Common injuries that benefit from massage techniques

Massage therapy and chiropractic care have long been considered a desire rather than a necessity, that is, until one submits to one or the other and realizes that many years of therapy have been missed that could even have prevented injuries or allowed them to heal faster. These are some of the most common injuries that benefit from therapeutic massage.


Whether it’s in a car accident, which is the most common form of whiplash, or perhaps another injury that jerks the body forward and creates pain in the neck and back, therapeutic massage therapy offers amazing benefits. Whiplash is a hyperextension injury and can cause chronic pain later in life if not addressed properly. Whether the injury was from front to back or side to side, massage is the perfect combatant in allowing the patient to feel “normal” again.

Symptoms include headaches, shoulder pain, stiffness throughout the back and neck, and even pain that radiates to the arms. Whiplash headaches are the result of poor circulation. Keep in mind that these symptoms sometimes don’t rears their ugly heads until days after an accident. Proper therapeutic massage begins gently and slowly, and gently works the muscles, opening them up to receive more oxygen and nutrients. This, in turn, helps you heal faster.


Many would never consider therapeutic massage for tendonitis, but it may be the best way to relieve symptoms. Inflammation from repetitive motion or age causes the ailment, but massage can help reverse it. Personalized therapy could include Swedish or sports massage to reduce inflammation and heal scar tissue that commonly leads to that feeling of “tension” in tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Sports massage will help increase endurance and flexibility and eliminate fatigue.

Twisted ankles

Many are aware that a sprained ankle is sometimes worse than a broken ankle when it comes to pain. Therapeutic massage is a way to reduce this pain and get the injured person to get up and move sooner. Sports massage is perfect for ankle sprains and can help reduce swelling in the first few days after injury. Then, over time, the range of motion can be restored with a slightly deeper massage.

Many massage therapists recommend friction therapy. This type of massage prevents scar tissue from forming on the ligament. With an intense understanding of anatomy, the masseuse will massage through the ligament, not along its length, to create heat through friction. They should only do it to the point where there is no pain involved, so if the client is in pain, you should let them know for some relief.

Hamstring contracture

Therapeutic hamstring strain massage can make a big difference to the injured person. Scar tissue and tight muscles loosen easily and provide great pain relief. It is usually done at least a week after the injury and includes methods such as stripping the muscle, circular rubs, effleurage, and petrissage.

Knots are released, scar tissue breaks down and realigns, and blood flow is redirected to stimulate faster healing and, of course, pain relief.

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Most therapeutic massage facilities will offer a complimentary massage, even if it only lasts 5-10 minutes, it will give the client or patient an idea of ​​how best they can feel. The typical massage will last at least 60 minutes. There are places that also offer memberships, and one can get a fixed amount or even unlimited massages every month. Others charge a base rate per hour. Regardless, the relief you deserve is worth finding.

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