7 ways to build a highly effective corporate team

Effective, high-impact corporate teams are built on strong networking foundations. There are some easy ways to grow your team to this level of connected motivation, and we’re going to run through that list right now.

1 – Gather them in a new location.

Corporate event planning is a great way to get a crowd together. Whether it’s a weekend event or an evening event with some training, great food, top-notch entertainment, and the ability to interact with team members and their spouses, it offers optimal motivators for your team.

2 – Awards night celebration.

Follow up your training event with an awards night, which includes more dancing, fun, and recognition of the hard work and effort your team put in.

3 – Anniversary celebrations.

Your company has been weeding out the big guys for a good year or two, and you’re building an amazing team. Invite them to attend a Big Event, complete with a dance band, little showtime sounds and celebrations. Recognize the best employees annually.

4 – Rate a training event with FUN.

Every training event needs a team building finish. The biggest one, the one your team will really care about is a finish where they can sit back, relax, enjoy some adult beverages and listen to some great music. Big band numbers can make for a great night out, but how about bringing in a tribute artist to accentuate the workout? Elvis could be the best man on stage to inspire his team to put up bigger numbers in the coming months, before a comeback event.

5 – Frequent team building events.

Seriously, the more often you plan a big event for your team, the better they’ll perform. Feel free to plan several team building events each year to keep your associates’ morale up and motivated.

6 – Launch of new program events.

Every new major program needs training, motivation, and teamwork, so the perfect solution is to plan a grand send-off event that includes a theme coordinated with your program and music relevant to the specific training segment. Once you find the right theme, get a band that supports your theme, or elements of your training tempo, you’ll have a perfect event.

7 – Construction of social networks for business growth.

Combining events for multiple related corporate programs is an amazing way to bring teams together to work on projects across multiple local corporations. Plan a big event and bring speakers, bands and lots of fun, as well as allow leaders of various corporate teams to promote their services and products. Some call these fairs, others refer to them as social media events.

Whatever your plan, you’ll want to bring the best entertainment to keep team-building event attendees motivated as they head back to the office.

Black Friday The beginning of the Christmas madness

Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thousands of shoppers will flock to stores for the season’s cheapest deals. In fact, more than 59% of Americans will engage in an all-night shopping spree in 2014. Many stores rely on this day for the rest of the year. It’s amazing how one day in the year can top the entire sales season (from the Saturday after Black Friday through December 26) by more than $3.8 billion (money.cnn.com). In the past, stores would wait until 6 a.m. on that Friday to open their stores. However, Walmart, Target and many other stores have started opening earlier and earlier, now sales start at 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving. So put on your sneakers and grab a sweater, let’s go shopping!

How to prepare

Preparing for Black Friday is an ordeal that lasts all year. For one thing, it’s highly advisable to carry cash, for small shops, you might be able to discourage them while they’re rushing for money. However, this is the most common time for people to max out their credit cards that will pay off throughout the year. It’s not smart to overbuy just for a deep discount. Go to stores with a set list that you are looking to buy, don’t stray off this list. One should also be prepared for more raucous road rage as customers try to find parking or jostle their way into stores. Many violent acts have been happening in recent years, be prepared. If someone is threatening you over a product you both want, give it to them. It’s not worth getting killed.

So what’s so special about Black Saturday?

The name “Black Friday” was first coined in 1921 in Philadelphia. Since Thanksgiving is the last holiday before Christmas, Black Friday is considered the start of the holiday season. In more than 24 states, Thanksgiving and the day after, Black Friday, are official holidays. That said, given that almost everyone in America has a long weekend, it’s no wonder why corporate businesses would capitalize on it.

On Black Friday and the following Cyber ​​Monday, consumers can take advantage of deep discounts on many of the products that their friends and family request for the holidays. Most of the time, you can get a lot of 2 for 1 deals, or very deep discounts that will disappear after a certain time. This occurrence occurs in the early hours of the morning. Most of the time, families pack up their Thanksgiving dinner, take a nap, and then go stand outside the store for hours.

Second Life Fashion Design Tips: Where to Start

Designing fashion for Second Life can be a daunting prospect. Many residents spend loads of linden on Second Life clothing, and a sure way to make money is to do the same. The great thing about designing SL fashion is that you can sell the same item multiple times. In fact, you can sell it as many times as you want.

