The best cardio workouts delivered by the Cardio Cruiser

Which are best cardio workouts to take part in? This can be a somewhat difficult question to answer because different people will require different training strategies. Newbies will find that the best workout is one that employs a slow and steady pace, while those with a bit more experience will want something that has a much higher level of intensity.

However, no matter how intense you want to put into your exercise session, you’ll want to use the best exercise equipment to meet your needs. In particular, those interested in getting the best cardio workouts should take a closer look at the Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser. This truly is one of the best cardio devices on the market and one that is sure to deliver the desired fat burning and muscle building results.

At one point, the morning TV show BODY BY JAKE was among the most popular shows on fitness. And why wouldn’t it be? Jake really knew (and knows) what he was doing. And speaking of Jake “stuff,” Body by Jake has branched out into the world of exercise equipment, offering all kinds of home workout equipment that are known for delivering solid and reliable results. You don’t need to go to the gym to get in shape when you have access to reliable and effective training systems that can be set up effectively at home.

One such device would be The Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser, which certainly helps provide a full body workout designed to give you the perfect path to getting in amazing shape at home and with relative ease.

Seriously, The Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser is only as good as the various cardio and fitness devices found in a commercial gym. Exercising regularly will lead to burning fat and building lean, ripped muscles.

The concept of the cardio cruiser is relatively simple: you sit on a chair and perform movements that engage all the muscles of the body. You will get your heart rate up by doing this as this chair is designed for cardio work and will also have resistance placed on your muscles with the intention of toning and building muscles.

What really makes this a device designed to meet the expectations of the best cardio workouts is that it combines many other popular exercise devices in one package. In particular, the Cardio Cruise is a mix of a recumbent bike, stair master, and elliptical trainer. As such, the ability to get a complete, total body workout becomes much easier and, best of all, can be achieved in a short amount of time depending on your actual focus of your training sessions.

Some may wonder what specifically it is about this device that allows it to burn fat so efficiently. Basically, this is an effective piece of training equipment known to hit all the proverbial bases for maximizing fat burning efficiency. What are these necessary components for the best cardio workouts?

They include:

• The ability to increase your heart rate to burn carbohydrates and calories from fat efficiently

• Your metabolism will increase for an extended period of time after you’ve stopped cardio.

• The various muscles of your body will be engaged through training, effectively and clearly toning and defining muscles.

• Overall cardiovascular conditioning will be improved

• Training can deliver results regardless of the level of intensity performed, and training must also be able to incorporate enough variation that it never becomes stale. Outdated workouts don’t give results!

The effectiveness of the Cardio Cruiser is such that it can hit all of these components associated with best cardio workouts. Better yet, you can do it in a way that even those new to cardio can take advantage of what cruising has to offer by working out at their own pace.

One of the reasons the Cardio Cruiser is so effective is that it maintains the ability to engage a full body range of motion with the performance of the exercises. To speed up your metabolism, you need to build lean muscle mass. The Cardio Cruiser opens the doors for this to be possible, making it a great and sought after device to work with.

Also, this is a training device designed to accommodate all kinds of different body weights and frames. This is achieved through the seven seat adjustment positions intended to accommodate people of different heights and weights.

Of course, intensity levels can be matched to current fitness and conditioning. There are five different resistance settings built into the Cardio Cruiser’s control panel. This means no matter what your current conditioning is, you can adjust the device’s intensity level to match. The best cardio workouts are usually those that adequately reach your intensity levels to challenge you. The Cardio Cruiser offers the ability to modify and adjust the intensity of your workout for your own individual needs and conditioning. Consider it a great benefit.

What if you’re not completely familiar with the type of training you want to do? Both DVDs and printed manuals are included with your purchase. This is done to ensure that you have roadmaps on which to perform the necessary exercises for maximum efficiency. And of course, these roadmaps help you train within your current level of fitness. You will not be “worked to the bone” in any way.

