How to install a bar refrigerator in a cabinet without problems

People who like to drink beer, wine, liquor, and even some who only consume non-alcoholic beverages will often think about installing a wet bar in their home. A well decorated bar can add a note of class to your place. A common appliance that should not be missing in a wet bar is the refrigerator. You will have to consider purchasing one of these for your new bar!

Installing a refrigerator in a cabinet behind the counter is not very difficult and you may be skilled enough to tackle this project on your own. If not, you can hire someone who has the necessary carpentry skills to do the work for you. Any competent handyman is likely to measure up.

Next, decide whether the new refrigerator will be installed in an existing cabinet or a new one that can be “made to order.” Bar coolers come in all sizes and configurations. You want what works best for you. If you are using an existing cabinet, your size options will be smaller.

You will also need to consider the approximate internal dimensions according to what you will be storing in the cooling unit. If you use two-liter bottles, you will need higher shelves. Wine bottles need to be placed on their sides, which requires deeper shelves.

If you are going to use an existing cabinet, your choice of sizes will be limited to the dimensions of the cabinet, for the most part. You need to make sure there is a gap at the top and on both sides. This will facilitate access. If the appliance protrudes slightly from the cabinet, additional wooden slats can be added to accommodate it.

Making a new cabinet to fit your new ‘fridge’ shouldn’t be too difficult, assuming you have a basic talent for woodworking. Be sure to use strong, durable wood for construction and to allow space for air to circulate and heat to dissipate. You will also need to have an electrical connection nearby.

You can buy a new bar fridge that is already built into a cabinet, so to speak, by design. These models are typically priced significantly higher than a regular refrigerator, making building your own cabinet not only practical but more economical. If you want to try your luck with some DIY (do it yourself), this is a good project to tackle because it is not too difficult and the results should be nice. And every time you go for a cold beer or other drink, you’ll feel a little personal satisfaction from a job well done.

How to put a crying baby to sleep: guidelines

It is always difficult being a parent, although it gives you a sense of health and satisfaction in having a family. But being a parent is difficult.

Not knowing what to do when you’ve recently become a parent, many people turn to the internet or online blogs and articles for guidelines if they don’t have anyone else to ask.

And the Internet, how wonderful it is, always helps some kind of guideline to help you get through the crises you are facing.

Many hot keywords that are searched on the internet about babies often ask how to put them to sleep. Or how to get a crying baby to sleep in general.

This article will walk you through several steps on how to put your crying baby to sleep and hopefully by the end of the article everything will be fine and you can take a breath of relaxation.

Reasons to cry

Babies don’t cry for no reason. Since they cannot speak, they often cry to get their message across. The first and most important thing is to always find out why they cry. It is absolutely necessary to remain calm while searching for the reason. The following may be reasons why a baby won’t stop crying:

â— Fatigue.

â— Drowsiness.

â— Dirty or overly full diaper.

â— Hunger.

â— Gas.

a fear.

You have to look at the signs of what is the trigger for the baby’s crying. There is one thing that should always be kept in mind when the baby cries. NEVER SHAKE THE BABY.

Shaking your baby when you are frustrated or angry that the baby has not stopped crying yet, will cause you and the baby problems that will have a tragic effect. Shaking a baby can lead to brain nerve damage, or even in some cases burst, mentally damaging the baby, can have seizures, can lead to blindness and even death. Therefore, never shake your baby, not even lovingly. This is called shaken baby syndrome.

It is a fact that no baby is similar to another baby. Every child is different, so there may be a different method. But generally speaking, there are several things to keep in mind when your baby cries continuously. Instead of wondering how to make a crying baby fall asleep, you should try these points.

1. keep calm

First of all, you should always be calm and patient when handling a baby. Since they require your maximum patience and endurance and also attention.

2. Reaching

When you feel like everything is slipping through your fingers. N’oubliez pas; you have your family and friends close. And if you can’t reach them, you can always look for baby helplines and advice available near you. You can always ask how to make a crying baby go to sleep. They will help you.

3. Things to do

There are a number of things you can do to stop your baby from crying.

