Business Financing Strategies: Market Test

Startup loans are hard to come by

It’s no secret and shouldn’t come as a surprise to most, it is relatively difficult to obtain business financing for a new business, specifically to obtain a conventional bank loan. These financial institutions are in the business of making money … not losing it because of a ‘hunch’ or an unproven business. So if you are a new company or are at least thinking of starting a business, how can you solve this problem of getting a business loan from a conventional bank? Here’s the key: don’t be a new company. It’s easy to say, but not difficult to achieve if you practice discipline and commitment.

The main reasons why companies do not get financing are:

  • Lack of concept
  • Lack of market proof
  • Low profit margins
  • Lack of commercial and / or personal assets as collateral

Today, we will review the lack of proof of the market.

How to get a market test

It is difficult to produce and sell products and services to a market that does not exist or is too small. Start-ups do not take into account the size and profitability of the market they intend to serve. Due to the many options that are available to startups through social media and other online platforms such as Google or Yahoo, it is relatively easy to find out the market potential of a company. The recommendation is to apply the MVP or “minimum viable product” principle meaning you take a simple prototype of your core product and / or service offering and get it to the target market quickly. The purpose of doing this is to get quick feedback for the necessary revisions and to prove that the market exists. Also, to really get to know the market, go outside and ask potential customers. Identify multiple suspects in your product and / or service offering, and contact them via phone call, direct mail survey, or in-person visit. The main purpose of these activities is to get feedback and eventually a sale if it is mutually beneficial.

From what I’ve observed over the past decade from working and observing startups, it takes 12 to 18 months to really gain traction in a market. Do not confuse this with the initial idea test in the market. This should be quick to notice and will take no more than 30 days. In other words, if your MVP isn’t getting enough feedback and ultimately sales, then you abort the mission or review / retest it.

How do you strengthen your business finance case with market testing? Once you have proof of market for your business through sales and proof of cash received through commercial bank statements, include these documents in the commercial financing package. Show how the business loan will enhance the ability to gain more market share or increase profit margins through business growth.

The benefits of a large kitchen set

Every kitchen has the potential for functionality, display, and storage. The saddest part of life is the fact that many of our kitchens don’t have all of these things. Having a large kitchen helps you solve the problem. It also looks beautiful. When choosing or designing a home, it is a great thing if you can have one at your disposal. Some of the benefits include:

Storage and cabinets

If you’ve ever used a kitchen that doesn’t have adequate storage space, then getting a large one will be a great thing for you. You can have as many shelves and drawers as you want. You can also install recycling bins and any other components that you have always felt necessary for your home.

Enough for the kids

A large kitchen is always a perfect option when children are involved. Regardless of what you want to be helped, a great kitchen will suit everyone without the feeling of squeeze. You can have them there for easy viewing. You can also install conveniences like refrigerated drawers and microwaves within easy reach of the little ones in case they need something without you. You can place comforts for your children comfortably within reach to teach them a little independence.

Seating space

Having some extra seating space is always a huge plus for homeowners. This is an area where you can have your informal dinner. When your extended family or friends join you for dinner, preparing and serving your meals it doesn’t get as hectic as it normally is when there are smaller kitchens.


Sometimes you need more floor space, while other times you need a few extra countertops. A large kitchen allows you to do what you think is necessary. This becomes evident when you are preparing a great meal for many people who want to help.

Additional kitchen amenities

When you have a large kitchen, it is very easy to have all the comforts that you have always wanted in the same place. This is how you make the kitchen a functional and useful space for you and your home. This is how a kitchen becomes the main center of cooking and entertainment.

Material options

There are many materials you can choose from for a great functional kitchen. There are inexpensive and expensive materials according to your budget. A countertop dealer can help you choose the best material.

