10 Ways to Improve Family Law Courts

The current model responsible for governing family law courts is extremely outdated and archaic. It abides by a 1950s chauvinistic view of marriage and parenthood. Men are expected to be robotic and emotional, while women are expected to take care of the home and children. The women now work. The economy is in shambles, while even those without the burden of child support or alimony are forced to work two jobs to stay afloat. Below, I have proposed 10 ways to dramatically improve fairness in family law courts that better reflect our modern culture and the realities of our economy.

1. Eliminate the assumptions: When a man and a woman walk into a courtroom, the assumption is that the women are already the custodial parents who deserve child support. The courts must assume that both parents share their rights equally. There should be a presumption of 50/50 joint custody with no mandate for child support payments.

2. Repeal Title IV-D of the Social Security Act: This law establishes that the Federal Government will deliver $2 to the State government for every $1 it collects in Child Support payments. This creates an automatic incentive for the courts to set high child support measures. The additional money given to states does not benefit children either, but goes into “kickback” funds. There is no basis for the state to receive profit in these cases. Creates a conflict of interest.

3. Limit the power of the Child Support Enforcement Agency: CSEA administrators should NOT act as judges. They should NOT issue or calculate child support orders. They have no authority to listen to special circumstances, forgive debts, or deviate from normal guidelines. It’s costing taxpayers more than $3 billion a year to staff and maintain these agencies that probably shouldn’t exist in the first place or at least be drastically reduced.

4. Provide equal representation: Under the constitution, in criminal law, defendants have a right to representation even if they cannot afford an attorney. In child support cases, the state is a for-profit party with vested interests. Petitioners are supported by the Child Support Enforcement Agency with incentives that are paid to the state through Title IV, Section D award payments. While child support cases are technically considered “civil cases,” the repercussions and the complexity of family law are very serious; not to mention that a child is involved. If the courts truly believe in the best interests of the child, they will seek to adequately represent and protect both parents. Parents who feel protected and considerate are much more likely to accept their duties if they don’t feel so scared and alienated from the process. That’s why I think both parents should have court-appointed attorneys to give everyone the best deal. Happy parents = happy children.

5. Develop Non-Custodial Parenting – Based on my research, parents who earn less than the national average ($42K) per year, are considered to be at “high risk” for delinquent payments. Parents or (NCP) earning less than $42,000 per year should have the option to complete work programs in lieu of sanctions. If the courts can offer programs that will help the paying parent reach that $42K per year benchmark, they will become “low risk” of defaulting.

6. Eliminate Crippling Penalties: Courts can garnish your wages, garnish your bank accounts, liquidate your property, do whatever they want to recover owed child support payments. However, do not suspend a person’s driver’s license or put them in jail. By doing either, you severely limit that person’s ability to earn an income. They get trapped in a cycle of jail, debt accumulation and a destroyed resume. No one wants to hire someone who has a record. And if you live in a city that has poor public transportation, getting to and from work can become extremely onerous, limiting job opportunities. Debtors’ prisons were banned for a reason. Turning someone’s child into a source of someone’s imprisonment is a crime in itself. The government leaves alone a married man who does not support his child; however, a single man is subject to discrimination. Find out why the parent cannot comply with the order and, in the “best interest of the child,” make it easier for the parent to comply with the order!

7. Let Both Parents Opt Out: Women can legally murder their children through abortion, and thanks to “Safe Haven Laws,” they can also leave their children at fire stations or police departments without asking questions. A woman who makes the decision that she is not emotionally or financially ready to be a mother has the option of choosing parenthood. Men are told to suck it up or face jail. The parameters found in states that allow abortion should also apply to men. To a certain extent, determined by law, a man should be able to dissolve his desire to be a father just like a woman. Many will argue that it will create more welfare dependent mothers, however there are many things we need to consider. The federal government can spend $1 trillion on unconstitutional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but complain about welfare spending that takes up less than 5% of the federal budget? Also, who says the government has to distribute food stamps in the first place? If the federal government can afford to give states $2 for every $1 they collect in child support, then they can afford to feed and house poor people. The Federal Reserve printed billions to bail out corporations, why not bail out people?

