Audi’s electric vehicles will keep the grill despite having less to cool

Audi designers have no plans to remove these stylish grilles even though the company is launching more electric vehicles. You may wonder why this is so. In this article, we will find answers to this question. Keep reading to know more.

Audi will continue to retain the grille design of an instantly recognizable chassis for its electric vehicles. On the other hand, some manufacturers have announced that their vehicles no longer need grilles.

Although many manufacturers such as General Motors have come up with the idea that electric vehicles no longer need grids, Tesla popularized this conventional mindset by introducing entry-level electric vehicles such as the Model 3 and Model Y.

Traditional cars were designed in such a way that they needed grilles to cool the radiator. We know that adequate air circulation is required to maintain the temperature of the water within the radiator. If the radiator heats up, the engine overheats, which can cause a loss of thousands of dollars.

Since electric vehicles don’t come with radiators, there’s no need to punch a hole in the front of the vehicle and install those pesky grilles. Therefore, today there is no need for grills in electric vehicles.

Over the years, the grill designs continued to change, but they were still there on almost every vehicle. Tesla’s early electric vehicles featured an opaque panel that looked like a grille. Eventually, manufacturing abandoned this idea.

Today, it seems that all electric cars or new models of electric vehicles appear with a body-colored panel instead of a normal grill. Louvers have their uses whether they blow cool air to the car’s radiator or not. Although electric vehicles cannot benefit from conventional radiators, since they do not have an engine inside. But they do have some type of radiators to maintain engine and battery temperatures. In addition, there are electronic control units that can benefit from the cool, fresh air.

Therefore, it may not be appropriate to say that grilles are not necessary for electric cars. However, the location of these openings can be changed. For example, they can be placed lower on the bumper.

For Audi designers, the louvers have other uses besides sending cool air to the batteries for mechanical components. In fact, it is part of the brand’s stylistic identity.

Recently, the company organized a virtual round table. During this event, the representatives of the companies made it clear that they will be incorporating single-frame grilles to their electric vehicles.

We do not have any confirmation on the shape of the grids. In other words, we don’t know if it will be a vent-shaped opening or a blank panel.

In short, this was an introduction to Audi’s EVs that will feature a grill even though EVs don’t seem to benefit from conventional grills. Manufacturers have found a way to add grilles to these vehicles and still make them look great.

The empathic paraphrase

How do you show a speaker that you are really listening to what he is saying?

When we speak to someone, the actual words we choose convey part of the meaning, but only part of it. Much of the meaning is conveyed by tone of voice and physical expression, especially undertones of sarcasm, emotion, or humor. Make sure your tone of voice and body language demonstrate a complete understanding of the nuance of the speaker’s tone of voice.

Empathic paraphrase measures

His empathic paraphrase is completely interchangeable when the speaker feels that he has accurately captured his thoughts and feelings. It often coincides with an excited burst of energy or an enthusiastic “Yes!”


The most common way your paraphrase will be inaccurate: Not all of the speaker’s key ideas are captured. That is, the paraphrase has subtracted something from what was said. Speaker says: “I worry about A, B and C.” The paraphrase reads: “You are worried about A & B.”


The next most likely way your paraphrase will be inaccurate: We listen to what we want to hear and focus on our own ideas. Then we add statements that the speaker did not make. The speaker: “I worry about A, B and C.” The paraphrase says: “You are worried about A, B, C, L and R.”


Instead of paraphrasing what was said, you offer your interpretation of what you think the speaker meant. You listen to A, B and C and say “I have the impression that what you are really talking about is G.”

Interpretive paraphrase

Interpretive paraphrase is a double-edged sword. Interpreting the speaker too early often makes you think that you are not listening, that you are more in love with your own theories than with the speaker’s thoughts.

First, understand the needs and perspective of the other. This not only validates your business partner or customer and builds trust, but allows you to better align your ideas, solutions or products with their needs or values. The result: greater satisfaction with the interaction, an improved relationship, and a greater likelihood of association.

Ingenious interruption

As we begin to paraphrase more deeply, we often cannot remember everything the speaker has said. The solution is to interrupt the speaker early, before our “buffer” fills up. Speakers don’t mind being interrupted if their purpose is just to paraphrase for understanding. “Excuse me, I want to make sure I get this right. You think …”

How to ingeniously interrupt:

1. Use a gesture, a signal to “wait” for a moment:

– Make the time-out sign with a smile.

