6 Tips to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, you may be looking for ways to get tons of views. According to statistics, YouTube videos get more than 1.5 billion views per day. On average, a viewer spends more than an hour on this platform. If your view count is too low, we suggest that you follow this simple guide to grow your channel. Read on to learn more.

1. Encourage your existing viewers to subscribe

Your current viewers are an ideal source of video views for your upcoming videos. Therefore, you should encourage them to subscribe to your channel. Once they subscribe, you will see a gradual increase in view count.

All you need to do is ask them to press the subscribe button on your channel. Adding a call to action to your videos is a great idea too. You may also want to place a subscribe link in your video descriptions for search engine rankings.

2. Ask your viewers what they want to see.

If you create videos that don’t appeal to your viewers, you will hardly get any views. So what you need to do is ask your viewers what they want to see. In fact, uploading content that your audience loves is a great way to build an audience and keep your audience’s attention.

3. Use playlists to improve playtime

According to the statistics published by YouTube, the main channels of the platform have many playlists. Actually, these brands know the importance of autoplay. When content is great, people will just continue to watch videos as they autoplay.

4. Use end cards and screens

With end screens and cards, you can direct your viewers to your other great content. The cards actually function as pop-up windows that appear during playback. On the other hand, the end screens appear once the video ends.

5. Create SEO titles and descriptions

If people can’t find your videos, they won’t be able to watch them. In other words, you need to follow the best SEO strategies to make your content search engine friendly. So what you need to do is add potential keywords when creating titles and descriptions. Make sure the keywords are relevant to your videos.

You can use the Google AdWords and Google Trends Keyword Planner to list useful keywords for your video descriptions.

6. Use attractive thumbnails

Most people scan content rather than read it. Similarly, on YouTube, they scan the video list before hitting the play button. So, make sure your video thumbnails are attractive. It is not a good idea to use auto-generated thumbnails. Instead, you should use custom thumbnails.

In short, if you want your videos to get tons of views, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article. With these tips, it will be much easier for you to grow your channel and get many more subscribers than before. I hope this helps.

It is worth choosing the best childcare services for your child

Most parents would agree that it is not always so easy to choose the best childcare services for your children. Parents should make sure to choose a facility that ensures the safety and health of their children. At the same time, the facility should also be a fun place for the proper education and upbringing of your child.

The simple truth is that around seventy percent of parents choose to place their children in daycare. They have several options, including in-home and in-center care. They can also choose a preschool or they can entrust the care of their children to someone. Regardless of the type of daycare you choose, there are certain things to keep in mind.

The most important issue is finding a daycare that is equipped to handle your child’s temperament as well as his likes and dislikes. The center must also be equipped to look after the health and interests of the child and to encourage good behavior. If the baby is less than a year old, then you need to find a center that pays close attention to the upbringing of the baby and its special health requirements.

If the child is older than a toddler, then it makes sense for him to choose a nursery where the child can play and develop an appropriate learning style. In addition, the center should also provide an opportunity for the child to interact with other children and their intellectual curiosity should also be taken care of.

This is what to look for in daycare for your child. The first thing you have to do is find out why the center is interested in working with your children and with other children the same age as your child.

Nurseries and centers offer excellent childcare and a single adult will oversee the care of your children. Most day care centers also use multiple people to care for your child. You must also ensure that the center gives the highest priority to the health and safety of the child. Every child who arrives at the facility must be vaccinated and the same goes for staff members. The facility must also be child-proof and facility personnel must wear disposable gloves when changing a baby’s diapers.

Using career narratives to get a job

You will need to create many stories throughout your job search to showcase your knowledge, skills, and abilities. The first type of story you want to create is the professional narrative. This type of story tells the potential employer who you are at your core and reveals why you are unique compared to other candidates for the job. Some consider this to be their unique selling proposition. Done correctly, it will reflect your personality and value system to the interviewer.

The story you create for your career narrative can be about anything; But it generally involves a significant event, challenge, or obstacle you faced in a work environment that details how you overcame it and what lessons you learned. In the course of writing your story, you will gain a better understanding of who you are as a person. You will also be able to extract more stories from this experience that can be used during your job search that will highlight some of your other positive job characteristics and traits.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to creating a professional narrative. It’s best to create several that illustrate different aspects of your personality and accomplishments that you can choose from. When creating your story, it is important to be aware of the fact that the listener has the power to hire you based in part on the personal insights they receive after hearing the stories you tell.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your career narrative. First, keep it short so that you can easily remember and retell other people involved in the hiring decision. Second, link your past accomplishments to future career goals you have set for yourself. Third, don’t inflate your career narrative. It is important to be authentic, reciprocal and transparent when conveying your story to the interviewer. Keep practicing your story with friends and family until you start your presentation and appear both humble and personable.

