The benefits of electric vehicles

With the popularity of electric vehicles, the costs of owning one are rapidly falling. The reason is that drivers can enjoy many benefits by making the switch. Electric vehicles offer many benefits, such as savings on taxes, fuel, and maintenance costs, just to name a few. These cars can save you tons of money. Let’s take a look at some common benefits of an EV.

cost of electric cars

Electric vehicles offer excellent value for money in the long run. If you’re looking for a cheaper yet more efficient way to travel, electric vehicles are your best bet. Depending on the model you want to opt for, the cost of this purchase varies. However, you can buy a model within the limits of your budget.

cheaper maintenance

Although the prices of electric vehicles are similar to those of diesel or gasoline cars, they do not cost as much in terms of operation. They come with tax incentives, government subsidies, better fuel efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs.

Battery-powered vehicles offer the most fuel efficiency. Typically, these cars have three main parts: motor, inverter, and the on-board charger. Therefore, the car does not suffer much wear.

Better for the Environment

Electric cars have no tailpipe emissions, making them better for the environment than traditional vehicles. A plug-in hybrid vehicle has an electric motor and a small battery that can allow you to travel 30 miles.

Advances in technology help make vehicles greener, quieter and more efficient.

Fast charge

You can charge your EV at home efficiently. After you’ve installed a charging unit outside your home, you can charge your electric vehicle in just a few hours. Most electric vehicles can be charged in just 8 to 12 hours. With fast chargers, charging time can be reduced to less than an hour.

High-end models can provide a driving experience of up to 500 miles after the unit has been fully charged. So, you can have loads of fun for hours.

A quieter driving experience

When you start an electric car, one of the most important things you will experience is the quietness of the car. Since there will be no vibration, you can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable driving experience.

All electric vehicles feature instant torque. You will get quick response from the car the moment you step on the accelerator. Therefore, these vehicles are an ideal option if you drive mainly in the city.

The future of vehicles

Since electric vehicles offer numerous advantages over traditional vehicles, they will replace conventional vehicles in the future. Over time, the charging time will be reduced to minutes and the autonomy will be considerably extended. So people will only buy electric cars.

So, if you are thinking of buying an electric car, we suggest that you go ahead and make this purchase. Although these cars cost more to buy, they can save a lot of money on fuel and maintenance.

What Most Vision Insurance Policies Cover

Almost like in the case of a car, the eyes need to be checked periodically to make sure that our vision continues to function properly. And, just like a car, eye care can also cost a hefty sum of money. Vision insurance helps people who have refractive errors (including those who are nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatism) and can help reduce their expenses and allow them to plan for vision care for the future.

Many people hesitate to purchase vision insurance because they don’t understand how they really work. Say what should be covered and which doctors you can see.

What is vision insurance? Like dental insurance, vision insurance is a supplement to regular health insurance that covers routine care.

Vision insurance plans reduce the cost of routine eye exams and treatment and help pay for small portions of major eye care procedures.

Most plans require you to pay a regular monthly premium and, in exchange, offer eye care services at a reduced price (with discount eye care plans) or coverage for a specified number of services per year with only a small copay per visit (for benefit package view).

Most people decide to get vision insurance when their employers cover a fraction of it. Depending on your plan and the company you or your employer choose, you may be able to choose a doctor who is affiliated with a specific network.

What should you know to choose the best visual plan for you?

Don’t be surprised if part of this decision falls on your employer. This is often the circumstance. In this case, you only have to pay attention to what services are included in the policy and you are given the option of paying extra for a work that suits your specific needs.

Glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy are some of the pathologies most covered by conventional visual insurance. If you have any of these conditions, vision insurance will mean great savings for you. Other common benefits of vision insurance policies include: discounting or purchasing up to a limited number of glasses and lenses per year, and coverage for a fraction or all of the tests.

How to avoid home improvement fraud

When it comes to home construction, there are thousands of general contractors to choose from. The best way to separate reputable contractors from less-than-reputable ones is to do your research, ask the right questions, require proof of credentials, and choose a contractor who works specifically in the field you need. For example, if you need to replace your roof, choose a licensed roofing contractor over a home remodeling contractor. A vague job description may mean that they specialize in a wide range of construction projects. Instead, you want a contractor who will operate your business with a keen focus on roof repair and replacement.