The only hard part is getting started. If you’re not a programmer, designer, or familiar with photo editing, you won’t feel comfortable and won’t know where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve come up with three easy steps you can take to start becoming a true fashionista.

STEP 1: MASTER THE FASHION DESIGNER IN THE GAME: The first step to becoming a fashion designer in SL is to get used to the fashion designer in the game. He opens the appearance tool (either via the top menu or by right-clicking on his avatar) and you’ll be able to edit a multitude of different factors of his avatar’s appearance. To change clothes or design new clothes, you will need to familiarize yourself with the menu of textures and colors. Once you’re comfortable with the game designer, you can move on to the next step.

STEP 2: GET THE PHOTO EDIT: To go beyond the simple designs you can do through the look editor, you’ll need to get some photo editing software. Although many of these programs can cost $300 or more, we have found an alternative that is just as good. If you want to get serious about fashion design, you’ll need The GIMP. (http://www.gimp.org/). This free software is as good as commercial software out there, and there is a very active and helpful community of Gimp users who can help you. Download Gimp and learn how to use some of the features. After doing this, you are ready to move on.

STEP 3: GET TEMPLATES: To use Gimp (or other photo editing software) to design clothes for SL, you’ll need some templates. A template is simply a 3D representation that can be placed over an avatar. With a template, you can design masks, tattoos, and clothes. To get started, you need to download the Robin Wood t-shirt template. (http://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLTutSet.html) This will allow you to create your first template design: a t-shirt. The template itself is very well done and through the use of layers and masks, Robin Wood has created one of the best wizards in SL Fashion. use it

Of course, there is much more to fashion design than what we have told you. (We’ve put together a great fashion design guide that you can find on our website. Just click the link below.) You can spend a lot of time learning how to create fashions, but in the end, what you want is up to you. your. Designing clothing for SL residents is not difficult, but it does require knowledge and practice. If you can get to step three, you’ll be ahead of 90% of everyone else in the game.


A 4-Phase Plan for a Successful Designer Kitchen Remodeling Project

Have you heard of the nightmarish stories people share about their designer kitchen remodeling experiences? There are many things that can go wrong with such a project as it is complex and requires professional assistance.

However, at the beginning of any such renovation, you should know that it is worth it. The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important room in any home. People call it the “social center of the family” for good reason: everyone visits it on a daily basis. As far as seeing the successful completion of a kitchen renovation project, you need to follow a strict 4-phase plan:

Find the Right Contractors – If kitchen remodeling is at the top of your wish list, you may want to hire the best professionals for the job. Probably the best place to start your search for a contractor to get the job done is with a personal recommendation. Ask your friends and family if they know this person that they have hired in the past. Don’t forget to check the credibility and reputation of the contractor, because at the end of the day they are only as good as the last project they worked on. Take a look at their work with previous clients and make sure you discuss every little detail with them before giving them the green light; after all, it is your custom kitchen.

Layout Planning – If you’re working with an experienced planner, they’ll tell you all the secrets about maximizing storage space, high-end materials, and necessary features. However, you must be sure to provide the contractor with an accurate representation of your current kitchen. In addition, you should make a detailed wish list, indicating your storage needs, style, and must-haves. Whatever you do, don’t forget to consider the usefulness of your kitchen triangle: the connection established between the refrigerator, sink and stove.

Cut Costs – It’s easy to get carried away with your custom kitchen design and end up spending a third of your property value on this project alone. Before you start your project, you can think about whether what you have right now is good enough, that is, if it really doesn’t need a total renovation. When it comes to appliances, you should primarily pay attention to your stove burner’s heat output, energy efficiency, ease of operation, safety, and ease of cleaning.

Avoid Mistakes – Like any big project, a kitchen renovation can take a wrong turn here and there. That’s especially the case if you decide to be your own general contractor or hire the wrong person for the job. Make sure you have the project specifications listed before you turn it in. It doesn’t do anyone any good if you start changing your mind halfway through the project. Surely you should devote some time and attention to the project so that it does not turn into a disaster.
Getting a designer kitchen is surely wonderful, but you need to follow these steps to make sure the job is done right.