– Make a rough cut gesture.

– Rise your hand.

2. Increase the volume to “up” on the speaker.

3. Give your face an expression of expectation, excitement, alarm, or concern.

4. Lean closer all of a sudden.

5. Use a phrase:

– “Let me make sure I understand this …”

– “I want to understand this …”

– “So you’re saying that …”

– “Aah, I think I get it! You …”


Start sharpening your paraphrasing skills. Practice “parroting” what another person says – every thought spoken, using as many exact words as possible. That is, you will try to repeat exactly what is said. As we go through the full model, it won’t be so literal. Instead, you will capture the essence of what is being said using the speaker’s keywords.


Phase 1 of the process occurs when you listen to someone else



Repeat as many exact words from the other person as possible.


Make sure you have accurately captured each other’s thoughts. Check, “Is that

Truth? “Interpret anything other than an unequivocal yes as” no. “Please try again.

Paraphrase with empathy

Paraphrase in a way that captures “the gist” of all the main points the speaker makes. Use the keywords of the speakers. (We are all more comfortable with our own words and we know what we mean by them.) Work to ensure that your tone of voice, gestures, and energy level match those of the speaker.

When should I paraphrase?


1. To make sure you understand the other party. If there is any doubt about its meaning, paraphrase. The act of paraphrasing can help you put seemingly disparate pieces of content together into a coherent concept. Often times, the meaning of the speaker will only become clear to you when you try to paraphrase it.

2. Show the other party that you really DO understand what you are saying. An interchangeable paraphrase is the only technique that we know will do this.

3. Prepare report. People like to feel understood.

4. When the situation is charged with emotions. This helps defuse the conflict. When the other party feels that they have heard and understood them, they tend to feel more calm and open to their point of view.

5. Listen more closely. When your mind wanders, remember to “prepare to paraphrase.” Making a strong paraphrase is rewarding.

6. To play the speaker’s message. This is useful if what they have said does not make sense or seems absurd. Once they hear it, they often rephrase it into a more coherent message.

7. When you hear emotional language and emotional buttons. The speaker mentions these points because they have strong feelings. When you paraphrase interchangeably, the speaker will be satisfied that he has “got it.” For instance:

– We are excited for …

– We fight with …

– I have been a loyal customer for 5 years and now you …

– I put my ass on the line and now …

Emphatic tone

People don’t give enough weight to the “empathic” aspect of empathic paraphrase. An empathic paraphrase is characterized by “empathy”; that is the ability to understand the situation, feelings and emotions of another person. Many of us begin by remembering what the other said, but we are unable to grasp the emotional tonality of the speaker. Empathy supports our ability to connect with another person and respond in a way that builds deeper relationships.

If you repeat the speaker’s words in a dispassionate and distant key, you have not paraphrased empathically. Listen to the speaker’s emotions, feelings, and desires, then express your voice and use your face and gesture in a way that reflects your understanding of the speaker’s emotional state.

If another person is very excited, it is appropriate to show your own enthusiasm while paraphrasing. However, in other situations, you can get into trouble simply by mirroring the speaker’s emotion. If someone expresses fear or anger, the echo of these feelings will only increase the unpleasant feelings. Instead, perhaps softening your voice to a soft tone that reflects a confident calm will calmly support them.

If he expresses intense anger, paraphrasing with intense concern or regret will ensure that you understand how strongly he is feeling.


Practice the technique at work with colleagues, in social situations, or at home with family. Notice how people tend to respond when they feel like you are really listening and understanding.

These techniques have made our interactions more fruitful and facilitated challenging customer exchanges. Give it a try.

7 tips to lose weight FAST!

Almost everyone wants to find quick ways to lose weight. Diet pills don’t work and have harmful side effects, and it seems like every week there is a new weight loss book on the market. Worse yet, almost all weight loss books recommend different things! Much confusion surrounds people who are struggling to get smart and lose some weight.

Finding out what advice to follow is frustrating at best, but there are a few tricks you can use to lose weight fast.

1.) Check your blood sugar level

Even people who do not have diabetes can benefit from practicing tight blood sugar control. Get a glucose monitor and get tested before and after every meal. By adjusting your portion sizes and carbohydrate intake, you can keep your blood sugar between 70-130 mg / dL.

Many people report losing up to twenty pounds in a single month just by keeping their blood sugar within this range, so controlling blood sugar is one of the best quick ways to lose weight without pills.

