All children are different!

If you look at the families you know, the children are likely all different, with different looks and natures than their brothers and sisters. Very often you will notice a pattern according to their position in the family. The firstborn may be more considerate and reserved, the middle child may be quite different, while the youngest may be outgoing, fearless and adventurous.

At one point, my husband decided that he would run an equestrian center and a pony riding center. The foster children had returned to their mother, who had later remarried, so we only had 3 children again. The children thrived on the fresh air and freedom, but my 4-year-old daughter was unafraid and if someone sat her on any of the horses or ponies she would happily ride through the countryside. Thelwell style.

On another occasion, unbeaten by the older boys, she climbed onto the scaffolding of the adjacent apartment block, swinging to the next railing, and went up and up, but could not get down because her legs did not reach the steps; she had to be rescued quickly by my husband. She would climb anywhere and everywhere completely without fear. While my oldest daughter was much more afraid of horses and my son did not approach them and was much happier on his bike. This illustrates how different children can be.

Different dynamics within the family group can also affect the characteristics of your children. For example, you may be strict with your first child as you adjust to parenthood, while later you may be more relaxed. The presence of other children or whether you have more or less time to spend with them can also make a difference. Also, of course, everyone has their own traits and there is the age-old question of nature or nurture. Your main job as a parent is to develop a child’s own strengths and guide them to be the best they can be; and to become happy, healthy adults responsible for their own actions.

It would be a boring world if we were all the same, imagine if we all thought the same and acted in the same way. We would all be looking for the same jobs. You will soon learn to understand your little ones and how they will react. Accept their differences and enjoy their different characters, help them develop in their own way and become members of a diverse society.

Apply for Startup Loan Guidelines: Starting a New Business? Increase your chances of obtaining funds

Realistically, startups can’t really get going without cash flow. Homeowners almost always have financial difficulties. Getting the financing you need from traditional banks and lenders is not easy. To increase your chances of getting the money you need, you must learn the correct way to apply for a new business loan. It is essential that you prepare in advance and have all your documentation ready.

The first thing to do is determine how much money you will need (be as specific as possible) for the business loan and what you are going to do with it. Part of being an entrepreneur is not just having a business idea, but having a financial plan on how to achieve that idea and meet goals. Banks don’t really like giving money to startups, so consider alternative lenders as well.

Check your own credit score. Whenever you apply for a new business loan, your own personal score will be assessed as you probably haven’t established much business credit history yet. Request copies of your report from all 3 agencies (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) and make sure they are accurate. If there are errors or questionable items, please resolve them as soon as possible.

You need a business plan to apply for a new business loan

Create a business plan and have it ready to go. This is one of the most important steps, if not EL. As mentioned above, you need to be able to show how much you need and what exactly you plan to do with that money. You also need to show how you plan to make a profit so that you can make payments on time. You may need to submit a guarantee to make up for the fact that your business is still new. Create an analysis of the market in which your company will participate and a statement of your own knowledge, skills and experience.

Review all of your options. Don’t worry if the banks reject you. There are still online lenders who specialize in new businesses. Consider microfinance loans, angel investors, crowdfunding, etc. You will increase your chances of getting approved if you have some kind of collateral to give up. Some investors may want to have a little say in how your business is running.

Don’t take any loan you can get. Try to get the best possible terms. A trusted place to apply for a new business loan is US Business Funding. The application process is easy compared to other online business loan sites. It also receives many positive reviews.

Easily stream online movies to your big screen TV

Did you know that you can finally stream online content, like movies or YouTube videos, to your big screen TV without using a computer or having to buy a special box designed to do this? Internet TVs are now available, as well as a new line of Blu-ray players that will do this for you as long as you have a fast broadband connection.

There are about 20 TVs selling for around $ 1000 and a half dozen Blu-ray players for around $ 150 that will stream movies online. All of the newer TVs hitting the market soon will have the webcasting feature and will be out sometime this year. And some tech folks predict that all newer Blu-ray players will have it on all of their models. They will also include this feature on lower priced models.

There are other electronic devices such as the popular game boxes on the market that also have internet streaming functions.

While one of these televisions or Blu-ray players does not offer a full Internet browser that can go anywhere on the network, it will allow streaming movies and TV shows from various companies online. You can watch YouTube videos, news, sports and more from Yahoo! and view some digital photos stored on selected online sites or enjoy music from Internet radio stations. Of course, movies and TV episodes will be charged for a subscription or they can be pay-per-view.