8. Maximum Amounts and Expenses – It is outrageous that a custodial parent can claim $10,000 per month just for getting pregnant FROM a rich person, maybe even getting YOUR house too! With the magic of “no-fault divorces,” someone can literally get pregnant by a rich man, divorce him for no reason, and keep half of his estate for the next 18 years. The limits should be developed based on the cost of living in the state, so that divorces are not incentives for those looking for a quick lottery ticket. In addition, the paying parent needs to have tools available to hold the custodial parent accountable for how their money is spent. Custodial parents should be given prepaid cards that are traceable. Housing, food, child care, school supplies, medical expenses, clothing,… these things would be acceptable charges. However, if the custodial parent used the card to purchase alcohol, vacations, televisions and other non-essential items, those charges would be disputed. This card system could create an argument that the custodial parent needs more and/or less money. Another option might be to use the money left over at the end of each month and have it automatically go into a trust fund for the child and/or be applied to arrears.

9. Create a child visitation enforcement agency: Parental alienation is a HUGE epidemic. Parents have to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to get basic access to their children without help from the state. If there is going to be a child support enforcement agency, there should be an agency or hotline for non-custodial parents to call if they are actively denied access. In many cases, parents go years without being able to see their children due to expensive legal fees, bogus restraining orders, and cooperative mothers.

10. Mediation First – Court Second: Before a mother and father see a judge, both parties must first attend mediation. Have a worker use the child support model as a starting point, then allow each parent to discuss and negotiate with each other and come up with an acceptable plan. If the parents cannot communicate properly or if the order is deemed insufficient, then the judge can step in and make their own calculated orders. My point is, give parents one last chance to figure things out without government intrusion!

These are just a few ideas I have. This idea that we should punish and send people to jail only works on those rare people who CAN pay child support but choose to hide their assets or use deception. However, most of these laws, while well-intentioned, end up turning the middle class and the poor into criminalized debt slaves.

A Toronto Lawyer Can Help You Claim a T1 Adjustment Refund

Toronto Lawyer Can Help

To claim a t1 adjustment refund, an individual must file a specialized form. The application for disability-related tax credits, or DTCs, is often made by persons with disabilities. To apply for the DTC, the individual must file a T1 Adjustment Request or T1ADJ. To qualify, a person must also provide a certificate stating that they are disabled.

A specialized disability tax attorney is necessary to file a successful T1 adjustment refund. The application must be made by mail. You can get this form from any Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or online on their website. This form contains four sections. The first section requires personal details, tax year, Authorized Individual, and the change in taxes. The rest of the form is filled out by a person who qualifies for disability benefits.

Are you looking for a Toronto short-term disability lawyer? Resolute Legal specializes in winning disability benefits for their clients from insurance companies, employers, and government agencies. Whether you’re unable to work due to an accident or other medical conditions, an experienced lawyer can help you get the benefits you need to live a happy, fulfilling life. The lawyer’s experience in winning these cases is invaluable for your case.

Generally, a worker’s condition is evaluated by a doctor before a claim can be submitted to the insurance company. They must answer a series of questions about the nature of their disability and the impact it has on their daily activities. If they are unable to work because of a medical condition, they must submit a list of physicians and the treatments they received for the condition. This helps the insurance company adjudicate their claim.

disability lawyer

The wording of collective bargaining agreements may impact when a person is eligible for benefits. A Toronto short-term disability discrimination lawyer will be familiar with the wording of collective bargaining agreements to help their clients understand what their rights are. In certain circumstances, the insurance company may deny benefits for no reason at all. A disability lawyer can fight for benefits reinstatement or repayment of arrears. Whether it is the early termination or a delay, the lawyer will help you understand your legal rights and protect your future.