One of the biggest problems in the home construction industry is contractor scams. It’s critical to always be wary of sneaky home improvement scams because they’re so common. They can easily cost a homeowner thousands of dollars if they fall victim to dishonesty. Fortunately, anyone can avoid becoming a victim of home improvement scams with the right knowledge and attitude. Read on for important information on how to spot these types of scams, protect yourself from fake loans, and who to turn to if you have a bad experience with an unethical contractor.

Signs a contractor is trying to scam you:

– They knock on door to door and offer their business.

– They arrive at your door and offer you discounts for recommending other customers.

– They tell you that they can give you a deal because they have leftover materials from another job.

– They give you ultimatums or pressure you to make an immediate decision.

– They only accept cash payments and/or require you to pay all fees up front.

– They know a lender and recommend that he lend them money.

– They tell you to get the necessary work permits for the work.

– They tell you that the work on your property is going to be a “demonstration”.

– They offer lifetime warranty or unlikely long term warranty.

– You cannot find your business number or name in any local directory.

Even one of these signs is an indication that you are not working with a responsible or experienced contractor. Also, you should beware of a similar loan scam. The disadvantages of home improvement loans are as common as they are detrimental. This can lead to you unknowingly signing up for a home equity loan with incredibly high interest rates, points, and fees. And since the contractor has already been paid for this loan, he may lose interest in the job and stop doing a good job; or worse, not completing the job at all.

How to report a bad experience

If you have a bad experience like this with a contractor, try working it out with them first. After any phone conversation, send them a certified letter, asking for a receipt in it. Then keep copies of all records. This paper trail is your record that the business or contractor received your letter. If this doesn’t work, you still have other options.

You can report them to certain industry organizations and possibly earn some sort of reward. This includes your state attorney general, your local consumer protection office, your local homebuilders association, local media “call to action” lines, and various dispute resolution programs in your city.

Free keyword research software

Keywords are the foundation of all search engine rankings. Users enter a few keyword phrases into a search engine to get the information they want. You need to find the best search engine optimization (SEO) keywords that will help drive targeted traffic to your site and thus help increase your sales.

If you set up your website or blog without researching your market and the right keywords, you can’t achieve your goal of making big money online from search traffic. However, it is an unbearable task to research the most popular keywords. Therefore, it is beneficial to use keyword research software.

Great keyword research software retrieves a good number of keywords and keyword phrases from the major search engines. They analyze the demand and supply of any market niche you prefer. They will help you discover the hidden market niche simply by pressing a few buttons; or generate a list of profitable keywords simply by clicking the mouse several times.

There are various free software programs available on the market. Some developers offer free trials if they have a paid solution. You can use them to discover the most powerful keywords in your market. I’ll list some of the most popular ones below that you can check out and do a quick Google search for even more details after my presentation.

“Good Keywords V3” is free keyword research software that helps you get the most out of your Google keyword research. You can easily manage your keyword research task with this software. The software finds the perfect target keywords, which are most likely to be used by your customers. Thus, you drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales. It analyzes your competition and helps to overcome the stiff competition that prevails in the online market. You can check the progress of your marketing efforts online, so you can be assured of earning more money.

“Keyword Spy” is effective keyword research software that offers free tracking. As its name suggests, the software spies on your competitors and helps you profit from their success. You can find a list of profitable keywords and ad copy combinations with the help of this software. Access a huge database of related and similar terms and keyword phrases. This helps you get keywords that target the right people.

“Keyword Discovery” is a powerful keyword research software that allows you to optimize the content of your web page. They have a free version and you can order the free trial by creating a free account. You need to provide some personal information like your company name, your first name, last name, country, email ID, phone number and website name. This software helps identify the correct keyword phrases that people would use to find the products and services they want. Provide support to maximize your pay-per-click campaigns. It helps to get more traffic to your site.

Keyword Discovery helps you find misspelled keywords. Many people have the problem of spelling the word correctly. They enter keywords by mistake. The software helps you take advantage of this. You can target commonly missed keywords. You can get different variations of each keyword. The most important advantage of the misspelled keyword is that it has less competition.

Free keyword research software is a great way to get the right keywords, which helps increase traffic to your website. Generating more traffic is the most important aspect of running a successful online business.

Is online film school worth it?

Most of the time, the biggest question is whether or not an online film school will be able to replace a traditional in-class method. The truth is; The industry is changing at a fast pace, so most people are looking for new ways to learn how to become a filmmaker.

What resources are available for learning?

Writer William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) wanted to write his first script years ago, but had no resources to begin with.

You couldn’t find books on how to write a screenplay in those days. In addition, there were no classes and the Internet was far from existing. However, in today’s world we have new avenues to become filmmakers.