Everyone now has a legitimate reason why they should have a large kitchen, as the benefits are many. You can enjoy a better seating area and versatility at all times. Many people struggle with kitchen decor and design due to the limited area that is generally available. In order for such a kitchen to be functional and look great at the same time, a lot of work has to be done. A small kitchen makes you sacrifice many things, but with the largest option, the styles you can have inside have no limits. There are many things that can be done to make the space look very special.

Thinking of buying a sedan? The pros and cons

Why would anyone want to drive a sedan? Well, I think anyone who owns a sedan would agree that the need for more space is the main reason people choose to drive a sedan. Sedans are known to be the family car type, the type of car that you can leave your kids, dog, and luggage in with room to spare. Therefore, it is the practicality of the vehicle that makes it a winner among families and people who enjoy road trips.

When you are single, it is easy to put all your belongings in a car, but when you have a family, the task becomes a little more complicated. The sedans seat a minimum of 4 comfortably with ample space in the rear for cargo. Although a sedan has different compartments for passengers and cargo, the rear seats can often be lowered to carry more cargo when passengers do not need seats. This makes it very convenient for carrying large items and for rearranging a larger number of smaller items to fit in the space.

One of the main draws when looking to buy a sedan is the ample cargo space, however it doesn’t mean that grand design and luxury should take the back seat. The sedans come in different sizes and models. You can find a very inexpensive small to medium-size sedan or a larger luxury sedan; the choice depends on your needs and budget. Both small to mid-size sedans and luxury sedans have their pros and cons.

Fuel efficiency is also another point that many buyers consider before buying a car. Small and midsize sedans are more efficient than luxury versions. A luxury sedan is larger, and because of its size, it consumes more fuel, so if you want a family car that is economical, I suggest you go for a small to medium-size sedan. The larger luxury sedan also has more powerful engines that are needed due to the weight of the sedan.

Another downside to driving a larger sedan is that finding parking becomes really difficult. This type of vehicle is perfect when used for weekend getaways with the family, but can be impractical when you need to spend a lot of time driving in cities. Small to mid-size sedans offer you and your family the comfort of driving in a spacious car, while allowing the driver ease of movement and flexibility.

When buying a sedan, your main concern is buying a car that has enough space. While buying a luxury car is always a matter of personal taste and financial resources, for most people easy handling and fuel efficiency are still major concerns when buying a car, which is why size sedans small to medium are perfect for a small family. There are many makes and models of family, sports and luxury sedans on the market. Spend some time doing a little research online and you are sure to find a sedan to suit your needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Downloading Free Textbooks Online

Many students download free textbooks as an alternative to the college books they need. But students should also know certain advantages and disadvantages of downloading books online.

Of all the benefits of downloading books is its cost. You can simply download free textbooks and save your money instead of spending them on bookstores. There are many easily downloadable books that you can find on the Internet if you know the correct title, author, edition, or ISBN number of the book you are looking for.

Laptops, tablets, e-readers, and other devices where you store your files will serve as your own library. Instead of having a bunch of bulky, dusty books on your desk during exam week, all you need is your device and you’re good to go. Carrying multiple books at once will no longer be a chore when all you have to carry is your laptop.

Better readability is also a factor, as most e-books can be enlarged to make the letters larger and easier to read. You’re also getting more environmentally friendly when you download free textbooks and go paperless – your books don’t need any more paper or ink, and thus you help make the world a greener place in your own way.

However, digital books are not without flaws. While you can download free textbooks of different titles, it does not mean that you will be able to find everything on the net. You may have a hard time finding electronic versions of books published about fifteen years ago. There are still a ton of books waiting to be digitally transformed.

Additionally, there is a growing concern among e-book readers regarding their eye health. Prolonged reading on a monitor causes eyestrain. While other readers have the option of limiting the time they read on their tablets, students have fewer options than staring at their screens for hours, reading their digital textbooks, most commonly during test and assignment hours. Some people don’t like the idea of ​​e-books either because they find it difficult to focus on reading on a device that they can do a lot of things with (a lot of apps!).

