Employment Lawyer: Tips on Handling a Workplace Harassment Or Sexual Harassment Situation

Employment Lawyer

The San Antonio Employment Lawyers at The Law Office of Rob Wiley, P.C. can provide effective representation to clients throughout a wide spectrum of employment and related civil rights fields. These employment issues often include unpaid wages, tipped employees, harassment of employees, racial discrimination, age discrimination and physical assault/hitting/harassing practices. They are also skilled in handling cases that involve employer retaliation and other types of employer-driven lawsuits. This includes wrongful termination, discrimination by managers or supervisors, and other employment-related claims.

In reviewing your employment case, the employment lawyer toronto will look for many types of evidence to determine if you have been discriminated against based on your gender, race, age, religious beliefs or even because of your sexual orientation. There are many types of issues that can be presented as a claim for discrimination including: ageism, religion, sex discrimination and other illegal workplace policies. These issues must be properly documented so they can be reviewed by a judge or the court of law. The firm is fully prepared to handle all these situations and are fully trained in how to present this evidence in court as well as how to defend your case and protect your rights.

Payroll fraud is another area the employment law firm will focus on if you are a victim of employer retaliation or other types of discrimination. Many employers who place employees in jobs where they are not entitled to be placed there wish to retaliate against any worker who tries to unionize or goes on strike. If you feel you have been subjected to employment discrimination of any kind, the firm can help you seek recompense for your injuries. The firm can represent you in claiming unfair labor practices and overtime pay if you have been affected by unlawful employer practices.

Tips on Handling a Workplace Harassment Or Sexual Harassment Situation

Not being paid for hours worked or being paid only for part of the work that was performed is another problem that can be handled by San Antonio employment lawyers. Most people believe that if they are going to be paid for their work they deserve to be paid for the entire hours they have worked. Unfortunately, in the United States many people are not being paid for the full amount of hours they have worked. Such workers may bring up the issue of sexual harassment or other unlawful practices in an employment case, but if you have been improperly paid you can make a claim for compensation for your losses.

Being owed a final paycheck is another problem faced by many employees who are employed by certain companies. Even though you may have worked diligently to complete all your assignments and meet all of your production goals, the company may have failed to pay you for your work. This is a situation that can be handled by San Antonio employment lawyers as well as by the court of law. In this case, you will be entitled to receive the final agreed upon amount of wages that were due to you.

Another common problem faced by many employees is not receiving their agreed final paycheck. If you have experienced something such as this, you should report the situation to your supervisor or immediate supervisor and immediately file a claim for overtime pay. You may have also been owed vacation leave pay when the time off was supposed to be automatically deducted from your salary. There are many employees who have suffered a loss of benefits when their employer has shut down the business that they are employed with. No matter what the problem may be, it is best to contact an experienced San Antonio employment lawyer to assist you in receiving what you are legally entitled to.

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