How will you recognize Candida’s death when it happens?

Extinction symptoms are many and vary greatly from person to person, so how will you recognize that candida dies when it occurs? Generally, they start 2 to 5 days after starting the diet / supplements and last about 10 days. Symptoms include: feeling of worsening yeast-related symptoms, feeling of flu, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mental confusion, loss of concentration and memory, muscle and joint pain, chest tightness with palpitations, feeling of having a film on the eyes, eye irritation and feeling of intoxication.

The best way to alleviate the symptoms of death is to follow the diet as much as possible, drink plenty of water with lemon juice, do enemas, and close the ileocecal valve. This technique is described in detail in the book “Candida”. The author suggests that the best way to alleviate death is to start the diet one week with garlic and Pau D’arco tea (another name for Pau D’Arco tea is Taheebo tea) and then start caprylic acid the following week, building the dose to the full dose after another 16 days.

A woman shares her experience during the extinction where she drank Emergen-C and eats and drinks very light, such as broths or soups, so that the stomach can focus on eliminating toxins. It also soothes your sinuses by drinking ginger tea during extinction and at the same time it tastes good, helps your stomach digest and warms you up inside. Whenever his muscles were sore, he would bathe a lot or lie down and rest. You can also put on a good healing tape with guided imagery or relaxing music. Extinction is like a nasty revenge, but once it goes out, it goes out and you’ll feel cleaner and better.

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