How to deal with depression from being in a long distance relationship

The key to overcoming this depression and being able to stay happy and full of joy and still improve the relationship, there are some simple things you can do. It doesn’t matter that you are in a longer distance relationship, as long as you continue to communicate often, do little things for each other to enhance the sense of connection, be active when apart to feel less lonely and depressed, and have a plan for when. they will see each other again.

Communicate often

One of the ways to make sure you don’t get depressed during a long distance relationship is to make sure you communicate frequently. Learn what works best for both of you. Some people love the phone, others hate it. Some like to send text messages. It doesn’t matter what you use to communicate, just communicate. And use some of the amazing technologies out there to improve communication. They each get a Skype account so they can see each other while talking. There are many great ways to see and hear each other even at great distances, use them to your advantage and have fun.

Do little things

Another great secret to coping with depression in a long distance relationship is doing the little things. When you are a person, you should be doing simple little things like bringing flowers home etc. You can still do these same things when you are in a long distance relationship. There is basically no limit to what you can find to be delivered anywhere you want, be it flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. And don’t be afraid to go old school. Write handwritten love letters and send them randomly. Or take the photos you have and turn them into a book using one of the fun online sites that will create individual books. Just be aware of what you love about the other person and find wonderful ways to remind them of the feeling they give you.

Be active

Sometimes when you are not with your loved one, you may have a tendency to want to sit up and become depressed. You start to think, if I can’t be with the person I love, why should I do something? This is exactly the wrong attitude to take. Since you are in a long distance relationship, use the time you would have spent with your loved one to do other things. It can be hanging out with friends, getting in shape, etc. It can also be the perfect time to learn something new that will improve your relationship. Learn to play the piano, or the guitar, or learn to dance, etc. You will think about your loved one while keeping yourself busy and enhancing the time you spend together at the same time.

Plan the next meeting

And the final secret to making sure you cope with long-distance depression is knowing when the long-distance part will end. It is less important how long it will be until you are together next time and more important is that you know that you will get back together. So pick a date in the future and create it. Make sure to put it on your calendars and book all the necessary flights, etc. If they end up seeing each other before this planned date, even better, but at least they know they will. Help.

You can and will survive the challenges of a long distance relationship. Sometimes you will feel bad, but as long as you keep communicating, keep doing the little things, stay active, and know that the next time you see each other, everything will be fine.

Can my personal injury claim end in a structured settlement?

When you find yourself in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit, your mind is constantly on the move with questions about all the possible outcomes of your case. Although you may have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side who is fighting for your rights to compensation, it can be difficult to settle down until the case is fully resolved.

Many people are concerned about their settlements and wonder how they will get paid in the end. Questions like “Will I get all my money at once?” and “Can my compensation be awarded as a structured payment?” are common concerns of most personal injury plaintiffs.

Structured settlements

A structured settlement is an agreed periodic payment plan in which the recipient receives a specified amount of money over a specified period of time; and they are a common result of a personal injury settlement. There are advantages and disadvantages to structured payments, depending on your particular perspective.

The number one benefit of a structured settlement is that you generally get more money overall. In a lump sum payment, the amount is generally negotiated lower. Another important benefit is personal financial management. When a large sum of money is paid overtime, it is generally easier to manage your finances, pay bills, save money, and maintain a positive financial portfolio. It can also be especially beneficial in terms of tax obligations.

Additional benefits:

  • Easier tax planning
  • Possible benefits of income tax
  • Additional annual income
  • Broader grant opportunities
  • Budget protection

One of the common disadvantages of the salary structure is limitation. For those who consider themselves financial savvy, not receiving their full compensation can be a major constraint, as you cannot use the money to make lucrative investments. In other cases, a personal injury victim has already paid all hospital bills, medical bills, and other related expenses out of pocket. They have also incurred loss of wages from work; therefore, not receiving full payment can be frustrating, as victims in this type of situation are simply trying to get the money back where it was before the accident.

