use.

Installed a pedestal bathtub

Installing a pedestal tub during a new home construction project will transform the room and serve as the focal point of the space. The claw foot pedestal tub can be placed under a window or under a lamp to create a proper balance. The feature can also be painted in a color tone that can be the accent in the room.

While all the ideas may not be to your liking, feel free to choose the one you like best. Use them as a whole or accents for the new look of the bathroom in your home.

The benefits of a large kitchen set

Every kitchen has the potential for functionality, display, and storage. The saddest part of life is the fact that many of our kitchens don’t have all of these things. Having a large kitchen helps you solve the problem. It also looks beautiful. When choosing or designing a home, it is a great thing if you can have one at your disposal. Some of the benefits include:

Storage and cabinets

If you’ve ever used a kitchen that doesn’t have adequate storage space, then getting a large one will be a great thing for you. You can have as many shelves and drawers as you want. You can also install recycling bins and any other components that you have always felt necessary for your home.

Enough for the kids

A large kitchen is always a perfect option when children are involved. Regardless of what you want to be helped, a great kitchen will suit everyone without the feeling of squeeze. You can have them there for easy viewing. You can also install conveniences like refrigerated drawers and microwaves within easy reach of the little ones in case they need something without you. You can place comforts for your children comfortably within reach to teach them a little independence.

Seating space

Having some extra seating space is always a huge plus for homeowners. This is an area where you can have your informal dinner. When your extended family or friends join you for dinner, preparing and serving your meals it doesn’t get as hectic as it normally is when there are smaller kitchens.


Sometimes you need more floor space, while other times you need a few extra countertops. A large kitchen allows you to do what you think is necessary. This becomes evident when you are preparing a great meal for many people who want to help.

Additional kitchen amenities

When you have a large kitchen, it is very easy to have all the comforts that you have always wanted in the same place. This is how you make the kitchen a functional and useful space for you and your home. This is how a kitchen becomes the main center of cooking and entertainment.

Material options

There are many materials you can choose from for a great functional kitchen. There are inexpensive and expensive materials according to your budget. A countertop dealer can help you choose the best material.

Everyone now has a legitimate reason why they should have a large kitchen, as the benefits are many. You can enjoy a better seating area and versatility at all times. Many people struggle with kitchen decor and design due to the limited area that is generally available. In order for such a kitchen to be functional and look great at the same time, a lot of work has to be done. A small kitchen makes you sacrifice many things, but with the largest option, the styles you can have inside have no limits. There are many things that can be done to make the space look very special.

Why choose a custom door?

Who doesn’t love beautiful furniture, especially if it’s custom-made and you’re the only one with that specific piece? Traditional houses with identical elements in everyone’s houses are no longer popular. Everyone wants something different. People want modern and contemporary homes that boast original designs and show off their personality. The demand for personalized products in the home is increasing.

One of those custom-made home products is the humble front door. For decades, it was considered simply a means of getting in and out of the house and keeping the contents safe. Doors are generally made of wood and do not have a specific artistic design. They are rectangular shapes that allow you to lock them so you can keep everything and everyone in the home safe. The latest trend for modern homes is custom doors. A custom door is usually wider (although not always) than the traditional front door, it has different options for wood, varnish and design.

With regards to wood and varnish selections, you can choose a dark wood, a medium brown wood, or a light wood tone. You could choose a door made of oak, pine, or another type of wood. The varnish that is applied could enhance the natural color of the wood or could stain it to a desired darker shade. It also gives you the option of a matte or glossy appearance.

Custom doors can be designed to your specifications. If you want a contemporary look, you can style it with three tinted curved glass panels (to create a wavy look) set on a wide dark wood door. The glass panels can be inserted vertically to create a unique wavy look, plus the glass will allow additional light in the room. If you are more artistic, you could have a custom carved door with circular or ornate designs, with abstract images of animals, or with a selection of specific shapes. Consider the style of your home both from the outside and the inside before designing the door. It should complement the existing design of your home.

A custom door gives guests an idea of ​​your design style, as well as a highlight of your personality. It is a wonderful way to invite friends and family to your home. It could also be a conversation piece for your guests. Finally, it gives your home a creative touch and a unique element that no other home has.

Koh Samui Villas – Chaweng Sila Development, Koh Samui Island, Thailand

Sila is an ancient Sanskrit word from Buddhist texts that means virtue, good conduct and moral discipline, which is part of the eightfold Buddhist path to enlightenment. The Chaweng Sila luxury villa development, high in the Chaweng Hills on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, certainly transcends you to higher heights with its enlightening combination of traditional Thai and modern contemporary architecture.

The Chaweng Sila development included several 3, 4 and 5 bedroom luxury Samui villas and a similar number of 2 bedroom duplex apartment units available for sale and vacation rental. Set in a privileged position, the villas are perched high on the Chaweng hillside, with truly breathtaking and commanding panoramic views over Chaweng, the seas, islands, and the horizon beyond. The villas are built in a modern and contemporary design with touches of traditional Thai architecture including curved wooden shingle ceilings and high vaulted ceilings.

The villas are luxurious throughout with sublime architectural features such as poolside Salas (covered pavilions), carp fish ponds, and striking use of natural materials and earth tones that allow the villas to blend in with their natural surroundings.

The overall design of the villas consists of a central poolside living and dining area with a fully equipped modern kitchen, indoor dining table and entertaining area with a comfortable oversized L-shaped sofa in front of a large LCD screen. and the top of the range audio system. This luxurious living room opens onto a spacious infinity edge terrace with pool with comfortable modern outdoor furniture and a sunken, shaded lounge area where you can enjoy a drink, a snack or just relax and enjoy the incredible views.