Video streaming is easy to set up for use on your TV or Blu-ray player. Most services will provide a good quality picture, but don’t expect it to be the same as an HD Blu-ray disc.

When you’re looking to upgrade your DVD player to a Blu-ray player, you should consider one of the internet-capable models or one that comes in a home theater package. DVD players will get the same content from the Internet as televisions. The benefit of doing it this way is that you can modify or adjust the TV settings so that it does not receive content from a DVD player.

When you get a Blu-ray player for Internet content, look for a BD-live model. These models require a broadband connection, but some also come with wi-fi which can disconnect your home wi-fi signal. It’s worth the extra money if you can go this way and you don’t have a broadband cable connection where your entertainment system is set up.

Also note that each brand of TV or Blu-ray player has partnered with a specific streaming service. Your content will vary, so look for the services you would like to have and then buy the player that carries them.

Once you connect your TV or Blu-ray player to your network, you will use your remote control to access your applications. You will see some icons or widgets appear at the bottom of the screen. This is similar to the widgets or icons on your computer, but it will be for the services that come with your device.

You will have thousands of movies at your fingertips. You can browse a library and order with just a few clicks. Rates vary, but are about the same as driving to the local video store. And no late fees! Some services offer a monthly fee, others with unlimited services.

Picture quality can be close to standard definition, and high definition broadcasts are more like DVD quality. As more and more equipment comes to market, we can also expect services to improve in the not too distant future.

Break-even point for the US domestic auto industry.

In April 2009, Ford declared that it would not need help from the government and stated that it had a plan to break even in two years. Ford has been ahead of its main rival General Motors in downsizing its business selling Aston Martin, Land Rover and Jaguar for the past two years. Meanwhile, GM went through a massive reorganization after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. GM is temporarily majority owned by the US government after it invested $ 57.6 billion in the company.

Under the plan GM executives presented at congressional hearings, the company would break even in 2011. In addition, they declared they would cut costs by cutting 47,000 jobs, closing five more unprofitable factories and cutting at least $ 18 billion. dollars in debt from your business. balance sheet. These cost cuts were expected to allow the company to break even when the US auto market returned to between 11.5 and 12 million vehicles sold per year.

JD Power and Associates, a global marketing information services company, announced its projections for the new break-even point for the auto industry. According to Gary Dilts, senior vice president of US automotive at JD Power and Associates, due to cost reduction measures such as renegotiation of contracts with unions and suppliers, the breakeven point for the domestic auto industry will decrease by more than 2 million units. comparing current industry conditions with those forecast in 2010. Dilts explains the reason for this decline due to significant declines in the automotive industry that resulted in a loss of sales volume of more than 7 million units between 2000 and 2009 This sales volume makes $ 175 billion in net income.

In the automotive industry, fixed costs make up a larger part of total costs. Manufacturing plants, assembly lines and the technology invested in vehicle manufacturing are some of the elements that make up fixed costs. Compared to fixed costs, variable costs form a relatively smaller part of total costs. This puts the auto industry at risk due to high operating leverage.

The definition of operating leverage is the ratio of fixed costs to total costs. The higher a company’s fixed costs, the greater its operating leverage. In companies that have high operating leverage, small percentage changes in sales volumes result in large percentage changes in earnings. This variability or sensitivity of earnings to changes in sales volume puts the company in a position of risk. According to the rule “Higher risk, higher return”, this also means more profit if the demand and therefore the sales volume is high.

In the auto industry, since fixed costs are relatively high, during times of recession, as demand and sales volume decrease, the probability of earnings to cover fixed costs will decrease, that is, it will be more difficult for auto companies to break even. Therefore, auto companies start to cut costs, especially fixed costs, such as closing unprofitable facilities, eliminating jobs. For example, GM sold its unprofitable Hummer to a Chinese company.

Auto companies should increase the volume of profitable vehicles and effective advertising activities to be able to sell them to customers. Increased sales volume will help cover high fixed costs and break even. On August 6, 2009, Edward Whitacre Jr., the new president of General Motors, stated that GM needs to improve the number of vehicles sold. To do that, he said, the board may decide to advance the launch of several new vehicles.