The result of a structured agreement

If you win your claim and an insurance company agrees to give you a structured settlement, you won’t receive a paycheck right away. Instead, you will be paid a fixed amount over a set period of time. The terms of structured settlement agreements vary from case to case, and payment amounts and schedules can be set in many different ways. These payments generally begin as soon as all the paperwork is processed; however, this time frame can vary and can sometimes take up to a year to start receiving payments.

Penis Health and Anejaculation: What to Do If It Occurs

Men who are interested in maintaining an active and enjoyable sex life make penile health a top priority. After all, good penis health has a direct impact on how much pleasure a man gets from his sexual activities. But there are some conditions, such as anejaculation, that can have a serious effect on a man’s sex life, even if the penis remains in good shape.

What is anejaculation?

Most men have never heard of anejaculation, which in a way is a good thing. It is a fairly rare condition, which means that most men will not have to deal with it. But what is it exactly?

The word “anejaculation” means “no ejaculation” and that describes the problem quite accurately: men with this condition cannot ejaculate semen. The man still produces sperm, but the prostate gland and seminal ducts cannot release the semen, often due to a blockage.

This does not mean that they do not become erect or react to stimulation. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t have an orgasm; many men with anejaculation have an orgasm, but they do so without ejaculating.

Forms of anejaculation

There are several types of anejaculation. Situational anejaculation means that there are times when a man can ejaculate and others when he cannot. Situational anejaculation is often the result of tension and anxiety. For example, a man may be asked to give a semen sample in a doctor’s office, but he may feel pressured and cannot release the seed despite all the proper movements. In some other cases, a man may ejaculate during masturbation but not during intercourse (or the other way around, too).

Total anejaculation means that a man can never ejaculate. In these cases, you may have orgasmic or anorgasmic anejaculation. In the first, orgasm is achieved; in the latter it is not. (In some cases, a man with anorgasmic anejaculation is capable of both ejaculation and orgasm, but only while sleeping.)

Some men have primary anejaculation and have never ejaculated; others have secondary anejaculation and have achieved ejaculation at some point in their lives.


There can be several causes of anejaculation. Situational anejaculation is often related to psychological factors, especially stress. Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions (including spinal cord problems) that affect the nervous system can also be to blame, as can traumatic injuries or surgery to the groin and surrounding areas. Low testosterone levels and certain psychotropic medications can also be part of the problem.


Treatment depends on the root cause. Psychological factors can be worked on with a trained mental health therapist. Changing medications or hormonal therapy may be appropriate in other cases, as may proper management of underlying conditions, such as diabetes, that create the anejaculation situation. Vibrator therapy can be helpful in producing ejaculation in some cases, as can electrical stimulation; both must be supervised by a doctor for safety reasons.

The health of the penis can be affected by an ejaculation when the penis continues to receive stimulation after orgasm (or in search of an orgasm), because the man assumes that the lack of ejaculation means that the sexual experience is not over. This can lead to extreme pain that can be relieved by applying a top-notch penis health cream. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Calming the penis in such situations requires a cream with shea butter (one of the main emollients) and vitamin E, both of which provide healing hydration for a penis that has been rubbed raw. The presence of vitamin C in the cream is also essential, since vitamin C is known for its role in the production of collagen, which in turn gives tone and elasticity to the skin of the penis. Rough sex, due to anejaculation or other reasons, requires proper regular care to keep the penis healthy.

Understand the mechanism of the female orgasm

Boys and men, if you are curious about the mechanism of the female orgasm, you must first understand how women feel when they actually arrive. Different terms are used to refer to her: climax, coming, getting the big O. But it means the same thing: reaching the sexual peak. This is the culmination of all those acts that contribute to increasing the intensity of sexual arousal. For a woman’s orgasm, there are several things to consider, which makes it a bit of a mess.

Understanding the female orgasm

The characteristics of the female orgasm include strong contractions of the muscles of the body (particularly the genitals) and the hardening of the sexual organs that ultimately creates extremely pleasurable feelings that involve the mind, body and soul. Your heartbeat skyrockets, your breathing becomes shallow, and your blood pressure skyrockets! Organs that are actively involved in female orgasm include the vagina, uterus, pelvic floor, and anus.