Even if you want to learn how to make movies by reading first; tons of inexpensive books are at your disposal. Over time you will want to shape your skills, so the next step would be an online film school.

Online classes are available at the elementary or college levels these days. Even your local community college probably offers great options. This could include low tuition or cheap equipment to use. The question is; You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars at a big-name university just to make movies.

The wealth of information from Online Film Schools

With books becoming increasingly outdated, it’s easy to see how an online film school would have great information on hand. You can find everything online to help any student. Whether they are just starting out or polishing their skills; everyone can achieve their goals. So will the available information be the key to learning what it takes to get started?

Well, the practical approach is always better. The only way to start is by making movies. You can use the basic information and techniques just to get an idea of ​​what filmmaking entails. It’s actually a lot easier than most people starting out think.

This is where an online film school or other related sites will come into play. They offer a lot of information and you shouldn’t have to pay much or even nothing for it. The only exception would be if you need the one-on-one attention of a teacher. Oh, and don’t join a site that charges a small fee to access their content.

Free sites will provide all the basics. If you want to buy books, get the ones that have had good reviews. Once you’re done, it’s time to start making movies. All other areas can be focused on one by one like; ideas for stories, advertising, networking, etc. There will also be plenty of beginning actors wanting to practice their craft. You should also be able to find equipment to use.

It all comes down to the filmmakers not being doctors. People don’t care if you’re fully trained, licensed, or titled to make a movie. All they want is entertainment. All you have to do is take action and start learning about cinema. The sooner you start looking for an online film school, the faster you will finish your first film.

Lose Weight With Clubbells – Ancient Exercise Tool For Everlasting Fat Loss Results

It seems that with each passing day a new method of fat loss is discovered. But there’s very little that’s really new under the sun. And many of these new fat-loss solutions are nothing more than clever packaging at best, or sheer snake oil salesmanship at worst.

But there are simple tools that have endured for centuries and work just as well today as they did generations ago. Fortunately, these ancient tools are making a comeback as people search for simple and elegant solutions to their fitness needs.

The Clubbell stands head and shoulders above the rest of these simple tools for its versatility and effectiveness. Over the centuries, the humble club has been a ubiquitous means of self-preservation, warfare, and then fitness.

For anyone looking to lose fat, as a stand alone training tool the Clubbell is second to none. Optimal fat loss requires several elements that are subject to an order of importance.


The first requirement for losing fat is, of course, proper nutrition. That’s beyond the scope of this discussion, but suffice it to say that eating a diet that promotes muscle maintenance while tapping into fat stores for energy is a prerequisite. And here’s a hint, anything our prehistoric ancestors used to hunt with their clubs or pull out of the ground would probably be a good place to start.

preserve muscle

Aside from knocking the game down, Clubbells can’t help you with your nutrition. But once you get into the other pieces of the fat loss hierarchy, the Clubbell comes into play. The most important exercise consideration for fat loss is the preservation of lean mass. This is what will allow you to use the energy released from fat as fuel. If you lose lean mass while dieting, you greatly reduce your chances of success.

There are many Clubbell exercises of a “grinding” nature that are perfect for building or maintaining muscle on a fat loss diet. Good options are the Clubbell Flag Press and the Clubbell Barbarian Squat. A YouTube search will return results for both examples. I recommend sets that are 45-75 seconds long for optimal muscle growth potential. Choose four to five exercises that cover your entire body and major movement patterns and do them for 2-3 sets. Do this workout three times a week.

Fuel the Fat Burning Fires

The next rung in our fat loss hierarchy will be high intensity energy system work. Some people call this interval training, others metabolic conditioning. The important thing is to perform high intensity work intervals in the range of 8-10 on a scale of 10 for Rate of Perceived Exertion (this concept is from the Circular Force Training system). Performing such an all-out workout for periods of between 30 seconds and four minutes, taking rest periods of between 10 and 90 seconds, will kick your metabolism into high gear for up to 72 hours post-workout. This type of training can also suppress hunger, which is always a plus when it comes to losing fat.

Putting exercises like the Clubbell Swipe and the Clubbell Clockwork Squat into a circuit will help you reach this high level of intensity. Again, a YouTube search will direct you to demos of these two exercises.

burn extra calories

And last in our hierarchy of fat-loss training priorities, important only if we’re implementing the other two, will be longer, more consistent training, sometimes referred to as cardiovascular or aerobic training. A long time ago, I stopped running. Not only is it hard on the body, but it can get very tedious after a while. But I don’t have to give up cardio. I can get a great steady state workout using my Clubbells.

