Fly fishing in El Salvador

Fly fishing in El Salvador is an adventure for fly fishermen around the world. For those who have experienced fishing in Patagonia, Alaska and Canada, a fly fishing adventure awaits in this unexplored territory.

There have been several fly fishermen asking about the big picture along the Salvadoran coast for fly fishing and luckily some good men have traveled to San Salvador to explore the territory in person. As a surprise, the experience has been incredible and surreal in all respects, as skilled fly fishermen with an art in the mastery of trout and salmon casting their flies in the waters of the estuary and the reef ecosystem end up reeling in a roosterfish or a Spanish mackerel to name a few species. There is a wide variety of species to target, such as snook, croaker, snapper, horse mackerel, barracuda and marlin, and this is when the adventurer takes on a greater dose of excitement. There are very few fly fishermen in El Salvador, but luckily travelers who have flown to El Salvador have brought their fly gear and taught Salvadorans about the beauty of the sport. There are several key points with abundant mangroves along the Salvadoran coast for fly fishing in the calm waters of the estuary; Barra de Santiago, Estero de Jaltepeque, Bahía de Jiquilisco and Barra Salada, to name a few. For fly fishermen looking to use a heavier rod, there is also the ocean near the estuary to go and fish for roosterfish, skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, barracudas, wahoo, marlin and horse mackerel and of course for flies. more adventurous. Anglers always have the challenge of the open sea in search of mahi-mahi and sailfish.

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