Reverse Cell Phone Lookup: How To Do Reverse Lookups On Any Cell Phone

A phone lookup service can come in very handy when an unknown number calls your phone. All you have to do is enter the phone number into a form, and the service will return the name and address of the person who registered the phone number. As long as the phone number calling you is in the phone book and is a landline, reverse phone looks are pretty simple to do. Reverse cell phone lookup services are a bit different because these numbers do not appear in publicly available databases such as the community white pages.

Free vs. Paid

Cell phone number databases are privately owned by various cell phone service providers. They will lease these databases to a search service for a fee. That’s one of the reasons you have to pay to get information in a reverse phone lookup. The service should outweigh your costs. You can enter a cell number into a free reverse lookup service, but it will usually only return vague information, such as that the call is from a cell phone registered in a particular city. Privacy concerns are another reason why cell phone number information is not freely distributed. People agree to landline numbers being publicly displayed in a phone book, but cell phone owners do not grant such permission. To get the information you want, you must use a credit card and identify yourself. This helps weed out stalkers and illegal activities.

Is it legit?

A reverse cell phone lookup is completely legal. The lookup service rents databases of cell phone numbers from various cell service providers. They pay rights to access all these databases and they do it by mutual agreement in a legal way. They have permission to use the databases to offer paid cell phone searches. When you do a reverse cell phone lookup, you don’t have to worry about breaking the law because you’re paying to access private information and you’re not hacking into someone’s database. Of course, you must use the information you receive only for lawful purposes.

What can you find out?

When you do a reverse mobile phone lookup you can find a variety of information, sometimes it depends on the reverse lookup service you use as to how much information you can get. You will get basic information such as the name and address of the person who registered the cell phone number. The phone lookup service you use may also provide extended information, such as the names and ages of other people living at the same address. You may even be able to get a mini background check on the person if you want. Of course, the more information you need, the more it will cost because the service will have to scan more and more databases to return the information to you.

Using a reverse cell phone lookup service to get basic information is usually all you need and the small fee you have to pay can give you peace of mind when you have unknown numbers on your phone. Illegal callers sometimes think they can hide behind a cell phone number, since cell numbers don’t appear in public databases, but luckily you can do a reverse phone lookup and find out who is making those calls.

A Southern African Big 5 Safari: Can It Be Done On A Budget?

Ok, so you want to go on an African safari to see the big five animals, to experience the fresh air of the African bush, you want to sit by the fire at night and listen to the hyenas and bush babies and then wake up to birdsong and lions roaring.

But this is going to cost the earth, isn’t it? Not necessarily – an African safari can be done on a budget and here we’ll share some of our cheap safari tips that can get you to the places you want to visit.

Book out of season

Keep in mind that there is a “low season” in South Africa where rates could be reduced by 30 to 40 percent. Low season varies from country to country, so if you intend to visit a private safari lodge, check their low season rates.

Kruger Park has discounted rates out of season, which is normally the first two weeks of December, and Kgalagadi has seasonal discounts between January 10 and March 15 and November 1 and December 15. Check the SANParks website for these seasonal specials. They also have discounted rates on their wilderness trails – the discount is higher for more people you book. (Each trail carries a maximum of eight people).

Etosha has discount rates for repeat visitors so if you are a return visitor please ask for the discount rate when making your booking with NWR (Namibia Wildlife Resorts).

Pilanesberg will have discounted off-season and midweek rates; Ask when making your reservation with the different accommodations.


Look for cheap flights on the internet because it is cheaper to buy your ticket online, but shop first, don’t buy the first thing you see.

If you have frequent flyer miles, use them to get to South Africa and once you arrive in South Africa, you have the option of flying locally on some cheap airlines like Kulula, One-Time and Mango. These airlines do not provide free food and drinks on board, but they do sell snacks and drinks.

Self-driving vs. guided safari

Expensive private lodges cater to well-heeled tourists and lead you to animals that have been tracked. We don’t like this as they will ask you what animal you want to see and if you answer ‘lion’ they will radio the tracker to find out where one is and then lead you to it. There is little anticipation or excitement when this is done – it’s almost like going to a zoo without the cages!

