McDonald’s, scalability and leadership

McDonald’s, scalability and leadership – John C. Maxwell

Imagine for a moment that you stop typing, move your eyes from your computer screen, look at the wall, and realize that it is 11:57 am on a cold winter Monday morning. What do you have in mind? What is your next thought?

I AM HUNGRY! Right ?!

With our busy lifestyle, what fast food options come to mind? McDonald’s, Wendys, Burger King, Taco Time, Subway and the list goes on. Where do you usually meet at lunchtime?

Two years ago I was in Little Caesars buying a hot $ 5 pizza. You ask if this was for my team? No! Everything was for me; and I ate every last piece. If it wasn’t pizza, it was some kind of burger, taco, sandwich with fries, and a soda. So, it was only natural that he weighed 240 pounds back then.

What do my weight and past eating habits have to do with McDonald’s, scalability, and leadership? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But here is the fascinating truth. McDonald’s was at the base of a rapidly changing economy. John C. Maxwell shares the story of the McDonald’s brothers as part of his discussion on “The Law of the Cover.” What law is that? Well here is a condensed summary.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate your leadership ability? On the same scale, how do you rate its effectiveness? “Your LEADERSHIP SKILL always determines your EFFECTIVENESS and the potential impact of your organization.” You’ll find it on page 1 of chapter 1 of John’s revised and updated book; The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. So if my leadership ability is a 4, then my effectiveness cannot be higher than a 3. If my effectiveness is a 4, then my leadership ability is at least a 5. Does that make sense?

John illustrates the story of Dick and Maurice very well by emphasizing that the two brothers recognized an opportunity to reinvent their restaurant and turn it into a drive-in by selling burgers, fries, drinks, etc. In fact, they saw great success in their company and “their genius was in customer service and kitchen organization (p3).” However, they did not run after the franchise concept because “they lacked the leadership necessary to make a larger company effective (p3).”

Are you in a similar situation? Are you an expert in your field, clients love the work you do, but don’t know how to scale your business to build a bigger company? We all have something we can relate to. Two weeks ago, I never would have imagined blogging every day (DISCLAIMER: I have wasted a few days posting content to my blog, but when I stop to think about it, I constantly blog every day while coordinating taxes returns, tax consulting projects and answering customer questions about technical tax concepts several times a day).

Well, ask yourself: “How high or how low do I take my LEADERSHIP of LEADERSHIP and / or EFFECTIVENESS?” If I’m at a measly 3 in leadership ability, how do I raise it to a higher number? Now, between 1937 and 1954, I’m sure the McDonald’s brothers enjoyed success with their regional restaurant model. They then met Ray Kroc and he wore his LEADERSHIP SKILL CAP a little higher than the brothers. You see, Ray could envision a large restaurant company where everyone followed an established system of processes that presented each customer with a similar meal and a similar experience; This is scalability! Ray literally worked BEHIND. Did you know that during his first eight years with the McDonald’s brothers, Ray did not earn a penny of salary? Would you sweat and cry for eight years without pay?

What if I told you that you can collect $ 2.7 million, but would have to wait 8 years before collecting? This means that he would have to work day after day for 8 years before he could earn a penny of the $ 2.7 million; Would you be all inside? It would be difficult today to find any man or woman who works for NO SALARY for a promise to pay in 8 years.

Well that’s exactly what happened! “In 1961, for the sum of $ 2.7 million, Kroc purchased the exclusive rights to McDonald’s from the brothers and proceeded to make it an American institution and global entity. The” cap “on Ray Kroc’s life and leadership was obviously a lot. higher than its predecessors (p4) “.

More than 50 years later, McDonald’s is a global icon for hamburgers, fries, and soda. It doesn’t matter if you buy a burger in small town Evanston, Wyoming or downtown San Francisco, California on Market Street, you’ll experience the same taste and smell that’s doubled around the world. That’s the amazing story of McDonald’s, scalability and leadership under Ray Kroc.

Just so you know, I am currently reading about 10 books at the same time. When I find information in one book that is addressed in another book, I am forced to think that it is not a coincidence, but that I should probably take the message seriously. In his spinoff book The Business Of The 21st Century, Robert T. Kiyosaki talks about assets. Well, asset number 5 is all about a fully scalable, duplicatable business model.

If you haven’t read the book or heard of the book (FYI, Robert is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad – Ringing a Bell?) Then I’ll let you know right now that Robert is talking about direct sales. He points out that you don’t need to be a skilled salesperson to be successful in a direct selling business if you accept an important fundamental:

Design your small business model so that it can be multiplied and replicated many times without your direct involvement.

