How do I rent a room at the University of Leeds?

“City Centre: The advantages of living in the city centre are obvious, with its proximity to schools, restaurants, shopping and entertainment. There are many properties available for rent in the city centre, mainly flats, but if you are looking for a shared house, there is a scarcity in the city and more choice in the university area or Little Woodhouse. However, rents in the city centre are the highest of all areas, so you need to take what you can get. Average rent: £135 per week

University Area: This is mainly the area close to the north side of campus on Charendon Road, a 5 minute walk to campus and a 10 minute walk to the city centre. Living in this area is as convenient as living in on-campus Leeds student accommodation, with easy access to all the facilities on and off campus, making it popular with international students and those who want to be closer to campus life. There are many restaurants, takeaways, cafes and small shops in the surrounding area. Average rent: £75 per week

Hyde Park: Hyde Park is situated between the city centre and Headingley, 1.5km from Leeds University and just over 10 minutes walk to campus. The area has a diverse population with a large Asian population living in the area. It is home to the famous Hyde Park, Hyde Park Cinema, music venues, mosques, as well as local supermarkets, bars, food and drink outlets and takeaways.

How do I rent a room at the University of Leeds?

The area is a traditional and popular rental location for students, with easy access to the three nearby academic institutions and the city centre. To meet the demand of the rental market, many new student houses have been built in the area and the housing stock is in good condition. Average rent: £73 per week

Woodhouse: Close to Hyde Park, Little London and Leeds University and only a 10-minute walk to campus, Leeds student accommodation has the same advantages as Hyde Park, but the overall rent is slightly lower than Hyde Park, so for those looking to save money, this is a great place to consider renting. It is also worth noting that Woodhouse Ridge has a very attractive greenway that allows for easy access to Headingley, the city centre and Leeds University while walking and enjoying the views. Average rent: £73 per week

Headingley: The area is not too far from the city centre, 20-35 minutes walk away, 15 minutes by bus, with frequent bus routes and close to the train station. The area has a wide range of amenities, including cinemas, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and a post office.

As well as Leeds University, Leeds Beckett University and Leeds Metropolitan University are all located around the area, so the area has a high rental rate, a predominantly student population and a relatively good level of security. The area is popular with many students because of its good living environment, accessibility and affordability. Average rent: £75 per week”

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