Last but not least, the “upfront cost” can be a bit high. Unless you already have your own tablet or reader, it can be expensive to buy a new one, especially if you are a student who wants to be frugal.

How to stop eating so many sweets

The candy is made from a concentrated solution of sugar and water, then flavors and colors are added. Pretty unhealthy, huh? These treats are rich in sugars, refined sugar to be exact, which is the least healthy sugar out there. Sweet addiction can also be related to sugar addiction. Stopping your addiction to sugar can start by stopping your addiction to sweets, but it is not easy. It is difficult but not entirely impossible, so don’t lose hope. Start disciplining yourself to conquer your addiction to sweets.

Learning how to stop eating so many sweets will have to start with research. Knowing what not to eat and why not to eat it will help strengthen your resolve. You will taste the treats if you see them for the first time, of course, a treat covered in attractive shiny foil or a colorful treat waiting to be scooped out of a bowl. The more colorful they are, the more coloring and flavoring were added, which is not good news for your health, of course. These treats, if taken constantly, will cause cavities.

Eating too much sweets results in higher sugar intake because sweets have a high glycemic index, which means that they can spike your blood sugar quickly after eating. This is primarily a concern for young and old diabetics, but it could also be dangerous to the health of non-diabetics. Too much sugar from eating too many sweets will result in diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. With this knowledge of the negative impacts of having too many sweets, you may now have the reason why you need to avoid eating them.

Replacing sweets can be a good way to stop eating so much. Whenever you want something sweet in your mouth, mainly sweets, you can have something to replace it. A good alternative is fruit. Eating a small apple every time you have a sweet tooth will help you in many ways. The calories in an apple are very small and the sugar it contains is fructose, a sugar made by nature.

Lastly, the best method to follow regarding how to stop eating so many sweets will be to simply avoid them. Just don’t buy it. When you go to the supermarket, buy the products you need and don’t go for that packet of candy. Not having candy at home will also help, since whenever you feel like having them, you will not have any available. Eating vegetables, whole grains, and other healthy foods will also help stop that craving, as your body will begin to adjust to the healthy diet you have. Avoid going to places where sweets are displayed, such as candy stores. The reason for this is that when you see candy, you may have a sudden craving to buy some. Staying away will help if you stop eating sweets. Drinking water will help you avoid sweets because if your body is adequately hydrated it will not ask for more sugar.

All of these tips will help, but the one who will really help you is yourself. Keep in mind that you need self-discipline and strength against those sweet temptations. Be determined to say no to those treats and tell yourself you don’t need them.

Where to see celebrities in Nashville

Like Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, Nashville has more celebrities than most cities. The Stars of Beyond the Country Music Nashville is home to Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton, actress Nicole Kidman, pop star Jewell, and many more. So where do you have to go to find a celebrity in Nashville?

Well, it just so happens that there is only one Whole Foods in Nashville, and it’s in the Green Hills area of ​​the city, near the intersection of Hillsboro and Woodmont Boulevard. Nicole Kidman, Eddie George, Micheal W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Keith Urban are seen there often.

Hot Yoga near downtown Nashville is another great hangout for celebrities. Jewell, some of the country music stars and the Rockettes use Hot Yoga to stay in shape. If you’re going to do that, bring a towel, a good attitude, and get ready for a liberating workout.

The Disney store in Franklin, TN, is also the only one of its kind in town. Scott Hamilton was recently shopping there with his children. Franklin is one of the suburbs where most of the celebrities live, so the unique and higher-profile boats are a good bet there.

And don’t forget the Nashville sports scene. Scott Hamilton, Vince Young, and even Evander Holyfiled have been spotted at Nashville Predators hockey games. Not to mention Amy Grant, Jimmy Jameson (Survivor lead singer), Winger, and Jack White have also been seen there.

The great thing about being a celebrity in Nashville is the way the locals treat you. Most people don’t tease celebrities, instead nodding or making a statement of appreciation. So if you are in Nashville and you see a celebrity, do what the Romans do and let them enjoy their lifestyle too.