A Toronto Lawyer Can Help You Claim a T1 Adjustment Refund

The most effective way to fight back against disability insurance companies is to hire a Toronto short-term disability lawyer. These lawyers have experience in winning disability benefits for their clients, and they will aggressively fight for your rights. An experienced lawyer will be able to tell the insurance company what’s best for you. They will help you to make a decision on a settlement and will make your case stand out from the crowd.

Short-term disability insurance is provided by most comprehensive insurance plans. The insurance company covers a percentage of an individual’s income during the disability. However, some claimants face challenges securing the benefits they’re owed. Having a lawyer on your side is essential if you want to obtain the maximum amount of benefits. There are many requirements and restrictions that must be met in order to receive a short-term disability settlement.

Once you’ve completed the claim forms, the disability insurance company will assign a case manager to review the information. This representative will look at your medical history, daily living activities, and occupational demands. In some cases, they’ll ask you for additional information. The company will make a decision within five business days, and they will notify you in writing of the decision. Your Toronto short-term disability lawyer will be your best bet.

Credit card transfers: Find out the cost of balance transfer offers

Are you in the market for credit card transfers? Without a doubt, balance transfer offers have the potential for cardholders to realize substantial savings. Note that I used the word potential here. When contemplating the possibility of transferring a balance from one card to the next, there are several factors to consider.

First, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the terms of the offer. You can do this by reading the disclosure statement, which is sometimes also called the terms and conditions. You’ll find all the important details there, including information about interest rates, fees and payment periods, credit limits, and more.

Credit card transfers will often be advertised with a 0% or low introductory APR. These will usually be offered for 6 months and sometimes up to 12 months. They can be a great deal if you currently carry a balance on a card with a high interest rate. But you also have to look beyond that.

When I say look further, I mean you need to know what the interest rate will be when the introductory rate expires. If you’re going to aggressively pay off your current balance, then finding 0% APR or low-interest rate credit card transfers is a fantastic way to pay down principal while being charged little to no interest.

However, many people make the mistake of forgetting or not realizing that the default interest rates in the offer will take effect when the introductory period ends. Make sure you know exactly what those rates will be before you transfer your balance.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you’ll be able to pay off your balance in full before the introductory period expires. If you don’t think you’ll be able to afford it, you need to make sure the interest rates are affordable and not excessively high.

Compare those rates to what you’re paying now, and that will help you determine if doing a balance transfer is actually in your best interest. You also need to be aware of any and all fees that are charged, such as annual fees, late payment fees, etc. All of these factors determine how much your credit is going to cost you.

And finally, and this is very, very important, you need to know what the balance transfer fee will be. Most major issuers now charge a fee to transfer balances from one credit card to another. In general, it ranges around 3% of the total to be transferred, but it can be higher or lower depending on the offer.

Storage for all your camping needs

When the weather is nice enough to start planning an off-road camping trip, Australians start thinking about when the perfect time will be to plan to pack up their vehicle, load up their families and get outside for a while. . in species. There are so many beautiful natural landscapes to enjoy and every Australian deserves some time to explore.

Of course, before you can officially pack up and hit the road, you’ll need to make sure you have all the things you want to take packed and ready to go. Depending on the size of the vehicle you drive, this could be easy or difficult. If you don’t have a lot of extra storage space in your vehicle, you can always do more by thinking about adding extra storage space in the form of functional drawers.

What kind of options are there?

There are all kinds of drawers and other storage options you can think of when you’re considering upgrading your vehicle’s space. You can check out the online ute drawer gallery for a full selection, but expect to be able to find these types of functional ute drawers when you’re shopping.

  • Stackable storage drawers: These drawer options can be stacked on top of each other, allowing you to add space on one side of the vehicle while dedicating the other half to your storage drawers. You can also place them next to each other instead of stacking them if you want to create more symmetry.
  • Sliding Storage Drawers: This is a popular option for people who carry tools or other small equipment, allowing you to easily slide out the drawer and find what you’re looking for.

