Hepatitis is an inflammatory disease of the liver. Hepa means “liver” in Latin and the English suffix “itis” means inflammation. Hepatitis is characterized by other pathologies such as jaundice, abdominal and gastric discomfort, hepatomegaly, and dark urine (which is a sign of severe acidosis).

What Causes Hepatitis? Answer: Toxemia! When an organ like the liver becomes too toxic, it becomes inflamed, and the inflammation causes the organ to enlarge.

The liver is one of the body’s five elimination channels (or six elimination channels if you are a woman). It is the body’s main filtering organ and performs more than 500 functions. And because the liver secretes certain substances, it is also a gland. All toxins are first countered or attacked by the liver. The liver does a great job of fighting toxicity until it becomes overwhelmed and allowing less toxic substances to seep into the body through the blood while fighting the deadliest toxins in a divine gesture to save the host body.

Certain toxins such as cigarette smoke, alcohol / beer / wine, pharmaceutical drugs, so-called vitamin C, illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin, PCP, etc.), birth control pills, car exhaust and gas, carbon monoxide, household cleaning supplies. chemicals and cosmetic and hygiene products greatly sabotage liver health. These things make the liver work longer and longer.

And let’s not forget about the toxins in the SAD (Standard American Diet). Meats are heavily saturated with toxins, including cancer-causing sodium nitrate and nitrites, synthetic female hormones, and chemical dyes. Dairy products contain cow feces and synthetic female hormones.

Meat (slaughtered animal meat), dairy (cow mucus / mucus / pus), and starch (hardening agent) create acids that cause inflammation throughout the body, which in turn causes excess mucus production in the body .

The liver is the body’s first line of defense. That is why it is imperative that the liver remains healthy. You cannot live and experience optimal health without a clean, well-functioning liver. In fact, if you remove the letter “R” from the word “liver,” what new word do you have now? Answer: LIVE !!!

Hepatitis is nothing more than a man-made medical term to describe a liver problem. And today, there are variations of this disease with alphabets attached to the end of the word, such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, all of which are presumed viruses. And what does the word “virus” really mean? Answer: poison! So, for Djehuty, hepatitis is nothing more than a joke, because I know that hepatitis means that there is mucus clogging the liver and at the same time, there is a lot of saturated toxins in the liver. Simply put, this is what hepatitis is.

And God forbid a person is so naive or ignorant as to accept a hepatitis vaccine to supposedly help fight hepatitis because the hepatitis vaccine itself is laced with toxins or poisons. Therefore, a hepatitis vaccine or inoculation defeats the entire purpose.

It is also important that you mention that a toxic liver can play a role in depression (bipolar disorder) if it is not directly the cause of the depression. Have you heard of the term “blues”? Melancholy is two words: “melan” and “choly”. Melan = “black” and “choly” = bile. Melancholy means black bile. Bile is originally green and highly alkaline and is produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder and released into the digestive tract to neutralize acids. However, black bile is acidic and is stored in the body’s Fourth Brain, which is located in the Third Chakra (sometimes referred to as the Fourth Chakra) called the Solar Plexus located in the belly above the navel (navel). The Fourth Brain (Solar Plexus) is your “sensitive” brain, which explains that “intestinal” sensation or “butterflies in the stomach” sensation / feeling that you experience from time to time. If the Fourth Brain is damaged, so are the other three brains located in the head where the headquarters of the nervous system are located. The human body is truly interconnected and holistic.

An important note about bile: Dark green stools / stools sunk to the bottom of the toilet are not a good or healthy sign. People who suffer from depression are very acidic (toxic) people.

Liver transplants? Why would I have to be crazy to even consider such a process and operation. How are you going to help a person remove the toxic liver from one person and give it to another? Absolute madness! Remove a toxic liver and then replace it with another toxic liver! Pure medical madness! Poor former NFL player and Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton! He did not have to die. Payton reportedly died of a unique liver disease. However, in reality, Payton died of ignorance of the truth (there is a cure for every disease known to man).

Liver transplantation is big business today. They are totally unnecessary when one is aware of the voluminous amounts of natural hepatic herbs (belonging to the liver) in nature.

Liver transplantation is big business today. They are totally unnecessary when one is aware of the voluminous amounts of natural hepatic herbs (belonging to the liver) in nature.

