Precast concrete construction

In the mid-1990s, I was running a civil design department for a large EPC contractor in Southeast Asia. We received an order to build a paper plant.

The main building of a paper plant is the paper machine building. The typical paper machine building is about 300 m long. The building normally has two floors, one at ground level and the other at about 7.5 m above sea level. The paper machine is installed on a base that is not connected to the building. The machine is accessible from the machine room at a level of 7.50 m. This building houses other complex and heavy machinery and has very strict requirements for quality, structural design and stability. The ceiling is high and some of the sections of this building are subjected to temperatures between 50 and 60 ° C. A large bridge crane runs the length of the engine room upstairs. Differential settlement at the base of the paper machine should be less than 1mm and total settlement at any point less than 1.25mm. This building, with all its components and the foundations of the equipment, usually takes 18 months to build.

Our managing director was an innovative man and was constantly looking for ideas to speed up construction. One day, he called me into his office and showed me an article that recounted a company in the United States that had developed techniques to build a paper machine using precast elements. The construction of this paper machine was completed in a record time of 6 months, the article says. We appointed the American company as our consultants and they did the engineering with the help of our engineers in our office. We built our paper machine building in one year reducing the time by approximately six months. This was despite a delay of about three months due to the learning curve and the time required to install a precast plant.

Thus began my twenty-two year association with precast concrete. My old company has built several large industrial plants and other structures since then.

In many first world countries precast elements for bridges, culverts, have been standardized. Precast units are located near major cities that supply these elements to construction sites. This not only reduces construction time, but also design time, since standard elements whose properties are known are used.

There are variations of precast concrete construction, such as sloped construction, module accessories, etc.

I have often wondered why India, with so much construction needed in all construction sectors, has not embraced this technique. Apart from other issues such as the need for repetition, unfavorable taxes, transport requirements or lifting machinery, etc., I think our engineers have not seriously thought about developing this technique.

I would like to share some of my learnings.

1. Planning is paramount: the structure to be built from precast elements must be broken down into elements, in a predetermined configuration. It is like making the pieces of a puzzle that when put together will form the complete puzzle. It can be a combination of standard and non-standard parts.

2. God is in the details: Each element so planned has to be detailed to fit all the elements on all sides and the required inlay for public services.

3. Design the Construction and Build the design: Normal structural engineering practice of designing the final product and leaving the “How?” construction personnel, does not work in precast. The structural engineer must be involved in the precast, assembly, and placement process.

As far as I know, the IS codes do not have specific provisions for precast structures unlike the ACI or BS codes. Some of the clauses of ACI may be replaced by provisions of its supplementary publications. Such provisions should be applied prudently after proper evaluation of the life stages of the item. A leading pre-casting expert once said, “Applying the provisions of the RCC code to pre-pitch would be like playing tennis with a baseball bat.”

The structural design of a precast element is done for various stages of its early life. Multiple level controls are required until the element is placed, more controls are required if it is a prestressed element with partial disunity of the tendons.

4. Joints can cause headaches: Solving and setting up a joint between precast elements can be a daunting task. It becomes a heuristic process to balance structural requirement, functionality against basic consideration such as watertightness, and size of elements to which an element is attached under consideration. Joints must be constructed as intended.

5. Cutting your ears off because they stick out not only damages hearing, but also creates difficulties in wearing glasses – this has been known to occur frequently when architectural requirements are of prime importance. Some architects generally dislike some essential arrangements created for better joints. Removing these “hindering” details can lead to a reduction in the functionality of the joints or elements. Costly workarounds are required to restore functionality.

6. Construction methodology can make or break a project: Many years ago, a large bulk warehouse was being built in India with prestressed precast concrete arch beams as roof trusses for a fertilizer plant. Of the twelve bowstring girders, six broke while being lifted, while the others were erected without a hitch. The designs were double-checked and double-checked and re-checked. This was before the easy availability of the sophisticated finite element analysis that we have today. Finally, someone realized that the bowstring girders broke because a girder, being lifted in tandem by two cranes, went out of plane due to different lifting speeds. A structural engineer designing precast elements must, therefore, have knowledge of the lifting process.