Best HHC Carts 2021 – Buying an HHC vape cartridge

Best HHC Carts 2021

If you’re interested in buying an HHC vape cartridge, then you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of options out there. There are cartridges that are made from various compounds, and they can all be useful in different situations. The best way to choose a cart is to look at the manufacturer’s reputation and current users’ reviews. Check out some of the top choices below to find the right one for you.


If you want a fast and discreet high, then you should buy a HHC vape cart. A good vape cart will contain at least 90% of HHC and have a glass tank and ceramic coils. Alternatively, if you want to have a long-lasting high, you should consider buying a gummy or an edible. These options are the most versatile and discreet, and they are available in a variety of flavors.

You can also buy HHC cartridges directly from manufacturers. This will ensure that the product you’re buying is authentic and is made from hemp. In addition to that, you’ll be able to obtain the lowest prices on these products. This method is perfect if you’re looking for a high-quality HHC cartridge. It will also give you access to the company’s detailed information about the products they sell.

Best HHC Carts 2021 – Buying an HHC vape cartridge

If you’re looking for a quality HHC cart, consider purchasing one online. The prices on these stores are often better than in brick-and-mortar stores. Furthermore, they are more likely to offer specials. If you’re unsure about which cartridge is best for your needs, be sure to check out 3Chi’s reviews. Its vape cartridges have the highest customer ratings, and are produced by a company with a solid reputation.

When looking for the best HHC vape cartridge, make sure to consider the terpenes. There are many factors to consider, including the amount of THC. The best HHC carts should have a high concentration of THC to give you the best effects. A good cannabis vape cartridge will help you relax and be more productive, so look for a product that has the right terpenes.

It’s easy to find a high-quality HHC cartridge online. There are a number of benefits to buying a HHC vape cartridge. The price is an important consideration. Those who are looking for a good CBD vape cartridge will want to pay under $225. The best HHC carts will contain 94% THC distillate. This is the most potent form of cannabis, and it’s worth a look if you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to get high.

The best HHC vape carts will contain an adequate amount of THC. The oil level should be between 30 and 50 mg. Generally, you can see a little bubble of air in the tank. The best HHC cartridges are also free of chemicals and additives. In addition to a good price, the best HHC vape carts will have the most benefits for you. If you’re considering purchasing an herb-based vaporizer, there are many advantages to buying it online.

Sex Tips: Exhibitionist Role Play

When it comes to role-playing games, those with an exhibitionist bent can be very popular, especially among men. After all, men tend to be proud of their erect penises and the praise they often wish for their members is to some extent exhibitionist in nature. The following sexual tips can help incorporate some “showing off” into a couple’s sex life. Of course, men must practice good penis care to ensure their members are in good health and ready to be presented in their best light.

A word of caution

Many people, both men and women, are very excited about the prospect of being a public exhibitionist. For some, this could involve a rapid flash of the genitals. For others, going totally naked in a public place or engaging in sexual activities in front of others is what turns them on. However, unless such wishes are fulfilled in a controlled situation between consenting adults, there is a very real risk of breaking the law. The role-play scenarios below are intended to be performed in a private situation with the audience limited to active participants only.

Role playing game

Most sexual advice on role play emphasizes that the participants must agree to the parameters they are setting. Before beginning, partners should determine what they are comfortable doing.

– Shower. The “trapped in the shower” scenarios, where one partner enters and the other enters or simply exits the bathtub, are very popular and fairly easy to set up and execute. Some typical situations may include: a wife approaches her husband who masturbates while showering; a prospective home buyer bumps into the homeowner when he is about to shower; Or a colleague takes a photo of her coworker in the shower and threatens to blackmail him if he doesn’t masturbate in front of her.

– Psychiatrist. The man plays the patient of a psychiatrist. Lying on the couch, he talks about his deep desire to expose himself in front of others. The psychiatrist encourages you to follow your wishes in the safety of the office.

– Classroom. Many men recall feeling embarrassed at school when a very noticeable erection caused their pants to come off. In this scenario, the man poses as a high school student who makes a presentation in a state of excitement. The woman is an understanding teacher who encourages him to let go of his erection to make him feel more comfortable and then praises him as he demonstrates his skill with her.