Cure hepatitis naturally

Excellent herbs for liver or liver include: milk thistle seeds, dandelion root, boldo leaves, artichoke, turmeric, Oregon grape, barberry, goldenseal root, bupleurem, gentian, fenugreek seed, chanca stone, fringe bark, wahoo bark, liverwort, blue flag, white peony, celadine, agrimony, and quassia chips to name a few. By far the three (3) best herbs for liver are milk thistle seeds, dandelion root, and boldo leaves. Milk thistle seeds are the equivalent of removing the liver from the body and washing it in a washing machine.

Today, many people consume synthetic vitamin C which provides absolutely NO vitamin C or other nutrients. In fact, most of the commercially and conventionally sold vitamin C is nothing more than ascorbic acid manufactured in a laboratory and consuming this particular vitamin C will greatly intoxicate and affect your liver. Real Vitamin C is found in nature (Rosehip seeds, Hibiscus flower, Acerola cherry, Camu fruit, Alma fruit, Capsicum fruit, etc.).

Question: If your vitamin C is derived from ascorbic acid, where is ascorbic acid derived from? God does not produce pure monostructured ascorbic acid. But man does it and here is your problem.

Coffee enema

The coffee enema does wonders for the liver. It can be done once a month. Coffee (organic, of course) makes the liver dispose of toxins like a garbage can. This process is one of the best healing methods for a toxic liver. Worried about caffeine? Well, when coffee is administered through the rectum, the body does not absorb caffeine. Caffeine is only absorbed when coffee is drunk through the mouth. Singer Janet Jackson performs coffee enemas. Janet knows something very beneficial about coffee enemas. Also, coffee enemas are great for overcoming hangovers and migraines.

Castor Oil Pack

The castor oil pack process is one of my favorite liver cleansing methods. Castor oil is applied to the liver (externally of course) and then a piece of plastic is placed over it (it becomes very sticky) and then a hot compress is placed on it and allowed to sit for about two (2) hours . This process is done lying down and under a towel or newspaper as the oil will slide down the side of the body. The castor oil pack process can also be done monthly or every 3-4 months.

Activated carbon (carbon)

Charcoal or activated carbon is the best substance on planet Earth that we have right now that cleanses the body in general and the liver in particular of toxins. Carbon is a very powerful thing! It is highly alkaline and neutralizes toxins, heavy metals and harmful gases 2,000 times its own weight. That is why we include carbon in our full body detox kit. The Kit would be incomplete without him.

Olive oil and castor

Olive oil lubricates and purifies the liver and helps dissolve hardened stones (stones) such as kidneys, bladder, and gallstones. You can consume a tablespoon of olive oil daily or as needed. Castor oil performs the same function as olive oil, but it is also anthelmintic (antiparasitic) in nature, as castor oil suffocates worms and parasites in the colon and liver.


Fasting is also a good option and a method to cleanse the liver. Fasting purifies the bloodstream which in turn purifies all the organs of the body, especially the organs of elimination (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin).

Finally, the liver is an organ that is naturally saturated with toxins due to the voluminous amounts of poison / toxins that we consume on a daily basis. The liver always contains dirt. Mothers, do you understand now why children do not like or do not like to eat liver for dinner? When I was a kid, I hated eating liver and never really did eat it. When you eat the liver of an animal, you are eating the most toxic part of the animal.

And be wary of all these liver products on the health food store market. My little brother was taking liver cleansing pills in the mid-1990s that were derived from bovines (cow, ox). He had no idea until I read the bottle. The main ingredient in this particular liver product was “bovine liver”. Now, how can consuming cow liver cleanse the human liver? Pure madness and stupidity! And my little brother paid over $ 60 for that shit.

There are many natural things and processes that can help a person be 100% cured of hepatitis, mainly herbs. My good friend brother. Sheik Mamoud Bey told me a few months ago how a good friend of his who had hepatitis who was given a full body detox and who completed the three week process and regimen and came back to the doctor for a checkup and the doctor told him. that his hepatitis was gone. I have helped many people with so-called hepatitis with the full body detox formula or our liver, gallbladder and spleen formula and vitamin C formula combined. So I am saying officially and to the American public that hepatitis (A, B and C) is easy to cure with herbs and diet modifications.