Narcissus and echo: the anguish of relationships with narcissists

The poignant myth of Narcissus and Echo crystallizes the tragic problem of relationships with narcissists. They were tragic Greek characters in a story told by the Roman poet Ovid in Metamorphosis. Sadly, both members of the couple are caught up in a painful drama, in which neither feels satisfied or loved enough. Although it is distressing for both, the narcissist blames his partner for the cause and sees himself as blameless, and all too often his partner agrees.

The myth of Narcissus and echo

Narcissus was a handsome hunter who broke the hearts of many women. Despite his love, he remained aloof and arrogant. Proud, he held them in disdain.

Meanwhile, the beautiful forest nymph Echo had drawn the wrath of the goddess Juno, who punished Echo for talking too much by depriving her of freedom of expression. From then on, he could only repeat the last words of the others. Echo saw Narcissus and became infatuated. She longed for his attention, but he was obsessed with himself. She tried to call him, but couldn’t.

One day, Narcissus broke away from his hunting companions and yelled, “Is anyone there?” Echo could only repeat his words. Startled, he said, “Come here,” which Echo repeated. Echo ran gleefully towards Narcissus, but he pushed her away, saying, “Hands off! Can I die before you enjoy my body?” Humiliated and rejected, Echo fled in shame. However, his love for Narcissus grew.

To punish Narcissus for his arrogance, Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance, put a spell on him. When Narcissus noticed his reflection again in a pool of water, love took hold of him. He believed that he had finally found someone worthy of his love and became completely absorbed in his own beautiful image, not realizing that it was actually himself.

Unable to get Narcissus’s attention, Echo’s obsession and depression grew. As the years passed, he lost his youth and beauty by pining for the unreachable Narcissus until he was consumed, leaving only his booming voice. He finally committed suicide, consumed by his impossible love, leaving a flower in its place.

Understanding narcissists

Despite their seemingly strong personalities, narcissists are actually very vulnerable under their protective armor. Mastering their feelings and other people is very important, because without control they feel weak and humiliated. They are attracted to someone who is emotionally expressive and caring, qualities they lack. Vulnerable feelings, especially shame, sadness, and fear, are relegated to your unconscious. They have disdain for them or any sign of weakness, raising the fear of being controlled or humiliated. Therefore, feeling sad or just evokes their need for someone, which would expose them to pain, rejection, and a feeling of inferiority. They try to eliminate these uncomfortable feelings by demonstrating independence, courage, and ideals of strength with which they identify.

Like the myth, narcissists feel superior to others, but depend on them to reflect a positive image of themselves. Surprisingly, most narcissists are also codependent. They are hypersensitive to any perceived challenge to their illusion of being the best and often perceive slights where there are none. They fear that they will be considered a fraud, that their flaws will be revealed, that their opinions or authority will be questioned, or that their self-esteem or pride will be tarnished. They will do whatever it takes to prop up your image and block negative comments. In their arrogance, they can be dismissive and rude, even projecting their flaws onto others, criticizing and belittling them, or unleashing their narcissistic rage. Trying to please them feels thankless, like trying to fill a bottomless pit – their inner emptiness – that they hope others will fill, but of course, it’s impossible.

They can embarrass family and friends with their boastful or unpleasant sense of entitlement, such as monopolizing the conversation and interrupting. To get what they want, they can exploit others, regardless of the consequences. Their attitude compensates for unconscious feelings of deprivation and inferiority, which become intolerable when their special needs or privileges are not met.

Understanding the echo

Not everyone who falls in love with a narcissist is like Echo, but those who stay look like her: a stereotypical codependent who sacrifices his own needs to adapt to others. While Narcissus is too absorbed in himself, Echo is too absorbed in others. Like Echo, narcissists’ partners idealize them. They like and admire your bold and responsible attitude. They, unlike narcissists, do not advocate for themselves and feel unnecessary or guilty stating their needs and wants.