Remember, the McDonald’s brothers were experts in customer service and kitchen organization. They struggled to design their business model so that anyone could duplicate it many times over. However, when Ray Kroc entered the scene, “he did not seek an elite corps of especially talented restaurateurs with high-level experience to execute his many operations. Instead, he designed the experience directly into the operation (p67).”

Robert goes on to teach that “you don’t need highly skilled salespeople to duplicate what you do. You need people who are willing to learn basic communication and business skills and who personally become self-determining entrepreneurs and team builders” (p69). “

The best romantic hotels in the world

When you’re on a romantic vacation, finding a perfect hotel is a must, and if you’re on a budget, your chances of landing in a perfect hotel are much higher than usual. For many people, the honeymoon is the only time when they consider luxury above budget and want to have the perfect itinerary designed for the entire trip. Since airline ticket deals and deals are flooding the internet and less information about hotel stays putting people in massive confusion, here we have put together the list of the best romantic hotels around the world that are truly amazing and not reveal nothing but the best. delicacies that one can savor. So, if you’re not too budget conscious and are looking for something luxurious, air freshener, and upbeat, here is a list of the best romantic hotels around the world for your references:

1. The Gritti Palace, Venice, Italy

The charming and romantic city of Venice should be on your travel list for couples getaways and if you plan to visit this fascinating conurbation of Italy in the near future, you will find the perfect outfit for your stays at the Gritti Palace. With an average cost starting at US $ 800 per night today, this place will provide you with an all-time fascinating experience. From the views of the Grand Canal to the fantastic interior consisting of historical artifacts from the region’s heritage, the highlight of the place. Incredible hospitality along with fascinating costumes are the key features along with a myriad of world-class facilities. So if you are planning a dream vacation in Venice, Gritti Palace will be the best option for you.

2. Shangri-La Hotel Paris, France

Paris, the romantic capital of the world, requires no introduction, as the city is already on your travel list. The fascinating capital of France is already having a dreamy image and quite expensive in itself, but when it comes to the best romantic hotel, Paris raises the bar because you have to choose between the best of the best. Therefore, Shangri-La Hotel Paris has been a fantastic place for everyone. Considered a private mansion in its beginnings. This 101-room property is a thriving venue featuring a classic interior, state-of-the-art interior, world-class services, and proximity to the center of the Eiffel Tower attraction. Average cost of stay starts from US $ 930 per night and can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

3. Rosewood London, London, England

The burgeoning British capital, London, is a truly fascinating place for everyone to spend an unforgettable, quality vacation as a couple, and before you think of anywhere that might be suitable for your luxury stay (except Buckingham Palace), Rosewood. London will catch your eye instantly. . The exterior itself has been a draw for tourists, but once you enter this giant hotel property, you will understand what has made this hotel on this list. With a wide range of hotel suits starting at US $ 550 per night and an array of incredible features such as large rooms, exquisite interiors, exceptional hospitality and air freshening charisma, Rosewood London is sure to provide you with an experience you will never forget.

4. Soho Grand Hotel, New York, USA.

Many people don’t find New York City as romantic as many more cities listed in this article and can give up without even trying. However, if you love spending a dream time in adorable New York City, then planning a stay at the Soho Grand Hotel will be a great option for you. With an incredible array of attributes and features, such as a state-of-the-art interior, charming contemporary rooms, an exquisite array of restaurants and bars, and much more at a starting price of 210 USD per night, this place is truly amazing while giving a great proximity to major attractions near the city center. So for those looking for a cheap romantic getaway in the Big Apple, they will find this place much more incredible.

5. One & Only the Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is famous around the world for its opulent lifestyle and royal culture, which is introducing luxury travelers to a new level of luxurious experiences. However, for honeymooners and romantic travelers with a lot of money, One & Only the Palm is one of the most fascinating hotel properties in the region. Outshining other lodging options with its secluded beach, exquisite city and coastal scene, a thriving array of services and dining options, and much more, One & Only the Palm is a perfect getaway option for your next couples getaway. . You can have the most exquisite and dream vacation in Dubai when you book your stays at One & Only the Palm with a starting price of US $ 550 per night.

The definition of romantic settings differs from person to person and no matter how well you filter the requirements, there will always be plenty of options for you to choose a perfect and captivating hotel stay as long as you meet the budget. Since romantic spots are still outnumbered by couples looking for these spots, you should consider stopping by these spots well in advance to make sure you book your suit for better experiences and find a perfect travel agency to get better deals and book your itinerary. .