Stunning 180 degree panoramic ocean and island views can be seen from every corner of each villa. Panoramic views incorporate the town of Chaweng, the entire eastern shoreline from Choeng Mon to Lamai, and the crystal clear waters and emerald green islands beyond. At night, the bright, glittering lights of Chaweng Beach can be seen far below and are a breathtaking sight to behold from the peaceful and serene hillside of Chaweng Sila.

All rooms in the villa boast fabulous ocean views, are luxuriously appointed and feature luxurious private bathrooms with double vanity countertops, modern rain shower and bathtub. Each bedroom also has its own entertainment center with LCD TV, separate satellite system, and CD / DVD player.

If you are looking for an enriching villa rental experience on Koh Samui, Chaweng Sila may be just what you are looking for.

Quartz, granite or marble kitchen countertop?

Kitchen Countertops: Quartz, Marble, or Granite?

Like any other kitchen furniture, countertops come into contact with a variety of organic components. Therefore, when choosing a countertop for your kitchen, you must take this into account.

Functionality, style, budget, durability, appearance, and cost are other factors to consider when purchasing a kitchen countertop. Maybe you need a beautiful countertop that offers quality performance while still remaining aesthetically appealing in your kitchen?

Granite Kitchen Countertops

For decades, granite has been the most reliable material for installing kitchen countertops. Among the many types of kitchen countertops, granite is still the perfect choice for most homeowners. If you are considering the type of countertop to install in your new kitchen, take a minute and consider the following benefits of granite kitchen countertops.

Benefits of granite kitchen countertops:

1. Beautiful and durable

Everyone appreciates a kitchen with a cozy look. Granite is durable and aesthetically unmatched. You will find it in an exquisite range of attractive natural colors. It is a timeless stone that will remain in place for decades without losing shape and value. The infinite range of colors allows you to choose the best color that complements other materials for kitchen countertops, floors, cabinets and walls. Granite countertops are very sturdy and not susceptible to scratches or heat. It is also resistant to stains and other hot liquids.

2. Requires the least maintenance

As a homeowner, you want your kitchen countertop to remain in tip-top condition. However, a headache appears when you have a tight schedule. Granite countertops require the least maintenance, unlike other options. In fact, you can only put a sealant on it once a year, but it remains intact and attractive. Treaties can even go ten years without sealant.

3. Profitable

Any budget conscious homeowner would prefer a granite countertop. Reason? Granite countertops save you a lot of money. Rather than being repainted year after year, they remain intact, thus eliminating the need for costly repairs. If you want to save money on kitchen maintenance, granite is the best option for you.

4. Increase the resale value of your home.

If you are renovating your kitchen for sale, consider installing granite countertops. It’s a great way to add value to your home, thus attracting the attention of potential buyers for a quick sale. It surely modifies the decoration of your home kitchen. It is highly polished and does not fade over time.

5. It is purely natural with no artificial fillers.

Being natural means that it cannot degrade over time or affect the health of the occupants. Therefore, they are a friendly option that you can buy. Also, if granite countertops are damaged, they can be easily repaired. It will stay in place for a lifetime.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Apart from granite, there is another excellent option for you: marble countertops. Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone recrystallizes. Marble contains various minerals that give it many colors. The many texture designs and color options make it a very decorative stone. That’s why it’s a great choice if you want to transform the look of your kitchen countertops and floors. Marble kitchen countertops have many benefits. Among them are;

1. Very attractive

If all you need is to give your kitchen a stunning look, then a marble countertop will do better. Regardless of the age of your kitchen, marble countertops can transform the overall appeal of your kitchen and enhance its value. Marble looks light and natural. The pattern variations of its surface make it versatile. In fact, it hides any signs of damage, so it will remain new for decades. It is also scratch and spill resistant.

2. Keeps your kitchen fresh

If you live in an area with extremely high temperatures, try marble countertops for your kitchen. They are also ideal for kitchens with tight spaces that get hot when cooking. They are very comfortable and safe to work with, especially when touching hot things.

3. Easy to maintain

Maintenance is essential when buying a kitchen countertop. Marble countertops are easier to maintain. All you need to do is clean it with water and detergent, and it cleans up. Also, if they do get scratched over time, you can still repair them yourself or call a professional service.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is another popular choice when it comes to installing kitchen countertops. Quartz is made by combining natural quartz with resin in a proportion of 93% to 7%. Quartz is desirable both in quality and in color and decoration. They combine to form a fully sealed and polished surface. For centuries, quartz has been preferred because of its unique charm and beauty. Quartz kitchen countertops are professionally sealed so they remain exquisitely shiny and natural. Quartz countertops have many benefits including;

1. They are smudge proof

Since quartz is non-porous, it is very waterproof. Therefore, they do not require sealing or polishing, unlike other kitchen countertop stones. In fact, stains can remain for a long time without affecting their quality. Additionally, quartz countertops require minimal maintenance. Wiping it with a cloth is enough to keep them clean. They also do not tolerate the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria; therefore, they are also healthy for your kitchen.

2. Very resistant to heat, scratches and cracks.

Quartz countertops are extremely durable for your kitchen. They are resistant to heat, scratches and cracks. However, in the case of scratches, you can cover them by sanding them. Its hardness and tenacity make it resistant to shocks and blows; therefore, it will not crack easily. Quartz countertops are also unaffected by most household acids and stains.

3. Available in a wide range of colors.

Since quartz is man-made, they can be made in different shades. So you can find the best custom shade to match your kitchen decor and style. They look elegant and timeless.

The type of stone you choose for your kitchen countertop, the quality of the installation, and the maintenance it provides are the main factors to consider. Therefore, it is critical that you work with a professional when selecting and installing a kitchen countertop for your home. The above are the top main options you can choose for your kitchen remodel.