â— Swing: If your baby won’t stop crying, you can take him for a ride in a car or stroller just outside the house. This creates a rocking rhythm that makes the baby sleepy.

â— Pacifier: you can let your baby suck on a pacifier or something similar, this usually calms the baby.

Hopefully, this article helped you find the solution to putting a crying baby to sleep. Just be patient and you will get this.

Difference Between Sacrifice Touch and Drag Touch: 6 Tips for Getting a Good Touch

The sacrifice bunt is used primarily to advance base runners, but can possibly score or at least get into a scoring position. A touch of sacrifice is not a surprise and should be shown early. Showing the bunt early will generally bring first and third basemen closer to home plate. With no one supporting the base runners, they can now take a slightly bigger advantage. Now when the tag is placed and a play is made that takes the batter out, the runner (s) can advance or even score if he is at third. If the fielders can’t make a play or keep the base runners, this is also an advantage for you because you now have at least two base runners.

The drag bunt is slightly different, as you’re trying to fool the defense into bunting for a base hit. A drag bunt, unlike a sacrifice, should surprise the defense, so you don’t want to show the bunt too early. Instead, you want to wait until the last possible moment. This keeps first and third base players further away from home plate, giving them more ground to cover to make a play. If there are no base runners on base, it is best to touch the third base line because this is the most difficult play for the defense. However, if there is a runner on third base, touching the ball on the first base line is optimal to make the defense make the decision to kick out early or keep the runner on third by allowing the batter a bunt for a base hit. .

Bunting is a great offensive tool for moving runners, scoring runs, and you can win a game! Bunting puts team goals first, but you can play for base shots increasing your personal versatility at the plate. Every ball player needs to know how to play. Here are some tips to help you learn to play properly and effectively.

Tip No. # 1: visualize the touch! All great players envision success before it happens. See yourself releasing the bunt before entering the batter’s box. Having your mind in the right mindset will always give you an advantage.

Tip # 2: Move to the front of the batter’s box. You want the head / barrel of the bat to be in front of home plate. This is in case the ball goes down, you will still have a clean ball and a difficult play for the defense to make.

Tip # 3: Hold the bat correctly. Hold bat / barrel head up and out in front of home plate. Hold the handle of the bat slightly lower than the head / barrel. This will help make sure you are on top of the ball and pushing it down. You don’t want to get under the ball and get it out to get out. Your hands should be spread apart for better control. Your lower hand should be firmly around the knob of the bat and your upper hand (bat between thumb and index finger) just below the head / barrel of the bat.

Tip # 4: Use your body / legs when adjusting the level of the bat (up and down) to make contact with the ball. Don’t use your hands! The use of your hands is likely to cause an appearance.

Tip # 5: Bunt just hit. Take the bat out of the strike zone on bad pitches, hitting a bad pitch will likely result in a jump, foul, or being struck on misses.

Tip # 6: Catch the ball with your bat. Don’t try to push the bat toward the ball.

Safe and healthy tips for weight loss fighters

Tip No. # 1: eat the right amount of protein

The muscles in your body are where the energy you get from your food goes. They are what moves you on the fighting mat and allow you to do the physical things that you do; Your muscular system is where your metabolism lives. On a low calorie diet (when losing weight), the body is forced to rely on energy reserves because it no longer fuels it with enough gas to consume. This is in the form of body fat and glycogen (stored carbohydrates / sugar) in muscle cells. When glycogen is depleted, the body turns to body fat and then protein to burn for energy. Because muscles are made of protein, if you don’t get enough protein in your diet while losing weight, your body will activate its own muscle tissue to feed itself. Not only will this weaken you and perform poorly on the mat, but it will also cause a kind of temporary damage to your metabolism.

This is why eating protein while losing weight is very important, but it is not the end of the story; you must eat the correct amount to be effective. This is calculated by a simple body fat test that will not only indicate your body fat percentage, but also your lean body mass. To avoid losing muscle on a low calorie diet, you should eat at least the same amount of protein (in grams) as your calculated lean body mass. Given the excessive amount of exercise that wrestlers do on a daily basis during training, you should also add 10-15 grams of protein (in addition to your lean body mass number) to help you recover and avoid overtraining. For example, at 145 lb. wrestler who has a lean body mass measurement of 138 pounds. you should eat between 150-160 grams of protein per day. Once you have established your protein requirement per day, monitor your weight loss by manipulating the amount of carbohydrates you consume per day.