ADHD: Innovative communication skills that will improve you by 90% and build confidence

Focus will improve when you communicate with others and listen to them using a special communication tip. It really works for me.

Communication skills with ADHD characteristics will improve by 90% depending on how focused you are. If you really focus on the skills and tips, you will become a very skilled communicator. Using values ​​instead of feelings is the secret.

You will first need a list of values ​​/ needs. Post the list next to your phone, computer, and anywhere you can be talking to people. It will come in handy as you search for words to use until you learn this list.

You may want to practice this listening skill before you go out into the world. Pick a place to eavesdrop on some people, such as a restaurant, a gathering, or a park. These people are your unpaid practice. but very valuable to improve.

You can put the list of needs in front of you. While people are talking, look down the list and find a value that satisfies you, such as: someone is talking to someone else. Now choose the word that may or may not be satisfactory. Now in your head silently guess the need. Again, they may or may not be satisfying the value.

Guess only one value from the list. The best part of this learning is that it doesn’t have to be correct. It is a conjecture. So you say to yourself in a question: “Are they wanting __________?” That’s it as you are building a trusting connection with this person and need.

You may want to offer advice or a suggestion to this person. STOP! One piece of advice is not to. It is disastrous. Focus focus focus on your values ​​/ needs. Don’t try to fix them. This will come later unless they discover their own solution. Just focus on their values.

The other point of this is that the more values ​​you try to guess, the deeper they go into the conversation. They will probably converse more deeply than you or they can imagine. Why? You’ve built an instant amount of confidence just by focusing on your values ​​…

In fact, they will enjoy your listening and how you value what they are talking about. You may need to stop them if you are getting tired, but most of the time you will also feel energetic. Enjoy the energy and confidence that you are getting.

Traditions and popular Christmas decorations in Spain

All over the world, Christmas is one of the most popular holidays. In Spain, as well as in many other countries, this festival focuses on the celebration of the birth of Christ. It’s a time for families to come together to celebrate and share the joy of the season with songs, dances, and family meals. The Christmas trees and handmade decorations, as well as the Nativity Scene, are familiar sights. Although these traditions are common in many countries, there are some aspects of the Christmas holidays that are unique to Spain.

Before the Christmas holidays, the Spanish celebrate a tradition called “Hogueras” (bonfires). This is a celebration of the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. At this time, people jump over a bonfire, which symbolizes protection against disease. Also during the winter solstice, swings are built for people to use in the belief that swinging high will make the sun move higher in the sky.

On Christmas Eve, small lamps are lit in village windows, representing the stars in the Christmas Eve sky. At midnight, the bells ring in each of the towns, summoning everyone to “La Misa Del Gallo”, the Misa del Gallo. It is so named because the rooster was known as the first of the animals to announce the birth of Christ.

After midnight mass, Christmas dinner is served. Traditional holiday food includes “Christmas Truffled Turkey,” which is Christmas turkey with truffles. You can also serve roast lamb, suckling pig, duck, and seafood such as lobster, shrimp, trout, and salmon, depending on where you are in the country. Traditional desserts can include marzipan, made from honey, almonds, and eggs, and polvorones, which is a gizzard. Nuts, dried fruit, and caramel custard are among other desserts that are served. No meal is complete without a drink. Cava is the Spanish champagne and usually accompanies the Christmas meal.

In many countries, the visit of Santa Claus is an important part of the Christmas celebration. However, in Spain, this is not the case. Children receive small gifts from “Santa Claus” at Christmas, but this is not a big part of the holidays. Instead, they celebrate January 6, which is the Day of the Three Kings, a day in commemoration of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to the Child Jesus. On January 5, children participate in a parade to see the Three Wise Men when they arrive at their village or town. When given the opportunity, they ask the Magi for the gifts they are expecting. On the eve of this special day, children leave their shoes where they can easily be found. They are full of straw and carrots for the camels in which the Magi travel. The next morning the straw and carrots are gone, replaced by gifts. On this day a special dessert is served, the “Roscon de los Reyes” which is a large circular cake. It is decorated with candied fruits, which represent the jewels that were in the dresses of the Magi. There is a surprise baked on the cake, and whoever finds it becomes the king or queen of the house.

The celebration of Christmas in Spain is similar to the way other countries celebrate it with Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths. But by also having its own unique traditions, the visitor can get to know the people of Spain and their lives. Knowing the traditions of various countries, such as Spain, can give a new appreciation for the Christmas holidays around the world.