Do you know why actor / comedian George Burns could smoke cigars and drink alcohol and still live to be 100 years old? Answer: because in addition to laughing (which is great medicine), he cleansed his liver and colon almost every weekend with liver cleansing herbs and doing tall colonics (now called “colonics”) and enemas. The man was intelligent (in this sense) and knew something that the average person did not know. However, what George Burns knew and applied, I have just disclosed in this short article.

Thank you for reading!

This article is courtesy of www.DHERBS.Com and Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, the People’s Herbalist

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Is it a gun in your pocket or a business card?

History is a good teacher. But what about the old TV shows?

The other day I came across a rerun of the classic western television series “Have Gun Will Travel.”

It was on for so long that it was broadcast in black and white, and it only lasted 30 minutes. But what I saw lasted less than 26 minutes because the commercials had been removed.

Richard Boone was telling a story, in 26 minutes, every week.

I told my Tivo to buy some more and I have been watching a “marathon” of the guy dressed in black who lives like in San Francisco and travels to the “woods” to solve problems for money (to support his cocky lifestyle of California).

There is a lesson in every episode! This series dates back to 1958 and I’m sure a lot of people reading this have no idea who “Paladin” was. As I recall, no one mentioned his first name. The show even had a catchy song about him that my wife sang to me when she watched the show and got the words right. That is more than 50 years. It must have been a good show. It was. Paladin was pretty good with a gun, but he was an inveterate thinker and did his best to avoid shooting anyone. But when it did, it did not fail. There are lessons in every program. Look before you jump. Don’t be afraid to ask. Being greedy will come back to you. But the big lesson is Paladin’s calling card.

It’s bigger than yours or mine, the size of a playing card. All white. Artwork of a chess knight and the words Have Gun, Will Travel, Paladin San Francisco wire. On each show, he gives out one or more of those cards and gets a job before the 26 minutes are up, and he’s not stingy!

Sometimes he hands it over, other times he slips it into an unsuspecting pocket. But he hands out his business cards.

In the 1870s, this man was earning BIG two to five every 26 minutes and living like a man in a posh San Francisco hotel. All because he handed out his business cards. They recognized it. They had them introduce it. They started the conversation. His business cards weren’t in San Francisco in a box in the drawer. He had a marketing tool and he was using it.

What does your business card do for you?

Divide your private placement memo into sections for ease of writing

Divide your Private Placement Memo into sections and your writing sessions will be easier. There are several sections that will be included in your Private Placement Memorandum. General topics include a security disclosure, a summary of the transaction, the risks of the transaction, the description of the business, how to participate in the transaction.

The key to writing your private placement memorandum is first of all to be honest and second to tell you, don’t sell (save your sales for your power point presentation). State and federal securities laws are more interested in protecting the investor, so do not make any lie of commission or lie of omission. This means not misrepresenting any material fact and not omitting any material information that, if included, would lead the prospective investor to a different conclusion.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential investor. What kind of information would you like to see and have if you were at the table? The challenge will be to balance the amount of information. The trick is to present the information in a clear and concise way that is easy to understand without taking shortcuts, but also without diving into too many minutiae.

The extent of disclosure required would depend on several factors, including the size of the offering and whether you are offering the investment to non-accredited investors. Try to err on the side of caution – not having enough disclosures can risk violating securities laws, but there is no harm in over-disclosure.

Divide your Private Placement Memo into the following sections when preparing to put together a draft:

Notices to Investors: This section will include disclosure captions informing potential investors that the securities described are not registered with the SEC. This is mostly repetitive and mostly cut and paste. Depending on your offering, you may need some additional state-specific disclosures.

Term Sheet: The Term Sheet provides a summary of the security you are seeking to enhance through your offering document. Some of the parts included in the term sheet include the purpose of the issue, the identification of the issuer, the type of security being issued (debt, preferred shares, common shares), the specific terms of the security being issued (dividends or interests). , current or increased payment, warrants, collateral), affirmative and negative covenants, previous conditions, etc.

