GreenLighting Solar Charger Battery


This device could make you feel like you are contributing to the world. Why? Because you could be charging your devices using energy from the sun and nothing else! Even if it were to switch from electricity to solar energy on a very small level, it is still a step in saving our earth. Sounds like a great idea, but let’s take a closer look at the product.

Technical details

First of all, it obviously receives power directly from the sun, the solar panel is 4.5 volts and 0.4 watts. You can expect this device to recharge a 2000 mAh lithium ion battery. That means it can charge state-of-the-art phones and devices. The GreenLighting solar charging battery has a suction cup that will allow you to use it on windows. Depending on the provider, it will charge your phone by up to 40%. It’s supposed to do it in 4 hours. If you have a cloudy day, you can charge it via USB and save it for later. On this device, you will see 4 blue lights on the back that indicate how much power the internal battery has. The green light will show whether this GreenLighting solar charging battery is charging or not. Dimensions are 4.5 “x 1.5”.

Reviews (2)

Most of the reviews I have read are from Amazon. Most of the reviews are good about this product. I learned that this device has the two most common problems.

  1. The suction cup does not work properly

  2. Loading speed is slow

Note that in dry air the suction cups do not work as well. You can also prop the GreenLighting solar charging battery on something because the device itself could be heavy for the suction cup.

The loading speed depends entirely on the type of window. We are at this point of technological advancement where windows can significantly reduce the power of sunlight. So if you want to put this charger behind your new windshield or windows, keep in mind that it will make a big difference. If it’s sunny it’s best to keep your windows open if it’s too cold, consider what a difference it will make. Other reviews are not specific or subjective, so I will not mention them.


If you really love the idea of ​​a green earth or if you live in a place where the sun is shining all the time, I would recommend the GreenLighting Solar Charging Battery. The reviews are not as good as we would all like, but in my opinion they should be higher. Some of those people probably didn’t think about solar panels being behind windows. The only glitch is the suction cup, but you can overcome it very easily.

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