Caribbean Coconuts – A Surprising Fact I Bet You Don’t Know!

Before reading the rest of this article on Caribbean coconuts, I want you to do me a favor:

1. Get in a comfortable position

2. Close your eyes

3. Allow yourself to feel nice and relaxed, almost to the point of taking a nap.

4. Imagine that you are a warm Caribbean beach.

5. Explore that image in your mind for a while

6. Once you have memorized your image, open your eyes

Now what exactly did you see in your mental image of a warm Caribbean beach?

Did your image include coconut trees? Did you smell coconut oil?

I bet he did it because this is what most people think of when they think of a Caribbean beach. Dust-white sand, blue-green water glistening in the sunlight, and those iconic coconut trees that line the beaches.

Coconut trees are such an important part of everyone’s vision for a Caribbean landscape, they assume they were always there.

But guess that ?!

They are NOT actually native to the Caribbean and have been there less than 500 years!

They were introduced to the Caribbean region by the Spanish and other European colonizers during the first half of the 16th century. However, Christopher Columbus and his men never saw a coconut on any of their 4 trips to the New World. These took place between 1492 and 1504. The coconuts just weren’t there when they arrived. They came later.

I know this may sound a bit surprising. You may be saying something like, “But … I thought that coconuts could resist sea water erosion and were buoyant enough to float thousands of miles. Right? Isn’t that how they got to the Caribbean and the whole world? ?? They floated there from somewhere else, right? “

Well, I know this is what a lot of people believe. In fact, this is what some historians believed. However, the evidence shows that this is wrong, and it does so very definitively.

None of the earliest recorded records of the Spanish, and the records of other colonizing European nations exploring the Caribbean in the late 1400s and early 1500s, ever mention a coconut. Also, there was no Taino or Caribbean word for coconut; these were the natives of the Caribbean islands and if anyone knew if they were there, they would have known. A native word for coconut is missing because coconuts didn’t exist before the Spanish brought them there. Most linguists believe that the word coconut comes from the Spanish word for “monkey” because they thought that the coconut looked like a monkey face with two eyes and an open mouth.

Now the Spanish did discover coconuts off the WEST coast of Central America. For a long time, history books and other historical accounts wrongly said that coconuts had spread from the west coast of Central America to the Caribbean. However, genetic evidence very convincingly shows that this is absolutely wrong!

It turns out that when a DNA analysis is performed on coconuts from all over the world, they are classified into 2 distinct and separate genetic groupings. They are all one species, but the 2 groups are genetically different enough to easily separate them.

A group of coconuts originated in the Pacific region of Indonesia. The other group of coconuts originated near India in the Indian Ocean. The only place where the two groups seemed to have mixed is Madagascar. It has been very convincingly shown that the coconuts found on the WEST side of Central America are in the Indonesian Pacific group and that the coconuts found in the Caribbean are in the India group. Therefore, the coconuts in the Caribbean did NOT originate from the west coast of Central America.

If you play historical detective, it seems that the coconuts from India were first carried by people or by currents to the east coast of Africa. Then much later, in the 16th century, they were moved by people to the west coast of Africa and shortly after this happened, they were brought to the new world by the colonizers and / or missionaries of the time.

As an interesting side note, I would like to mention that the coconuts on the west coast of Central America are believed to have been brought over by Polynesian sailors over 1000 years before Columbus “discovered” the New World. That’s something to ponder! Never take something written in a history textbook like the gospel. It is almost certain now that Columbus was NOT the first non-native to “discover” America.

Well, back to the story of the Caribbean coconut:

Once the Europeans “discovered” the coconut, they quickly realized that this would be a very simple way to transport sterilized water (coconut water) and nutrients on board ships heading on long saltwater voyages where the water Sweet would be scarce and often contaminated. .

Coconuts were planted in the Caribbean since at least the mid-16th century, as there is a written record of this. Sometimes they were planted on the margins of sugar plantations to provide water and food for those who worked on the plantations. It wasn’t until a few centuries later that coconuts were grown on a large scale commercially as a cash crop.

Now, I know this may seem off-topic, but please allow me a moment because I need to tell you about the shipwrecks before I continue with the story about the Caribbean coconuts:

There were many shipwrecks in the 1500s, including the very famous incident in which an entire fleet of Spanish ships laden with gold sank while attempting to traverse the Pasaje de la Mona between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico during a terrible hurricane. In fact, the Mona Passage is famous for shipwrecks as sea conditions were difficult to navigate even in the best of weather conditions. In fact, the Mona Pass can be difficult to navigate even today with modern technology. Many men have lost their lives in this area, as many ships were wrecked there.