Ultimately, to engage in the best cardio exercises, you will definitely need to have the right attitude, intensity, and equipment. The first two components are up to you and the third is available through Body by Jake and comes in the form of the Cardio Cruiser. Yes, there are other excellent training devices on the market, there is no denying that fact. But can they combine all the many facets that the Cardio Cruiser is capable of combining? Not really!

Seriously, if you’re interested in engaging in the best cardio workouts for your needs, you’ll want to consider using the Cardio Cruiser. It is still one of the best items on the market and certainly one that can help you get in shape in a relatively short period of time.

And the end result could be a much healthier and fitter body that can help improve your physical performance in all areas of life.

The fish we cook, Wahoo and Cobia

Both wahoo and cobia are great for eating fish from the warm ocean waters. The Hawaiian wahoo and the Atlantic cobia.


Due to its long, graceful body with a torpedo-like shape, the Wahoo is one of the fastest fish in the ocean, reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. It is related to tuna and mackerel and can be found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. It is also found under the names of kink fish, peto and the most common is ono, which is the Hawaiian word for good to eat. The name Wahoo is believed to come from the name of the island Oahu, where fish abounds. The Wahoo has very small scales with a large mouth and very sharp teeth. It is iridescent blue with silver sides and has blue vertical bars that run the length of the fish. It is a colorful fish, but like mahi mahi, its color fades very quickly after death. It looks a lot like the barracuda, although the barracuda has larger teeth and larger scales. The Wahoo is important as a sport fish because of its speed and great flavor, but it is not that important commercially. Most of the fish traded comes from the Hawaii area. It is a fast growing fish and average catches range from 8 to 30 pounds, but it has been known to reach 180 pounds and over 8 feet in length. Wahoo has white to light gray flesh that is lean, delicate in texture, and mild in flavor. The best way to cook Wahoo is to bake, broil, grill, sauté, fry, deep-fry, or poach.


A relatively new entry to the US fish market, cobia is found in warm waters around the world and in US waters off the Atlantic coast. It has a slim body with a flat head and a protruding lower jaw. It is dark brown in color with a white belly and a dark stripe from eye to tail. It has a smooth skin with small scales and is known to reach 150 pounds and 78 inches in length. Cobia can be found by many regional names, with some of the most common being the black kingfish, ling, and lemonfish. For their size and their great flavor meat they are highly appreciated by sport fishermen. They do not travel in large schools so their commercial importance is not so great. Because of this, the majority of cobia on the market is grown in Asia, Panama, Mexico, and recently in the United States. She can grow to over 10 pounds in the first year, making her future in fish farming very promising. Cobia meat is light tan in color and turns snow white when cooked. It has a rich sweet taste with a flavor compared to mahi mahi and an oil content compared to salmon. The best way to prepare cobia is baked, broiled, broiled, sauteed, or poached.

Health and wellness tips for a long physical life

Your health is your wealth. A healthy man is a rich man, literally. You can think of a tycoon who possesses so much material wealth but is concerned about their health. What good is all material wealth if you can’t enjoy it? The money spent on doctors could have been channeled in other, better ways. Likewise, have you ever thought about how quickly an employee is replaced at work? Probably a colleague got sick or died. The job vacancy rises as soon as the bad news leaves your mind.

Therefore, it is important that you take care of your health. It is with this in mind that we have written down these health tips. They are simply recommendations. We are free to do more or less, depending on what we want.

1. Drink water

This may sound cliché, but it is very important. The top of the list of good health tips to practice is staying hydrated. The human body works primarily on water. It takes a person who is fasting, he can do without food but he is allowed to drink water. Water keeps you alert and keeps your body functional. Sometimes people have headaches simply from dehydration. However, most people are quick to take acetaminophen tablets. It is recommended to drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day. Stay hydrated and you will definitely stay rejuvenated.

2. Exercise

Among the daily health tips that we should not compromise is exercise. Now, you don’t need to have a gym membership. Life is not that complicated. We all want to have the gym membership, but what if you don’t have it? You can simply buy a jump rope and do cardiovascular exercise at home. Get yourself a comfortable pair of running shoes and go for a run in the morning or at night. If that’s too much, walk. If you have a pet, this may be the ideal time to bond.