Comparing the Consolidated Results of Operations of Ford and General Motor from Form 10-K, these two companies submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2008:

Ford (millions)

Revenues: 146,277

Cost and Expenses: 160,949

Net profit / loss: (14,672)

Sales volume: 5,532

General Motors (millions)

Revenues: 148,979

Costs and Expenses: 179,839

Net profit / loss: (30,860)

Sales volume: 8,144

Break-even points for these companies can be calculated using the above Revenue, Costs and Volume figures.


Average price: 146,277 / 5,532 = $ 26,441


Average price: 148,979 / 8,144 = $ 18,293

To cover its Costs and Expenses, Ford had to sell: 160,949 / 26,441 = 6.08 million cars and trucks. To cover its Costs and Expenses General Motors had to sell: 179,839 / 18,293 = 9.83 million cars and trucks. The additional sales volume that GM and Ford had to make to break even in 2008.

Ford: 6.08 – 5.532 = 0.554 million

GM: 9.83 – 8,144 = 1,686 million

Why Using Professional Video Editing Services Is Good For Your Business

Today’s business owners rely on video to promote their products in the marketplace. In fact, using videos has become the most effective business strategy. Well, making videos seems more like taking a walk in the park. You can make a video of your product without any hassle. Even digital cameras will help you make the quality video that you are craving.

But editing the video can be a cumbersome task. Do not transport! Hiring a professional company that caters to people like you with top-notch video editing services will be the smartest thing you can do.

Why should you use video editing services for your business?

In this competitive advantage, it is imperative for any company to create the right global presence. Doing so will help them maintain a strong market position among their competitors. And if you have a brand that you need to create awareness for among consumers, a video is that crucial entity that can allow you to build your brand image. Not only that, it will create a positive and lasting impact on viewers.

Is video the best way, in addition to an artistic way, to describe information effectively?

Yes, really! A video is something that will show your target audience the right way to understand the information quickly and effectively. That is the reason why the use of these services has become so popular. Using these services will benefit your business as they help you create engaging videos not only for online marketing, but also for business growth.

Hiring a professional company for video editing services will be the most feasible decision you will make. Your qualified experts with the necessary knowledge and experience will edit your video regarding personal events, the production process, business presentation or any other vital purpose.

Editing a video is a process that is meticulously carried out to capture the attention of the target audience and at the same time elevate the client’s brand image. A professional will always emphasize on providing superior quality video editing services at affordable prices so that they can produce positive results in terms of clicks, online views, etc.

Also, a professional video editing service provider will carry out the professional with a well-equipped production and editing studio loaded with up-to-date tools that are used for editing and software.

Video editing is a simple process, in which a professional company will make the necessary edits to the unwanted parts of the video footage taken at random and place useful shots. Doing so allows them to bring out a clear meaning. They provide the highest quality video editing services to produce a video that you will be proud to play again and again.

10 innovative ideas for Christmas gifts

Christmas is a time of celebration. It is time to show your loved ones how much you love them and express your gratitude to the people who have made a difference in your life. The best way to express your emotions is by giving them offerings that speak volumes.

But finding unique and useful keepsake items every year is hard work. Below are ten innovative seasonal gift ideas to help you find an appropriate keepsake this year for your friends, family, and colleagues.

  1. Jewelery items – An exquisite jewel is the best legacy for any woman. Even those who are not very jewelry lovers will adore a simple pair of ear studs or a nose pin. If the woman you are buying a gift for has an elegant taste, give her a beautiful brooch to wear the dress. She will be delighted to receive this as a holiday gift.
  2. Perfumes – They can be administered to both men and women. Find out what is their favorite fragrance or one they are thinking of buying and give them away. They will love your endowment and will also acknowledge your feelings and thoughts behind your offering.
  3. Clocks – These are again very useful brochures. The market is flooded with watches in various designs and all price ranges.
  4. Sports kits – They are fabulous products for sports lovers. They come in a variety of prices. All you have to do is find out the person’s favorite sport and choose accordingly.
  5. Clothes or sweaters – If you are buying a souvenir for someone close to you; you can also buy clothes or sweaters. But find out its size and also its preferences in case of brands, design and color. After all, you don’t want to disappoint them by giving them something they won’t like.
  6. Photo frames and coffee cups – They are very common but very practical and useful endowments for people with whom you share a formal relationship. You can customize them a bit if you want to gift them to your friends. The best way to do this is by printing personal messages to them.
  7. Chocolates – Again, these are very suitable elements for both your professional and personal relationships. The markets are flooded with chocolates of different flavors, shapes and prices. To make it more interesting, you can wrap them in innovative ways.
  8. Savings bonds – This is a very practical and useful article. This is a product that will be used in the future. You can introduce them to your children or the children of your brother, sister or child.
  9. Assorted baskets – If you want to give multiple items, try baskets. They are one of the best ways to be versatile. You can make a collection of items that you want to give away and put them in a decorative basket. These look beautiful and very attractive.
  10. Gift certificates – If you can’t think of a suitable offer this season, then the best one for you is the gift certificate. The recipient will be able to buy something they like with the help of these valuable certificates.