Tip No. # 2: Load Your Calories On The Starting End

The best way to reduce body weight and still maintain high performance levels is to reduce body fat and water weight, while maintaining muscle mass. After establishing the correct amount of protein to eat, the best way to do this is to reduce dietary fat to a minimum and choose only clean, natural carbohydrates as your main source of calories. Most of the carbohydrates should be starches like rice, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal first with breads and pasta as secondary options. Mix fibrous carbohydrates, such as green leafy vegetables, with the starches you eat in as many meals as possible. In addition to breakfast, eat 1-2 servings of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or green beans with every meal. Note that corn, peas, and beans can be eaten, but are treated as starches and should not be counted as fibrous vegetables when trying to lose weight. Fruits can be eaten, but if your goal is to lose body fat, the fruit should be consumed in limited amounts during the first part of the day.

For the best and easiest weight loss, stagger your calories from highest to lowest starting in the first part of your day. In other words, breakfast is the largest meal of the day, the second meal is the next largest, the third meal is even smaller, and the fourth and fifth (if you eat that amount) only consist of protein and vegetables. By staggering your calories in this way, your body becomes an extremely efficient machine. After a couple of days of eating like this, you’ll be hungrier and hungrier at night and absolutely hungry for breakfast, which works well as it’s your biggest meal of the day. Eating all the starches in the first half of the day will fill the body with enough fuel for after-school training sessions. Eating the fewest calories at night will leave your stomach empty before bed, before the 8-plus-hour fast that your body goes through when you sleep.

Tip No. 3: water load

Water is an essential nutrient for every fighter. If you even get a little dehydrated, performance suffers. As much as wrestlers sweat in practice, they must constantly force the water to avoid dehydration. Moving water out of the body is also an essential part of weight loss, as it is primarily the water weight that is lost. If you drink too little water and the body is almost dehydrated, it will try to retain the water it has instead of losing it. On the contrary, if you constantly increase the amount of water you drink for a short period of time, urination will also increase to pass the water. This is the principle used in a method called water loading. Water loading is simply loading drinking water 3-4 days prior to weighing and then shutting off just prior to weighing. Water loading is an effective natural diuretic method; however, it should be done in moderation. The amount of water that accumulates depends on the size of the athlete; however, trying to drink 3 to 4 gallons of water in a day is NOT a smart practice and can lead to injury. Most athletes get the best effect by accumulating 1-2 gallons in a day.

Is that how it works. If you weigh yourself on Friday at 4 pm, start your water load on Tuesday. On Tuesday, start increasing the amount of water you drink to get at least ¾ to 1 gallon during the day. On Wednesday, try to drink more than a gallon of water. On Thursday, try to drink more than a gallon of water until your last meal of the day. After your last meal on Thursday and until the weigh-in on Friday, restrict your water intake to just sips when needed. By dramatically increasing the amount of water you drink, this acts as a natural diuretic and the body will begin to urinate much more frequently. After the water restriction on Thursday night, the body will continue to urinate as it has for the entire week, effectively dropping several pounds of water weight until it is weighed down. After weighing, drink at least more than 16 oz. to replace what was lost by this process. As you drink this amount of water during the week, you will notice that you will also lose more water weight during practices. This method is safe and easy to do and also ensures that you will not be close to dehydration.

Skate Photography Interview with Bart Jones

Name, age, state, employer, hometown? Bartholomew Wilhelm Jones, 28, single, The Skateboard mag son !, Geneva, Illinois.

Lets start by the beginning. I want to know what it took to beget you. Tell me about your parents. What kind of people were they, what did they do, how did they conceive you?