3. Meditate

Today’s career woman has a lot to do with her daily activities. She must be a wife at home, a mother and give birth at work. It is very easy to get lost when so much is expected of you. Among the health tips for women would be to embrace meditation. Most people say they don’t have time for it, but if it’s important, find time for it. Take some time alone and lose yourself in your positive thoughts. Visualize or even participate in yoga. You take control of your emotional health in particular, which is very important.

4. Sleep well

Sleep is a highly debatable topic. Some people prescribe 8 hours of sleep while others prescribe 6 hours. In the same line of thought, you hear from very successful people who sleep 4 hours and are very functional. Therefore, my recommendation is to sleep well. It is not the quantity but the quality of sleep that counts. If you sleep 10 hours and it is a noisy place, you will not rest well. However, you can sleep for 2 hours in a very serene environment and wake up with a lot of energy. It is the quality that counts, not the quantity.

An energetic afternoon nap is said to keep one young. I don’t know how true it is, but there might be some truth to it. What I do know is that when you’re feeling sluggish in the afternoon, a restful nap goes a long way. There is no point in lengthening your tasks, but you can sleep ten minutes and feel rejuvenated. However, don’t be a serial evening sleeper and call it an energetic nap. That is pure laziness.

5. Eat well

Among the good health tips to practice daily is your diet. Having a balanced diet is very important. Your body will lack nothing. In the same way, with food it is the quality and not the quantity that matters. You can eat a lot, but your body will only take what it needs. That roast beef can be very tempting, but your body will only absorb enough protein. Just have the right portion for you. What is not used ends up being fat on your body.

6. Laugh more

As absurd as it may sound, this is the easiest fitness tip you can use. We live in a world where everyone is focused on getting things done. People no longer savor the taste of good food. People cannot smell well-brewed coffee. It’s sad. People’s mood is at an all-time low. To avoid this, treat yourself to a good laugh every day. Find humor in the little things. If laughing is tedious, smile. You never know who you will smile at and they will have a great day just because of your smile.

7. Socialize

Maybe you are wondering what this means? In the office environment, people don’t necessarily socialize. They’re all doing what got them there and rushing home as soon as they’re done. Not many people would say that they are close to their colleagues. We don’t know what challenges our colleagues at home may face. Likewise, people don’t know if you have challenges.

It’s a great daily health habit to especially socialize with your loved ones. Take time to be with your family. This is perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of making a living. Through family and loved ones, you can appreciate what life has to offer. You count your blessings and you just immerse yourself in each moment.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice that each of us can make. However, it can be challenging, as not many people appreciate a healthy life. Or maybe they do, they just aren’t willing to work. Therefore, be the agent of change. It can exemplify what a healthy life looks like. If you don’t practice any of the daily healthy habits above, there is hope. Just practice with one. Increase your water intake or just get a little better sleep. Over time, you will reap the benefits.

How to use trends to increase profits

All companies can use trends to increase profits. The question is, are you paying attention to trends and are you seeing who it is? Some companies have used trends with great success to completely transform their business. Just look at what Subway did with the weight loss trend. They went out and found a success story and made as much of it as they could.

They found a way to be the solution for those who want to eat less fast food but still get fast food. They even put the nutrition facts for their healthiest sandwiches on the napkins. Now look how many started following this trend. Your kids can eat apple wedges at McDonald’s instead of French fries.

Another trend at the moment is the “green” market. Whether you agree with the Global Warming myth or not, the market is buying green. Does your product or service have the ability to advertise as a green solution? Are there changes I can make to do that?

Sometimes you don’t really have to have the product or the trend in your business. Commenting on it or finding ways to link to it will work just as well. For example, sports can be a trend. Find ways to use the different sports seasons to your advantage. If you are in a soccer city, link to that soccer team. Run promotions that involve the team.