2.) Pick up a bowl of soup

If you hate lifting weights and running, try a soup diet. Any type of soup will work, but those that are high in fiber and low in sodium will work best. Soups fill you up without a lot of calories, and the extra liquid in your diet will help flush toxins out of your system.

Soup diets have been popular for decades because they’re easy, they taste good, and they can peel up to ten pounds in a single week. It is a great way to lose weight without exercising.

Soup diets can be used for long periods of time, but care must be taken to ensure that soup menus include enough calories. Extremely low calorie diets will cause rapid weight loss, but the side effects of very low calorie diets can sometimes be dangerous. Try to consume a minimum of 1,200 calories per day, regardless of the type of diet you decide to follow.

3.) go vegetarian

At least try to be a part-time vegetarian. A well-planned vegetarian diet is typically low in fat, high in fiber, and contains all the vitamins and minerals your body needs without many calories. A weekday vegetarian diet is the best way to lose weight for those who don’t have much time to cook and those who really like vegetables.

4.) Be a carnivore

Very low-carb diets based on lean meats, nuts, seeds, and green vegetables will shed excess weight in a matter of weeks. When it comes to fast diets, low carb diets are one of the most effective ways to lose weight. However, they may not be healthy for everyone, and many people cannot eat a very low-carb diet for long. Still, if you only need to lose ten or fifteen pounds and you like meat, being a carnivore might be your ideal short-term diet.

People with kidney disease should avoid low-carbohydrate diets. Also, people with severe forms of heart disease should ask their doctor if a low-carb diet is safe for them. Although low-carbohydrate diets are safe for most people, people with certain health conditions should avoid diets with excess protein.

5.) Practice mindful eating

Mindful eating means that you not only plan every bite that goes to your mouth, but you strive to truly enjoy it. Eat slowly and serve small amounts of several different foods at each meal in place of the standard entrée and two or three sides. This way of eating allows you to experience the full flavor and aroma of your food without straining your taste buds or accidentally screwing up your food. Mindful eaters consume an average of 20 percent less food per day, which can lead to significant weight loss over the course of a few weeks.

6.) be a little fruity

Fruit-based diets are an incredible weight loss tool. Not only will you lose weight quickly, but you will be able to enjoy a variety of delicious fruits that you probably wouldn’t buy normally. Fruit diets can focus on smoothies and juices, or they can be based on whole, raw fruits. Either way, dieters who build their menus around fruit report losing eight to twelve pounds per week for the first two weeks.

People with diabetes, kidney disease, or certain digestive disorders should not use fruit diets. Those who have had gallstones should also avoid fruit diets, due to the possibility of causing another gallbladder attack from rapid weight loss. However, for healthy people, a fruit-based diet is fine for a couple of weeks.

7.) Don’t be a vacuum cleaner

Dieting doesn’t mean you can’t eat the things you like, but most people tend to eat too much. This is especially true when it comes to eating out. Most restaurants create their dishes to attack the taste buds. They are generally high in sodium and high in fat. Learn to unplug instead of trying to finish every last bite. Typically, a meal can contain more than 1,000 calories. For many, that’s the half-day caloric intake.

Whether you’re at home or in a restaurant, start training yourself to eat smaller portions. Make it a goal to eat only half of the food and save the rest for later. And be sure to pass the bread before your meal. Instead, drink a couple of glasses of water to fill it up before eating.

Regardless of the type of weight loss plan you choose, remember that losing weight quickly should be a short-term goal. For best results, lose ten to fifteen pounds on a quick diet, then aim to lose no more than two pounds a week after that. When it comes to losing weight, consistency is the key and perseverance is the key.

Brush your face with a toothbrush and look younger

Would you like to know a really inexpensive way to make your face look years younger? Of course you would! Who would not?

Well, get yourself a two-dollar soft-bristle toothbrush and you’ll be on your way. Brushing your FACE (yes, your face) regularly with a toothbrush will help keep your skin young. You do not believe me? Tempted to stop reading? I know it sounds crazy, but stay with me. Have you heard of the company? Sonicare? They make electric toothbrushes. Guess what? Now they also make a brush for the FACE. It’s the same design, only slightly larger. It costs $ 200. People who have it seem to like it. If you have an extra $ 200, buy it. But if you only have an extra $ 2, I promise you that a regular soft-bristle toothbrush, used properly, will give you great results. I’ve been doing it for 15 years and even though I’m in my 40s, they still ask me for ID at Trader Joe’s when I buy red wine. (By the way, if you’re obsessed with anti-aging, red wine is the only alcohol you should drink.)