So why am I talking about shipwrecks when I should be talking about coconuts?

Well, it turns out that the coconuts spread throughout the Caribbean very quickly due to the movement of the ships, that is, the ships moved them much faster than the currents. In fact, when there were shipwrecks, many thousands of coconuts could be thrown overboard in a completely new place for coconuts. When these coconuts reached land, some of them surely took root naturally. However, it turns out that it was quite common for people in the Caribbean region to intentionally take the bounty of coconut that the sea had given them and plant them. In this way, most of the coconuts would survive to produce another coconut plant. In fact, this is exactly what happened in West Palm Beach Florida and how it got its name. A ship was wrecked on the high seas and shipped a few thousand coconuts that local people planted when they reached land.

The most popular vacation destination in the Dominican Republic is now on the east coast and is called Punta Cana. In fact, not just the original small community of Punta Cana, but all 39 miles of the east coast, is commonly known as Punta Cana or the Punta Cana Coast. However, the first investors in the area called it “La Costa del Coco”. This was due to the very lush and very mature coconut forest that lines the coast in this region and actually stretched quite far inland. Sometimes, you will still see the phrase “The Coconut Coast” used.

I have no definitive proof, but I can’t help but think that those coconut trees lining the Punta Cana coastline that vacationers enjoy so much may be descendants of coconuts lost during a long-ago shipwreck. The coconut grove there could even be from an old shipwreck as far back as the 16th century. In a way, you may be looking at a historic shipwreck marker when you look at those coconut trees.

The next time you are in the Dominican Republic or elsewhere in the Caribbean and see a coconut palm tree, remember that you are NOT looking at a native Caribbean plant. Try closing your eyes and imagining what the Caribbean landscape would be like without the coconut plants. It’s harder to do than you think! We are so conditioned to think of coconuts as synonymous with the Caribbean. Perhaps it is a good lesson to always keep questioning things, no matter how sure we are that they are true.

Nightlife, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Bars in New York: Our Guide to New York City Entertainment

Even though the city is getting bigger and building its nightlife more for tourists, New York is still bursting with nightlife for locals and travelers. NYC is known as the HUB of the Jazz world, as all the greats became famous here and those who arrive know that this is the place to do it. New York also has some of the most exclusive and fashionable dance clubs in the world. There are many lounges, so there are many places in New York for you to find a nice and comfortable place to sit, drink, and listen to music. NYC caters to people of all ages, hosts the widest variety of great concerts by world-renowned musicians, and is world famous for the comedy clubs that the world’s most famous comedians call home.

We went on a Friday night looking for a nightclub with a nice atmosphere and someone recommended Ace of Clubs Nightclub so we took a taxi and $ 40 later we got to Ace of Clubs. When we walked in the door, things didn’t seem like our style. It was a bit noisy and the drinks were a bit expensive. So we went back to our hotel in search of something better.

On the way to the hotel we asked the woman at the front desk to recommend a nightclub to us and she told us to check ploose, which I guess is a new nightlife directory which was very easy. We wrote in New York City, we chose nightclub and it showed a lot on the map. So we chose the closest one that said it had special drinks, as we had already spent so much on taxis, we got off and walked over to it. When we got there it was EXACTLY as shown on that ploose site (we had seen a couple of video tours so we knew what to expect). We went in and got a table and bought a bottle of Gray Goose and had a great time. It was called “The Pink Elephant” (name of the disco). We had a great time and went back to our hotel to pass out.

We spent the next day doing touristy stuff, checking 5th avenue, walking around Manhattan, stopping at a random couple of restaurants for lunch, and by the time night came we were exhausted. We decided we needed something a little more low-key so we checked ploose again and found a small lounge nearby and decided to check it out. It was called the Sapphire Lounge. It had a really classic decor, like a party in the living room. The red curtains were great! There was a modern DJ playing house music and the prices were very reasonable. We highly recommend it.

Sunday came and we wanted to watch the soccer game so we chose a nearby sports bar. We found Proof NYC and let me tell you I was REALLY glad I went there. I had a HUGE TV and I talk about 8 feet long, this TV was no joke. The bar had wooden floors and scarlet walls. They had some great beer specials that day too, so we got lucky. We order some food and have our drinks enjoying the last day in New York City.