– Truth or Dare. The woman challenges the man to undress and pose on a busy street. He does, and his partner takes on the role of passersby who stop, whistle, clap, or show their appreciation for this man’s dowry.

– Fun in the copy room. The man is caught using the office copier to take pictures of his member. The colleague who catches him wants me to show him what is special about his package. Soon the two engage in mating, aware all the time that someone can walk on them at any moment.

Tips on exhibitionist sex help formulate safe scenarios to explore risky situations that can contribute to a couple’s sex life. As mentioned, if the member is to be displayed, it should look its best. Regular use of a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help you achieve that goal. Since no man wants a wrinkled virility, a cream with a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid is recommended. A good antioxidant prevents premature aging and wrinkles on the skin of the penis. Good skin tone is also desirable, so a cream with vitamin C should be considered. Vitamin C helps with collagen production and the resulting firmness of penile tissue. With a cream like Man1 Man Oil, a penis can be presented in a healthier way.

Dreaming of a Dead Cat – Prophetic Dream Interpretations

So you dreamed of a dead cat and now you are worried, stressed about the possible meaning of your dream. You are trembling. Your inner sanctuary is in ruins. You wonder, what could this mean?

To understand the dream of the cat you just had, you need to look at the dream from a unique perspective and ask yourself some fundamental questions.

What does a cat mean to you? Do you like cats at all? Or are you just indifferent to them? What feeling goes through you every time you see a cat? Do you automatically feel an instant attraction?

The meaning of a cat to you will help you to accurately identify what your dream means.

Let me give you an example of a cat dream I had.

The dream:

I dreamed a dream during the night sometime in November 2009. In my dream, I was in the backyard of a house. Night was approaching. I found myself swimming with a cat in the lake behind the house. Whose house was this, I don’t know. But I swam in the lake with the cat by my side.

Being human, I can obviously swim much faster than a cat. So I swam at my usual pace, but in no time, a certain distance had been created between me and this cat. I didn’t realize this right away. When I looked back to see how the cat was doing, the cat had sunk to the bottom of the lake.

I hurried back to where the cat was and when I got there the cat was at the bottom of the lake with eyes wide open as if horrified. He wasn’t fighting like one would expect a drowned cat to, he just stood there frozen with his eyes staring at me. I looked at this cat and wondered if I should dive to the bottom of the lake to get it out.

But as I pondered this, I thought to myself, why bother? I am not a cat person at all. I am not attracted to them. I consider them creepy creatures. They are lazy and only care about themselves, unlike dogs. I’m more of a dog person. But in this dream, I was dreaming of a cat, an animal that I just didn’t care about.

After a few moments of reflection, I decided to leave the cat at the bottom of the lake and then I swam. However, coming out of the lake, I couldn’t get away from it. I was immersed in doubts. I stayed there, by the lake, wrapped in thoughts. He still couldn’t stop thinking about the cat. I wondered if leaving it alone was the right decision. Should I come back for him and perform CPR? How ridiculous would that be? Do I even know how to perform CPR on an animal?

It was while contemplating my next move that I woke up from my dream.


When I woke up from this dream, I was quite confused. I woke up to a constant heartbeat, unlike on other occasions when I had had dreams that predicted sinister events. I was curious to know what this particular dream could mean. It puzzled me, but I didn’t care.

A few weeks after the dream, my girlfriend and I abruptly broke up. Now this was an emotionally tumultuous period in my life. I loved the girl very much, but deep in my heart, I always knew that she was not the type of woman that a man like me should take seriously.

However, the breakup was devastating. The emotional pain I felt was tremendously horrendous. My soul was troubled. I struggled with many schemes unworthy of some form of reconciliation and although I implemented some of them, none of them brought me closer to my heart’s desire. Hands heavy with tears, I reached out hoping for a better tomorrow, but it never came, at least not as fast as I wanted.

However, as time passed, I began to realize it. He knew he was better off without this girl due to certain questionable characteristics he had that he had tried to sweep under the rug. She loved to party, she never liked to stay in the house, she was bored quite easily, she was always on the go, she cared only about herself (a classic cat trait), she was very combative and did not seem to understand fights between couples. . it must be short-lived. Before the breakup, I ignored all of these glaring signals for reasons that I’m sure some of you can imagine. He was emotionally attached.