Wow !! That’s deep. I do not know. I think my father was originally from Plainfield, Illinois, a bit like a cornfield town that is now very large. He went to a private Catholic school or something, but it’s not religious or anything, it keeps it real. And my mother is originally from Germany and she actually lived in Israel for a minute when she was also a child, but then I think times were tough there so her family got hooked on a boat trip to the states and started to live in St.. Louis, I think maybe … Moving on, dad went to college in St. Louis, met my mom, badda boom batta bing, got married and made me … I wonder if they were taking some kind of drug in that moment, because I’m pretty screwed up. My mom has had a lot of odd jobs over the years, from teaching school, to running an antique store, to working in real estate, and my dad used to run a chain of record stores called Apple Tree Records, which was a time. Amazing, because until I was 16 my dad could hook up any kind of music for free, plus free tickets to just about anything, I wish he still had that, but due to the likes of Best Buy, a circuit city, places like that; Apple Tree sank. I went with my family to all the stores to close them, which sucked, but I found a lot of products. Now my dad has a Play It Again sport, so my mom and dad go to auctions and yard sales and stock up on used sports equipment, so we used to have a lot of music around the house, but now it’s sport. team.

Let’s move on to your childhood. Some traumatic event that still haunts you today?

I don’t think anything from my childhood is still haunting me anyway but yeah sure … I’ve had a bunch of those … I almost blew our family’s new puppies back with a Draino bomb, my babysitter tried from having sex with me once, I don’t know, but yeah, I was definitely a messy kid, I still am.

What was your first encounter with skateboarding? When did you know that this was going to be a long-term relationship?

I probably don’t remember the first meeting, but I know I was very excited when I saw these guys skating on flat ground and ollieing over road barriers at this inner-city festival where I lived called “Swedish Days.” All the guys had like two different colored Airwalk shoes taped on, painter’s hats, all flared, I remember thinking “These guys are bad, that’s how I want to be!” Around the same time, I was always excited to be able to watch “Skate TV” on Nickelodeon. Obviously I had no idea about skateboarding, but it was super hyped nonetheless. I didn’t actually start skating until a few years after that, when a skating shop opened next to my house called Rich’s, which is fun to think about, because the place was a “ circus, but I was just skating around the store. and for me that was the worst thing that ever existed at that time.

The funny thing is, one of those guys I saw skating a long time ago at the festival is now my good friend Steve Davenport, he still skates, he still breaks! But yeah, I never really knew it was going to be a long-term relationship … I guess I never really got into anything else. When it comes to anything else relatively athletic, I’m full of goonbat panzy steez. I remember when some of the kids in high school were getting into other things like golf, cars, etc. I didn’t really understand it. I just remember thinking “don’t you want to go skating?” I went through a little phase when I was going to art school, in which I didn’t like skating very much, I didn’t know what was really going on, I didn’t watch the magazine or the new videos; at the time I was more interested in becoming a “fine artist”, but I guess I’m nice to that.

Being from Illinois, what do you think of Barack Obama?

Being totally fried, I don’t really pay much attention to that sort of thing, but I’m sure I’m in favor of Obama. I remember when he ran for senator or whatever in Illinois, and there were all these billboards with him, and I said to my dad “look at this guy who looks like a real pimp” and he said “that’s the man to be expected make him the first black president. ” Then in my photojournalism class, I was assigned to go take photos of Barack’s victory speech. Like any other fool, I was eating it; Obama just talks to things like that … I don’t even know! Being able, I guess, and then just looking at people so happy, it was just cool all over the place. And now it’s the same again, but the whole country. I’m sure I once lived in the same city as Obama. It’s a very exciting time, but what do I know …?

Unclaimed State Property Vault Treasures Auctioned On Ebay

Unclaimed treasures from abandoned safes and police-owned rooms will be auctioned off to the highest bidder online! Find out how to bid on this unclaimed property and how to make sure none of your properties end up at auction.

Contents of the safe

After a safe has been abandoned for 3 years (in most states), the contents are turned over to the state’s unclaimed property department. Safe deposit boxes are considered abandoned when safe fees are not paid and the owner cannot be contacted through the contact information provided by the safe.