We prefer to go on self-drive safaris as they are much cheaper, we have more freedom with our daily movements and there is simply nothing better than the thrill of driving down a road and stumbling upon a leopard stalking an impala and then staying with the leopard for as long as you like. So autonomous driving means exactly that, you are the driver, the planner and the observer of the game in your own vehicle. If you’re the adventurous type and want to explore southern Africa, autonomous driving is for you.

If you’re an international visitor, ‘autonomous’ means renting a vehicle, but shop around online and get the best deal – there are at least seven car rental companies in South Africa. You can also get advice on the SANParks forum on the most reliable car rental companies; check under ‘car rental tips’.

In Kruger, Kgalagadi, Pilanesberg and Etosha you only need a 2wd vehicle which is sufficient for tar and gravel roads but you may need a 4×4 if you plan to book a 4×4 trail in Kruger or Botswana or want to stay in Kalahari dune camps like Bitterpan and Gharagab.

conservation fees

All parks charge a daily conservation fee, but SANParks has a Wild Card that is valid for one year and covers all entrance fees to any of their parks, including Kruger and Kgalagadi. The cost of the Wild Card is roughly equivalent to a week’s entrance fees, so if you’ll be staying for more than six or seven nights at one of the SANParks in the next 12 months, buying a Wild Card is much cheaper than paying your conservation fees at the gate and saves you not only money but also time, since you don’t have to waste time standing in line! (Etosha and Pilanesberg are not included in SANParks).


Accommodation will vary from park to park, but you can generally choose between camps, bungalows, chalets, rondavels, safari tents, or cabins. I know, you’re thinking Shops and cabins, they must be disgusting because they are cheap! In southern African parks ‘cheap’ does not automatically equate to nasty! Most of the accommodations have en-suite bathrooms, kitchens and air conditioners! If you choose the cheaper end, your unit will have common bathrooms and kitchens; there is something for every budget.

Bed linen and towels are provided and all units are cleaned daily. If your unit has a kitchen, you will have crockery and cutlery with a hot plate. In Kruger, Kgalagadi and Pilanesberg all units have a braai (barbecue), but in Etosha only some units have a braai; just confirm when you make your reservation in Etosha.

eat like a king

The restaurants in Etosha and Pilanesberg have good food and service but can be expensive, while the restaurants in Kruger and Kgalagadi are simply not value for money in our opinion.

To save money, shop before you get to the parks – there are supermarkets like Pick n’ Pay, Woolworths or Spar in South Africa and Namibia that have all the groceries you’ll need. We bought most of our food and wine a few days before we left or on the way to the parks and when we arrived we bought the bulky things like coal and water. For breakfast we usually have coffee and biscuits on the safari and then bacon and eggs at one of the picnic sites. For lunch we have a quick sandwich in the bungalow and for dinner a good braai with chicken or boerewors skewers, salads and a good glass of wine.

So while your safari may be ‘budget’, you certainly don’t have to ‘rough it’!

3 Exciting Graphic Design Trends for 2021

3D Typography Design

In 2020, typographic design became a huge hit, in which the designers used all kinds of fun ideas, which the viewers liked a lot. Typography had a lot of artistic flow and will continue to do so for quite some time. Whether organic or geometric, web designers are developing a new trend towards 3D typography with the use of the same concepts, however this time; they will add rather than drive away.

Experts predict that by 2021, the most popular type designs of 2020 will be transformed into 3D. This means that the letters will look very realistic to viewers, who can almost feel them. In addition to 3D, there will be elements of animation, pattern, and texture. In fact, type design is fast becoming an innovative symbol in graphic design, making use of the most up-to-date and reliable techniques in all possible creative and surprising ways.

Cartoon illustrations in design

Using custom artwork is an effective way to set a web design apart from the crowd of websites that have a clean, minimalist look and heavy graphic elements. Illustrations, which are more interesting, varied, and multi-technical than those of the past, can further enhance a web design while still keeping it on point and in the spirit in which it is presented. Everyone loves illustrations so they are sure to stick around for years to come. However, custom cartoon characters will be the new popular design trend.