Tips for writing niche articles

Article niche writing tips come in handy when you are trying to block a niche for your articles. A niche is basically a chosen topic in which you set out to demonstrate your expertise. Whether you have a passion for woodwind instruments or orchid farming, you can create niche items that will establish you as an expert in your chosen niche. The great thing about writing niche articles is that not only do you have a lot of personal experience and passion for the topic to use, but any research you do will often lead to more than one or two articles on the topic.

To be successful writing niche articles, you need to be able to see the big picture and also the smaller detailed angles from which to write. To write niche articles, you can easily generate several ideas, and then several other ideas from those if you take advantage of the many different aspects of any topic you choose.

Word association is a great way to create niche article titles. Just start typing all the words that come to mind when you think about the topic. Let’s say your niche is American made vehicles: you’ll have in your list vehicle brands like Ford or Pontiac, then the types of vehicles made by each of them, SUV, truck, car and minivan models, then you can go into safety. features, eco options, customizable features, fuel economy, consumer reviews, etc. What this does is show you how many different articles you’ll be able to write based on your overall topic. You can do this at any time and build an even bigger headline list of articles to write in your niche.

The idea of ​​having these groups of titles allows you to research one aspect and use that information in other articles to which it applies. Using article templates is a great way to keep your niche articles organized and flowing.

When you choose a niche that you are interested in and passionate about, it will be hard to run out of ideas, angles, tilts, and themes within your niche. This can provide you with not only endless article ideas, but also endless earning possibilities.

Niche article writing tips are available to help you organize your niche, keep articles flowing, and allow you to explore all the possibilities of your niche article writing career.

5 tips to earn more money with Google AdSense

Google’s advertising platform for publishers, Google AdSense, can be both rewarding and inexplicably frustrating. Most bloggers who start using AdSense get discouraged after a couple of months because they aren’t making the money they dreamed of. Sure, getting paid pennies for clicks that rarely come can be a disappointment, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not the end of the world. Every day thousands of people are making a killing on AdSense, and with a little optimization you can improve your earnings too.

1. It’s all about the keywords

With Google AdSense, choosing the right keywords can make or break you. When writing blog content, you want to make sure you’re targeting keywords with the highest CPC (cost per click). There are many tools online that will help you find keywords that are great ways to make money. One of the best tools is Google’s own Keyword Planner found in Google AdWords. This little tool will give you an estimate of how much advertisers pay for certain keywords.

Targeting specific keywords will help you influence the type of ads shown to your visitors, making them more likely to click on your ad. However, be careful not to overload your content with keywords; Google can and will penalize your website.

Choosing the right keywords is what Google AdSense is all about.

2. Optimize ad size and position

When you run your own blog, you’ll have the option to customize where you place your ads. Experimenting with the positions will ensure that you get the best click-through rate.

AdSense ads come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to optimize your earnings. Running split tests on your site can help you decide which ad sizes make you the most money.

We recommend starting with the 336X280 rectangular banners. Ads in this format can play video ads that have often been shown to convert more visitors.

3. Don’t spam ads

Everyone has been to a site so cluttered with ads that it was unreadable. Do not make the same mistake. It’s good practice to maintain a good ratio of content to ads on your site. The last thing you want to do is drive your visitors away by bombarding them with pop-ups.

The logic behind having a ton of ads is that visitors are more likely to click on one of your ads. However, this is often not the case. Many visitors get irritated, just leave or read the content and then leave at the first opportunity.

Placing some of your ads in strategic locations throughout your content can be more beneficial to your click-through rate.

4. Keep posting new content

New content is what keeps old visitors coming back and it’s also what attracts new visitors. Whether you update your blog three times a day or three times a week, it’s important to be consistent when posting new content. Not only does it give your page more opportunities to display ads, but it also establishes authority with Google and helps you rank for more keywords, which means more visitors for you.

5. Start and grow your email list

Email lists, like newsletters, can be a gold mine for publishers. They help you retain readers, thereby increasing the average value that each visitor brings to your site. Starting an email list is easy and can often be done for free. Many blogs send a weekly newsletter to their subscribers with links to the content they have posted during the week. It’s a great way to increase traffic instantly.

Give the gift of wine

The holidays have a way of bringing change: people get more cheerful, houses light up more, and turkeys start wearing rosaries, in the fervent hope that no one will notice. From family reunions to get-togethers with old friends, the holidays are a time of love, joy, and fellowship. However, before “Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men” can really begin to solidify, one thing must end: Christmas shopping.

