The boss of hell: quick to criticize, slow to praise

So you have a boss who blasts you the moment things go wrong, but never seems to realize that things are going well. Oh.

Jamie is a hardworking, cheerful and thoughtful manager. She leads two high-functioning teams that support each other very well. So why does Jamie come to work with a stomachache every day? Why do your staff often feel paralyzed? It’s because Jamie’s boss, VP of Customer Services, finds fault with Jamie and his team members every day. He seems to go out of his way to criticize. When the vice president is absent, the group operates like a well-oiled machine. When he’s there, they gossip, avoid tough problems, and try to make themselves invisible.

As a defensive strategy, Jamie visits his boss every morning to read his mood and prevent any explosion. She tells you first what she and her team accomplished the day before, what issues they are facing, and how they are handling them. Sometimes the strategy works, sometimes it doesn’t, and the explosions come anyway. The constant stomach ache is the price Jamie pays for trying to figure out how to please this overly critical boss.

Most of us can accept some criticism from our bosses from time to time when we are wrong or have not done something right. However, it can be tremendously demotivating when criticism seems to be the only type of feedback we receive and we do not receive recognition for our positive contributions.

Chances are, your boss is not intentionally trying to demotivate you. It is doubtful that he has any master plans to make your life miserable. Chances are you’ve fallen into the all-too-common management trap of looking for things that are wrong rather than things that are right. Of course, this particular behavior is not unique to managers. Many parents, coaches, and peers (maybe even you and me) fall into this trap.

If you have to deal with overly critical behavior, there is a technique worth trying. The next times your boss criticizes you, follow this three-step process:

1. Apologize

2. Let your boss know that you will correct the problem

3. End with a comment that gently reminds you that you do things right occasionally. For instance:

“Wow, and here I thought you would come and tell me what a good job I did on that last project.” Say it with a smile and then get busy correcting your mistake.

It may take a few repetitions, but your boss will eventually get the message that you would like positive encouragement.

Now here’s the part for the really brave and truthful among you. In fact, you can tell your boss what you want. If you don’t say anything, don’t expect your boss to read your mind or realize how constant criticism affects you. Say something like:

“I appreciate the feedback. It helps me improve. Besides criticism, I also appreciate hearing what I do well. It helps me know what to keep doing.”

While you can’t control how your boss talks to you, you can control the quality of your own communication and how you respond. Good luck.

6 useful accessories for your smartphone

From portable chargers to stay on for longer, extra lens for your phone’s camera, or a waterproof case, there are plenty of fun and practical accessories for smartphones. A well-chosen selection of accessories can increase the usability of your phone and make it do things that are not possible on its own. These are some of the best accessories:

Protective case

The latest high-end smartphone is not only beautiful, but also very expensive. A sturdy case is a worthwhile investment and easily protects your phone from minor bumps and knocks. The protective sleeve is available in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed to be tough and waterproof, while others are simply there to complement the design.

Portable Charger

High-resolution displays and massive feature lists mean that the modern smartphone is regularly running out of battery. A portable charger is a simple solution to keep your phone going while you are away from a charging point. Most are incredibly light and thin, but still have enough power to fully charge a depleted phone once or twice.

Bluetooth speakers

With the ability to store a large music library, the smartphone has many people as its primary music player. Therefore, to get the best possible sound quality, it can be beneficial to invest in a portable Bluetooth speaker. This not only provides clearer sound, but also allows you to share your favorite tracks with others. They’re ideal for the home or office, or the sturdier speakers are a practical option for the next outdoor adventure.

Car dock

A car dock is a useful addition to placing your smartphone in a vehicle. This is particularly useful for those who plan to make use of the built-in GPS technology in combination with a preferred navigation application. In addition, this means that there is no need to invest in a separate sat nav. They are available for virtually all smartphone makes or models.

Charging cable

A long charging cable is a practical and useful accessory. Most of the standard cables that come with a smartphone are quite short. This can make it inconvenient to leave it on a preferred nightstand or similar location while charging. But, there are many options for buying the longer cables that provide more flexibility when charging.

Camera lens

Most of the latest phones are designed with a pretty decent camera. But they are limited by the size of the small lens. However, it is possible to enhance the camera’s function by investing in a fisheye, telephoto, or wide-angle lens.

Burn fat fast? This is how you do it

With the arrival of good weather, there are people who still want to burn fat quickly. If you are simply comfortable with your skin and completely happy with your body, you should definitely not participate. But for people who want to feel a little more confident, we have some tips.