The healthy benefits of increasing your metabolism

There are many benefits to increasing your metabolism. You can have an energy boost throughout the day, you will sleep much better, and probably the most important health benefit of all is that you will lose weight and then be able to maintain that weight. And here’s a benefit that most people don’t think about. Simply increasing your metabolism will burn more calories even when you are sleeping.

With a slow but steady increase in metabolism, it is possible to achieve the recommended weight loss of one to two pounds per week. The interesting thing about increasing your metabolism is the fact that to burn calories the body needs calories. In reality, cutting calories can slow down your metabolism to the point where you no longer burn excess calories and your body begins to store more fat.

As everyone knows, exercising is a good way to lose weight. It is also a good way to increase your metabolism. But just like anything else, it’s the type of exercise that’s important to your long-term weight loss goals. Many fitness and weight loss “gurus” have led the general public to believe that cardio or aerobic workouts are the best way to lose weight. While there is nothing wrong with doing those types of exercise and there are indeed great health benefits to doing them, but they are not the end of weight loss.

This is why. By doing aerobic workouts, your metabolism increases and burns more calories than if you were sitting on the couch watching TV. But what happens when your training ends? Your metabolism slows down. You no longer burn those extra calories. The key to increasing your metabolism is to increase your metabolic rate while resting.

How do you do this? Weight training. Building lean muscle mass is a calorie-burning machine not only during training, but also after training, when you are resting your muscles are rebuilding and this is consuming calories. The beauty of weight training is that you can customize your workout to shape your body however you see fit. Lifting weights will not build large, bulky muscles unless you adapt your training and lifestyle to do so. For women, weight training is a great way to not only increase your metabolism, but also to shape and tone your body. The other benefit of weight training is the ability to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it. Lean muscle mass requires large amounts of caloric energy to maintain itself.

Combine these two exercise regimens to boost your metabolism and you’re really on your way to losing whatever amount of weight you want and keeping it off with ease. The only thing missing is the desire and commitment to make it happen and that is something that has to come from within.

Breakups: How to Respond "You deserve someone better"

When a relationship is ending, little makes sense. This is even more evident if you are the person who is being abandoned. Depending on how compassionate your lover is, they can easily try to disappoint you. A very common phrase that people hear during a breakup is “you deserve someone better.” If you’re on the receiving end of that, you might be a bit baffled. What exactly does it mean, and what should I specifically say in response to it?

When your lover says “you deserve someone better,” you are likely to interpret it as saying that they are not good enough for you. It’s heartwarming when someone says that because you assume it means they really value you and think they can’t measure up. However, don’t get carried away until you really understand the intention behind the words. Your ex is counting on you to take it as a compliment, when in fact you shouldn’t. All they are probably doing is trying to easily disappoint you.

The belief behind the idea that you deserve a better partner suggests that your ex is not valued enough. You are a great judge of whether or not that is true. If your ex has never shown any signs of having self-confidence issues, then you know that they already believe they are the best and this is just a clumsy attempt to break up with you without breaking your heart.

The best way to respond when someone tells you that you deserve to be with someone who is better is to agree with that person. Obviously, you shouldn’t tell your partner that you think she’s lacking if you hope to have a future with her one day. But it’s a great idea to agree that, for now, the two of you may not be the right match.

The reason this is such an effective response for them is that it takes control away from them and returns it to you. You are no longer the one who wonders what their words mean and you are not left with the impression that the reason they left you was because they wanted to free you to find a better partner. Your ex partner is now the one feeling the confusion and wondering if you ever saw them as a compatible partner. The benefit of this is that you will still be on their mind and they may even set out to prove you wrong and that they are, in fact, perfect for you.