Risk Factors – This is the section where you describe all the reasons why a prospective investor should not invest in your transaction. This is the CYA section and should be as complete as possible. This section sets out the specific risks of the company and the risk of investing in the type of securities that are issued. Some examples include reliance on customer concentration, cyclicality, inability to achieve projections, changes in regulations, etc. Read the prospectus of any public company and you will have an idea of ​​the types of risks to identify and discuss.

Conflicts of Interest – In this section, you will want to describe any situation where someone associated with the transaction may have a conflict of interest with the Issuer. An example could be a director of the Issuer who is also the principal of the Issuer’s main supplier. A good filter for this is if you’re wondering if it’s a conflict of interest, it probably is.

Description of the Issuer, its Business and the Business Plan: this section describes the actual business of the Issuer. It shall include an analysis of the Issuer’s products, strategy, customers, sales and marketing, operations, competitive and industry analysis, and analysis of the Issuer’s management.

Description of the transaction: While the term sheet describes the value that is issued, this section describes how the value that is issued fits into the transaction. This section would include an outline of the transaction, a table of sources and uses, and a capitalization table.

Financial information: The financial section would include a presentation of the Issuer’s historical financial results with a discussion and analysis of the results. This section would also include the management forecast and a discussion of the assumptions behind the forecast.

Subscription section: The subscription section provides the prospective investor with instructions on how to participate in the offer.

Some sections will require more work than others. But in general, when you divide your PPM into sections, the general writing task will be easier. Remember to stick to the facts, put yourself in the shoes of your potential investor, count, don’t sell, and be direct in everything that comes your way. Follow these tips and you will find that your writing sessions will run smoothly and you will end up with a document that will do your transaction justice.

How to size a table for your breakfast nook

The kitchen is among one of the most used rooms in any home and the focus of the kitchen is the kitchen table. A careful selection of your kitchen table can go a long way in enhancing your cooking experience. If you take an inventory of all the uses a kitchen table is likely to have in its lifetime, you will end up with a very long list. For example, you will almost certainly eat at the kitchen table, and you will probably read the morning newspaper, have coffee with friends and family, and your children will color, paint, and do their homework at the table. You will want a versatile and comfortable table considering the breadth of all the activities that take place in this one place.

Tables come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, materials of construction, and quality levels. The selection process should start with the size and shape. Most people have to work within the confines of their current kitchen. However, a lucky few might be lucky enough to plan their kitchen around a prized kitchen table because they are remodeling or building a new home. For the rest of us, the distance between two walls will determine the maximum size of our table. Ideally, you want at least 36 inches between the edge of your table and the walls. This gives your family members and guests plenty of room to comfortably get in and out of your seat. Let’s say you have a three-walled breakfast nook that is ten feet wide by five feet deep. Not counting islands or other obstructions you may have in the rest of the kitchen, the limiting dimension in this case is the ten-foot width of the corner.

So what is the largest table that you can comfortably use in this room? Coming three feet from each wall, you have 48 inches of space left. If you want to keep the table primarily within the breakfast nook, a 48-inch long, 30-inch wide table would work well in this space. This size table can comfortably seat four for most casual meals. You may find this table to be a bit cramped if you are serving a meal that requires multiple plates, bowls, etc.

You have a lot more options if the table reaches the kitchen by a few feet. A 48-inch square table will comfortably seat four adults. A round table with a diameter of 48 inches can easily seat six people. Rectangular tables up to sixty inches long will fit in this space and also seat six.

If you are looking for a new kitchen table, take some careful measurements and be patient in selecting the right table for your home and family.

How motor fleet insurance works

In a nutshell, Motor Fleet insurance is getting coverage for three or more vehicles that are covered by the same policy. This then applies as a single policy for all vehicles, rather than identical individual policies. This policy is applicable to people who own multiple vehicles and helps avoid the complications that arise when you have different sets of policies for multiple vehicles; Keeps things nice and streamlined for you as the policy holder! Be it cars, motorcycles, vans, motor homes, all of them can be insured with auto fleet insurance.

Need for insurance

Do you need insurance? First of all, it is a legal requirement! However, it can spiral and potentially become unmanageable when you need to handle different policies for different vehicles. To eradicate these situations, you need to compare fleet insurance so that your vehicles have unique coverage and then decide which fleet insurance is the most suitable for you. Although the number of vehicles may change depending on the policy requirements, if you have three or more vehicles, you are eligible for this type of policy. Fleet insurance has been around for many years, yet market competition means that today’s coverage is more comprehensive than ever.