By doing a one-arm exercise and switching from one arm to the other at regular intervals, I’m able to keep my heart rate up and my fat-burning machines fueled without running into muscle failure. Good options for this are the Clubbell Swing and the Clubbell Mill. Again, a YouTube search should pay off.

A tool for the times

Surprisingly, this simple tool can provide a full spectrum of fat loss benefits. No wonder it has endured through the centuries. And in these uncertain economic times, versatile tools that can replace expensive gym memberships are especially appealing. So if you’re looking to lose some fat, the Clubbell may be the perfect tool for your efforts.

The latest on hangings in the Caribbean: not many! But too many!

I am an American law professor who had the great opportunity in my previous career of having lived and worked in the Caribbean. I have also been against the use of the death penalty in the United States and hope that one day the death penalty will be abolished in the United States as it has been in much of the world. While living and working in the Caribbean, I learned that many of the islands still carry the death penalty for murder. Executions are carried out by hanging. This is a barbaric practice that I would like to see ended.

Since joining the legal academy, I have had the opportunity to monitor legal trends regarding the death penalty in the English-speaking Caribbean. [hereinafter ESC]. The countries that make up the CES are: Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Dominica, Bahamas and Suriname. Most Americans don’t realize that there has been a death penalty debate in the ESC for over twenty years about whether the death penalty should be abolished or retained. Nor do most Americans realize that convicted murderers are hanged. The death penalty in the ESC is a holdover from Spanish colonial rule. Ironically, England abolished the death penalty in 1991.

This article is not meant to be a grim report on the specifics of hangings in the English-speaking Caribbean, but a report that should give us hope that, perhaps, one day the death penalty will be abolished in the ESC; and I also hope one day abolished in the United States. In essence, we are now seeing a decrease in ESC hangs, which I consider to be a good trend. Although many travel to the ESC for fun, sun and rum, many of the islands since the late 1990s have suffered from increases in crime and murder rates. Many ESC citizens believe the death penalty is a deterrent to rampant crime and urge their governments to resist the abolition of the death penalty. Unfortunately, studies do not confirm that the death penalty is a deterrent to crime or murder.

Here is my report. I hope it serves as food for thought. Amnesty International and other human rights groups report that more than half of the world’s countries have already abolished the death penalty in law or in practice. Specifically, Amnesty International reported in April 1998 that 63 countries and territories had abolished the death penalty for all crimes, while a further 91 countries, some of which are in the ESC, maintain and use the death penalty. Various human rights groups have denounced what they believe to be a resurgence in the use of the death penalty in some of these ESC nations.

On October 15, 1998, at 8 am, Trevor Fisher, a 28-year-old black citizen of the Bahamas, was hanged inside the walls of Fox Hill Prison in Nassau, Bahamas. An hour later, 51-year-old Richard Woods, also black, followed Fisher to the gallows. Woods was also hanged. Both had been convicted of murder. Prior to the hangings of Fisher and Woods, only two people, Thomas Reckley and Dwayne McKinney, both hanged in 1996, had been executed in the Bahamas since 1984. A local Bahamian newspaper reported that the last double hanging in the Bahamas was the September 6, 1983. , when Lavan Newbold and Colin Evans were executed. Since 1942 there have been five double executions and two triple executions in the Bahamas. The last triple hanging was on January 19, 1980, when Charles Dickenson, Vernal Storr and Winsette Hart were executed.

In June 1999, over a period of three days, Trinidad hanged convicted drug dealer and murderer Dole Chadee and eight of his co-defendants in a murder conspiracy case. These were the first executions in Trinidad since 1994, and only the second since 1979. In July 1999, Trinidad carried out the execution of Anthony Briggs, bringing the total number of executions for the year to ten. All those executed were men. However, an April 1999 Amnesty International report revealed that Trinidad was the only ESC country with women on death row. There were seventy-six men and five women under sentence of death in Trinidad. In that same report it was further revealed that there were seven men on death row in Antigua, twenty-four men on death row in the Bahamas, two men in Barbados, one man in Dominica, twenty-three men in Guyana, eight men in Grenada, forty-three men sentenced to death in Jamaica, three in Saint Kitts and Nevis, nine men in Saint Lucia and three men sentenced to death in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. And then, everything was silent regarding the hangings at the ESC until 2008.

