My boyfriend is acting gloomy: is he having an emotional affair?

You have noticed that your boyfriend is acting very gloomy.

Are you having an emotional affair?

So what is an emotional affair? Your boyfriend would be engaged in one if he was sharing intimate details with another woman behind your back. It is very likely that this situation will eventually lead to a full physical adventure.

The relationship may start out as friends, but when the bond and connection grow, it snowballs and your relationship may be the one to suffer.

One of the main reasons this happens is because there is a communication breakdown in the relationship, so the boyfriend seeks companionship to satisfy his mental needs.

What to do if you think your boyfriend is having an emotional affair

Open the lines of communication – I strongly recommend that you open the line of communication between you and your boyfriend as soon as possible. If he’s sharing intimate conversations with another woman, it’s probably because the two of you aren’t.

You still want to know!

Are you having an emotional affair?

By having more heart-to-heart conversations with your boyfriend, it will give you a better understanding of where you are mentally in your relationship. It can even give you a clear indication if there is something physical going on between your boyfriend and another woman.

If you think the relationship may have progressed from an emotional affair to a physical one, then it’s time to take steps to get the definitive proof you’ll need to act on it.

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