Electric car that accelerates a Porsche; No way, yeah, way

Well, it seems like the electric car industry is moving forward and forward by leaps and bounds as more and more technology makes them faster and faster. Some of the newer models according to the Electric Automobile Association are smaller, faster, charge faster, and go further between charges.

There’s even a new group with Venture Capital called Tesla Motors, which is about to complete and put the finishing touches on a car that can accelerate as fast as a Ferrari. They have also had good press lately. It seems that pure electric cars, not just hybrids, will change the dynamics of the market.

Tesla Motors: http://www.teslamotors.com

Wrightspeed: http://www.wrightspeed.com

Electric cars have two speeds; from time to time. So if you put one in a certain gear, it would get bogged down a lot. Imagine an electric car speeding up a Porsche? And it will see the very near future of what electric cars are capable of doing. Consider a pure electric car, which is only battery powered, zero emissions, and fast too.

What does it come from? I mean, will they pollute the power plants that produce the extra electricity since they run on coal? Well, some say that coal-fired power plants pollute, but with the new clean coal technologies they don’t. And maybe America, with 250 years of coal reserves, can have its cake and eat it too. The true electric car of the future will soon be here, so consider all of this in 2006.

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