This is what you do:

1. Moisten your face and neck with warm water. You may want to open your pores by applying a warm washcloth for a few minutes.

2. Apply the skin cleanser of your choice to your face and neck. If you have dry skin, you may want to use a moisturizing cleanser. If it is oily, you can use something that treats oily skin. Use what is already working for your skin. Apply to entire face and neck, unless it is an acne formula, then use something less drying for the skin around the eyes. (You may want to make the eyes separately.)

3. Apply the cleaner to the toothbrush. This helps the brush glide over the skin more smoothly.

4. Begin brushing gently in small circles. Where you start is up to you, but I like to start with the sides of the mouth where the laugh lines form.

Brush clockwise and counterclockwise all over the cheeks and chin. On the forehead, you can brush in circles and also from top to bottom. Pay attention to the area between the eyebrows, where the fine lines appear. Brush in circles, clockwise and counterclockwise. If you have higher lines on your forehead above, by raising your eyebrows, brush in circles over those lines and up and down as well.

5. Make the eyes last. And be very, very gentle in this area. If you’ve used a drying cleanser, wash it off the brush before washing your eyes and use something more moisturizing. You can even brush with moisturizer in the eye area. Place the brush on the outer part of the eye closest to the hairline, where you may have crow’s feet, and brush GENTLY towards the bridge of the nose. When you start out, use just a few brush strokes. No more than four to start. As you do it more often, you use more pressure and more hits, but start out slowly.

6. Even with light pressure, your skin will likely look red, depending on your skin tone. Do not worry. The redness will disappear in a few minutes. If it has not subsided after an hour, either you have brushed too vigorously or this procedure is not appropriate for your skin. Start with very little pressure and build up over time if you are getting good results. If your face becomes inflamed or irritated, your skin may simply be too sensitive for this.

7. Always, always, always, without exception, follow this up with some kind of moisturizer. Use one that you have already been using and that you know works well for your skin. If you brush your teeth during the day, use a moisturizer with sunscreen, preferably one that has an SPF of 30 or higher. If you brush at night, follow up with an excellent night cream.

The night is when the skin repairs itself, so if you brush, then with a night cream designed to replenish and repair, and sleep, you will get an added benefit. This is because brushing and exfoliating prepare the skin for the products to penetrate more effectively.

Do this regularly, a few times a week and you will soon notice that your skin looks lighter, younger, less wrinkled, and more vibrant.

Why is this? Some reasons:

1. Brushing brings blood to the surface of the skin. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. So, you are helping to “feed” your skin when you brush it. By doing this regularly, you nourish your skin regularly. If your nutrition is good, that further improves the quality of the blood that is delivered to your skin tissues. So, eat a good diet and the results will improve even more.

2. The scrub helps remove dead skin cells. When we are young, our skin cells are regularly renewed without help. However, as we age, that process slows down and old cells stick to the surface longer, resulting in a dull complexion. Regular exfoliation helps the skin in this cell turnover, allowing older skin to look more like its younger self.

3. Exfoliation also draws impurities out of your pores, helping to keep them cleaner and smaller. As we age, our pores start to look bigger. Cleansing the pores helps the skin look smoother and smoother.

4. Brushing stimulates the muscles below the surface of the skin, similar to how you would stimulate them with a facial massage. As it travels across the skin, brushing in circles and up and down in certain areas, the small muscles beneath the skin’s surface are stimulated. There is a flow of blood to the muscle. This stimulation helps keep these muscles conditioned in a way that they would not otherwise be. If the muscles below the surface of the skin remain conditioned, your face maintains better over time and there is less sagging.

When I started brushing my skin, I limited it to a few times a week. This is what I recommend to start with. Each person’s skin is different, so you will find the one that best suits your needs. When you start out, be sure to use a SOFT BRISTLE toothbrush. Build up slowly. If your skin responds well to the procedure (you can tell by how it looks and feels), it is okay to do it every day or every other day. When I started, years ago, I brushed only a few times a week. Now I can brush every day and my skin loves it.