7. Quality is the watchword: the constant quality of production is one of the arguments put forward by the defenders of precast elements. But there have been many misalignments, rejects and failures because only the quality of the concrete is observed and less importance is given to the placement of reinforcement embedments and dimensional tolerances.

8. A one rupee increase in production cost can mean one rupee rupee in the end: Due to the repetitive nature of precast cost, a lot of thought must be given to using any “nice to have” component. While looking closely at the most obvious cost elements related to concrete, a small inlay or detail, which is incorporated into the design and casting of an element for probable use, escapes attention. Such inlay that was proposed to be used and has melted into the item has already added to the cost of producing the item. When multiple of these items are thrown in, the expense can be substantial. If such redundancy is not removed in time, you can waste thousands of rupees.

Trends in modern architecture

The United States is experiencing a huge construction boom that is changing many urban landscapes very rapidly. The new style of architecture that mixes modern and contemporary styles seems to be winning. The evidence is easy to see how long it takes to sell a new home. Today’s shoppers want a modern look and are paying for modern, contemporary styling. Here are 4 home renovation ideas that can help you achieve that look.

  1. Open concept living spaces
  2. Dining kitchens
  3. Wood and metal stairs
  4. Industrial accent materials

Nothing says modern like open concept living spaces. One of the best ways to change the feel of a home is to open up the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one large living space. This style is not only in demand but is also very functional. The idea of ​​open-concept living areas gives the home a social setting.

Eat-in kitchens are a must as they work directly with the open concept living space. It is a functional design that allows social interaction between the kitchen and the table. It’s perfect for entertaining, and if you have kids, it lets you keep an eye on them while you cook, watch the game, or clean.

Metal and wood stairs not only give a very modern look, but are also very functional. They are much safer than wooden stairs and allow for a variety of decorative materials such as wooden, glass or stone stair treads. Modern styles work well with high-end accents and give the home a classy feel. Metal ladders can be used indoors and outdoors. A characteristic aspect of the modern house is the clean lines of the metal railings that are used in balconies and stars.

The most defining characteristic of a modern style home is the simple use of industrial materials such as stone, concrete, steel, and glass. Many modern architects like to use new materials that are strong and durable. Using clean, simple lines with different materials gives this style a clean look. Some accent features that are common in many home renovations are the use of stone tile for the walls, thick glass for the balcony doors / railings, and even reclaimed materials like wood from barns and old buildings. Even industrial style barn doors are used on an open track.

In the end, you can get that modern look simply by dressing up a few key items in your home.

Four Tips for Success in Legal Marketing

Until ten years ago, I would never have given myself the title of “marketer” other than being a lawyer. I always did what it took to keep those phones ringing and email inquiries, but I didn’t label it marketing, and I certainly didn’t have a marketing plan.

Like my lawyer father before me, I always had natural sources of business. Dad and I send out our annual Christmas cards, meet our lawyer friends for lunch, and attend bar meetings and events.

Over the last decade, little by little I have gotten more and more into the world of legal marketing.

It is a very interesting world. It is a profession unto itself.

Most large law firms have marketing departments with different positions, including business development specialists, marketing directors, communications directors, and event planners.

Small and medium-sized businesses may have one or two marketers who do all of the marketing for the business and are considered generalists. Many companies hire interns to help with marketing tasks or marketing consultants to keep them focused.

Individual attorneys hire their own marketing consultants or even sales consultants to teach them how to turn a New Lead (PNC) into a real client. Some attorneys I know hire trainers to teach them how to pack themselves, including how to dress, how to develop “elevator speeches,” and how to network.

Over the years, I have learned several tips:

Stay within your comfort zone. There are many methods and opportunities to promote yourself. Unless your only job is to make rain, there is definitely limited time for legal marketing.