When there is variety in a format, it can be easily adapted and is creative, fun and makes users smile. This is best for memorable branding and creating the atmosphere of the product or site, plus it’s remarkably multifunctional. There are no limits to where companies can use your character: on the website, presentation materials, business cards and posters, to name a few. Also, everyone loves cartoons.

voxel art design

A 3D cube called a voxel is the 2D equivalent of a 2D pixel. It is seen in many video games like Minecraft. It is easy to recognize and looks like lego blocks. It’s easy to see why this will climb the fashion charts in 2021. As mentioned above, 3D is a major player and shape elements will be used to create more interesting designs. Voxel art is a mix of the two. Although this highly visual technique is a bit childish in its simplicity and has a retro appeal, it is very modern in the truest sense of the word.

Potty Training Readiness Cues: Cues to Help You Decide When to Potty Train Your Child

More and more parents want to know when to potty train their children, especially as the economy weakens and they are looking for ways to cut unnecessary expenses like diapers. And frankly, in addition to the other benefits you and your family will receive, quickly going diaper-free is a great way to save money!

However, before you start potty training your child, you need to make sure they are physically and mentally (mentally, emotionally, socially, etc.) ready, otherwise it is likely to frustrate you and your little one. . So let’s start here…

First, there is no exact age at which all toddlers are ready to be potty trained. However, most pediatricians and the American Academy of Pediatrics agree that normal, healthy children between the ages of 18 and 27 months are ready to be potty trained. And after three decades of potty training boys and girls, I agree; however, there are exceptions to this rule on both counts. I have personally potty-trained children from 15 months to 29 months. If I had to draw a “safe” line in the sand, I would say that the vast majority of children are more than ready by the time they are two years old.

With that being said, however, keep in mind that experts agree that developmental skills are a much better predictor of potty training readiness than chronological age. What are these signs? Luckily, I’ve included some of the most common potty training readiness signs in the list below.

Children are most likely at the right age for potty training if…

1. Have sufficient cognitive and/or language skills. If so, they…

o Understand simple explanations, commands and/or instructions and respond appropriately, either verbally or otherwise.

o Understand simple words and phrases such as “pee pee”, “poop”, “potty”, etc.

o Demonstrate that they are aware of their body parts (especially genitals, their own and others)

o Imitate mom, dad, siblings or friends

o Demonstrate a basic understanding of cause and effect (eg, they will have to make the connection between urinating and the potty)

Keep in mind that young children’s language skills, that is, how well they speak or how many words they say, are not the important factors, but how well they understand simple speech.

2. Have fully mature sphincter muscles. If so, could they…

o Squatting, grunting, or showing other signs of awareness when having a bowel movement

o Pull on their diapers when urinating

o Urinating less often, but more at a time

o Having more regular bowel movements

o Stay dry for hours, especially at night (you may also notice that night stools are the first to go)

Keep in mind: Parents may still wake up with wet diapers even if their children are ready to be potty trained, if they are in the habit of drinking just before bed or bringing a cup or bottle to bed. In this case, I advise parents to try this experiment: reduce fluid intake two to three hours before bedtime, and change your children just before bedtime. (Yes, this means no bottle.) Do this for several nights and see what happens. Most of the time, this makes it much easier for young children to stay dry all night and provides an opportunity for parents to make a more accurate assessment. Oh, one other thing… if you try this, make sure you change your son or daughter’s diaper as soon as she wakes up; otherwise, if the diaper is wet, you won’t know when he peed!

3. Exhibit mature development of motor skills. If so, can they…

o Raise or lower pants

o Undressing or dressing themselves

o Put on shoes or socks, or at least try to

4. Have advanced emotional and social skills. If so, can they…

o Getting angry when things are not in their usual place. For example, you might hear something like, “No, Mommy, that cup goes here!”

o It means they are proud of their achievements. For example, they can say, “Dad, look what I did!”

o Insist on doing things themselves. For example, I was sure my granddaughter, Sevy, was more than ready to be potty-trained when every other sentence she uttered was, “No, Granny. Sevy can do it!” (She said it so often for a while that I thought her name was Sevy-Can-Do-It :>)

I hope these tips have been helpful in helping you decide when to potty train your child. As you’ve guessed, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and while it’s never a good idea to push toddlers before they’re ready, you certainly don’t want to wait until your son or daughter asks to go potty (if that’s the case). so, hunker down for the long haul and stock up on Pampers) or put it off until your stubborn streak wears off (ditto). If this were true, many of us would still be looking forward to potty training our 30 year olds!