Caring for and indulging them gives them a sense of purpose and value. Because they feel unworthy of receiving love, they do not expect to be loved for who they are, only for what they give or do. Without an independent voice, they are generally passive, docile, and modest and believe that what they are told is true. They long to be wanted, accepted, supported, approved, needed, and loved. They may not believe they have any rights and naturally accept or put the needs and feelings of others first, sometimes sacrificing a lot to please. Like, Echo, this makes them dependent on the narcissist, even when their needs are not being met. It also allows a narcissist to easily manipulate, abuse and exploit them. Narcissists need partners who can control, who do not challenge them or make them feel weak. Usually their partners accept the blame and try to be more understanding. They stick around to avoid their greatest fear, abandonment and rejection and loss of hope of finding lasting love, and because the charm, excitement, and loving gestures that first enchanted them periodically return, especially if the breakup is imminent.

In vain attempts to win approval and stay connected, they become entangled in eggshells, fearful of upsetting their partner. They worry about what he will think or do and they worry about the relationship. They have to fit into the cold world of narcissists and get used to living in an emotional desert.

The narcissistic relationship

It is easy to fall in love with narcissists. Don’t judge yourself for succumbing, because research showed strangers’ initial impressions of narcissists during the first seven meetings are positive. They are seen as charming, personable, confident, open, well-adjusted, and entertaining. Her engaging performance is designed to earn trust and love, implicitly promising that your attention will continue. Only later did the research subjects see through the nice facade of narcissists.

At home, narcissists may privately denigrate the person they were publicly entertaining, and after a romantic prelude, they act totally differently. Once you’re hooked, they lack the motivation to maintain a charismatic facade. As the excitement of romance fades, narcissists become disappointed in their partner. Their criticism increases and they can act distant and dismissive. The relationship revolves around the narcissist, while others are viewed simply as objects to use in order to manage the narcissist’s needs and fragile self-esteem. Embarrassed partners see their partner flirt with a cashier, come to the front of the line, or punish an employee or waitress. They must deal with lawsuits, judgments, and self-centeredness. They are expected to appreciate the narcissist’s specialty, meet their needs for admiration, service, love, or shopping when necessary, and are discarded when they don’t.

Narcissists put themselves first, and their codependent partners put themselves first. They both agree that the narcissist is cool and that their partner is not and should sacrifice himself! This makes their relationship work … at first. Eventually, the couple feels exhausted, hurt, resentful, disrespected, and alone.

Children and partners of narcissists share Echo’s experience of feeling rejected, invisible, and unheard. They long to be seen, to have their needs met, and to have their love returned. Many partners of narcissists grieve for years and yearn to feel respected, important, appreciated, and cared for. Your self-esteem suffers over time. They run the risk of becoming empty shells of what they once were. Narcissists also suffer because they are never satisfied. Although Narcissus and Echo long for love, Narcissus cannot give love or receive the love that Echo offers.

You have more power than you think. Find out how to raise your self-esteem, find your voice, and how to determine if your relationship can improve. There are many things you can do to significantly improve your relationship with anyone who becomes defensive or abusive. You can take the Narcissism Quiz and also set criteria that can help you decide if you are considering ending a relationship with a narcissist.

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Best Lineage 2 Bots: L2Walker and L2Superman