If you look hard enough, you can even find underfloor storage options, allowing you to store things under the floor of your vehicle, providing even more room on top for whatever you want. Check out a gallery of ute drawers to see even more options you can get creative with.

packing up everything

When it’s time to pack up all your camping gear, think about how you can properly store things in your vehicle. If you have any of these storage options in your vehicle, you can easily load items like clothing and smaller gear in the storage drawers, while things like tents, snacks, and other camping gear can be loaded in the rear.

If you’re bringing items like bikes or ATVs, you should consider investing in a trailer to tow them behind you. Bikes can be placed on the roof of your vehicle, but your ATV and other large items like it can be safely towed behind you while towing a trailer.

Once you’ve packed everything up and are ready to go, you’re ready to set out on your camping trip and soak up all that Australia has to offer. Looking at photos of this beautiful land just doesn’t do the beautiful area justice, but you can easily see it for yourself on your next camping trip.

How to use mental foreplay to drive your wife crazy

Men usually feel a lot of sexual frustration in their relationship. This is why…


Every night he and his wife go to bed, he hopes and prays that she wants to have sex. He turns to her, but she rebuffs his advances. A pattern has been established.

Going to bed means you’re going to want sex. Going to bed means that sex is assumed. She knows that sex is a fact. She will only do it if she feels like it, but nothing has been done to make her feel like it. This is boring for her and frustrating for him. Worse yet…she continually reduces her interest in sex.


A big mistake men make is that they wait until they go to bed to start foreplay. That gets boring for women. She doesn’t want sex to be assumed. And what’s worse, it makes her feel objectified; she feels that she is perceived only as a body, not as a person.

This is what most men don’t understand… You can’t wait until you go to bed to start seducing your woman. Once in bed, it’s too late.

Instead, you should always be seducing her. The seduction continues all the time. this is done with “Mental Foreplay”. Throughout the day, you should use mental foreplay to keep her at least ‘warm’ for whatever may come later.

This concept of “mental foreplay” is based on three important truths:

  1. Women want foreplay
  2. Women’s sexuality is (almost) entirely mental
  3. Everything between you and your wife is sex.


You’ve heard this before. It has been said countless times. All men know it, but very few men do it. Women complain that their man goes straight into intercourse without even warming her up.

But here’s the key takeaway from this article, if you get nothing else, get this: don’t wait until you go to bed to start playing! I’ll give you some ideas on how to do this in a minute.


It’s been said… For men, sex is sex, but for women, sex is everything else. There is a lot of truth in that. For a woman, sex should include much more than just intercourse. For her, it’s very mental and emotional. Consider the fact that men download porn while women read 400-page romance novels.

This does not mean that women are not horny. They are horny. More precisely, they are very sexual. More than men, and much more than most men can understand. Sexuality for a woman is of vital importance.

Of course, we are considering the mentally and emotionally healthy woman (which you should limit yourself to). Some women with very low self-esteem or emotional trauma will not respond in healthy ways, even though deep down they are truly sexual. It’s just that they will behave in ways that seem to defy logic.


When I teach this concept to couples, the women get it right away and the men scratch their heads. So if this seems like overkill, follow my logic below.

First, let’s define some terms here. Most people think of foreplay, followed by sex. But really, foreplay is sex. When people use the term sex, they are usually referring to intercourse. But intercourse is only one of many things included in sex.

Anything you and your wife do to each other while you’re naked in the bedroom is sex. But the fact is that you don’t really need to be naked, and you don’t have to be in the bedroom. You could be petting her while you two are at the movies. So really sex is anything you and she do to stimulate each other’s genitals.

On the other hand, you don’t have to be stimulating his genitals. You could be sitting with her in a restaurant and simply commanding her to have an instant orgasm on command (yes, it’s possible…stage hypnotists do this all the time). Orgasms are sex. So sex is basically anything that stimulates her sexually.

Of course, there are many things that can stimulate her sexually. You could be narrating a sexual fantasy to her and stimulating her sexually. So simply narrating a fantasy is sex.