Researchers say that chemicals called endorphins are released into the bloodstream during sexual arousal. These chemicals are responsible for producing all the pleasurable sensations that are connected to the sexual peak. When a woman is sexually touched, her body begins to secrete sex hormones, the main one of which is estrogen. This hormone is solely responsible for creating sexual desire in her. When your organs such as breasts, buttocks, clitoris, armpits, neck, lips and thighs are caressed, your hormonal secretions reach their peak and further stimulate the sexual organs.

Body reactions to orgasm

At orgasm, the breasts tighten and the nipples become so sensitive that they contract to a certain extent. Blood flows more freely to the female genital organs, such as the vaginal tract, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and anus. This makes these organs very sensitive to touch. Continuously rubbing the genitals and stroking her other intimate parts increases her hormonal secretion. Research indicates that vaginal orgasm includes the super stimulation of something called the G-spot (Graafenberg’s spot).

This G-spot is a group of small nerve branches about the size of a quarter. This is about 1 to 2 inches into the vagina on the side closest to the belly button. When something touches the G-spot (most likely a finger, penis, or vibrator), it becomes extremely sensitive and can swell so much in some women that it can be easily detected.

Understanding the mechanism of the female orgasm includes a lot of learning, from how to touch a woman in the right places to how to caress her various organs so that they are well stimulated. Unlike the male orgasm, a perfect and powerful female orgasm requires a series of successful events and failure at any one of them can ruin your mood and become unresponsive.

In this case, a man can enjoy his body and arrive the way he wants, but a woman, if not brought to her sexual peak, remains unsatisfied, frustrated and disgusted. Clitoral stimulation plays an important role in female orgasms and therefore should never be ignored. A man who learns the technique of turning a woman on with foreplay is the ultimate winner.

How to make a girl wet easily

She used to get really wet when you had sex with her. But lately, he seems to have trouble getting wet. What can you do to get their juices flowing again?

Why do women experience decreased lubrication? There are many factors that can affect the female sex drive. Some factors are obvious, while others are definitely not. Age, life, energy level, and hormones all play a role in increasing female libido, and if one or more of those factors aren’t working well, your libido could plummet.

How to get it wet and how you can help

(1) Make her feel comfortable

A large part of a woman’s sexual satisfaction depends largely on her state of mind. She must feel sexy to feel sexual. If you’re not in the mood, find out what’s on your mind. It is good to open the door of communication to allow you to vent some frustrations of the day that will allow you to relax and let go. Also, you can tell that she is really upset with you and keeping your ears open and staying calm will guarantee a much more favorable response from her.

Instead of reacting to what she is not doing for you, think about what you can do for her. Something as simple as giving her your shoulder to cry on is enough. You can also get her a bottle of her favorite wine so she can relax over dinner. Well, getting a woman drunk can always make her horny and want to have sex. After dinner, you can give him a back or foot massage. When she is physically and mentally relaxed, you can start playing her. This will show her that you are a considerate lover who is more concerned with including her in sex than using her to get yours.

(2) Be patient during foreplay

Female lubrication begins with hormones that send signals to the brain, causing you to become sexually aroused enough to “wake up” your clitoris and vagina to be ready for sex. The inner and outer lips of the vagina will then swell. Later, the vaginal walls and lips, which have those little glands called vulvovaginals, will begin to secrete fluid to allow penetration.

Female arousal normally takes longer than male arousal, therefore foreplay is very important. Your brain needs to feel sexy in order for your body to feel sexy. Keep things slow and steady to allow her more non-sexual caresses, kisses, and strokes so that she becomes more fully aroused.

Go and kiss her whole body. Kissing and caressing two places at the same time generates great stimulation. When touching her, do not forget that a woman has many erogenous zones throughout her body that also crave attention. Feel free to rub, kiss, and even nibble on those neglected sexually sensitive areas on your cheeks, ears, nape, inner elbows, knees, and buttocks. Remember to take your time and read their body language. There are certain areas that may be more sensitive or sensitive to stimulation for her and you should spend more time and effort on them.

(3) Give him manual and oral stimulation before intercourse.