A few months after the breakup. We got back together. But like water and oil, we parted again shortly after. He loved the girl, this I will not deny. However, their behavioral characteristics simply did not lead to a harmonious relationship. Therefore, in the interests of my happiness, as opposed to the incessant downpour of poignant melancholic feelings that I had been struggling with, I chose to leave her alone … forever!

It was painful and I doubted the decision, but I knew it was for the greater good. Even if she begged me to return her, I might consider the idea, but I would eventually refuse to promote her to be a permanent companion. Contrary to popular belief, I know that people don’t change. They can alter certain characteristics of themselves, but their general personality, moral values ​​and beliefs will remain the same.

Now let’s look at the symbols in this dream.


Lake = The lake in this dream is the relationship between my ex and me.

Swimming = The act of swimming in this lake denotes her and my attempts to have a relationship together.

Capacity = The fact that I swam faster than her to the point where she lagged behind meant that in this relationship, I had more to give than she did. She did not have the ability to be the same caring, considerate, and selfless person as me.

In other words, in the lake of relationships we were in, I swam and went further than the cat because, as in the real-life relationship of which the dream was an allegory, I was the most powerful. I was the one with the ability to do the most.

In the dream, I swam with a purpose. Although I didn’t have a destination in mind, I swam as if I did. He didn’t, so he gave up when he couldn’t keep up with my dedication to the relationship.


Look, if you have a dream about a dead cat, stop thinking that dream dictionaries can help you. As you can see from the situation above, a prophetic dream is always unique to the person who had it. Always remember that. What does a cat mean to you? Answer that question and you will discover the mystery of your dream!

Using your digital photo frame as a motivational tool

Advances in photography have reached a point where it is much easier for many more people to capture, share and store fantastic snapshots of all their precious moments in life. You can easily manipulate any image you take before printing, and you don’t have to pay for poor quality photos, as was the case not so long ago.

And now, with the advent of the digital photo frame, displaying your digital photos in their best effect has never been easier, nor have the results ever looked better. It’s all very well taking thousands of digital images, some of which may remain in your camera for eternity, while the rest languish on your desktop’s hard drive, rarely, if ever, to be viewed again. . And for those who are truly brought to life and printed, whether at home or at work with the trusted Canon digital printer or by ordering online from Kodak or one of its many competitors, these are scrutinized when received by the first time, but what happens next? Left in a drawer with everyone else?

However, everything is changing now with the digital photo frame. Your photos can now be uploaded directly from your camera, from your computer, or from some other form of electronic storage device. And it’s easy too – no time to configure, no fiddling with many settings. The whole thing is more of a plug-and-play setup, so you don’t need to have a college education to figure out what to do just to get your photos from one place to another.

However, how can you use the digital photo frame as a motivational tool?

First, where could you use it to inspire? At home, of course. Imagine getting out of bed in the morning and feeling the need to get inspired, just to let the creative juices flow. How about the idea of ​​having a digital photo frame in your room that has a slideshow of some of the most inspiring photos that you either took or found on the internet and downloaded onto your photo frame? You can also add some of your favorite music; many digital photo frames have this function.

Now, how about in the office? You need some motivation to start in the morning, so it makes sense to have your own digital frame filled with highly motivating images and captions. You can insert pictures and words and make a slide show with them. A great booster to add to your productive capabilities.

Or, you just might want to make a few New Years resolutions or a one-time resolution and you need a constant reminder about it too. Make a slideshow of images and captions to stay motivated to stay on the right track. This will serve as motivation to push you in the right direction whenever you feel the urge to revert to old ways.

There are many other ways that a digital photo frame can be used as an inspiration tool, be it on a personal or professional level; actually, it’s a matter of using your imagination; use vivid color pictures and / or words that really sink in at home. to make you think deeply every time you read them. In this way, you will get the best use of your digital photo frame as a motivational tool.

The 8 Best Ryoshi Brokers in 2021

Best Ryoshi Brokers

The most important thing to do when it comes to cryptocurrency is to choose the right Ryoshi Broker. There are a lot of good options available online, but the best choice is the one that offers the lowest fees. Then you can invest in Ryoshi Token with utmost confidence, because the fees associated with this type of trading are very low. Then you can get started with the process of purchasing Ryoshi Token by using a cryptocurrency broker.

The best Ryoshi Brokers in 2021 can be found on major exchange platforms. You can get them at the BNB exchange. There is another major coin exchange platform called Binance. It allows you to buy and sell the currency. Once you have a balance, you can start trading in RYOSHI. This platform is very user-friendly, and it offers a number of other features to its users.