Here in Tampa we had the Super Bowl in town a couple of years ago. I saw many companies take advantage of that and many others did not. There is a psychological effect that occurs when we find something in common with someone. We immediately begin to love and trust that person or company. Using local sports teams to create that common ground is a great way to go.

If your local sports team is in the playoffs or having a spectacular season, there is likely to be a stir in the market. This gets people in your market excited and talking about the team. Find ways to capitalize on that. I was a bag boy at Publix when the Florida Marlins won the World Series for the first time. The store was decked out in Marlins decorations and customer service was playing the game on a television in the front of the store. There was excitement in that store, especially while the game was running.

Another set of trends are psychological. For example, at the moment the tendency is to be smart with money, as it is more strict. There is also a strong distrust of the government at the moment. How can you use them in your advertising?

If you still can’t find a trend to wear, create one. Many restaurants are hosting family nights where kids eat free. There is a CiCi’s Pizza near my house that had a family night on Thursdays with a live musician. The children were able to play with the singer with different instruments. We were there almost every Thursday while they had that. They created a trend and the place was packed.

Keep an eye out for companies that always seem to be using a new trend and see how you can do the same.

Leptin not working?

Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells that was first discovered in 1994 by Jeffery Friedman. It is the original “hunger hormone”. Like all hormones, leptin is a chemical messenger. When it comes to leptin, the message that leptin sends is “I’m full.” Leptin is produced by fat cells, travels through the bloodstream, and then acts on the appetite centers of the brain, indicating a feeling of fullness. When leptin levels are low, you feel hungry and motivated to search for food.

People with leptin deficiency are hungry all the time and are very overweight. They can get leptin injections and lose a lot of weight without diet or exercise. The problem is that leptin deficiency is extremely rare. In my career, treating thousands of overweight and obese patients, I have never seen a case of leptin deficiency (nor have any of my colleagues).

So if leptin deficiency is so rare, why all the hype about this hormone? It turns out that most people who are overweight or obese have dysfunctional leptin. In fact, your fat cells make large amounts of leptin. But, since leptin does not work properly, the enormous amount that is produced is still insufficient to suppress the appetite, causing the person to feel hungry all the time. Indeed, even if leptin levels are high, by not working properly, the body thinks that leptin is low. With leptin resistance, the brain doesn’t get the message that it’s time to stop eating, time to lose weight. Leptin resistance causes the brain to protect the body from perceived starvation, even in severely overweight people.

The following are symptoms of leptin resistance.

  1. Are you hungry all the time?
  2. Do you have unexplained weight gain?
  3. Is your weight slowly increasing over time?
  4. Cravings for comfort foods, fast food, or high-calorie foods?
  5. Not hungry for breakfast or do you skip breakfast?
  6. Do you overeat at dinner?
  7. Do you have excess body fat?
  8. Do you have unusual eating patterns or does your diet vary significantly from day to day?
  9. Does weight loss stop after losing just 5-10 pounds?
  10. Do you have insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, or diabetes?
  11. Do you have arthritis, asthma, lupus, or allergies?
  12. Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol?
  13. Do you have bad sleep, interrupted sleep, or short sleep?

If you answered “yes” to 3 or more of these questions, it is very likely that you have leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance means that your brain thinks you are starving when the reality is the opposite. Dysfunctional leptin drives appetite and especially cravings for high-calorie foods and junk food. The brain is doing everything it can to avoid hunger.

Leptin resistance also causes a lower metabolism and can lead to a number of other hormonal problems including insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, low testosterone levels (in men), and thyroid problems.

How is leptin resistance resolved?

Next week, I’ll show you ways to make your leptin work better and more efficiently so you can lose weight permanently.

3-day workout routine

In a previous article, I suggested a 5-day exercise routine, which is primarily focused on training each part of the body separately every day. For example: Monday-chest, Tuesday-arms, Wednesday-shoulders, Thursday-back, Friday-legs and weekend-rest. Although I believe that the ideal workout is one where you dedicate a single workout to a single body part, most of us don’t have the time available to run such an overloaded weekly training program.