Start by turning her on with manual and / or oral clitoral stimulation. Make sure the clitoral shaft, clitoris and labia have plenty of action with your hand and tongue. A good move is to grab the skin around the clitoris and rub it.

Continue clitoral stimulation while searching for your G-spot. If you have trouble doing two things at once, you can hold a vibrator at the lower end of the vaginal opening which responds very well to stimulation. If the vibrations are too strong, you can place a towel or cloth between the vibrator and the vaginal opening to decrease the intensity.

How to stimulate the G-spot? Slightly bend two fingers with your palms facing up and then insert about two inches inward / upward from your vaginal opening. If you are not sure, ask if there is a specific point or area that gives you intense or pleasant sensations when massaged, which is your G-spot. When you feel yourself approaching orgasm, apply a firmer touch, if you enjoy it. Maintain a steady and steady rhythm until you reach orgasm. Then switch to a very gentle caress as you come down from your orgasm. If you experience multiple orgasms, your orgasms and ejaculations may become more intense and you will lubricate a lot. If she has an orgasm with your fingers inside her vagina, the vaginal muscles can squeeze them with great force and when this happens, do not pull them, but press gently.

(4) Have sex regularly

Frequent stroking of the clitoris and vulva will activate the nerve pathways that carry sexual stimulation to the brain. These nerves that are responsible for sexual arousal will weaken if there is little or no use for some time. Don’t just wait for the urge to come have sex. If we always waited for this to happen, some of us would never have sex again. Sometimes it is important to do it even if you are not in the mood. Once you start the ball rolling, the desire and arousal often follow. Therefore, having sex regularly will keep your juices flowing naturally.

Masturbation Statistics: What’s the frequency, buddy?

Considering that it is something that basically all men supposedly do, there are surprisingly few current statistics on masturbation. There is no question that it is a popular hobby, but it would be valuable to have a large-scale comprehensive study that focuses on masturbation in the way it deserves to be approached. Men (and presumably women) are going to masturbate no matter what the actual stats are, if only for fun (and also contributes to good penis care), but knowing what the facts are could make practicing masturbation more acceptable to everyone.


There have been countless surveys and polls on masturbation, but there are problems with most of them. First of all, many of them are simply “click baits” or “hoaxes” – ways to keep people engaged with a particular website. And that creates some serious sampling biases. For example, if 1,000 men respond to a pornographic website masturbation survey, and 900 of them say they masturbate twice a day or more, that frequency may be skewed by the fact that the men responding to the survey they are not necessarily representative of the general male population.

Also, there may be problems with the scope. If a survey asks if one person masturbates, that can mean different things to different people. A man may answer yes, because he has masturbated a few times in his life; another who has also masturbated only a few times in his life may answer no because he does not consider such a low frequency worth reporting. And what if a man considers that stroking the penis without ejaculating is considered masturbation while another respondent does not?


All of which is to say that there are very few masturbation studies of significant value, especially among those conducted in recent years. However, here are some statistics that are commonly criticized.

Tenga, a company that makes sex toy products, surveyed 1,200 adults. The data is likely biased, but it does present some interesting figures, including:

– 95% of men and 81% of women have masturbated in their lifetime.

– On average, men masturbate 15 times a month and women 8 times a month.

– On average, people who are not in a relationship masturbate 16 times a month; those who are in a relationship masturbate 10 times a month, on average.

– Millennials masturbate 15 times a month, compared to Generation X (12 times a month) and Baby Boomers (7 times a month).

That last statistic is somewhat consistent with what is generally “known” about masturbation and age: that people masturbate more as teenagers and young adults, and then go down a bit, although it is often speculated that masturbation rates they recover after 50 years or more. A 2010 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found a somewhat different picture: Only 43% of men ages 14-17 had masturbated during the last month of the survey, starting an arc that steadily increased to ages 25-29 (nearly 69%). , then it fell steadily to age 70 and over (28%).

A 2016 online survey by StatisticBrain again found that 95% of men masturbate, with 40% masturbating daily and 55% masturbating weekly. The same survey found that 70% of married men masturbate and that 17% of all men have used a vibrator when masturbating.