There are eight best Ryoshi brokers in 2021. Among them are Uniswap and Shiba. Both are 100% community-run, and the underlying code allows users to make a choice in terms of price and liquidity. Then there is SHIBA INU. Whether you’re looking for a broker for a small investment or a large portfolio, there’s a RYOSHI broker out there for you.

The best Ryoshi Brokers in 2021 are Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Both are regulated and provide good service. The best RYOSHI broker will offer a good exchange rate, low fees, and an excellent reputation. The most popular broker will offer you the opportunity to invest your money in the RYOSHI token and earn a profit from the token. You can find more information on both in this article.

The 8 Best Ryoshi Brokers in 2021

Squid game has gained immense popularity in the cryptocurrency space. The Squid network also offers a platform to earn XRP. Both of these are volatile. InfinitX has the highest price of any cryptocurrency in 2021. Squid Game is one of the most valuable and innovative platforms, which aims to encourage users to earn with Ryoshi. Aside from being a great currency, Squid is the most popular of the two.

As a result of the high prices of RYOSHI, Shiba is one of the most popular cryptocurrency in 2021. Its popularity has gained international recognition. In addition to Shiba, the company has an ERC-20 token. A single Ryoshi can be exchanged for up to 60 different currencies. If you’re looking for a low-cost, secure cryptocurrency, it’s probably worth a look.

The best Ryoshi broker is the one that offers the lowest fees and a high quality community. A broker can offer you a variety of products and services that will help you earn money and earn a large amount of RYOS. A RYOSHI coin can be traded in many currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. If you’re new to cryptography, eToro has an extensive selection of Ethereum-based tokens.

Market Pantry Vs Archer Farms

Hello! I recently started a blog reviewing affordable products that can be purchased at Target and thought it might be helpful to provide a quick overview and comparison of Target’s top two grocery brands, Market Pantry and Archer Farms.

Market Pantry is officially described by Target as:

Great brand flavor. But it comes at a much, much lower price. You get the same quality, but for much less than what you would pay for national brands.

Much redundant? A lot a lot a lot. Their product descriptions are pretty fantastic too – have you seen my Market Pantry Toasted Oats Whole Grain Oat Cereal review? I’m not really criticizing, I mean, it’s good information to have, but I still find it a decent source of entertainment.

Expect to find Market Pantry products located directly next to the branded product they are copying, quite possibly with a huge “Compare and Save!” signs pointing directly at them. Pretty classic example of a low price strategy.

In terms of quality … it’s a bit of a mixed bag. There have been cases where I have preferred Market Pantry products to the branded alternative, and there have been situations where I have not been able to physically drown them.

It is actually surprisingly difficult to find reviews for some of these products online. Hence my new blog. Hopefully people find it useful. But I digress. =)

Now we will investigate the description of Target from Archer Farms:

Our highest quality made with the best ingredients. We promise you’ll love every bite, bite, and sip. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

As you can see, there is a little difference in how they are marketed, and for good reason. Market Pantry is roughly equivalent to the lower priced generic brands you’d find in any supermarket, while Archer Farms is more expensive and has a more elegant sound.

This may sound a bit misleading, but I have had some really great experiences with Archer Farms products in general. A large percentage of them are organic, and both the packaging and the taste are exceptional. Some of them also contribute to charitable initiatives; if so, the packaging will usually indicate so.

There’s also a bit more personality to the Archer Farms brand – it’s pretty obvious that they’ve chosen to differentiate their products in terms of quality ingredients and interesting flavors rather than implementing the low-price strategy that Market Pantry somehow emphasizes. irritating degree.

Unfortunately, with superior quality comes superior prices. Expect to pay as much, if not more, as you would for a national brand. It’s worth it? That depends on you.

Other store brands:

There are a few other brands that are exclusive to Target as well. I’ll briefly summarize for you: Choxie offers high-end chocolates, Sutton & Dodge offers Angus beef, and Wine Cube offers … well … wine cubes? I’ve never actually witnessed such Wine Cubes, but according to the Target website, they are pretty colors, win prizes, and are available in three sizes.

Bottom line:

Market Pantry offers cheaper alternatives to branded products. The good ones are great and the lemons are not edible. Fear not … I’m here to guide you !;)

Archer Farms offers equally expensive alternatives to national brand products. They are consistently of the highest quality, and many products are organic too!