Be sure to use your time wisely and choose one or two methods that are most comfortable for you. For example, if you’re on the quieter side and aren’t good at networking in large groups, use your marketing time in other ways. Invite a potential referral source for lunch, join a committee at a volunteer organization, or find a smaller networking group that feels more intimate.

Brand your own brand within your company. If you work at a firm of 40 lawyers that do the same type of work as you, you must find a way to differentiate yourself.

Find your passion and try to incorporate it into the work you do.

In the world of divorce, there are lawyers who concentrate on working exclusively with men, the LGBT community, athletes, etc.

Just because he has his own brand doesn’t mean he’s not a staunch team player. In fact, by representing your company in a niche area, you are bringing additional visibility to the company.

Get online. More than ever, the Internet is an additional marketing tool. If you or your business don’t have a website, now is the time to create one.

If your business has its own website, make sure your credentials stand out by continually updating your bio and ratings. Also, make sure your website or blog is easily readable on mobile devices.

Find the time to market. Like any busy service business, customers come first. I’ll be the first to admit that a few weeks or months, my marketing takes a backseat to all the emergencies that arise with clients. Schedule your marketing time just like you would any other important appointment.

Especially on the Internet, you have to be aware of everything. It takes time to rank high in search results and little time to display them.

I have many titles and roles. I am a lawyer, husband, father, friend, uncle and marketer.

Each takes time and effort, and it’s not always easy to balance, but I do my best. My final advice is to do the best you can, don’t give up, and the results will follow.

These 3 motivational words will put your exercise program into overdrive!

What three motivational words can you say to yourself that will put your exercise program into overdrive and make your fitness dreams come true?

“I want!”

Too often we approach our fitness routines with the thought “I have to,” and it produces a counterproductive attitude toward our fitness program. Say both phrases out loud (if you are in a public place you can wait until you get home … or not) and pay attention to how you feel inside your body. “I have to” produces dread and a “heavy” feeling. “Want for it produces an extra boost in your stride and a joy associated with whatever you want to do.

How I used this phrase to help me.

I’ll be honest, exercising is not difficult at all. I just set a plan, follow it, and adapt along the way. It’s one of the reasons I became a personal trainer; It has been quite easy for me. But there are goals that I have had that have really challenged me mentally and emotionally. In fact, I’m going through one right now.

In February I dropped precaution and hired a French teacher to, well, teach me French. I knew French when I was little, but I lost it when we moved to the United States. And for as long as I can remember I have wanted to learn it again. So I started researching, looked for a teacher, and found Sabine. Born in France, she has a PhD in French Studies and is a teacher … DING DING DING! I stalked her and got her to meet me, and after a nice chat I knew it would work. So even though I was still trying to build my business, take care of a baby, and get to know a new city, I got engaged. I told her that I would be with her for at least a year and we started.

(PS: There are a lot of really good teaching points in this last paragraph on achieving your goals. You may want to go back and read it again.)

This French teacher is kicking my ass!

I was so excited about those first few classes, and I was very excited about Finally be able to speak French. And then they hit me in the face with reality. I remember it very clearly, that feeling of being overwhelmed and all the negative thoughts flooding my head. “There is no way I can learn all of this.” “You will never get this.” Etcetera etcetera. I continued because I don’t like to quit smoking, but I was trying to get over these thoughts and feelings. I had to do this! Push Push Push!

Then the thought came to me: “I want do this, “and I felt the calm that came with that. Done. I don’t question things when they are so clear. So I started approaching learning French this way, and it has helped me tremendously. Frustrated and impatient? I bet yes! But I don’t let it become me. Because “I want to” now I can relax, have fun and, consequently, learn more efficiently.

What is going through your head?

Do you “have to” go exercise? Or “do you want”? If you “have to,” you are fighting against yourself and will make achieving your goals exponentially more difficult. If you “want”, you are enjoying the process and it will allow you to get where you want faster. So add a little “want“in your life.

