No bureaucracy

Increasingly in today’s writing you see what is known as bureaucracy, the use of a dark and pedantic vocabulary. It can be found in government, corporate, and academic reports where it appears to be to impress rather than to inform. Pick any government report, corporation memorandum, or academic thesis and you will find this type of writing.

It would seem that this type of writing is intended more to confuse, confuse and avoid clear, concise and precise writing. Often referred to as “gibberish,” it rarely does little to clarify, illuminate, and elucidate the writer’s thoughts.

Maybe it’s not meant to.

If a writer wants to reach the best readers, they should stick to the simplest word, uncomplicated sentence, simple paragraph, and shortest composition to convey the idea, point, or action. Writing for the Internet has made this design more prevalent than ever because it is for the masses, the common reader, so it must be accurate, specific, and clear; Today’s readers don’t have time to figure out the bureaucracy.

As always, good writing is simple and clear; if a simple word can replace a dark word, it should be used; If a simple sentence can substitute for a compound-complex sentence, then it should; If a simple paragraph can supplant a complicated one, then it must. Verbiage and long sentences and paragraphs should be avoided.

The old adage “Keep it simple, stupid” should apply to all writing.

New trucks offer all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive for icy conditions

When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, you may want to avoid the roads altogether. That is probably your best option, but it is not always an option. When you have to navigate snowy and icy roads, a few features will keep you safe. Many new trucks come with features that will be very important to consider. Four-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (FWD) are absolutely essential for safe driving in winter conditions. Both provide power to all four tires to maintain traction. However, they are slightly different.


A basic four-wheel drive system involves a transfer case separate from the transmission. This case has its own team, which is usually very low ranking. Allows the driver to deliver engine power to all four tires. Low gear slows the vehicle down to slow but provides much more traction and power, allowing you to crawl over treacherous terrain and maintain grip on icy roads.

In reality, many new trucks have elaborate computer systems that monitor engine and brake power under particularly dangerous conditions so that the driver can concentrate on steering. These on-board computers have changed a lot from 4WD. Originally, all-wheel drive was used to describe part-time systems that deliver different amounts of power to the front and rear axles. Four-wheel drive was used for full-time systems that delivered the same amount of power to the front and rear wheels. Now, the amount of energy delivered to the wheels is constantly altered by a computer.

The complexity of the automatic rack and pinion of the transfer case makes them quite large and heavy. They hang from the undercarriage of the vehicle, requiring a heavy skid plate. Some of them weigh over 80 pounds and the skid plates can be just as heavy, which will affect performance and gas mileage. Additionally, complex moving parts will require more maintenance over the life of the vehicle.


This is also called full-time four-wheel drive, as the driver cannot disconnect it. The systems were originally developed for small SUVs and crossovers that were built on passenger car racks, so they tend to be lighter and smaller. Although an AWD system technically delivers constant power to the front and rear axles, the new trucks have characteristics that constantly alter the amount of power that is delivered. These systems generally focus their energy at the front end because it is the most efficient way to drive. However, computers will instantly redirect power to the rear if they detect a loss of traction.

Many controllers prefer this configuration because it does not require any input from the controller. Also, these don’t get involved or disconnected, which means they will be less complex. That reduced complexity means they require less maintenance.

However, since the power of all the tires is constant, the transfer cases do not have the extra low gear to increase the pulling power. For that reason, AWD systems are designed to drive in all types of weather, but not off-road.

Whether you opt for the higher torque of a 4WD setup or the easy maintenance of an AWD setup, the most important thing is staying safe. There is no traction control system that can save you from reckless behavior in poor driving conditions.

How to get a busy guy to show interest in me again? Follow these tricks and get their attention

If you feel offended and insulted that the guy you like has been too busy to chase you, then you should know that there are many like you who have been ignored and neglected by their men who say they are “busy”. Don’t give up hope – there are ways to attract these busy bees and get them to show interest in you again.

Take the reins and plan your movements
Do not take things lying down. Make up your mind to do something about it and take charge! It is important to plan your movements and then act! This is because action brings results. The first thing to do is ignore the guy and start focusing on making yourself more attractive in every way.