You could be telling her how you are going to make madly passionate love to her when you drive her home. And she stimulates her sexually. So just mentally preparing her for sex is sex.

There are many ways to mentally prepare her for sex. You mentally prepare her for sex when you tell her that you think she’s beautiful. So by definition, that could be considered sex.

I could go on and on, but you get the point…basically everything is sex!


All of the things discussed above are done using “Mental Foreplay”. Inside the bedroom, foreplay is physical. Outside the bedroom it must be mental.

A woman once said, “If a man can make love to my mind, he can have me.” It is articulating the mental aspects of female sexuality.

This is what I refer to as mind sex. This goes back to my concept that everything is sex. Also, foreplay is sex, so it follows that “mental foreplay” is in fact “mental sex.”

Going back to the end, we see that mental sex begins with seduction.


At all times you should be seducing your woman in some way. It can be subtle, it can be obvious. But it must always be happening.

Women love to be seduced. They love how it feels. They feel beautiful and sexy. They feel wanted. They get to feel all the things that women love to feel. And it results in them wanting to celebrate being a sensual woman.

Even in an ongoing relationship, a woman wants to be seduced by her man. Always maintain an air of sensuality. When your woman thinks of you, she must think of being seduced.


You can even do this when the two of you are apart. A great way is to text him. They can be innocent messages with sexual innuendos or they can be blatantly sexual. Here is a generic example. It starts out innocent and turns into cheeky.

Let’s say you’ve been dating your woman for 3 months and you’ve been giving her pleasure beyond anything she’s ever known. They were together on Thursday night and will be together again on Saturday night. On Friday, while she’s at her work and you’re at work, you text her:

You: hello beautiful. You looked so beautiful to me last night.

Her: 🙂 You looked very sexy!

You: You felt so good in my arms, baby.

Her: It felt wonderful to be hugged by you, Baby.

You: I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, baby.

Her: I can’t wait to see you too! I haven’t decided what to wear yet!

You: I can’t wait to see what you’ve selected. You always look so beautiful to me.

Her: You always make me feel beautiful, Baby.

You: You always make me love you so much, baby.

Her: I love you too, Baby, very much. I’ve been thinking about you all day!

You: Have you been thinking about how much you want me to make love to you?

Her: Yes! You: Tell me how much you need me to make love to you.

Her: Honey, I need you to make passionate love to me so much!

This is so easy to do, and it’s fun. Imagine how much more fun work would be if both you and she received messages like this throughout the day. And imagine how great your date will be that night, especially if you keep up the mental foreplay ALL day and into the night.

This is powerful stuff. And I’ve only met a handful of men who do this kind of thing with their woman, so when you do, you’ll instantly distance yourself from all the other boring men in her life.

A seduced woman can become sexually aroused just as quickly as a man. In fact, even faster when she has been continually and properly seduced using Mental Foreplay.


  • Never force your woman to do anything sexual, instead bring out her sexuality in her.
  • Never pressure your woman to do something, instead always lead your woman mentally to want it.
  • Guide your mind and let your body beg to follow.
  • Make her hungry, and then when you feed her, satisfy her beyond what she knew she was capable of, leaving her even hungrier for the next time.

Fun Barney and Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme

It is a great idea to organize a birthday celebration based on a cartoon theme. In this sense, Barney and Mickey Mouse are two evergreen cartoon characters that appeal to every child’s imagination. Children of all ages have a special interest in Barney and Mickey. So there is no better way than to have a Barney and Mickey Mouse birthday party event for your cute little one. You will get Barney and Mickey Mouse accessories in the market that are required to make the event colorful and special not only for your child but also for the invited children.

To host a Barney birthday party, you can get all the party supplies like balloons, ribbons, other decorations, cards, cakes and music at a discounted price which is very attractive and cost-effective. Its vivid colour, clever decoration and wide range of dinosaur themed games make it a perfect form of entertainment. Barney’s birthday invitation cards come in a wide range of attractive colors and designs. They have a fun yet meaningful message written on them. Its low cost presentable design is widely preferred. Barney’s theme options also come in very selective ranges. Whether you’re having a big outdoor event or a small cozy gathering at home, Barney’s birthday theme can always make it happen with your stickers, blowouts, banners, napkins, plates, cups, tablecloths, cakes, candy pack, etc. party, thank you notes and many more things like this.