Holiday shopping can be stressful for almost anyone. If crowded department stores don’t bother you, a rabid shopping cart on the back of your heel surely will: Nothing raises your blood pressure quite like a Wal-Mart in December.

However, there are certain freebies that allow you to avoid the long lines, screaming children, and “Sold Out” signs that are sure to plague the Tickle Me Elmo section of the local department store. One of them is the gift of wine, a gift that represents friendship, celebration and so much health that it is very close to giving a kidney. Because there are a variety of ways wine can be given, it is simply one of the easiest gifts to give and even easier to receive. When giving wine, there is no need to keep the receipt.

wine clubs

Enrolling a friend, spouse or family member in a Wine Club is one of the most unique gifts you can give a wine lover. For wine novices, a Wine Club provides education and exposure to different types of wine, while also teaching the drinker that wine doesn’t necessarily come in a box. For the connoisseur, a Wine Club allows the drinker to keep their cellar stocked while bottles appear on their front porch with the regularity of the full moon. A Wine Club also indulges members with insider information, special offers, wine secrets, and exposure to rare vintages.

In addition, Wine Clubs are a very easy gift to give. The Internet is awash with a variety of Wine Clubs, clubs that provide quick and easy registration. However, when gifting a Wine Club, keep in mind that some can only be shipped to certain states. So, be sure to find one capable of delivering to the state where the gift recipient resides.

personalized wine labels

Personalized wine labels are one of those rare gifts that combine emotion and practicality: the label on the bottle allows you to convey a personal touch while the content of the bottle allows you to enjoy a different meaning. A personalized wine label is something that can be preserved: long after the bottle has been emptied, it can be preserved in the same way that cards, letters and photographs are stored, all retained in order to generate feeling. From gifting newlyweds a bottle of wine that says “First Christmas” to gifting your parents one that says “Thirty Christmas,” a personalized wine label invites a plethora of possibilities.

A personalized wine label is particularly good when paired with a wine that evokes even more sentiment. Giving someone wine from a year that is of particular importance or from a region that you consider special can make a personalized wine label, and the wine it contains, much more appreciated.

Wine Openers and Accessories

Wine is a product that has several complements: it is the adolescent of the alcohol industry. Because of this, many wine lovers can always use wine devices to complement their collection. From something as small as a wine opener to something as large as a wine rack, anything to do with wine makes a great gift for the wine connoisseur and aspiring wine connoisseur alike.

For those who already have everything from a wine charm to a Riedel wine glass set, from a wine journal to a wine partridge in a wine pear tree, bottles of their favorite wine make great gifts. Because people who love wine, people who replaced their ice chest with a wine cooler, people who wash their wine glasses with silk cloths, people who named their first child “Corky” can never have too much, just giving a good harvest is always adequate.

various tips

Giving wine as a gift has some risks. Not only do you run the risk of buying a bottle and “accidentally” drinking it before you can give it to the recipient, but there’s also a small chance that you’ll give someone a bottle of wine that you don’t find particularly appealing. To minimize this risk, be sure to buy the type of wine the recipient likes, not the one you like. If you’re buying for someone who loves white wine, try to avoid buying red, no matter how nice Merlot looks on your shelf.

In cases where you’re not sure what wine a person might like, try giving them a wine basket with a variety of wines or a gift certificate to a wine store.

Port, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are increasingly becoming the gold, frankincense and myrrh of the modern age, establishing themselves as gifts of the wise. Because the holidays are so stressful (preparing for the in-laws, cooking a turkey dinner, watching for poop while reindeer fly overhead), wine can help the giver make giving easy and the receiver drink something relaxing As a gift, it’s a win-win situation: when it comes to wine, one size fits all.

9 CrossFit exercises to lose weight and belly fat

CrossFit is a series of training methods primarily intended to improve strength and conditioning. It primarily focuses on Olympic-style weightlifting, but at the same time consists of various routines that aim to develop various physical attributes such as endurance, strength, speed, coordination, balance, and more.

What separates CrossFit workouts from all other methods is that the majority of those who use it find it effective. Although the training provided in most routines is for strength and endurance, CrossFit is also an effective advocate for losing weight and belly fat. In fact, all kinds of exercises that are performed are aimed at burning calories and fat. So now let’s discover nine of the most ideal CrossFit exercises to lose weight and belly fat.