In the end, use these guidelines and your own instincts and you’ll do just fine.

5 simple tips to lose weight before the wedding

If you are getting married in a few months and looking for some pre-wedding weight loss tips, then you are on the right page. With a great diet, effective exercise, and other minor lifestyle changes, you can achieve your goals. Let’s see 5 tips to lose weight before the wedding. Keep reading to know more.

1. Exercise well

You should set aside at least 30 minutes of your time to exercise. Actually, if you speed up your metabolism, it can help you burn more calories. Keep in mind that you cannot achieve your goal by exercising alone.

You should also participate in routine physical activities, such as climbing stairs, walking to the nearest store, and running a couple of meters. Your diet alone will not achieve your weight loss goals.

2.Drink water

There is no substitute for water when it comes to weight loss. When you are thirsty, you can quench your thirst with a glass of water. It is important to note that sodas or diet sodas are not good alternatives to water.

Therefore, you may want to stay away from these drinks as they are not good for your health. You should opt for water instead.

3. Eat healthy

As for natural weight loss, you may want to eat healthy. The same is true when you’re struggling to reduce body fat before the wedding. What you need to do is stay away from junk food and then follow a healthy lifestyle at the same time. For example, you should eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

4. Limit your portion size

Another way to get rid of those love handles is to practice portion control. In other words, you may want to eat foods that only keep you full for a few hours. You don’t want to eat a heavy breakfast to keep you full for the day. If you want to eat meat, just limit your portion size.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can opt for eggs, tuna, salmon, and chicken breast. Therefore, you should include these foods in your diet.

5. Don’t drink

Weddings are special events that require celebration. Usually, we drink alcohol to celebrate the moments of happiness. So what you need to do is consider the caloric content of the drink. In other words, if the alcohol you want to drink is high in calories, you may not want to have it. This will result in weight gain, which will ruin all your progress.

Actually, a bottle of liquor has about 150 calories. If you have it daily, you may want to control this habit.

In short, if you’ve been looking for some pre-wedding weight loss tips, we suggest following these 5 tips and you’ll be good to go. Keep in mind that your progress depends on your level of patience and determination. Being patient is the key to success during your weight loss process. I hope this helps.

Benefits of 3D glasses

With 3D movies gaining popularity and a number of 3D TVs coming onto the market in the near future, it can be a bit confusing how each system works, there is currently no true universal 3D system with a number of methods fighting for overall market control, out of the current 4 methods of viewing 3D, there are 3 different 3D glasses used in conjunction with each type. These four types include polarization, active shutter, and lenticular technology, along with the ancient anaglyph method we all know and love.

To understand how 3D glasses work you need to have a basic understanding of how the human eye measures depth perception, simply each eye is separated by a distance, which means that the image each sees is slightly different from the other, the brain then does its thing and converts these two images into a single image with the addition of depth. This process is used to create 3D images. When watching a 3D movie or 3D image, you are actually looking at two slightly different images at the same time. The 3D glasses complete the process by blocking out an image from each eye so that your two eyes see two slightly different images, each just like in real life. It really is quite simple but really amazing!

The 3D glasses for each method are different, with anaglyph 3D you use glasses that have red/blue lenses, what you are seeing consists of two images per frame that is processed in each color so that each eye filters one image. This is the old method that was used for the massive 3D movie boom of the 1980s. The most popular new method used in theaters is with the help of polarization, with this method you are shown two images each polarized differently, the 3D glasses you wear with this method are transparent and each lens is polarized to allow only one of the two images to enter each eye, for example the right lens can be polarized to only allow horizontal light waves while the left lens will only allow the vertical.

Currently, there are two newer methods coming onto the market, which are mainly used for home use in newer 3D TVs and monitors, which use active shutter and lenticular technology. With active shutter 3D, you need special battery-powered LCD glasses that block alternate images displayed at high speed on a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. The other new method is lenticular technology which doesn’t require 3D glasses because the TV itself creates the 3D image by reflecting light at slightly different angles towards the viewer with its unique screen.