Five secrets to help you find the best destination for tattoos and piercings

When you are the type of person to enter the world of tattoos and piercings, you don’t worry about being able to find a salon that offers you some really satisfying body art. It’s nice to have that kind of “input” when inspiration strikes. However, for others, especially if it’s their first foray into body art, knowing where to get a great tattoo or expert piercing can be incredibly difficult.

Now, there are probably some of you who might find the idea of ​​having a hard time getting a tattoo or piercing silly. After all, there was a time when you could get some pretty fancy ink at a carnival while your kids were eating cotton candy and playing games. Times have changed, and with these changes come new standards in health and safety.

There is also a much greater fascination and acceptance for body art than there used to be. Now, it’s not uncommon to see soccer moms sporting some ink or a cute nose ring. You can even see some ink peeking out of your geography teacher’s rolled-up sleeve. There was a time when body art was for society’s outliers, but that’s not the case. This, of course, creates a golden opportunity for artists looking to make significant financial gains by providing a welcoming service.

We return, once again, to the possible newcomer looking to get a tattoo or piercing. If you are going to find a reputable salon or artist, where should you start?

Here are some secrets to finding the best destination for tattoos and piercings:

Check online – As is the case with anything you’re curious about these days, the first place you want to look for reputable salons is online. Check salon websites, online business reviews, and even public health records to see how a place compares.

Asking people about their body art – If you move a “tat” or a piercing, nothing is cooler than when someone asks you where you got your sick ink. Ask your friends, family and co-workers where they would recommend you go.

Have a design or piercing in mind – By knowing what you want in advance, you can determine if a salon / artist can offer you what you want. If you’re unhappy with the process they’re going through, this may not be the place to go.

Visit salons / stores and check them out – The fact that you enter does not mean that you have to “buy” something. Take a look around the store, look at their photos of past customers, ask questions, and get to know the place.

“Interview” artists – If you get a chance, talk to some artists and see if you click with them. Find out about their background, their work process, and even the supplies they use. If an artist is unwilling to “talk shopping” with you, go somewhere else.

Finding the best tattoo and piercing destination for your first or 100th body art piece shouldn’t be a stressful time. You should enjoy the idea that you are doing something that has a bit of an edge, a lot of coolness, and definitely makes you unique.

Vanish Oxi Action Ingredients – Buy Online Vanish Oxi Action With Discount

Vanish Oxi Action Ingredients

You have probably heard about the new product from Jane Iredale and company named Vanish Oxi. If you are not familiar with Vanish Oxi, it is an all natural body scrub which contains some amazing ingredients that work to help detoxify the body. Vanish Oxi also has a number of amazing bonus products that are designed to help you get rid of acne, clear your skin and eliminate toxins from your body. Basically, Jane Iredale is a leader in natural products for detoxifying your body, skin and the benefits of healing to the internal organs. As you can see, it is very beneficial for anyone to detoxify their body and rid it of impurities and toxins. However, there are a few things that people should be aware of before they begin using this product to rid their bodies of impurities.

Vanish Oxi Action suppliers

Although Jane Iredale is a very talented woman, she does not use any type of toxic chemicals when creating these amazing products. Instead, she uses plant-based ingredients such as Papaya, Watermelon and Ginger that will provide the optimum benefits for your skin. These ingredients provide you with antioxidants that protect your body against the free radicals that are released due to exposure to toxins and pollution around you. The antioxidants provided by these products also help to revitalize your skin so that it is more youthful and beautiful looking.

One of the amazing properties of Papaya is that it is a very powerful detoxifying agent. Papaya has been used for centuries in the world for its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it has been used extensively for arthritis and other ailments because of its great soothing and pain-relieving abilities. There are many other fruits such as Watermelon and Ginger that also detoxify your body but Watermelon and Ginger are two to be found out here first. Watermelon and Ginger detoxify your system by stimulating your liver and gallbladder to produce bile to eliminate fats stored in your body.