On December 19, 2008, as the small island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis prepared to celebrate Christmas, the prison bells rang in the heart of the capital, Basseterre. Charles Laplace had been hanged that morning for killing his wife five years earlier. This was the first run at CES in eight years. The day before, the United Nations General Assembly had voted 106 nations to 46 in favor of a global moratorium on the death penalty. Contrary to the trend of world opinion, the 12 CES countries maintain the death penalty by statute. These countries constitute a substantial part of the enforcement lobby. However, hangings have been rare of late because most of the twelve ESC nations still retain the Privy Council in London, the judicial wing of the House of Lords, as their court of final appeal. The Privy Council ruled in 1993 that the gap between sentence and execution cannot be more than five years and that successive appeals usually take longer.

So we are seeing fewer hangings in the ESC, let’s hope this barbaric practice ends soon along with an outright abolition of the death penalty in the ESC.

4 Organic Personal Hygiene Products I Can’t Live Without

My switch to organic skin care has been a happy one. I used to have a number of skin problems with the use of commercial beauty and personal hygiene products. Now that I use organic, my skin and body feel so much better. I want to introduce you to some of the organic personal care items I used to struggle with, but no longer!

organic cleansing gel

The skin on our face is treated so harshly on a daily basis. However, much of a woman’s sense of beauty is derived from the appearance of her skin. Considering the number of environmental factors working against my face in addition to my daily skincare routine, the quest to reduce chemicals in my life naturally shifted to the way I care for my face.

I have combination to oily skin, so it can be especially difficult to find a good facial cleanser. The beauty regimen I had before included a conventional foaming face wash that noticeably stripped my facial skin of its protection. It did an excellent job of getting rid of the dirt and makeup of the day, but it also seemed to take a whole layer off my skin. The harshness of the chemicals inside these commercial facial cleansers left my face red and tingling. Without applying moisturizer, I literally itched for hours. This did not seem normal to me.

So I searched everywhere, until I found an organic solution. The plant-based ingredients in my organic facial cleansing gel gave me the relief I was looking for. While they clean effectively, gel cleansers made with organic ingredients are so gentle that I can often skip the moisturizer now if I feel like it too.

organic moisturizers

As I mentioned before, harsh chemical laden facial cleansers left my skin feeling raw and sore. So skipping moisturizer was impossible for me. But moisturizers also had their own set of drawbacks.

“Normal” petroleum-based moisturizers are known to suffocate the skin and hinder its ability to self-regulate. In the morning when I woke up, my face felt as if I had been sleeping in the sweltering heat of Bangkok: my face was often covered in a sticky film of grease. So my combination of oily skin and the moisturizer together resulted in clogged pores and breakouts. And it also meant that I had to wash my hair more often, because this greasy film migrated to my hair during sleep.

Switching to organic changed that completely. Organic skincare ingredients combine to support the sophisticated mechanics of the skin itself, helping it to rejuvenate and regulate itself. What I loved about organic moisturizers is that my skin seemed to absorb it. Applying makeup afterwards I also felt like it didn’t absorb inside which means I could wear less.

biological masks

Most women’s skin care routine also includes some type of facial mask. I used a commercial face mask a couple of times a week before, but I also have friends who use one every day.

Letting a chemical laden liquid dry and absorb into my skin for 20 minutes seriously concerned me. Sure, they did contain some helpful ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, but the rest of the ingredients looked just like the label on my shampoo. I even considered giving up masks, wondering if this really helps keep my skin youthful or maybe it’s unknowingly working against it.

There is no such concern with organic face masks. Most of the ingredients used are completely natural. Certified Organic means that 95% or more of the ingredients are of plant origin. This means that instead of just a few nutritionally valuable ingredients, my face now enjoys a plethora of beneficial herbs and oils.

organic toothpaste

The mouth is another place on our face where many chemicals enter our body. Not only food, but also the products we use to care for our mouths are to blame. I personally started getting more and more sensitive teeth as the years went by. At first I did not associate it with commercial toothpaste. But with increased public awareness of the effect of fluoride found in commercial toothpastes, I’ve switched to organic.

However, i was concerned if i would get more cavities with organic toothpastes as i had been taught to believe that only commercial toothpastes help fight damaged teeth effectively. The truth is that I no longer have a problem with sensitive teeth. And, while I always had a cavity or two at my yearly dental checkups before, I haven’t had a cavity in a few years.

I hope my story encourages some of you to experiment with switching to organic skin care and hygiene products as well. The change is not only good for you, but you would also be supporting our animals and the environment. Certified Organic means cruelty free and the ingredients are sourced from farms using environmentally friendly farming practices.