Barney’s birthday cakes are simply delicious. They come with a Barney cake pan that has detailed instructions for baking a perfect birthday cake. It has colorful illustrations showing how to make the icing. When decorated with Barney’s colored candles, it looks amazing. Various Barney themed games are the perfect source of entertainment for everyone. Barney’s birthday gift packs and thank you note are a perfect return gift for invited children.

Just like Barney, Mickey’s birthday party theme is so much fun. Mickey Mouse is that cartoon character that is loved by everyone. So when you plan to throw a birthday party for your little one with Mickey Mouse theme, it becomes a memorable event for him. Whether he’s planning the party indoors or outdoors, he can decorate the venue like Mickey Mouse’s clubhouse with all the featured accessories.

To get you started with all the preparation, there is a wide range of colorful yet fun invitation cards with Mickey’s image on them. You can write instructions for the children to come dressed as Mickey Mouse to complement the theme. All kinds of Mickey party supplies, such as dinner and dessert plates, cups, candles, tablecloths, napkins, thank you cards, goodie bags and lunches, can be ordered for a perfect Mickey themed party. Mickey cake can be ordered along with other party supplies. You can choose the design according to your choice. To make the party a reality, you can have various Mickey games and fun quizzes. There are various Mickey Mouse treats that you can give the kids after the performances.

So it’s a great idea to celebrate your little one’s memorable day with Barney and Mickey Mouse birthday theme.

Smart Guide to Buying a Car Charger

A USB car charger is essential in today’s generation of multi-device addicts. As we move towards a very advanced society, having a USB charger in the car means being able to charge your devices and use apps while driving without worrying about a dead phone afterwards. That said, it’s worth noting that every charger is different from another and with incompatibilities between phone manufacturers like Apple and Android, it’s necessary to look at these differences when shopping for a charger.

Using driving apps

If you are a frequent user of driving apps, it is important to purchase a dedicated USB charger with fast charging speeds. Although some newer vehicles already have USB integrated with the car, some ports only put out 1 amp, which isn’t much considering how many devices you might want to charge while driving and how long you’d be using driving apps. If your car is capable of drawing 1 amp, you may need to look for a charger that is rated at least 2.4 amps per port, so a dual port would total 4.8 amps. This would allow you to charge 2 phones simultaneously at the same time.

compatibility issues

Another issue that most people would normally neglect is the compatibility issue between the charger and the device. If you have a single device or multiple devices from the same brand or running the same operating system, it would be easy to buy one that is compatible with all your devices. This can be a problem if you have multiple devices from different brands. Before you buy a charger, ask the seller about any known problems with the charger and the warranties that come with it in case you need to return it. Some stores also allow in-store trials so you can find out beforehand if it will work for you.


The last one is the price. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to work very well for you. There are some more affordable chargers that would work powerfully and yet they are cheaper than other popular brands. The price also depends on the model. A small one would be expensive if it includes powerful charging capabilities and might well be worth the cost; however, it might not be at the same time. If you have a larger board area, you may want to consider a larger one, as they tend to be cheaper but might work just as well. Remember to try each one before you buy so you know you’re getting value for your money.

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

Many people are interested in the healthy benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV). ACV is vinegar made from cider or apple must. Raw or organic ACV contains “The Mother” of vinegar, which is what to look for. The sediments of “The Mother” are strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria. We recommend Bragg Organic ACV with The ‘Mother’. Here are some of the top health benefits of stroke:

ACV helps kill many types of bacteria. It is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and kills 98% of all germs. It has even been shown to kill cancer cells in recent studies.