1.Cindy Routine

The Cindy workout is a full-body strategy comprised of bodyweight push-ups and squats. It has a time frame of 20 minutes. It can be done the next day and the athlete must ensure that there is progress. This routine is an effective exercise to burn fat because it is short, fast and works the whole body. It is specifically designed to add muscle to the chest and shoulders while allowing for a high rate of work to burn calories and fat quickly.

2. Dirty 50

Filthy 50 is a very rigorous and demanding CrossFit workout that requires you to perform 50 repetitions with ten types of exercises. The list includes box jumps, pull-ups, kettleball swings, lunge steps, deadlifts, push presses, back extensions, ball throws, burpees, and double jumps. It’s obvious that this routine is physically demanding, which also means that you can maximize the number of calories burned in a single session.

3. Thrusters and pull-ups

This routine is done repetitively. You can start with the maximum number of push-ups and pull-ups you can perform and then reduce the number on rep. This routine is also an effective way to lose some belly and abdominal fat.

4. L-sit down

Sit-ups will always be the best way to work out your abs and stomach. Like the L-sit, you can lose a significant amount of excess midsection by performing a routine where the body is supported by the arms while the legs are kept straight in front.

5. Double bass

The double under is a jump rope routine that is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. It is done by jumping over a rope and making sure the rope passes twice before landing. It requires a greater capacity for work, which in turn translates into a greater amount of weight and fat burned.

6. Quick and dominated runs

You lose more sweat and burn more calories when you go for a run. Distance workouts are always an effective way to lose excess weight, not only that, if you combine it with pull ups, you will improve not only your endurance, but also your arm and upper body strength.

7. immersion

The dip is a good routine exercise to improve one muscle group, not just one. For example, the ring dip routine gives you increased strength and balance as you stabilize the rings on both sides of your body. Upper body strength is the focus, but like the others we mentioned, it requires strength and power to perform. This corresponds to tones of exertion and sweat – making you burn fat and lose weight.

8. Deadlift + run

Deadlifting and running are two powerful exercises that can certainly give you the right means of losing weight and belly fat. In this routine, you have to do a series of sets of deadlifts and then run 1.5 miles. This is done repeatedly until it shows progress.

9. Double unders + sit-ups

Earlier we mentioned the benefits of double bass and how difficult it can be. If you combine it with crunches, you will get the right combination to get rid of that abdominal fat and make your abdomen much more attractive to look at.

Finally, it should be remembered that any type of exercise or exercise routine can never be considered effective in losing weight if it is not combined with a healthy and balanced diet. So don’t try Crossfit exercises if you’re convinced you’re eating a healthy diet.

Death is also a gift: the grace of the hospice

“I slept and dreamed that life was joy. I woke up and saw that life was service. I acted and lo! Service was joy.”

-Rabindranath Tagore

A thousand years before the Common Era, there were healing shrines in Greece, Egypt, and Rome, sometimes attached to temples, to care for the dying. The modern hospice movement developed in the 1950s in England to help the terminally ill live the latter part of their lives more harmoniously, free from impersonal technological and institutional dominance.

Certainly, dying can be frightening and frightening, and the person feels better in a respectful atmosphere that relieves emotional, social, physical, and spiritual stress. The most influential model of modern hospice care is St. Christopher’s Hospice in Sydenham, England, founded in 1967 by Dr. Cicely Saunders. She was its medical director from 1967 to 1985. The halls and rooms of St. Christopher’s are filled with photographs, personal items, flowers and plants. Patients pursue family interests and pleasures. There is an acceptance of the naturalness of dying, with the opportunity for families, including children and pets, to be with the patient. As the proverb says: “What comes from the heart touches the heart.” Cicely Saunders died at the age of eighty-seven in the hospice she founded. Hospices are now in more than ninety countries.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD, psychiatrist, came to the United States from Zurich in 1958. She passed away in 2004. Her writings are a great gift to those who work in hospice and to anyone interested in establishing one’s inner process of acceptance and understanding a little death, in oneself and in relation to the service to the dying.

When Elisabeth first worked in New York, she was horrified that dying patients were too often rejected and sometimes even abused. “No one was honest with them.”

