The Wiggles Party Menu Ideas

A Wiggles party menu for toddlers and preschoolers calls for a simpler meal, but one that is fun for kids and highly edible. Don’t forget to serve up your delicious sandwiches, whatever they turn out to be, on Wiggles-themed paper plates, in glasses, with napkins and other helpful supplies. There are also Wiggles themed party decorations to make your child’s Wiggles party even more memorable, even if he is still too young to remember it anyway. The party never stops with fun music and songs from Wiggles for the kids to sing and dance to during the event too!

When planning your buffet-style Wiggles party menu, with plenty of easy-to-pick foods that you and the kids will enjoy nibbling during the course of the party. Fun foods like cubed cheeses, meat rolls, individual fruit chunks cut into fun shapes, and even little breadsticks for dipping in cheese sauce, ranch dressing, or marinara sauce. Later, you can announce something like a casual call to eat at the Wiggles party by pulling out some hot chicken fingers and fries with a variety of special Wiggles sauces. Dessert can be colored cubes of twisted jelly, representing all the colors of the shirts worn by members of the Wiggles singing group.

Create your fun Wiggles sauces in a very simple way. The colors of your different sauces will be yellow, red, blue, and purple. You can easily use mustard for the yellow sauce and ketchup for the red sauce. Take some of the ranch sauce you already have on hand and add some blue food coloring to make the blue sauce. Then make a purple sauce out of BBQ sauce by adding some blue food coloring. Depending on how red the BBQ sauce is, you may need to add a little red food coloring to balance the purple.

The color of your fun Wiggles sauces does not affect their flavor and kids will have a blast figuring out which sauces are which at the Wiggles party.

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