Unclaimed property recovered from safes is auctioned by the state, as the owner of the safe cannot be located. The funds received from the auction are available to the owner, if the owner ever attempts to repossess the property.

In the past, states held local auctions to sell the contents of the safe, but now states are using the power of the Internet to auction off this unclaimed property.

Items found include diamond necklaces, wedding and engagement rings, ruby ​​necklaces, rare coins and stamps, and much more.

Ebay and state unclaimed property auctions

States have started using eBay to auction unclaimed property. The contents are often valuables, including family heirlooms and jewelry. Auctions are held at different intervals for different states, and there may be times when there are no items for sale.

These auctions have received higher bids than states could achieve with local auctions. In Massachusetts, the most recent auction of 200 lots received $ 140,000 in sales!

The following states offer unclaimed property auctions online through eBay:

At, you can go to the advanced search and enter the seller’s name in the section titled “From Specific Sellers (Enter Sellers’ User IDs)”:

State of California

EBay Seller Name: ucpauction

State of colorado

EBay Seller Name:

Indiana state

EBay Seller Name: indiana_unclaimed

Maryland State

EBay Seller Name: mdcompschaefer

Texas state

EBay Seller Name:

Washington dc

EBay Seller Name: DistrictofColumbia

Rooms owned by the Police Department use the online auction room

National law enforcement agencies have property rooms full of stolen or confiscated property. Rightful owners are not easily identified, and once the property is no longer needed as evidence, it must be properly disposed of. was founded and run by former police officers. The About Us page says, “… harness the power of the Internet to quickly get items out of police premises, reduce personnel costs, and generate revenue far beyond traditional police auction methods. And there is no no cost to participating police or sheriff’s department. “

You can view the items that are currently being auctioned at You can filter your search to include “only police articles” by checking the box that says “Show me only police articles”.

How to Make Sure Your Property Doesn’t End Up in the Auction Room

There is over $ 25 billion in unclaimed money and a large amount of unclaimed property in the US This property and the missing money go unclaimed year after year.

o Keep a record of your safe deposit box (es)

o Include an heir to your safe (s)

o Keep contact information for all your property’s accounts and safes up-to-date

o Find unclaimed money and property owed to you

You can search databases to see if you are owed money or unclaimed property.

When a child does not remember what he reads!

Do you feel that your child or adolescent is not retaining the information in the book or the textbook chapter? Do you hear them say a lot “I don’t remember what they said”? If so, your child could have comprehension or reading comprehension problems. Parents are often puzzled. They know that the child can read! And they hear them do that out loud all the time. The problem arises when the child cannot answer any comprehension questions or retell the plot of the book.

Why does that happen?

The child does not understand the text and tries very hard to remember the exact words on the page. Very quickly, the brain becomes overwhelmed, reaches its capacity and stops assimilating new words. A child’s brain can only hold about seven words at a time. Unless they process or understand these words, the brain has no extra “space”. As a result, the part of the brain responsible for understanding shuts down completely.

Meanwhile, the left part of the brain remains active. It automatically continues to “read” the words on the page. This “reading” in nothing but word calls. Word calls are a left-brain auditory task that is easy to do and requires no understanding. Like anyone you can start reading German text if you know the German alphabet and German phonetics.

If you just read that: Lassen Sie mich in Ruhe !; it doesn’t mean you understand. I entertain my friends by reading German newspapers aloud. The sound of the German words and the melody of the language makes my friends laugh a lot. My dirty secret: I have no idea what I’m reading, but my pronunciation is correct! I was screaming the words.


In order for children to remember the information they read, they must first understand it clearly.

I find that many of my clients who are bright, hardworking kids (fifth through eighth grade) were experiencing this particular problem. They weren’t able to turn the words they were reading into a cartoon or a movie. They just spoke the words most of the time. Instead, I would like them to learn to turn words into a continuous stream of images and not just sounds.

I found that “making movies” is a skill that can be developed in them, especially in children who are prone to being visual thinkers.