Before we finally left the city, we had time to stop by a jazz bar called “Blue Note”. It was one of the best jazz bars I’ve been to in the world and for any jazz fan I highly recommend it. It was at half capacity or more, but it wasn’t too crowded, it was beautifully decorated, and the featured musicians blew us away.

In short, New York City has a VERY wide selection of entertainment options to offer. Next time we go, we will review the Opera and Broadway and give you our recommendations there.

Work hard, party harder, and get home safe and sound.

Moore’s Brick Cottages and Lake, a Vintage Virginia Trail expires

It’s summer in pre-WWII Virginia, and living is easy and hot as flames.

Where do you go to escape the heat?

Moore’s Lake!

The popular swimming hole just off US Route One between Richmond and Petersburg was the most refreshing haven from the humidity and sweltering dog days west of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It was a mecca for locals seeking a few hours of blessed relief and a major vacation destination for tourists from across the state. People were drawn to its massive sandy beach, the water slides, the high diving board where giggling girls congregated to watch the boys show off, and the adjacent ballroom that filled the night air with melodies. by Big Band. Everyone who entered the bathhouse received a distinctive pin, which they then used to claim their clothing after swimming. Today, brass pins are prized by many veterans who use them as lapel ornaments.

Tommy Crump, whose parents bought the lake and surrounding cabins after working several years for RD Moore, the original owner, remembers hundreds of families from as far away as North Carolina returning year after year. People driving from the north to Florida soon realized that it was the ideal overnight stop, both outward and return. For the locals, Moore’s Lake was the place to be and to be seen. It was inevitable that sunny afternoons and moonlit nights were responsible for untold romances. Many flourished in marriage.

The sturdy brick and stone cabins Moore built in 1929 were the epitome of luxury when George and Lena Crump took over the business. They quickly modernized them even further by adding bathrooms. As the Depression subsided and tourists clamored to enjoy its comforts and jungle setting, they built more cabins in the fragrant woods up to 38. By 1941, they had built a restaurant and their own comfortable brick house on the property.

When World War II broke out and Camp Lee was reactivated in nearby Petersburg (renamed Fort Lee in 1950), some of the servicemen stationed there brought their families and accommodated them in cabins on Moore’s Lake. Several of his wives found work as waitresses at the busy restaurant that served three meals every day to cabin guests, local residents and defense workers commuting to work at nearby military installations. To defray the expenses, the older children of the service families who stayed there contributed to the war effort by becoming useful as bus boys, dishwashers, gardeners and lifeguards.

Tommy Crump, now 68, was a boy back then. He was closely supervised by a babysitter as he rode his trike along picturesque lanes to claim a tasty treat from the kitchen of the restaurant that served guests at Moore’s Brick Cottages and Moore’s Lake. Growing up in the spacious home her parents built, she learned to swim in the lake and appreciate the beauty and unique setting of the property. It was only natural that she never strayed, but chose to stay and raise her own children there.

In 1970, he and his wife bought the cabins, the adjacent gas station, and the restaurant. Dubbed Sylvester’s, the restaurant was destined to become the most popular for miles around. Along with a delicious prime rib dinner that drew the crowds, the menu featured hearty seafood, savory soups, “croissant-wiches,” stuffed potatoes, and delicious home-made desserts, including a double chocolate silk cake and a hot fruit shoe store.

Moore’s brick homes thrived until the construction of nearby Interstate 95 lured cars and trucks away from the venerable Jefferson Davis Highway, thus cementing the fate of the operation. With the advent of high-speed roads across the country, families discovered the appeal of the open road. No longer content with vacationing just a short drive from home, tourists traveled from Boston to Miami in a fraction of the time they could navigate the outdated two-lane highway. When large motels and hotels sprang up along the Interstate to serve long-distance travelers, it wasn’t long before Moore’s Brick Cottages became superfluous. The buildings were in poor condition and those who came to swim risked without lifeguards on duty. Today, the lake is little more than a neglected swimming hole in the neighborhood.

Sylvester’s, however, continued to prosper. It served a loyal local clientele until December 2004, when Tommy Crump sold the property to a developer. The office park and retail businesses emerging from the devastated land will serve the City of Chester. Tommy watched with tearful eyes as all but two of the quaint cabins were demolished and their rubble used as fill for the parking lot.

“I feel an obligation to save these last two as part of history,” he says. “I’m keeping one for myself and moving it to my property along the James River. I hope someone, or some interested organization, will take the other and keep it for posterity.”