Buy Online Vanish Oxi Action With Discount

Watermelon on the other hand detoxifies your liver by increasing bile production, which is required to eliminate fats. Ginger also detoxifies your liver by blocking the enzymes that cause cholesterol in your body to be churned into sugar, which is what leads to obesity. These two amazingly effective products are combined in order to create a truly remarkable product that is sure to bring about positive changes to your health. The best thing is that this product is very reasonably priced unlike other similar products that are available in the market today.

One more interesting ingredient in Vanish Oxi is Vitamin C, which is also one of the main reasons behind the increased popularity of this product. Vitamin C is known to neutralize the effects of oxidants on the skin. This means that Vanish Oxi has the ability to prevent premature skin aging. It also has the capability to reverse the signs of skin aging by keeping your skin moisturized.

This product is also a good solution for sun burns. There have been several cases reported of burn patients having problems with their skin because of too much exposure to the sun. Some of them have even lost their eyesight because of the damage to their skin. However, these cases have been few. For these reasons, there is no reason why you should let your guard down and not use a product that can protect your health.

Kettlebell history

Kettlebells are a great way to build muscle and burn fat, and they are becoming increasingly popular in the fitness world. However, where did they come from? Let them be just beginning to be the center of attention; Kettlebells have been used by bodybuilders and fitness gurus for hundreds of years. The following information will provide you with the history of Kettlebell, a unique and effective weight loss tool.

What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a Russian type of hand weight that is shaped like a large cannonball with a handle. Often made from pure cast iron, they are available in a wide range of weights and sizes. The lightest weighs only 10 pounds and they can gain up to 100 pounds. These unique tools are used in a wide range of strength training exercises to build muscle and build endurance. Now that you know what they are, you can start learning the history of kettlebells.

The history

Kettlebells originated in Russia, and the first recorded mention of them was in 1704 within a Russian dictionary. The Russian word for kettlebells is “girya”, and the men who lifted these weights were called “gireviks”. Kettlebells gained recognition as an excellent weight loss tool when they appeared in Hercules fitness magazine in 1913. In the recent history of kettlebells, they have become increasingly popular in the United States thanks to a man named Pavel Tsatsouline. . Tsatsouline is a fitness author who used to coach not only for the United States armed forces but also for the Soviet Union forces. Once the United States realized that they couldn’t hold out as long as their Russian counterparts in competition, they began incorporating the kettlebell into their training routines. In 1985 a committee for the sport of kettlebell lifting was created, and the first National Kettlebell Championship was aided in Russia in 1985 with its own set of rules and standards. Today, kettlebells are being introduced into everyday men’s fitness routines, as their benefits have been shown to be one of the most useful tools for building strength.

The benefits

As the long history of the kettlebell demonstrates, it has many benefits to offer to those who use it regularly. These benefits include:

  • Building resistance.
  • Toning and strengthening of almost every muscle in the body.
  • Allows you to take harder hits.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Helps you lose fat.
  • It gives you the freedom to do intensive training from home.

The history of the kettlebell is a long and proven track record of its effectiveness. These unique exercise tools have been used by people around the world for hundreds of years to build muscle, lose fat, and build endurance. Now that kettlebells have been incorporated into daily exercise routines, you can use them from the comfort of your home as a unique alternative to bulky fitness equipment and expensive gym memberships.

Select chemical-free products for your skin

Did you know that many of your skincare products contain harsh chemicals that actually damage your skin? Although many products say “natural”, the content is not natural. However, understanding the carcinogenic nature of chemicals in skin care products could change this behavior. Here are some of the main ingredients to avoid in skin care products:

Perfumes and Fragrances

Just because it smells good doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin. Most fragrances are of synthetic origin, many of them toxic or carcinogenic (causing or contributing to cancer). Fragrances affect the central nervous system and cause depression, hyperactivity, irritability, and other behavioral changes. The “Fragrances” label can stand for a multitude of synthetic and toxic chemicals. When looking for something that smells good, make sure it’s scented with essential oils.

