Big Data Training and Certification

Industries require the analysis of the enormous amount of data they generate on a daily basis. This can be illustrated as follows: A drug has been launched with some modifications. It should be compared with the same type of drug without the modifications and with other drugs of the same type. The drug’s effect, viability, and sales need to be monitored and captured. We can also consider the example of the stock market in places like Mumbai or New York. This need for data analysis is found all over the world.

Big Data refers to these huge sets of structured and unstructured data collected about business activity on a daily basis. It cannot be analyzed using the usual methods and software. Specific tools and techniques have been developed to manipulate this data. Big Data has specific characteristics that are not seen in typical data sets. The data sets are massive. They contain a wide variety of data. The format can vary as in fixed-length records or free-form data from the Web.

Big Data is valuable to businesses because with the right tools, an experienced professional can analyze this data, identify trends, and make predictions about the best decisions for the business. This can lead to better customer service, better operational efficiency, and the ability to identify the risks and benefits of new products early in the development process. Data-driven decision making is the goal behind maintaining all this data and what top management in many companies in many different fields hopes to achieve.

Specific tools had to be developed to manipulate these huge data sets, as nothing on the market was up to the task. They are of two types: storage and query/analysis. Here is a short list of some of these new software packages:

Apache Hadoop – Free Java-based software used to store data in large arrays. It’s not exactly a programming language.

Microsoft HDInsight

not SQL




Goal Seeking in Excel


Big data analytics refers to the methods by which data scientists analyze this data to identify trends and make recommendations. These are new technologies and are slower and less accurate compared to the methods used to measure typical business statistics with normal sized data sets. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of Big Data analytics professionals. This has made the salary quite high and now people clamor for this type of training.

A fair amount of training is required to successfully manipulate these data sets with these tools and extrapolate useful information. Big Data analytics training is offered at numerous institutions across the country. You will need some type of certification to show that you are trained in this field. Now is the perfect time to enroll in a Big Data analytics training course. If you want to boost your resume, sign up for the course and get certified in Big Data Analytics.

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