Companies and other clients

For a larger family, with each member owning a vehicle, the fleet insurance policy comes to help. In fact, you can feel the benefits of this policy if many members of the same family have vehicles. However, this policy only works for a business that has three or more vehicles that are often used for business operations. For example, you may run a taxi company or need to dispatch multiple vehicles to pick up employees arriving in your city from different corners of the world. Getting motor fleet insurance quotes is the best way to purchase a policy that meets your needs. Whether you are a business owner or part of a large family, this policy is tailored to the preferences of vehicle owners.

Coverage you get

Compared to the features of other policies that insure your vehicle, fleet insurance often offers better and more comprehensive coverage. Whether it is vehicle breakdown, theft of parts, loss of keys, fire accidents, windshield replacement assistance and injuries to the vehicle owner, all in a single policy. However, the opportunities may vary depending on the amount of the premium you are willing to pay.

Factors affecting the premium

There are different factors that can affect the amount of the premium, such as the type of business you do, the length of business operations, the mileage, the age, and the condition of the vehicle. On top of this, young drivers won’t see the same coverage for the price their parents pay, for example.

Cost effective and convenient

Of the advantages of auto fleet insurance, the main one is the relief you get from handling different policies for various vehicles, and while a single premium may seem expensive on paper, it has the potential to save you a lot of money in the long run. .

What to do if your downloads take too long

Slow downloads are not only annoying, but they can also cost you a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to fix this that even a beginner can do. Here are the steps you need to take to fix slow downloads on your computer:

Step 1: check your internet speed – The speed of your Internet connection is essential if you want fast downloads. Today, a typical broadband connection is considered fast if it has a speed greater than 1 MB / s. This basically means that the connection has the ability to download files at 100 kb / s (the download speed is 1/10 of the total connection speed). To test how fast you are getting on your computer, you need to Google “Broadband Speed ​​Test” and then click on the first link. Run the test on the website and if it falls below your expectations, you should contact your Internet provider.

Step 2: check the download server speed – If your connection is correct, the problem may be in the “server speed” of the download server. Whenever you download a program from the Internet, your PC is basically connecting to another PC (called a “server”) and downloading a series of files from that one. If the Internet connection of the other PC is poor, the downloads will be very slow. This is a problem that cannot be fixed, but you can try to avoid it by using another download server. the filename you want and it should show you a few different servers (known as “mirrors”).

Step 3: clean the registry – One of the main causes of slow downloads is thanks to Windows itself. Many computers end up making their downloads run slowly because the settings within them cannot be read quickly or smoothly. This is a problem that even the most advanced Windows systems cannot avoid and it is where your computer will actually save many of your most important settings incorrectly, corrupting and damaging them. This will make them unreadable, which means that when your PC wants to download a file and needs to read through a series of settings to do so, it will end up taking much longer than normal.

Most slow downloads can be fixed by cleaning the “registry”. The registry is where all of your PC’s settings are kept, and it’s where Windows looks for a series of ‘download settings’ every time it wants to download a file. These settings show Windows how to download files at the fastest speed possible, and it is vital that they are in the correct position. To clean the registry, you can use a ‘registry cleaner’, which is a software application that scans all the settings on your PC and fixes them.

Teaching and training solar parakeets: 5 tips for teaching solar parakeets to talk

If you’ve ever had the privilege of owning a sun conure parrot, then you already know the joy these beautiful little birds can bring into the home. They overwhelm us with their warm and friendly demeanor while mesmerizing us with their beautiful natural colors. What more could we ask of these adorable little friends?

Well, to begin with, you must remember that parrots belong to the parrot family and if you have ever wondered how difficult it can be to teach and train parrots, always remember that the same rules for training parrots apply to training. of parrots.

There is a small degree of difficulty, as parrot parrots are not as talkative as an Amazon parrot, but parrot teaching and training is definitely worth our time and effort. I have discovered 5 tips on how to teach and train solar parrots to talk that will surely make their lives easier.

First tip:

Using a primitive microphone on your computer, record yourself repeating simple and cute sentences like; hello bird, how are you, bye, etc. and burn the audio track to a CD. Leave the CD playing on your home stereo on repeat mode during the day while you’re at work so your bird conure can hear the repeated words throughout the day. In about a week, he will be speaking those phrases to you.