She made sure to sit with terminal patients, to listen. She wanted patients to have the confidence to express her “innermost concerns.” Many hospice workers have told me that listening with patience and concern is the foundation of all services. Elisabeth wrote twenty books; she is perhaps most famous for her five stages of the dying process (which can also be applied to other losses): denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I find this useful, if it is not applied rigidly or dogmatically. I have found Elisabeth’s advice that the dying need unconditional love very helpful.

Elisabeth was very generous in giving lectures and answering questions. I learned a lot from small contacts with her. I realize how controversial she became in exploring her. Sometimes we get “spiritual egg” on her face; we can appear ridiculous to others. I’m sure she would admit to going down the wrong paths, becoming too opinionated and perhaps extravagant. We are all such complicated and paradoxical mixtures of so-called good and bad humans. Why want her to be any other way?

The hospice movement is now quite widespread in the United States. It is a philosophy that improves the quality of life of the dying person, not just a medical center. Hospice is holistic and offers service to both the patient and the family. Whether at home or in hospice, the patient has reasonable control over pain control, treatments, and the environment. There is respect for privacy, with a communicated feeling of kindness and personal dignity, open communication, an openness to the spiritual needs of the individual as he or she defines them. Caregivers review and revise, if necessary, advance directives, as well as address financial and practical concerns of the patient and family.

In 2002, my friend Ken Ireland invited me to visit Maitri, a hospice for AIDS patients in San Francisco. Ken helped start this hospice with Issan Dorsey. He impressed me with the warmth and “at home” atmosphere that the staff and patients were creating together.

The kitchen, very open and airy, had a signed and framed photo of Elizabeth Taylor, who had visited and encouraged the residents.

Golden light dappled the fresh green plants in the hallways and common areas. I remembered Camus: “The great courage is still to face the light as it is to death.”

I am with a dying former student whose family invited some members of his church choir to come to the hospital to sing. He’s barely aware of what’s going on, but he responds through his eyes, grateful and soft, as song fills the room. She holds her son’s hand and slightly moves her lips to the rhythm of the melodies.

The National Center for Music Therapy in End-of-Life Care is based at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Perhaps, for a patient whose breathing is very labored, trained music therapists could sing loud, rapid sounds that match the patient’s. Then there is a gradual slowing down, a softening of the music that calms the patient.

Also, there is a movement called “Threshold Choirs”, which was started in the San Francisco Bay Area by Kate Munger. Choirs are invited into hospices, hospital rooms, and homes where they sing to the dying, who may or may not be conscious.

“We don’t walk into the night; we walk toward the stars,” they might sing.

Kate talks to a patient or family to make sure her music is welcome. She tells the story of a nurse who wanted her group to sing for a man who was drifting in and out of consciousness. During the chant, the man suddenly widened his eyes and shouted, “Enough! What the hell do you think you’re doing here?”

We are always learning in hospice that good intentions are never enough. Kate says that lullabies are the most requested.

It is always moving to see a dying person be able to forgive and let go of any resentments or grudges they hold. Many comment that “it is difficult to forgive, but more difficult not to forgive.” The forgiving person seems to soften and relax, somehow “empowered,” while the unforgiving person full of anger seems hard and grieving.

I visit a former teacher, Fr. “Pops” Silva, a Jesuit priest who is ninety-three years old and is in a hospice. He tells me that he doesn’t expect to live much longer; he still has that curious spirit and sparkle in his eyes. Even at 80, he was teaching that elegant bard from England, Shakespeare, in an adult program.

Pops is thoughtful, thoughtful. He is still savoring life, so kind, full of simple devotion to God and concern for people. He is remembering sweet moments of his teaching life with me; he shows some annoyance at not remembering something. He says, “Everything is leaving.”

He has this gigantic Shakespeare Concordance sitting majestically on his mechanical bed. I think how lucky it is to share our beds with our loves. I give Pops and his wheels a push to morning mass and give him our last hug goodbye, as he dies four months later.

Papa Fu Passes

This morning, just before dawn, January 17, 2001, minutes to 6 AM, Papa Fu, my father-in-law, passed away. His family gathered around his deathbed, honoring the deeply felt belief that Papa’s spirit would linger for about eight hours. We stayed talking to him and saying goodbye, goodbye, elegant and long-legged Chinaman dear, crying, touching him for the last time, saying “I love you.”