Don’t make it look like you’re chasing him
Even if your goal is to make him sit up and notice you, don’t let it be obvious. All you have to do is pretend that his busy schedule and ignoring you behavior doesn’t bother you in the least! When he realizes your attitude (and he sure will) he will surely be affected by your indifference.

Look great and stand on his way
The first thing to do is to look absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Grab the attention of everyone around you and dress in a way that is sure to catch their eye, no matter how busy you are. Get in their way and ignore their stares. Be friendly and charming if you have to, but show no interest in him. This will surely attract you.

Make your colleagues and the other guys want you
Make friends with your friends and colleagues. Make them admire you and even ogle you. Dress in a way that makes sure they can’t take their eyes off you. Sooner or later they will be forced to sing your praises and he will see that you are one of the most popular girls in the area. You can be sure that they will try to contact you again.

Flirt like an expert and make her swoon for you
When the time is right and you are sure that you are causing great interest everywhere, you can highlight it and show that you like what you see. This will encourage him to chase you. A little flirting at the right time will make him eager to get close to you.

Make him realize that you are worth his time
Don’t give too much of your time. Let him see that the boot is on the other foot and that now you are making the decisions! As long as you allow yourself to be mesmerized by her beauty, talents, and personality, make sure you realize that it is worth your time. You can be sure that it will never be “too busy” for you again.

Draw him for his confidence, looks, and accomplishments.
The more he knows you, the more he will learn to appreciate you. Let him recognize your talents, achievements and let yourself be seduced by your sexual attractiveness. Never show that you are unsafe. Instead, the more self-confidence you exude, the more he will be attracted to you.

How cats laugh

Anyone who has lived with cats can testify that their sense of humor tends to tease. They don’t have the kind of facial features that allow you to smile; purring serves that purpose. Cats don’t laugh out loud either, but when a cat executes a prank successfully, they always seem quite pleased with it.

Some cat jokes are part of their simulated hunting games and activities. Popular with kittens is the secret stalking and sudden ambush of another kitten, older cat, human, basically anything. Adult cats will also sometimes play this game with each other or with humans. If the cat that is about to be ambushed, the Stalkee, hears or sees the Stalker, the cat that is being bullied may sit up and make eye contact with the Stalker as if to say, “Oh no, you won’t!” That round is attributed to the Stalkee cat who would have been ambushed had he not been alert.

Some ever-popular jokes cats play include:

Sudden jump from nowhere.

Bat on the back of the other cat when his back is turned.

And invasion of territory in slow motion.

An example of the slow motion invasion is the cat lying on a pillow with the human and gradually “hugging” closer to take more and more of the pillow until the human is almost forced to get up off it. From the cat’s point of view, this joke is also a matter of expanding its territory, at least in the short term. If the human tries to remove the pillow, the cat may vocally protest, as if to say, “Hey, that’s my space now!”

Much of the cats game has to do with their fine sense of attack range. I once knew an elderly cat who lived in a house with a very aggressive macaw. Those birds have powerful beaks and the macaw was larger than the cat. The cat could easily have been injured or killed if the bird had gotten close enough to bite it. He never did.

When the bird was out of its cage, the cat wisely stayed out of reach. But the cat observed that the bird was only able to dart through the bars so far once it was in the cage, so it was placed an inch out of range of the beak. He drove the bird crazy and never stopped trying to reach the cat. But the cat was calm. If that cat was laughing, she was doing it very quietly to herself.

Make Your Beauty Business Survive Through a Recession

With today’s economic challenges, everyone is saving money and cutting money. The first to be cut from the spending budget are nail technicians, cosmetologists, personal trainers, massage therapists and stylists, to name a few. Often times when these services are cut, it is because people do not see the value of maintaining these services when money is a little “tight.”

Now, more than ever, is the time to improve your marketing! Just because it’s a recession doesn’t mean your services aren’t needed! People are looking for ways to feel good, perk up, and escape the headaches that a recession can bring. Also, people are looking for work and want to look good when they go to an interview! Help your business survive by maintaining a high level of quality service that has value and is worth every penny from your customers!

Create value by being different and giving your client an experience when they come to see you. Make your living room a place to get away from it all, be pampered, relax and unwind, for example. Serve them a drink and / or some fruit. Give a spa-like hand treatment with a hot towel, give a spa foot massage, or give a 5-minute shoulder / neck message with your regular service. Delivering your services and giving clients more than they bargained for is a great way to create value and value.