Second tip:

If the first tip works wonders (and has never failed in my years of teaching and training sun parrots), be sure to praise your parrot parrot by giving it a small treat such as a pumpkin seed or a piece of fruit every time. time you successfully repeat a sentence.

Third tip:

Train your parrot to speak in short 5 minute sessions throughout the week. Parrots are delicate birds and you don’t want to frustrate or stress them. Just take 5 minutes of your day and repeat a few phrases to your parrot, each time he repeats it at the right time, praise him with a gift and a happy joy.

Fourth tip:

Never beat your conure parrot out of the sun or spray it with water if it is not learning as quickly as expected. Teaching and training sun parrots to speak requires patience. If your sun conure parrot does not cooperate, do not hit or punish him. Instead, end the training session and try again later or the next day.

Fifth tip:

Try to link a certain sentence with an action. If you feed your parrot at a certain time of day every day, and you happen to say the words time to eat Each and every time you feed them, they will associate this phrase with their hunger and will consciously speak those words when it is time for lunch.

If you are truly dedicated to teaching and training sun parrots, you will find that these 5 tips will help you get your pet parrot proficient in speaking in the blink of an eye. I suggest starting with a short 5 minute training session with your parrot conure today using an easy word like Hello or your name.

Follow the rest of the tips for about 2 weeks, and if practiced correctly, you will see a great improvement in your solar conure’s speech vocabulary.

Friends, did you know that 75% of Sun conure parrot owners have never heard them utter a single word or phrase? Studies show that most parrot owners are not even aware that their parrots can be trained to speak or perform tricks. Find out how you can do both!

Learn the secrets to teaching and training sun parrots here.

Xbox vs. PS2 game consoles

There has been a lot of debate about the two most popular game consoles currently on the market: PlayStation 2 (PS2) and Xbox. PS2 is a Sony product, while Xbox is owned by software giant Microsoft. Many different people have worked with these gambling systems inside and out, trying to determine which system provides the best return for their hard earned gambling money. Here we take a look at each gaming system and compare the specs and performance of each. We will try to answer that old question: which is the best gaming system, Xbox or PS2?

You can take a look at a table comparing hardware specs here.

There are plenty of specs in addition to those listed above, but these should give you an idea of ​​how close these two game consoles really are. If you’re looking for sheer processing power and graphics capabilities, the Xbox seems to have a slight edge. Also, it’s nice to have its computer-like features like a built-in hard drive. With the PS2 you must buy a memory card if you run out of storage space. When comparing raw power and additional features, the Xbox wins, but you have to keep in mind that the PS2 was released first and there are additional things to consider besides the system specs.

What about multiplayer capabilities?

Both the Xbox and the PS2 are multi-player capable. You can connect a series of both consoles so that you and your friends can play together at the same time. The Xbox can be connected using a home LAN system, just like your home computers (here’s another example of how the Xbox is more like a specialized gaming computer). The PS2 can be connected using a link cable, not a LAN. This system can be cost prohibitive for some players, as you must have multiple consoles, separate televisions for each, and multiple copies of the same game (yes, that’s expensive).

Of course, you can always ditch the local network and play over the Internet. Both PS2 and Xbox allow you to play online against a random variety of opponents. Xbox uses Xbox live, a fairly well-supported online gaming network. The PS2 network is not as popular as the Xbox Live, but it works quite well anyway. If you really like multiplayer, it seems that Xbox is probably the best console for you.

Xbox games vs. PS2 games

When deciding which of these two game consoles is better for you, you need to consider what kinds of games each offers and which games you are most interested in playing. PS2, which has been around a bit longer, tends to have the largest game library, but Xbox is not far behind. Additionally, Xbox tends to produce games geared more toward adults than children. The graphics seen in new Xbox games are also clearly a step ahead of the PS2 graphics. However, there is almost a PS2 game for everyone, and there are plenty of PS2 games geared towards teenagers. If you’re looking for games for kids, the Nintendo Gamecube may be a better option than either of these two, and it’s cheaper.

