Rocio Illumini – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Sawrovski’s Like Diamonds, That’s What They Are

Rocio Illumini is an exciting new brand of high quality rhodium plated silver jewelry, with each collection named after the stars, this elegant brand is made with ENLIGHTENED (TM) Swarovski Elements. All collections have been created by British designers for exclusive distribution by CL Edwards & Sons.

The included range of jewelry set called Rigel, Alcor, Aquila, Eridani, lalande, Polaris, Capella, Cassiopeia … Each design is designed to unleash the star in yourself. With the fantastic sparkle unleashed by the use of illuminated sawrovski in each design, you will shine like a star on any occasion wearing Rocio Illumini.

Jodie Prenger, who plays Oliver Musical’s ‘Nancy’ fame, has been seen multiple times wearing Rocio on multiple occasions.

Alberto Platz – Swarovski

“Since the launch of ENLIGHTENED (TM) – Swarovski Elements 2008 brand, Rocio Illumini has been the first fully developed jewelry brand in Europe designed with our ingredients.

A high-quality brand that will initially appear in select retail stores in the UK and Europe, including full point-of-sale displays and luxury packaging that will establish a new era in branded silver jewelry. “

So hot on this year’s holiday sparkle list should be the RocĂ­o range. It brings more than a little sparkle to this year’s party. Sparkle and shine in style this holiday season with a little Rocio Illumini. With a complete set of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets available in all 8 designs, you can be in heaven with all of your swarovski jewelry. Enlighten is probably the best word for this range and you really won’t believe they are not diamonds, the cut on these lab created stones is fantastic.

Rocio is available at more than 150 special outlets in the UK. But you can also buy online.

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