To keep current customers coming back, establish customer loyalty programs. Reward continued service with free gifts and discounts. Customer loyalty programs, such as punch cards, which give the 10th visit for free or at a deep discount, are a great way to say “Thank you” to a customer for their business. The idea is to make it easier for them to continue seeing it and to “pay” for the services they like. Always ask for referrals and make it worth your time to refer someone by offering them a free service, a discount, or a gift when they bring you new business.

If you’re not busy, use your downtime to call past customers you haven’t seen in a while and invite them back to their favorite service at a discount. Email your customer list with your “weekly specials” announcement to entice them to participate. You will soon see that your efforts pay off when people start pouring in from your phone calls and emails. Just this little effort is all it takes to get people to see you!

When you go out, talk to the people you come in contact with about your salon and offer a free mini service to everyone you talk to. Try to get as many people as possible through the door. Once they’re in, don’t forget to book the next appointment and make them a paying customer.

Whether you work in a salon, nail salon, or spa, use these tips to stay focused and motivated. Yes, your business can survive a recession! Being a little proactive will help you and your business get through these tough economic times!

Much success!

Things to consider when booking a hotel in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, the most densely populated district in New York City (NYC) is a favorite tourist destination for many people around the world. The district is hesitant to be overshadowed by neighboring Manhattan, and boasts a lively culture and uniqueness. Brooklyn features a perfect blend of world cultures and world famous attractions. From a walk across the famous Brooklyn Bridge, a trip to landscaped Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, Green-Wood Cemetery, etc. Brooklyn awaits you with many more attractions.

To ensure a comfortable trip to Brooklyn, you must select and book a Brooklyn hotel that meets your needs and tastes. This can be a bewildering task as the township is packed with a variety of luxury, boutique and budget hotels to suit your travel needs, be it a leisure trio or a business trip. Even if you are on vacation in Manhattan, you can easily choose to be in Brooklyn, as Brooklyn hotels will be priced less than their Manhattan counterparts. Two of the key factors to consider before booking a Brooklyn hotel are: the hotel’s proximity to major locations and the rates.

Hotel in an easy to explore location

This factor is especially important if you are on a leisure or family trip with the primary intention of exploring the beauty and landmarks of Brooklyn. If the Brooklyn hotel you select is close to the places you want to explore, it will save you a lot of travel time. There are hotels near Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park and they are located in downtown Brooklyn. There are nice boutique and luxury hotels located in the vicinity of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

If you’re planning to explore Manhattan, hotels near the Long Island City section of Queens can be a great option. Although these hotels lack a vibrant location, you’ll be only a few blocks from several subway stations to make your trip to Manhattan easier. There are a multiplicity of hotels that are within walking distance of various restaurants, lounges, shopping venues, government and corporate offices. Corporate travel can be more comfortable if you opt for a hotel that is close to corporate offices.

Hotel that fits your bill

Brooklyn is home to a number of expensive and opulent hotels that lavish luxury and less expensive boutique hotels for budget conscious travelers. High-end luxury hotels in Brooklyn will be less expensive than comparable hotel rooms in Manhattan. The municipality boasts a variety of accommodation facilities ranging from well-known hotel chains, boutique hotels, and bed and breakfasts. Most of the high-end hotels are also conveniently located.

With a variety of room options, luxury hotels offer the perfect combination of a comfortable stay with great amenities. The rooms will be designed with touches of class and elegance to evoke a sense of pride in guests. On-site facilities such as restaurants, spa, massage parlors, gym, etc. will also be featured. Most high-end hotels have a 24-hour business center so business travelers can manage their work outside of the office.

If you’re a budget-conscious customer, you can save a lot on accommodation by dropping a star or two while selecting a Brooklyn hotel. If you think you can avoid a flat-screen TV or hot tub, opt for less expensive boutique hotels that combine sleek, clean, and fresh design with expert service. The Brooklyn hotel you choose, whether it’s an ultra-luxury hotel or a mid-size boutique hotel, Brooklyn will never fail to make your trip a pleasant experience.