Now that you know the features of the three different types of 3D glasses, you can sit back and enjoy the show.

RSS Feeds: Why Measure Your RSS Feeds

With any type of advertising or marketing campaign, results are measured. You analyze the statistics of your website. You should also analyze the results of your RSS feed. If you don’t measure results, how do you know if what you’re doing is working or not?

There are three simple things to look for when analyzing your feed results, and if your results show people are unsubscribing, how to fix it!

First, you need to know how many people are registered or subscribed to your feeds. Services like Feedburner give you these figures. if you are using Google advertising you can also find your subscriber numbers there. When you do an update, how many people have asked to be informed?

With that simple number, you can use it against numbers from previous subscribers. If you’re just starting out, you can use it to monitor over time. Are the numbers going up or down? Declining subscribers over a period of time is cause for concern. That indicates there is a problem. Check that the problem is not technical. Check that you are fetching your own feed correctly. If not, and you’re using Feedburner, use its tools to scan your feed for issues. If the feed is working properly, then you should look for likely reasons why people are choosing to leave your feed notifications and take steps to stop them from continuing. This means that your content is not engaging enough to keep your readers subscribed.

Here are nine reasons people are unsubscribing from your RSS feed and steps to stop the problem.

1. Your theme is not exactly what they want. Are you making it too broad or too focused? Has your theme changed from what it was when you subscribed?

2. Is your quality still the same? If you have lost quality in your thoughts, you will stop reading. Make sure you keep to the same standard or improve!

3. Please try to add more suggestions on how to do things. People like step-by-step instructions on every topic imaginable.

4. Are your thoughts too impersonal? Or too personal? You want your personality to show, but not your whole life, unless that’s exactly what you blog about. If your website is a news site, consider adding some opinion pieces to give it a personal touch. Include a personal note or describe how you have personally used a product to give your thoughts a personal touch. Alternatively, if your thoughts are highly personalized, perhaps you should look into writing sometimes in the third person.

5. Are you posting infrequently? If you don’t produce regular thoughts for your subscribers, they are likely to leave. If your RSS feed is just to update users about a particular app, for example, that might not apply, but then you probably wouldn’t be reading a website article like this. You should post at least one article a week to keep your subscribers happy. If you don’t have time, consider hiring a ghostwriter or copy-paste from article directories (leaving the author’s resource box intact, of course) as guest posts. Soliciting guest bloggers is another way to get more content for your readers.

6. Are you overposting and overwhelming your subscribers? A news website will post dozens of new thoughts each day, but a general internet site shouldn’t. A couple of posts a day is more than enough for most readers. One is usually enough.

7. Are you rambling, into long drawn out posts that take forever to read? If that’s the style of your blog, then fine, but make sure you have your RSS feed set to summaries, not full posts. Why don’t you try shortening your thoughts or breaking them down into several posts?

8. Are you posting very short updates of 150 words or less? Short posts should be sent to your feed in full format. Be sure to add some longer regular posts to add quality content for your readers to appreciate. Your blog posts should not be read like Twitter tweets! Your blog posts should definitely not be Twitter tweets. Leave them on Twitter.

9. Are you sharing yesterday’s news? Is what you are delivering to your subscribers up to date and relevant? Make sure you are up to date with the trends. Outdated content loses subscribers.

There are other reasons people unsubscribe, but the nine suggestions above are all things you can examine about your feed and make gradual changes. Try just one thing at a time and look at the stats over a short period of time to see if it makes a difference.

The second metric you want to know is who is reading the feed.

If your subscribers aren’t reading your feed, then your efforts are wasted. Are you using catchy headlines in your thoughts to attract them? What about your first paragraph? Are you summing up the article in the most interesting way possible?

Finally, it’s good to know your feed click-through rate.

Are your subscribers clicking the ‘read more’ button or your ads? If they’re not reading more, then you’re missing out. Subscribers get the headlines and first few lines of the article from your website and judge the rest from that.

If you don’t have time to use statistics, you have no idea if your efforts are working. You have no idea if you are being productive or wasting time!