So what is the best alternative? Your goal is still to train every part of your body at least once a week. To do that without going to the gym every day, you need to combine training a major body part with a minor one on the same day. Here is a typical example of a 3-day exercise routine:

Monday: Chest-Biceps

Chest exercises

1) Bench press 4 sets x 12,10,8,6

2) Incline bench press 3 sets x 12,10,8

3) Crossover cable 3 sets x 12,10,8

4) Peck-Dec (butterfly) or dumbbell flies 3 sets x 12,10,8

Bicep exercises

1) Barbell or Cable Curl 3 sets x 12,10,8

2) Alternative Hammer Curl 3 sets x 12,10,8

3) Concentration curls or preacher curls (machine) 3 sets x 12,10,8

Wednesday: back-triceps

Back exercises

1) Deployable with V-bar 4 sets x 12,10,8,6

2) Wide Grip Pull-Down (Machine or Cable) 3 sets x 12,10,8

3) Incline bar row 3 sets x 12,10,8

4) One-arm dumbbell row (supported on a bench) 3 sets x 12,10,8

Triceps exercises

1) Cable extension (kneeling or standing) 3 sets x 12,10,8

2) Lying close grip bar extension (front) 3 sets x 12,10,8

3) One arm dumbbell extension 3 sets x 12,10,8

Friday: legs-shoulders

Leg exercises

1) Leg extensions (machine) 4 sets x 12,10,8,8

2) Squats with bar or machine 4 sets x 12,10,8,8

3) Dumbbell lunges 3 sets x 12,10,10

4) Leg curls (lying machine) 3 sets x 12,10,10

Shoulder exercises

1) Shoulder press with bar or dumbbells 4 sets x 12,10,8,8

2) Arnold Dumbbell Press 3 sets x 12.10.8

3) Dumbbell Raise (front or side) 3 sets x 12,10,8

4) Corded chin rows (standing) 3 sets x 12.10.8

Always train the main body part first – chest, back, legs and continue with the minor ones – biceps, triceps, shoulders (shoulders are considered a medium size body part, so whenever you get a chance, train them separately) . You can mix the exercises for each body part as you like, but keep in mind that core exercises like chest bench press, leg squat, or shoulder press must be performed first.

If you are currently on a mass or volume exercise routine, lift maximum weight and lower your reps. I call this training program a “3-day exercise routine.” However, if you have some extra time, you can do it four or even five times a week. Just remember to rotate your workouts. For example, if you add a training session on Thursday, then work on your legs and shoulders on Thursday and on Friday train your chest and biceps. Never break the sequence of the exercise routine mentioned above so that all parts of the body enter the same way.

Whether you are on the 3-5 day exercise routine, remember that muscle building is the result of three different factors: training, nutrition, and rest. Each of these factors is equally important.

Keep those muscles pumping!

Adopt a healthy diet that prolongs life: simple but not easy

Your mother was right

Vegetables are the basis of a good diet. A recent 15-month study of 2,000 subjects found that those with the highest intake of fruits and vegetables had a 70% lower risk of heart attack and other heart problems. (This was reported in the electronic alert from the Institute of Health Sciences, which sends free emails.)

Raw is preferable, of course. Keep in mind that we did not evolve to eat cooked food and that our primitive ancestors lived on a raw food diet for millions of years. If you’re not prepared to eat everything raw, at least make sure to eat a salad before eating cooked food. This will make your enzymes perk up so that they can better cope with the cooked foods that follow.

There are many different salad combinations. A wide variety should be eaten: dark green lettuces (not lettuce), cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, beets (beets), bell peppers of all colors (bell peppers for Americans), red onions, and any other vegetables you like. Chop, shred, or dice them in various combinations. Arugula, coriander (coriander), parsley, and any number of potted green herbs are great additions, providing calcium that your body can assimilate, other valuable minerals, and great flavor.

