Mason Twist exercise has been shown to offer faster results in Six Pack

General description:

The Mason Twist can be one of the most powerful if you do it correctly and with consistent exercises without giving up. With this exercise there are two fundamental principles that you should know and keep in mind.

First of all, when performing the mason twist, it doesn’t matter how many times your fist hits the floor on either side of your hip, because the amount doesn’t matter here.

The real principle here is how you do this exercise and how long you can maintain the upright position using the strength of your abdominal core.

This exercise focuses on the principle of “quality over quantity” because the longer you stay in an upright position (legs up and knees bent), the more results your upper and lower abs will get.

The second principle you want to know is that this exercise requires you to hold the required position for as long as you can, until your abs can’t really take another second.

So if you want to get the maximum results from your upper abs, do this exercise slowly in good shape and do it for as long as you can until you really can’t take any more.

Getting the maximum results from this exercise requires you to have a strong will and a desire not to give up no matter how much you want it during the Mason Twist.

During this exercise, you use your butt as a pivot point, while your upper body and legs stay off the ground.

Once in that position, simply put your hands together and bring your fist to the ground next to your hips.

What you are doing here is performing this exercise at a very fast speed, going from side to side, but if you want maximum results, slowly hit your fists on either side of your hips at a slow pace.

Each rep is when you hit the ground on either side.


1. Begin this exercise on your butt, sitting with your back as straight as possible. It is important to emphasize a straight back.

2. Next, you should slightly bend both knees and bring them together.

3. Now begin to lift your feet off the floor and keep them a couple inches off the ground, while making sure they are folded and attached.

4. One of the most important tips to keep in mind is to keep your feet off the ground throughout the exercise.

5. Maintaining the exact same position, putting your hands together in a fist and keeping them that way throughout the exercise.

6. Now with your fist clenched, touch the ground on each side of your hips at a relatively medium pace.

7. One repetition. It counts when you hit the ground next to both hips, not just one.

8. I recommend that you do about 50 repetitions to get the maximum results.

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