Alkylphenol ethoxylates

This chemical has been found to reduce sperm counts in animals and is currently under review by the EPA.


This is known as petroleum jelly and it is a mineral oil that is used in various cosmetics. It has no nutritional value for the skin and can interfere with the body’s own natural hydration mechanism, causing dryness and cracking. Companies produce petroleum jelly because it is super cheap.

Synthetic coloring – FD&C food coloring

Color makes things look good, but they may not be good for your skin. The colors are often synthetic colors made from coal tar, which contain heavy metal salts that deposit toxins on the skin, causing skin sensitivity and irritation. They will be labeled FD&C or D&C, followed by a color and a number. Example: FD&C Red No. 6 / D&C Green No. 6. Many synthetic colors can be carcinogenic.

Coal tar

This is a carcinogen that is prohibited for us in cosmetics in the European Union. It is found in anti-dandruff shampoos, hair dyes, and anti-itch creams.


This chemical softens shaving cream, but research links it to neurotoxicity and neurodevelopmental disorders, as well as asthma and allergies. It is also found in nail polish, perfume, and hairspray.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLES)

This is found in things that foam. They are known to cause inflammation of the skin.

DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine) and TEA (triethanolamine)

These hormone-altering chemicals are already restricted in Europe due to their known carcinogenic effects. They were located for causing cancer.


It causes cancer and is considered a pesticide by the EPA.

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Butylene Glycol

These are petroleum-based plastics that easily pass through the skin and can weaken proteins and cell structure.

Mineral oil (i.e. baby oil)

This ingredient is very common in everyday skin care products. It prevents the body from eliminating toxins, favoring acne and other disorders. It slows down skin function and cell development. Stop putting this on our babies!

In general, as consumers, we must read labels carefully. Don’t buy it because it smells good or looks good. Read what “good” means for your body, and then make a healthy choice for a quality product that maintains the skin you deserve. Promotes a healthier, more resilient appearance naturally. It is time for you to take a more active role in skin health and show an interest in investing in the skin you are in. In addition, magazines should take a more active role in educating and advertising natural products that promote health both inside and outside the body.

A daily cleansing and hydration regiment and a weekly exfoliation regiment are essential for healthy skin in all.

The author is the owner of Mikios Natural Body Scrub, a company that manufactures 100% natural salt body scrubs that exfoliate and hydrate the skin. The owner believes that businesses and consumers are mutually responsible for reducing exposure to toxic and chemical substances. While companies can stop producing them by offering alternative ingredients, consumers can stop buying them and require healthier products.

Adopting a teenage Shih Tzu: advantages and disadvantages

A dog is considered an adolescent (adolescent) between the ages of 9 to 18 months. Most people tend to adopt puppies when they are in the market for a dog, but they are those who would like a dog that is neither too young nor too old. Therefore, the best option for these people is an adolescent dog. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to having a teenage dog over a puppy or older dog. If you are bringing a teenage Shih Tzu into your home, here are some things to consider:

1) The adolescent Shih Tzu can get a bit challenging, but it doesn’t last long

As your dog grows, around the age of 2, he should become gentle, sweet, and calm, as well as put aside his defiant ways. This is like when you are a kid who matures into your 20s!

2) Teen dogs need training just like puppies, but they learn much faster

A teenager may challenge you at first, but in the end all the training will pay off. Unlike puppies, adolescent dogs have better concentration. Also, if you are adopting a teenage dog, it has likely already been trained by its previous owner.

3) The adolescent Shih Tzu may have already been trained by its previous owner

It all depends on the dog’s past, but in most situations it has gone through some kind of training. You may need to do some training in case you need to jog the dog’s memory.