Whenever you read for recreation or information, you should change the words into pictures in your mind. The more these images involve the senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch), the greater the understanding and retention of the text.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the changes over time. As the author takes the reader through the plot, the time periods change a lot. When your child is creating a movie in his mind, you can place the events accordingly on the timeline. Which event occurred first?

It is very useful if you do it several times together with them. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and draw your movie as you describe it in your own words. Also draw a timeline, if the weather changes a lot. It will help your child to realize that understanding does not come by magic and that he has to work hard to build it in his mind.

When Cable and DSL Fail, Satellite Internet Service May Be Your Only Option

Satellite Internet service, as its name suggests, is an Internet access that is obtained by means of a satellite dish. The advantage is that, no matter where you are in the world, you can hire satellite service by installing a satellite dish. So no matter how rural or remote the location is, internet access is possible. Television stations use satellite Internet service in their mobile vans. Satellite service is a worldwide provider of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

If you have the availability of geostationary satellites, this provides a higher speed service. However, this satellite Internet service is not available in all areas. Some polar regions do not have this option. The quality of satellite service largely depends on the type of satellite system. These vary greatly in features and technical capabilities.

DSL services, on the other hand, cannot be used in remote areas where land line telephone service is not available. DSL has many advantages for businesses because it does not require dial-up access to connect to the Internet. It is always connected. DSL, if available, is more convenient in the following situations:

A small business office use

Home business office

Family use of the Internet

Remote Internet access for corporations and large companies

· Companies or corporations with large offices and networked computers.

Where there is only one computer to connect to the Internet, DSL is an inexpensive option. DSL provides fast Internet service, but this service can fluctuate during peak business hours. If you have a network set up in your home or office, you may want to consider an enhanced DSL service. In some cases, cost becomes a factor.

If your business is considering DSL service, you need to ensure that you can upgrade as your business grows and that the DSL service you select provides fast and reliable service. Find out if the DSL provider you are considering has ADSL and / or IDSL service options.

Cable Internet service, as the name suggests, connects your computer to Internet service through a telephone or cable television service. It provides fast internet service but it is not cheap. Unlike dial-up, cable Internet is always on. The speed of cable service depends on the latency and bandwidth of the cable Internet host service. Bandwidth refers to the width of the “Internet highway” that your data travels on. As with a highway, the higher the bandwidth, the more lanes your data can travel.

Whether you’re using DSL, cable, or satellite, latency and bandwidth are important. If you frequently download music, movies, or large files, you need a high-bandwidth service.

Latency is the speed at which your information can travel to or from your computer. The lower the latency, the faster the data can get to your computer.

Satellite Internet services are most often used where DSL, cable, and even dial-up are not options such as: remote areas and rural locations. It is also a great option if your location moves frequently, such as a mining operation or portable service. Some type of satellite service is available anywhere in the world. Learn more about satellite internet.

Presentation Show and Tell: Presentation Skills for Senior Executives

The “show” in “show and tell” presentations is slowly making a comeback in American companies. It is a development that should have been done a long time ago. Long, dense, dry text projected onto conference room screens across the country has passed too long for the “show” criteria of executive presentations. The more text and less graphics appeared in the presentations, the more the presenter was congratulated for having prepared well.

For the long-suffering audience who had to endure these presentations, there was little reward in the effort, except making it to the end of them, where expected, some signs of life could still be found in the unscripted question and answer session. .

So why did the coaches start to see some signs of progress? Why is shorter presentations with more graphics and less text becoming increasingly acceptable? Why is it now becoming acceptable to present ideas using some simple visuals or props, or even, on their own merits, no slides?

Call it the rise of presentation personality or just the maturing of that much-ridiculed but necessary business tool: PowerPoint. Maybe it just has to do with the groans emanating from each executive suite when word leaks out of another request to put together, or sit down, one of these old-fashioned presentations.

Whatever the cause, there is growing recognition of another more successful communication method available to executives; one best illustrated by the energy-infused performance-style presentations of dynamos like Apple’s Steve Jobs.

This new wave of presentation skills share some common attributes:

1) The public occupies a central place.