Raw talk with a certified animal nutritionist

As an advocate for biologically appropriate nutrition, I come face to face with naysayers and unbelievers of raw food diets for our companion animals every day. I ask them: “What do dogs eat in the wild?” “What does a wild dog mother feed her puppies?” “Why do we insist on feeding our pets food that goes against their natural eating pattern?”

I had the pleasure of interviewing world-renowned animal nutrition consultant, Dr. Richard Patton, to help me answer these questions and gain a little more information on this hot topic.

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and what you do?

“I am an animal nutrition consultant, this has been the case for 35 years. I see myself as an interface between the source of technological knowledge and its application in the market to recommend the best for the animal and the owner of the animal, It doesn’t matter what else is going on in the background. I inform people’s decisions. I explain, “If you go this way, this will be good and this will be bad. If you go the other way, then this will be good and this will be bad “and people will make the decision that makes the most sense to them.”

Who do you normally consult for?

“I have a fairly diverse clientele – there are companies that make pet food, then there is the occasional pet owner. I do a lot of work for horse stables, farm dairies, Washington NGOs and foreign governments, zoos and businesses. who make zoo food. I make the world safe for the polar bear, the cub and the Holstein cow. “

I love that, that’s beautiful! So what made you decide to become an animal nutritionist?

“It actually happened from the beginning. I think I was a sophomore in college and took a course (in animal nutrition). I felt particularly comfortable with the instructor and his approach. I think there was a subconscious wisdom … that He could be a scientist and a cowboy at the same time, and he has proven to be. I have been around the world almost invariably in boots, jeans and a sports coat. “

You must have seen many different cases of health problems in animals. What is the most common one that you see when it comes to small animals, mainly cats and dogs?

“I will answer your question, but first I would like to start with this: my job is to keep healthy animals healthy. When you are on the extreme of nutrition, that is the approach. Against the veterinary side and they are dealing with pets that are sick. and trying to make them healthy.

Now to answer your question: what I run into most often are skin problems of one kind or another. It also tends to be where I’m not the nutritionist.

I think these skin problems are becoming more prevalent for various reasons. There are more people with inbred animals and more people with large dogs and they are not willing to consider a natural, raw or freeze dried diet due to the cost. Many of these skin problems are due to excess soluble carbohydrates in kibbles. “

Do you think it is possible to reverse these skin and coat problems through nutrition?

“I will answer it this way: if a dog has a skin problem, the first thing I will do is try to put him on a raw and natural diet. Not because I am convinced that a raw and natural diet is better, I am convinced of that, but the reason I want them on that diet is because that’s the only way I know is best to minimize excess soluble carbohydrates. “

Which is one of the most important things that really deteriorates the health of our pets.

Oh, I think so! And I am not just a voice in the desert. There’s a proof of efficacy from a peer-reviewed journal ironically funded by Purina.


Yes. What Purina did was they took – I think it was 100 gold labs – and sent 50 to homes to be pets to grow up and live until they died and were considered “controls.” Then they sent another 50 to homes to live as family members until they died and called them “experimental.” What they did was feed the control animals whatever people wanted to feed. And then they fed the experimental animals 20% less of the same food; in other words, they had calorie restrictions.

This study took 15 years to complete and what it showed was that the animals that were calorie restricted lived an average of two years longer, and furthermore, their vet bills were dramatically lower (than the control group).

Calorie-restricted animals had a lower metabolic rate. This principle has been proven in everything you look at – they’ve observed it in insects, roundworms, and mice. In all cases, calorie restriction prolongs life, and it has now been shown in dogs.

Now here’s the rest of the story, and it won’t surprise you in the least.

During the marketing, they pointed to this research and said, “See, feed Purina, and live more.” And that to me is so irritating and a half-truth that you could effectively say, “Look, feed Purina and die first.”

So that’s just a caloric intake, it has nothing to do with raw. Who knows what they would have seen if it had been a third treatment of a natural raw diet. But the point is, a lifetime of improper nutrition ends up being shorter than necessary and more expensive. You can’t get off a trip to the vet for less than $ 1,500 because it’s a serious metabolic problem. “

I think now it seems that people are more aware. Before, we were blindly following the leader and now it seems that consumers are much smarter. Unfortunately, it is because they have been misled and are now searching for the whole truth. That’s what we find when people call us and are doing their research – they are no longer just satisfied with the truth they get from these commercial pet food companies.