Other considerations

Some other things you can consider when comparing PS2 and Xbox is the controller provided by each. These may not seem like a big factor at first glance, but people tend to prefer one type of controller over the other. Xbox controllers tend to be a bit larger than PS2 controllers, mainly because Xbox is designed with older gamers in mind. You can always buy a converter to make one game console controller work with another.

As for the price, the PS2 is usually cheaper than the Xbox. At the time of this writing (December 2004), PS2 retails for around $ 150 and Xbox $ 100. Game prices are very similar for both game systems, and most new games cost between $ 30 and $ 50.

The bottom line is that the PS2 is a bit older than the Xbox and intended for a younger audience. If you’re buying this console for a teenager, the PS2 may be your best option – they have more games, the console is cheaper, and the games are more appropriate for that age group. The Xbox is a bit more expensive, has fewer games, but it beats the PS2 and has more adult games.

5 Ways To Lose Weight In 30 Days (Even When You’re Not At Home)!

You wake up. Do you feel tired. You don’t know why …

Get out of bed. The mind is clouded. You feel lost

You trudge to the bathroom and step on the scale. You had a big bonanza over the weekend and now you’re starting to feel its effects.

You step on those magical ladders, hoping it will be a friend to your advantage.

You look down. It turns out that the friend becomes the enemy.

You look at the number and you almost start crying. This can not be happening. No again.

You are upset. No worse.


You keep losing this battle and you want this battle to stop.

You wonder, ‘What does it take to finally shed those pesky pounds? What should I do? ‘

To be fair, it is a good question. One that not everyone asks!

Having said that, you can continue to do it the hard way.

This is where you are not sure where you are going. You dabble here and there. Try a little diet here, a little exercise there …

(you get the idea)

The only thing with this approach?

Not sustainable. Not even remotely.

Sooner or later you will have to face the reality of the situation.

And if you’re not careful, that reality can hurt. And it stings strongly.

Believe it or not, there is an easier way.

(I say easier way. It’s not easy by any means, but it’s a lot easier than what you’ve been doing)

This implies a vision. grit determination.

This implies something that not everyone has.

A routine!

What if I also told you (again, believe it or not), that there isn’t just one easier way …

But about 5!

Would you believe me

Well here it goes …

First things first, you must design your own weight loss program.

Diet, Part 1 (let’s start with the obvious first)

Make some changes to your diet.

Get rid of your bad nutritional habits like eating fast food, snacking, drinking soda, and eating more than you should. Make changes slowly so you have time to get used to your new diet.

Following your new diet will be easier if you plan your meals in advance and go grocery shopping regularly.

If you always have some healthy food at home, you will be less tempted to go to your favorite fast food restaurant.

Chewing fat: the 10 most offensive stereotypes

It’s hard enough dealing with image issues when you’re a woman. Everywhere you look, there are airbrushed models, unrealistic renderings, and judgments. As I got older, I realized the falsehood of these things and moved from comparing myself to models and actors.

However, as a plus size woman, I am often bothered by stereotypes and assumptions about us. It is time for us greats to speak up and be heard.

Recently, I was very disappointed when at a well-known writers conference they were reported (rightly) for deciding not to bring a staff member to this year’s event due to their size. Weight or height discrimination happens every day and has happened to me.

There are many different reasons why someone can be overweight, which is why stereotypes are so aggravating. But I think it’s safe to say that generalizing to ANY group of people is ignorant, wrong, and dangerous. Overweight women (and men) are no exception.

Below are the 10 most offensive stereotypes I’ve ever experienced and I think it’s time to bring them up.

  1. We are always eating.

Think of the TV sitcom where the token fat person is always shoving his face and has no self-control. This is partly a lazy way to type for a cheap laugh. But it is a common and annoying stereotype. And is it really that fun? Has this joke not been run enough?

  1. We are all lazy.

I’m busy from the moment my feet hit the ground in the morning until my head hits the pillow at night. I know of many other overweight people who suffer from the same thing. Just because we’re not hanging out at the gym like it’s a hobby doesn’t mean we’re sitting on our butts eating candy all day.

  1. We are all sick as a result of our weight.

I realize that being overweight can increase your risk for a multitude of diseases and problems (heart disease, diabetes, etc.). But it is not a GUARANTEE and it cannot be assumed that an overweight person is experiencing these challenges.