Botting is something that many people have already discovered and do in many popular games, including Lineage 2. If you are familiar with the Lineage 2 game, you will know that Lineage 2 adena can be hard to come by. That becomes a lot easier when you use a Lineage 2 bot. There are two popular bots for the Lineage 2 MMORPG. One is L2Walker. It’s a simpler to use program and great for someone just starting out. Another bot that is more complex but offers much more control over your character is L2Superman. You can use any of these bots with your Lineage 2 account to get a lot of levels for your character and a lot of adena so you can buy just about anything in the game you want. If you’ve ever tried using a macro for Lineage 2, L2Walker and L2Superman are much better. They are easier to configure because you don’t have to type them if you don’t want to and they bypass the protection software trying to catch you cheating on Lineage 2. With L2Walker and L2Superman, you can spend a few minutes configuring the bots and then sit back and relax, without having You have to mess with macros, Lineage 2 cheats, or scripting, unless you want to. You can buy Lineage 2 accounts and run many of them from the same computer with either of the two Lineage 2 bots. L2Walker is usually better for smaller groups of two or three characters, while L2Superman is better for use with larger groups. . With the ability to put up to nine characters in the same group in Lineage 2, having all those characters running around alone while you eat, work, sleep, or play something else, all from a computer, is wonderful. Personally, I love running a full group of nine Lineage 2 accounts, earning adena and levels, all while playing World of Warcraft on the same computer. I can play two games that I love and only spend time on one. Since Lineage 2 can be boring when you’re lower level, having a Lineage 2 bot like L2Walker or L2Superman can be a great thing. They are professionals who do this for a living, so you know that L2Superman and L2Walker must be the best programs to automate your Lineage 2 accounts and the characters on them. I even met a person at who runs three computers with twenty-seven Lineage 2 accounts, all on L2Superman. He makes a living letting the bots do the work for him, selling the extra Lineage 2 adena, and even selling the accounts for hundreds of dollars more than he paid for them. The last time I spoke to him a few weeks ago, he had just bought a fourth computer, a new Alienware. I wanted to see how it compared to the Dell XPS that he bought with the money from selling his additional Lineage 2 adena earlier. I can’t wait until I’m good enough running L2Superman so I can have enough adena to sell and buy a new computer with the money I get from selling it. I could go out and buy a computer at my job anyway, but that’s not as much fun as letting a Lineage 2 bot do the work and earn the money for me. Lineage 2 website. You have people paying you hundreds of dollars to level your Lineage 2 characters on their accounts and you don’t have to do it yourself. You just set up L2Walker because it’s so quick and easy to set up and then let the L2Walker bot do the work for you, leveling out the characters on your Lineage 2 account. Earn hundreds of dollars per account and run up to fifteen at a time from the same computer . He is the richest person I know who sits at home and plays all day. You always seem to have the best new computer and you never have to complain about your day at work, because all you do is spend a little time setting up a bot and then just wait until you finish leveling the character so you can spend your time. . money. If you want to know more about Lineage 2, L2Superman, L2Walker, Lineage 2 botting and how you can make your Lineage 2 accounts more level and more adena, be sure to visit the site I joined, They sell the activation codes you need for L2Superman and L2Walker, plus they have a forum with lots of information and interesting people who are fun to talk about bots on Lineage 2. There are even some really good guides posted as stickers on the forum that they do. For some New to Lineage 2 botting it’s easy to start leveling up for your Lineage 2 characters and making more adena than they could before. It is risky, but there are even some people who discuss strategies to bounce all day and all night to get the maximum level and gains from adena. I hope you visit and like it as much as I do. It completely changed the way I played the game, or rather, I don’t play it, because the bots do it for me. Don’t forget to search the forum for the excellent Lineage 2 botting guides on They are some of the best Lineage 2 bot guides I have come across, even better than sites that try to charge you money for information on bots. To earn money while playing other games, be sure to visit www.gogygo. com and read more about Lineage 2 bots and how to use them to earn money or just have more fun with the game.

NHL realignment explained

During the 2012-13 regular season of yesteryear, the NHL and NHLPA agreed to a restructuring of the league’s divisions. The new NHL Realignment is a drastic departure from the old system of 6 divisions divided evenly into 2 conferences. When the 2013-14 NHL regular season begins, there will be 4 divisions. In the East – 2 divisions of 8 teams. In the West: 2 divisions of 7.