When did you realize that raw foods were ideal compared to cooked foods?

“I don’t think there was a specific moment of epiphany. It’s just comparative nutrition for so many decades. If vitamin supplementation is so important, how do you explain the dingo and the coyote and the wolf and the wild dog that breed like And rabbits never seem to deal with a store-bought vitamin? You see, there are fundamental gaps in the logic.

Actually, the intestine needs a regular flow of bacteria of different types. I think the worst thing you can do is canned feed this or that because it is legal and literally sterile and I think this creates problems. Now I’m not an advocate that we should all go live like vultures. But I do think that we may be obsessed with our need for sterility and that is actually creating problems. “

Speaking of wild dogs, what lessons can we learn from them when it comes to longevity and nutrition?

“You may not know what your requirements are, but you can at least say, ‘Well, what do they eat in the wild? “And let’s get as close as we can to that. I think that’s what BARF wants to do. That’s what I like about the approach you have. What’s more,” What did evolution prepare us for over 4 billion? years to prosper? “

I have another question, a little more personal. Has pets?

Oh yeah. I have the privilege of being able to live in the doghouse.

That’s funny, men usually don’t want to live in the doghouse.

We have very expensive capes in the living room that are covered in sheets and people never sit there, dogs do.

How many dogs do you have?

When I got up this morning there were three of them. Who knows where we will be at the end of the day. My wife is a devoted “humanitarian”.

Don’t you mean “canineia”?

No, there is also a cat.

What do you feed them

They get bones at least twice a week and every night they get some raw or natural raw chicken necks and loins.

The Adventures of Wolley Segap – Hot Stuff

It was one of those hot August nights. The guy Neil Diamond used to write about in the sixties. Sweltering and breezeless, he crawled into the house like heat stroke. The air conditioner had been out of order since this morning, and the afternoon sun was burning me, even as I was sitting in my boxer shorts in the kitchen. He had checked all the usual suspects; the thermostat, the fuses, the air filter and the coils. But he had an idle system that just sat there in complete silence. The internal temperature was rising at an alarming rate and I was withering from the pressure.

The trip through the pages of the local phone book proved fruitless. The variety of large advertisements with photos of service trucks proclaiming “Immediate Service”, A / C Specialists “and Heating and Cooling Professionals” left me cold, or was it hot? He was so exhausted that he could even think clearly. Sweat was running off me like a continuous shower and even the curtains were down.

I could have sworn I saw steam coming off the counter, but it was actually a soft mist or mist. And out of that steam appeared a strange character, shaped like a book, who stood on thin feet and made me jump one foot in the air. Before she could say a word, he, or was it her, smiled and said, “I’m here to help. Take a look inside,” and “opened” to reveal a large ad on the yellow page. The headline read: “We have military in your neighbor every hour.” I couldn’t believe my blurry, bloodshot eyes. I jumped past the apparition to grab the phone and quickly dialed the number. Seconds later, I was told that a man could finish in an hour. I smiled for the first time that day and the thing smiled back at me. He turned to go and said, “Remember Wolley Segap came to rescue you,” and walked out the open window. The end … or not?

This little story was designed to serve a purpose and illustrate the need for effective advertising. So, attention to business people: Is your yellow page ad doing its job? If not, let this serve as your wake-up call. I have witnessed many companies who thought they had an ad that worked, while in reality it had a faulty title, lousy copy, or pathetic piece of art. How can I know?

I was a representative and consultant for YP for almost 25 years and before that I had my own advertising agency. I also have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. I have designed yellow pages ads for the past three decades. So I have experience creating YPs and have advised almost 7000 companies on how to create the most effective YP ads. If you have a column or display ad, regardless of size, color, or position, I can tell you that it most likely needs improvements to the title, illustration, body text, placement, book, or layout. header. You need to understand ROI or return on investment and learn to track results as well.

So, consider getting expert advice before running your next ad. There are many good and inexpensive places to go, some available on the Internet. Make sure the consultant is well qualified with at least 25 years of experience. Otherwise, you will waste your own time and money. So hopefully you won’t need Wolley Segap to come to the rescue after all.