4) Teenage dogs bond with their owners much faster

This breed adapts well to new situations and they love being around people, therefore there should be no problem with your dog loving you and adores you from the start. It may even seem that they have known each other forever.

5) Teen dogs need a lot of grooming

During adolescence, dogs tend to shed their fur so that the adult coat can enter. Therefore, the coat needs a lot of maintenance. Be prepared for tough, high-maintenance grooming sessions. You can groom the dog yourself or you can have a professional do it for you.

Keep in mind that this is a very high maintenance breed and if you can’t put the time, money, and energy into caring for them, you’d better get another breed that is not as desirable. This breed can develop serious health problems if not cared for properly.

Master the art of responding to different types of customer reviews

Customer feedback is an unavoidable aspect of online brand reputation management. If you run an online business, you will definitely get customer feedback on your products and services.

It is important to note that customer feedback will not always favor your business. At some point, almost every retailer would receive negative feedback.

The good news is that both positive and negative reviews serve as opportunities to enhance your brand reputation and strengthen your sense of integrity and business credibility.

To help you make the most of those opportunities, we’ve rounded up common types of reviews that retailers can expect to receive and how you should deal with them.


This is the category of reviews that come from customers who are actually your fans. They love your products and services and keep coming back for more while leaving positive reviews on your website.

So here, you don’t need to do anything but feel good about yourself and bask in the glory of positive customer vibes around your brand, right?


If used carefully, positive reviews can help you further improve your reputation, attract more prospects, and drive conversions.

How to respond;

  • Thank the customer. Respond to each and every review in a personalized way to show your gratitude to customers and let them know that you care about their business.
  • Mention your brand in your answer. This will help your business rank higher in the SERPs.
  • Promote your products / services in the comment.. Many of your prospects will read your responses to assess their responsibility and liability. Give them a reason to test your offerings by stating something interesting about the product or mentioning your next range in response to feedback from your existing customers.

TYPE 2: “I placed an order and got something else”

This is where you (the seller) made a mistake. You sent the wrong item or the wrong size. Perhaps the item was damaged in transit. The product was delivered late.

Mistakes like these can happen when you sell online and there is nothing wrong with it. What’s wrong is not taking responsibility for your mistakes and not responding to such reviews and addressing the issue, further frustrating the customer.

How to answer:

  • He admitted it. You know that you are the one who was wrong, so acknowledge your mistake and apologize. Sometimes even a simple apology does most of the reputation repair work.
  • Don’t blame others (the shipping company or bad weather) even if it wasn’t technically your fault. This will make you seem even more irresponsible and will damage the responsibility and integrity of your business.
  • Emphasize that this is unusual. Your prospects must be reading those not-so-good reviews. Therefore, inform the interested customer and potential customers in your reply that this is not how things generally work in your business.
  • Offer a quick solution. Address the issue immediately and offer a favorable solution so the customer knows you care.


These are illegitimate reviews that come up with the sole objective of attacking your company’s reputation. False and dishonest reviews can come from unethical competitors, disgruntled customers, or people who have personal grudges against the business owner or anyone in the business.

How to answer:

  • Do not delete the comment or review. This will make it look like you are hiding something and will make people more suspicious of your business and your offerings.
  • Submit a removal request. Provide the review platform with evidence that the review is not genuine and legitimate so that the platform itself can safely remove it.

Don’t be a victim of online reviews, take control of your reputation

Even if you offer the best product on the market and are the preferred choice for most local buyers, your business can still receive negative reviews. They may be based on a blatant lie resulting from the frustration of one of your competitors, or they may be the result of a misunderstanding.

Whatever the source of the review or the underlying reason, a negative review is going to do the damage it’s supposed to do, anyway. Instead of sitting back and wondering why this happened to you when you were only selling the best quality, take steps to control your declining reputation.

In addition to following the recommendations above, you may consider hiring a professional reputation management company to handle customer reviews efficiently while maintaining a positive presence online.