Does chicken enlarge your breasts?

Chicken is believed to make the breasts grow larger. Chickens are sometimes injected with estrogen, which is the female hormone, so that they can grow taller at a faster rate. If you eat this type of chicken or eat the eggs of these chickens, you will notice an increase in your breasts, butt and thighs. This is because estrogens tend to enlarge these areas. However, the downside to this is that taking too much estrogen can cause breast inhibitors to activate and stop growing at a certain level and too much estrogen can make you susceptible to certain types of cancer.

There is no miracle food to enlarge your breasts, you have to add weight in order for your breasts to increase in size as a result of weight gain. There are foods that will help increase the size of your breasts. Milk is one of those things that will make your breasts grow bigger and it is also nutritious. However, do not consume too much, as it will make you gain weight everywhere.

Fruits and vegetables are also good for a larger bust, as they contain phytoestrogens that contribute to the fullness and firmness of the breasts, as they are similar to estrogens. Fennel is also rich in phytoestrogens and will cause an increase in the size of the teats. Fenugreek is rich in phytonutrients so that your breasts grow bigger and firmer. It also stimulates milk production in nursing mothers. Fenugreek mimics estrogens so your body develops new, firmer breast tissue and increases the size of your breasts. Be careful not to take too much, as you can suffer from side effects such as nausea and abdominal pain.

Other foods that are good in this regard are oatmeal, tofu, and wheat germ. If you eat a lot of chicken due to hormones, it is good to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as they are a good source of fiber and these will remove excess estrogen from the chicken you are eating. Pregnancy and the use of birth control pills will make your breasts grow larger as estrogen levels in your body increase and make your breasts enlarge.

If you want to increase your cup size by up to two cup sizes, then food alone will not give you the breasts you want. You may need to try a combination of natural breast augmentation methods. It will also take some time to be able to see the results you want because foods work naturally to improve the size and shape of your breasts and this takes time. You can also do weight training exercises to make your pectoral muscles grow and your breasts look bigger. You can also do exercises that lift your breast tissues to make them look firmer and better.

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