Eat a large salad with most of these vegetables and herbs every day. Because they give an attractive texture, add an avocado cut into chunks and a small amount of virgin olive oil, as well as a dash of lemon. Then, and this really makes it delicious and crunchy, sprinkle two tablespoons of the seeds over the salad. The result is so abundant that it will keep you active all day. (Instructions for preparing the seeds are below). Please do your best to use organic vegetables for their life-saving minerals and vitamins. For a seasoning, use A. Vogel’s Trocomare and Herbamare.

Another great way to get lots of raw vegetables is by drinking a glass of carrots, celery, beets, parsley, cucumber, etc. freshly squeezed, as well as whatever veggies are available. The organically raised raw egg is delicious, mixed with the juice. Add maca, minerals, and rosehip granules and mix it all together for a nutritious and filling meal.

Most people are not ready to go the raw route. For those, it’s a good idea to eat a wide variety of steamed vegetables, with an emphasis on zucchini, celery, and green beans, the three vegetables that cleanse the liver. Combined in a soup and mixed together, they make a great detoxifier known as Bieler Broth in honor of Dr. Bieler. Potatoes, steamed or baked, and seasoned with herbs and butter, chives, shallots, or chopped red onions (raw or cooked), make a delicious and hearty addition to a plant-based meal. For those few who are allergic to nightshade vegetables (potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes and aubergines) special care is needed. And don’t forget Dr. Bieler’s soup if you or a family member feel toxic.

Delight of nature

Fresh and raw fruit can be prepared in many ways – you are only limited by your imagination. Fruit salads are delicious, especially if you include bananas for their thickness. Fruit sauces can be made to drizzle over the salad, mixing various fruits with avocado and / or frozen bananas. The addition of nuts, especially dates, creates a rich sauce. Sprinkle some nuts on fruit salads, although they are not an ideal combination, the nutritional value is there.

Fruit smoothies are great on warm days and are a kiddie delight. Use fruit juice or make almond milk (instructions below) and put it in the blender with frozen banana and any other frozen or fresh fruit you want. Just remember: when freezing fruits, they must be very ripe and the hard skins must be removed first. Cut frozen fruit into chunks before blending. For a change, you may want to add a raw egg before mixing, but make sure of the purity of the eggs you buy. Frozen mango and banana, mixed until smooth, makes delicious ice cream and will not shorten its life.

Try drying your own fruit. Every season there are boxes of ripe mango, banana and pineapple, making sure that they are extremely sweet. A dehydrator makes this easy, but they can also be dried on cookie sheets in a regular oven, turned on, but not higher, to preserve the enzymes. The great advantage of this is that sulfur and possibly dirty conditions used during commercial drying are eliminated. Dehydrators should be set to 40 degrees Celsius or less, or 100 degrees Fahrenheit or less, so the enzymes are not killed. If you use an oven, be careful that the fruit does not get moldy.

Dehydrators can be used to prepare delicious snacks. As just one example, soaked ground almonds can be mixed with soaked (and drained) dates and orange juice to form a paste that can then be spread out on a dehydrator tray, using a blank. To prevent sticking, a small amount of coconut oil should first be spread on the blank. Pat dry until desired consistency, crisp or smooth. Let your imagination create other delicacies or check out the many recipe books available for dehydrating food.

Don’t neglect your protein

If you are a vegetarian you will have to learn to prepare nuts so that the anti-enzymatic factor is eliminated. When selecting nuts, make sure they are not rancid and use as wide a variety as possible. However, do not use cashews or peanuts as they are unhealthy. Put all the nuts in a large bowl and add more than enough water to cover so that when they swell they are still covered. Put enough good quality sea salt in the water to make it taste noticeably salty. Let them soak overnight or longer. Drain in a colander, then put in a dehydrator until dry and crisp. Keep the temperature low to preserve the enzymes; It will take about two days before they are ready, depending on the temperature and humidity of the room. If you don’t have a dehydrator, the nuts can be dried on cookie sheets in an oven set to the ON position, not higher, and will need to be stirred occasionally.