Passive vs Active Creativity

Every day you can wake up and write in your journal, practice yoga, meditate, or create something visual. In other words, she can have a constant creative impulse routine that brings her joy.

But where does this daily practice lead? You feel energized and creative; ready to start the day, but something seems wrong. How can these creative activities lead you to a new awakening? What is it that you long for that you would like to see come to life?

It is in these moments when we need to begin formulating goals. To see a bigger or larger project based on our daily creative routines. It is vital and important to create every day. Now is the time to change the mentality.

There seems to be a necessary game between what could be called Passive versus Active creative work. The enjoyment of creating every day as part of your routine is necessary. Creating with a goal supports your need to be actively involved in your life’s purpose.

What is the main creative outlet in your life that you want to “solidify”? How can you work each day toward the goal of your project?

Below is a list of steps that will help you create goals for your project journey:

1. Set aside time each day to do your “work.”

2. Be Proactive: You have a dream to create this project, so set the stage for yourself and go for it.

3. When fears arise, practice affirmations, get supportive friends and share your thoughts, let negative thoughts go and come back immediately.

4. If a break is needed, give it a time limit and get back to your task.

5. Set your goals in reasonable time frames.

6. Start looking for places that would be good to share your work.

Take a look now at marketing, get ready to share your work, shows and presentations. This can be worked on together, but it is a necessary part of all creative work. How will you share it with others? Visualize what this will look like for you. Think about your audience. Who would be more interested? The big picture is presenting, performing and sharing your work.

Maybe you’ve always worried about the process of your creativity, but the wheels keep turning. The performance (the presentation of your work) is an opportunity to use the spinning wheels to propel your artwork upwards with the power of intention.

Where are you on your creative journey? Take time to reflect on your own work and goals and share your brilliance.

Simple French Mortgage Tips

Real estate in France has been a firm favorite with the British for many years. Fueled by strong growth rates and good investment returns for second home owners and investors alike, non-resident property in France has been growing especially over the last 10 years. Traditional ferry routes enhanced by cross-channel rail and road links, extensive road networks and ever-expanding budget airline flights to a greater number of French airports have made cross-channel travel more accessible and even cheaper.

This proximity to the UK has made French Property one of the most popular choices for investment property buyers. The French property market is extremely diverse and offers a lot to the potential investor in property abroad. The South of France is a prime example and the airports of Nice and Marseille offer excellent access to the French Riviera all year round and are serviced by low cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair.

The good news for investment property buyers in France is that there is an abundance of property throughout the South of France; a restored Mas, stylish new constructions, a pied-a-terre, family villas or even apartments for winter sports. Capital appreciation is good and rental returns are strong. The Côte d’Azur is second only to Paris in price, but you don’t need a fortune to buy. A good rental return on investment property can be achieved with the large number of tourists and large number of conferences throughout the year, especially in Cannes, making the South of France an excellent choice for your real estate investment in abroad.

Unlike the UK, a long history of prudent lending in France (lenders do not allow the borrower’s total expenses on finance payments to exceed 1/3 of their total gross monthly income) has meant that mortgage financing in France is still easily available and is of great value. Coupled with an approximate 10% discount in French property prices compared to a year ago, there is no better time than 2010 to purchase an investment property in the South of France.

For southern France second home owners and real estate investors, 2010 is the perfect opportunity to buy in some of the most desirable towns and cities such as Cannes, Nice and Antibes in the south of France. French banks have not suffered like their UK counterparts, meaning they are more inclined to lend to foreign or non-resident property investors who might not have considered France before. Coupled with some extremely attractive loan rates (2.7% interest for non-residents only plus the ability to pay anytime WITHOUT PENALTIES), France is quickly becoming a savvy investment for foreign and non-resident real estate investors.

Considerable mortgage product innovation by some leading banks such as Micos Banca and BNP, along with a wide range of properties available in the South of France that can generate good solid returns and investment growth, is boosting the UK property investor. United to look across the channel. Property in the south of France continues to favor buyers, and 2010 could give the foreign property investor a firm footing in the French property market.

It is important to deal with an independent mortgage broker registered in France with a Siret number. The company must also have a Carte Bancaire/Financial; this means that they are professionally registered with the Bank of France to carry out and advise on Mortgages in France. The advisor must also have ORIAS membership; Registration in this register is compulsory for a natural person residing in France, or a company having its registered office in France, to be able to carry out the activity of insurance or reinsurance intermediation. Professional liability insurance is crucial and a company must have it to register with ORIAS.