The NHL is a 30-team league. The realignment splits conferences unevenly, breaking a fourteen-year span of 15 teams in the East and 15 in the West. Splitting conferences into two groups of 15 no longer makes sense geographically because the east side of North America is home to more teams than the west side. In the old system, some NHL clubs in the Eastern Time Zone were forced to exist in the Western Conference, creating an unfair travel schedule for players and inefficient travel costs for owners.

With NHL Realignment in place, Eastern Time Zone teams the Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets are enjoying a refreshing escape from the demanding Western Conference travels. In the old system, the Wings and Jackets were forced to fly all over South America, the Midwest, and the west side of North America during the course of an NHL season. Teams that were a little further east on the map had the luxury of playing in the Eastern Conference, where they avoided such rigorous routes to their next gaming destinations, aside from a few road trips.

In 2011, the Atlanta Thrashers from the Eastern Time Zone relocated to Winnipeg, causing a serious scheduling anomaly. The Winnipeg Jets operate out of the Central Time Zone. With the CST Winnipeg Jets playing in the Eastern Conference and the EDT Red Wings and Blue Jackets playing in the West, the schedule needed to be fixed.

The new divisional format was supposed to be in place last season, but the NHLPA voted against Realignment in 2012-13. Perhaps the NHL’s pending lockdown prevented the Palestinian Authority from taking a stance on major changes to the game, at the time. With the lock on the rear view mirror, the realignment was finally approved last March.

NHL Realignment: The New Divisions

Western Conference – Pacific Division

Anaheim Ducks – Calgary Flames – Edmonton Oilers – Los Angeles Kings – Phoenix Coyotes – San Jose Sharks – Vancouver Canucks

Western Conference – Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks – Colorado Avalanche – Dallas Stars – Minnesota Wild – Nashville Predators – St. Louis Blues – Winnipeg Jets

Eastern Conference – Metropolitan Division

Carolina Hurricanes – Columbus Blue Jackets – New Jersey Devils – New York Islanders – New York Rangers – Philadelphia Flyers – Pittsburgh Penguins – Washington Capitals

Eastern Conference – Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins – Buffalo Sabers – Detroit Red Wings – Florida Panthers – Montreal Canadiens – Ottawa Senators – Tampa Bay Lightning – Toronto Maple Leafs

NHL Realignment Playoff Structure:

As of now, the playoffs are no longer a free-for-everyone fight for a place in the conference’s top 8. As in the old days, NHL clubs will battle division rivals in the first two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs under the new NHL Realignment system. The Conference Finals will feature the surviving team from, say, the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division and the remaining team from the Eastern Metropolitan Division.

Where NHL Realignment differs from the division structure in the early nineties, is the introduction of a wild card. The last time the NHL used the go-through structure first was in 1992-93. In ’93 and years before, the first four records in each of the league’s 4 divisions reached the playoffs. Through two rounds, one of those four teams would remain standing, crowned division champion, and advance to the conference final to play the winner of the other conference division.

This time, the top 3 from each of the league’s four divisions will be guaranteed a birth in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Rather than allowing the top 4 spots in each division, NHL Realignment reserves the last two playoff spots in each conference to the top two records, not including the teams that rank in the top 3 in their division. Therefore, if the fourth- and fifth-place team in the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division finishes the season with more points than the fourth-place team in the Eastern Conference Metropolitan Division, they both make the playoffs, and the Metro It is only represented by 3 teams.

Because it cannot have a playoff format with 5 playoff teams from one division and 3 from the other, Wild Card teams are subject to crossover. When the Stanley Cup playoffs begin, the best overall record in the Eastern Conference plays against the Wild Card team with the fewest points, regardless of which division the team plays in.

4 divisions. 2 per conference. The top 3 teams in each division secure a spot in the playoffs. The top 2 records from each conference, not the top 3 in their division, qualify as wild card teams. The best conference record is played by the lowest ranked Wild Card team. * Wild card teams may be subject to crossing over to the neighboring division in the playoffs.