Some crying, and certainly sadness, but it dominated Dad’s serene face and the feeling of peace. Happy that dad was not suffering in the body, she brought two friends, Bhante and Ven. Dao Yuan, who are Buddhist monks, to be with Dad and comfort Mom and the family. I remember how easy it was to live dad, without disturbing or causing problems to others. She was a kind person, who did not “get something” from others. He seemed content and full within himself.

I was going to visit dad after teaching, around 10 p.m. Sometimes Dad breathed raggedly through a tube in his throat, to the swoosh-ahh-swoosh-ahh-swoosh of a shiny new fan. He would stand me by the bed of his tubes entangling his withered body. There are also moments of calm and acceptance, cradling the sweet dome of him in my palm, gazing with him, holding and massaging his slender, wrapped hands, now in need of restraint as I instinctively wanted to draw the tubes invading his body. I would put my face close to his and look into his loving eyes.

Dad liked to write and read, so I would read some of his favorite texts aloud to him, sending him good wishes, my wish for him to be happy and calm. May his transition to the unknown Mystery be graceful, may he rest in holy peace.

From the Song of Tilopa to Naropa, I would recite: “White clouds drifting across the sky constantly changing form rootless, groundless, homeless as changing patterns of thought float through the sky of the mind. When the formless expands from consciousness is seen clearly, the obsession with our thoughts ceases easily and naturally. Simply open to transparency with natural, relaxed grace. Allow the mind to be at peace in brilliant wakefulness. This limitless radiance cannot be contained “. From Saint Paul: “Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful; it does not rejoice in wickedness, but rejoices in the truth… Love bears all things, believes all things, It waits for everything, it supports everything. Love never ends.” Holy words for Papa Fu, holy person.

The history of cocktails, or it all started with Og

The history of cocktails is probably a little younger than the history of alcohol. As soon as humans discovered that fermented fruit juice, which seemed to make bees and butterflies act a bit silly when they drank it, was also good for humans, then the bartending profession began.

A boy named Og was probably the first. The vine outside his cave seemed to bear the craziest fruits of fall. He learned to collect the liquid and exchanged a full gourd for a couple of wild boar chops or some fish. His neighbors stayed to drink and goof around, and complain about how his wife made eyes at the boys from the next tribe, and how she didn’t even keep the cave clean. Og’s became the go-to spot after the hunt. Some of the boys even liked to drum a little and sing after a few gourds of Og’s concoction.

Time passes and civilization grows. Public bars became associated with places where beer was brewed or wine was made. Most of the great houses in Europe had their own brewery or vineyard, but the common people had to get their grog from somewhere. Instead of taking it home to drink, people drank their purchase on the spot. It was more fun that way and more convenient. The bartender would be the brewer or winemaker. It was eventually noted that sales increased if instead of the brewer, one of his handsome young relatives served the pitchers, a feature designed to keep customers happy and drinking.

Many bartenders, who were usually also the bar owners, became wealthy citizens. Over time, the bar became not just a place to drink, but a place for people to come and socialize, talk about the day’s problems, perhaps eat, and escape family concerns. Most houses would have been very modest and the bar offered luxurious amenities such as night lighting, a place to sit, and of course food and drink.

As far as we know, there weren’t many bartenders among the Pilgrim Fathers, but as soon as America began to be seriously colonized by Europeans, bartenders were among the first to ship. They stood with the workers, farmers, prostitutes, and speculators as the great push west began. If Hollywood is to be believed, and in this case it probably is, the western town had a bar with its bartender before it had a doctor, a school, or a church.

The true mystique of modern bartending dates back to the Roaring Twenties, the era of cocktails and Prohibition, when the only place to drink was the speakeasy. The bartender wielded power, had access to forbidden fruit, and the job of bartender had an aura of danger and excitement that has perhaps never been left behind. The lure of the forbidden ensured that bars and bartenders had a permanent place in Western cultural life from then on.

In modern times, the role of the bartender has become even more sophisticated and crucial to the running of a successful first class business such as a hotel or restaurant. With its multi-faceted demands, bartending has taken its place in the ranks of the professions, and bartending has become a respected occupation that at the highest levels can command an impressive salary. A long way from Og and his fermented fruit juice, but human nature probably hasn’t changed much over the course of all those thousands of years – people still like a strong drink in comfortable surroundings, a bit of music and a kind ear in what they can for your problems.