While it kills bacteria as it moves through your body, it also promotes weight loss by making you feel full. It is even used by helping the body shed more fat and giving a person’s metabolism the boost it needs.

In addition to this boost, it will detoxify the body. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in its raw form. Raw ACV is what is recommended for all detoxification and cleansing. “La Madre” is the sediment left over from the fermentation process and the flesh of the apples. This is why it is so effective in detoxifying your body.

It also lowers blood sugar levels and helps fight diabetes. Certain diabetes medications are designed to block the digestion of sugars and starches. By blocking the digestion of these compounds, the medications can effectively prevent blood sugar spikes and thus help regulate healthy blood sugar levels.

ACV can have the ability of some medications. Contains acetic acid which inhibits the activity of various digestive enzymes including amylase, sucrose, maltase and lactase. As a result, when vinegar is present in the intestines, some sugars and starches pass temporarily undigested, so they have less of an impact on blood sugar.

ACV helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease. When you use it for a high blood pressure remedy, you are most likely giving your whole body a boost, not just treating your blood pressure problems. It helps in better circulation and reduces pressure against arterial walls by breaking down fat and phlegm deposits in the body. ACV releases free radicals that wreak havoc on your body on a daily basis.

There are many ways you can add apple cider vinegar to your diet. It is recommended to drink a small amount diluted with water before each meal, 3 times a day. 1-2 teaspoons, depending on what you can handle, mixed with lemon and/or local raw honey helps with the flavor. Or, you can add 1-2 tablespoons to equal parts of water mixed with lemon and raw honey once a day. Some studies show that it also helps if a diabetic takes it at bedtime. You can also add it to your salad, raw vegetables or any food instead of drinking. Apple cider vinegar is acidic, so don’t forget to take care of your teeth! Rinse or brush after taking apple cider vinegar to help protect your enamel.

Although there are many positive benefits, there can also be some negative side effects. Before starting an ACV diet, consult your doctor and understand what ACV is.

The sex industry focuses on male gratification

Sexuality is about talking, watching, or interacting with others in exchange for payment or other non-relationship rewards. Depending on our personality, we can employ a variety of behaviors and attitudes to attract, impress, or arouse a potential lover. Sexual contacts are usually a private matter. We are alone or with another person. Most people are not comfortable with group sex. This is a matter of how we view intimacy, but it is also about our enjoyment of showing off our bodies or being watched by others.

The way we express our sexuality depends on our personality. We find different situations and people more attractive than others. Even the most promiscuous men are not attracted to everyone. Sex is political and social. We have sex with someone who impresses us, who is above (or below) us socially. This is true for men and women, just for different reasons. For women it is purely social, for men it can be both sexual and social. Sex is about the power to arouse, seduce and dominate another person.

Human sexuality is often presented in terms of a relationship. This allows male and female sexuality to be seen purely through social relations and reproduction. The mass sex industry is given little importance due to the taboo on men paying women for sex. Men have a need for sex that is quite independent of any relationship or emotional feeling. Eroticism is defined by male arousals and the woman’s role is to arouse.

Sexual pleasure is often linked to immorality due to associations with the sex industry, where women provide sexual services for male gratification. Men may be tempted to turn away from their wives and families in search of sexual gratification. Both casual sex and prostitution increase the chances of contracting a sexual disease. The chances of contracting a disease increase the more penetrative sex we have with different partners.

When a man has no emotional feelings for a woman, he simply uses her as a sexual outlet. Women are exploited by being herded into prostitution or pregnancy by men. Then the men disappear without paying the consequences of their actions. When a woman has no emotional connection with a man, she may offer sex only for money or other rewards (such as dinner). When women use their bodies to attract men’s attention, they feel in control.

All over the world and by every possible means, women are selling sex to men. If women got the same pleasure as men, they wouldn’t need to be paid. However, when it comes to providing sexual information to young people, no one is willing to be honest and admit any differences between the male and female experience. Men protect their sexual interests and women are embarrassed or ashamed of the trade they are inevitably involved in.