Almonds must be handled separately. Soak them overnight and the next day place them in extremely warm water to loosen the skin, which can then be easily removed. The skin contains oxalic acid, which should be avoided. They can then be added to the dryer, along with the other nuts. If you want to make almond milk, just mix with juice or water until smooth. Almonds contain easily assimilated calcium and should be used frequently.

When drying seeds, you may prefer to keep them separate from the nuts, as they are small and tend to “get lost.” The salad mentioned above is made up of pepitas (pumpkin seeds), sunflower seeds, and pine nuts. Dry them using the nut drying technique, draining through a strainer instead of a colander, and sprinkle them over cooked vegetable or veggie salads, or use in other creative ways.

Before our oceans were so polluted, fish was a great form of healthy protein and oils. No more, now they are contaminated with mercury. Farmed fish are the worst of all, so don’t trust them. Because they are small, sardines are believed to be mercury-free, and if you use only those packed in water, they can be a tasty addition to salads and other dishes, as well as a safe way to get calcium, protein, and the good oils. sardines contain.

If you eat red meat, grill it, broil it, or lightly sauté it. Absolutely never grill meat, or anything else – charred food is the most cancer eating. And please, never eat meat that has been injected and fed with grains. Grass-fed is the only safe meat. The same rules apply to chickens. If you don’t like roasting or broiling, slow cooked chicken pieces in coconut oil are delicious. Do not have a phobia of the skin, which must be kept on. Eat meat in moderation, as a condiment, rather than as a main dish. Eggs are a fine protein, especially when eaten raw, but they must be from poultry and must be fresh.

It is impossible to be healthy if you eat the wrong fats and oils. If you feel like frying, use coconut oil. It is healthy and delicious. But remember, it is essential to take good quality food enzymes when eating cooked foods.

Once you’ve established the rules above and adhered to them for a while, you’ll find that eating healthy is easier than it sounds. The secret is Keep it simple. You will discover such improvements in well-being that your efforts will pay off. The trick here is to forget about fancy recipes and stick to the principles of safe food preparation. You will be infinitely stronger and healthier and you will live decades longer. Remember: some of us are quickly stuck due to poor food choices, while some of us can defy the odds for years because we were born tough. But no one, not even you, can get away with ignoring the laws of nature in the long run.

Low cholesterol diet

Today, cholesterol is becoming a real threat for many people. The main reason behind this is that people tend to consume more products high in saturated fat, such as whole milk dairy products, poultry, and egg yolks.

Additionally, most people also rely on food chains for their daily diet or perhaps processed foods, especially if their schedule is too hectic to accommodate home cooking. So if you are one of these people who love to eat these types of foods, it is time to re-evaluate your diet and start eating a low cholesterol diet.

The low cholesterol diet is a diet low in saturated fat, which helps lower your cholesterol level and protects you from various heart diseases. Foods that should be included in this diet include fat-free dairy products, lean meats, fish and shellfish, skinless poultry, and whole grains. Fresh fruits and green vegetables should also be included, especially when combined with large amounts of olive oil and monosaturates, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for your body and reduce the risk of high cholesterol. In addition to these, certain foods that contain plant stanols or plant sterols, such as margarines to lower cholesterol and salad dressings, can also be added to your diet to increase the LDL-lowering power of your body.

Meanwhile, foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat should only be eaten in moderation. If possible, these should not be included in your diet. Avoid liver and other organ meats, egg yolks, whole dairy products, high-fat processed meats, and fried foods. Limiting your intake of these foods can greatly lower your cholesterol levels and lower your chances of developing heart disease, as well as protecting you from future heart attacks.

A simple low-cholesterol diet is of great help to you, but only if you regularly observe and follow these guidelines. Remember that your health is in your hands.