Basic demo tools needed to start your indoor or outdoor projects

The demo tools are available because we’re in full force demolition mode here at Nest. Although what’s going on right now could be more accurately described as “hell week.” The hubs weren’t a frat kind of thing, but I think my efforts to get this beast of a DIY project up and running might amount to hazing. And I have to think that being hazed by your own wife has to be the worst kind of hazing.

And while this has been a bit of an atypical, demolition is actually one of the most fun parts of any renovation project. It’s fun as long as you have the right demo tools. Today, we’ll be sharing our basement renovation progress and the top ten tools to always use during any renovation project. But first, a reminder of where we left off with the basement from hell when we last checked in. I think it’s even WORSE now.

First of all, we need a couple of WELL DUH items. These are the tools/supplies we shouldn’t even mention. And if you’re NOT interested in using them, then hopefully OSHA won’t stop at any of your DIY project sites.

This item is only used AFTER your demolition project. We would NEVER recommend drinking and DIY simultaneously. (And I’ll head straight to confession after this post. And I’m not even Catholic.)

But in all seriousness, be reasonable, people. Don’t drink or use power tools, climb ladders, operate heavy machinery, recreate that Three Stooges scene with a pair of 2x4s, etc.

*A wrecking bar and a crowbar are similar. A wrecking bar is just bigger. But both are needed for different aspects of your demo project. Don’t talk yourself into being frugal and just looking for one. Trust us, you’ll want to have both around.

*Sledgehammer = tool that, when used, will allow you to feel like a superhero/get revenge on that ex-boyfriend who broke your heart in 1998, etc. It’s like anger management therapy with no copay.

*Sawzall. This power tool is invaluable on almost ANY demolition project. It will help you cut through frames, nails, screws, pipes… just about anything that gets in your way.

*Voltage tester. If you are going to undertake a project where you will need an electrical demo, this is a great tool to have. Once you turn off the breakers you “think” feed the wires you need to cut, use this tool to make sure. Just touch it to the wire and if it beeps then you know there is still electricity in the wire. In which case, you need to go back to that panel and turn off a different breaker. This is one part of the demo that you do NOT want to mess with or mess with.

*Multi-Max oscillating tool. I was introduced to this tool at the end of my renovating life, but now I can’t live without it… this tool is great if you need to do surgical, selective or “micro” style demolition. Once you have this tool, you will find 1000’s of uses for it, trust us. We’ve used it to cut through caulk when trying to remove trim, trim the bottom of door frames, get a small section of drywall out without a big mess, cut plastic pipe in tight spaces, etc.

*Contractor bags. Not your standard trash bag. These things will hold up to 40+ pounds of broken tile flooring and won’t rip at all. You can never have too many of these bags and they are a lifesaver when it comes time to clean up that mess you just made.

* Posts of extensible work and plastic painters. Working on a big renovation, especially while you LIVE in the house, can get VERY dusty and messy. We use these telescoping work poles along with painters plastic to make temporary plastic barrier walls to protect the rest of the house from dust. And it works GREAT. Trust me when I tell you that this little system can save your sanity when demoing or changing boards. The dust these projects can create is CRAZY, so put those marbles away and put up some plastic boundaries.

Free Region 0 Hack – Philips DVP 642 DVD Player

Perhaps you are a student or teacher of foreign languages. Perhaps you are getting in touch with your roots and want to watch DVD titles in the language of your grandparents. Or maybe you just like to watch movies from other countries. You buy a movie, put it in your DVD player, and get a “Wrong Region” error.

What do you do for a living?

The popular Philips DVP642 DVD player can easily be made region-free (or ‘region-free’) with just a few clicks on the remote. This stylish silver-gray unit is available at your local Wal-Mart and many other electronics outlets. In Canada, it can be found for less than $60. It is sometimes sold without regions straight out of the box (although the packaging will indicate that it is for a specific region only).

This Phillips product easily fits into a small space. It is approximately 10 inches deep by 17 inches wide and less than 2 inches tall. It comes packaged with a user manual, quick start guide, audio and video cables, and a remote control complete with batteries.

The unit plays a wide variety of formats: Mpeg4; DivX 3.11/4.x, 5.x. and 6.x; DVD+R/+RW; VCD; SVCD; Picture CDs; MP3-CD; and CD-R/-RW.