Women parade prostitutes because they pose a threat, both physical and psychological. The idea that another woman can provide a man with the sexual release she needs is a threat even if she has to pay for it. Men cause the problem because (unlike women) they don’t need an emotional connection to enjoy sex. Many men prefer to have it if they can.

For men, sex is like a magic pill that makes the world seem more positive. Some men see women as a distraction from everyday life. Sex represents an escape from the real world into fantasy. Sex can also be a form of male entertainment. Sex does not fulfill the same function for women.

There is no problem promoting sex to men. When sex is promoted to women, it needs to be associated with softer, more romantic or relationship images. Instead of sex fairs, love, sex, and intimacy fairs are used to attract women. Women feel secure that they will not be exposed to the explicitly erotic arousals that men enjoy. Women prefer to talk about love, affection, communication and support within love relationships.

A man wants to have sex regardless of how a woman feels. So women seek information to help them understand how they might enjoy an act that men insist on. It is not about the desire to enjoy sexual pleasure or the need to have an orgasm, it is about the role of women in male satisfaction.

Sex is enormously political. Discussions involve opinions (rather than facts) intended to persuade people to behave in a certain way. Young women are the target. Exploitative and pornographic images are available to everyone, regardless of age, at the click of a button. These images are often violent, humiliating and degrading for women. They send mixed messages to men about consent, personal boundaries, and sexual pleasure. It is dangerous for anyone to constantly immerse themselves in fictional media. They inevitably lose the ability to differentiate between fiction and reality.

Most people feel that it is inappropriate to discuss sexual matters in front of children and adolescents. Shame focuses on the fantasies that men weave around female sexuality. Similarly, sex educators often provide medical and biological data, but carefully avoid talking about sexual pleasure. Women are often offended by references to sexual pleasure because sexual activity tends to focus on male gratification.

The truth is… this (lap-dance) is a masculine form of entertainment… for men! (Peter Stringfellow 2012)

5 ways to woo your summer with mangoes

Summer is here, and it has brought mangoes. Easily the king of fruits, mangoes are a prized must-have for the season. Whether in raw green or ripe orange form, this fruit has its own unrivaled charm when it comes to both savory and sweet recipes. To beat the heat, here are some traditional yet simple ways you can savor delicious fruit this summer.

1. Raw mango pickle

This is a dish that takes a bit of work and preparation before summer, but once you get it right, it’s an absolute gem.

Fast guide: Chop raw (green) mangoes, add your favorite spice mix, oil and salt, dry in the sun for several days until the skin shrivels. Have with or between meals.

2. Raw mango sorbet

It is also widely known as “Aam Panna” in Indian languages ​​and is a chemical-free indigenous way of quenching your thirst.

Fast guide: Roast raw mangoes directly over a flame, peel the burnt skin, mash the pulp, dilute with water, add sugar and salt to taste. Serve with ice.

3. Raw mango chutney

Another innovation from the Indian subcontinent, this is prepared as a substitute for dessert after meals. It takes a while to get the right texture, but then it tastes heavenly.

Fast guide: Peel and chop raw mangoes, simmer with spices and oil, add sugar (lots of it), stir until thick, cool, and serve.

4. Lentil and mango soup

The quickest and easiest of all, this one cools down your body temperature and acts as a great side dish for rice.

Fast guide: Chop the raw mangoes and boil them. Cook lentils (split red lentils are best) as usual. Mix in the boiled raw mangoes last. Balance salt and water for a runny consistency and less pungent flavor.

5. Mango ice cream

A break from traditional raw mango preparations, this one is for the “quick dessert” people. All you need are ripe mangoes and vanilla ice cream for the perfect dessert.

Fast guide: Peel and chop the ripe mangoes into small pieces. Mix them in a bowl with some good quality vanilla ice cream. Call your gang!

In fact, mangoes can be so versatile that sometimes we don’t realize how many recipes have been thought up and continue to be thought up that include this great fruit. Choose your favorite this season and fill your summer with joy.