Keys’ Fitness Home Gym: The Key To Good Health

This is another leading name in the world of fitness and health. Featuring high-quality, cutting-edge brands that any health and fitness hobbyist would surely love to have in their homes. The brand may have had its ups and downs in the industry, but they have kept their quality brands that are proven in terms of durability and solidity.

Keys Fitness products are sold in the US and around the world, offering equipment ranging from home gyms, ellipticals, treadmills, plates and bars, dumbbells, and many other tools such as clothing and saunas.

Take, for example, some of their best products, like the KPS2050, which is innovatively designed and packed with multipurpose features that make this home gym machine superior to other equipment. Its distinctive press arm can be used for diving, and it folds up comfortably, allowing you to supplement your exercise with dumbbell workouts. It has a better movement adjustment, ergonomic grip positions and the design allows a good positioning of the body thus achieving maximum training results. It comes with dual pivot arm uprights and adjustable pad for lower training needs. Also includes squat bar pads, lateral and straight rotating bars, ankle straps and abdomen / triceps, as well as two single-grip handles. This is a total home gym where the entire workout is fully packaged in this machine and it even comes with a lifetime warranty, a lifetime warranty on everything in it.

The ST-IB International Olympic Bench is as good as the KPS 2050. It is constructed of heavy duty 14 gauge steel. Features oversized 4 “wide angle uprights requiring a 7 ‘Olympic bar. Bench tilts, tilts and tilts. Includes arm and leg attachments with 6 oversized roller pads, a power adapter. Olympic sleeve and a height-adjustable preacher curl.

Another better product is the ST-FID bench included with the preacher curl attachment considered to be one of the Keys Fitness top picks on the home gym machine. Here’s why: It has a full function that includes 14 gauge steel, a declined, flat to military position with a preacher curl and comes with 8 adjustable positions, quality vinyl covered foam cushions, and front and rear stabilizers. This is definitely a top of the line fitness product; a perfectly good pick for health enthusiasts.

Knowing that it is important to maintain good health, with the help of regular training, these Keys Fitness machines can be your brand.

The healthy benefits of increasing your metabolism

There are many benefits to increasing your metabolism. You can have an energy boost throughout the day, you will sleep much better, and probably the most important health benefit of all is that you will lose weight and then be able to maintain that weight. And here’s a benefit that most people don’t think about. Simply increasing your metabolism will burn more calories even when you are sleeping.

With a slow but steady increase in metabolism, it is possible to achieve the recommended weight loss of one to two pounds per week. The interesting thing about increasing your metabolism is the fact that to burn calories the body needs calories. In reality, cutting calories can slow down your metabolism to the point where you no longer burn excess calories and your body begins to store more fat.

As everyone knows, exercising is a good way to lose weight. It is also a good way to increase your metabolism. But just like anything else, it’s the type of exercise that’s important to your long-term weight loss goals. Many fitness and weight loss “gurus” have led the general public to believe that cardio or aerobic workouts are the best way to lose weight. While there is nothing wrong with doing those types of exercise and there are indeed great health benefits to doing them, but they are not the end of weight loss.

This is why. By doing aerobic workouts, your metabolism increases and burns more calories than if you were sitting on the couch watching TV. But what happens when your training ends? Your metabolism slows down. You no longer burn those extra calories. The key to increasing your metabolism is to increase your metabolic rate while resting.

How do you do this? Weight training. Building lean muscle mass is a calorie-burning machine not only during training, but also after training, when you are resting your muscles are rebuilding and this is consuming calories. The beauty of weight training is that you can customize your workout to shape your body however you see fit. Lifting weights will not build large, bulky muscles unless you adapt your training and lifestyle to do so. For women, weight training is a great way to not only increase your metabolism, but also to shape and tone your body. The other benefit of weight training is the ability to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it. Lean muscle mass requires large amounts of caloric energy to maintain itself.

Combine these two exercise regimens to boost your metabolism and you’re really on your way to losing whatever amount of weight you want and keeping it off with ease. The only thing missing is the desire and commitment to make it happen and that is something that has to come from within.