Burns fat quickly

Fat burning starts with your metabolism, this is how your body works when it comes to burning fat. It ensures that the energy in your body is broken down properly. So when you’ve had something to eat and start exercising afterward, your metabolism ensures that the energy from your food is used for exercise. Fat burning, therefore, is as much about your diet as it is about how you exercise.

Burn fat fast with these foods

There are certain foods that contribute to the burning of fats, but also foods that contribute to the development of fats. So if you plan to burn off some fat before the good weather starts, it’s best to skip the high-fat nutrients. These nutrients are good for burning fat:

Avocado, our all-time favorite fruit. Avocados ensure that you get saturated quickly, so you feel full quickly, and research even says they are targeting belly fat.

Peanut butter and all kinds of nuts and seeds also contribute to the rapid saturation. They make you feel full for a long time and contain fats and minerals that contribute to fat burning.

Like avocados and peanut butter, eggs actually contribute to a feeling of fullness and a quick burn. Organic eggs are the healthiest option in this case.

Several researchers have labeled green tea as a powerful antioxidant. With several test panels, green tea increased metabolism by 35-45%.

Wild salmon, thanks to its high protein and omega-3 content, contributes very well to fat burning. Many people seem to be deficient in omega 3 and see, when they consume it, their belly fat disappears like snow in the sun.

Burn fat fast with exercise

Now that we know which nutrients contribute to rapid fat burning, it is important to know in combination with which sport it is best to do this. There are several sports that contribute to rapid burning:

When you go swimming you use almost every muscle in your body. The muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen, back and shoulders have to hold a lot when you go through the water like a rocket. The advantage of swimming is that you, because you are in the water, will never really sweat. Swimming is really a must for anyone who wants to burn fat fast.

For people who prefer to stay dry, running might be a better alternative. Many dietitians recommend running because you can lose weight easily, quickly, and a lot. In principle, running can also be done anywhere, so it is also an easy sport to start with. Buy a good pair of running shoes and build them quietly. You see, when you start running regularly, you will soon lose a lot of weight.

Have you had a gym membership card in your closet since January that you are no longer doing anything with? Then take it out of the closet and head to the gym for strength training. You are not only burning fat, but you are also building muscle with it. The heavier you train, the harder your metabolism must seek energy to burn. Keep in mind that you can easily get injured from strength training, so if you feel like an exercise isn’t going well, ask for help.

Recreational cycling is also a good option for anyone who is not super sporty, but who, for example, lives within walking distance of work by bike. This may not be as fast as strength training or running, but it is certainly a good alternative.

If you want to burn fat fast, it is important that both of you make a conscious decision in terms of nutrition and that you start playing a sport that ensures a fast burn.

How to buy a puppy online safely and responsibly

As a lifelong dog owner and breeder for several years, I have found a great need to educate people in the process of buying a puppy online. There are so many breeders with so many options that it can all become overwhelming in no time. I support local shelters, but realize that there are many families who want a healthy puppy that has been raised with children to add to their family. If you have decided that a puppy like this is what you want for your family, then you will be on an adventure to find the right one for you. Once you’ve decided which breed is right for your family, you need to find a breeder. You can email your prospective breeder initially, but be sure to speak with him soon after you start communication. You can tell a lot by the attitude of the person and you will soon know if they have knowledge and experience in what they are doing by asking a few questions. Here is a list of questions to ask first of all:

1. Do you have a state license? – If a person does not have a state license, then he is raising dogs as a hobby or illegally. You want to find a puppy that has had research and planning going into their breeding, not just two dogs together to produce a puppy. If they don’t have a state license, don’t consider them. Many states have or are in the process of vastly improving their canine laws, making it impossible in many states to run a puppy mill and obtain a license.

2. Is this your full time business? There are many breeders who have OTHER full-time jobs in addition to their kennel. This makes it almost impossible to properly focus on your dogs and puppies. In our kennel, my husband and I work full time, as well as two part-time employees. Chances are, if your breeder has another job, your kennel is not the top priority and your satisfaction is not the top priority either.