I remember the first time I got pregnant with my son. He was 37 years old and overweight. Don’t think I didn’t realize the top-down eyeball evaluations I was receiving. I wanted to say to them: “Yes! I am aware that I am fat and you think I am the age of Methuselah to give birth, but I am not stupid and I will take good care of myself and my son.”

I am not giving advice on this in any way, shape or form. Consult your doctor for that. But yes, I had a healthy pregnancy and child. I ate healthy and had excellent prenatal care. But I could have done it without all the judgment.

  1. We are jealous of thin people.

Not long ago, someone at work (who happens to be skinny) made a great point by talking to me to talk about how fat they think they are getting fat. It is very clear that I am much heavier than her and she was talking ONLY to me at that time. This is not the first time I’ve been told this kind of thing.

When someone who is obviously quite thin says this to someone who is obviously heavier, the first thing that comes to mind is that they want you to say, “Oh, I wish I was as thin as you are! absolute! “It’s an obvious fish for a compliment.

Here’s the thing, I don’t care who’s thinner than me. I’m not comparing myself to them! And if they need a fat person to envy them in order to feel good about themselves, then I feel sorry for them.

  1. We all have low self-esteem and we feel very bad about ourselves.

I am currently almost at my highest weight (and I am getting older), I feel better about myself than ever.

I realize that what people find attractive can vary dramatically. The only person I really care about being attracted to is my husband, and he doesn’t complain.

I once had a wellness coordinator that I patronize on and she said “you’re worth it,” as if she assumed that just because I was fat, I didn’t think I deserved to pursue what she felt was good for me.

  1. We don’t know that we are fat.

More than one person in my life has felt the need to point out that I am fat. We don’t need people to let us know that we are overweight. We are perfectly capable of knowing this on our own, and believe me, we do.

  1. We do not know how to lose weight ourselves.

We don’t need to be lit up with unsolicited advice like we don’t know you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Not all of us are completely helpless in this capacity and for many of us, if we want to lose enough weight, we will!

Sure, there are educated professionals who are very skilled and experienced in helping people achieve their goals. Nutritionists, personal trainers, trainers, etc., I am not saying at all that they are not important or valuable. What I mean is that we don’t need the “smelly eye” if we indulge ourselves in a few seconds or eat dessert.

I once asked a coworker to show me her sandwich, which had a lot of veggies, and she’d say “Oh, look at that. Doesn’t it look pretty, colorful, and delicious with all those veggies?” He said this to me as if I were a child, as if he was introducing me to the idea of ​​eating vegetables. I’m sure of his patronizing schedule due to other things he had said to me in the past.

  1. We are all merry bums.

Is it really that much fun that so many goofy and silly characters from TV, books, and movies are chubby? Do they need to be depicted as often as lovable, straightforward fools? We’re not all stupid and uneducated, but lovable idiots. Think of the burly boy in the children’s adventure movie who always needs to be rescued or the burly cartoon mouse who is always left behind … you get the idea.

Some of us are highly educated and successful professionals. We are goal-oriented and have a lot to offer an organization with our well-developed careers.

  1. There is a link with obesity and hygiene.

Nor are we less likely to see each other or dress professionally to present ourselves well. Once a member of my family told me about someone who thought he looked unsanitary (and turned out to be overweight) saying, “Well, I know fat smells …”. My eyes popped out of my head. I’ve been around too many skinny, smelly people for this to be absolute!

We know this is a common stereotype or we wouldn’t see the sloppy character on a TV show or movie portrayed as fat. You’ve seen it: stains on the shirt, wrinkled clothing, general unkempt appearance. This shouldn’t even have to be said, but not all overweight people are unhygienic (from crying out loud …)

  1. That it is someone else’s business or that discrimination should be tolerated.

What I want to say to these stereotype creators is this: if it doesn’t affect you, then don’t judge. It really is nobody else’s business what someone weighs or what size they wear. It is not okay to transfer your own low self-esteem onto a fat person to make yourself feel better.

Stereotypes and assumptions are destructive. This is where discrimination is born. This is how we get overlooked for promotions and opportunities. It is not okay to discriminate against someone for any reason, and size is no exception.

It’s out there, the challenge is real. It is time for us to talk.