Nettle Fishing in World of Warcraft

I know some of you may be a bit fed up with fish related topics, but don’t tell me anything. This is the third installment of my epic fish feast experiment and we move on to the final fish needed to cook it. Nettles are found in Wintergrasp, Ulduar, Dragonblight but mostly in Sholzar Basin. Many guides on this fish suggest going to the heart of the Sholzar Basin, where the ghost fish fishing hunt takes place. While it is true that this place generally has around 3 groups, they do not respawn fast enough to be classified as an efficient place to catch them.

There are two sensible options for the routes to follow. One is to start in the heart of the rivers and descend through one of its 4 tributaries. The second option is the one I used and involves starting at the northern end of the Sholzar basin at Bittertide Lake. The lake is large enough to provide enough pools for an average speed angler to constantly circle around it. If you find that the ponds are not appearing fast enough for you, then you always have the option of following the southern tributary leading to Rivers Heart as it usually contains 2-3 ponds. The main reason I decided to make my route around the lake is that my character is a miner and at the west end of the lake there are 3 mining nodes that at any moment could generate a tasty titanium ore or some rich saronite deposits.

Fishing for 200 of these beauties took 104 minutes and came with 81g of materials and pygmy suckling pig. Now, when we analyze the sale of fish and its cooked variants, we come to a somewhat disappointing conclusion. Not only does raw fish sell for less than the other two fish used in the fish feast, but once we add spices from the north, it actually loses value.

Raw fish sells for 1g31 on my server (if you can find buyers). Adding in some flavorful Northren spices makes it a Spicy Blue Nettle and it comes with a decent +40 critical rating and a + 4- stamina bonus. Unfortunately, not many people value the critical rating over other benefits and the value of cooked fish is around 1g9s. Unless you intend to use this food on yourself in forays or are leveling up your culinary skills, there is very little reason to cook this fish. Which is a bit embarrassing for those who spend a lot of time growing items like saronite ore in the Sholzar Basin and might have appreciated a break from the grind.

That’s the end of the individual fishing parts of the Feast of Fish Epic Item Set. Below we cover Northern Spices and how they can be used to line your pockets with loads of lovely and greedy gold.

2017 Jeep Wrangler review


The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is a compact midsize car from the famous SUV manufacturer. Its design roots go back to Willy’s MB and Jeep CJ that used to be produced in the early days of the SUV. The new Jeep Wrangler models have the traditional toughness that you would expect from a Jeep, but they provide a completely refined appearance. The new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is expected to hit showrooms later this year. So, we are going to give you a summary of what you can expect from it and the changes present from its previous version of 2016, as well as what its competitors are doing.


The new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited won’t get a complete makeover from its 2016 version, that’s for sure, as any major revision to the company’s design invites skepticism from car lovers. Most of us are used to the sturdy frame, full throttle four-wheel drive, and a sturdy pair of axles, so we can’t expect anything too far away. But, regarding the materials used in the new model, Jeep is expected to use Rendered Aluminum, as it will make the car even stronger but lighter. You can also look forward to the iconic folded windshield this time too!

Any mechanical changes?

Since Jeep has been talking about it for a while, we can possibly look forward to it in the 2017 edition, and that’s the little automatic transmission thing. The 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited had a 6-speed manual transmission and a 5-speed automatic, and the problem was with the latter, as the power interruption was not enough to meet the demanding requirements of an off-road vehicle. So this time Jeep will bump it up to an 8-speed automatic transmission, and this will help improve throttle response and fuel efficiency on the go for the new car. Torque is expected to remain unchanged at 260 pound-feet. The same thrilling 4WD experience will continue too (as if it were to end!)

Fuel economy

Thanks to the new 8-speed automatic transmission and body chassis, the fuel efficiency of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is expected to increase significantly this time. It can go up to 1-2 mpg in the manual transmission and 3-4 mpg in the automatic transmission. The car is expected to continue on 87 octane fuel as before.

Any concerns about the price?

They are expected to rise slightly more than annual inflation rates, as the change in transmission and bodywork would require more premium work. Pricing ranges from a two-door Sport model with a manual transmission at $ 25,000 and a fully loaded Rubicon at around $ 45,000, including the destination fee, which was about $ 1,000 alone.


Chevrolet’s Nissan Frontier, Subaru Forester, Toyota Tacoma and Colorado are just a few of the competitors you can expect to take on the refined new Jeep monster. But when it comes to fuel economy and sheer excitement, who can come close to this beauty?

When is the release date?

The new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is expected to launch in late 2016 or early 2017, according to