3. Do you only sell puppies raised by you? There are many, many people advertising on the internet for other people and you can never see where your puppy was raised and raised. If you can’t physically see your puppy’s parents, don’t buy it. This is especially important when buying a designer (mixed) breed, as many people think they can get away with breeding anything and then adding a designer name to it. You also don’t want to support a puppy mill without knowing it by purchasing a puppy from a dealer. Often times, the reason people don’t sell their own puppies is because they have something to hide in their own place or because they don’t want to be responsible for any future problems. A good breeder will stand behind their puppies and offer a decent guarantee. If there is no guarantee with your prospective pup, walk away!

4. Do you wholesale your puppies? There are quite a few puppy mills that sell only some of their puppies and then ship the rest to pet stores, sometimes across the country. A good breeder will meet, or at least talk to, every new puppy owner. Responsible breeders care about their puppies and where they are going. A good breeder will also offer to carry the puppy throughout its life rather than having the puppy or dog go to a shelter due to the inability to care for the puppy.

5. Are your puppies AND adults regularly checked by the vet? I am appalled at the number of breeders who do not veterinarily monitor their puppies or adults. This is the most important step to take to ensure a healthy puppy is produced. Even breeders who control their puppies do not bother to control their breeding dogs. FOREVER. To deliver the best quality puppy, healthy parents are essential. Request proof of the parents’ veterinary reports. You may not think you should ask, but make sure puppies have all applicable vaccinations and deworming and ask for tests.

6. Can I see where your dogs are kept? An irresponsible breeder will tell you no. You may not necessarily be allowed into a kennel for a number of reasons, including biosecurity and health reasons, but you should at least be able to see adult dogs.

7. Do you have references from previous clients? This is a very important step. Don’t overlook it!

There are many more questions to ask your potential breeder. If your breeders show signs of good communication and a willingness to help you in your search and try to work with you, you have found something special. Quick responses mean they care about you and would like to help. If you do not receive responses via email or phone calls, it probably means that you will also not get answers to your questions after the sale. Don’t expect immediate responses because responsible kennel owners are extremely busy, but 24 hours is a reasonable expectation.

Stay away from dealers and websites with 800 numbers. They are advertising who knows who and are probably putting a huge margin on the pups. Also be wary of websites that offer 10-year warranties. This seems too good to be true and generally is. Read the fine print and see their outrageous requirements for this warranty to be in effect. Pet stores are out of the question. As cute as the pup may seem, refrain because you could be signing up for a lifetime of headaches and vet bills. Chances are, you’re supporting puppy mills by shopping at a pet store anyway.

When you go to the kennel to meet the puppy and the breeder, if you have a feeling that is not good when you arrive and when you leave, stay with him.

Despite all the risks and heartache that buying a puppy online can bring, there are many good and responsible breeders who offer quality puppies and lifelong support. Don’t be afraid to shop online, just be smart!

Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Children tend to get bored easily, so the clues and puzzles for your party should be easy. Look around your home and examine your most common household items or belongings. Think about how you can make funny jokes or jokes about these ordinary things in your home. Here’s an example of a line: “What did one potato chip say to another potato chip? Answer: Let’s take a dip. Or can giraffes have babies? Answer: no, they only have giraffes.” These funny jokes may seem corny to older children, but for young children this will certainly make everyone laugh. A question and answer hint is also easier to do than the usual riddle. This style is also easy for inexperienced clue makers or newbies who are about to organize their first scavenger hunt. If you are still having a hard time doing a question and answer type of puzzle, try doing it the other way around. Think of an article and make a funny joke about it or just say something about it. Example: “I am soft, sweet and fun to put in your cocoa drink” Answer: Marshmallows. It is important to note that your clues and puzzles should be appropriate for your child’s age group. As children get older, more difficult and cunning clues may be needed to stimulate players and make the game more exciting.

Another good idea might be to organize a photo scavenger hunt for kids. But unlike most photo scavenger hunts, make the game more challenging by taking a close-up photo of the items to make the hunt more complicated and entertaining. You can add clues or a general location of a certain thing in the photo and watch them search to match the pattern of your photos. For preschoolers who cannot read yet, pictures or pictures of toys and other knickknacks would be suitable for them.

Most scavenger hunts end with having to award a prize to the winner who found the most items. So it might also be a good idea to make some of the clues harder to solve to make sure the kids don’t end up with the same number of items.

Making clues and puzzles for the scavenger hunt parties will get easier as time goes by. It may seem overwhelming at first, but with practice and experience, the task will not seem as overwhelming as it once did. Imagination and patience will always help. And practice may not always make perfect, but it will get you as close to it as possible!