Staying in good shape, no matter the stats

The statistics may not be 100% representative, but they do verify that a lot of masturbation is practiced on a daily basis. So to keep their penises in good shape, men should regularly apply a penis health cream from the top drawer (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be gentle and safe for the skin). Penises that have been rubbed raw need to revitalize the skin, which requires hydration, so use a cream with shea butter and vitamin E, two excellent moisturizers. In addition, excessive masturbation can cause some loss of sensitivity of the penis; a neuroprotective acetyl L carnitine cream is the ticket to helping restore diminished sensation to the penis.

Soft Penis Sex Tips: When Hard Isn’t Happening

A big and strong member is the goal of every man, but the reality is that sometimes what a man has to work with is a soft penis. Most of the sex advice related to the soft penis focuses on ways to make it hard, and that’s certainly commendable; However, sometimes the hardness just isn’t going to happen the way you want it to, even when a man maintains excellent penis health. For those times when relative softness is the order of the day (or night), the following sexual tips may be helpful.

A soft penis is not a disinterested penis.

Because the typical image of a sexually compromised penis is one that is as tough as steel, it is easy to forget that a man can be sexually interested and still be soft. This is especially true when a previously hard penis has become a bit flaccid. The tool still feels the need to snag, but physical conditions have caused the hardness factor to change. Couples who come across a soft penis shouldn’t take it as a sign of rejection, but it may mean that if anticipated entertainment involves penetration, there may need to be a change of plans.

Use the situation to explore.

Many men and their partners think that a soft penis that prevents penetration means not having sex. In fact, the presence of a soft penis can allow a couple to make further explorations of their bodies. The squishy partner can actually take a tour of his partner’s body, using his tongue and fingers to cause arousal in a variety of erogenous zones. And the partner can certainly return the favor.


Just because penetration is off the table does not mean there cannot be genital-to-genital collaboration. Many couples find it extremely exciting to lie face to face and rub each other’s genitals. Some also report an erotic tingling from having the woman lying down with her legs spread wide and the man kneeling by her side, taking his soft penis and tapping it gently against her lips and clitoris.

Take out the toys.

When a soft penis is presented, it can provide an excellent opportunity to test some sex toys with each other. For example, sharing a vibrator can be a tremendously sensual experience, as can each partner having a vibrator and pleasing the other at the same time. Edible underwear can add a playful and tasteful look to the evening. A dildo for a female partner’s vagina is an obvious choice, but men may also consider exploring anal penetration on their own a bit.


Masturbation is too often a solo activity, even between couples who have been together for years. Mutual masturbation is often practiced with one partner pleasing the other manually, but each partner pleasing themselves in front of the other is much rarer. Couples may want to take advantage of a soft penis to openly masturbate, recounting their experience as they go along and commenting on how exciting they find the activity in the moment. A person can discover a lot about the pleasures of their partner by watching her masturbate. (And partners don’t have to wait for a soft penis to occur to enjoy this exhilarating experience!)

There are more sex tips for when there is a soft penis, including mutual oral sex, body painting, etc., but these offer an idea of ​​what can be done. Soft or hard, the health of the bar is crucial, which is why a first-class penis health cream is used. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) it should be part of every man’s daily routine. The best is a cream with many amino acids and vitamins. Most men want one that includes L-arginine, an ingredient that helps in the production of nitric oxide. why is it so good? Because nitric oxide helps keep the blood vessels in the penis open. It is also advisable to look for a cream with vitamin C, which plays a key role in the formation of collagen and the firmness of the penis tissue. Applying the cream regularly helps maintain a soft penis, a hard penis, and any penis in between in better health.

Can normal people have sex like Christian and Ana in Fifty Shades of Gray?

In Fifty Shades, Ana teaches Christian how to make love. Until they met, he just knew how to “have fun”, hard. Ana enjoys the Kinky “Funery” they share; my wife and I have the same ideas.

I have always portrayed my sex life in three different ways: Make love, Have sex Y Funning.

All three ways are very enjoyable for both my wife (in her twenties!) And me – the difference between the three styles has always been the level of romance involved in the act.