Good presenters wonder what their audience needs and wants from each presentation. Great presenters focus their presentations on those needs and wants and make the audience an integral part of the presentation. Start with what you know about the audience’s perceptions and assumptions about the issues you are presenting. What will it take for them to invest in something new?

2.) Without passion, without presentation.

Each presentation is an opportunity for the presenter to share a passion. If yours is about something else, a mere transfer of data, for example, find another way to get it to the people who need it (like hitting the send button). This is the difference between in-person presentations and other ways of sharing ideas. If people are going to invest their time and energy to come hear you, you will not be successful if you just “tell it.” You must show them your ideas through the passion with which you present them.

3.) Be visual.

Written text projected on a screen is not “visual”. If you use slides, find a way to represent your ideas that has real, instant impact. Never use text to “say” what a visual can “show”.

4.) Presentation is acting.

Don’t present what you haven’t practiced or what you don’t believe in. This is not acting. To present well, be fully involved in your material and ideas before attempting to communicate them well to the audience. Take your preparation seriously. And for God’s sake, get out from behind that lectern.

5.) Show leadership.

Your reputation for leadership improves or diminishes with each presentation. Try to hit a home run then, every time you are “on stage,” regardless of your perception of the stakes. It may seem unfair, but the leadership skills you demonstrate during your presentation are what will be used to judge your entire work. Even if you don’t have a leadership degree yet, your moment in front of people is critical in determining whether and when you will be awarded one. Think about what leadership looks and sounds like to you, and infuse your presentations with nothing less.

Red, white and blue stone

Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, the United States of America declared its independence. Interestingly, one of the largest battles of the American Revolution, the Battle of Brooklyn, took place at a historic site now known as the Old Stone House. Given the stone’s reputation for strength and solidity, it is not surprising that a structure made from this incredible material has an important place in history.

Every July 4, people attend parades and fireworks celebrations to honor the birth of a nation and proudly wave red, white and blue flags. Since these colors are synonymous with values ​​that Americans cherish, stone makers have sought out various shades of freedom made from granite, onyx, quartzite, and other types of stone. Independence Day is also a day to enjoy outdoor spaces and share traditional meals with friends and family. The backyard has been transformed from “a place to put the grill” into an extension of the kitchen and dining areas of the house. Outdoor kitchens have many of the same amenities as their indoor counterparts, and designers and homeowners choose granite countertops because of the durability and versatility of stone.

The Reds

The search for a great kitchen countertop begins with deciding which color complements the outdoor space. Xango Red is an exotic granite style with hues of red and earth tone notes that blend well with natural elements. Add a hint of fire with the speckled red beauty of Amber Fantasy, which sizzles with undertones of gold and copper. Gaya’s swirling reds will evoke visions of the setting summer sun and can provide an exquisite backdrop for an evening of outdoor entertainment.

The whites

White is the definitive color of summer. Also great for building or remodeling outdoor gathering places. Reflects the sun’s rays and keeps everyone cooler during swimming time and cookouts. When properly sealed, granite is easy to clean and maintain, so choosing white for outdoor dining areas is a viable option. Delicatus White’s polished look offers distinctive elegance, while Iceberg’s freshness brightens up any space. Bianco Antico is a mottled mix dominated by white and dotted with drops of black and brown. River White honors the time of the nation’s ancestors with its classic combination of gold and white.

The Blues

The pool is not the only place that can reflect the color of the sky. Outdoor granite countertops bring heaven to Earth. Lemurian Premium Blue’s brilliant silver blue and sparkling bronze flecks provide a phenomenal setting for food displays commonly featured during summer outings. Orion Blue’s mottled design is inspired by the deep blue sea in stark contrast to Persa Blue, whose splashes of varied hues give the appearance of the sea crashing against a white sand shore. For homeowners looking for an exotic look, Lapis Blue can turn any garden into a tropical paradise.

During the summer months, people celebrate their release from the cold of winter and the rains of spring by frequenting the outdoors. During July, they also commemorate the founding of the United States of America. Building a new outdoor space or renovating an existing one is the perfect time to show that patriotic spirit by selecting the traditional colors of red, white or blue and the beauty and strength of stone.