With no candidates yet, time is running out. Soon, only the ghosts of happy days gone by loom over the property that is still protected by giant, fragrant trees awaiting destruction in the name of progress.

The AZ of membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboard


Are you in the market to buy a new keyboard? Do you use your computer only for personal purposes or simply to obtain information? Yes! Does the keyboard issue surprise you? The reason you thought all keyboards are the same. Note that there are many types of keyboards from brand manufacturers. However, many turn out to be a membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard. To be honest, unless you are addicted to games, there is no reason to worry about this integral part of your computer. For the gamer, however, the keyboard is a valuable tool to take their gaming experience to the next level. For him / her, the keys must work according to the typing speed, which allows to offer superior performance. In this article, let’s look at the differences between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard.

Advantages and disadvantages of membrane keyboards

A cost

Are you on a tight budget to buy a keyboard ASAP? So unless you’re a gamer, go for membrane keyboards. You can get the best models for a decent price than mechanical keyboards.

B. Preference

Gamers don’t like these keyboards. If you work in a job that is rigorous so as not to make mistakes, then do not buy the membrane plates. There are times when, in an emergency and when typing quickly, you may miss some alphabets. The reason, you will have to press the keys at the same rate at all times.

VS. Reliability

It is true that you can find many types of membrane keyboards on the market, but many models are made with cheap parts. Therefore, the internal parts can loosen in a short time. Therefore, the lifespan of a membrane keyboard is very less. A survey describes the number between 5 and 20 million keystrokes.

D. Spare parts

If any keys become worn or damaged, you will have no choice but to dispose of the keyboard. The reason, the individual parts are not held together. Another downside is that you won’t be able to remove the key caps.

E. Easy to carry

Its main composition is plastic and therefore lighter. You find more membrane keyboards on the market, because there are more manufacturers.

F. Sound

You can work like a dream. The keys do not make any sound during the writing process.

Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards

A cost

This keyboard, although with the same characteristics, will be more expensive than a membrane keyboard. The reason, it contains metal parts.

B. Preference

A hardcore gamer will prefer only the mechanical keyboard. The reason is that you are more likely to work on two or more keys at the same time.

C. Reliability

The lifespan can be 10-15 years and a minimum lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. Mechanical keyboards can last a lifetime.

D. Spare parts

The best advantage of the mechanical keyboard is that they consist of individual parts. If a specific key comes off the keyboard, then it is possible to put it back to the original position, if you have soldering skills. This keyboard can be repaired quickly. The cleaning process is easy too, and you can remove the key caps.

E. Move

They contain plastic and metal gears. So they are a bit heavier than membrane keyboards.

F. Sound

They make more sound during the working process. However, many data entry operators or gamers prefer this keyboard.


The factors mentioned above are quite a few that should be considered before buying a keyboard. However, always remember that a keyboard is the connection to the computer. Therefore, from our side, we hope you buy the best type according to your needs.

Your mind calibrates the images, aromas, flavors and texture of the beer to give us the sensation in the mouth.

Definitions of “mouthfeel” run through the game, but none do justice to an extraordinarily complex subject. UC Davis and other universities have investigated mouthfeel, trying to quantify it on a numerical scale, with no success so far. Consumers of craft beer have used descriptors such as a creamy mouthfeel, an almost chewy texture, or a feeling that the beer has a thick / coating feel that makes the flavor linger for a moment. In all examples, the onset of mouthfeel is visual, aromas, flavor, and viscosity.

A few years ago, I did research and wrote an article on the importance of mouthfeel in wine. I found that viscosity is not the only feeling that dictates a great mouthfeel in beer, but a medley of factors. However, the viscosity in the wine feels like a subliminal message of a “quality” wine.

A cacophony of factors dictated the mouthfeel of the craft beer. Much of the mouthfeel is determined by a person’s accumulated experiences. However, awareness of aromas, the visual presentation of a beer, and flavors are sensory tails that initiate how consumers interpret the mouthfeel, pleasant or not. Even the question of time, place, and seasonality will affect a pleasant mouthfeel.

The existence of sensation in the mouth can also be illustrated as the sensation that comes from any substance in the mouth. As an example, most of my life I did not eat oysters due to the sight and anticipation of the slimy sensation of that crustacean in my mouth. My wife won’t eat oysters to this day, mainly because it has to do with the mouthfeel.