Make love It is a very romantic activity and usually begins long before the evening. We take our time to warm up, share a glass of wine, and generally enjoy the excitement of the building. When the evening ends it is a beautiful sexual act full of passion and love. Make love It is a great commitment in time and it is very satisfying for both my wife and me.

Have sex It is not too romantic, the build-up is significantly less, and the effort is greatly reduced. I enjoy having sex, but in general there is not much for my wife. She is very generous with the amount of sex she offers and strengthens our relationship in other areas knowing that I will never be dissatisfied with my sex life.

Funning it has no romance whatsoever and is a pure act of passion and need. It takes the same time to really prepare Fun how do you do it for Make love, but the preparations are different. When we Fun we choose one person to be “on top” and that person is responsible for all the preparation and experience of the other person. We usually take turns being on the ‘bottom’ as it is pure pleasure without any real effort.

The ‘Top’ of the night generally sets the scene, teases the ‘bottoms’ about what’s to come, and generally works to create a sense of anticipation and anticipation. When the time comes, Top takes the background to the scene and takes full control of the experience. Once the bottom has had one (or more, or many more) orgasms, the Top can choose if they would also like to climax.

So can normal people have sex like Christian and Ana? Absolutely. It takes some preparation and some pretty expensive toys, as well as a place where no one will disturb you with a phone call or knock on the door.

The easiest way to do this is to rent a place that supplies most of the expensive toys and allows you to get away from your normal routine and location. Ask the host couple if they will take care of the scene and setting and offer you a variety of toys that you can rent or buy. The scene can include dancing, being tied to a large sex cabinet, or simply riding a saddle-like vibrator that guarantees a body-shaking orgasm.

Make sure the hosts instruct you on the safe use of each toy and suggest music and activities that you can try while in their private Red Room. You also want to make sure you have a safe, quiet, and private place to rest or sleep after you finish playing. Make sure to ask if there is a shower available too!

It’s not as scary as you might think, and with experienced hosts gently and discreetly guiding you through your first night of Fifty Shades, this is how it might begin. Make love, have sex and have fun

Are you addicted to sex toys? The truth about women who prefer "Toys" About sex with you!

Are you addicted to sex toys? Do you prefer “alone time” rather than spending time with you? What does it mean when your girlfriend, wife, or lover seems to value alone time more than sex?

Do any of these questions sound familiar to you? If you are like the millions of men who care about their ability to satisfy their partner in the bag, the truth is that a woman who enjoys sexual “accessories”, especially her time alone, can be very intimidating.

Why? Because for many men, it’s a sign that they may NOT be doing the right thing and that their woman is literally taking her sexual satisfaction into her own hands.

Is it possible for a woman to become “addicted” to sex toys?

The truth is, like any other pleasurable behavior that can become obsessive, or compulsive, it is.

The good news?

It is rare, and a woman who really compulsively uses any type of instrument of personal pleasure in a hyperactive way, usually does NOT do it just for orgasm or sexual sensations. It is usually a sign of hypercompulsive sexual desire and often other deeper, unrelated psychological problems.

The bad news?

The REAL problem men are concerned about is genuine. Many women resort to masturbation, either using a “toy” or otherwise, simply because they cannot climax during sex.

The reasons women report that they are NOT able to orgasm with their partner during sexual intercourse?

In a highly publicized sex survey conducted in late 2012, the top reasons women privately reported preferring a sex toy like a vibrator over partner sex were as follows.

1 – Your male partners climaxed too quickly. Not surprisingly, sexual stamina and staying power remain the number one complaint women make about bad sex.

2 – His partners were “doing it wrong”. Believe it or not, especially with men under the age of 30, lack of sexual ability is one of the most common reasons why a woman is unable to orgasm and ultimately resorts to using an assistant like another vibrator. late, in private. (often when our man has fallen asleep or the next morning when he is gone)

3 – Poor compatibility between the “parts of the body”. Many men are simply not adequately gifted to satisfy their partners during sexual intercourse. The truth is that around 80% of women have a hard time reaching orgasm due to size or stamina issues with their current partners. They can’t get to the right places … and even if they are, they can’t last long enough to bring her to orgasm.