Some of its features include: progressive scan, 4x (54 MHz) video upsampling, and 192 KHz/24-bit audio DAC.

The mechanical swivel mechanism is quiet, picture quality is excellent, as is the audio. An added bonus: once you enter the region cheat, the DVD player will automatically adjust for NTSC/PAL TV signals.

Hack Region

  • Set up the DVD drive using the quick start guide.
  • Play a DVD title for your default region just to make sure your machine works properly.
  • Remove the DVD and turn it off for a few seconds.
  • Power back on and open the DVD tray.
  • Wait for the NO DISK message to appear.
  • Open the DVD tray.
  • Enter the following codes carefully through the remote: 7 8 9 OK 0 (SEVEN EIGHT NINE OK ZERO) The screen will display information showing the default and new region.

The ‘0’ in the number sequence above refers to the region. Zero is region free and should work with almost any DVD. If for some reason you want to limit your DVDs to another region, please enter another number instead of ‘0’. For example, to play only region 2 DVDs, you would enter: 7 8 9 OK 2.

Philips USA provides good support for its products and offers software updates for future DVD enhancements on its website: Other users have written reviews and comments on, which has regional tips for thousands of DVD players, an excellent site.

Note: Entering codes through the remote will not void your warranty. A hardware hack will do it. Although this hack has been used by thousands of users around the world, try it at your own risk.

Now that your DVD player is region free, the wonderful world of foreign DVD titles is available for you to explore and enjoy!

How to handle a cheating wife

It’s probably the worst piece of news you’ll ever get in your adult life: ‘Sorry, man, but your wife is cheating on you.’ Betrayal is a highly destructive force because it not only destroys your respect for the person who violated your trust, it also erodes your self-esteem. And now your wife has cheated on you. Now what? What should you do? Here, we present the ways you can effectively handle a cheating wife and still keep her dignity intact:

Consider her innocent until proven guilty.

If you suspect that your wife is cheating on you, find out if this is really true. Remember that relationships are dynamic and tend to change over time. Even you have probably changed. Your wife may also be experiencing some personal changes that may or may not constitute cheating.

Don’t try to categorize it.

If your wife is cheating on you, avoid tagging her with an adjective preceded by a swear word… although that can’t be helped. You have been terribly hurt and in situations like this, it will be very difficult to think straight.

However, it will add fuel to the fire if he starts insulting her. Remember that the situation is already very volatile, and if you’re not careful, it could escalate into something that you or she can’t handle effectively.

Discuss the topic like adults.

If you’re still not sure about the matter, ask him nicely about his recent behavior. Let them know that you are aware of the changes and that you want to know what is happening. Mention situations in which you felt that he has hidden something from you or seemed too distant.

As much as possible, don’t start a shouting match. In the first place, it will be difficult to hear what each of you is really saying over the din of pent up emotions, and you may say things you will later regret.

Encourage her to be honest. If he answers your questions, listen. You may finally understand why this is happening in your marriage. Be honest with her too and tell her how hurt you are. If you must take a break from each other, go ahead and try to calm things down before making your decisions.

Do you face her?

What if you catch your wife cheating on you, what do you do? That really depends on the situation. If he caught her in the act, would he risk physically hurting her, the man (or woman) she’s with, or doing something that would land him in jail? If you have children, that would even complicate the situation. In your anger and confusion, you could do something that will embarrass you and haunt you for the rest of your life and probably isn’t worth it.

A better idea would be to talk to her and tell her what you know. If you must ask her why, then go ahead, but be prepared for her answers. It is very likely that she will not like what she will hear.

The consequences

Probably the biggest concern you will have once you have proven that your wife is cheating on you would be the state of your marriage. Will you be able to forgive her for what she did? Is leaving the marriage the solution to her problems? If he decides to take her back, would he be willing to accept the consequences? Could he honestly say that he can handle her marriage from there? More importantly, will he be able to stay true to you?

If you have a cheating wife, carefully weigh all the options you have. Consider your future and the lives of your children as well. Best of all, take care. After all, this is just one unfortunate event in your life and it shouldn’t be the end of it.