8 Simple Steps on How to Choose Friends Wisely

We all need friends with whom we can talk, someone with whom we can vent our difficulties in life. Or maybe we want a friend we can have fun with. Finding the right friend who can meet your expectations can be a challenge. You want a friend with whom you share the same values, a friend who can encourage you, congratulate you after you achieve something, who respects you and also a friend who does not take advantage of you.

By choosing the right friends, you will avoid disappointment, stress, or even depression.

You should find a friend who has your best interest at heart. There may be people who seem to care about your life, but in reality they are only interested in getting something from you for their own selfish benefit and will do anything without caring about you, even if you are friendly with them.

Before knowing how to choose your friends, you must “study everyone”, know their weaknesses and strengths, try to understand them. This will give you an understanding to choose your friends and also to become a leader.

The following are the steps I use to help me select the right friends.

1. Choose a friend with the same values ​​as you.

Everyone has their own values ​​and it is imperative that a person who is your friend does not go against these values.

Let’s say you are very respectful of your possessions and would hate someone who would treat your possessions with disrespect. So you should look for a friend who has your best interest at heart and not a friend who is willing to please people regardless of your boundaries. This is a person who can easily betray you, especially if he is a person who tries to be cool so he can fit in with another social group.

2. Choose a Friend who encourages you.

A Friend who encourages you is almost the best friend. This is a person who is interested in your life, your goals and what you want to achieve without manipulating you for her own selfish benefit. A friend who encourages you will not put you in a place where you are envious. A person who makes you envious and pretends to be your friend doesn’t really care about you.

Such a person will talk almost all the time about their greatest achievements or their next big projects that will make them successful. Avoid these people because their actions will make you jealous which will lead to stress and then depression, they can easily destroy your life and they won’t even care what happened to you.

3. Choose a Friend who shares similar interests.

These are the fun friends and they are the best friends to be with when you are feeling down. You could share interests like music, sports, the arts, or adventure.

4. Choose a friend who can celebrate your Success.

It is very rare to find a friend who can celebrate your success. If you find one, be sure to keep it close by. This is a true friend because that person is interested in you, he will push you to achieve your goals and celebrate each milestone.

5. Avoid manipulative people.

People who are manipulative are smart. They can easily trick you into becoming their friend. This is how those people trick you into becoming their friend;

  • They will tell you some truth about their life so that they can build trust with you (in turn, you will think that this is a person who sees you as a good friend and you do not want to disappoint them).

  • They will start helping you when you need assistance, even when you haven’t asked for it.

  • Then they will realize your interests and they will come up with something that will make you envious.

  • They will ask you about your goals and achievements in life for their own selfish benefit and will not encourage you to reach them.

If you suspect that someone is manipulating you for their own selfish gain, be sure to end the friendship.

6. Avoid people who love to gossip.

Gossiping is childish; you should find a friend who likes to mind his own business. Do not rush to choose the friends of him. People who love to gossip and are your friends can easily destroy your reputation, even if it means saving their own skin.

If you have a friend and you suspect that they are gossiping, make sure you confront them carefully, because if you don’t, the friendship will turn awkward and eventually you will become enemies.

7. Choose a friend with common goals.

If you have a life goal of owning a certain business and you meet a person with the same dream, you should make sure that you become friends. When selecting those friends (this is not the case in all situations, as it depends on the people working together), make sure that they do not have the same skills, as this can lead to competition and instead of working together, They will be rivals.

8. Choose friends who always want to learn more.

Knowledge is the key in life, having friends who can help you learn something new from them is great. They can give you information that will help you in your life.

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