Many women are simply not willing to commit any more to the “climax” part of the sexual experience and will resort to making sure they get their own release, often on our own!

Lastly, sex toys DO WORK! With so many myths and misinformation about the female orgasm, the truth is that over 90% of women report being able to orgasm each and every time when they use a sex toy or accessory.

Compare this to the abysmally bad rates women report of being able to climax during “real” sex, it’s no wonder many of us now seem “addicted” to our erotic assistants and prefer more “alone” time than usual. What do we say to her

Cunniligus training: the art of performing cunniligus for mind-blowing orgasms

The act of performing cunniligus on a woman can have a very positive effect on her sex life. It can make her feel something she has never felt before: a mind-blowing orgasm. You will be surprised to know that only 35% of women can reach an orgasm during sexual intercourse. This means that 2/3 of women who have sex do not get the full satisfaction they want and need. Enter cunniligus training to the rescue to improve your sex life and your woman’s happiness and pleasure. If you learn these sexual techniques correctly, you can guarantee yourself more nights of intense pleasure that will make her crave you.

So how is cunniligus performed?

While making out with your girl, you can start to slowly work your way down to her pubic area. Slowly kiss her neck, then go down to her chest, but not just her breasts. You can gently lick the area between your breasts and then continue to your stomach and the beginning of your pubic area. Move to the side and gently kiss her hips and the cleft of her pelvis. You can gently slide your tongue around this area, varying its degrees of pressure. Their moans will let you know how you are.

Now proceed to lick your inner thighs next to your vagina. Don’t be in a rush to start cunniligus. The slower you go, the more time she will have to get turned on and feel all the pleasure you are about to give her. Make sure your tongue is wet and you have a lot of saliva to make it comfortable. You want to spend a few moments licking around her vagina without licking her vagina directly.

Now this next part can give you goosebumps if you do it right.

Bring your tongue as close as you can without barely touching her and slowly slide your tongue over her lips. You can do this several times before actually starting oral sex. Caress your lips with your tongue on both sides. You can alternate making your tongue large and small to increase and decrease sensations. As you slowly work your way from the bottom of her vagina to her clitoris, harden your tongue and gently tap her clit as you reach it. Like a lollipop movement.

Next, it is time to delve deeper into the vagina. You can use your fingers and gently spread her labia majora and minora so that you can see the more pronounced vaginal opening and clitoris. You may notice that it has swelled up due to your arousal. As you did before, bring your tongue as close as possible and perform a light licking touch of the vagina. Then apply more pressure on the next licks. Then gently insert your tongue into your vagina and run along the vaginal walls. If you feel like she’s really into what you’re doing, it’s time to tease her and back off a bit. This will make her want you more and the feelings will be more intense when you start again. What you need to do is work your way back from the vagina to the labia, the inner thighs, the pelvic area, the chest, and the breast and neck area. Then do it again. Doing this will allow your entire body to feel the pleasure and prepare you for a mind-blowing orgasm.

When you return to the vagina, you can apply a little more pressure to the labia and clitoris. Lick it in all different directions, don’t just go up and down. Go sideways, diagonally, etc. You can put your labia in your mouth and gently suck on them. Then proceed to suck the clitoris gently. This is very sensitive and enjoyable, so you can expect your body to squirm as you do it. You can close your lips over her clit and start humming that she acts like a human vibrator. As you work on your cunniligus training, it’s not just about using your mouth and tongue. You can insert one or two fingers into the vagina while sucking and licking it.

Doing this can help bring her to orgasm and make her scream loud enough to wake up the neighbors.

Continue with the cunniligus until she has an orgasm or tells you to put your penis inside her because she can no longer resist it. You will discover while doing the cunniligus what most excites your woman. Make a note of this in your mind for the future. Don’t be afraid to ask him what he likes and doesn’t like. It’s about pleasing her and making sure she has a mind-blowing climax. Keep your tongue moist and use lots of saliva around the labia, vagina, and clitoris. When you perform oral sex on your woman and give her extreme pleasure, she will love you more and more often. You will have a happy and satisfied lover who will be in the mood for the way you make her feel.