The visual appearances of the beer also contribute to the anticipated mouthfeel. Foam / foam in a beer is highly preferred over little or no foam, craft beer drinkers like foam. In Europe, consumers prefer and demand beer served with a thick / compact foamy beer because it is more aromatic and offers an attractive mouthfeel. The foam promotes flavor and instant mouthfeel.

Also, the impact of the environment on the mouthfeel. Here’s an interesting perspective. There are restaurants that feature “Dark Dinner” because research has shown that limiting stimuli from the environment will accentuate the aromas, taste, and mouthfeel of food and drink. The thesis is that limiting visual shock and distractions while eating increases the taste, aroma, and mouthfeel of the food experience. The dark dining room has enough light to see and eat.

The aromas of beer, as in wine, set the stage for what we will experience in the flavors and then in the mouthfeel / aftertaste. These flavors and aromas are often visually presented in ‘flavor and aroma wheels’ to help us define the beer styles we like. The ubiquitous “Beer Flavor Wheel” was developed in the 1970s by Morton Meilgaard, of which he included the Mouthfeel component. The reality is that the mouthfeel gives substance / recognition to the taste of a beer, while the aroma sets the stage.

Note: hops and yeast give beer aromas, flavor, appearance and mouthfeel. The grain bill features the grain that provides something with which the yeast can exert its creativity.

The chemical process of fermentation (working in the wort) plays a huge role in creating mouthfeel. Fermentation gives us texture / viscosity, carbonation, levels of alcohol (ABV) and acids. Of course, to get a distinctive mouthfeel, all of this must be orchestrated by expert brewers selecting the right yeast.

Ms. Carolyn Smagalski gives a good definition of significant contributors to the mouthfeel of beer. It is contributed by residual proteins and dextrin (generally accepted as non-fermentable sugar) in beer (especially a Pilsner). Not all starches in malts are converted to fermentable sugars. Proteins are not consumed by yeast, so they are the main contributor to mouthfeel. Oatmeal in a grain spike can add more protein and desirable slimy notes to the mouthfeel. The chemistry of the water is also a contributing factor.

Trying to keep it complicated and simple, Adam Robblings of Craft beer and brewing expresses his opinion on mouthfeel this way: “For misty IPAs, the first key decision point is not about hops, but yeast. Ester profile, stable haze, and smooth mouthfeel define the misty IPAs, and those really benefit from specific yeast strains. ” So, another vote for yeast.

Craft beer is not the beer of your youth; They are not the “slam ’em down” beers of yesteryear. Craft beer is generally more expensive and is a thoughtful drink that demands contemplation. There are quality craft beers for every occasion, attitude, and season. In the final analysis, all are judged on their aromatics, taste, and mouthfeel. At some point during consumption, all of these elements become symbiotic and give us the ‘umami’ we want.

The mouthfeel we are looking for has hundreds of elements that finally come together. There are: viscosity / texture, acidity / pH levels, ABV, esters (hops), yeast strains, grain peak, temperatures, carbonation, foam, color, and brewer’s execution of the recipe. If all this produces a mouthfeel, taste and aroma that you like according to your expectations, you have found your beer for now.

In a 2020 Statista study, the main feature of craft beer that was most important to consumers was taste (94%). Interestingly, approximately 52.7% of craft beer consumers considered themselves to be very familiar and familiar with the brewing processes. This indicates that the consumer wants more detail about a beer because they understand how mouthfeel, taste and aromas are derived.

Achieving a good mouthfeel is a difficult task and must be tailored to each style of beer. Ask the folks at Staropramen Brewery is the second largest brewery in the Czech Republic. They think that mouthfeel is an incredibly important attribute of their world famous Pilsner.

Pilsner is one of the most popular beers in the world. Here is how Just beer define the style and

Flavor and smell:

Malts give Pilsner a crisp or grainy bread flavor. Traditional Pilsner has a pronounced hop bitterness, giving it a herbaceous or earthy character.


Pilseners are very carbonated with a bit of weight. Its crisp hop bitterness tends to linger in the finish.

How to serve a Pilsner:

The pilsners should be poured with a little foam. After all, this is how it is done in the Czech Republic. Usually 3 fingers will suffice.

Of all the Czech pilner brewers we investigated, they all mentioned mouthfeel and head as important factors in consumer evaluations.

Mouthfeel is difficult to define and is somewhat rooted in subjective evaluations. Don’t give up because there are many “ah ha” moments where that perfect mouthfeel appears. The simple act of consuming a craft beer casually or combined with food can bring the moment when that great mouthfeel arrives.


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