Let’s say the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Metro Division and finish with the most points in the East. And the Toronto Maple Leafs finish fifth in the Atlantic, yet they finish the season with more points than the fourth-place team in the Metro. Assuming the aforementioned scenario occurs, the Toronto Maple Leafs will enter the Stanley Cup playoffs as the lowest-seeded Wild Card team, so they will cross paths and compete against the best record in the East, a member of the Metropolitan. It’s NHL Realignment’s way of ensuring the best teams make the playoffs.

It is also quite possible that the joker does not interfere. There are two divisions within a conference, therefore that conference will have two fourth-place teams. If both fourth-place teams have the best records outside of the top 3 in each division, they both make the playoffs. If the best team record in the conference belongs to the first-place team in the division that hosts the bottom team of the two fourth-place teams, everything is normal and the wild card does not work, or works, but without altering the traditional format of the playoffs.

If the NHL is to crown division champions once again, as in the old days, then there is a chance that a Division A team will become Division B champions. If the Toronto Maple Leafs start the playoffs within the Metropolitan Division playoff group due to their status as a wild card team, they will remain in that group for the first 2 rounds of the playoffs. This creates the possibility for two teams from the same division to meet in the conference final.

The NHL Realignment’s biggest flaw: If the top two teams in a conference play in the same division, they will likely fight in the second round of the playoffs, rather than possibly meeting in the Conference Finals with the old system. It is very possible that this will happen this season in the West, between the Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues.

The NHL realignment was only agreed to for a three-year period. After three years there will be a realignment reevaluation with the possibility of two expansion teams joining the National Hockey League.

Sal Ientile, editor of The Hockey Daily

Twitter: @TheHockeyDaily

Stay in a holiday cottage in Scotland

As long as you and your children like to visit wonderful locations by renting self-catering holiday homes at a wonderful price, you can visit Edinburgh and you and your wife will not be disappointed. If you and your wife select this charming destination for a relaxing family holiday in Scotland, you can stay in holiday homes that are excellent value for money. You will soon discover that this is a very interesting and relaxing way to enjoy the sensational landscapes of the province. This is even better when visiting your wife. The amazing thing about staying in luxury vacation rentals is that you can have the independence to visit whatever touristy thing you want.

To see some of the most amazing and magnificent landscapes, you and your friends must make time to go to the Scottish Highlands. You and your friends will be sure to exchange when you drive because they may be well placed to enjoy the exceptional scenery. Whenever you rent a holiday home in the countryside, you can see the mountain tops that make the Scottish Highlands so extraordinary. You and your family can go on relaxing hikes and experience the wonderful views as you climb to the top of this beautiful and impressive place.

Bring your kids and see Ben Nevis which is one of the UK’s most prominent landmarks and highest mountain. Be sure to bring your hiking shoes because you and your girlfriend can spend a few hours on the beautiful mountainside and maybe hire an expert guide and learn how to go to the summit. Perhaps if you are looking for something less energetic, you can try climbing one of the easier hills here so you can see the superb majesty first hand while visiting friends and family.

However, if walking is too energetic, you will find many other sports worth trying. If you and your family want to experience the Scottish countryside more, you may like to take a romantic walk to experience nature. There are many trails that you can take your kids and go mountain biking. Your biggest choice will be whether you and your children want to explore on foot or by bike, with the splendid mountains as a backdrop.

If you and your children want to go horseback riding, you will soon discover that the trails in the Leanachan Forest could be a challenging route to try. Later, return to your vacation property with your wife and relax near the warm wood burning fireplace of your modern vacation cabin and then you can go to a local family restaurant where you can enjoy excellent cuisine and wine. In the morning, you may want to take your wife out to one of the stunning lakes and teach her how to fly trout. You could also show your kids how to sail in the warm summer sun which helps make this stunning spot for self-catering holiday homes in Scotland so sought after by families across the UK.